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FAQ by dynamyke

Version: 1.07 | Updated: 08/16/2005

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  FFF              FFF                   XXXX   XXXX       III
  FFFFFFF          FFFFFFFF               XXXX XXXX        III
  FFFFFF           FFFFFFF                 XXXXXXX         III
  FFF              FFF                     XXXXXX          III 
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  FFF              FFF                   XXXX  XXXX        III
  FFF              FFF                  XXXX    XXXX       III
  FF               FF                  XXXX      XXXX      III
  F                F                  XXXX        XXXX     III

                    F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   XI
               for Playstation 2 and PC    by Mike Skubna  
              Last Update   08/15/2005     Ver. 1.07
              Home Page -   http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/mikeeville  
              E-Mail -      mikee7x@yahoo.com

	This FAQ is copyright(c)2004-2005 by Mike Skubna. 
Final Fantasy XI is copyright by SquareEnix. All of the 
characters, items, and  everything else about this game is copyright 
by SquareEnix. I am in no way  related to, nor do I have anything to 
do with SquareEnix. The only thing I am related to is being a big fan.

If you want to put this FAQs on a public or private site, I give you the 
right to do so under three conditions: (1)This FAQs mush show credit 
and the correct credit (2) This FAQs must not be altered in any way 
shape or form, and (3) This FAQs must be for non profit.

(01)  Introduction
(02)  FAQ updates
(03)  Getting Started
(04)  The Basics
(05)  The Jobs
(06)  Spells
(07)  Crafts
(08)  Places to lvl
(09)  How to make money
(10)  Using Macros
(11)  Commands
(12)  Notorious Monster
(13)  Zilart Missions
(14)  Propmathia Missions
(15)  Other things to do
(16)  Q/A
(17)  Rumors
(18)  Secrets

    ««« 01. Introduction »»»   

This FAQ is for Final Fantasy XI for the playstation 2 and PC. What 
is Final Fantasy? Well i think its one of the best RPG (role-playing 
game) every made. The basic idea for all the final fantasy games is 
that you control a small band of mysterious, and emotional  men 
and women though an edge of your seat story to say the world. Final 
Fantasy XI is alittle different from its earlier versions. Its online! Instead
of all the characters as Non player characters (NPC), most of the 
characters you meet are controlled by living breathing people like 
you. This opens up a new way to play games.

I have been playing FFXI since it was first released on PC in North 
America. This would be October 2003. I have thought of doing this 
FAQ for a long time but i guess I was so into the game I never got 
the chance. Well now i'm making one. I am trying to make this as 
a easy to find reference guide but i'm sure i'll make it incredibly

Heres alittle info on where I play:
Name: Kaoz
Server: Unicorn
Lvls (as of 08/15/05):
 Whm: 62   Blm: 75   Bst: 75   Rdm:39
 Brd: 75   Smn: 45   Thf: 06

Just a small warning, there might be a few spoilers but this is mainly 
on Missions since that is where the story progresses. Other then 
that there isn't much to worry about except that you might find more 
fun in finding different things yourself.

     ««« 02. FAQ Update »»»   

Version 1.00 - 10/02/2004
     •Hurray the begining of a great adventure. Party on!!!

Version 1.01 - 12/12/2004
    •After a few months finding and typing all the info in, it's ready
     for you'r viewing pleasure. I'd like to note the Chains of
     Promathia Missions part of the guide goes from 1.1 to 5.3.
     I think its still rare to find one going that far. Happy hunting.

Version 1.02 - 12/16/2004
    •I been working hard on Chains of Promathia missions so this
     update is mainly more info in (14) Promathia Missions. I got alot
     more info for 5.3. Were almost done and it is a very long one.

Version 1.03 - 12/19/2004
   •More update to Promathia missions. I have made it to CoP 6.4.

Version 1.04 - 12/21/2004
    •I have finished all available Promathia missions. Its all in that 

Version 1.05 - 04/24/2005
    •More Promatia missions added. Goes all the way to the end of what 
     SE has unlocked (PM8.3)

Version 1.06 - 04/26/2005
    •More NM added.
    •Added Crafts.

Version 1.07 - 08/15/2005
    •Completely finish Promathia missions. Enjoy!
    •More Q and A.
    •Added more to Other things to do.
    •Added more to The Jobs.
    •Added more to Using Macros.
    •Added more NMs.

    ««« 03. Getting Started »»»   

As you probably know FFXI is alittle different then other RPG games. 
It goes online. So to begin you'll need either a Playstaion 2 or a PC.

 •Netowrk Adaptor
 •FFXI with Harddrive


As you can tell you need alittle more for Playstation2 but both games
are the same. On top of the above you'll need to pay monthly charges
for FFXI. I know that many of you are first time online players and 
wonder why the extra cash since the game is already bought. That 
extra cash is to maintain servers since they are very expensive. 
Really its only $12.99 a month plus $1 for each additional 
character. Thats just a lunch meal a month. Nothing big.

Once you hook everything up you're ready to get into the game. 
Before you get in you'll ofcourse need a credit card for the monthly 
charges. You'll also create a logon name and password. As you go 
through the process the first time it does seem complicated but hang 
in there and you'll get through. There will be a Playonline AND Final 
Fantasy XI patch when you first log on. This is new 
information released since your copy of the game was made. This is 
another pay of paying monthly, you get new content in the game. 
Mostly happens once every 2 months.

As you get into the game, the game gives its own tutorial for the 
game and that should answer many questions at the start. But to 
get use to the game takes alittle time and always new things come 
up so you'll always have questions. Luckly this is an online game 
and you can simply ask questions to other players in the game. 

Having a Linkshell is very useful. They are like private chat rooms and
can hold many people in them.

    ««« 04. The Basics »»»   

There are a few things to know when playing FFXI. How to do things 
that benefits you and when in a party benefits the group. As you play 
the game there are many things you can do on your own. This 
includes doing quests and missions. You can also join a guild and 
begin to learn how to craft items. These are great things to do at your
own time. But also there is gaining lvls for your job. 

The first 8 to 10 lvls are basicly be done on your own.
The enemies are done to be easy to kill solo. This is a great time to 
get use to your job and the surroundings. As you kill to get exp and 
collect items from the kills, head back to town. You can sell your 
items for money, buy better armor and weapons, buy new spells if 
your a mage and take a break from battleing. You can talk to people 
of the town and do quest they offer to break up battling. When your 
done with the quest your rewarded either money or items to your 
collection. Then you can go back and lvl some more. You can even 
go further and explore new areas. This keeps the game very fresh.

There are also missions for your hometown. These are where the 
story progresses. You start off helping your nation but it soon ends 
that youll be saving the world from evil.

    ««« 05. The Jobs »»»   

As in real life you got to pick a job. Ofcourse these jobs require
less physical work and is just more fun. Each job has it's strengths
and weakness. For any good group to make exp they need maybe 
different jobs to survive. Here is a list of what they are and thier ins 
and outs.

•Bard(Brd) - These guys main job is to support its group. Bards 
     have no black or white magic and can't attack well. Their strength 
     comes in songs. The songs gives lots of bonus stats to everyone 
     in the group. A select few will be always used. Accuracy up, 
     Speed up, Mp Refresh, and Attack up are very useful. There are 
     also other good songs. Requiem is nice to put on the enemy and 
     Prelude for people using rage weapons. Another nice song is 
     lullaby. If an add happens use lullaby to sleep the add until that 
     first kill is killed. Make sure to pump Chr up as much as
     possible for the songs to stick on the enemies.

•Beastmaster(Bst) - This is probably the best solo job. You can get from lvl
     1 to 75 without partying. Be warned. Getting to lvl 35 is very hard
     and you will get some deaths. While soloing can net good exp a kill, 
     each kill can be long. There few exceptions like with fighting bombs
     that can self destruct and make a 3 min battle into 20 sec. The reward
     for being lvl 75 makes all the pain of lvling it worthwhile.

•Black Mage(Blm)- Black mages just like White mages are for the back of 
     the party set up. They are very frail to attacks. Make sure monsters
     stay really clear from this person as this job. Luckly because
     they have very strong attacks, even more so later levels, blm are
     very most wanted.

•Paladin(pld) - These warriors have the highest amount of defence and are
     used as Tanks. Tank is someone that keeps all attention to that
     person and takes all the hits since for its high defence. This job
     has very little trouble getting a party.

•Ranger(Rng) - Rangers are great with bows and guns. They can attack from
     far away and can produce really good damage. The only downside if you
     need alot of money for ammo for this job. Good news is theres all kinds
     of ammo. Some can put the target to sleep, absorb hp, ect.

•Red Mage(Rdm) - Red mages are really wanted in any party. They can do both
     White mage and black mage jobs. Though those 2 jobs really excel while
     rdm just covers basics from both jobs. They can also melee well though
     also just the basics. They got 3 abilities that no other job has that
     is extremely useful. Dispel(brd has a song similar to this) can take off
     something the monster put on to help itself. Refresh gives and job it was
     casted on Mp recover over time. And Convert exchanges HP and MP 

•Summoner(Smn) - This job calls avatars in the game. This includes Ifrit,
     Shiva, Carbuncle, Titan, Fenrir, Leviatan, Garuda, ect. You gain the
     ability to summon them when you fight them in either a lvl 20 1 on 1
     or in the high level version that can have 5 other friends to battle
     with you. Every avatar can be used at any lvl smn but the higher the
     level the job is the more abilities the avatar can use. 

     Smn tho will act more like bards in that you buffing up and curing 
     your party members. Its at level 70+ the avatars attacks are really
     strong to be used more for attacking.

•White Mage(Whm) - This job is quite essential to make a party heal
     they and survive what comes their way. They have all known 
     curing and defence boost spells. They can take out all known 
     negative status like poison or mute. Whm though are very frail 
     and get hurt easy. Further more they don't hit hard. They basicly 
     stay in the back row of the action always curing the attackers and 
     making everything run smoothly.


    ««« 06. Spells »»»   

Here are the spells in the game. There are 5 types: Black, White, 
Summon, Ninja, and Song. Depending on what class you are using 
you can these magics. Here is a list of them with some useful stats.

