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History of Vana'diel by JadeNightshade

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 07/29/2005
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Final Fantasy XI for Playstation 2 and PC
By Kerrigan of Asura

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As told by Vana'diel historical texts (ie. SQUARENIX) and events witnessed by 
Kerrigan and the following contributors:

Tazirai and CRtwenty

In the game:
Deakka of Asura
Tiberion of Asura
Fayth of Asura
Joren of Asura
Jeremias of Titan
Marion of Asura
LordWafik of Asura
Bakri of Titan
Zyaan of Kujata
Kittystalker of Asura

And many thanks to the crew at Ala:


Version 2.1
- added apendix VIX
- entire CoP story completed
- went through and edited/spell checked some chapters

Version 2.0
-Holy-Moly! It's been so long since I started
this faq ><; I'm thrilled so many people have liked it :)
NEW FOR 2.0:
    - There was a plot problem with Louverance in sections
      22-27 I missed. It is now fixed, I won't spoil it :P 
    - Added the Vana'diel profile of the last great smn
    - Added the vana'diel profile of the first musketeer
    - added some info on stuff I missed
    - added more of the Afs
    - added through chapter 29
    - added appedix V, VI, VII, and VIII
    - added the final bit of the Dynamis plot

1. In The Beginning...
2. The Truth
3. The Age of Beasts
4. The Age of Magic
5. The Age of Power
6. The Age of Technology
7. The Mission North
8. Moon's Eclipse
9. Strange Rumblings to the North
10. Legend of the Crystal Warriors
11. The Rise of Jeuno
12. The Crystal War
13. The Age of Adventurers
14. Return of the Shadow Lord
15. Redemption
16. Reason to the Rhyme
17. Hidden Past
18. The 6th Ministry
19. Return of the Talekeeper
20. The Rise of the Zilart
21. Awakening
22. Ancient Flames Beckon
23. The Isle of Forgotten Saints
24. A Transient Dream
25. The Cradles of Children Lost
26. The Return Home
27. Echoes of Time
28. In the Light of the Crystal
29. Emptiness Bleeds
30. Twilight
31. Dawn
Vana'diel Profiles
Artifact Armor

1. In the beginning...

Many aeons ago, there was a sentient jewel. A living stone by which all life 
was created, banished the darkness, and spawned forth Gods of infinite power. 
Their prized creation was the world of Vana'diel, their celestial playground. 
Here the gods played, until eventually they fell into slumber. It was during 
this time that the children of the gods began to create their own civilization. 
They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones, and gave birth to 
grasslands across the world. These were the Ancients. But, one day, the 
Ancients seeking to join their god parents decided to gain entrance into 
paradise. Enraged by such a brazen display of insolence, the holy gatekeeper 
destroyed their path and cast their homes to the bottom of the sea. Shortly 
thereafter, the goddess Altana awakened and saw the ruin that had had once 
been Vana'diel. Seeing this she felt an emotion which gods seldom feel, 
sadness. She wept for the tiny world and her tears cleared away the damage 
done, but that was not all. 5 divine tears fell to the new soil. 
Each of these 5 tears was the birth of one of the races of Vana'diel. 
Hume, Elvaan, Taru, Mithra, and Galka. All different, all the same. Altana's 
sorrow left and she once again departed, leaving the world to grow in peace 
and harmony. 

but the story does not end there.

There was another god, awakened and watching, from his place in the shadows. 
Promathia, God of Twilight, angered by what he had seen saw fit to condemn her 
work. Bringing out each of the 5 races darkest attributes - the elvaan's 
arrogance, the hume's apathy, the envy of the mithra, the cowardice of the 
taru, and the galka's rage. This would curse them to constant internal 
conflict. Finally, to seal the deal he created races of his own. These 
dark races, the beastmen, were charged with fighting the people of Vana'diel 
and occupying their minds. Never again would they think to open the door to 
the gods.

There is one final tale however....

While Altana soars on wings of freedom, Promathia is bound in chains. 
It is even said that his confinement was a limitation he placed upon himself. 
Can this be true? And if so...why? 

2. The Truth

The real history is quite different from the story passed down through the
generations. Unknown exactly when, but sometime after the creation of Vana'diel
and before the rise of the 5 races, there existed 2 peoples. The first were
a group of powerful beings of infinite wisdom and might. These people were
called the Zilart. Ruling the land from their city in the far north ocean, 
the celestial capital of Al'taieu, the Zilart held the world in the palm of
their hand. Soon they developed supernatural abilities and gained great skill
in magic as well as telepathy. This telepathy, or the "Whisper of Souls" as 
it had become known connected all the Zilart with eachother and together they
accomplished amazing things. Those women of most significant skill were trained
to be part of the Dawn Maidens. This group was considered to be directly in
service of the Goddess Altana, whom the Zilart revered above all. Led by the
gatekeeper, the most religious and powerful of all Zilart, legend told that
they held the keys to paradise.

Eventually, some children of the Zilart were born without this power of 
telepathy. Seen as freaks they were outcast from the city and forced into 
the wilds. Here these people, the Kuluu as they would be known, found their
own form of magic from the Avatars of the world. Befriending and controling
the forces of nature the Kuluu built massive cities on the north lands and 
Sarutabaruta to their honor. The Zilart seeing the Kuluu's own nation 
growing took it upon themselves to conquer the Kuluu and subjigate them. 
The Zilart King at the time decided that total control was needed, and the
creation of amulets for the Kuluu was implemented. These amulets were given 
to the Kuluu to wear, and sent the mental transmissions of Kuluu to the 
"Eye of Altana", which the King could use to read the thoughts of the Kuluu. 
Finally to secure his control he closed the gateway to the capital, allowing 
it to be opened only once every 100 years. This way only a select few could 
enter and exit when they were needed. 

The Zilart, like all with power, sought more of it. 
Under the rule of the twin Zilart princes Eald'Narche and Kam'lanaut, the 
Zilart began a mad crusade to not only achieve paradise but enter it. 
The Zilart began construction of a final monument to their greatness, the 
floating city of Tu'lia. The palace of Fei'yin, was created for the two 
brothers as a control station for their massive project. Then across the 
world, massive pillars were constructed, connected by gigantic conduits.
These would later be known to present day people as the 3 crags and Drogaroga's
Spine. Next a power core created on Quifim Island was created. This would power
the city's magical ability to float in the clouds. Finally the gateway to the 
gods was created, Ro'Maeve. Using the power of the gatekeeper and the 
dawnmaidens as the key to their power source, the Zilart believed paradise was 
finally at hand.

But, history is filled with irony and this tale is no different. The power 
they sought could not be controlled and the world would pay the price.
When the gateway was opened the Terrestrial Avatars awoke under the 
leadership of the Wyrmking Bahamut. A massive battle in the sky took place.
But, unbeknownst to Bahamut or the Zilart, the Kuluu has been secretly working
with the Dawn Maidens. Deep within the Temple of Uggalepih the two groups met
to form a plan to strike back at the Zilart. Apparently over time the Kuluu
had developed modes of communication where the Zilart could not read their
thoughts, and with this could contact the Dawn Maidens and work in private.
Under the leadership of the gatekeeper Yve'noile and the Kuluu leader
Grav'iton, the two forces assualted Fei'yin and overloaded the control center.
The result was a massive explosion in which the planet was almost destroyed. 
The backup of the power flow through the conduits send shockwaves the entire 
world over. The fallout was terrible.  The Northlands, once a lush green forest,
were now a barren wasteland. The battle over, there was still one final problem.
The Wyrmking was still at large and those who survived feared his wrath. It was
at this time that a young boy made a deal with the Avatar, one that would 
change the fate of mankind forever. Soon after Bahamut disappeared.

In the aftermath of the destruction the Kuluu who were not killed were slowly
warped over time into the race we now know as the Tonberry. The Dawn Maidens,
all killed in the blast were blessed with a ghost like afterlife to protect
and watch over their gatekeeper and possible future reincarnations. As for
the Zilart, most- like the Kuluu, had died in the disaster. The capital 
thought destroyed was soon forgotten, left only to distant memory and song.
The fate of the twin brothers Eald'Narche and Kam'lanaut remained unknown.

3. The Age of Beasts

The magic explosion from the blast which warped the Kuluu into the tonberry 
also changed other creatures slowly into the races which we know today. 
The first races to form were the beastmen. These races thrived in the 
era of darkness after the destruction of the Zilart's kingdom. The 3 
largest hordes were the Orc, Yagudo, and Quadav. The Orcs were the 
most battle hungry of the 3, with a lust for blood. Their homeland were 
the dark forests of the Northern Quon continent. The next were the Yagudo, 
a bird like race which prided itself on it's religious connection to the gods. 
Though they were religious in nature it was obvious this state of mind had 
driven them to fanaticism. The last was the Quadav, the turtle creatures. 
Seeking those things precious, they grew to become miners and made their 
home in the swamps of Southern Quon.

There were more beastmen which grew in other parts of the world as well. To 
the islands of the south west, the mighty Antican's came to power creating 
a massive catacombs beneath the island chains. The far north islands were 
home to a giant race of beasts called Gigas. The last smaller race was the 
Sahagins. These fishmen lived in the caves and waters off the coast of the 
south eastern islands. Together all these "monsters" grew in size and 
number and soon controlled the mass of the known lands of today.

There was another race as well, the strange Goblins. Unlike other beastmen,
Goblins can be found in most regions across Vana'diel. Their flexible 
lifestyle and adaptability to the surrounding environment have given them 
the ability to coexist with other beastmen as well as people. Compared to 
other beastmen, Goblins have developed superior techniques in trades such 
as smithing and healing. Now adays they are also considered the most
religious of the beastmen. Their cousins the Moblins who live deep within
the earth have specifically devoted themselves to whorshipping Promathia. 
With this religion they Goblins and Moblins stay away from the affairs of
the other beastmen. It can be said though, that the only real threat of 
the goblin, is it's high prices.

Over-time, however, 3 new races on the side of right began to fight back 
against the mindless hordes. The first were the mighty Galka. Blessed with 
powerful bodies and brute strength the Galka were the first new race to 
create a civilization on Vana'diel. Centered in the Kuzotz island region 
the Galka created a massive city spanning the entire island. Having, what 
they believed, effectively defeated all their enemies there. But, unbeknownst 
to them, deep below their kingdom was another beastman army. The Anticans a 
race of ant-like people who had thrived beneath to south of Kuzotz decided 
it was time to deal with the Galka. Outnumbering the Galka, the battle soon 
turned against the Galkan who with their remaining numbers were forced to 
flee through the ancient tunnels near their capital in hopes of discovering 
a new world on the other side in which the Antican's could not follow. Though 
defeated, the Galka did not easily forget, and deep inside them boiled an 
unstoppable rage and thirst for revenge. Their civilization was in ruins 
and their enormous cities soon fell to the mighty Anticans and shifting 
sands of the Kuzotz.

The second race were the Mithra. These cunning quick witted creatures were 
the stealthy warriors of the time. Due to the lack of male Mithra, the men 
stayed home to raise children while the women formed the political and warrior
classes. Making their home on the island of Elshimo the Mithra build and 
maintained a small society. Though active in the battles with the beastmen 
on their island, they did not seek them out. Protecting their borders was 
enough for them, and apparently enough for the beastmen, as over time the 
attacks decreased. It appeared that while not at peace, the beastmen of 
Elshimo had an understanding with the Mithra.

The last were the tiny Tarutaru. These little creatures while not very 
strong, were highly intelligent. Though they battled valiantly, the 
Taru peoples were terrified of the massive horde of beastmen. Weary 
of the never-ending conflict, and declining in number, the taru wandered the 
world in search of peace. After discovering an uncharted continent, they named
the land Windurst and settled down to build a brighter future for their kin. 
Several decades after the Tarutaru's long journey had come to an end, a young 
Taru girl exploring the mysterious towers scattered across the outskirts of 
Windurst lost her way. It was during the time that she came in contact with 
last of the Kuluu race. She was led to what we today call "The Full Moon Well"
and the power of magic was bestowed upon her and her people. It was at this 
time she was given the magical  "Book of the Gods" and had a vision of the 
future. She saw the life of the taru for hundreds of years into the future. 
This girl would be come the first Star Sybil. Together with her people she 
worked to harness and understand the mysterious power that had been given to 
So began the Great Age of Magic.

4. The Age of Magic

Empowered by their expanding knowledge and magical abilities the Taru people 
united themselves under the Star Sybil, as the Federation of Windurst. At the 
same time the beastmen of this continent, The Yagudo, united to take back the 
lands which they had claimed for themselves. Working together, the Taru drove 
the Yagudo hordes from their lands. After this victory for a time, the Tarutaru
lived in peace and harmony. Their race prospered, unified in their knowledge 
of magic and the solidarity of a new and powerful federation. 

During this time, the Mithra uncontent with their life of solitude on Elshimo 
Island and hearing tales of strange magical beings from the elder mithra 
scouts decided to venture out into the ocean to see for themselves. The 
cheiftaness, angered by the disregard for tradition, condemned these actions. 
Those who left in search of this knowledge were not permitted to return. This 
did not stop the adventure seeking youth who set off on their journey. 
Eventually arriving at Windurst, the Mithra in awe of the Taru were welcomed. 
Their strength and tactical skill would prove useful to the weaker Taru. It 
was a dually beneficial arrangement. The Mithra would be allowed to live in 
Windurst with taru protection and magics, and in return they would serve as 
the foot soldiers of the Taru military. Together, they carved and built the 
town of Mhaura into the cliffs overlooking the sea. It was a reminder to the 
Mithra that their home was not so far away after all. Mhaura though always a 
small town in nature, would become a special place in the hearts of Mithra in 
Windurst. It was a glorious age for both their peoples.

But time would tell a different tale. While the Taru bathed in their knowledge 
of magic, the other races of the world began to gain knowledge of this power, 
even the beastmen. Within a short time, magic techniques were employed by 
others. The powerful magic now in the hands of the reckless and bloodthirsty 
beastmen was too much for the Taru. Filled with regret, the Tarutaru entered 
and long era of isolationism. They closed their borders off to all but their 
friends, the Mithra. And so, the once-proud civilization became more and more 
out of touch with the rest of the world.

5. The Age of Power

The use of magic would bring both happiness and conflict to the other races of 
Vana'diel. It was during this time that the insignificant tribe of creatures 
called Elvaan would rise to power. With the power of magic and the warrior 
spirit deep within them, the Elvaan would grow to become the most powerful 
empire of the time. Making their home in deep forests of the oldest known 
continent, the Kingdom of San d'Oria was formed. With the Tarutaru monopoly 
on magic broken, the Elvaan were able to create powerful orders of knights 
who with a powerful code of chivalry feared no adversary. Their lack of fear 
stemmed from their deep religious beliefs in Altana and her guidance. While a 
King was chosen to rule, the Papsque - the religious leader - 
was given great authority.

One by one the beastmen strongholds of the old continent fell. Tarutaru 
villages and towns were crushed by the might of the San d'Orian army. Within 
a short time, nearly the entire Quon continent had some under San d'Orian 
control. It was at this time that one of the vassal's of the ruling d'Oraguille
family discovered small peninsula at the western most edge of Quon. From here 
the knights of San d'Oria could head south and sweep around the taru defenses,
remaining beastmen, and secure their domination of Vana'diel. Alphollon 
Tavnazia, a royal vassal was bestowed title to the land and given the task of 
constructing a massive fortified city as the front lines of the San d'Orian 
push south. Over time these lands were known as the Marquisate of Tavnazia 
and became a second Elvaan kingdom, under rule of the first. From here 
that battles which conquered the lands of Sauromugue Champaign were planned. 

But pride comes before the fall.

The presence of the Elvaan pushed the Yagudo, defeated by the Taru, back down 
into the lands of Windurst. This caused a series of skirmishes until eventually
the Taru Star Sybil and Yagudo High Priest met. It was there that it was 
decided the cause of their problems was the presence of the Elvaan who forced 
them into battle with each other. 
The two races declared war upon the elvaan and a uneasy truce was declared.

With all of San d'Oria's attention to the Taru's and the beastmen of the 
eastern continent, the southern portion of Quon remained unconquered and 
uncared for. The inhabitants, the last of the 5 races - the Humes, were 
deemed too weak to worry about and ignored by the San d'Oria army. During 
this time that a small tribe of the Humes encountered the remnants of the 
Galkans who had settled in the new lands of southern Quon, after escaping 
their capitals destruction long ago. It was here that the two races united. 
The Galkan with their physical strength and the Humes with their ingenuity 
and search for knowledge. Together the two races formed a powerful alliance 
under the flag of Bastok. Fortified by the regions rich natural resources 
and the intelligence-gathering abilities of the Hume race. The nation of 
Bastok soon turned it's eyes to the north and the Empire of San d'Oria. 

Before the San d'Orians could mass a force to deal with the new kingdom to the
south, the attacks began. Bastok using it's newly created army made quick work
of the outlying San d'Orian southern defenses. Meanwhile the Taru's and 
beastmen to the east launched assault upon assault on the empire's eastern 
boarder. Finally a massive assault on the defenses at Sauromogue by the 
taru broke through the lines of knights. Every last Elvaan fought bravely, 
every last Evlaan was killed. In the south the Bastokan's turned their 
attention to the key grounds of the Konschtat Highlands. If they could 
control these lands Bastok would be safe from counter attack. In a battle 
of epic nature, the San d'Orian knights and Bastokan army battled San D'oria
made one last push under the leadership of their first female warrior 
Lady Eldie Mantiant. Bastok was forced from the Highlands, but at a horrible
price. The legions of San D'oria had been all but wiped out. 

The Elvaan to the east, now faced with the oncoming attack of the Taru and the
growing presence of the Bastokan's to their rear surrendered in order to keep 
their lands and secure a truce with the Taru peoples. This was not the final 
nail in the coffin, however. The Bastokan chemists and iron workers in a rush 
to supply their troops discovered a new powerful cutting-edge technology, 
firearms. With these the Bastokan army marched to the Highlands for what would 
be known as the Second Battle of Konschtat. Here the newly formed Bastokan 
Musketeer's met the most elite of the San d'Orian Knights, but it was no battle
at all...it was a massacre. The knights were riddled and mutilated by the 
musketeers gunfire. Both people saw the effectiveness of these weapons and 
stood in shock. The San d'Orians pulled their forces back to the borders of 
their capital, the outlying towns, forts, and legions destroyed by the now 
free to roam beastmen. The Bastokan's shocked by their own power, stopped 
their assault on San d'Oria at the Highlands, holding the high ground to 
prevent any future counterattack. None would come. 

The Elvaan could do nothing, furious with Bastok for the deemed "unchivalrous" 
victory and without their former power the kingdom fell into ruin. At the time 
of the collapse 2 brothers ruled the throne. The first, and oldest King 
Raigegue was a militaristic man who saw his friends and family die at the 
hands of Bastok. Gathering the last of the elite troops, he formed the 
Royal Knights, in hopes of a counter-attack. His younger brother, Prince 
Fellenant, was a more religious and peaceful man. Around him gathered a 
loyal group of friends, who would be known as the Temple Knights. Prince 
Fellenant against his brothers wishes arranged for a meeting between the 
Bastok leaders and his Temple Knights. There he would offer a final peace 
in exchange for help dethroning his brother. His proof of peace, the 
mysterious and powerful magic scepter known as the "Scepter Royaulais". 
This was bestowed to each king upon his coronation by the papsque. 
Meanwhile, catching wind of his brother's plan, King Raigegue sent 
his best and most anti-Bastok knight, Vijortal Caphieux. He and a few 
other royal knights would join the prince's party saying they wished for 
peace, and then assassinate him. 

It was then, camping in what is now called Ordelle's Cave that the plot was to
take place. But, by some strange twist of fate, Vijortal turned against the 
assassins and stopped the attempt. Though he saved the prince's life, he was 
mortally wounded. The prince continued on to Bastok and there the Temple 
Knights and Bastokans agreed to usurp the throne from King Raigegue. Gathering
forces he took San d'Oria and crowned himself king, but just before a 
counter-offensive by Raigegue, it is said that Fellenant had a great vision 
granted to him by the Scepter Royaulais. Though it is unknown what was seen, 
he stepped down and surrendered to his brother. Since it was deemed long ago 
that royal blood could not be spilled, Fellenant was placed in the dungeons 
underneath San d'Oria. With the help of his Temple Knights, he soon escaped 
through underground tunnels into Junger Forest. It was from here, in the deep 
woods of Davoi that he waged a war against his brother. This was the start of 
the great civil war. 

Lasting for countless generations the war between the two sides of San d'Oria 
raged through their lands. Finally, the leader of the Temple Knights, Ranperre,
led a final assualt on the capital. Carrying a mystical sword he found deep 
within the caverns of Davoi and surrounded by his vanguard of Dragoons (which 
would later grant him the name - The Dragon King) he led his troops into 
battle. His sword, the Lightbringer, struck a fear into the hearts of both his 
troops and his enemies. Before the battle could begin, the Royal Knights 
surrendered for fear of the sword. Without having even unsheathed it, Ranperre 
had united San d'Oria at last. From his throne he decided the power held by the
Lightbringer was too much for one man, and it was sent forth from San d'Oria 
to Tavnazia as not only a sign of trust and peace, but to be locked away deep
within the halls below the city. There it would be protected by the royal 
family for all time. San d'Oria had come full circle, once a great empire, now 
a small fledgling kingdom again. 

