1. Alexander Shoukas Additional Art
  2. Scott Sinclair Additional Art
  3. Rob Waters Additional Art
  4. Evan Buehler Additional Audio
  5. Henry Kaufman Additional Programming
  6. Jed Wahl Art
  7. Nate Wells Art Director
  8. Joel Faulstick Associate Producer
  9. Ian Vogel Design
  10. Ken Levine Executive Producer
  11. Eric Brosius Music and Sound Design
  12. Terrance Cohen Programming
  13. Carlos Cuello Programming
  14. Michael C. James Programming
  15. Dan Kaplan Programming
  16. Christopher Kline Programming
  17. Darren LaFreniere Programming
  18. Sara Verrilli Script
  19. Sara Verrilli Senior Producer
  20. Kenneth A. Thatcher SWAT Consultant
  21. Marc Atkin Vengeance Engine Programming
  22. David Beswick Vengeance Engine Programming
  23. Paul Dennison Vengeance Engine Programming
  24. Glenn Fiedler Vengeance Engine Programming
  25. Michael Johnston Vengeance Engine Programming
  26. Ryan Lancaster Vengeance Engine Programming
  27. Alex Luddy Vengeance Engine Programming
  28. Rowan Wyborn Vengeance Engine Programming
  29. Adam Arian Voice Actor
  30. Rhoda Gemignani Voice Actor
  31. Nicholas Guest Voice Actor
  32. Jenna Lamia Voice Actor
  33. Andy Milder Voice Actor
  34. Patricia Scanlon Voice Actor
  35. Mike Starr Voice Actor
  36. Fred Tatasciore Voice Actor
  37. Kari Wahlgren Voice Actor
  38. Keone Young Voice Actor
  39. Ron Yuan Voice Actor
  40. Michael Ralph Voice Actor (Officer Allen "Python" Jackson)
  41. S. Scott Bullock Voice Actor (Officer Steve "Gramps" Reynolds)
  42. Nolan North Voice Actor (Officer Tony "Subway" Girard)
  43. Chris Edgerly Voice Actor (Officer Zack "Hollywood" Fields)
  44. Justin Gross Voice Actor (Player)
  45. David A. Pizzuto Voice Actor (SWAT Commander)
  46. Nate Wells Voice Actor (TOC)


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, any_other_name, Djungelurban, misschu, odino, and Scottie theNerd.

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