<t> = target        +   = increase     pt = Party or Group
def = defence       Aoe = area of eff
whm = white mage    blm = black mage   rdm = Red Mage
smn = summoner      nin = ninja        brd = bard
pld = Paladin

••White Magic••

Name        Job/lvl                Cast   Recast  MP      Effect
Aquaveil    Whm:10 Rdm:12 Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  012  
			reduces spell interruption
Banish      Whm:05 Rdm:-- Pld:07  4 sec  20 sec  015  
			light att to <t>
Banish II   Whm:30 Rdm:-- Pld:34  4 sec  21 sec  057  
			light att to <t>
Banishga    Whm:15 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  30 sec  041  
			light dmg to AoE
Banishga II Whm:40 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  31 sec  120  
			light dmg to AoE
Baraero     Whm:-- Rdm:13 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ wind def (self)
Baraera     Whm:13 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ wind def (pt)
Barblind    Whm:-- Rdm:18 Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  013  
			+ blind def (self)
Barblindna  Whm:18 Rdm:-- Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  026  
			+ wind def (pt)
Barblizzard Whm:-- Rdm:21 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ blizzard def (self)
Barblizzara Whm:21 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ blizzard def (pt)
Baraero     Whm:-- Rdm:13 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ wind def (self)
Barfire     Whm:-- Rdm:17 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ fire def (self)
Barfira     Whm:17 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ fire def (pt)
Barparalyze Whm:-- Rdm:12 Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  011  
			+ paralyze def (self)
BarparalyzraWhm:12 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  022  
			+ paralyze def (pt)
Barpetrify  Whm:-- Rdm:43 Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  020  
			+ petrify def (self)
Barpetra    Whm:43 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  040  
			+ petrify def (pt)
Barpoison   Whm:-- Rdm:10 Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  009  
			+ poison resist (self)
Barpoisonra Whm:10 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  018  
			+ poison def (pt)
Barsilence  Whm:-- Rdm:23 Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  015  
			+ silence def (self)
BarsilenceraWhm:23 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  030  
			+ silence def (pt)
Barsleep    Whm:-- Rdm:07 Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  007  
			+ sleep resist (self)
Barsleepra  Whm:07 Rdm:-- Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  014  
			+ sleep resist (pt)
Barstone    Whm:-- Rdm:05 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ Earth Def (self)
Barstonra   Whm:05 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ Earth Def to pt
Barthunder  Whm:-- Rdm:25 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ thunder def (self)
Barthundra  Whm:25 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ thunder def (pt)
Barwater    Whm:-- Rdm:09 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  006  
			+ water def (self)
Barwatera   Whm:09 Rdm:-- Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			+ water def (pt)
Barvirus    Whm:39 Rdm:-- Pld:--  2 sec  10 sec  035  
			+ resist to sickness
Barvira     Whm:39 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  050  
			+ resist to sickness (pt)
Blindna     Whm:14 Rdm:-- Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			Cures Blind
Blink       Whm:19 Rdm:23 Pld:--  6 sec  10 sec  020  
			evades a few physical att
Cure        Whm:01 Rdm:03 Pld:05  2 sec   5 sec  008  
			Recovers <t> HP
Cure II     Whm:11 Rdm:14 Pld:17  2 sec   5 sec  024  
			Recovers HP
Cure III    Whm:21 Rdm:26 Pld:30  2 sec   5 sec  046  
			Recovers HP
Cure IV     Whm:41 Rdm:48 Pld:55  3 sec   6 sec  088  
			Recovers HP
Cure V      Whm:61 Rdm:73 Pld:80  2 sec  10 sec  135  
			Recovers HP
Curaga      Whm:16 Rdm:-- Pld:--  4 sec  10 sec  060  
			Recovers PT HP
Curaga II   Whm:31 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  120  
			Recovers HP to PT
Curaga III  Whm:51 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  10 sec  180  
			Recovers HP to PT
Cursna      Whm:29 Rdm:-- Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  030  
			Cures Curse
Deodorize   Whm:15 Rdm:15 Pld:--  2 sec   8 sec  010  
			avoids detection of smell
Dia         Whm:03 Rdm:01 Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  007  
			<t> Def down + light dmg
Dia II      Whm:36 Rdm:31 Pld:--  1 sec   6 sec  059  
			<t> Def down + light dmg
Diaga       Whm:18 Rdm:15 Pld:--  1 sec   6 sec  012  
			def down + lt attact AoE
Enaero      Whm:-- Rdm:20 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  012  
			adds wind att on weapon (self)
Enblizzard  Whm:-- Rdm:22 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			adds ice att to weapon (self)
Enfire      Whm:-- Rdm:24 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  012  
			adds fire att to weapon (self)
Enstone     Whm:-- Rdm:18 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  012  
			+ earth def (self)
Enthunder   Whm:-- Rdm:16 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			adds thunder to weapon (self)
Enwater     Whm:-- Rdm:27 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  012  
			+ water def (self)
Erase       Whm:32 Rdm:-- Pld:--  2 sec  15 sec  018  
			removes negative effect
Haste       Whm:40 Rdm:48 Pld:--  3 sec  20 sec  040  
			increases attack speed
Holy        Whm:50 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec  60 sec  100  
			light dmg to <t>
Invisible   Whm:25 Rdm:25 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  015  
			avoids detection of sight
Paralyna    Whm:09 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  012  
			Cures paralyze
Paralyze    Whm:04 Rdm:06 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			Cures target HP
Phalanx     Whm:-- Rdm:33 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			reduces physical att to self
Poisona     Whm:06 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  008  
			Cures Poison
Protect     Whm:07 Rdm:07 Pld:10  1 sec   5 sec  009  
			+ physical Def
Protect II  Whm:27 Rdm:27 Pld:30  1 sec   5 sec  028  
			+ physical Def
Protect III Whm:47 Rdm:47 Pld:50  1 sec   5 sec  046  
			+ physical Def
Protect IV  Whm:63 Rdm:63 Pld:70  2 sec   6 sec  065  
			+ physical Def
Protectra   Whm:07 Rdm:-- Pld:--  3 sec  15 sec  009  
			+ physical Def (pt)
Protectra IIWhm:27 Rdm:-- Pld:--  4 sec  16 sec  028  
			+ physical Def (pt)
ProtectraIIIWhm:47 Rdm:-- Pld:--  4 sec  17 sec  046  
			+ physical Def (pt)
Protectra IVWhm:63 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  18 sec  065  
			+ physical Def (pt)
Raise       Whm:25 Rdm:38 Pld:75 15 sec  60 sec  150  
			Raise a fallen player
Raise II    Whm:56 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  60 sec  200  
			Raise a fallen player
Raise III   Whm:70 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  60 sec  250  
			Raise a fallen player
Reraise     Whm:33 Rdm:-- Pld:--  8 sec  60 sec  150  
			causes raise when self dies
Reraise II  Whm:60 Rdm:-- Pld:--  8 sec  60 sec  175  
			causes raise when self dies
Refresh     Whm:-- Rdm:41 Pld:--  5 sec  18 sec  040  
			recovers MP slowly
Regen       Whm:21 Rdm:21 Pld:--  4 sec  12 sec  015  
			<t> recovers HP slowly
Regen II    Whm:44 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  16 sec  036  
			<t> recovers HP slowly
Regen III   Whm:66 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  20 sec  064  
			<t> recovers HP slowly
Shell       Whm:17 Rdm:17 Pld:20  1 sec   5 sec  018  
			+ magic def
Shell II    Whm:37 Rdm:37 Pld:40  1 sec   5 sec  037  
			+ magic def
Shell III   Whm:57 Rdm:57 Pld:60  1 sec   5 sec  056  
			+ magic def
Shell IV    Whm:68 Rdm:68 Pld:--  2 sec   6 sec  075  
			+ magic def
Shellra     Whm:17 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  018  
			+ magic def (pt)
Shellra II  Whm:37 Rdm:-- Pld:--  4 sec  16 sec  037  
			+ magic def (pt)
Shellra III Whm:57 Rdm:-- Pld:--  4 sec  17 sec  056  
			+ magic def (pt)
Shellra IV  Whm:68 Rdm:-- Pld:--  5 sec  18 sec  075  
			+ magic def (pt)
Silence     Whm:15 Rdm:18 Pld:--  3 sec  10 sec  006  
			stops <t> spell casting
Silena      Whm:19 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  024  
			Cures Silence
Slow        Whm:13 Rdm:13 Pld:--  2 sec  20 sec  015  
			slows enemy down
Sneak       Whm:20 Rdm:20 Pld:--  ½ sec  10 sec  012  
			avoids detection of sound
Stona       Whm:39 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  040  
			Cures Stone
Stoneskin   Whm:28 Rdm:34 Pld:--  7 sec  10 sec  029  
			avoids 2 physical attacks
Tele-Dem    Whm:36 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  075  
			teleports to Dem Crag
Tele-Holla  Whm:36 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  075  
			teleports to Holla Crag
Tele-Mea    Whm:36 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  075  
			teleports to Mea Crag
Tele-Altep  Whm:38 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  100  
			teleports to Altepa
Tele-Yhoat  Whm:38 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  100  
			teleports to Yhoator
Tele-Vazhl  Whm:42 Rdm:-- Pld:-- 20 sec  10 sec  100  
			teleport to Xarcabard
Viruna      Whm:34 Rdm:-- Pld:--  1 sec   5 sec  048  
			Cures Virus