6. The Age of Technology

The fall of San d'Oria ushered in an era of prosperity for Bastok, who upon 
it's growth declared itself a republic for the people. Hume tradesmen spread 
across Vana'diel in an unprecedented era of economic development and trade. 
Establishing trade routes with not only Widurst, but their former enemy of 
San d'Oria. During this time the Bastokan's decided to expand their industry 
from mining into fishing. Two towns were started, the beach town of Selbina 
to the south, and Jeuno to the north. While Selbina brought forth more profit,
the town of Jeuno was founded at the intersection of the major kingdoms. 
It was decided at this time of peace to hold the first Conquest Evaluation 
Assembly in Jeuno. Attended by each nations top advisors, the Assembly was 
to outline the boundaries of each kingdom. Eventually, the assembly seeing 
their armies lacking battles and fearing they would turn weak or worse, against
the current leader, set up a system of tournaments called Conflict. Nation's 
greatest warriors would face off with each other for bragging rights and 
control of territory outside the bounds of the 3 nations control of the 
previous year. This did nothing but create unneeded anger amongst the 3 
kingdoms and soon was stopped by the assembly. 

Back in Bastok the fortune's of the Hume's grew quickly, while the 
Galka - the laborers, received very little. This was the start of the animosity
between the two races. The jealousy and anger while only subtle for the time 
being would eventually take control of the country. But, these thoughts were 
only in the backs of the mind's, as the technological developments proceeded 
rapidly. This was accelerated with the appearance of the engineering genius 
named Cid. Through his inventions, the mining of Bastok's lands gathered more 
precious metals and rare ores then ever seen before. The Republic of Bastok 
had taken it's place as the 3rd great nation of Vana'diel.

7. The Mission North

It was during this time that the Humes, in their adventurous nature, decided 
to explore the lands to the far north. Long forbidden they were now the stuff 
of imagination and legend. Two Hume officers, an elite Iron Musketeer warrior 
Ulrich and the monk Cornelia. Under suggestion of Cornelia, her friend and 
Talekeeper of the Galka, Raogrimm was allowed to accompany them. Raogrimm, 
as talekeeper carried the memories or all past Galka within him. This gave him 
the "title" as leader of the Galka. He was also a member of the Mythril 
Musketeers, but in name only, as he detested the treatment of the beastmen by 
the Humes in the squad  With the help of his friend and aide War Cloud, he was 
charged with a task of great importance amongst their people. Cornelia had 
known him for some time, and it seemed to many that their association was 
more than friendship. Ulrich noticed this too, having feelings for Cornelia, 
and did not like it one bit. 

To travel to the northlands, the expedition would have to cross San d'Orian 
lands. Though they would allow it, the San d'Orians requested one of their 
best knights, Francmage come along. Though deemed as a "escort through the 
lands", we was more of a spy to make sure the Bastokans weren't up to something
else. Of course seeing this, the Tarus demanded 2 of their top officials go 
too. With the Hume's approval, Iru-Kuiru the taru and Rabntah the mithra were 
sent. These 6 adventurers set off from San d'Oria through the mountains to the 
north. It was here things turned horribly wrong.

Ulrich, after spending so much time with Raogrimm and Cornelia became jealous 
of their relationship. Angered that a hume woman would love a Galka over him 
he found his own solution. Suggestion the party split in two, Raogrimm and he 
would search one way, the remaining 4 would go the other. Taking Raogrimm 
down deep into the chasms of the northlands Ulrich plotting the Galka's death, 
he did not notice Cornelia had decided to follow. It was in the deepest chasm 
that Ulrich launched his attack, hitting Raogrimm when he least expected. 
Knocked to his feet and winded, Raogrimm could to nothing as Ulrich pulled 
back his sword for the final thrust..
It was then Cornelia jumped in front of Raogrimm, Ulrich's blade thrusting 
into her stomach. Ulrich shocked by what he had done ran from the area. 
Raogrimm, the woman he loved at his feet covered in blood let out a great roar.
This was the last anyone heard from him. 

Ulrich finding the other 3 members of the party announced that Raogrimm and 
Cornelia had fallen from a cliff led a fake rescue. No bodies were ever 
found and the remaining members decided to return home before anyone else 
died. It was then that the strange murders began. One by one, each of the 4 
remaining members was horrifically murdered.  

8. Moon's Eclipse 

Meanwhile in Windurst, though an internalist nation, their country continued 
to grow. The Mithra developed their own population and chieftaness within 
the capital, and a new Star Sybil was appointed. Also mastering magic to a 
science, the taru people had grown and prospered. 5 minstries of magic were 
created to govern the magical powers of the Tarutaru, each with their own 
specific function. The Optistery, was the magical library of Windurst, 
holding the tomes of ancient lore and magical power. The Aurastery, or the 
schools, were the learning grounds of young taru who would someday be the 
future leaders of Windurst. The Rhinostery was the ministry which experimented 
with the world around them. This ministry was the group that created the plants
that light up at night. The fourth was the Oarstery, the taru mages training 
grounds which developed the ranks of the black, white, and red mages. 
The last ministry was the most recent and at the time, the most groundbreaking. 
The Maunastery, was responsible for the construction of Cardians. Under the 
supervision of the Taru Zonpa-Zippa, the Cardian's were created from dolls 
imbued with life by the star fruit collected from the gigantic star tree of 
Windurst Walls. These cardians were to be the new infantry and grunts of the 
Windurst army and do the daily work too hard for the Taru and Mithra. 
The problems would begin here.

The cardians were created with an absolute duty to their master, in this 
case, Zippa. Zonpa-Zippa could not of course control them all as the ranks 
grew, so he created 4 "Ace" Cardians to rule over them with the basic logic 
of black and white, a wrong and a right. The Aces would only report to him, 
and he would only have to deal with those 4 to control and army. Zonpa-Zippa 
was received as the hero of the Tarutaru. 

This would have worked perfectly for the Taru people, if not for the discovery 
of the ambitious Optistery minster Karaha-Baruha. Working in the Optistery 
libraries Baruha discovered the ancient secrets hidden away by the first 
Taru settlers deep within Horotoro Ruins. Working without the authority of 
the Stary Sybil he came to Zonpa-Zippa to asked for his help and grant him 
the use of super strong cardians to search the ruins with him. Zonpa accepted 
and gave him control of the 4 ace cardians. With them in his power, Baruha 
had them secretly build a new cardian, Joker. Using magics locked away within 
the libraries he bound his life-force to Joker and then proclaimed Joker the 
new master of the Aces. 

While keeping up appearances in town, Baruha had the 5 cardians search deep 
within the ruins. It was then that the canals deep within the ruins were 
uncovered. Old sewers from the time of the Kuluu connected through all the 
towers, and even the Heaven's Tower of Windurst itself. Also, he had 
discovered a mysterious fountain deep within the canal. In it's dark reflection
were the moon and the stars. It became apparent to him that he had stumbled 
upon the lost Full Moon Fountain of lore, which had given the first Star Sybil 
he great vision. Returning to Windurst he approached the Star Sybil in private, 
telling her of the fountain.

With this new knowledge, the Star Sybil returned to the fountain by herself. 
It was here that she had a vision which she did not expect. Deep within the 
fountain the visage of a great beast appeared. His name was Fenrir, the great 
beast of legend which gave the first Sybil her reading. The vision of Fenrir 
showed the future of Windurst, in ruin. The world of peace had been destroyed 
and the world covered in emptiness. Shocked at this vision she fled from the 
fountain. Unbeknownst to the two, Baruha had been watching. Taking the 
knowledge gained, he built a study deep within the canals, which would be 
known as the Animastery. Here, he discovered through ancient texts that it 
might be possible to change the will of the beast, and in fact change the 
fate of Windurst. Approaching the Star Sybil with this information, the two 
devised a plan. They would return to the fountain and Fenrir and ask how 
to change fate, if they couldn't do so, then Baruha would attempt to 
manipulate the beast. But, the Star Sybil was unaware how far his lust 
for power had gone. 

Having bound himself to Joker through the forbidden magics, the sanity and 
mind of Baruha began to slip. He had decided not to just manipulate Fenrir, 
but to control him entirely. Arriving to ask for council from Fenrir, the 
two were turned away with news that fate cannot be changed. It was then the 
Star Sybil granted Baruha the chance he had been waiting for. Sapping the power
and will from Fenrir, the great beast muttered out these final words - 
Though the path is dark, there is always light. 
It was then, the fountain went dark.

9. Rumblings to the North

During the times before the Crystal War the tensions between the kingdoms 
of the 5 races had reached a boiling point. There were no longer new lands 
to claim, and the 3 Kingdoms began to look at each others lands. This 
posturing for, amongst each other had drawn the attention from the 
world around them to their own petty differences. 
It was at this time that the world began to change. 

In the frozen northlands a new strange breed of beastmen had begun making a 
home. These winged beastmen posed a high level of intelligence and dark armor 
which protected heavily against most magics. Known as Kindred, they would 
eventually develop the reputation and nickname of "Demons". Gathered under 
a dark master they sent emissaries south to the other beastmen. Without 
question the beastmen races of the Orcs, Quadav, and Yagudo submitted to this 
new power. Under the demon's instruction great armies of each race were 
constructed. Using weapons and tactics never seen before by beastmen, raids 
on the 3 Kingdoms of Vana'diel escalated. The most devastating such raid took 
place on the island of Quifim, near the town of Jeuno. Though the humes there 
fought valiantly, the beastmen had a trump card - the massive Gigas warriors 
of the islands to the North. Recently recruited in the army these monsters 
shook the ground with every step of their might and the hume forces crumbled 
as the rocks around them.

In the North, as the beastmen raided small encampments, supplies were needed.
A black citadel to be built to the new Lord of the Beastmen...
The Shadow Lord.

10. The Legend of the Crystal Warriors

The legend begins as so.
The Beginning of everything was with the stone.

A long long ago, this beautiful living stone,
With its shining of seven colors banished the darkness,
Filled the world with life,
And gave birth to powerful gods.

Happiness and light blessed ages continued,
And soon the gods have gone to their sleep.
The name of this world is Vana'diel.

Sometime after, a great tribulation
Was about to fill this blessed land of Vana'diel.
The ancient seal, after resisting dark power for thousands of years,
Was broken and awakening the ending nightmare.

Innocent blood will flow through the great land.
The world will be enveloped by fear, sadness, and disparity.

However, this does not mean there is no hope...
There exists one star, shining brightly
Even through the nights of the harshest storms.
There exists a powerful song,
Not being vanished by the howls of any beasts.

That's right.
Proud ones,
Filled with wisdom, courage, and determination...

Now, awaken from the dark slumber.
Stand now, the legendary heroes.
The crystal warriors!

11. The Rise of Jeuno

Just before the outbreak of the Crystal War, there appeared a strange new 
leader of military brilliance and unnatural intelligence in Jeuno. As the 
city slowly grew from a tiny fishing town, the new leader presented a plan 
to the Bastok government to form a new nation-state: The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.
The president seeing this as a good chance to "neglect" his responsibilities 
there and focus on the increase number of beastmen, accepted. It was during 
this time that in a feet only matched by Cid's engineering skills, the small 
town of Jeuno became a teeming metropolis of trade and industry. Construction
of great bridges connecting the 3 nations was started and soon Jeuno took 
Bastok's place as the most powerful of the nations.

Though having no real army, the Archduke's guards were recruited from the 
best warriors around the world and trained in tactics never seen before. 
Inspiring awe and a feeling of protection over the visitors to the town, 
the guards were the finest example of the new age. With this in mind people 
began settling in Jeuno and the town grew, not outwards, but up. Soon the 
Duchy of Jeuno was seen as a spectacle and attracted even more visitors. 
The people of Jeuno and indeed the world had only one person to thank, 
the Archduke, Kam'lanaut. 

12. The Crystal War - 20 years before the current story

The Shadow Lord...
No one knew where he came from and what brought his terrible wrath upon 
the nations of Vana'diel, but everyone fear him. From his obsidian throne 
in Xarcabard he launched a simultaneous attack on the great nations of 
Vana'diel. Each nation was caught off guard by not only the precise timing, 
but the massive amount of beastmen in the Shadow Lord's armies. 
So began the Crystal War.

In Bastok the Quadav had tunneled through the mines to the north and began 
launching attacks in the heart of Bastokan controlled territory. Also, from 
the south, the Antican's who had pledge allegiance to the Shadow Lord as well 
began to march through the ancient tunnels the Galka had used long ago to come 
to the main continents. The Bastokans cut off from the rest of the war had to 
devise a way to defeat both enemies. They agreed it would be best to close off 
the mines and seal them in anyway possible. If they could, it would stop the 
Antican push to the mainland, and force the Quadav to back through the mines 
and launch an attack on the heavily fortified highlands. Though it would 
succeed, countless Galka and Humes would give their lives.

In Windurst, the Yagudo massed themselves in their new nest in the mountains 
to the north. Their war parties had taken control of any path to help. With 
the greatest magic users in the land cut off from battle, the other nations 
knew they had to clear the Yagudo from their path or the chances of victory 
would be slim. 500 of the greatest San d'Orian knights offered to to venture 
though the dangerous beastmen forces and into Sauromugue Champaign. There they 
began the secret creation of an underground tunnel to traffic Taru through and 
bring them up and around the Yagudo army. It was here at Garliage Citadel, the 
temple from the times when San d'Oria controlled the region, that the greatest
knights of the time would fall. Orcs from the north having tracked the knights,
alerted the Yagudo. Waiting until the moment the tunnels deep within the 
citadel were near complete, the Yagudo attacked in the thousands. The knights 
trapped deep underground were no match and killed before they could react. The 
Taru were now on their own.

The battle came to Windurst shortly there after. The Shadow Lord seeing an 
opportunity to crush the powerful mages of Windurst he massed 30,000 of his 
best troops. Protecting Windurst was less and 1000 - including cardians. 
Pushing through the outer defenses of the Sarutabaruta the beastmen marched 
on Odin's Gate. The Taru unleashed their magics upon the monsters, but they 
rushed forth ignoring the countless spells raining down upon them. Just as 
it looked like the town would be taken, there appeared a great light to the 
east. As the light dimmed and the attention of the combatants turned to it, 
the visage of a small Taru and a giant beast could be seen. It was 
Karaha-Baruha, and next to him his summoned beast, Fenrir. Jumping towards the
hordes of the Shadow Lord's elite, Fenrir ripped through them. With each swing
the great beast knocked dozens of beastmen to the ground. The hordes fled 
from the battlefield, the great beast striking them down as they ran. And 
suddenly, just as quickly as the two appeared, Baruha and Fenrir vanished

At San d'Oria the situation was not as good. To their south, the birth place 
of the Dragon King and now a home to a monastery had been taken over by Orcs 
as their stronghold. With the mass of the San d'Orian army on the front lines 
there, the orcs sneaking around from the west was unnoticed.  In the mountains 
around the city, the Orcs constructed a great fortress to launch an assault 
directly on the capital. The Royal family knowing the towns remaining garrison 
could not defend against a direct assault, they did the unthinkable. A Royal 
Knight was sent into the fort with "secret documents" to be captured. Amongst 
these papers was information regarding a weapon of such strength that army's 
would bow to it's will - Lightbringer. San d'Oria had essentially betrayed 
their longtime friends the Tavnazians, and the Orcs thirsting for limitless 
power on the battlefield turned their attentions to the other city. 

The Orcs, sending every last beastman not needed elsewhere launched the largest
attack of the war. With over 100,000 beastmen, the forces of Tavnazia would 
stand no chance. Though the massing numbers alerted the other nations, few 
reserves could be sent to help protect the city. As night fell, the Orcs 
launched their offensive, crashing through the walls of Tavnazia with their 
great war beasts and assault platforms. The forces of Tavnazia were 
outnumbered, every taru, mithra, hume, and galka fell along side the Elvaan. 
The citizens of the town tried to flee the battleground, but as day broke the 
tunnels under the city were filled with beastmen and most who attempted escape
only found death. What happened next haunts the thoughts of all those who lived
through the Crystal War. In an explosion that shook the entire world, the 
great penninsula broke off from the mainland, it's only connection sunk 
beneath the sea. The city in ruins and all citizens thought dead, any attempt
to launch a rescue was abandoned, as the trek there would be near impossible
now. Though the cause was unknown, many speculate it was a Orc secret weapon 
which went off by mistake. It was at Tavnazia that the forces of light suffered
their greatest defeat. But, it was what many consider the turning point of the 

Though Tavnazia had been destroyed, so had the majority of the beastman army, 
driving the hordes of Orcs, Yagado, and Quadav into hiding. Also, the defeat 
had united the races of light like never before. Seeing this, the Shadow Lord 
tried to enlist the help of the Sahagin and Tonberry, but few agreed to help 
him. It was at this time Archduke Kam'lanaut of Jeuno rallied the remaining 
troops and united as one force in his city for a to march north and defeat 
the Shadow Lord once and for all. The Shadow Lord not wanting to give them 
the chance to gather launched and attack on Jeuno with his Gigas warriors 
from Quifim. Though larger and stronger the Gigas forces were pushed back 
by the sheer will of the allied forces. The few remaining Gigas retreated 
into Delkfutt's Tower, Kam'lanaut's forces did not follow. 

After this victory the allied forces began to prepare for the final battle 
which they knew would cost many lives. To give them the upper hand, under 
the direction of Kam'lanaut, the great engineer Cid began construction of 
a secret weapon. This weapon, was a boat, which flew through the air. 
Based on an old set of blueprints, the airships of today are fitted with 
crystal-powered engines that were introduced by the Archduke. With lift 
provided by unique revolving wings and propulsion supplied by the crystal 
engine, airships are capable of nearly vertical takeoffs and landings from 
their waterfront ports.Holding dozens of cannons, the "airship" as it was 
called, was the perfect siege weapon. Finally a ship was constructed named 
"First Ship", but the construction of it was taking far too long and the 
forces of light could not hold on much longer. Shortly after it's maiden 
voyage, the decision was made to attack Xarcabard without their new weapon. 

The remaining soldiers of the allied forces marched to Xarcabard, where the 
Demons, the most elite of the Shadow Lord forces made their final stand. Led 
by the Bastok champion (and grandson of Ulrich), Volker, the allies charged the
Castle Zvhal. The Demon's power was unmatchable by any man, the allies were 
unable to break through their powerful armor. Volker, gathering the heroes of 
all 5 races, broke through the front lines. Battling his way into the castle, 
Volker climbed to the tallest tower, where the Shadow Lord waited. The heroes 
overpowered the Shadow Lord defeating him and banishing his darkness from 
the world, the demons below on the battlefield vanished. 

Thus the Crystal War drew to an end, with victory marred by the uncountable 
corpses scattered throughout the devastated lands and cities of Vana'diel. 
The world was changed forever.

13. The Age of Adventurers

Although the war had ended, the long-suffering nations of Vana'diel pledged 
to maintain their alliance. Each nation built a consulate in their sister 
countries. The Duchy of Jeuno refitted the airships of war for travel, opening
the air travel agency between itself and Bastok. Upon witnessing the successful
operation of the Bastokan airship service, the previously skeptical nations of 
San d'oria and Windurst raced to refit their own ports for airship use. 
These developments led to the birth of a new large-scale, high-speed 
transportation service for each country. Also consulates were placed by each 
nation in the others and communication between the kingdoms was at an all time 
high. It was a time for the nations of Vana'diel to be brought closer together,
and a promising new era of peace and prosperity was at hand.

Or so the nations of the world had hoped.

In reality, the beastmen who were not at Xarcabard had regrouped and 
continued in the construction of their strongholds. The Orcs control of 
Davoi and Gheslba remained solid and previous homes of the Yagudo and 
Quadav were untouched. Although they no longer communicated amongst each 
other, they still continued looting, plundering and terrorizing the 
people of Vana'diel. But nothing was done...

Still, the three great nations continued to mistrust one another. Keeping 
their few soldiers left from the war in their capitals, they sought new ways 
to counter the beastmen. It was at this time they began employing a new 
generation of independent youth to deal with the situation on an individual 
level. They were intrepid souls who followed their own beliefs, moving freely 
from city to city in spite of their own national allegiances. 3 great heroes 
arose during this time.

The first was a Galka named Zeid, who was born War Cloud, friend of the now 
dead talekeeper Raogrimm. Angered by his friends death, Zeid bowed to the will 
of the dark spirits of Vana'diel and became the Dark Knight. Though from 
Bastok, he held no allegiance and no honor to anyone but himself. The next 
was the leader of Tenshodo, a smuggling group located deep within the back 
alleys of Jeuno, Aldo. Born in Tavnazia, he barely escaped the country's 
demise as a child(he was the little boy in the intro movie), but grew to 
be a courageous man. Coming to prominence in the Crystal War as a source 
of smuggling war materials from the far east, Aldo and Tenshodo, played an 
important role in the "underground" operations of the city. His sister, Verena,
though not as an important figure would play a role in this tale to come. Given
a strange gift to communicate with Animals and Beastmen, she befriended the 
local Goblin population living in jeuno. Though, it would not last, as the 
adventurers this age was so aptly named after would mistakenly kill her best
friend, a goblin named Fickblix. Though saddened, Verena still held a hope that
someday things would change, and beastmen and the 5 races would live peacfully.
The last was the daughter of the leader of the pirates of Norg, Lion. After the
war, the high seas were free to those who would control them. Members of 
Tenshodo, under the leadership Gilgamesh, a pirate and former Tavnazian set up
a base deep within the coast of Elshimo. Appearances can be deceiving however, 
as Aldo and Gilgamesh used their far reaching operatives to gain knowledge on 
all the kingdoms. Lion was their scout, sent to check to see if rumors found 
were true. Zeid, Aldo, and Lion - these three heroes would be charged with 
a great task, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

14. Return of the Shadow Lord - current time period

It is said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. 
The people of Vana'diel had not forgotten history, but the lessons learned. 
And so it came to pass that 20 years after the victory at Xarcabard, that 
indeed, the true battle for the fate of Vana'diel would begin. The three 
kingdoms squabbled amongst themselves and continued to bicker over territorial 
boundaries. It was at this time that after 100 years, Conflict was reinstated. 
The nations hired out adventurers to go off and compete in distant lands to 
gain them territory. While all the nations put on a polite face for each 
other, the tension still rose between their leaders. It was during this time 
the beastmen set their plans into motion. Secretly meeting under the dark 
banner of a "new master" the Orc, Yagudo, and Quadav hatched a plan to 
resurrect the Shadow Lord. 