•• Black Magic ••

Name        Job/lvl                Cast   Recast  MP      Effect
Absorb-AGI  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:37  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Absorb <t> Agi
Absorb-CHR  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:33  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Absorb <t> Chr
Absorb-DEX  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:41  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Absorb <t> Dex
Absorb-INT  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:39  4 sec  60 sec  024  
			Absrob <t> Int
Absorb-MND  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:31  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Absorb <t> Mnd
Absorb-STR  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:43  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Abosrb <t> Str
Absorb-VIT  Blm:-- Rdm:-- Drk:35  4 sec  60 sec  033  
			Absorb <t> Vit
Aero        Blm:09 Rdm:14 Drk:17  2 sec   9 sec  018  
			wind damage
Aero II     Blm:34 Rdm:45 Drk:54  4 sec  17 sec  059  
			wind damage
Aero III    Blm:59 Rdm:69 Drk:--  6 sec  25 sec  106  
			wind damage
Aeroga      Blm:23 Rdm:-- Drk:--  3 sec  13 sec  057  
			wind damage (Aoe)
Aeroga II   Blm:48 Rdm:-- Drk:--  5 sec  21 sec  138  
			wind damage (Aoe)
Aeroga III  Blm:67 Rdm:-- Drk:--  6 sec  29 sec  252  
			wind damage (Aoe)
Aspir       Blm:25 Rdm:-- Drk:20  3 sec  60 sec  010  
			Absorb <t> MP
Bind        Blm:07 Rdm:11 Drk:20  2 sec  40 sec  005  
			binds <t> in place
Bio         Blm:10 Rdm:10 Drk:15  1 sec   5 sec  022  
			att down + dark dmg to <t>
Bio II      Blm:35 Rdm:36 Drk:40  1 sec   5 sec  066  
			att down + dark dmg to <t>
Blaze SpikesBlm:10 Rdm:20 Drk:--  3 sec  10 sec  025  
			cause fire dmg when hit
Blind       Blm:04 Rdm:08 Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  005  
			makes <t> blind
Blizzard    Blm:24 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  11 sec  030  
			ice damage
BlizzardII  Blm:42 Rdm:55 Drk:66  4 sec  20 sec  077  
			ice damage
BlizzardIII Blm:64 Rdm:86 Drk:--  6 sec  27 sec  120  
			ice damage
Blizzara    Blm:32 Rdm:-- Drk:--  4 sec  16 sec  082  
			ice damage (Aoe)
BlizzagaII  Blm:57 Rdm:-- Drk:--  5 sec  24 sec  175  
			ice damage (Aoe)
Burn        Blm:20 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Int down + Fire dmg
Burst       Blm:56 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 18 sec  43 sec  043  
			thunder damage
Choke       Blm:20 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Vit down + Wind dmg
Dispel      Blm:-- Rdm:32 Drk:--  3 sec  10 sec  025  
			Removes <t> magic effect
Drain       Blm:12 Rdm:-- Drk:10  3 sec  60 sec  021  
			absorb HP
Drown       Blm:27 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Str down + water dmg
Escape      Blm:29 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 15 sec  60 sec  125  
			warp pt members to safe area
Fire        Blm:13 Rdm:19 Drk:23  2 sec  10 sec  024  
			fire damage
Fire II     Blm:38 Rdm:50 Drk:60  4 sec  18 sec  068  
			fire damage
Fire III    Blm:62 Rdm:81 Drk:--  6 sec  26 sec  113  
			fire damage
Firaga      Blm:28 Rdm:-- Drk:--  3 sec  15 sec  071  
			fire damage (Aoe)
FiragaII    Blm:53 Rdm:-- Drk:--  5 sec  23 sec  158  
			fire damage (Aoe)
FiragaIII   Blm:69 Rdm:-- Drk:--  7 sec  31 sec  277  
			fire damage (Aoe)
Flare       Blm:60 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 19 sec  44 sec  383  
			fire damage
Flood       Blm:58 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 18 sec  43 sec  368  
			water damage
Freeze      Blm:50 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 18 sec  41 sec  307  
			ice damage
Frost       Blm:22 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Agi down + Ice dmg
Gravity     Blm:-- Rdm:21 Drk:--  1 sec  60 sec  024  
			slow motion
Ice Spikes  Blm:20 Rdm:40 Drk:--  3 sec  10 sec  005  
			ice damage when hit
Poison      Blm:03 Rdm:05 Drk:06  1 sec   5 sec  005  
			HP lost slowly
Poison II   Blm:43 Rdm:46 Drk:46  1 sec   5 sec  038  
			HP lost slowly
Poisonga    Blm:24 Rdm:-- Drk:26  2 sec  10 sec  044  
			HP lost slowly (Aoe)
Quake       Blm:54 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 18 sec  42 sec  337  
			earth damage
Rasp        Blm:18 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Dex down + Earth dmg
Shock       Blm:16 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  025  
			Mind down + Thunder dmg
Shock SpikesBlm:30 Rdm:60 Drk:--  3 sec  10 sec  005  
			causes thunder dmg when hit
Sleep       Blm:20 Rdm:25 Drk:30  2 sec  30 sec  019  
			puts <t> to sleep
Sleep II    Blm:41 Rdm:46 Drk:56  3 sec  30 sec  029  
			puts <t> to sleep
Sleepga     Blm:31 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  10 sec  ???  
			puts to sleep (Aoe)
SleepgaII   Blm:56 Rdm:-- Drk:--  ? sec   ? sec  ???  
			puts to sleep (Aoe)
Stone       Blm:01 Rdm:04 Drk:05  1 sec   6 sec  009  
			earth damage
Stone II    Blm:26 Rdm:35 Drk:42  3 sec  14 sec  043  
			earth damage
Stone III   Blm:51 Rdm:66 Drk:79  5 sec  22 sec  092  
			earth damage
Stone IV    Blm:68 Rdm:-- Drk:--  7 sec  30 sec  138  
			earth damage
Stonega     Blm:15 Rdm:-- Drk:--  2 sec  11 sec  037  
			earth damage (Aoe)
StonegaII   Blm:40 Rdm:-- Drk:--  4 sec  19 sec  109  
			earth damage (Aoe)
StonegaIII  Blm:63 Rdm:-- Drk:--  6 sec  27 sec  211  
			earth damage (Aoe)
Thunder     Blm:21 Rdm:29 Drk:35  3 sec  13 sec  037  
			thunder damage
ThunderII   Blm:46 Rdm:60 Drk:72  5 sec  21 sec  086  
			thunder damage
ThunderIII  Blm:66 Rdm:-- Drk:--  7 sec  29 sec  128  
			thunder damage
Thundaga    Blm:36 Rdm:-- Drk:--  4 sec  18 sec  095  
			thunder damage (Aoe)
ThundagaII  Blm:61 Rdm:-- Drk:--  6 sec  26 sec  193  
			thunder damage (Aoe)
Tornado     Blm:52 Rdm:-- Drk:-- 18 sec  42 sec  322  
			wind damage
Tractor     Blm:25 Rdm:-- Drk:32  3 sec  10 sec  026  
			moves dead player to you
Warp        Blm:17 Rdm:-- Drk:--  4 sec  10 sec  100  
			warp self to Home Point
WarpII      Blm:40 Rdm:-- Drk:--  5 sec  10 sec  150  
			warp pt member to home point
Water       Blm:05 Rdm:09 Drk:11  2 sec   8 sec  013  
			water damage
Water II    Blm:30 Rdm:40 Drk:48  3 sec  16 sec  051  
			water damage
Water III   Blm:55 Rdm:67 Drk:--  5 sec  24 sec  098  
			water damage
Water IV    Blm:70 Rdm:-- Drk:--  7 sec  32 sec  144  
			water damage
Waterga     Blm:19 Rdm:-- Drk:--  3 sec  12 sec  047  
			water damage (Aoe)
WatergaII   Blm:44 Rdm:-- Drk:--  4 sec  20 sec  123  
			water damage (Aoe)
WatergaIII  Blm:65 Rdm:-- Drk:--  6 sec  28 sec  231  
			water damage (Aoe)

    ««« 07. Crafts »»»   

Crafting can be a fun way to spend time in FFXI and make money
too. Crafting is made easy and there are NPC in "Guilds" that 
help you through the beginning parts of crafting. Look under
How to make money on more info on where Guilds are at and what

Crystals are basicly the work place of crafting. Depending
on what you make you need a certain crystal. There are 8 crystals
in the game: Light, Dark, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Ice.
You also need materials to make the item too.

   Ex. Wind Crystal + Grass Thread x1 + Grass Cloth x2 = Headgear

There many ways on getting crystals and materials. Crystals drop
off most monsters as long as that area isn't in control by
beastmen. Elementals drop plenty of crystals too. Materials are
found or more specific monsters or other means like mining or 

As you learn more on crafting through experience you'll want to find
lists on what you can make. The internet has lots of resorces on this

Here is a run down on what to actually craft to speed up craft lvling.
They cover lvl 0-60 as these are free lvls. After 60 you get counted 
on a max of 40 lvl usage. For example, lvl 100 cloth, then the rest can
only be max 60. Or you have like lvl 80 smithing and lvl 80 woodworking.
The rest can only be lvl 60 max.

  0-6   : Tsurara
  6-7   : Animal Glue
  6-12  : Poison Dust
  12-16 : Mercury
  16-18 : Poison Potion
  18-20 : Echo Drops
  20-24 : Silent Oil
  24-30 : Eye Drops
  30-34 : Artificial Lens
  34-38 : Potion
  34-41 : Prism Powder
  41-43 : Vitriol
  41-44 : Fire Arrowheads (needs smithing22)
  43-51 : Holy Water
  51-52 : Blsd. Mtl. Sheet
  51-53 : Holy Bolt Heads (needs smithing14)
  51-56 : Sleeping Potion
  56-60 : Hi-Potion

  0-2   : Shell Earring
  2-9   : Bone Arrowhd.
  9-13  : Gelatin (Chicken Bone)
  13-17 : Bone Ring
  17-25 : Beetle Ring
  22-28 : Gelatin (Giant Femur)
  26-33 : Beetle Arrowhd.
  33-37 : Horn Ring
  37-41 : Bone Knife
  41-43 : Horn Arrowheads, Skeleton Key
  43-45 : Carapace Mask
  45-46 : Carapace Harness
  46-53 : Scp. Arrowhd.
  53-60 : Scorpion Ring

  0-2   : Chocobo Fltchg.
  2-4   : Grass Cloth
  4-8   : Cape
  8-11  : Hachimaki
  11-13 : Dart
  13-22 : Yagudo Fltchg.
  22-29 : Kaginawa
  22-30 : Fly Lure
  30-35 : Wool Thread
  35-42 : Bird Fletchings
  42-51 : Silk Thread
  42-52 : Insect Fltchg.
  52-53 : Silk Cloth
  53-54 : Black Cape
  54-62 : Green Ribbon 

  0-3   : Peeled Crayfish
  3-9   : Pet Food Alpha
  9-11  : Sliced Sardine
  11-15 : Slice of Bluetail
  15-19 : Pet Food Beta
  17-20 : Selbina Butter
  20-22 : Baked Popoto
  22-29 : Insect Ball
  23-30 : Pineapple Juice
  29-34 : Black Bread
  34-39 : Pet Food Delta
  39-42 : Pie Dough
  42-44 : White Bread
  44-49 : Pet Food Epsilon
  49-52 : Batagreen Sautee , Crayfish Ball
  52-55 : Beaugr. Sautee
  55-60 : Stone Cheese , Yagudo Drink

  0-2   : Stone Arrowhd.
  0-3   : Copper Ingot
  3-7   : Circlet
  7-11  : Brass Sheet
  11-13 : Brass Scales
  13-17 : Brass Hairpin
  17-20 : Silver Ingot
  20-22 : Slv. Arrowheads
  22-28 : Thief's Tools (needs Smithing19)
  23-30 : Hiraishin
  28-33 : Silver Chain , Ring
  33-41 : Mythril Ingot 
  36-41 : Mythril Sheet
  41-42 : Silver Greaves
  41-43 : Mythril Chain
  41-44 : Silver Hose
  44-46 : Silver Mail
  44-47 : Mythril Ring
  44-49 : Silver Bangles
  49-51 : Gold Ingot
  51-54 : Gold Sheet
  54-59 : Gold Ring
  58-60 : Platinum Ingot

  0-2   : Sheep Leather
  2-5   : Leather Bandana
  5-7   : Rabbit Mantle
  7-11  : Solea
  11-14 : Fsh. Gloves
  14-21 : Dhalmel Leather
  21-22 : Leather Ring
  22-24 : Dhalmel Mantle
  24-31 : Parchment
  29-35 : Ram Leather
  35-39 : Wolf Gorget
  39-44 : Cuir Trousers
  44-46 : Cuir Bouilli
  46-49 : Ram Mantle
  49-52 : Himantes
  52-54 : Raptor Gloves
  54-60 : Tiger Leather

  0-4   : Bronze Sheet
  4-10  : Bronze Scales
  10-15 : Tin Ingot
  15-18 : Aspis
  18-20 : Iron Arrowheads
  18-20 : Iron Ingot
  20-22 : Iron Sheet
  22-26 : Iron Scales
  25-29 : Iron Mask
  26-30 : Iron Chain
  30-36 : Steel Sheet
  33-38 : War Pick
  36-40 : Steel Scales
  40-45 : Iron Subligar
  41-47 : Mythril Pick (Woodworking8)
  47-52 : Darksteel Ingot
  52-55 : Darksteel Sheet
  55-57 : Dst. Bolt Heads
  57-66 : Nodowa

  0-2   : Arrowwood Lbr.
  2-5   : Maple Lumber
  5-8   : Ash Lumber
  8-13  : Willow Lumber
  13-16 : Acid Bolt , Sleep Bolt
  13-21 : Maple Sugar
  21-22 : Yew Lumber
  22-25 : Elm Lumber
  23-29 : Shihei
  29-30 : Silver Arrow (Slv. Arrowheads)
  30-32 : Oak Lumber
  32-39 : Beetle Arrow
  39-45 : Bast Parchment (Alchemy29)
  39-44 : Flower Stand
  44-47 : Fire Arrow
  45-49 : Horn Arrow
  49-50 : Sleep Arrow
  50-57 : Lightning Arrow , Ice Arrow
  53-59 : Scorpion Arrow
  59-60 : Ebony Lumber

    ««« 08. Places to lvl »»»   

Ofcourse after you get all prepared and get a working party you
want to find a good place to lvl up. This section will help you find good 
place to level. Ofcourse if theres alot of people in that area leveling it 
can get hard to keep the experience flowing. There might be a few 
places within your lvl range but its always fun and free of people to 
find a place with no one around.

LVL 1 to 5
•This is the beginning of the job for you. So stay real close to your 
   starting city and solo enemies around. Make sure to "check" the 
   enemies strength first before engaging. Stick with Decents and 
   Evens and you should be fine.

LVL 6 to 10
•In these same zones near your starting city and connecting to 
   them still has enemies that you can still fight solo or get a small 2 
   or 3 person pt together. Try not to go all out with a 6 person pt for 
   youll lose alot of exp. If your in a pt start with tough and slowly 
   work your way to IT to where its safe.

LVL 10-20
•Valkurm Dunes - This is the most popular and crowded place to lvl.
   If your from Windurst take the boat in Mhuara to get here. lvl 10 
   and 11 might have trouble with pts but 12 to 20 should be ok. At 
  12 to 14 stick with bunnies near north zone or lizards in south zone.
   After 14 youll want to work your way to beaches and go for crabs. 
   Then work up to Damseflys.
•Korrokola Tunnel - A long time not know area for lvling this range. 
  Its really near Bastok and just kill the Worms for 150 to 200 exp.

LVL 20-25
•Qufim Island - When you get to 20 youll want to go to Jeuno for the
   Chocobo Quest. As your here head to Qufim Island from Port 
   Jeuno. During the tunnel area avoid all dancing weapons. When you
   get to outside thats the area for lvling from 20 to 23, the worms. 
   Then work to sea view areas for Crabs or head
   to outside of Qufim Tower for more Crabs.

LVL 25-32
•Yuhtunga Jungle - Basiclty you want to lvl here from only 25 to 27 
  or 28. Just stay near zone line to kahzam and attack all the 
  mandragoras around. Make sure to avoid the goblins. Once you hit 
  28 head to yhoator.
•Yhoator Jungle - Here is good from lvl 28 to 32. Same deal as in 
  yuhtunga. Stay near the zone line and kill mandragoras. Stay 
  around the area near the fork area that splits a path to north and 
  south. Almost make sure to stay away from the goblins.

lvl 32-36
•Garlaige Citadel - Once your done killing plants in Yhoator then 
  you'll head over here. Just stay near the zone line and pull beetles 
  and bats.

LVL 36-40
•Crawlers Nest - This place is good from 36 to 50! But since this is 
  the only place from 36 to 40 lets make its own section. From 
  entering the zone work down the tunnel til you get to a big open 
  area with a cliff to go down. This area is good at this lvl to pull 
  Worker Crawlers. If you take tunnel west of this room youll see lots 
  of Cave Cherries then some beetles. The beetles are good from 38 
  to like 43.

LVL 41-52
•Quicksand - This is an alternative to lvling in Crawlers Nest. Make 
   sure to get Altea Teleport crystal so its quick to get to lvling spot. 
   Eastern Altepa Desert has the monsters in quicksand at this range.
   Make sure to also go to town to get a map of the desert. When 
   you get inside of quicksand, just stick to the zone and get anything
   near it that you can handle.
•Crawlers Nest - This place is still hot for lvling. You need to get
   deeper of the nest to find the good exp. In the first main room go in 
   the tunnel that is across from the ledge. Go through and  you'll 
   appear in another huge open room. Now sneak and Invisible to pass
   aggro beast. Hug the left wall and soon you'll find a wall you can go
   through. You can't see the "hidden room" but its there. You might 
   know from the noise of killing. This hall and room has no enemy 
   spawns so camp here.
•Onzozo - Here is another place thats good to lvl. Not many know 
   about it. Well not during this writing. Anything near the zone line is 
   good around this lvl. Make sure to take care with elementals. An 
   Air elemental appears in the hallway just after the gobs. You might 
   need to zone every now and then.

    ««« 09. How to make money »»»   

Unlike most Role Playing Games(RPG)and some 
Massive Multiplayer Online Game(MMORPG) you have to work to 
earn money. In games like Phantasy Star Online© you can max out 
your money easy just from drops of enemies and sell it in town. 
In FFXI you don't get much from the drops. You can slowly but 
surely get some money this way but there are also other ways to get 
moeny. Below is ways to make money and info on what to do.

•Gil from kills - The name saids it all. As you kill for exp, drops 
  drop that you can sell to NPC or in the Auction House. Many of 
  these items are used in crafting so they do sell fast and if many 
  people want it, it sells for alot.

•Gil from crafting - There are 9 guilds that you can join. Guilds are 
  like work stations for info and items to be able to make items of that
  guild. There are Smithing, GoldSmithing, Clothcraft, BoneCarve, 
  Fishing, Cooking, Woodworking, Leathercraft and Alchemist guilds. 
  Pick what you like or join them all. The following locations are 
  places where you can get started:

  •Smithing:     Northern San d'oria (E-6) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
                  Metalworks (E-7) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
                  Mhaura (G-9) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
  •WoodWorking:  Northern San d'oria (E-3) 6:00-21:00 open hours.
  •Goldsmithing: Bastok Markets (H-8) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
                  Mhaura (G-8) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
  •BoneWorking:  Windurst Woods (H-12) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
  •Alchemist:    Bastok Mines (L-7) 8:00-23:00 open hours.
  •ClothCraft:   Windurst Woods (G-12) 6:00-21:00 open hours.
                  Selbina (H-9) 6:00-21:00 open hours.
  •LeatherCraft: Southern San d'oria (D-8) 3:00-18:00 open hours.
  •Cooking:      Windurst Waters (D-9) 5:00-20:00 open hours.

•Gil by farming - Farming is basicly going to a zone with an item that
  you want to get and run all over the zone just killing that monster 
  for the drop. What your aiming for here is to get lots and lots of 12 
  stacks of the item to sell in the Auction House. Its basicly items 
  used for crafting. Most of those items sell real fast. Just look at the 
  history of the items price and find out where to farm them.

•Gil by NM hunting - This one requires real patience. All over 
  Vanadiel are Monsters that are rare spawns. They are called 
  Notorious Monsters or NM for short. Many of them don't drop that 
  good of items but there are some that items that are worth ALOT of 
  money. Look at section (12) Notorious Monsters for more info.

    ««« 10. Commands »»»   

FFXI has different commands you can use as alternatives to going 
through menus or emotes to preform, ect. Simply start typing any of 
the following below to perform that action. the " / " is the start of the 
command letting the game know its a command.

/attack                   Starts attack on target
/attackoff                Stops attack
/autotarget on/off        Turns autotarget on or off.
/clock                    Toggles the Vana'diel clock that appeals in the 
                          lower left corner of the screen. It also displays 
                          the current date, time, and moon phase for 
                          Vana'diel.Also displays the current day and 
                          time for Earth.
/cry                      Cry motion.
/equip [Area] ''[Item]''  Allows you to equip an item such as weapons, 
                          armor, etc. 
                          Area names or the 16 areas in your equipment
                          screen such as Head, Body, Range, ect.
/helpdesk                 Brings up the Help Desk menu.
/keyitem                  Brings up your key items menu.
/item ''[Item]'' [Target] Allows you to use a consumable item in your 
                          inventory on yourself.
/joy                      Joy motion.
/localsettings [Command]  This command is only available for PC 
                          users. It deals with various game settings.

     shadows high/normal/off     Turns character shadows off or sets 
                                               their detail to normal or high.
     charnum [Number]    Number of characters displayed at one 
                                     time. Must be between 25-50.
     distance [Number]   Sets the draw distance. Must be 
                                     between 1-10.
     footeffect on/off        Turns footstep sound effects on or off.
/logout                   Logs you out of Final Fantasy XI.
/magic "spell" <t>        Magic to cast a magic spell. Put spell name 
                          in "spell". <t> is on target. Can use <st> for select
                          target or <me> to cast on you.
/map                      Brings up the map for your current area. If you 
                             have no map then a blank map sheet will appear.
                             You still can use to see where party members 
                             are in the zone.
/mission                  Brings up your mission menus.
/no                        No motion.
/quest                    Brings up your quest menus.
/panic                    Panic Motion.
/playtime (/playlog)      Displays the time played under your character.
/pol                          Temporarily logs you out to Playonline. 
/regionmap (/rmap)    Brings up the regional map which displays 
                                 conquest points and territorial information. 
                                 Other info like what region is under whos 
                                 control is shown here.
/song  "spell" <t>        To sing a Song. Put song name in 
                          "song". <t> is on target. Can use <st> for select
                          target or <me> to cast on you.
/supportdesk (/sd)        Brings up the Help Desk menu.
/wait (1-60)              Good for macros. Cause a wait from 1 to 60 
/welcome                Welcome motion.
/yes                        Yes motion.

    ««« 11. Using Macros »»»   
One nice thing about FFXI is you can customize different things to
macros. If you want to Announce an attack, use a spell to lower its
defence to the attack then attack you can by just clicking once on 
that macro.

Go to macro and you'll see bunch of boxes like this:
   ￾￾￾￾￾￾￾￾￾￾     (imagine those as normal looking boxes ^^)

You'll open the top row with L1 on a PS2 controller or Ctrl on a 
keyboard. And you'll open the bottom with R1 on PS2 controller or 
Alt on keyboard.