Meanwhile, our three heroes also heard of such rumors. Lion was sent to 
investigate strange rituals that were being performed in dark circles of 
power deep within strongholds held by the beastmen. Using her stealthy 
skills she overheard their plans. The beastmen were going to use "magicite", 
ancient crystals, to resurrect the Shadow Lord. But to do so they first needed 
to gather the great seals placed on his tomb. Each nation had one of the seals 
in its possession, but before Lion could return and report what she had heard, 
the seals were stolen in the night by beastmen raiding parties. With no idea 
what to do next, Aldo met with Archduke Kam'lanaut to discuss where to proceed.
The archduke told him of the location of the one final seal and the magicite. 
Aldo sent Lion to the locations of the Magicite, and though she traveled 
quickly, the beastmen were still one step ahead of her.

as if something was hurrying their pace...

In the north at the last seal placed upon the tomb, hidden in Fei Yin, Zeid 
discovered just how well prepared the beastmen were. The seal was gone, but 
the stranger thing he thought, was how could the beastmen know the location 
of the magicite AND the seals. There were darker things at work than just the 
beastmen. But, it mattered little now. Lion and Zeid hurried to Xarcabard, only
to find it filled once more with demons. Were they too late? Fighting their 
way to the tallest tower of Castle Zvhal, Zeid found the tomb of the 
Shadow Lord....

15. Redemption

The Shadow Lord had been reborn using all the power of Vana'diel to bring him 
back to the world of the living. Zeid having faced him before during the 
Crystal War stood his ground. Defeating the Shadow Lord again, the went for 
the killing blow. But, something was different this time. The Shadow Lord 
seemed familiar to him. He looked closer, and inside he saw an old friend. 
It was Raogrimm...

Weakened, the once might Shadow Lord fell to his hands and knees before Zeid. 
Kneeling to his side, Zeid couldn't believe what he had seen. Raogrimm was 
indeed alive, and he was the Shadow Lord. With his last breaths Raogrimm 
explained what had happened. As the talekeeper for the galka he had held in so 
much pain and anger of his people. When Cornelia had died he let his rage 
consume him and before freezing to death he made a pact with the dark forces 
of Vana'diel to bow to them if he could have his revenge. Since then he had 
been trapped in an abyss of rage and madness. It was Zeid, who had set him 
free. Helping Raogrimm to his feet to carry him out the castle, Zeid failed 
to notice the new guests.


Turning around, the two saw a most unexpected face. Archduke Kam'lanaut. 
Laughing at the "touching" scene he explained to the two that the whole thing 
has been a diversion, orchestrated over 30 years ago. Using the "Shadow Lord" 
to suck the last of the power from the great seal of Vana'diel, Kam'lanaut 
could now enact his real plans. Using his Zilart powers he summoned for 
the great Crystal Warriors, protectors of the seal and saviors of the world 
to "do away" with the people of Vana'diel and cleanse his world. With 
his brother Eald'narche, the two Zilart could again begin their mad quest 
to unlock the heavens and be one with their god. A plot, over thousands of 
years, finally coming to it's conclusion.

Zeid rushed forth towards Kam'lanaut, but the Crystal Warriors blocked his 
path, knocking him to the ground. Lion rushing into the chamber saw the 
event as it's conclusion, the two Zilart brothers warping away to safety. 
Just as the Crystal Warriors turned their attentions to Lion, Raogrimm 
let out a great roar. He had been used, and would not let his friend die 
because of it. Summoning the last of his power, he transformed once again 
into the Shadow Lord. Lion grabbing Zeid fled from the castle, as the Shadow 
Lord made his final stand. Though hopelessly overpowered, Raogrimm held off 
the Crystal Warriors just long enough, until before him stood a vision of 
his darling Cornelia, and an explosion rocked the lands of Xarcabard.

The Shadow Lord was no more...

16. Reason to the Rhyme

Leaving Zeid with Aldo, Lion returned to Norg to discuss the situation 
with her father, Gilgamesh. How the two Zilart had survived this long 
still remained a mystery, but a new question had been raised. The Legend 
of the Crystal Warriors, a story told to children about the saving for 
the people of Vana'diel...
had it come to pass?

"Sometime after, a great tribulation
Was about to fill this blessed land of Vana'diel.
The ancient seal, after resisting dark power for thousands of years,
Was broken and awakening the ending nightmare."

Had the seal placed upon the darkness by the great crystal of legend been 
broken by the beastmen and Raogrimm when Kam'lanaunt manipulated them 
into the resurrection? 

"Now, awaken from the dark slumber.
Stand now, the legendary heroes.
The crystal warriors!"

The crystal warriors had awoken to rid the world of it's evil...
but on the side of the Zilart!

Is the "bane" upon the world us? 

17. Hidden Past

While our heroes set out on their great quest to stop the Zilart, there 
were other adventures taking place. In San d'Oria the great King Destin 
was forced with a tough choice. His two sons, Trion and Pieuje were both of 
age, and Destin had to choose between them to follow him as king. Also his 
daughter Claidie had grown into a young woman and her coming of age ceremony 
was at hand. It was at this time that the troubles in San d'oria had began. A 
mysterious elvaan named Rochefogne began snooping around the city, inquiring 
about a legendary sword. The Papsque soon realized that perhaps the legendary 
weapon, Lightbringer was nearby, maybe even buried in the Dragon Kings tomb. 
The problem is that so many tombs were built near the kings, that after the 
Crystal War, the location of the tomb had been lost. But, the discovery of a 
hidden tablet deep under San d'Oria which said the one who could unsheathe the 
sword would be the new king. The Papsque convincing Destin believed this was 
the will of the Dragon King and the Lightbringer should be found at all costs, 
especially before this mysterious elvaan character. It was Altana's will.

The knights were sent across the land to ascertain the location of 
Lightbringer, but to no avail. It was then at Princess Claidie's coming 
of age ceremony that Rochefogne revealed himself. He was the brother of 
Destin's now dead wife, Queen of San d'Oria, and princess of the Tavnazia. 
He explained they knew nothing of the Lightbringer and to stay out of his way. 
Knowing of their betrayal to Tavnazia so many years ago, the King and Papsque 
sent secret assassins to "deal" with Rochefogne before he could find the sword
...or better yet he would lead them too the sword. Trapping him on the southern
island of Battalia Downs where the sword was, the hired thugs met something 
they did not expect. A mysterious warrior in gold armor arrived to help, but 
it was too late, in the scuffle Rochefogne was thrown from the cliff, but the 
mysterious warrior escaped. With him out of the way, the papsque focused his 
efforts back to the sword. 

In the church the succession rights proceeded and Destin presented the sword 
to his two sons. Just as trion went to unsheathe the sword one of the 
assassins approached grabbing the princess, holding a knife to her throat. 
Taking of his mask, it is revealed that he is indeed Ronchefogne having 
survived and hid as one of the unknown secret assassins - the perfect 
disguise. Demanding the sword, Trion threw it to him, but the sword was a 
fake. Expecting something like this might happen the king had made plans of 
his own. Trion with the real sword proceeded to unsheathe it, and with a power 
unlike ever seen before the ground began to shake. Shocked, Trion dropped the 
sword to the ground. But before it could be retrieved orcs burst into the 
church stealing the sword. Things had gone from bad to worse.

Rochefogne would explain that the tablet they discovered was a clever ploy by 
the Archduke of Jeuno, though his reasons were not known. The real purpose 
of the sword is not one of redemption and tribulation, but of chaos and 
destruction, tricking those power hungry who were foolish enough to use it 
into destroying their own country. How he knew of this? Just after the battle 
of Tavnazia with the city in ruins and the orcs over running to city, the royal
family fled through the underground passages. Rochefogne was the family member 
charged with the protection of the Lightbringer. Furious with the loss and 
full of sadness and rage, he sought to use the power of Lightbringer against 
the orcs. He would regret this mistake for all his days. Drawing the sword 
caused a powerful explosion which shook all the lands of Vana'diel, sending 
Tavnazia collapsing into the sea. At the time it was though the orcs had 
malfunctioned one of their weapons....but it was Rochefogne all along. Washing 
up on the nearby shores without the sword, he had spent his life searching 
for it trying to make up for his mistake. But, he could not have done it 
without the help of his new ally, the mysterious warrior in gold armor - 
Claidie. He had come to her first and together they devised a plan for him 
to get the sword from her brothers, but apparently they were one step ahead.

None of that mattered now, with the sword in Orc hands they could now unleash 
horrible power upon the people of Vana'diel. The orc leaders gathered deep 
within Fei'yin to discuss their plans, but Knights of San d'Oria would not 
give up that easily. Sending every soldier they could spare they attacked 
the ruins and in a great battle deep in the old arena the orc leaders were 
defeated and the sword reclaimed. Upon returning to San d'Oria King Destin 
made a decree. That the rights of succession would be held off for the time, 
as perhaps, there was another choice for the new king. Finally, after 20 years,
the truth about Tavnazia was out and the healing between the heir of the long 
past city and San d'Oria could begin. A new day for the Elvaan had begun.

18. The Sixth Ministry

At this time in Windurst a great adventure of their own was taking place. 
Since the end of the Crystal War the lands around windurst had slowly dried 
up and life withered away. Ajido-Marujido, son of the creator of the cardians, 
and head of the Orastery had taken it upon himself to dig into the reason why. 
His sister Apururu had taken over the Maunastery after their father had 
mysteriously vanished. The two were known for their brilliance, but Ajido was a
troublesome taru always seeking answers. This would start him off on a great 

After working deep within the horotoro ruins for some time, Ajido began to 
activate only power generators and such in an effort to better understand the 
ancients. Drawn to this power were 4 strange cardians thought long destroyed - 
the Aces. Stealing Ajido's work, they quickly made their escape before the 
Windurst guards could arrive. It was during this time that the Cat Burgaler, 
Nanaa Mihgo, came upon a strange book which she sold to Ajido. Though she did 
not know it, the book was the great ancient book of the gods. The book, which 
was given the first Star Sybil long ago, but when he opened it, he could 
nothing but blank pages. Shocked, Ajido set off without the Star Sybil's 
permission to uncover the mystery. Seeking the only one old enough to remember 
clearly, he set off into the Yaguado stronghold to the north to speak with 
their elder. The Sybil was without her own operatives, and discovered Ajido's 
meeting with the Yagudo, and saw him as a threat to Windurst. Sending her 
Sybil guards, under command of the mithra Semih Lafihna, Ajido was captured 
and placed deep within the underground dungeons of Horotoro. The Star Sybil 
saddened by what she had seen from one of the nations great magic users 
said a silent prayer for the return of their great hero, Karaha-Baruha. 

Apururu not wanting to believe her brother was up to no good inlisted the 
help of the "wacky" professor Shantoto. Afraid her brothers magic, and soon 
life would be sapped by the dark dungeon the two of them hatched a plan to 
open the door to his cell. Convincing all the professors of her brothers 
innocence she gathered up the 5 rings of the ministers to form a magical 
gauntlet. With it, she could open the door to save her brother, and she did 
so just in time. Her brother near unconsciousness got to his feet to thank 
his sister, but just then a strange figured appeared before them and with a 
flash of light he was gone...Ajido on the floor unconscious. 

Back in Windurst after her brother had awoken, he explained to the Star Sybil 
and Apururu what he had discovered. The Yagudo had told him that the reason 
the area around Windurst was dying was because of the taru, who 20 years 
ago doomed their lands. Questioning the Star Sybil, the 6th ministry was 
revealed. The Animastery as it was called, was run secretly by Karaha-Baruha 
to twist fate and save Windurst from it's doom, but things had turned out 
differently. Directing Ajido to the underground ministry, Ajido set off 
on his way to find out any information he could about the empty moonwell 
and blank book. But there was more trouble than that. The ace cardians and 
their small army had crowned a new king, a new master - Joker.
...what could this mean?

At the same time, Apururu was given a letter from her father, found on of 
all things, a mandragora. North in the Boyada tree it was discovered that 
her father had been locked up for some time, forced into captivity by 
the cardians which he had created. This was a story he needed to explain..
Zonpa-Zippa, their father had been locked away since just before the end of 
the Crystal War. What was unknown to him then had become clear over time. 
Karaha-Baruha had used his 4 cardians as templates for a super cardian to 
control them all, Joker. Giving joker the status of master, he bound his 
soul to the cardian. The battle of Windurst had taken his life however, 
when he had called Fenrir. With him dead, Joker could no longer function 
and shut down. The ace cardians now without a master began to short circuit, 
with no one to obey. Their line between black and white slowly faded into gray.
They decided it would be best to find a way to bring Joker back to life. 
Kidnapping Zonpa, the only one who would suspect their plan, they set off 
on a 20 year mission. It was Ajido who activated the only ruins and gave the 
cardians enough power to begin their resurrection. But the problem is, 
unbeknownst to the cardians, the connection between Karaha and Joker was that 
of life and death. To bring Joker back, Karaha would have to be reborn too. 
But how could joker be back when Karaha was dead?

With everyone returning to the Star Sybil with their news, but just then 
the dark figure from Ajido's jail appeared before the Sybil. Before they 
could get to her the figure vanished. The Sybil decides she should take 
the chance and use the last of her powers to summon forth their once shining 
star of the moon fountain to guide them. But there she discovers what powers 
she had are no more, apparently gone, somehow. It was here joker made his 
presence known. The new master of the cardians was not just a cardian, but a 
part of Karaha himself. Warping the Star Sybil's guards, he enlightened 
her that his rebirth was because she had wished he return. He needed her 
for one more wish..

Semih, gathering Ajido and Apururu back in Heaven's Tower began to 
formulate a plan to rescue her, but there are other factors at play too. 
The cardians had struck a deal with the Yagudo, who now demanded control 
of the horotoro ruins since the activation of them was against the treaty 
the two had signed after the war. Semih would deal with them, but Ajido and 
Apururu would have to find a way to stop the cardians. If the cardians could 
be beaten, the Yagudo would retreat knowing their allies had been defeated. 
In the Animastery, Ajido had discovered that while part of Karaha may have 
been in the cardian, most of him was trapped with fenrir, inside the new 
body if the mysterious stranger who had threatened him and the star sybil.
...but had he really been there to hurt them, or warn them?
Ajido decides that there may be a way to save the Sybil, lure fenrir, and use 
the cardians power sources to reenergize the fountain. 3 Kuluu ancient songs 
hidden around the world were gathered in a race against time. The songs would 
lure the great beast in the double body to the fountain if they played it 
there. Then they could overload the cardians for a few seconds and in that 
time combine Joker and the dark figure, and hopefully Fenrir would prevail. 
Returning to the moon fountain, Ajido and Apururu fought their way through 
the cardians to the fountain and played the songs. With a blast of magical 
energy the cardians collapse to the ground, and the dark figure appeared, 
drawn to its power. Using all of his magic Ajido combined the two as Apururu 
got the sybil to safety. With a brilliant sparkle, the fountain exploded with 
light and one more the full moon was seen deep within it's water. Fenrir had 
returned to windurst, and words back to the book of gods. But, it had all 
taken its toll on the Sybil. Her magic power had been sapped and she could 
no longer predict the future. But Windurst was safe. It was then she remembered 
the words Fenrir had spoke to her 20 years ago: Though the path is dark, there 
is always light. She would be Windurt's light, and even without magic, guide 
them on the right path. With the help of great Windurstians like Ajido, 
they would see many great days ahead.

19. Return of the Talekeeper

The tensions between the Galka and the Humes was at an all time high. While
the Hume senate and president simply saw the Galka uproar as nothing to worry
about, it had slowly begun to enter a state of pre-rebellion. All of this was
sparked by the apparent return of the Talekeeper. President Karst dispatched
the Mythril Musketeers under the leadership of the Bastokan hero Volker to 
watch over the situation. But there were other factors to account for. Cid and
Karst's own daughter Cornelia did not see the Galka as simply animals to be
used for labor. Cornelia, named after the same Cornelia from the northlands
mission, seemed to have many of the same characteristics of the latter. Also 
within the Mythril Musketeers; Iron Eater, Ayame, and Naji all sought to outdo
each other to be the next leader. Burdened with the task of sorting all of this
out was the presidents aide, Lucius.

On Ore Street in the Mines District the Galkan boy Povall is deemed the new 
talekeeper by several Galka. At first they find it hard to believe, but soon
the hope that their leader has returned eventually takes control. However,
Iron Eater arranges an expedition to the Altepa Desert to discover if the 
boys claims are true. There they manage to find a moon pebble, the one which 
should have been in the hands of the Talekeeper, which all talekeepers must
have. Returning to Bastok it quickly becomes clear that the return of the 
Talekeeper is a lie. The hopes of the Galka are dashed as the little
Galka Povall under pressure and fear of death like all the previous 
Talekeepers flees for his life. Gabbot the elder Galka is forced from the
town by Iron Eater for lying to his own people. The only one with any hope
left seems to be the little Galka Gumbah, friend of Zeid.

At this time, Bastok and Norg begin to discuss the possibility of trade. 
Ayame is sent to offer trade routes to the pirates there, possibly 
making them REAL businessmen. There she is confronted with her past as a
Samurai and her oath to Gilgamesh as one of his warriors. But, it becomes
clear to him that she is happy at her new post and the two agree it is best
she stay there. Seeing her return to Bastok with a new sense of duty, Naji
is pleased to see her. Perhaps he has feelings for her, more than just that
of two officers?

Meanwhile Cid is visited by the president's daughter Cornelia, she recently
has a conversation with the Galka child Gumbah. Apparently he, saddened by
his long time friend Werei leaving has asked that someone be sent to find
him. He had set off on his journey of rebirth, one that all galka must
take. Cornelia turned him down however, fearing that she alone could not
convince her father to do such a thing. Cid questions her reasons why
she would fear such a thing and gives her a lecture about her father's
past and how just because the Galka are looked down on by many humes
that she shouldn't try to help them. With luck, and alittle pressure
from Iron Eater, President Karst agrees and sends a small group to
locate Werei in the hopes it will give the growing galka talk of 
rebellion in the mines sector a reason to settle down. They discover
a letter off an adventurer named Hani, which is for Gumbah. The 
letter is a sad goodbye from Werei which says that Gumbah is 
the new talekeeper, and although he must bear this burden he should
always be himself before being the talekeeper. He gives Gumbah one
final wish that they will meet again when he is reborn. Meanwhile a 
letter is received by Iron Eater from Zeid to Volker. It offers that
the time has come for the Galka to "unlock the past", which prompts
Volker to send a group into Altepa to discover what Zeid is up to.

In Altepa, Zeid directs a group to a mural on the walls of the old
Galka city that depicts the last days of the Galka on the island.
It also tells two more tales. The first is that of the journey of 
rebirth. When a galka reaches the right age, it sets out on a journey to
find a high mountain or a place of solitude where it will live out it's
last days. There a bright light envelopes in and the is reborn. However,
Zeid continues, no one has ever seen such a thing. Those who leave never 
come back and around a year later a young galka wanders back into the 
village/town. It is assumed this is the galka who was reborn, but the
galka holds no memories of it's past life. All but one that is, the 
talekeeper. The talekeeper is the only truly reborn galka, which carries
the memories of all the past galka, though not for all time like many
think. The talekeeper only carries the past 200 years, which is easier
than all of galka time, but still a burden. It is in this that most 
talekeepers meet their fate. No talekeeper has ever lived long enough
to be reborn, which is brings up other questions about the journey
of rebirth. With that Zeid says that the talekeeper is amongst them
and that they should tell Iron Eater this. Back in town Iron Eater
is shocked to hear such things, especially after the early fake 

Meanwhile an expedition is sent into Kuftal Tunnel to search for
any whereabouts of Werei. A small piece of wood is found with 
a final note from Werei offering the galka need to learn to 
embrace their life and future and not look back to the past. 
Back in Bastok, the unrest of the worker galka has boiled over and
now they demand entrance into their homeland through the tunnels
in Bastok which were sealed off. Though they are told it's for
their own protection they refuse to believe. Finally Gumbah steps
forward and calms the crowd. It is at this time he reveals he is the
new talekeeper. Although shocking the crowd at first, it is soon clear
he is the real thing. Finally the talekeeper has returned. 

Taking it upon himself Gumbah decides to prove to both the Galka and
the Humes that he is the real thing and wants to help both races. 
With the help of the president, Gumbah begins to see the corruption
amongst the senators. Going along with the plans, he discovers Sen.
Alois has been embezzling funds from the government. The senator
is booted from office in shame, and President Karst recognizes Gumbah
as the representative of the Galka. On his trip it is discovered that 
Werei is indeed reborn, but sadly has no memory of Gumbah. Saddened
it matters little to Gumbah as his friend has returned. Back in 
Bastok it seems everything is becoming peaceful once again. However,
appearances can be deceiving. 

Soon there after a letter arrives from Zeid via a captured musketeer
explaining what happened to Raogrimm and the involvement of Volker's 
uncle. Shamed by the actions of his family Volker is asked to step 
down as leader of the musketeers. Angered, Volker tracks Zeid down
to the ruins of the throne room in Castle Zvhal. Here, at the site of 
of two injustices, the battle between these two warriors would begin.
It is discovered that these two men have more in common than just
Raogrimm. It was actually Zeid, at the time named Warcloud, who had
defeated the Shadow Lord the first time. Volker had taken credit,
and Zeid had held it against him ever since. Battling each other
in the throne room, the manifestation of the ruins of their past, 
the two dueled to a standstill. Stopped the battle, the two 
finally agreed to let their past go. The fighting wouldn't solve
anything and both agreed what was done, was done. Forgiving each other
the two agreed that while done for the day, perhaps someday in the future
they would meet again..
and finish the battle they started.

Returning to Bastok Volker finds that all is forgiven and that the actions
of his uncle should not be reflected upon him. Finally peace had returned
to the republic and the Galka and Humes could live together in harmony..
as much as possible that is.

20. The Rise of the Zilart

While the twin brothers of the Zilart began their twisted schemes once 
more, Gilgamesh and Lion plotted their next course of action. Remembering 
having once happened upon an old woman deep within the Temples in Yhoator 
Jungle, Gilgamesh sent lion to investigate. With the help of the Mithra 
Chieftaness, Lion discovered the hidden truth of the Zilart, that long ago 
the Zilart had controlled the land and enslaved the Kuluu and the Priestesses 
of Altana. The old man, Grav'iton was the memory of the Kuluu, now warped and 
transformed into the Tonberry by the lust for power of the Zilart. The 
Zilart were the ancients, the Zilart had built the gigantic monuments around 
the world, and the Zilart were the ones who caused such destruction 
that even Altana herself cried....
and now they would try to do the same again.

Zied had found himself on a quest around the world to collect shards of 
the multicolored crystals on headstones of cermet from ancient Zilart 
locations. With these they could form a seal in the ancient ruins of the 
Galkan homelands that would grant them access to all the domains of the 
Zilart. Without this seal, all the plans set forth would mean nothing. 
With the help of the spirit of one of the gate keeper, Yve'noile, Zeid
managed to unlock the powers of the Curelean Crystal. There he learned a
of the strange history of the Zilart's quest to enter paradise. Just as 
he is born of the crystal, so are the crystal warriors. Using the power
of the crystals, the Zilart created them, with enchanced power and skill,
to protect the crystals. After the destruction of the zilart all creations
warped into something different, as the peoples of vana'diel did, as did
the Kuluu, and as did the crystal warriors. Zeid questions what or why 
this happened. Long ago the oldest Zilart prince watch overseeing a crystal
when he suddenly had an accident, and was granted a vision. He saw the gods
and an enternal paradise. With his powers this vision was viewed by all the
Zilart. According to this vision his people had been cast from paradise long
ago. However, those who saw the vision also heard a voice...
a voice calling them to return. When the energy of the 5 crystals was
returned as one, they would be able to open the gate to paradise.

Meanwhile in Jeuno, Aldo's sister Verena had mysteriously disappeared. 
The girl, with a strange power to communicate and truly understand beastmen 
was too valuable and asset not only to the forces of light, but also the 
Zilart. Tracking her captors to Delkfutt's tower the 3 heroes assembled 
once more...not for Vana'diel, but to save Verena. At the very top of the 
tower Kam'lanaut had already become to reactivate the power source deep within 
the tower. Explaining that the explosion long had frozen he and his brother 
deep within the core of Delkfutt's reactor chamber and not until Raogrimm had
tapped into the Crystal, which was directly connected to the tower's power 
source, had they been reawakened. Seeing their chance, they had used and 
manipulated Raogrimm and the beastmen. They had been planning this moment 
for the last 20 years, slowly weakening each kingdom and using the visage 
of the Shadow Lord to distract them all. 

But none of that was important now..

Summoning his minions, the Crystal Warriors, to watch over Verena he could 
now turn his attention to more pressing matters. Drawing on the power of the 
tower Kam'lanaut lashed out at the three heroes, but the might of all three 
overcame the power hungry man. Collapsing to the floor they gathered over his 
body. It was then Eald'narche appeared. Kam'lanaunt begged for his brother to 
help, but the young boy simply laughed. It was not Kam'lanaut who had 
orchestrated this plan so long ago... but it had been he. The OLDER brother. 
The powers of the Zilarts experiments had warped him, keeping his body in the 
state of the little child, but with amazing powers. Now that his brother 
had completed his task, he was no longer needed. 

It turned out that not only did Verena have an incredible gift with the power 
to speak to the beastmen, but the Shadow Lord himself. Using the black head of
the fallen Raogrimm she could use the power he channeled from the crystal to 
unlock recharge to crystal core in the tower. It turns out that she is the 
key to the heavens. Using the power of the tower, a great beam of light 
shot into the sky, draining the life from Verena. Then, in the blink of an eye 
Eald'narche and the crystal warriors vanished. Running to her aid, the trio 
pulled Verena from the path of the beam...but it was too late. She lay 
unconscious, the purpose of the tower had been fulfilled.

Returning to Jeuno, Aldo took after watching his sister while Zeid and Lion 
went in search of a way to access giant floating island in the sky. Traveling 
through Ro'Maeve they gateway of the gods, they discovered Tul'ia. Guarding 
the entrance were the Crystal Warriors. Just when it looked like all hope was 
lost, Aldo arrived and together they defeated the 5 warriors using their 
weaknesses, and thus strengths of the races they represented, against them. 

All that stood in their way now was Eald'narche, mad with power and attempting 
access to paradise - willing to enter hell to get there.... 

21. Awakening
Within the walls of the floating city, Eald'narche rushed to complete his 
plans knowing that with the defeat of the crystal warriors, time was of the
essence. Behind him the large doors open to reveal our heroes, ready for one
final showdown. Eald'narche smiles flicking his wrist knocking them back. 
Sarcastically thanking them for their help so far, Eald'narche explains that
the beastmen were in fact not the enemy the 3 kingdoms had thought. They had 
been sent forth to Vana'diel to stop anyone from accessing paradise, which
is what they has done in the areas where they had recovered Magicite for 
his brother. But with the beastmen beaten back, they can no longer interfere
with his plans to revive the crystal line and open to gate. He pauses and turns
to the 3, offering them one last chance to join him and enter paradise and
see all it has to offer together. 

Rising to their feet, the 3 give the Zilart youth the only answer they have,
unsheathing their weapons. Eald'narche climbs onto a floating platform 
as the room around them seems to come to life with machines hell bent on 
killing them. Aldo knocking Eald'narche from his platform, the machines
cease to function and collapse on the ground. Furious with rage at the
lack of vision to 3 possess, Eald'narche begins to glow flying high above them.
The energy flowing through his body burns away his eye patch, revealing a 
horrifying sight, what was once an eye - now a crystal burned into his
blackened warped eye-socket.

Firing balls of energy at the group, his rage destroys the room around him. 
Unable to control his bloodlust, Eald'narche fails to see Zeid sneak from 
behind striking him down. Collapsing to the ground, Eald'narche throws his 
hands into the air condemning the gods for forsaking him as they did his 
brother. Climbing in front of the crystal core before him, he connects 
the cermet lines to his body. Using the last of his power, he says that if he
can't get into paradise, that will be unleash the same fate that befell the
world 10,000 years ago. The crystal glows blue with energy as it overloads.
Zeid and Aldo try desperately to think of a way to stop the mad man, as
the crystal's power begins to focus on Vana'diel. Just then, in silence,
Lion steps forward, realizing what must be done. With a quick goodbye to her 
friends, she unsheathes her dagger and charges into the crystal just as it's 
destructive beam of energy shoots down towards Vana'diel. Aldo and Zeid look 
on in shock as blue light of the crystal begins to fluctuate and in a massive 
explosion of energy, Lion is gone. The beam vanishes and Eald'narche is blown 
back. Outraged by her sacrifice, Eald'narche attempts to limp back to the 
machine to stabilize the reaction. Just then the visage of Yve'noile appears
stopping Eald'narche in his tracks. She tells him his efforts have always been
in vain, as paradise can not be achieved through the destruction of Vana'diel,
he collapses to the ground. Realizing he was wrong all along, the light from 
his crystal eye fades, the last Zilart King is dead. Yve'noile turns to the 
2 remaining heroes, as the room collapses around them. She thanks them, the
TRUE crystal warriors...
and perhaps they will meet again some day.

Hurrying from the room, Zeid and Aldo escape just in time. The two still in
shock over the actions of their friend have a somber moment of goodbye. Safely
arriving back on the ground below Tu'lia Zeid ventures off once more into the 
darkness and solidarity of his life as a Dark Knight. Though the Zilart were
defeated, more evil lurked in the world and he would be there to stop it.
Aldo stares up into the sky at the floating capital of the zilart. In the 
jungles of Yhoator, another, Grav'iton stares at the same sky. Tu'lia's lights
fade and soon it vanishes into the clouds once more, the Celestial Nexus lies

In Norg, Aldo arrives to explain to Gilgamesh what happened to Lion. Saddened
by her loss, but proud of her bravery, Gilgamesh explains that she wasn't 
really his daughter. During the war, she had washed up on the shore with her
real father. Before his death, he asked she be taken care of...
if only he could have kept that promise. With a sigh, Gilgamesh admits that
even though he never had a child, he was proud to call Lion his daughter. He
turns staring out over the ocean, his thoughts turning inward.

Aldo soon returns to Jeuno, the story of his deeds unheard by the common
person. Perhaps it was best that way. In the secret lair of Tenshodo he 
arrives to the cheers of his comrades welcoming him home. Verena hugs him,
but senses something, she feels the lose of lion. Saddened and outraged by
the loss of her friend Fickblix and now Lion she curses life itself for making
them suffer. Suddenly a warmth washes over her, she can feel it..
could it be..
Lion... she can feel Lion..
turning to her brother, she claims Lion is indeed alive, she can feel her.
Aldo closes his eyes, and offers that all they can do is hope so.

It all began with a stone, or so the legend says.

In ages past, a sentient jewel, enormous and beautiful, banished the
darkness. Its many-colored light filled with world with life and brought
forth mighty gods.

Bathed in that life, the world entered an age of bliss until, after a time
the gods fell into slumber. That world was called Vana'diel.
However, this age will not last. The great bane will devour the fair land of

The ancient seal will be broken, awakening nightmares of ages past.
The blood of innocents will soak the earth, and the world will fall into
fear and despair.

But as one song rises clear above the roar of beasts...

We hold to one hope in these darkest of times.

That star is you, and the song is yours.

And someday, that hope will become our dreams...our prayers...

Shine forth, star of hope! Let your song ring out across all of Vana'diel!
And what was split asunder will once more become whole. Complete and
Inseparable for all eternity.

22. Ancient Flames Beckon

Deep within Delkfutt's Tower unaware of the epic battle in the sky, the last
few remaining Zilart work diligently at the crystal power core of the tower.
Suddenly the power flow begins to fluctuate violently as a reaction to Lion’s
bravery above. Wolfgang and his Ducal Guards securing the area are blown
back my a massive explosion. When he comes to, he enters the control room
to find all the zilart missing, and only a small boy. The boy appears to be in
a coma and is taken to the town hospital. Dr. Monberaux, Wolfgang’s once
childhood friend tends to the boy, but can find now reason why he is in a
coma. Wolfgang waits outside for word on the boy, but just as he awakens 
a mysterious figure in Zilart clothing with a strange eye piece appears. He
is recognized as Nag’Molada, the chief envoy of Jeuno. Demanding the 
boy be released to him, Monberaux has no choice, but as the guards go to
grab him they fall through him, as though he were not really there. Suddenly
the boy is gone. Left behind, is a small pendent, which the doctor quickly 
picks up and hides. The Ducal Guards run off to search for the boy..
all but Nag'Molada..
who recognizes him..from somewhere..

It is at this time that strange rumors begin to surface through the towns 
people around Vana’diel. Fishermen tell tales of a great dragon rising from 
the ocean floor. Other travelers tell of crystals at the crags shattering into
a million pieces.  Nag’Molada wasting little time assigns Wolfgang and 
the Ducal guards to examine of the other crystals, he will deal with the 
the other 2 personally. Nag’Molada explains that deep within the core of 
a crag is a mothercrystal. These crystals have the light that keeps the world
alive. Nag’Molada enters the first crag to find nothing wrong, but just then 
the little boy appears. Suddenly the entire crag begins to seep with a dark 
oozing glow. With the blinding flash of light, a vision of the Dawn maidens
is seen. They discuss a final battle between Altana and Promathia, one that
will destroy Vana’diel.
With a poof, Nag’Molada finds himself outside the crag. 

Meanwhile the commotion at the crags has drawn the attention of Cid, who has
spent some time in studying them. Along with Mythril Musketeers Ayame and 
Naji he arrives to investigate another crag. It was just then that Wolfgang and
the Ducal Guards arrive. Cid says he has received readings that the energy flow
from the crystals has been rapidly fluctuating and reports of a great winged
beast appearing in the north sea have alarmed him. He explains he’s here to 
see if these events are possibly connected. Wolfgang tells him that he should
leave now, Jeuno will handle it, but this only leads Cid to assume Jeuno had
a part to play in this. Wolfgang simply ignores the threat of Cid’s theory
and says many who have tried to explore the crags so far have gone missing.
Suddenly the shards of the crystal begin to glow as if affected by their 
presence. Suddenly they a knocked back off their chocobo’s by a brilliant

Meanwhile at the last crag, Nag’Molada rushes to see if the crystal inside is 
safe from the mysterious boy. The boy appears just as Nag’Molada predicted 
he would, but this time Wolfgang and his men are there. Nag’Molada orders
Wolfgang to kill the boy, but the guard captain is hesitant at first. Angered
Nag’Molada says to do it, or he’ll end up like his father. Wolfgang sighs 
with little choice and lunges at the boy.  The boy stands their silently as the
blade stabs into his body. Collapsed on the floor, the boy lays there silent.
Wolfgang stands back in shock, as the boy slowly moves his arms, pushing
himself up off the ground. Under him a dark empty light begins to ooze toward
all corners of the room. The group stands back and with  flash of light, he’s 
gone…and so is Nag’Molada.

23. The Isle of Forgotten Saints

In a lush foreign looking field Nag'Molada lays silent, 3 tarus in the distance
watch in awe as the sky above them rips apart as a great dragon soars through
the air. Noticing his body, they watch as he gets to his feet and stumbles 
towards the nearby caves to the west. As he enters, he slowly gets the feeling
he is being watched, turning quickly he finds several soldiers in strange 
armor behind him. From the back of the soldiers appears a hume named Justinius,
the captain of the Tavnazian Kights. He introduces himself the the 3 tarus who
have been following him - The Chebukiki triplets. These three trouble makers
are simply dismissed by Justinius for bugging their new guest. Nag'Molada seems
as unable to believe he is in the destroyed city of Tavnazia as they are unable
to believe he is of a good nature. Justinius explains for the last 2 years, 
these few survivors of the fateful battle here have held up in the Tavnazian 
Safehold, thelast refuge of escape. Though they were unable to flee the island,
the location is a perfect one, as it is easily defendable from the remaining 
beastmen who spot the island. Wanting to learn more, Justinius believes he can 
arrange a meeting with their leader, but first Nag'Molada must prove himself. 
Despachiaire, an old elvaan man explains the local aquaducts have been plagued
by a dark minotaur, if he could help kill it, their leader will see his deed
and let him stay in the safehold. Nag'Molada seeing this as more of an 
opportunity to explore accepts the deal. Using his zilart powers he easily
defeats the minotaur, but continues exploring. Deep within the catacombs he
discovers a mysterious room with only a small box. Though unopenable he
knows there is some importance to it. Returning to town he is greeted by the 
leader of Tavnazia, a young girl.

Known to the people of Tavnazia as the "Abhorrent One", Prishe, to her new
ally that many monsters have been gathering near Cape Riverne, following
the path of a great dragon. Nag'Molada notices the amulet around Prishe's
neck is the same one as the mysterious boy wears. He explains how he 
arrived in Tavnazia, and questions where she got hers. Prishe simply questions
if it wasn't a young burnette girl who gave it to him. He tells her of the 
strange Emptiness which is eating away at the mainland, but they know
nothing of it. Retiring to think the sitation over, Nag'Molada leaves the 
stronghold. Just then Despachiaire enters to speak with Prishe about the dragon
she has seen. He wants to know if the dragon is the same one as seen in the 
murals and paintings in the old cathedral of Al'taieu. The dragon's name 
- Bahamut.

In a nearby cliff, Ulmia, granddaughter of Despachiaire plays her harp and 
sings a lovely melody - "Lay of the Immortals". Nag'Molada listens in the
distance humming along. Startled she turns to him. He explains to her that
the song is not called "Lay of the Immortals", but is an ancient song with
magical purposes called "Memoria de la S^tona". And there are more verses 
than she knows. The next verse tells of a great bane devouring Vana'diel
and yet the gods will do nothing. He is about to continue, but suddenly
his eyepiece flashes and bids her a farewell. Ulmia unable to resist begs
him to tell her the next verse, but Nag'Molada simply says, the 3rd verse
is for the God's alone to know.

Back on town Justinius reports that the clouds in the sky certainly point to
Riverne. Prishe believes that if the dragon they saw was Bahamut, then the only
reason could be that the gates of paradise have been opened as the legend says.
Still unsure, she decides that perhaps the only way to find out for sure is to
just go and ask Bahamut himself. Calling for people to go with her, she notices
the 3 tarus are gone and so is Nag'Molada. Together, Ulmia and Prishe rush to 
Cpe Riverne. When they arrive they find the entire cape destroyed. Giant 
floating rocks amass within a grey cloud of mysterious energy. A small white
light flickers nearby, touching it they are both sucked in.

On the otherside, the Chebukiki's and Nag'Molada are spotted going deeper into
the maze of rocks. The two follow them deep into the floating caverns only to
hear a strange singing. It is Nag'Molada singing the first two verses of 
Memoria de la S^tona! Suddenly Bahamut appears and lowers himself down the man.
Bahamut and Nag'Molada greet eachother with open arms, as he thanks him for
his sacrifice long go to keep the door to the gods shut. Bahamut recognizes
Nag'Molada as Kuluu and is happy that his race has survived this long. But,
if the Kuluu still exist then the pact they made long ago must still be kept.
The opening of the gate shall usher in the end of mankind, as forseen by 
gatekeeper Yve'noile, who created the chamber of Eventide just for this 
purpose. Ulmia and Prish listen on in shock, with no clue of what they speak.
Suddenly a massive armored airship appears, onboard on many cloaked men, with
a strange blondehaired woman in command. Quickly surrounding Bahamut, they 
cast their zilart magic entangling him in their power. Bahamut screams at
the realization that the Zilart still live too. Nag'Molada looks around in
disbelief. Prishe jumps onto two of the zilart, knocking another out from 
behind. With a part of the chain down, Bahamut quickly breaks free and 
unleashes a furious roar. With a flash of brilliant light everyone vanishes.
The last thing heard - "Foolish children, you will never break free of the 
chains of promathia.."

A vision of the mysterious boy on an icey mountain top can be seen, Bahamut
teases him that his people are no more and he should give up hope. The boy 
screams they are alive, and born to exist as living creatures. Bahamut 
replies, the paradise od Al'taieu is no more, the Zilart are at an end. 
Now people will be set free of the chains.

Deep within a strange Zilart facility, Nag'molada approaches the strange woman
from the armored airship. She scolds him for going there alone and seeing 
Bahamut, but questions his motives, becuase it was his fault it escaped.
He asks her if she thinks becuase he is Kuluu that he is not a faithful servant
of the Zilart. She simply replies, he has failed 3 times to capture the boy, 
do not fail her again. The issue with the boy must be resolved, and Nag'Molada
believes he knows just how to do that and stop the emptiness.

24. A Transient Dream

In North Gustaburg Prishe awakens to see an airship flying overhead. Jumping
to her feet she rushes after it believing it to be the one from Riverne. Her 
running takes her to Bastok, there she harasses the locals into telling her
of Airships and their creator, Cid. Just as she arrives at Cid's lab Ayame
and Naji capture her and throw her into a holding cell. Conrelia decides to
keep her company though, and talks with Prishe about who she is. When she 
hears of what transpired, she takes her to Cid. Informed of the armored 
airship and the hooded figures Cid realizes Jeuno has been secretly building 
armored airships since the first one was designed at the end of the Crystal
War. Cid tells how 20 years ago he recieved an invite from Duke Kam'lanaut to
work on a secret project that would win them the war. Cid took to watching the
many Jeuno scientists and engineers, many of them hooded figures who rarely 
talked. He saw them conducting strange experiments around the crags of holla.
He also explains that, it was indeed him that sent the mission north those
many years ago. Someone had brought him a crystal from the northlands, and
the power was so emense that he was convinced there was something up there that
would be of great use. He was told, the piece he had was but a small bit of
the stone they found there, now in Tavnazia, called the Star of Tavnazia.
Prishe tells him of the return of bahamut, and Cid soon come to believe that
the shattering of the crystals and the return of bahamut must all be linked...
linked to Jeuno. Prish says she knows of someone in Jeuno who perhaps can help
them, a friend in Tenshodo. 

In Jeuno she enters Tenshodo asking for Grezzo, but Aldo greets her asking how
she knows Grezzo. She tells him long ago she was told that if she were ever on
the mainland and in trouble, to ask for the help of Grezzo. Aldo explains
Grezzo was his father and sadly is dead. Prishe saddened by the loss asks Aldo
instead to help her, she needs a way to return to her home. Aldo shocked says 
that she is not the first person to ask, there has already been someone to see
him with a request to go to Tavnazia. She could easily join him.