As your in the macro edit field (like the look of above) you can pick a 
box to then edit. When you open it you'll see a small line for test on 
top followed by 5 longer lines underneath. The small box is for a title
but the 5 underneath is where you put the macros. After that its 
whatever you want to add. Look at (09) Commands for all the 

<t>     = target
<bt>    = auto target to closest mob in red
<st>    = select target
<me>    = select yourself
<hp>    = Shows HP
<hpp>   = Shows HP %
<mp>    = Shows MP
<mpp>   = Shows MP %
<tp>    = Shows TP %
<call#> = Replace # with 1-21 for a party only sound effect.
<pethpp>= Shows % hp of your pet.
<pettp> = Shows % TP of your pet.

Here are some examples:

/party Casting Cure on <t>
/magic "Cure" <t>
/wait 1
/party Mp= <mp>

/party Gather around! <call1>
/magic "Protectra" <me>
/wait 1
/party Mp=<mp> 

/party Provoking <t>
/ja "Provoke" <t>

    ««« 12. Notorious Monsters »»»   

Norotious Monsters are rare version of regular monters. Many are 
rather useless on the drops but there are some that can make you 
rich! In this section you can see where and what they drop.

* = Means it can be worth a great deal on your server. These are 
     ones you'll be wanting.
@ = This item is EX (only you can have and not tradeable) but is
    well worth it.

Name                Place          Spawn rate        Items
•Alastor Antlion    Attowa Chasm   ??? pop. Need     Rostrum Pumps@
                                   Antlion Trap

•Aquarius           Boyahda Tree   2 to 4 hours      Francis Mosquito
                                   around H-10
                                   on first map

•Bigmouth Billy     East Ronfaure  1 to 3 hours      Akaish
         (Lv10)                    around I8, I9     Lazulite
                                                     Iron Ore
                                                     Mythril Ore
                                                     Gold Ore

•Hoo Mjuu the       Giddeus        1 to 4 hours      Deodorize Scroll 
  Torrent  (Lv17)                  around H10        Zealot Mittens
                                                     Monster Signa*

•Golden Bat         Valkurm Dunes  1 to 3 hours      Bat Wing
        (Lv27)                     around C7 or B8   Demon Blood
                                                     Night Cape

•Gration            Misareaux      Trade Hicory      Tatami Shield*
                       Coast         Shield at H-9

•Jaggedy-Eared      West Ronfaure  1 to 3 hour       Rabbit Charm*
   Jack (Lv10)                     around H9

•Leaping Lizzy      South          1 to 3 hours      Bouncing Boots@
         (Lv11)      Gustaberg     around E8, F8

•Morion Worm        Korrokola      Trade Iron ore    
                     Tunnel        to ??? in one of
                                   6 spawns

•Om'yovra           Al'taieu       2 - 4 hours       Organ (for quest)
       (Lv80)                      Different areas
                                   around the zone.
                                   Flies in the sky.

•Orchish Overlord   Monastic       1 to 3 hours      Glorious Sword*
       (Lv75)        Cavern        Pass wall of      Bronze Mitten
                                   banishing         Gold Orc Mask

•Padfoot            LufaiseMeadows 21 - 24 hours     Astral Earring*
       (Lv75)        Cavern        around F-7, H-8   Assailant's Ring
                                    H-9, I-8, K-9    Lanolin Cube

•Rampaging Ram      Konschtat      1 to 3 hours      Wild Ram's Horn
      (Lv28)         Highland      around G7, I8     Ram Fur
                                                     Ram Skin

•Roc  (Lv55)        Sauromugue     24 to 36 hours    Healing Staff*
                     Champaign     around I-10

•Shikigami Weapon   Ro'Maeve       21-24 hours       Yingyang Robe@
                                   walking all over.
                                   Has Invisible.

•Sozu Rogberry      Temple of      21-24 hours       Thief Knife*
      (Lv60)         Uggalepih     around G-8        Waterga 3

•Stray Mary         Konschtat      1 to 3 hours      Large Sheep Fur
      (Lv20)         Highland      around F6 to F9   Mary's Milk
                                                     Selbina Milk
                                                     Mary's Horn*

•Valkurm Emperor    Valkurm        1 to 3 hours      Insect Wing 
        (Lv30)                     around E8, F8     Emperess Hairpin@

    ««« 13. Zilart Missions »»»   

•Zilart Mission 1 
     In order to start zilart missions you need to beat the Shadowlord.
     After you have simply enter Norg for cutscene.

•Zilart Mission 2
     After ZM1 cutscene go see go see gilgamesh for another

•Zilart Mission 3
     Now head to Kahzam and talk to Jakoh Wahcondalo.
     You'll again get another cutscene.

•Zilart Mission 4
     Now you get to the more difficult stuff. Your mission is to go
     to Temple of Uggalepih and fight in a BCNM. But the path is 
     blocked and you need to get 4 unlit lanturns from certain 
     Tonberries in Den of rancor. You need to go through a painting 
     room entrance to get there. Find a uggalepih key and open a door 
     on the first map. Look at all things possible in this room til you 
     get a Paintbrush. Now head to the second map with 6 paintings 
     in a room. Examine all then on one that has no painting click it 
     and wait. Youll eventually open a hidden door to den of rancor.

     Now that yor in den of rancor go kill tonberries for unlit lanturns.
     Once 4 ppl get one each, go light it up on the upper left area of 
     the map. Now basicly head to the lower area of Den of rancor til 
     you find 4 unlit lanturns in the area. Each person light one up and 
     rush in door.
       Its a 3 tonberry bcnm. Basicly sleep 2 of them and kill the third. 
       Kill middle, right then left. The summoner is nasty. When fighting
       him he will do one very fast summon and attack. Get the right 
       bar- series spell up fast.

•Zilart Mission 5
     This mission isnt too hard if you got a good alliance to kill the 
     NMs. There are 7 stone heads around vanadiel. 3 of them you 
     can just touch and recieve the gem. 4 of them however have NM 
     pops and needs a good party to win.

    ««« 14. Promathia Missions »»»   

This is the second expansion to Final Fantasy XI. It adds many new 
things for you to play with. From new armor to new quest, even new 
zones. This section will cover the story missions of this expansion.
From what i seen so far i'm loving it. Be warn this section will contain
soilers. Tho i will try and make it spoilerfree things like names of new zone,
ect. i wont be able to avoid.

[Ancient Flames Beckon] 

•Promathia Mission 1.1 
This mission is really easy. Just head to qufim and enter the 
tower there. A chapter 1 cutscene will happen. When cutscene is 
over the mission is over. 

•Promathia Mission 1.2 
Another really easy one. Just enter Upper Jeuno for cutscene there. 
When thats over your done with this one. 

While in Upper Jeuno head to the Infirmery and talk to everyone for 
a cutscene. 

•Promathia Mission 1.3 
This is where the challenge begins. Even for season players 
you might have a death or 2. Before you begin this one there is an 
optional cutscene in Ru'Lude Garden in palace. Make sure yo get 
good lvl 30 or close to 30 gear. There are 3 zones you'll have to 
beat that are lvl 30 cap to win this mission. 
Each of the Crags has a broken crystal. You will be able to enter 
these. Once inside there are 4 floors to pass thru. Try to avoid 
everything as best as you can. Nothing links here but everything 
has Truesight(be able to see through sneak and invisible). In the 
first 3 floors is a memory ball you need to beat to teleport. It does 
bad aoe so anything rng should attack it. 
Everyone else attack the other mob surrounding it. 
Do Not teleport til all the mob is dead. Last floor is a simple get to 
the zone. You could train to it but better only do when your real 

*Bosses: The best stuff is Whm, Blm, and rng/nin, war/nin, nin/war. 
All 3 bosses do nasty attack and Utsusemi helps a ton. Blm, 
and Rng are good for dmg. Whm good for heals ofcourse. 
*Dem boss: This is considered the easiest of the 3. Nothing bad 
about it other then paralyze. Make sure all that can paralyna do it. 
The only tough part is it spawn offsprings. This can get nasty. 
Either have all melee focus on the spawn and kill it quick while 
blm cast black magic. The other way is smn 2hr aoe can take 
them all out. 
*Holla boss: This one is nasty. Does aoe poison/sleep/curse. 
Also has a nasty 300+ hp dmg attack. Save all your damaging 
2hrs for the last part. It does a drain move that you want to get 
rid of him quickly. 
*Mea Boss: This one can be semi tough. This one you want to run 
it all around. It moves slow at first but itll move faster as you kill it. 
Rdm gravity is good here. The last part can be really tough. It 
does Aoe dmg of at least 200. We actually won first time with 
only smn left with 110 hp lol. 

Once you beat all 3. Missions is over. 

[The isle of Forgotten Saints] 

•Promathia Mission 2.1 
After you win your last Promyvion. You'll get a cutscene and be 
introduced to chapter 2. Once the story rolls thru you'll be 
teleported to Lufaise Meadows. 

•Promathia Mission 2.2 
This mission is basicly to get to the nearby town, Tavnazian 
Stronghold, and to talk to all the people here. 

•Promathia Mission 2.3 
On the third floor is an old man behind one of the doors. Talk to 
him then go to the basement are and click on the door. A small 
cutscene happens here. You job is to go to Phomiuna Aqueducts 
and to kill a monotaur. Head to F-6 on the first map. This should 
lead to a second map. From here head to M-5 for the minotaru. 

Once you turn the corner to see him, 
he will teleport all of you right in front of him. So be ready ahead 
of time. We had 12 people with us and even with no warning we 
did win. Few deaths tho. Don't escape tho, your not done. Head 
to I-6 and up a ladder to head north west. This takes to a path 
not on the map. G-8 should be a gate near water. It needs a key to 
open. You can also have a thf open the door. 

Kill fomor for key. Once you open the door go in and you'll find a 
ladder to go up. Go up it to get a 
cutscene. Go up and make a left. When you get to a room with 
lots of fomor look for ???. A door opens and everyone 
goes in. There and lots of oil lamp. Click on the one with same 
element as the day your on plus the opposite element. Then a door 
should open on 
same side as lamps opens and everyone go in. And youll get 
another cutscene. Then go back to town. 

•Promathia Mission 2.4 
Click on Parelbrioux Door. Head back to town and talk to Justinius. 
Then go to the door in K-7 
near there. Now go to F-10 in Misareaux Coast. Click on fence 
for cutscene. Then walk back into town. 

•Promathia Mission 2.5 
Head back to Misareaux Coast and enter gate at F-7. You'll need 
Yellow Liquid before coming here. It can be bought in AH. You 
will also need to get a Rare/Ex item from Firedrakes in 
Riverne-Site 001 before you get to BCNM. 
This path is very linear. Souldnt get lost. Just head north to first 
portal and your on your way. 