In the Duke's Palace, the strange Zilart woman from the airship stands before 
a samurai from the far east. Her name Esha'ntarl, his Tenzen. He kneels down
and asks why the Duke is not here himself. She dismisses his question with the
fact that the duke is a busy man. She will take any issues he brings up to the
duke when she sees him. Tenzen angered, believes this is no simple matter. The
empitness which has begun to spring up here, has already begun devouring the 
4 corners of his empire to the east. Those who see it have dreams of the keeper
of the apocalypse. Esha'ntarl says she knows as little as he does, and they are
working on a solution. Furious with her obvious lie, he tells her that they 
must know of the 5 shards of legend which rest in these lands. She is taken 
back by the outburst, asking him if he believes Jeuno is behind the emptiness.
Explaining that Jeuno has protected the crystals for a very long time, and now
with the eastern empire knowing of their existance, it would be bad for them
to "fall into the wrong hands". Realizing the implied war against his people
in her words, Tenzen backs down. She sys if he truely wants to help he can
help them find the mysterious boy who seems to be linked to the empitness. 
She believes he is the keeper of the apocalypse and since he has appeared
at the 3 other mothercrystals at the crags, it is possible he will appear
at the 4th crystal in the northlands. She suggests that if he wishes to go
there he had best find a guide.

In San d'Oria Ulmia slowly walks through the sister city of her homeland. 
Seeing the church she approaches and asks the the priests about the 
the song she had learned and the gateway to the gods. The priest explains
that as pusnishment for attempting to open the gate long ago, the 
ancients were cursed by Promathia. He tells her that in San d'Oria they teach
that to enter the gate of the gods and seek paradise, you must seek it and
hold it within your heart. She asks about the curse, and the priest explains 
that they do not speak of the abhorrent one, for those who forget him, will
forget the curse and it will lose it's power. But, if she truely wants to know
to speak with a relative of the San d'Orian knight who went to the northlands
of the infamous missions those 30 years ago.

In Carpenter's Landing, Louveracne a Knight of Mistalle, the outcast knights 
tells her that the count is dead, but that his wife still lives. If she wants
to speak with her to go to the manor in town. Back in San d'Oria, Ulmia 
begins to recognized the manor, she had been there before. Inside she meets
with Hinaree, the countess of Mistalle. Ulmia had only been a little girl
when she was here last, but remembers her family and theirs were very close
friends. Hinaree explains that perhaps if she wished to know more of the 
Gate of the Gods to speak with Cardinal Mildaurion. Ulmia explains the people
of Tavnazia thought she was dead, but is told that perhaps she escaped. Ulmia
shocked, is told that long ago the Cardinal's teachings believed that to 
reach paradise you must abandon all truth, but truth of what?!? Another 
question bugged Ulmia too, if the Cardinal was still alive, why had she not
returned to her city? 

Meanwhile in Windurst, the 3 Chebukikis explore their ancestrial home and 
realize they have no food, no money, and no ability to leave. SOOOO..
they decide to find their father, believing him to be in the town. First
they approach Yoran-Oran, which of course lets Shantotto do what she does
best, make fun of people. Yoran tries to explain he's not the father, and
that he's only been to Tavnazia once to examine and artifact they had found.
The Chebukikis suddenly decide he is far to poor to be their father, so they
split during the tale of the artifacts discover in the Sea of Shu'meyo, and
go to find their father again. Honoi-Gumoi, the richest taru in Windurst 
is their next target, as it becomes slowly clear they are looking for money
more than a father. Of course the accusation of being their father is not only
heard by Honoi, but a local reporter Kyume-Romeh. Throwing cash at the 3 tarus,
Honoi runs off after the reporter to make sure the story doesn't get published.
Next the 3 end up in the Opistery, where they question Tosuka-Parika about 
their father, but he says he would be far too old. They explain about their
father and slowly it comes to light that their father was the infamous taru
founder of the animastery - Karaha Baruha! The same who had saved Windurst
20 years ago, but at the same time went mad with power recently trying to
destroy it! Finding their father dead, they decide they had enough with
Windurst and head to Jeuno to try and find Nag'Molada.

Deep within the mysterious Zilart facility Wolfgang approaches Nag'Molada
informing him the airship is ready for him. Nag'molada says he will not be
joining them, he will be going alone, but if the boy appears to detain him.
Wolfgang bows and leaves, and out of the shadows appears the 3 chebukikis.
Nag'Molada turns to them, "it is all going according to plan".

Meanwhile in Jeuno, Ulmia arrives looking for Prishe at Tenshodo. She meets
Aldo who explains Prishe went walking around town til the ship was ready. 
They talk about Magicite and it's role in the events, as they must be 
connected to the mother crystals as well. Suddenly one of the Tenshodo run
in and inform Aldo and Ulmia that Prishe is at Dr. Monberaux's after 
collapsing at the cathedral! The two rush to Upper Jeuno. In the clinic,
Tenzen watches over Prishe, Monberaux explains he had brought her here.
Prishe rambles something about the keeper of the apocalypse... Tenzen's sword
begins to shake and vibrate. Prishe covers here ears rolling on the bed.
Ulmia and Aldo arrive, and Ulmia notices Prishe's amulet is gone. Ulmia 
asks the doctor if they can borrow the Amulet he found earlier, and places
it around Prishe's neck.

They agree there must be some connection between the two amulets, but what?
The amulet given to Prishe was given by the Cardinal Mildaurion herself! 
Monberaux mentions that the ducal guards have been speaking of seeing the boy
in the ruins of Pso'xja to the north. Tenzen quickly embarks to the northlands.
Deep within the ruins Tenzen discovers a strange room, though he hasn't found
the boy he begins to feel a dark chill. Suddenly his sword begins to shake and
in the distance he sees a figure laying on the floor. It's Prishe! Unconcious
the girl lays before a glowing portal, from which the mysterious boy appears.
Touching Prishe she begins to show signs of life. Just then a dark winged 
figure appears, Diabolos. Tenzen grabs his sword and backs away from the group
realizing that they must be in the "Shrouded Maw" the gateway to the relm of
and this must be a dream itself. 
Drawing his sword it ingulfs with flame. Diabolos calls out to the sword 
recognizing it as Phoenix's Flame. Tenzen says he has come from around the
world to request the assistance of Diabolos to defeat their common enemy of
light. Diabolos laughs and says he has false hope, Phoenix is not whole and 
that emptiness is not without its reason. Instead he offers Tenzen the option
to join him in his world, Dynamis, the world of dreams. Though the emptiness
would consume his body, his sould could live on forever there. Prishe rises
to her feet saying there is always hope. Suddenly Diabolos looks around,
realizing that perhaps this dream is not his...
but that of Prishe. Shocked, a blinding flash of light blinds them all throwing
Tenzen back. When he awakes everyone is gone. Deciding it best to talk to
consult Prishe on what had happened he heads back to Jeuno.

In town, Prishe is brought up to speed by Ulmia about what she discovered in 
San d'Oria. Tenzen arrives and realizes Prishe was concious for the entire 
dream. He explains that Diabolos is the terrestrial avatar of dreams, one of 5
powerful gods born of Vana'diel. Many eons ago, the 5 avatars fought a fierce
battle against an evil pressence that attempted to envelop Vana'diel. Along 
with Diabolos was Phoenix, the bird of ressurection; Fenrir, the hound of 
the moon; Carbuncle, the keeper of the world; and Bahamut, Lord of the Skys.
With Aldos help they decide that perhaps it's best to head back to Tavnazia 
and one last time try to convinced Bahamut to join them.

25. The Cradles of Children Lost

In Tavnazia Prishe and her friends notices the people seem different. Greeting
them Despachiare explains that much has happened since they vanished. The 
rumors of the Dragon King returning have drawn much attention from the outside
world to their small "kingdom". Jeuno has set up trade routes and an envoy lead
by Nag'molada has set up residence. Still uneasy about him, Despachiare asks 
them to join him in his private chambers. There Tenzen explains that he has 
come to try and reason with Bahamut, but the idea is quickly shot down until
Nag'molada returns. Despachiare then answers his questions regarding Prishe. He
says that poor Prishe is cursed. Justinius adds that while that may be the case
she is indeed a miracle, though in recent days the people of Tavnazia believe
her miracle may fade.

Meanwhile, overlooking her favorite cliff Ulmia plays her song once more. 
Unsure how to best protect her friend, she remembers back to her childhood. 
On this very same cliff, a little girl, Ulmia stood crying. Behind appeared
Prishe, strangely in the same form she is today. Ulmia explains she didn't make
it into the Tavnazian Choir. Prishe comforts her explaining that just because
she didn't make it now doesn't mean it won't happen. The world is such a big
place and there are far more important things than a choir. She says that
Ulmia doesn't need to be in the choir to be able to sing, she can come
to this cliff and sing all she wants. The distance the hinted figure of the
Cardinal appears calling Prishe to come home. 

Standing over the cliff, present day Ulmia gives thanks to Prishe speeking to
herself how she did indeed get into the choir. Looking to the sky she prays to
the Dawn Goddess for protection and guidance. Suddenly the shape of a dragon
soars through the sky. She rushes back to the safehold to meet the others.
Agreeing now is not the time to wait, Justinius and Ulmia head off to Riverne
to find Bahamut and once more tempt fate. Tenzen seeing his opportunity tags
along too. Behind them in the shadows the 3 Chebukikis follow.

In Riverne the 3 fiendish Tarus pop out of the shadows saying they've been sent
to stop them from getting to Bahamut. Cherukiki decides to just cast warp on 
the 3 adventurers, but mistakenly casts warp on herself. Justinius yells for 
the others to continue on, he'll deal with the remaining Chebukikis. Deep 
within Rivernes floating rock fortress Tenzen and Ulmia fidn Bahamut, 
approaching himto question his motives. Suddenly portals begin to open, as
dragons from all across Vana'diel begin to appear. Bahamut asks them to unite
to defend the crystal. Tenzen stands before them and appeals Bahamut for help.
The Dragon King laughs and simply mocks him. Unsheething Phoenix Tenzen blasts
one of the wyrms. Tenzen says that although in size they are over insects, 
together there is nothing the people of Vana'diel can't do. Bahamut shocked 
calls out to Phoenix for an answer as to why it helps him. In reply it sings
to him the new 4th verse to the now infamous song. 
"Long ago there was a child who came seeking Bahamut, a pact was made with that
boy, and now it was to befulfilled. The light would be given to the crystals 
once more. Innocent blood spills onto the plains of Vana'deil. The world 
shudders as she is thrust into chaos and despair. Niether power nor destiny 
can bring an end to what has begun. However, through the storm of night, a star
of glory shines brigt. Through the howling of the beast the sound rings clear. 
Shining star, echoing song you are our dreams and prayers."
With that Bahamut is gone.

Back in Tavnazia, Tenzen explains that Phoenix gave him a vision, of long ago
when the Ancients battled the Avatars and Bahamut fought in the greatest of
all the battles at the gates of paradise. It was during this battle people 
would learn of the emptiness, the will of the twilight god, Promathia. Just
then Nag'molada and Despachiare enter the room. Despachiare explains the 
connection between Promathia and Vana'diel. He calls him the Lord of Chaos
and that he has cursed all the peoples of Vana'diel. The only way to rid 
themselves of it is to forget Promathia, which explains why Tenzen's people
knew nothing of Promathia. The group shocked, bickers with eachother about
the possibility of the end of the world. Tenzen tells them not to worry
and that Jeuno will deal with Bahamut. He then demands that Prishe's
amulet be turned over to him. Tenzen and Ulmia quickly go to find her.

In her room, they warn her of Nag'moladas demands. It is here the history
of Prishe is revealed. Long ago, she was the victim of an accident. Her
family dead she was the only one left. Ageless, after touching some artifact 
deep within the church catacombs. She has immortality. Tenzen doesn't seem
to understand though, why her people would want to hide her away and call her
such things as "The abhorrent one". Out of ideas, but wanting to keep Prishe
and the Amulet safe, they begin to go over ideas on what to do next. Prishe
then offers a suggestion of her own, why not take this to Promathia himself.
And she just happens to know how, deep within the Sacrarium.

The Sacrarium, an old temple and school deep within the mountains, it has 
for some time been left to it's new inhabitants, the undead. Tenzen finds 
Prishe deep inside standing before a giant statue of Promathia. She explains 
the Tavnazian cathedral used to buy up artifacts and study them in hopes of 
finding paradise, to ask Altana to remove the curse of Promathia. Soon the 
focus of their search shifted, when the realized through studying the 
ancient artifacts, that the Ancients were incredibly advanced. Instead of 
finding a road to paradise, they would now try to invite Altana into their 
world. But before they could try this idea, Cardinal Mildaurion arrived 
and the Crystal War broke out not long after.
Prishe moves closer to the statue, holding out her hand. Suddenly Prishe 
finds herself in a strange cathedral surrounded by several robed figures. 
They speak of her involvement in a baptismal gone horribly wrong, some 
kind of horrific accident. Prishe is a child of destiny…
In a flash of light, Prishe finds herself witnessing a conversation between 
Diabolos and the mysterious boy. Diabolos questions how the boy could still 
be alive, how he could have live through the destruction of Al’tieu along 
with the keeper of the apocalypse. Diabolos believed it was the Zilart that 
had unleashed the emptiness, but perhaps it was another…
With another flash of light Prishe sees a vision of Dawn Maiden Yve’noile. 
He begs her for the truth, is he to defeat Promathia or carry out his will. 
She simply responds, “Why do you think his face is smooth and unfeatured?” 
No one has ever seen his face. They will pray both for his resurrection 
and destruction. Suddenly Prishe is pulled from the trance.
Ulmia stands behind her, scolding her for using the statue after everything 
they knew. It is said the statue brings out the worst in people. Prishe 
ignores Ulmia saying she now understands, the twilight god seeks his own 
resurrection and death. 
Back in Tavnazia, Despachiare discovers what Prishe had been up to and 
erupts in a rage. He blames her foolishness on all of their problems, 
saying she’s responsible for Bahamut as well. Ulmia scolds her grandfather, 
standing up for Prishe. She says Prishe must be pure of heart, because she 
was protected from the ill effects of the statue. Despachiare tells them 
that it may be too late, as the San d’Oria church seeks Prishe and the 
Cardinal for questioning. Louverance, the San d'Orian Knight they has met
earlier pushes the door open, entering to room, confirming this fact. While
this does indeed look and act like the man they met earlier, something is off.
He explains that they believe at the end of the war Cardinal Mildaurian robbed
the cathedral, which stressed the Papsque at the time so much that it may 
have been the cause of his death. Louverance begs Prishe to come with him 
to San d’Oria to avoid any problems. Prishe says there is much to do, but 
that she will go with him.
In the lower regions of the safe hold, Tenzen and Prishe join Louverance 
on his airship. Ulmia is nowhere to be seen, forced to stay behind by her 
grandfather. Prishe sadly mentions that she’s afraid she will never see 
her friend again. Just as they are about ready to take off, Ulmia appears 
asking to follow. Even though she is disobeying her grandfather she wishes 
to know the rest of the “Memoria” and perhaps use it to tell Prishe’s 
story one day. It’s the least she can do.

26. The Return Home

As the airship docks our heroes discover they aren’t in San d’Oria at all, 
but in Bastok. They are told to remain quite and follow Louverance into 
the Metalworks. There they meet up with Cid. Apparently these two have 
teamed up to hunt down the cardinal and any information they can about her 
in hopes of learning more about the magicite used by the Zilart (which Cid 
has been doing since back at chapter 22). According to his research, the 
magicite fragment that was brought to him was from a larger piece inside 
of a box, which somehow ended up in the hands of the Tavnazian church. 
Prishe understands completely, the box was used for religious services and 
the like while in Tavnanzia. It also played some role in Prishe’s “life 
extension.” Louverance heard of this knowledge and was in Tavnazia for 
that very reason, to get it and bring it back to Cid. But before he could, 
Nag’molada had stolen it from the Sacarium. Prishe shocked by the news 
says that the vessel is pure evil, and rushes off without thought. The 
group rushes out behind Prishe, who decides now is the time to go to Pso’xja.

As they enter the dark underground temples of Pso’xja the group notices one 
thing, Nag’molada is nowhere to be found. Continuing slowly and carefully 
they venture deeper. At the center of the ruins, a grand door opens to 
reveal a giant crystal, like those seen in the crags. Suddenly Prishe 
begins to move towards the crystal without any thought, claiming she hears 
the crystal’s song calling her. Just then the mysterious boy appears behind 
them, while Nag’molada reveals himself from behind the crystal. In his 
hands, the box from Tavnazia. A tense showdown begins. 

Nag’molada laughs how amusing he finds the church’s use for the box to be, 
but that is has far more uses than ceremony. Many millennia ago the king of 
the Zilart made the necklace Prishe wears, along with many other necklaces. 
These were a testament of affinity – to peer into the hearts of the Kuluu. 
All Zilart were born into the world with the ability to communicate 
telepathically, called the “whisper of the soul”. After a time, the 
emptiness consumed some of the Zilart and they lost their gift. These 
people were forced out of the capital, and became the Kuluu. Amulets 
like the one Prishe has were forced on the Kuluu so the king could read 
their thoughts and keep them in check. Does she understand now? With that 
same power, the mysterious boy was using it to read Prishe’s mind and 
follow her through all of Vana’diel to the locations of the crystals. 

Nag’molada goes on to explain that he had used his time in Tavnazia to 
steal the box. But it was not he who was a villain, it was the boy. The 
mysterious boy – Selh’teus. He had betrayed them all. He betrayed the 
Kuluu and the trust of the zilart king, as well as all the gods. Though 
he was born of the mother crystal like all things, he seeks to destroy 
it. Nag’molada then turns his focus from Prishe to Selh’teus. He questions 
how he could have survived, how he got the power to control the emptiness, 
when the gates were failed to be opened… how did only he live? Selh’teus 
says nothing. Suddenly three hooded Zilart rush the boy, but Prishe and 
her friends fight them off. The boy calmly walks to the crystal, the 
emptiness beginning to flow forth from his hands. Naga’molada opens the 
box to reveal, “The Eye of Altana”, using its power to create a crystal 
barrier around Selh’teus. Throwing her necklace to Ulmia, Prishe begs 
the boy to tell her the song of the crystal. Just then she hears it, 
the crystal begins to glow. Nag’molada tries desperately to hear, but 
cannot, being a Kuluu without the “whisper.” The crystal prison of 
Selh’teus breaks open and he levitates to the crystal. There is a 
brilliant flash of light.

There is a strange room, overlooking an even stranger city, in it we see 
the familiar image of Yve’noile. Out of site, but in the same room are 2 
young boys, who are soon revealed to be Nag’molada and Selh’teus. They 
beg her for access to the Kuluu city, of which she agrees. 

We are suddenly flashes to another scene, this time of Selh’teus in front 
of a large Kuluu audience. He begs Graviton to join him in Dynamis. There 
they will be safe from the things to come. They can fight back against 
the Zilart with the help of Diabolos, maybe rejoin the Zilart as one. 

Another scene flashes into view. This time it is Yve’noile again, with an 
older Nag’molada. She speaks of his working for the Zilart as a Kuluu, 
and how she doesn’t understand. How can he betray both peoples like that. 
All she knows I that she seeks a world were both are gone. Nag’molada 
pauses, and offers that he has not betrayed everyone. He has always been 
truthful, and faithful to her. He would never betray her trust. Yve’noile 
turns and simply replies “and what if I betray yours?”

When the group awakes they find themselves in another emptiness void. They 
notice Nag’molada and Selh’teus are gone, but more importantly, so is 
Prishe. Seeing the only exit possible up ahead they trudge ahead hoping 
to find her there. As they get closer it slow comes to light that the exit 
is cut off from them by a giant cliff, which falling from would be a fate 
worse than death. Ulmia begins to turn around, when Nag’molada appears 
behind them with the box. Using the power of the “Eye” he brings the gap 
together creating a bridge for them to cross. Ulmia confused by this, asks 
him why he would help them. Nag’molada replies that Diabolos had told him 
he would help the find a way out. As the others cross, Nag’molada looks 
around the vast emptiness and curses Selh’teus under his breath.

In a giant arena across the bridge the group finds Diabolos, holding Prishe’s 
limp body in his hands. He complains that if only he know of Selh’teus’s plan 
earlier he could have stopped it. Selh’teus is on a mission from the celestial 
capital of Al’tieu.  Though he goal is unclear, the result will be Vana’diels 
destruction. Shocked to hear this news, Nag’molada questions if the capital 
really is still there. Diabolos assures him it is still there, and the 5th 
Crystal will take them. Louverance suggests that if it is true, perhaps the 
gates can still be opened? Diabolos simply laughs, and ridicules him and 
“humanity” for seeking to still open the gates to paradise after all this 
time. He warns them, it is not their will that leads them down that path, 
but the will of the twilight god. This is why Bahamut seeks to destroy them. 
Tenzen asks if there is any possible way for the curse to be lifted. Diabolos 
says long ago the Kuluu came to him for the same help, but it resulted in a 
tragedy as he Kuluu lost their original selves. The curse is necessary for 
the survival of the species, it is only a cure because they call it that. 
Diabolos offers that there are no roads left or right to travel, and that 
Vana’diel and the people in it are doomed. Selh’teus must be learned from, 
picking both sides leads to only pain. 

Suddenly Prishe awakes, jumping from his hands. She scolds him, saying that 
it doesn’t take away from the fact that Selh’teus still tried to do something. 
She asks what happened to him, what happened to Diabolos’s spirit, or else 
he’d know what she says to be true. Outraged, Diabolos screams at her. “You 
know nothing girl!” he says, if she is so adamant about the cause, why not 
sacrifice herself to it. Prishe, is silent. Then remarks – she finally 
understands her purpose. There is suddenly a flash of light.

In the snows of the north, 3 familiar taru look over the bodies of our
heroes. They laugh and steal the necklace Prishe had given them, even
though they know they'll be in big trouble if Prishe finds out. From
behind them, Nag'molada approaches. They jump for joy saying they have
been sent to find him and bring him back to Esha'ntarl. He scolds them
for being so stupid as to activate the ruins, but they tell him it 
was her idea, that she had an Tenzen do it when he was gone in Tavnazia.
He pauses, wondering why she would do such a thing. The activation of 
the ruins would take away Diabolos's free will. Thinking to himself he 
turns and walks off, the three chebukki's trailing behind.

Back in Bastok Cid works in his lab, when suddenly the doors fly open. 
There before him are Ulmia, Tenzen, and Louverance. After they escaped
the emptiness, they managed to get to San d'Oria, but could not find
Prishe. Cid, with a heavy heart informs that now is a terrible time to
lose her. She has now been branded a wanted criminal by Jeuno and is 
being hunted by all three kingdoms. Tenzen explains that when Prishe 
sang that song, Selh'teus escaped. Perhaps Nag'molada thinks they are
working together. Ulmia remarks she knows what Prishe had sung, the 4th
verse of "Memoria de la S^tona"...but where would she have learned it?
Tenzen just as confused knows one thing for sure, they must find Prishe
now before Jeuno. Ulmia agrees saying that they must know what she does.
When the keeper of the apocalypse arrives, Bahamut will destroy mankind.
Sent by the ancients in Al'taieu, Selh'teus's coming is foretold in 
mankinds pact with the Wyrmking, which is why he too is awake. They tried
to plea with Diabolos to help, but his heart is now stained with anger.
There is only one option left to break the pact. But how?
Cid begins to think..
"The keeper comes, bahamut wipes out mankind...if the keeper never comes,
then there will be no pact."
Tenzen agrees, but the keeper is the boy and they have been after him 
since the start. Maybe if he can call on Carbuncle, Keeper of Rainbows,
he could help them. Ulmia likes the plan, but is far more worried about
Prishe at the moment. If Prishe could communicate with Selh'teus, perhaps
she would be more useful than any avatar. Louverance, decides he shall
take a third path, to investigate the celestial capital. It is here
they will split their paths.

At La’thiene Plateau, in the ancient circle of stones, Tenzen calls forth 
Carbuncle to his aid. He explains Bahamut and Diabolos do nothing. 
Diabolos draws people into his world to shelter them, and Bahamut now 
gathers his armies to destroy the world. Unable to see this as just, 
he begs the help of the avatar. Suddenly in a flash of light Carbuncle 
appears, greeting both Tenzen and Phoenix. Carbuncle explains that he 
knew all this would come to pass, and that is why he will now lead Tenzen 
to the power of the slumbering gods to prevent the twilight god’s 
awakening. Tenzen’s sword shakes in opposition to the plan – as Carbuncle 
knew it would, as surely Bahamut and Diabolos would too. If siphoning of 
energy from avatar to man begins, it will stop the gods, but at the same 
time speed up their awakening. When that happens a furious battle between 
the terrestrial avatars and the gods will begin. Tenzen looks on confused. 
The keeper seeks to open the gates of paradise, but has that not been part 
of the curse of Promathia all along? So then all of this has been for 
the purpose of awakening Promathia!? Tenzen begs Carbuncle to help him, 
to which the avatar agrees, for Phoenix’s sake. 30 years ago he sensed 
the birth of the keeper, but since then its presence has faded. Deep in 
the city on the outskirts of the old Zilart capital is the Kuluu ruins 
of Pso’xja. There he must go to retrieve the power of the slumbering gods. 
The same, which the avatars granted the Kuluu in the ancient times.

Meanwhile in San d’Oria Ulmia stands silent overlooking the docks, playing 
her harp in a desperate hope that Prishe will hear her song. It has been 
days since she first set off to find Prishe, but with no clue where to 
search she finds herself here, playing alone. A crowd has gathered to 
listen, as they had done over the last few days. But this time, there was 
a new face. A strange Mithra in a dark armor. When Ulmia stops playing 
the mithra approaches. She begins to question her about Prishe, for she 
has been looking for the girl too. Ulmia asks if she is working for Jeuno, 
but the mithra says no. Just then, a messenger from the cathedral 
approaches Ulmia saying father Chasalvige has called her there. The 
Mithra decides now she will take her leave, but will explain everything 
the next time they meet.

In the Cathedral, the father tells Ulmia that he finally understands how 
to help her. Before the advent of the Great War Ulmia and Prishe came to 
San d’Oria with the cardinal. He was there at the meeting, but much 
younger at the time. These meetings were to improve the failing relations 
between the Tavnazia church and the San d’Orian church. At the time, 
Ulmia was asked by the cardinal to sing a song to honor the occasion, 
the same song of the gods. Before she could even begin she was yelled at 
by the Papsque to stop. Ulmia comments that she thought it was her 
horrible singing voice, but the father says the Papsque was more afraid 
of the power of the song. 500 years ago in a time of humiliation for the 
Elvaan, when the continent of Quon was under the control of Windurst, 
their people lived in small tribes. Lanfeaur d’Oraguille came forth to 
lead the people along with his general Alphollon Tajeux who would later 
become to first Marquis of Tavnazia. They together founded the Kingdom of 
San d’Oria on the power of two artifacts they had gathered, but both were 
soon lost in a great battle. In their places, mysterious stone tablets 
were left behind. From that day forth they began studying the tablets, 
one in each capital. It wasn’t until the days of King Ranperre did they 
solve the riddle of the San d’Oria tablet. The king, at the time located 
in Davoi during the civil war decided to hunt for the artifact, which 
would be known as the sacred sword, Lightbringer. Despite the success of 
the researchers in San d’Oria, the Tavanzian cathedral refused to share 
the information they had gathered from their tablet. Spies were sent to 
Tavnazia and it was soon discovered the tablets words were the verses of 
the lyrics to the song they would come to call “The Lay of Immortals”. 
It was a song that would conclude with the manifestation of a deity – a 
song to call the gods. Tavnazia had deciphered the words, but not the 
music and began a search for one who could sing it was begun. The person 
they found was Ulmia. Fearing a horrible fate ahead, Father Chasalvige 
begs Ulmia to turn around and head home before it’s too late and the 
cardinal finds them. But, if she still insists on seeking her friend, 
she possibly was transported to Windurst by the taru excavation crew that 
has been experimenting on the ancient ruins there for some time. Ulmia 
thanks the father for his advice and answers. Outside the door, a mithra 
stands in the shadows listening to the conversation.

In Windurst, Ulmia meets with Yoran-Oran, the sponsor of the researchers. 
Perhaps he would know of her friend. But, before they can speak on the 
subject a mithra bursts through the door to his house, flanked by two 
others. She is a trackers, same as the one she met before, but a different 
one. She says she has been seeking the abhorrent power and demands the 
black magicite. Not knowing what she’s talking about, Yoran can’t reply. 
Deciding his silence is him keeping the secret, she tells her cohorts 
to attack. Ulmia steps forward to his defense, and they turn their 
weapons on her. Suddenly the door opens to reveal Prishe, who has come 
to save them, but is caught completely off guard, and the trackers turn 
their weapons on her, forcing her into the corner with Ulmia and Yoran. 
Just when it looks like all hope is lost, the door opens again to reveal 
Using her magic she forces the mithra back and tells them that Prishe 
has the stone, which they seek, but she can’t give it up. She asks Prishe 
to show them why. Prishe unbuttons here shirt, and reveals to everyone 
that the magicite is imbedded in her chest. As she buttons her shirt back 
up everyone looks on in shock, and Prishe remarks she doesn’t have time 
for this, but the mithran trackers ask her to come with them, someone 
wants to meet her. Someone who would be very interested in the magicite. 
Prishe leaves with the trackers, Ulmia still in shock follows not knowing 
what else to do. As the door closes, Yoran stands there completely in 
shock not knowing what has happened, next to him is Shantotto enjoying 
it all.

Meanwhile Louverance returns to Tavnazia to speak with Despachiare, 
where he explains the situation so far. Despachiare thinks about to an 
old painting he saw in the cathedral long ago. Found deep within Uggalepih, 
it was said it depicted a verse of a legendary song – the ancients and 
their attempted to open the gates of paradise. It showed a gate of light 
hovering over a grand city, the gatekeeper roaring in the heavens. Taking 
the form of a mighty dragon, its 4 limbs were bound by mighty shackles. 
In fact, as he recalls, it wasn’t until Cardinal Mildaurian first looked 
upon it did the city in it get a name – Al’taieu. As punishment for 
defying the will of the gods they city was destroyed and banished to the 
bottom of the north sea. After the cardinal revealed the paintings legend, 
many songs were written about it. Despachiare explains that before coming 
to Tavnazia the cardinal was a priest who had wondered the outlands 
searching for spiritual enlightenment. Perhaps this is where she learned 
the information she preached, for after a time several mithra began 
arriving in Tavnazia looking for her. They demanded the paintings the 
cardinal had brought them, saying they were rightfully theirs and had 
been taken by pirates. While unable to remember the trackers names, he 
remembered that they used the title “Sinhunters”, assassins of the grand 
chieftaness. In fact it had been reported that one was in the area recently. 
Louverance decides to look into this new information and visit the mithran 
chieftaness, Perih Vashai in Windurst. 

In the taru city, Louverance meets with Perih who explains she, nor the 
trackers, would know about the city in the painting, but that the trackers 
came to demand the atonement for the sins of the Tavnazian cardinal, which 
were related to the picture. It was stolen from the Uggalepih and a tracker 
was sent to find it. When she did a deal was struck. The cardinal claimed 
she knew of the duty of the tracker and stated she personally had the 
prepared the means to carry it out in Tavnazia. The tracker has no choice 
and accepted, and Vana’diels fate was placed in the hands of its peoples. 
The duty she spoke of was the mithra’s ancient purpose – to awaken the gods. 
After the ancient race had tried to open the portal to paradise, the 
emptiness flowed from the “wound”. The peoples of the planet decided to 
stop it, and would use the divine tears of Altana to push it back, but a 
battle over the 5th crystal’s power ensued between Bahamut and the king 
of people. Those who survived used the power of the sleeping gods to heal 
the wounded land. The giant crystals around Vana’diel hidden from site – 
those are the resting places of the gods. Awakening these gods to heal our 
land is the role the cardinal attempted to fill. Louverance stands back in 
shock, confused that the mithra legend of origin would be so drastically 
different than that of the elvaan. Saddened by this dead ends, Louverance 
sulks off, thinking perhaps his luck has finally run out. Just then a taru 
runs down the path towards him screaming that he has been searching for him. 
He hands him an item, which he repaired for him since his last visit. Also 
he says that his “nemesis” Goldmane the bounty hunter is looking for him, 
and was last seen in a small island to the south. Louverance realizing his 
luck might not have run out just yet, heads to the southern islands to find 

On the islands to the south, Louverance finds an old orc war machine all 
alone on an island. As he approaches it activates and begins to move towards 
him. Quickly slicing it with his sword, 3 mandragoras pop out the hole in 
the machine. It quickly turns out that they are under the control of small 
taru, named Vukki-Chebukki (yes, it looks like he’s the real father of our 
favorite taru triplets). Could this be Goldmane?! 
The two seem to know each other very well, and threaten each other based on 
their past. In their arguments Louverance lets the taru know that Tavnazia is 
still filled with people. Vukki stops fighting and his interest becomes 
peaked. Louverance explains all that has happened so far, and Vukki cheers 
at the people’s safety, but Louverance isn’t so sure they will be. It was 
after all, the people who were saving them, that betrayed them so many years 
ago. The taru asks what he must do to help, and Louverance replies they must 
shed the light on the purpose – the REAL purpose of the allied army hidden 
behind the confusion of the Crystal War. He will also call for the 
restoration of Tavnazia as a nation. Vukki laughs, but Louverance insists 
he has control of the successor of the Tavnazian Marquisate as well as 
preparations to receive funds and troops from certain wealthy family. He 
will not only do that, but find the last hidden artifact of Tavnazia and 
the path to Al’taieu. It soon becomes apparent the Vukki’s reason for being 
there is he was sent on a secret mission from the Tavnazia cathedral to 
find the path to the celestial capital, but never found it. All they 
discovered was that the way to the capital is told in legend to open once 
every 100 years. Using the item the he received from the taru in Windurst, 
he uses it to see the truth in Vukki’s words. He receives a vision…
The statue of Promathia in the Sacarium! Could it have been from Al’taieu?!

Having traveled to the northlands, now deep within the ruins of Pso’xja, 
Tenzen finds himself standing before a giant device. He turns it on 
device, and his sword begins to resonate. Phoenix calls to him and tells 
him to return to the place they first met Selh’teus. 
Tenzen heads back to Jeuno to speak with Dr. Monberaux, who informs him 
that while he hasn’t found much information since last they met that the 
eyes of the guards in town tell much and unsettled rumors of the end of 
the world are about. Monberaux has come to believe that the girl Prishe 
must be connected, but Tenzen rebuffs the idea, trying to get the doctor 
to focus on other problems. Monberaux explains that the ducal guards are 
talking of an attack on Bahamut. Yes, he threatens us with the apocalypse 
but is he not also the world’s keeper, like all avatars? He even sent a 
letter to Wolfgang to try to convince Esha’ntarl to join their cause.
Tenzen replies the three nations have no defense against Bahamut’s attack, 
the only hope is to find him before he attacks. Before he leaves, Tenzen 
asks where the boy was originally found. Monberaux says it was deep in 
Delkfutts tower. 

In the Palace of the Duchy, Esha’ntarl and Wolfgang hear word of the 
events that have transpired over the last few days. Just then Nag’molada 
enters in a huff, blaming his loss of the boy on Prishe, and how his 
plans would have worked if not for her. One of the zilart guards remarks 
that Selh’teus is foolish for not knowing their quest for paradise had 
ended long ago and what happened to the capital. Nag’molada chuckles 
under his breath, perhaps it is we who do not know he replies. He proposes 
an expedition be sent to Al’taieu, but Esha’ntarl says no, that he must 
go to the goblin city, she will deal with the boy. They proceed to scold 
him for his brash impudence. Nag’molada pleas that the boy is now more 
powerful than they know, but again Esha’ntarl quiets him. She says they 
Nag’molada doesn’t need to find the boy, he will come to him. She then 
reveals that she has Prishe’s amulet.   

Wolfgang during this time, sits outside the Palace starring at the 
letter his old friend had sent him. On the back, he notices a map. He 
recognizes it as a location in Battalia Downs, where long ago two boys, 
best of friends and troublemakers, found a shard of blue glass. It was 
just a shard from a bottle, but to them it was treasure. Looking 
through the glass, the two saw the world in a new light. But one day, 
they decided to explore the world. Though they explored barely into 
the Downs, for the young kids it was the farthest they had ever explored. 
Gazing onto Jeuno from the distance through the glass they realized its 
beauty anew. But soon one of the boys realized Jeuno looked beautiful 
with or without the glass. They decided to bury the glass there, at 
that spot. 
Wolfgang decides to walk to the spot he and his friend used to visit so 
long ago. He kneels down and behind him Monberaux appears. The two 
friends, once again at their favorite spot. Together they begin to laugh 
and joke over who really owned the glass. Wolfgang admits that he had 
come to rebury that glass, cause he had dug it up long ago. But just now 
realized what was more important than who had their old treasure. 
Monberaux smiles as Wolfgang begins to head to Jeuno. In the distance 
he shouts back that he lost his key to Delkfutt’s Tower, and hopes he 
didn’t end up burying it too. With a smile, Monberaux digs up the key 
but leaves the glass – for 2 little boys to look after – for a little 

With the key given to him by Monberaux, Tenzen easily enters the deeper 
regions of the tower. As he opens the door, Nag’molada enters behind 
him, saying he has important business here as well. He explains the 
contraption here is what keeps the 5 crystals slumbering. The crystals 
are connected by 5 crystals lines, which connect to this point. Tenzen 
deduces that since the Wyrmking came near it’s lines and messed up the 
lines and the boy appeared here, perhaps he can move through the lines. 
And the only way that would be possible is if an avatar aided him. 
Nag’molada explains that it’s unfortunate for Tenzen he did not get 
to Pso’xja before it was activated. The ruins were a home to the 
Kuluu, however at the onset of the Kuluu war with the Zilart, the 
terrestrial avatars lent their power to them and helped transform it 
into an impenetrable stronghold. Deep below is a device that blocks 
the flow of the crystal lines, which is what Esah’ntarl has activated. 
Nag’molada, now apparently out of the loop of the Duchy’s activities 
has come here to find out why. The Zilart were a telepathic people, 
and the bonds between them were unbreakable. Those born without the 
whisper were the Kuluu. It was this ability to ascertain truth 
through other means that helped them live through the calamity. 
Tenzen shouts that they must hurry and stop Selh’teus if he knew 
this all along. Nag’molada calmly laughs and says the boy is not 
the problem. He was the one who stopped the Zilart before and is 
only seeking to do the same thing again. The Zilart, the boy, even 
the avatars sins will deface Vana’diel. Tenzen asks why they must 
fight the avatars then if the boy is the enemy. Nag’molada replies 
that Selh’teus is doing the same thing he did 10,000 years ago. By 
touching the crystals he could sap their power and let the emptiness 
flow forth. Tenzen then questions, if the boy has only come recently, 
why has the emptiness been in his land before then. Nag’molada 
explains that the Zilart’s reactivation of the crystals to recover 
Tu’lia had done so. The capitals sinking had changed the 5th 
crystal and when activated it sent back a strange signal. But 
when the gate of the gods is opened all will be returned to their 
former state and the emptiness will vanish. All that stands in 
the way is the wretched terrestrial avatars. Tenzen tells him to 
stop his lies, but Nag’molada continues. Saying Tenzen is nothing 
more than a puppet bound in the chains of promathia. When the 
gate opens, our world will be no more, but what will happen after, 
had he ever thought of that? Vana’diel is pain – this world is all 
they know. The avatars use them, because they are born of this 
world and bound to it – if it is gone – so are they. Nag’molada 
turns and activates a console on the machine. He suddenly sees a 
image of Esha’ntarl rising from a bright light in some form of 
Zilart device, which he recognizes as the Chamber of Eventide. It 
suddenly becomes clear to him, and he runs off. Still standing 
there, Tenzen is furious with what he has been told and questions 
Phoenix. The only reply he gets is to seek out Fenrir in the north.

Now in Attowha Chasm, Prishe and Ulmia follow the trackers to 
another mithra. Saying her name is Shikaree Z, she tells Prishe 
that she is accused of grave crimes. They say she and the 
cardinal have planned to resurrect Promathia, with the song of 
Ulmia and use the Magicite’s power. They decide now is the time 
for their judgment, and all the mithra attack. But with amazing 
power Prishe beats them all back. Shikaree can’t believe it. 
Prishe says she seeks to save everyone just like them, the 
cardinal wanted to do the same that is why she tried to bring 
back Promathia. If they want Prishe to pay for that, she will, 
but she will pay for it herself. Shikaree tells her the Star of 
Tavnazia which was held by the church was taken from the beastmen 
long ago in their home to the north of San d’Oria. Prishe decides 
that is their next destination. Shikaree joins on to lead the two.  

Once again returning to Pso’Xja, Tenzen searches the ruins once 
again for the location of Fenrir. And, again, Tenzen stumbles 
upon a strange device. A glowing orb floats through the room and 
stops before him. Tenzen greets it, as the disembodied Fenrir. 
His strength has begun to fade. Tenzen tells him a great 
misfortune has befallen Vana’diel, four of the mother crystals 
power is gone and now overtaken by the emptiness. To save the 
world he seeks the avatars help. Fenrir replies that he chooses 
the path of the avatars, the path of the children of the dawn, 
to live and die – the path of people. Suddenly Tenzen is given 
a vision of the past, 10,000 years ago to be exact. It is in 
Sarutabaruta, where Fenrir stands before a group of what Tenzen 
can only discern is “our ancestors”. Fenrir scolds them saying 
that they accepted the twilight, yet still choose to remain in 
this world. The light of the crystals has begun to fade, the 
chaos is upon them. There is nothing more he can do, but there 
is still time before the pact will be fulfilled…so live their 
lives before the end.
From the crowd, one woman steps forwards, a familiar face – 
Esha’ntarl. She claims their fate is still undecided, and 
requests a new destiny. Fenrir himself is now confused, the 
destiny of everyone is already written, past and future. Esha’ntarl 
agrees, but says she has traveled to her homeland and the dying 
Selh’teus has spoken to her. He tells her that darkness grown in 
the hearts of men will bring a dark keeper, the keeper of the 
apocalypse. This person will lead us unto the twilight, but if the 
keeper is defeated the pact will be broken. Fenrir acknowledges 
this, but you can only succeed by first breaking the chains that 
bind your people, he replies. Selh’teus is gone, who is there 
left to do this?
Esha’ntarl offers herself, saying she has found the answer to the 
riddle. Selh’teus told her what he was trying to accomplish 
because he wished for her to continue the work. Fenrir is taken 
back, she is the one who escaped the curse?! Even his readings 
could not predict this crossing of destinies. She has broken 
free of the circle of life, she will watch over man till the end 
comes, but when it does – still there is nothing she can do. She 
will be powerless and witness the death of everyone. She says if 
she knows where the keeper will appear, she can stop it. But 
Fenrir warns her of how hard it will be. Esha’ntarl accepts and 
he gives her one last bit of information. After 10,000 years the 
keeper will rise, in a land called Tavnazia.
Tenzen’s expression suddenly turns to one of horror. 
10,000 years…
The Abhorrent One…

Tenzen immediately returns to Cid. He is the first back. He 
informs him of what has transpired, and Cid says he now at 
least understands the strange readings he got from the Crags. 
Cid says while it sounded impossible before, perhaps they 
could open a gate to paradise. Until they find out what this 
paradise is, however, they must keep the Zilart in check. 
Tenzen agrees, but they have more important things to deal 
with. Namely the keeper, who Tenzen believes now to be Prishe, 
even if she is unaware of it. Cid stops him from continuing, 
and doing anything crazy. Tenzen concedes saying he will go to 
Jeuno and see the situation there. Following him to the door 
to see him off, Cid closes the doors to wonder if he’s in over 
his head this time. If Jeuno is the Zilart, then their armies 
would be a problem, not to mention Tenzen who comes from a land 
few know of, even the Tenshodo seem to know little. It is a dark 
time. Who speaks the truth and who peddles lies is becoming 
harder and harder to tell.