Boss: This battle isn't pretty. There are 3 of them. They have the 
ability to change jobs in battle. The Yellow Liquid helps in the 
battle. It locks thier current job as you use it. So use it on a 
weak job like dragoon, or monk we found easy too. You'll want to 
get 2 players to keep 2 of them busy until everyone else kills the 
third. They can use AoE attacks if they're on the right job so 
splitting up is good. 
Once you kill one work on second til its dead then the third. 
There is one nasty move to look out for. It's called 
Transmogrification and this makes all melee attacks on it change 
from damage to cure. So when you see it make this move, turn 
away. Last about 10-15 sec. Have one person check to see if 
its over. 

[A Transient Dream] 

•Promathia Mission 3.1 

After a very tough battle thus far (or easy if your lucky) youll wake 
in South Gustaberg. Head to Port Bastok and just get near main 
door of Air Travel Agency. A cutscene will occur. Then head to 
Cid in Metal works for another cutscene. 

•Promathia Mission 3.2 

Head to Lower Jeuno and enter Tenshodo and click on the back 
door for a cutscene. After that go to the palace in Ru'lude Gardens. 

•Promathia Mission 3.3 

3.3.1 (San doria) 
I'm from san dorian so this part starts there. It appears that you 
can do any in any order. 

First head to North Sandoria. Youll get a cutscene there. 
Then head to the cathedral and talk to person at the alter. 
Now talk to Chasalvive. 

Next part is to go to Carpenders landing and to H-10. When you 
talk to the NPC there a Malboro type will spawn. It's not a hard 
fight that. Now head back to South Sandoria. Talk to Hinaree. 
You can probably solo. 

3.3.2 (Windurst) 
Head to Windurst Waters for Cutscene. After that go to J-9 and 
talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Next talk to doctor yoran-oran in 
Windurst walls. 
Then go to restaurant in Windurst waters and talk 
to Kyume-Romeh. Now head to the southern part of the map and 
talk to Honoi-Gomoi. Then talk to Yoran-Oran. 

Now journey to Attohwa chasm. Near the area with the mountain 
find something you can click on (K-. It should spawn a NM. The 
more ppl you have the better this fight it. After it takes some 
hits or just over time it will run back to where it was spawn and 
completely regenerate. One way of winning is to have everyone 
get 300% tp and all ws when its health is 75%. Once killed get 
the key item. Now you got a certain amount of time to climb the 
mountain and click on Cradle of rebirth. 

After you get the 3 key items head back to windurst walls and 
talk to Yoran-Oran. Next head to Port windy and talk to Yujuju. 
Now head back to windurst waters and talk to Tosuka-Porika at 
G-8. And lastly talk to Yoran-Oran in windurst walls. 

3.3.3 (Bastok) 
Compared to the other 2 countries, this one is super easy. Just 
talk to cid in metal works. Thats it. lol 

•Promathia Mission 3.4 

I headed back to Lower Jeuno for a CS. Then head to the back 
door in Tenshodo for another CS. 

•Promathia Mission 3.5 

Talk to Monberaux in Upper jeuno. After CS talk to mithra in 
entrance to Tensodo and then go to Pso'xja. 
There is a rare/ex items to get here. I got mine from Frost Lizards. 
I got it near the uncapped entrance to pso'xja. Its called Carmine 
Chip. Once you have this to back to Tenshodo for the Pso'xja pass. 

After that its time to go back to Pso'xja and enter the parts you 
couldn't pass thru. Your goal is to get to the bcnm. Its through a 
series of colored warp doors. Red > Purple > Red > Purple 
seems to be the way through. 
When you get to elevator and go down, head north then west and 
there should be the door. 

Boss: This bcnm is again something different. Its only 1 mob boss 
at least. Nightmare does bio and sleep, even with bio your zzzz. 
From some sources, have a tank disband before engaging the 
boss is a good idea. On my try we didn't. But all mages and rng 
should stand on farthest corner squares. Tank tank, and everyone 
attack. Some where in the battle many of the blocks will 
disappear. Only have a sec to move to one that 
doesnt. The block will glow meaning its about to disappear. 
If ppl get bioed use erase quickly. Other then that its not too 
hard but still might lose a few times. 

Once you win head back to upper jeuno and talk to Monberaux. 

[The Cradles of Children Lost] 

•Promathia Mission 4.1 

Head back to tavnazia strong hold. A cutscene will start. 
After that you might want to see that the AH is open and its 
linked to jeunos Ah ^^. Now go talk to Despachiaire on third floor. 
Then talk to Justinius. 
Now head to I-11 in Misareaux Coast, youll get another cutscene 

•Promathia Mission 4.2 

Now get your lvl 50 gear ready and head to F-7 entrance for 
cutscene and Riverne Site #b01. In here you only need to get 
1 scale from the drakes. Basicly head west til you get to 
the bcnm. 

Quest: After visiting here head back to tavnaiza stronghold. 
Talk to Epinolle for map quest of Riverne. You need to kill 
3 gob nms there. 

BCNM: First thing you want to make sure when fighting this boss 
is to actually keep it on the ground. His attacks are basicly 
double in the air. There is a quest to seriously help on this battle. 
Have Barstonra and earth 
carol up. Whm strongly needed here. Bard very handy. When I 
fought him they said he missed alot with mambo. 
Wind Threnody and well as finale very useful. Go all out on attacks 
when he's on the floor. When he's in the air use Mistmelt given from 
the quest. As you use it the wyrm will fall to 
the ground. You don't want to see his air attacks. 

We won without sleeping it on the ground. We went with nin tank 
more then pld. The wyrm hits hard even on the ground. 
You'll need alot of cure mp to win with pld. 

Quest: In tavnazian Safehold between Ah and Nomad moogles is 
Ferchinne and he offers a quest to get 2 Hippogryph tailfeathers. 
Return them for a Mistmelt item that keeps the dragon on the ground. 
Having many of them is useful. 

Once this increadibly tough bcnm is over head back to Safeguard 
and talk to Justinius. After you talk to him head to Walnut door 
which is very near you. Another CS happens. Now your ready 
for a new zone. 

•Promathia Mission 4.3 
Head to the Sacrarium. Here is alittle like 2.3. Make the first right 
at the fork and enter the second set of doors at 0:00 game time. 
The path to where to go I cant say. It was basicly a maze and 
we made it through somehow. Once you see Fomor your on the 
second floor. Once here kill the fomor around for 1 corol chest 

Now head to the east area of the map. There 2 halls 
with undead standing on the walls. Pass them, they connect to 
one room. Kill the 2 Teratotaur. Now kill Keremet. Make sure to 
bring Echo Drops for this fight. He can also charm and silence. 
We had a blast on this NM. Only as 1 pt and a DC plus no echo 
drops and still won. He drops the sealion check key. 

How head to H-6. Theres a large keyhole there. Open door with 
both keys at the same time. You'll get a CS when examining the 
next set of doors. After that head back out. 

There are 6 ??? around the area. Clicking any one of these 
random ??? will pop a nm. There are Fomors everywhere where 
the ??? are so make sure you have fomor hate to 0. 
In the Safehold Resauchamet can tell you how bad you smell. 
He's on the third floor. 

Boss: Old Professor Mariselle will then pop a few Pupils and 
attack. The Professor will keeps poping around the room so 
you'll have to run and keep up with him. Eventually he will 
spawn the pupil. They can't be slept and they do get annoying. 
If you kill one he just spawns another right away. 

After you kill them go back to door with the 2 locks and head 
to the same door after it for another CS. 

•Promathia Mission 4.4 

Now head back to Safehold. Head to Despachiaire in K-10 top 
flood for CS. Next head to sealion den and click on gate for 
another event. 

[The Return Home] 

•Promathia Mission 5.1 

Head to San doria and head to the church third story for a CS. 
Now head over to Port bastok. A CS will happen as you enter the 
zone. After that head to Metalworks and talk to Cid for another 

After that prepare for PSO'xja. You'll have to enter the northwest 
entrance and thats a no cap entrance. You can have top lvl gear 
rdy though you'r lvl 50 gear is good enough. When you enter 
just go straight in and at the dead end with a Stone door click on 
it to pop Nunyunuwi. Very easy for lvl 75 pt. Go down elevator 
and click on another Stone door and enter for a CS. 

•Promathia Mission 5.2 

Once you finish the CS you'll be in Promyvion-Vahlz for lvl 50 cap. 
Make sure your prepared for this area including all the items needed 
for all 3 of the end boss of the previous Promyvions. 
The zone and how it acts it just like the first 3 nothing new except 
for one thing. You have to find the memory Flux on the third, 
fourth and fifth floor to pop a NM. Each one is one of the previous 
boss promyvions. After you kill it check Memory Flux again for CS. 

3rd floor is Propagator. This one is pretty easy. 
4th floor is Solicitor at M-6. This one is hard. Has nasty single 
attack and aoe plus poison. We barely survived it with only 1 
guy left. You might want to use the kite method. There is some 
room to run around but becareful. 
5th floor is Ponderer at D-6. Still tough but nothing like Solicitor. 
Do some fancy kiting around the 2 poles there. 

You need to beat all 3 NM's or you won't be able to enter the BCNM. 

BCNM: The BCNM itself was quite easy for us. Maybe we were 
lucky but we didn't have trouble. It's all 3 boss type of the old 
promyvions. Luckly you don't fight all 3 at once. You can enter 
bcnm area freely with no attack. Make a single attack on the 
one to work on. When he is about 20% hp left 
the second one, randomly i guess, will attack. At this time use 
all WS and strong spells to get rid of it fast. Then work on 
second. Same as first when its 20% the last will attack. Use 
same methods of attack as in the previous Promyvions. 

Once you win you'll get another CS and return in Glaicers. Go to 
I-7 and talk to the 3 npc in tower. 

•Promathia Mission 5.3 

Now head back to Bastok and talk to Cid in metalworks. 
In the CS you'll be given 3 choises on what to do next. 
1. Investigate Al'taieu. 
2. Find S (no spoilers here lol) 
3. Find Prishe 

You choise guides: 
5.3.1 After talking to Cid head to Tavnazian Safehold. Talk to 
Despachiaire for CS. You can talk to him a second time for 
another CS. I heard its only optional though. 

Next head to Windurst Woods and talk to Perih Vashai. 
You'll get a CS. Next Head to Bibiki Bay and take the 
manaclipper to the island. Once you get to the island go 
all the way south and look for the npc "??? Warmachine". 
Click on it to get a CS. 

After CS head back to windurst and go to Windy Walls. 
Talk to Yoran-Oran for a CS. 

Now head over to Newton Movatpolos and enter BCNM. 
Before going for bcnm kill some moblins in Newton for 6 
gold keys. To also get through the gates in newton you need 
a Firesand and trade to Furnace Hatch in norht entrance. It's 
at F-6. If you need to do this for the bridge part then you need 
2 Firesands. Another gate is later in Newton. 