Meanwhile in the snowy regions to the north, Prishe seems to 
have gotten ahead of her group again and finds herself 
standing over a strange reflection pool. She wonders why the 
beastmen would bring a piece of magicite here. She says that 
the piece of magicite Cid received was indeed from the Star 
of Tavnazia. An allied expedition came here 30 years ago with 
it, and its members were poisoned by the voice of darkness 
sealed in that stone. That’s why they all went loopy. 
“Give into they desires .. return to thy true self” it uttered.
That voice is within us all she says, turning to face Louverance 
who had secretly been following them as well as looking for 
Al’taeiu. He steps from the shadows and asks what it all means. 
Was it Promathia speaking to them? Something about him, seemed
off to Prishe though. It looked like Louverance, but his face
mask was different. Introducing himself again he added that
he is the grandson of Francmage, the royal  San ‘dOrian knight 
on the expedition. Prishe gives him a look, but says she knows
all about him, and wonders if he managed to avenge his 
grandfather’s death. He questions how she would know that, 
but Prishe just laughs it off. There are more pressing matters.
Here is where the divinity of darkness lies, and what the 
mithra believe is Promathia. Louverance says he’s here to 
investigate this very fact. The legends of the islands say 
that the divinity of darkness slumbers here and at some point 
the Shadow Lord followed the dark voice here. The divinity of 
darkness then created his army of demons (Kindred) for him. 
Prishe says she thinks she understands, but Louverance demands 
to know what she thinks. Just then Shikaree and Ulmia run into 
the cave, and Prishe notices a strange dark crystal laying in 
some rubble on the far side of the cavern. The dark crystal – 
the magicite from the failed mission! It become clear that the
Divinty of Darkness is nothing more than the piece of black
magicite lost by the group driven mad by Promathia's call from
within. Prishe runs to it, and suddenly the crystal flies into 
the air, hovering above her. Prishe unbuttons her shirt and the 
crystal floats down to her. In a flash of light Prishe’s voice 
echoes “welcome home”. 
When everyone can see again, Prishe has vanished. Ulmia and 
Shikaree quickly run down the pathway, trying to find where 
she may have gone. Louverance sneaks out another way, with work 
of his own to do. 

Back in Jeuno, Cid continues to work on his secret projects, 
when Ulmia and Shikaree enter. They tell him of the events 
that took place and even they shock him. Shikaree explains 
that her representative on the mission north took a 
fragment of the magicite they lost back to her homeland. 
They then realized it’s dark powers. But she never told 
them where it came from, and many other missions were sent 
around, but unsuccessful in finding a location. It was 
while looking for a relic on another mission in Uggalepih 
they discovered what they had been searching for. At this 
time they met with the cardinal of Tavnazia who showed them 
the “star”. They demanded it be put away from the people’s 
eyes, but she wouldn’t listen. She said it was necessary to 
awaken the gods. Cid, tries to offer another suggestion, 
but Ulmia backs up her story, having been in the choir and 
taught the songs to awaken the gods. Cid asks if the song 
Prishe used to help Selh’teus escape was the same, if all 
of it has been song then are they too late? Shikaree says 
no, indeed there is a 5th verse, but it is only known to 
the gods. But..
If someone inquired with a god, perhaps the one in the 
magicite the demons came from in the northlands, or 
possibly the woman in Sel-
But Shikaree cuts herself short and asks to take her leave.
Ulmia says she still wishes to search for Prishe, but Cid 
says if she does, she must do it before the mithra trackers 
find her. But, for now, he will have Tenshodo look around 
the world for her, Ulmia should stay put in Bastok. As she 
leaves the room, he is about to speak up, but refrains 
from telling her what Tenzen has learned. 

Deep within Movalpolos the Moblins are greeted by Selh’teus, 
whom they soon come to believe is the reincarnation of 
Promathia. They jump about and promise to take him to the 
“sparkly place.” From a distance, Louverance watches. 
Apparently his tips as to the location of the boy have paid 
off. Suddenly a large galka appears behind him, questioning 
who he is and why he’s here. The galka says his name is 
Jabbos, he has for many ages lived with the moblins in peace, 
but not they act strangely. He asks Louverance who the young 
boy with them is. Louverance replies, and Jabbos explains 
that the Moblins praise the twilight god, and attack the 
children of altana. Louverance says he can’t allow that, 
but Jabbos insists he can handle them. Just then, 3 sets of 
tiny feet come marching into the large open area of the 
underground city. The Chebukki’s fight amongst each other 
claiming they shouldn’t have taken the shortcut, and to 
their shock see Selh’teus and decide to catch him. Louverance 
refusing to let them get the boy runs after them. Just then 
Jabbos throws a flash grenade into middle of the action, 
and when everyone awakes they find themselves caged in a 
prison. The Chebukki’s demand freedom as delegates of Jeuno, 
but the moblins refuse to listen. Jabbos tells everyone to 
calm down, and tells the moblins they have been tricked and 
that the boy cannot be Promathia, there is no crystal in his 
chest, like the statue. The moblins look around and agree 
that it’s not possible, and Jabbos scolds them saying that 
they weren’t even created by Promathia anyway. The moblins 
jump about in anger saying he’s been warped by outsiders, by 
bad people. Growing hungry, the moblins decide maybe a taru 
snack would be nice, but the Chebukki’s say that if they are 
eaten they can give the moblins what they have found. A 
statue of Promathia. The moblins look about themselves, but 
behind them, Selh’teus ignores their conversation and 
continues on deeper into the mines. The Moblins turn and 
quickly follow him. Jabbos takes this as his cue to open the 
cell doors and the Chebukki’s run after the moblins. 
Louverance asks Jabbos to come with him back to Bastok and 
explain what is going on, and he agrees. There is much 
troubling him about what Selh’teus is doing here with 
the moblins.

In Bastok, once again Cid is hard at work when the doors 
to his lab burst open. This time it is Cornelia, the 
president’s daughter, who explains that moblins have attacked 
one of the restaurants in Port Bastok. They were driven away, 
but some guests were injures. Cid asks if Hilda (his “secret 
love” from Bastok quests) is ok. Just then Louverance enters 
and explains that Jabbos was at the location of the attack 
and has been kidnapped, and they need to get him back quick! 
Cid inquires who he is, and Louverance explains he’s a galka 
who for the last 100 years has been watching over the 
moblins keeping them at peace with the world. Raibaht, 
Cid’s galkan assistant says that Jabbos left his people a 
long time ago and threw away his identity, he’s now no 
worse than the moblins. But Louverance insists they need 
his help.

Back in Movalpolos Louverance finds Jabbos standing alone 
deep within the city. Asking why he has returned to this 
place when there is nothing left to say, Jabbos walks away. 
He says not to worry, he will convince the moblins, but he 
only needs more time. Louverance say if he’s been trying 
for 100 years they aren’t going to change now. They were 
born of a different seed, he remarks. They will never 
understand our logic, and we will never understand theirs. 
There are few individuals on both sides who learn to feel 
for the other, but when a species unite as one, their 
“nature” takes over. The will of the group overrides that 
of the individual. Their will is their destiny, it cannot 
be altered. They will never betray Selh’teus cause that is 
the will of their species, the same will Promathia, which 
he gave to Selh’teus 10,000 years ago. Jabbos shakes he 
head no, they were tricked. They are just merely blind. 
Long ago the goblins were given a legend that when they 
found an “iron giant bathed in light” they would be given 
limitless power. A faction of goblins known as moblins 
began digging in a desperate search for this power. But 
what they found wasn’t a iron giant, but a stone statue. 
They believed this was what they had been searching for. 
However, no matter how much they prayed or sacrificed to 
the statue it gave them nothing in return. To learn why, 
they began kidnapping people of all races and ransacking 
towns and villages to find an answer. He decided at this 
time, that as a great galka warrior he would stop them, 
and to learn of this statue. When he gained their favor, 
he learned the statue they worshiped was that of Promathia, 
which he told the moblins hoping they would change their 
ways. But, the moblins took this new information and warped 
it into their beliefs, saying that Promathia must have been 
the one who told the to find the statue of him – thus their 
creator. With this new god, they decided their new destiny 
was to hate, and destroy all of the dawn goddess’s people 
and creations. This is why he remains with them, to repent 
and convince them of this misunderstanding. Louverance tells 
him he need not remain here, eventually they will understand. 
But Jabbos again says no, a San d’Orian priest told him the 
legend was wrong, the moblins were not born of the god. 
Louverane questions why the church would deny it’s own 
Jabbos recalls a story of how the priest told him that 
the twilight god had died long before the beastmen were 
born. But he will return and bring an end to the world. 
This priest, she also told him to continue searching for 
the true iron giant with the moblins. When he found it, the 
slumbering gods would show him the truth. Then she left, 
taking the statue of Promathia with her. With the statue 
gone the moblins began to dig again, in search of the iron 
giant. It was then they found a small passage to a giant 
crystal, one that breaths light into Vana’diel.

Just then the moblins appear from the shadows the freak 
out about what Jabbos has told Louverance, he had lied 
to them. Moblins never tell lies! He admits yes he did, 
but he couldn’t believe they were children of Promathia. 
The moblins in disgust say goodbye to their former friend, 
telling him never to come back. Jabbos sulks away broken 
hearted, but Louverance stops him. If he comes to help him 
and his allies, maybe he can help his moblin friends! Just 
as the moblins are bound to the chains of promathia, so are 
all living things. If the chains are merely part of the 
twilight gods curse, then possibly what he said is true, 
and the moblins are not children of the dark god, but 
simply diseased by his evil will. Jabbos takes a second, 
but agrees, he will meet with Cid.

In Cid’s lab, the two explain the situation and Cid deduces 
that the keeper must be the reincarnation of the twilight god. 
If this is so, they are going to have to fight him, and that 
isn’t what he wanted to happen at all. Cid asks where the boy 
is, but Jabbos says he is gone. But the moblins continue to dig 
and widen the path to the crystal for him. Perhaps he will 
return there. Cid decides it would be wise to watch the moblins 
to see their next move. Louverance agrees, but says to let them 
finish. Once they are done, the boy will return and they can 
catch him then. Cid says ok, but doesn’t like the idea. But, he 
has more important things to work on, like his new project. 
Word has reached him that Bahamut now gathers his forces high 
in the clouds beyond where any airship can go. Louverance asks 
him is he’s intending on making modifications to his newly 
designed “C.I.D” ship he used to transport Prishe and Ulmia here 
from Tavnazia. Cid hints that he is, but that it will take him. 
He asks Louverance to keep an eye on the moblins with Jabbos. 
Before they leave, Louverance asks about Prishe, questioning if 
she has come back, as he learned mithran “sinhunters” were looking 
for her. Cid explains what Ulmia has learned, and that Prishe 
has the star of tavnazia. The two to try and think why she 
would do something of this nature, and suddenly Ulmia and Cornelia 
burst into the room. Prishe has been spotted in Jeuno!
The Tenshodo operatives told her there was a warrant out for her 
arrest, but she didn’t listen. Why would she go there and risk 
being captured?! Ulmia believe she has come to meet with someone..
She runs out of the room to the port, to head to Jeuno. Cid tells 
Raibaht to find Tenzen and tell him to meet everyone at the port. 
Louverance and Jabbos should go as well, he will send musketeers 
to look after the moblins. Everyone needs to get to Jeuno to 
find Prishe! 


In Jeuno the group arrives to discover Prishe has handed herself over
 to the Ducal Guards. Ulmia can’t believe she would do such a thing. 
Luckily the government is occupied with other matters for the moment. 
Perhaps they can use this time to find Prishe and convince her to come 
with them. Tenzen enters deciding they need to form some kind of plan, 
so Ulmia needs to come to the Tavern in Upper Jeuno; it appears Aldo 
has secured it for some time. Inside the tavern the entire tale of all 
the separate adventures is revealed. Tenzen can hardly believe it is 
all possible. Ulmia finally shows up and Tenzen explains all they have 
learned. Of course they have tried to refute this conclusion and find 
another explanation. But they know the boy has come to thwart the plans 
of the ancients and steal the light of the crystals. They also learned 
of the divinity that ruled over the kindred is not Promathia after all, 
but just a fragment of the black material. But the moblins heard from 
the divinity of darkness that the keeper of the apocalypse has already 
arisen, and surely Ulmia has seen the black magicite within Prishe’s 
chest. According to legend, the stone contains the emptiness of the 
Twilight God, Promathia. Tenzen then tells her what Carbuncle and 
Fenrir revealed – the keeper was born in Tavnazia. Ulmia steps back 
in shock, she refuses to believe what they are implying. She has been 
friends with Prishe since before Tavnazia’s destruction...
She can’t be the keeper!
Ulmia pleas to them that she has never met a person more pure of heart, 
with such faith and courage. How could the keeper of the apocalypse 
urge Diabolos to save the world? Tenzen pauses, it doesn’t seem to make 
sense at all. But if they had time and knowledge they could rescue 
Prishe from this destiny.  But they are running out of time. Bahamut 
and his minions must be stopped. Shikaree says that if the cardinal 
is still alive they believe she will use Prishe to awaken the Twilight 
God. Jabbos says that when Promathia awakes there will be no stopping 
the moblins; they will be surely waging his war. Ulmia still in shock 
refuses to help them hurt Prishe and storms out of the tavern. Shikaree 
says the first thing they must do is fine Prishe, it’s better to just 
let Ulmia be. Louverance offers to call on some old friends for help.

Ulmia wanders through Ru’lude Gardens starring into the courtyard, 
trying to decide what she should do. Understanding what her allies 
Understanding Bahamut wants to destroy the world...
And understanding they wish to rescue Prishe from her destiny...
She still feels wrong. But if Diabolos is right, they cannot save both 
the world and its people. She wonders why he called Prishe into his 
dream world at all; did he know she was the keeper all along? Did 
the cardinal know this too? Is this why Prishe has the amulet? So 
many questions… but still...
Prishe has mentioned privately when she collapsed in Jeuno earlier 
in their adventure that she felt a presence through the amulet. She 
mentioned it felt like the cardinal, she was sure of it. Ulmia  
questioned if Prishe thought the cardinal was the one who took the 
amulet, but why would she take back the gift she gave her? But, Prishe 
mentioned the cardinal always watched over the amulet, always making 
sure Prishe didn’t get in trouble. The cardinal told Prishe that an old 
friend has returned and she needed it. But as long as they were in Jeuno 
they were safe. Ulmia questioned that if that were the case she would 
have now known of the survivors of Tavnazia, but the cardinal had yet 
to make herself known. She did not come to help them. Prishe disagrees, 
the cardinal left Tavnazia to her.  Ulmia wondered what she meant, but 
there conversation was cut off by visitors. Ulmia stares down into the 
courtyard, still thinking about her conversation. What could the cardinal 
have entrusted Prishe with? Surely not the resurrection of the Twilight 
Ulmia decides she needs me answers and goes to find answers on her own. 
She’s going to need all the help she can get if she’s to stop madness 
from engulfing the world.

Meanwhile in the palace, Wolfgang finishes plans to prepare the fleet 
for launch, but he received word that trouble has finally hit home. 
The duke and his brother have now been reported missing, and have been 
gone for some time. Now also Lady Esha’ntarl and Nag’molada are missing 
too. Also, 3 tarutaru have stolen one of the airships.

Overlooking the sea in Tavnazia, Esha’ntarl looks out into the water. 
She says that even if the crystal line is cut, as long as people exist 
there will be life on Vana’diel. The memories of the crystal will endure. 
There is nothing anyone can do to change that. We are all born from the 
light of the crystal, and we return to that luminescence when we die. 
Suddenly a voice echoes in her head. 
"People are also born of darkness, and return to it. The opposites of 
light and dark, both are held within you. You are born from the light 
that illuminates all, and then slowly devoured by the emptiness that 
desires only oblivion. This is the cycle begun by the goddess o the dawn. 
The cycle created for the sake of the twilight god, Promathia.”
Esha’ntarl turns around to see Selh’teus. 
She says now after 10,000 years it is time for them to discover why 
their paths have crossed again. The pact he made with the avatars has 
been honored; the coming of the keeper was prevented…
Yet Bahamut does not hold it complete.
Is it true that unless the keeper is freed from the cycle of the mother 
crystal the pact cannot be considered fulfilled?
Selh'teus remains silent.
She offers him a chance to speak to her, through the amulet she possesses, 
to connect their souls. 
“Let us finally walk the same path that has brought us here over the span 
of 10,000 years. For Vana’diel, for the future.”
He touches the amulet and in a bright flash of light the two seem to 
connect to each other. Suddenly Selh’teus vanishes and Esha’ntarl falls 
to the ground. 
Before her stands Nag’molada fuming with anger the boy has once again 
escaped him. The Chebukki’s stand behind him cowering. He steps forward 
toward the collapsed Armathrwn member. Nag’molada finally believes he 
understands Esha’ntarl. Was that her plan to use the testament of 
affinity to link their souls? Did she mean to have her soul overtaken 
as did Prishe? 
He pauses…
No, the plan must have been to make it appear as if she was possessed…
A way to protect herself?
An excuse for letting him escape?
Nag’molada’s thoughts become erratic and paranoid.
Esha’ntarl remains silent watching a man she thought she knew slip 
slowly into a strange madness. Nag’molada laughs, that she is exactly 
what he’d expect from a Zilart, no silly attempts at denial. But then 
again, he has learned the truth from the mother crystals. She was 
originally Kuluu, as was he. The chamber of eventide was created by 
Yve’noile for the Kuluu to restore their whisper of souls. He should have 
realized it when Bahamut mentioned that name. Was he correct in assuming 
that the Zilart interfered in the investigation of Al'taieu to hide the 
fact of it's completion. Was his Kuluu talent for negotiation valuable 
after all?
Esha’ntarl tells him the chamber; along with the capital were destroyed 
10,000 years ago. No matter how much she explains, she feels he just wont 
believe her, but even the Zilart know it to be true. Nag’molada says when 
the capital was enfolded in the energy of the crystal; the power of the 
avatars was absorbed into the city. The event caused and anomaly in space 
and time, bringing them from the ancient past to the present day…
Or so he current theory goes. As a Kuluu he does not presume to speak for 
the beliefs of the Zilart, but he has received some fascinating insights 
from Diabolos. The avatar claims the capital exits even now, beyond the 5th 
crystal! And that the Zilart people are still in the city, alive and well. 
This information must be verified! He will travel there himself and see, 
then use the chamber of eventide and achieve immortality…
That which was grated to Esha’ntarl!

She stands, confronting Nag’molada. His longing to become a Zilart has 
led him to betray the Kuluu. But he must listen to her; he should not go 
to the capital. Selh’teus warned it, it is no longer the home they once 
knew. It is now a tainted and forbidden place. Nag’molada refuses to believe 
her. Esha’ntarl offers the amulet Selh’teus touched to see for himself, 
but he refuses. Why would he do that? So he can let the traitor take over 
his mind too? He raises his hand towards her, deciding while it’s not what 
he wants, for the moment he will have to enjoy watching her die. He will 
just say Selh’teus killed her. Esha’ntarl begs him to wait; she will give 
him anything he wants. Nag’molada laughs. She was certainly born a Kuluu, 
but my how far she has fallen. She looks up at him, with a smile on her 
face. She is not the one who has fallen. 
Suddenly a giant warp bubble appears around Nag’molada and in an instant 
he disappears. Behind him are the Chebukki’s finishing their spell casting.
Esha’ntarl thanks them for their help; they appear to have finally shown 
some good judgment. However, Selh’teus is gone, and she still has much to 
learn. But he did show her the capital…
Could it be?
Suddenly the clouds rip apart above her as a dragon soars by. Esha’ntarl 
looks up…
Perhaps she understands now. The battle with the wyrms is about to begin. 
A meaningless war will soon be set in motion. 
Suddenly she feels the voice within her head again.
“There is no other choice but to fight… great Goddess Altana… bless us 
with the victory we need.”

In Jeuno word reaches the Ducal Guard that Esha’ntarl has returned. It 
is now time for the armada to take flight. Ulmia watches on, but suddenly 
hears the cries of three familiar voices. She turns to see the Chebukkis, 
balling their eyes out. One of the guards Pheimociel explains that even 
though they claim they were following orders, they still broke the law, 
just as Nag’molada has done.  Ulmia follows them asking why they are so down, 
when the rumor has it that they are being considered as heroes for bringing 
Esha’ntarl. The Chebukki triplets brighten up and laugh; of course they’re 
heroes, and the perfect candidates for future Jeuno beauracracy. But just 
then Prishe appears from behind them. The 3 taru cower in the corner crying 
as Prishe scolds them, wondering why she ever put them in charge of Tavnazia 
when she left. They better get their act together, or she’ll kick them into 
next watersday. Ulmia looks on in shock, her friend is perfectly fine. She 
doesn’t seem to be in trouble at all! Prishe tells the Chebukkis they need 
to look out for the people of Tavnazia, and keep people like Ulmia safe. 
Prishe apologizes to Ulmia for her actions of late as well and tells her 
she should follow her to the audience chamber in the palace, something 
needs to be said.