BCNM (A century of Hardship): 
This bcnm is capped at lvl 60. There is 4 moblins and 1 
bugbear. Movamuq, Chekochuk, Bugddy, Trikotrak, Swipostik 
are names of mob from left to right. 
C(blm) > M(whm) > T(Rdm) > S > B is the 
order of kill. Sleep does NOT work. If your planning to use it 
forget it. They resist or it last 2 seconds. Luckly the hp on them 
are really weak but having all 5 aggro isn't good. Its bcnm 
where you have to work at it. Bind is very useful but wont last 
forever. Silence mages. Leave bugbear for last since he has 
so much HP. 

Once you win exit bcnm for a npc moblin. Talk a few times and 
give 1800 gils for a teleport outside. Now head back to 
Cid in Bastok for CS. Now head back to the moblin city again. 
Go back into Mineshaft#2716. Use Gold key at bcnm gate 
for CS. 

Head back to Cid for another CS. Then 5.3.1 is done. 

5.3.2 First go to La Theine to get a CS. To get it go to G-6, 
same place where Carbuncle can be gained. Next head over to 
Pso'xja. The entrance is located in J-8. 

Go in and follow left wall. 
Touch stone door to pop NM, Gargoyle. After this you will do for 
about 15 more time. After the first few you'll start having rooms 
with hexeyes and tonberrys. Just get rid of them in the room. 
You might get a hexeye from the next room trying to pop 
the Gargoyle. Just sneak and click or pull hexeye first through the 

The third area of rooms will have bats and pots. Gets more 
tricky. The forth are is tough tonberries. 

It seems that if you click the door and run you might not 
activate the trap and the door right away opens. 

Once you get past all the doors and about to go down an elevator, 
sneak and invisible up. Go straight to Avatar Gate for a CS. 

Now head back to the doctor in Upper jeuno. You'll get a CS 
from the doctor and then a key item. Now ead to Re'lude. 
Talk to Pherimociel for another CS. After that head back to 
the doctor. 

Now head outside to Ballista and look for ??? nearby. Check it 
once for a CS. Then check again for a Key item. Now head 
to Delkfutt Tower in qufim. Head to H-5 and click on the 
door for NM, Disaster Doll. Its a blm doll but wasn't tough for us 
as a 1 party. After you kill it click door again for CS. 

Now head back to pso'xja(yes there again). Enter the southern 
tower at H-10. Once you enter you'll get a CS. 
Go in first fork and make a left, then drop in hole. 
Go staight then right.Go up stairs. Drop at first hole and 
go north. At fork go north. 
Go up the stairs. At top of stairs go east. Drop in hole. 
Next fork go north. Then go up the stairs. 
Go south and down the stairs. In next fork go north and 
up the circle stairs. 
Next fork room go north to a stairs going down. Go west and 
then west again in next 2 fork rooms. Up stairs go up. Then 
straight south for stairs going down. Then go east in next 
2 rooms then up the stairs. Next fork room go west then 
down the 
hole. Continue on path. Then north at next room. Elevator!! 
Go down it and the door ahead click it for a CS. 

Head back to bastok. Talk to Cid for another CS. 
Once its over that is it for 5.3.2 

Talk to Cid in bastok and pick the bottom option. Then head 
over to South San doria. Talk to Hinaree in B-6 for CS. Next 
head over to Port Sandoria. You'll get a CS entering the zone. 
Now head back to North sandoria and talk to Chasalvige 
for another CS. 

Once this CS is done head over to the Rhinostery in 
Windurst Waters. Talk to Kerutoto for a CS. Next head 
to windurst walls and talk to Yoran-Oran for another CS. 

Time to head over to Attohwa Chasm and to do a BCNM. 
It is in the upper left area of the map. 

BCNM: This bcnm has 3 mithra mobs. It's capped at lvl 50. 
Shikatree X(drk/bst), Shikaree Y(thf/nin), Shikaree Z(pld/drg). 
They all do wicked amount of WS. Sleepga and lullaby very 
useful here. There is as always for bcnm in CoP a quest for 
an item to help in that bcnm. This bcnm is another nasty one. 
We talked to alot of people that passed this one. They said 
to do alot of dmg in a very short amount of time. Unfortunatly, 
we still had trouble so we invented our own. We said to not 
mention to anyone for its a [secret]. 

Fish in Carpenters' Landing and take the barge. Only get on 
the Newtpool route. Fish on the barge and get a Muddy Siredon. 
After you get it head back to where you got the barge ticket and 
trade it to the tonberry near the ticket seller. Then give 100 gils 
and you'll get Blackened muddy siredon. 

After BCNM head over to Uleguerand Range. Entrance is at 
J-9 in an underground passage. 

BCNM: Snoll Tzar 
Lvl cap is at 60. Its a bomb type. You have 45 seconds 
to do 9,000 points of damage. You ofcourse want high dmg 
dealing jobs. It does attack back. Get Icuras Wind, use 2hr, 
do SC. Do whatever you can to kill it fast. Rng, and Blm great 
here tho have a tank since it goes attack and it hits pretty hard 

Once you finish head over to Bastok Metalworks and talk to Cid. 
You finished 5.3.3 

[Echos of Time] 

•Promathia Mission 6.1 

Once you have finish all 3 parts of 5.3 you'll finally be in 6.1. 
News breaks and you will need to head over to jeuno. 
Enter ru'lude gardens. Enter the guard post room and talk to 
Pherimociel for a CS. 

Head to Upper Jeuno and click on Door: "Marble Bridge" 
for a CS. After that head back to ru'lude. 

•Promathia Mission 6.2 

A CS will start when you enter the zone. Enter the palace 
and a CS will start. 

Next head to Misareaux Coast for a NM. Touch the Misareaux 
Coast gate in the lower left of map to pop 3 NM. Names 
are Warder Euphrosyne, Warder Aglaia, Warder Thalia. 
All 3 are seeker type. These nms arent too tough actually. 
A few lvl 75 can take them. There is a move that pushes 
you way back. Doesnt hit hard tho. 

Once you win click on the gate for a CS. 

•Promathia Mission 6.3 

Head back to jeuno and enter Ru'lude gardens. 
Talk to Pherimociel (g-6) for a CS. Now head to the second 
floor and click on the door ahead for a CS. 

Now head over to selbina. Talk to Mathilde for CS. You can 
click her again for another CS but we think it's just extra CS. 

•Promathia Mission 6.4 

Now head back to Bastok and talk to Cid for a CS. Make sure 
to prepare for bcnm battle. Then head to Sealion den when ready. 
A CS will happen entering the zone. Then click on the gate to 
enter bcnm. 

BCNM(One to be Feared): 5 Mammet, Omega, Ultima 
This is a very long bcnm. Your given 45 mins to finish. It is 
also lvl 60 cap. Make sure to have hp potions for tanks and 
mp potions for mages. Reraiser is also useful since its a 
3 part bcnm. 

Since it's 3 bcnm in one with no chance to 
change jobs. Look at what is instore for you and decide. 
Having a blm is good maybe 2. If going with nin tank 2 
nin might be the way to go. A brd and rdm very useful. Rng 
can shadowbind in the first part. 

Part 1: 5 Mammet-22 Zeta 
This is like 2.5 but instead of 3 Mammets its 5. 
The yellow liquid seem to do nothing to them so don't bother. 
You want to kill them fast as they still can be blm and ruin 
your day. Bind is very useful here. 

Part 2: Omega 
This is vs. an Omega Weapon. Stun is very hard to hit. 
Make sure tank gets all the hate and do dmg. There is a 
hate reset move. I missed the name but it has it. We were 
going real good til that hate reset. Omega can paralyze, 
bind and a few other nasties. 

Part 3: Ultima 
Ultima is kinda the same deal. He hits harder though. 
We had nin tank and there was a move that he took 
causing hp to be around 400 from max. Near the end 
he does start spamming more of his moves. Make sure 
to use all dmg possible here. 

[In Light of the Crystal] 

•Promathia Mission 7.1 

Once you win the BCNM you'll get a great CS. After that head 
back to Safehold. A CS will happen when entering. After that 
head to Sealion's Den once again. CS happens as you enter. 

Now touch Phomiuna Aqueducts door for another CS. Next head 
to the top floor and click on Walnut Door (K-7) for CS. 

•Promathia Mission 7.2 

Tenzen is no where to be found. There is a CS clicking on 
Despachiaire at K-10 but i think its optional. 

Head to misareauz Coast and click on Riverne Gate for CS. 
After that head back to Sealion's Den and talk to Sueleen there. 

Now head to Ru'Lude Gardens and as you enter the palace 
you'll get a CS. Head to Upper Jeuno and go to tavern for 
another CS. 

•Promathia Mission 7.3 

Head over to Newton Movalpolos. Enter Mineshaft#2716 and click 
on Shaft Door for CS. 

Next head to Bastok and talk to Cid for another CS. 

•Promathia Mission 7.4 
You how have to head to 3 different places and slay some nms. You 
might want a small party for this. 

-Bibiki Bay - Click on ??? in cave at F-6. Dalham nm will pop. 
Nothing too tough but again bring a small pt for it. 

-Carpenter's Landing - Take east entrance in. Head to I-9 and 
click on ??? to pop nms. Be warned this one pops 
more then 1 tonberry. Its about 4. A pt more 
recommended here. 

-Misareaux Coast - ??? is near Riverne entrance gate. Its at F-8. 
Nm name is Boggelmaan. 

Once you beat all 3 and click on all the ??? a second time head 
back to cid in Bastok. You'll get a CS. 

Now head over to Sea Lion Den and talk to Sueleen. 

BCNM: Tenzen and the 3 tarus 
This BCNM be prepared to make alot of damage. Tenzen is on 
the atack for you. The 3 tarus are behind you on a cliff. Don't 
even bother to attack any of the tarus. They only support tenzen 
with range attacks and -ga spells. 
You need to make all the damage in about 5 min time. BCNM 
time is 30 min but once Tenzen make his own SC! and unleashes 
a special attack, the battle is over. Just get lots of dmg making 
jobs and you be ok. 

~[Emptiness Bleeds]~ 

•Promathia Mission 8.1 

Welcome to Al'taieu!!!! You'll realize soon enough this is no mear 
normal zone. No really day or night and mob act different here. 

*Om'aern - Your standard no aggro til you attack it. Links too 
i believe. Looks kinda like a headless angel. 
*Om'xzomit- This one is cool. Looks like a long flowing eel. 
When you get close it WILL come to you like it aggro 
but it hasnt. Its very curious about different lifeform 
like one entity mentions. Also you can do things like 
sleep or lullaby and tho it sleeps when it wakes its 
still no aggro. It'll go away in time. 
*Om'hpemde-This is the exact same as the above, the eel one 
but its under the "floor" or under water. It come out 
above water but acts exactly the same. 
*Ul'phuabo- An under water sting ray. Careful this one does aggro. 
It come out of the water like the above mob. 

*Om'yovra and Ul'yovra - Same looking NM. Its a high flying 
octopus like creature. When you go around keep 
camera pointing kinda high. It aggros you when you 
get under it. Make sure to stay near the walls. 

Mission 8.1 is to first head to the gate before the Grand Palace. 
You'll get a CS. Now your job is to find 3 small towers around the 
grand palace with a red crystal. All 3 when click spawns 3 nms. 
Need at least a pt for this. All 3 strats are basicly the same tho. 
Sleep 2 kill third. They have different job 2hr to so take care. 

Once all 3 gate are clear of nms head back to main palace gate to 
enter Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi. 

Quest: There are many elemental looking npc with green names. 
Talk to all of them in the zone for the map. Rng or Bst highly 
recommended so you can find them all. 

•Promathia Mission 8.2 

Now you in the main room of Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi. Its a retangle 
like room with a door on each side. Clicking the one straight ahead 
will give you a CS and you'll get Tavnazian Ring. Its a 1 day unlimited 
use to get back to Tavnazian Safe hold in a hurry. 

Once you get that CS head to the east door and enter. This 
zone is a complete maze. Good chance you will get lost at some 
point. This mission is to escort one of the locals thru the zone. 
This is actually several escorts in one. You need to do it since only 
the npc can open certain doors. Kill all mob that aggo. 

*Ghraf - New mob that looks like a Discoball All right! In ball form 
it does not aggro. But at times it will morph to different 
forms like a glass Bird or glass Spider. These do aggro. 
I think its sight but be careful. As you fight them they 
do meltdown like bombs or dolls. 

*Euvhi - This mob looks like a growing blue/white flower. No idea 
if it aggros since we just killed it if it was in the way. 

*Zdei - This mob looks kinda like a floating totem pole. Acts in a 
way like a pot. It stays in one spots and rotates. Its sight 
so if you run around it just right no aggro. 

You will have alot of going up or down elevators so don't think your 
heading back. At the end is a Ghraf NM. Same discoball deal just 
longer to kill. Click again where nm pop for a CS. Then escape since 
its a long way back  

Title given: Warrior of the Crystal 

•Promathia Mission 8.3 

Enter back in Grand Palace and same place you click to get 
Tavnazian Ring is to enter Garden of Ru'Hmet. This zone isn't as 
complex as Grand Palace but the mission is looong. First of your in 
the middle of the zone. There is 5 towers surrounding. Each is 
of a race. There is a computer at the top. Depending on your race 
you will get a CS by clicking on it. If you do after the CS click again 
for a keyitem. Everyone needs a key item. Other races wont get 
key item or CS. 

Southwest tower is Tarutaru. 
North West tower is Mithra. 
North Tower is Hume. 

We only needed these 3 since thats the races in the party. 

Once you get the required keyitems head to the middle of the first 
floor area. Looks for a room with 4 Zdei NM. Kill the 4 and wait close 
to the closed door on the otherside. When all 4 pop again that door 
will open. 

Take elevator up central tower up a level. This area is kinda big but 
nothing bad. You need 2 key items to reach the third floor. Head 
north for one and south for the other. 

North one is rather easy, you just got another room with the 4 Zdei 
in it. Getting the key item is in the north wall. 

South is much harder. Its a maze. And tho you know where to head to 
reach it there is a portal in the way which takes you somewhere else 
in the maze. You first target it to head east then north for the 
portal you want. You'll warp on the west most side and just head south 
then east for the key item. 

With both in hand head back to the elevator for access to the 
third floor. On the third floor is one room and a door in the north. 

BCNM: 4 Zdei 
This is basicly the 4 zdei room but you can just simply die on 
otherside and move on. You need to kill all 4. ES+sleepga2 is a 
good start. Get someone to aggro them to gather then sleep. 

You want to attack the back 2 first. They are mage types and go 
lots of -ga3 spells. They also cure when the 2 front owns are dieing 
When their own hp is half gone they run to the coves to recover. 
Since theyre mages and can range just attack fast on coves. 

Once the back 2 gone the front two will be easy. They are harder 
to kill but nothing nasty. 

After bcnm youll get a really cool CS. After that head back to Al'taieu 
for another CS. After to see that head back in the Garden. 

As you enter Garden jusr go straight north. You'll into the room with 
a NPC. Click on door and you can pass through now. Enter the 
teleporter and go down. 

You now enter Empyreal Paradox, a cool BCNM. 

BCNM: Promathia 
Final bcnm for CoP! This battle promathia has 2 forms. The first is 
very easy. Promathia doesnt do anything rough and is easy to 
take down. 

Second form is harder but its not in a way where its really hard. 
Its more fun then a chore. You got alot of running room so you 
can kite if your set up is for it. I went as 5blm pt and we did well. 

There 2 npc fighting with you at both battles. Prishe has some 
good moves and both can last long. Prishe can die and be raise 
with no failed bcnm, while the other can't. 

Once you win, relax and watch the show. 

After its over head to Mhuara for a CS. After that is a few CS for 
each city region. Those can be done in any order it seems. 

1. San d'oria - Head to south san doria and talk to Hinaree for CS. 
Now head to Uleguerand Range and entering gets you another CS. 
Head back to Hinaree for CS and your done with sandy.
2. Bastok - Simply enter Oldton for a CS. 
Talk to Cid for the second CS and your done. 

3. Windurst - Talk to one of the tarus in the fishing guild for 
the first CS. Next talk to "??? Warmachine" in bibiki bay island. 

Once you have finished 1, 2 and 3. Go to Ru'lude Gardens Palace for 
a CS. Click on Upper Jeunos Pub for a CS. And once more for a 
second CS. Here you can pick one of 3 COP rings. Choose wisely 
as for you get one you can't get the others. 

2 CS. First one is in Tavnazian Safehold. Wallnut Door. The second 
and last is in Lufaise Meadows. J-6 nets the last CS. Enjoy the 
ending song!! [Congradulations!!] 

    ««« 15. Other things to do »»»   

Other then killing for exp, crafting, quest, and missions there are other
things you can try. As time goes on SquareEnix will be releasing new 
additions to the game. This includes pvp, special quests, battle 
arenas, ect.

•Ballista - This was added in April of 2004. This is the first of the pvp
   added by SqureEnix. Its a fun game to play. You get 6 or more 
   people from your country to fight against 6 or more of another 
   country. Very fun indeed. 

   The battle begins and your job is to is to scavage for special stones
   on the ground  to score in rooks. Rooks are the goal for both teams.
   They appear randomly around. The rook is close til your team defeats
   a member of the opposite team. As you fight all your arsenal to battle.
   There are also lvl cap battles.

   The rules of the game might change over time so check the rules 
   before you start.

•BCNM Battles - This one has been in the game since the start. As 
   you battle in the game you might come across items either called 
   Beastmen Seal or Kindred Seal. Collect these and save them. 
   There are battle arenas in some areas that have a use for them. 
   You actually go to Port Jeuno and there is a guy that will trade 
   them for an Orb. You then find these "Burning Circles" and trade 
   the orb to do a boss battle. Make sure to get a full pt before going 
   in as they are tough. The reward is well worth it.

   Some Burning Circles can be found in Giddeus, Ghelsba, and 
   Palborough. Win or lose you will lose your orb so make sure your 
   well prepared. Buy all kinds of stat increase food and juices.

•Dynamis - This is for high lvls only. You need to be lvl 64 to enter and
   you might want to still wait 5 lvls before going in. It's a tough place
   and can hold up to 64 team members. There are currently 6 areas: 
   Sandoria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno, Glacier, and Xarcabard.

   You need to get an hourglass to be able to enter the place. You 
   need to find a certain spot to trade the glass. When you trade it 
   youll get back Perpetual Hourglass. This you can make copies 
   and give to everyone. Once the first is then traded, the first 64 with 
   that hourglass can enter the battle. Inside limbo you have to clear 
   all enemies before an hour is up. Good luck.

•NPC Helper - In summer 2005 Square-Enix has added a quest to give you
   your own NPC assistance. Quest starts from Upper Jeuno by Luto Mewrilah.
   Once you do get your Signal Pearl, equip it on your ear and call the npc.
   It attacks to what ever your attacking. 

   Not only he/she is there to make battles easier but it'll gain lvls and 
   wear better armor as you lvl with it. As you lvl it you'll get more 
   options like to give him/her a weapon or armor. Find out what the higher
   lvls brings! ^^

    ««« 16. Q and A »»»   

Q. How do I know i started a quest?
A. Go to your menu ( Triangle button or - button on num pad). Press 
   either left or right once. Look for quest. Now you can view current
   quest and copleted quests.

Q. How do i take off the ? next to my name?
A. That ? means the character is new and the player can be new to the game.
   People with a M symbol next to their names help the people with the ?.
   To take the ? off go to the menu and pick Help Desk. Then pick Config.
   Now click on Cancel New Adventure Status. Over time the ? will also

Q. Are they raising the lvl cap to 80?
A. Yes they are but not for awhile possibly. They are worried about the
    balance of the game. When the next expansion comes it'll 
    probably happen. 

Q. What really is Dynamis?
A. That is a spoiler actually and saids it deep in Promathia Storyline.

Q. Is FFXI coming to Xbox?
A. Yes it is. Though its the exact same game nothing xbox only will be 

Q. Does that mean no voice chat in Xbox version?
A. Yep.

Q. Is it true SE has help making claiming NM(notorious monsters) more
   bot unfriendly?
A. Yes. They has given a delay in using abilities and spells. This not only
   stops bots from claiming first but a chance for more people to run to
   the NM and a better chance to claim.

Q. Is botting still a problem in FFXI?
A. Althought its not completely gone, SE has gone through great lengths to
   slow or mostly stop them. Fishing before was heavily botted now you have
   to look really hard to see signs of them.

Q. Is FFXI dieing?
A. From all the signs of this game, FFXI is here to stay for a very long time.

Q. This game is so heavy in playing with others. We need more soloable jobs.
A. Basicly if you want to solo play just pick up a 1 player RPG. FFXI is MMO
   and its all about being online and working with others to reach a goal.
   Luckly enough SE has made things alittle more easier to solo thing.
   Other then bst for the most part its very long to lvl up solo. But with /nin
   and more experience on Easy prey and Decent challenge mob, its alot better.
   Not to mention playing ballista gets you experience. This also includes
   Chocobo Riding, Eco Warrior and Escorts.

    ««« 17. Rumors »»»   

R. I heard that the next expansion will have new jobs. Is that true?
A. Though SquareEnix didnt say anything yet, in the E3 trailer I heard
   some people saying they saw what look like new class. From what 
   I heard it's Blue Mage, and Dancer.

R. Is there another 4 god nms in the north part of Al'taieu?
A. No one really knows yet. I heard some one that hacked into the games
   files said there is an extra 4 ??? but only time will tell.


           In memory of Jaroslav Skaubna 1933-2004


         This FAQ is copyright©2005 by Mike Skubna.

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