In the audience chamber, Esha’ntarl greets Ulmia and Prishe. Ulmia rushes 
forward, her eyes wide open, as if she has seen a ghost. Esha’ntarl… is 
Cardinal Mildaurion?!?
What’s going on?!? Ulmia asks. Esha’ntarl replies she is sorry for the 
deception, and while she wishes she could explain, there is no time for 
lengthy explanations, but there are some things they must know. 10,000 
years ago, she was born in Al’taieu under the name Esha’ntarl, not 
Mildaurion. Nag’molada and the other members of the Armathrwn Society 
that controls Jeuno are just like her, an ancient race of people – 
recently awoken after a long sleep. But she was different, she was blessed 
with the gift of immortality. She used this gift to pledge her life to 
bring about the fruition of a pact made between Selh’teus and the terrestrial 
avatars. After the passing of 10,000 years a child of destiny would be born 
in a fated land - The keeper of apocalypse, the one she had sworn to destroy 
in the pact.  
She had spent many years preparing for the keepers coming, but along that 
time she found a warning. It said that destroying the keeper will only set 
the darkness free to reincarnate in another body. To break the cycle, 
darkness itself must be obliterated. It must be erased from the place where 
all life comes from, and returns – the mother crystals. To fully eradicate 
the darkness, the keeper must be destroyed, not in the form of a human, but 
that of a god. That is why she conceived that plan to use the lay of 
immortals to resurrect Promathia. 
The prophecy of “resurrection and destruction” suddenly becomes very clear 
to Ulmia. Prishe continues, the plan had failed, however. At the baptismal 
ceremony, having her strings pulled by Promathia at the time, a freak 
accident occurred. The emptiness stored in her as the keeper reacted to the 
baptismal vessel (the eye of Altana) and sealed it all away inside of her 
in the form of black magicite.  
Her world flipped upside down, she was suddenly able to read peoples 
thoughts, and like Esha’ntarl, she was forever trapped at her current age 
– a pure immortal.
Ulmia wonders if its true then, is she really the keeper. Things must be 
different now…
She can’t be the keeper anymore!
The two remain silent. 
Ulmia steps back. She can’t believe it, nothing has changed...
What will become of Prishe, she questions. 
Esha’ntarl says judging by the actions of Bahamut, the keeper is still amongst 
the living, and so far there are no other candidates. Prishe adds that he 
wishes to destroy her in the form of Promathia – it was Diabolos who let her 
in on this destiny as the keeper.
It is her fate to be destroyed, along side the magicite, and set adrift from 
the cycle of the mother crystals. 
Ulmia refuses to accept it; it’s a fate far too horrible for her friend. 
Prishe begs her to listen, she’s come this far. They already heard 4 of the 
5 verses. If they learn all 5, they can stand without fear before Bahamut 
AND Promathia.
Ulmia still refuses to acknowledge this new turn of events. 
Esha’ntarl steps forward, saying Prishe will not be doing anything of the 
sort. The last verse is still unknown and at the moment, all they can do is 
pit the power of the Jeuno armada against Bahamut. Just then Wolfgang appears 
saying the fleet is finally ready. Esha’ntarl gives a solemn smile to her 
friends and takes her leave. She pauses, and tells them to leave Jeuno as 
quickly as they can, before it becomes a war zone. They should head home and 
protect Tavnazia the best way they know how. She exits, leaving behind a 
stunned Ulmia and her friend. As Ulmia leaves the audience chamber still 
in a state of shock, Prishe tells her that she won’t let it end like this. 
She has a duty! Prishe begs Ulmia to help her; there is someone in Selbina 
who knows the 5th verse. Although her memory is a bit “shoddy”, she could 
still help them. Just then Louverance steps out from the shadows. He admits 
to have been spying on them and overheard it all. He too knows the girl 
which they speak of. Perhaps he possesses something that can revive her past.

In Selbina, Ulmia and Louverance stumble upon a girl whom she recognizes. A 
girl she knew long ago in the choir, the only child who could sing like her. 
Yes, it must be her! Emeline! Aldo’s younger sister!
They stop her from her work, but the girls memory is indeed “shoddy”. She 
listens to their story, but claims to have no clue what they speak of. Her 
name is Mathilde and they have to be mistaken. She’s lived in Selbina as long 
as she can remember. Ulmia sighs, perhaps they were mistaken, but the 
resemblance is uncanny. She asks, did the girl ever have a younger brother? 
Mathilde says she believed so, but they were separated during the war. She 
can’t remember much of those days, but she still believes he’s out there 
somewhere. Louverance speaks up, asking her one more thing before they part 
ways. Is there a certain song she might know? Something from her youth. Could 
she sings it for them? He’s sure she’s locked it away, somewhere in her heart. 
The girl shakes her head, visions appears before her. Cardinal Mildaurion… 
Tavnazia… Lay of Immortals…?
The 5th Verse?
He takes a small trinket out of his pocket, the same the small taru gave him 
in Windurst. The same one he used to see the thoughts of Vukki-Chebukki. 
Suddenly there is a flash of light in the room. Before them is a vision of a 
dark crystal, the same magicite shard in the northern caves. Now there are 
hundreds of demons and beastmen standing around it. Some words can be heard, 
singing in the background..
And so the legend ends…
Began… crystal…

As they exit, Ulmia wonders what kind of spell that was, but Louverance 
replied it was no spell. It’s a trinket he recently got back, called the 
Mimeo Mirror. Any respectable rouge knows its name. It’s used to peer into 
the darkest corners of the mind. He asks if she is able to sing the verse 
they heard, she says yes, but doesn’t want to do so. He tells her not to 
worry, they may not have to at all. Once Bahamut sees Prishe’s magicite, it 
may be enough to convince him. And we wouldn’t want to lose the Star of 
She looks at him funny, questioning his meaning. But he says, there is 
something he must ask Prishe in private. It’s time to head back to Jeuno.

In Bastok, word finally reaches Cid of what has transpired in Jeuno. 
Even though the news is shocking, he had slowly begun to piece it 
together himself. He gathers Tenzen, Shikaree, her trackers, and Jabbos 
into his conference room.  To fulfill the pact with Bahamut and Selh’teus 
made 10,000 years ago; Mildaurion has been attempting to revive Promathia. 
And the magicite embedded in Prishe’s chest was only sealed, crystallized 
form of her inner emptiness, adds Shikaree. The sin hunters have committed 
a grave sin, not being able to stay calm and focused in the presence of it. 
Cid thinks of Prishe. 
Not a single complaint, not a cry for help. She has bore this terrible 
burden alone, and even her best friend has sat by knowing nothing, but 
surely sensing something was wrong. He feels for both of them, saying he 
would not wish this fate on even his enemy. 
Tenzen asks what they should do now…
Phoenix has told him that they are not to provoke Bahamut any further. 
However, the biggest threat to mankind is the wyrmkings aerial power, 
adds Shikaree. If they could defeat him, they would stand a better 
chance of pushing back all the wyrms. 
Cid stops them, to sum it all up.
They now have 3 choices. They can let destiny run its course and destroy 
the world. They can use his airship and join the Jeuno armada and fight 
the wyrmking. OR, they can recite the last verse of Memoria and call the 
twilight god down on Prishe. 
Jabbos begins to mumble, interrupting Cid. 
Twilight God…
He cursed mankind…
Made us fight...
But do they have the power?
Tenzen says they must, especially with Phoenix on their side. 
But still, Diabolos said no single child of Vana’diel could defeat 
the keeper…
And still, Phoenix remains silent.
Cid says they are going down a very dangerous path, but he thinks it 
would be wise to wait for Prishe before they take a course of action. 
For now, everyone should head to Tavnazia. He will meet them there 
shortly. Gilgamesh and Tenshodo are delivering him some “sensitive” 

In Tavnazia’s Sea Lions den, the group gathers together, but Cid 
informs them of a problem with Prishe. Ulmia and Louverance 
explain what has happened to the others. They fear she’s off hiding 
again, but this time in one of the airships of the Jeuno fleet. 
Tenzen believes she will try to attack the wyrmking, but Ulmia is 
convinced Prishe knows they will follow her. She knows what they 
feel and what they do. Although she questions if she can feel her 
thoughts, why Prishe would was to hurt her so. 
Why does believing hurt so much…?
Jabbos offers that even when two hearts are connected there are 
times when pain can’t be avoided. When the world is overwhelmed 
with sadness the only way to escape pain, is to change the world. 
Ulmia agrees, perhaps the only thing left to do, is change the world. 
For 10,000 years the world has been bound in a chain of evil. Prishe 
has set out to change this. 
Cid says he must go back to Bastok and inform the President that 
should they fail, or worse – defeat the wyrmking, the world must be 
ready to the repercussions. He has put Louverance in charge of his 
airship, as wishes them all luck. It is up to them, the Warriors of 
the Crystal. 

With a wiz of the propellers and a buzz of the engines, 
Cid’s new airship, the C.I.D takes off, loaded to the brim with 
cannons and special equipment. Tenzen asks if they think they 
can catch lady Prishe. According to Aldo, the Jeuno armada was 
going to split into two units after departing. The main unit will 
attempt to draw out the wyrms from Cape Riverne, at the same time, 
the other will hit Bahamut. Tenzen assumes Prishe will be in the 
latter unit; however, that unit cannot begin its operation until 
the diversion on the wyrms take place. 
Ulmia agrees, they may still have time. 
Just then Louverance opens the deck doors, pushing three little 
stowaways onto the deck.
These were the secret weapons promised by Cid?!?
The Chebukki’s reveal that instead of being high class Jeuno 
officials, they have become…
Shikaree stands silent, baffled at the three new pirates.
Suddenly a giant laser beam fires across the bow of the ship. 
Warning shots?
Louverance runs inside trying to communicate, they are here to help!
The Chebukki’s run around like chickens with their heads cut off, 
and follow behind. 
Ulmia decides they need to get to the other airships and talk to 
them personally.  

Traversing from one airship to the next, the group searches for 
Prishe while encountering light resistance from the guards. 
Suddenly Armathrwn Mammets appear on the deck of one of the ships. 
The machine-like dolls of the society attack them without 
hesitation. Defeating them quickly, the group notices their 
seems to be quite a commotion on the other ships. Strange 
biomechanical machines are attacking the Jeuno fleet. But who 
would send such things! Suddenly the group sees Prishe aboard 
one of the ships and teleport to her. It is there a giant 
machine attacks her.  From a ship along side stands Nag’molada, 
calling it the “Ultima Weapon”, one of his finest designs. 
Perhaps even better that those he made 10,000 years ago. But 
our heroes defeat the machine and save Prishe. Nag’molada 
laughs, brushing off the defeat, but then Esha’ntarl appears 
behind him. She asks him what exactly he thinks he’s trying 
to do. He has been relieved from his position in the society 
and banished from Jeuno. This certainly won’t get him back in 
their good graces. How dare he step over his boundaries of 
amnesty he was granted and bring his creations down on the fleet. 
Was this turmoil simply a desperate attempt to interfere with 
their plans or an attempt born of hate. Or perhaps he came to ask 
Bahamut the way to Al’taieu?
Nag’molada glares at her, remaining silent.
She says she understands him, why he seeks the capital. The 
Kuluu have lost the whisper and forced to live alone, trapped 
within their own wretched solitude. But that path is one to 
freedom. They are children born from one. Now their children, 
and their children step into the ever expanding world. This is 
much like when the mother crystal split into 5 pieces long ago. 
They were simply ready to leave the nest before the Zilart. 
Nag’molada stares into her eyes.
If this is true, then why did she choose to abandon her people 
and hide in the chamber of eventide. Why does she join the Zilart 
in blocking the path to Al’taieu? Esha’ntarl tries to speak, but 
Nag’molada continues. By entering the chamber, she washed away 
the darkness of her soul. That is all he wants..
That is all he seeks. So he too can be free. 
Prishe jumps in, shouting that he needs to cut the chatter and 
just go there! The path to the crystal has been under Movalpolos 
the entire time! Esha’ntarl turns to Prishe shocked. 
She continues. Selh’teus already has the moblins ready to open 
the gate, just follow him to the crystal. Nag’molada smiles, 
leave it to the moblins to find the crystal. He was beginning 
to wonder when he’d meet the boy again, they have unfinished 
business. Prishe tells him he has all he need, now beat it. 
Esha’ntarl tries to grab Nag’molada but with a flash of light 
he vanishes from the deck reappearing in the air above. He 
begins to sing the verses of Memoria de la S^tona, when a great 
rift in the sky appears. Nag’molada decides he will return the 
favor to them, a favor beseeched upon the Kuluu 10,000 years 
Return the favor? Esha’ntarl suddenly remembers…
Suddenly Bahamut comes through the rift. 
Nag’molada laughs, calling forth Bahamut as a representative 
of the Kuluu race, that which he made a pact with. He has 
brought him this Zilart fleet as a sacrifice to his power.
Esha’ntarl shouts at him, he’s turned into nothing but a raving 
maniac. He’s far from being one of them, his soul is drowned 
in darkness! 
Nag’molada grins…
That is why he must cleanse it. He will find the chamber of 
eventide. In a flash he vanishes. 
The Chebukki’s cover their head and kiss their butts goodbye, 
but Prishe steps forward saying, this is where it gets 
interesting. She calls out to Bahamut to listen to them. Her 
name is Prishe, Keeper of the Apocalypse and she – and the 
black magicite, born of the emptiness in her trapped in crystal 
form, are one in the same. She and her friends have come forth 
to destroy the emptiness and Promathia. Right here and now it 
ends, she says, they will show the true power of the children 
of Vana’diel.
But, Bahamut turns to Esha’ntarl instead commenting that this, 
must be what she meant. He turns back to Prishe, there is no 
need to prove anything, she is not the keeper. 
The entire ship is silent.
She’s not the keeper?
Bahamut offers a congratulations to Esha’ntarl, the children of 
Altana, and Phoenix. They did try to save the people of the 
world. And that is why he will tell them this. 
The true keeper lies within the celestial capital of Al’taieu. 
Within that souls lies an immeasurable amount of darkness. For 
10,000 years it has slept, and now it has awoken. 
Esha’ntarl can’t believe it, she won’t believe it.
Bahamut continues. 
Who restarted the crystal lines?
Remnants of the Zilart?
The children of Altana?
It matters little, for the power within the final crystal – which 
holds Al’taieu in balance has begin to fade. It will not be long 
before the celestial capital has fallen to Vana’diel. When this 
occurs the keeper will arise and envelop all life. And finally 
Promathia will use his almighty power to begin his eternal reign. 
That is why he is here, to stop the seeds of man from being wiped 
out. If there is nothing for the keeper to envelop, then Promathia 
will not have the strength to enter out realm. 
Prishe stands confused, but Esha’ntarl understands completely. 
That’s why he plans to destroy everything…
Prishe asks him, if he knew this, why not just tell them to begin 
with? They could be in Al’taieu now defeating the keeper. Tenzen 
agrees, it was an intolerant behavior. Why does he not believe in 
the children of the dawn? 
Bahamut replies he does not believe in something that does not 
exist. They cannot defeat the twilight god, Selh’teus proved that 
to him 10,000 years ago. This is their destiny. You cannot escape 
what has been decided. 
Esha’ntarl screams there must still be a way. They need not fight 
Promathia, but only the keeper. This is why Selh’teus has returned! 
He is here to stop Al’taieu from falling back into this dimension. 
“Impossible, he doesn’t have the power”, remarks Bahamut. 
Prishe tries to convince him, but Bahamut goes into a rage, 
furious at Selh’teus for letting Vana’diel come to harm like he 
did before. Suddenly the sky around Bahamut grows dark as energy 
flows through his body. The group begins to run for the other end 
of the ship. Flames gather at the mouth of the wyrmking, but 
Tenzen stands his ground. Unsheathing his sword, the great power 
of Phoenix is revealed and flames engulf the sword. With a burst 
of power the two fling their fling their bolts of energy at each 
other. A bright explosion fills the sky. 

Deep underground at a giant crystal, Selh’teus stands before it. 
Suddenly Phoenix feathers fall from the sky and flutter around him. 
“Phoenix?” he asks. “Will you return to the mother crystal along 
with so many other lives?” There is silence…
But he understands. It’s sacrifice has bought them a sliver of 
time. He will release it from the journey to the mother crystal. 
Open the path in preparation. Slamming his fist into the ground, 
the emptiness flows around him and all fades to black. 

28. In the Light of the Crystal

Meanwhile in the fields of Tavnazia, the Chebukkis wake up to 
find themselves somehow alive. They spend little time debating 
why, and run off. In the safehold, Prishe tries to gather 
everyone together. Phoenix shielding them from the mega flare 
of Bahamut, which should keep him quiet for awhile. She remarks 
sometimes, living can be a drag. Perhaps if she was gone, 
others would still fight without her, no? There will always be 
a way to save the day. Even living with the curse people 
managed to get by. Jabbos and Shikaree check everyone for scars 
and wounds, saying physical wounds are not the only wounds 
received from a battle like that. The rift between dragons and 
people is deep and there is no reasoning. If they could harness 
the strength of the sleeping gods, they could approach him on 
equal footing. But for now, Ulmia and Tenzen are still not 
with the group. 

Louverance wanders near the aqueducts hearing rumors of Tenzen 
leaving the safehold without escort. Perhaps he is saddened 
over the apparent loss of his blades power. Unclear of the 
weapons properties, it is clear it must have been of some value 
in his homeland. But he did save their lives, and they have 
done all they can to thank him. 
In Ulmia’s room, Ulmia tells Prishe she’s afraid she lost 
consciousness after the events and can’t remember what happened 
afterwards. But her ears still ring from the terrible battle 
cry, and her soul cringes from that heart-rending whisper. 
That is the last they will see of Phoenix. While the other 
avatars are forever beyond their reach, the fiery Phoenix was 
always by their side. Along with Tenzen, she gave her strength 
and courage. But is Tenzen ok? Prishe seems to feel the same 
concern. He has closed himself off from everyone. 

Overlooking the mass of floating rocks that is now Riverne, 
Tenzen stares into the distance. He speaks to himself about 
how his nation is slowly succumbing to the emptiness. But it 
turns out his is not alone, behind him a shadowy ninja kneels. 
Yes, she replies, with the waters of the Hakutei River 
swallowed up, the bandit tribes have little trouble staging 
raids across the border. The empire’s defenses are falling. 
She begs him to return, the Emperor will surely forgive his 
use of Phoenix. Phoenix will be reborn on the flesh of the 
Tenzen turns…
If that isn’t enough?
The ninja looks up at him. 
Then it will be time to undertake our most desperate plan. 
Based on Tenzen’s information, they will invade the city of 
Jeuno. Liberating the mother crystals is now the only way to 
stem the tide of emptiness. He agrees, but he cannot return. 
Not now. Phoenix entrusted him with a final duty. He can 
hear every voice. The voices of the children he failed to 
save. If he betrays them here, it will be unforgivable. 
He will secure the crystals. 
The ninja vanishes and Tenzen heads back to the safehold. 
Just then an airship arrives from Jeuno to pick them all up. 

In a secluded pub in Upper Jeuno, the group gathers together, 
only this time when the doors open Esha’ntarl enters, flanked 
by Prishe and Ulmia, who is now dressed in her cardinal 
outfit. The group finally connects that they are one in the 
same. Esha’ntarl gibes a warm hello to Jabbos and Shikaree 
who she has not seen in many, many years. Louverance is 
delighted to see her again, and she laughs that his luck 
must still be holding up. Bahamut has revealed to them the 
truth, the keeper is in Al’taieu, which means the capital 
still does exist. The Armathrwn Society is looking into it, 
but they need to capture Bahamut in order to know more. 
There is another important matter as well. 
Apparently someone has cut off the 5th crystal line, the 
conduit that let Selh’teus traverse into out world. Prishe 
freaks out, they can’t use it now?!? How do they get the capital?
Tenzen agrees, how indeed. There must be an alternative. 
Wait, Shikaree stops them. The Cardinal mentioned “someone”, 
but who?
Esha’ntarl says she’s not sure, but only a few people are 
capable of such a thing.
Nag’molada, Selh’teus…
Currently Jeuno troops are set to invade the underground city. 
Jabbos panics saying he must stop them and save his moblin 
friends. Louverance explains Jabbos’s been trying to save them 
for the better part of 100 years. He’s been trying to avert 
something just like this. Louverance and Shikaree rush after 
Jabbos who exits the pub in a hurry. 
Esha’ntarl says she understands the concern, but the moblins 
can not be left to their own devices. They will destroy the 
crystal if they. In believing everything is born of the crystals 
and when dead return to them, the moblins will surely think 
that destroying them will spell the end for the children of 
Altana. Prishe manages to beg Esha’ntarl to stall the society, 
but she only promises to do what she can. She must keep an eye 
on the society from now on she can only help from the distance. 
It’s up to them. 
With that the rest of the group rushes to catch up with Jabbos. 

Entering Movalpolos Jabbos sees a horrific site. Moblin bodies 
strewn across the wooden framework of their city. He hears 
strange voices and finds the Chebukki’s alive and prepares to 
kill them, as they must have done this. They insist it wasn’t 
them, it was Nag’molada! Just then Prishe and the others arrive 
and agree, there is no way they could have done this. Tenzen 
calls to the group, a majority of the moblins are still alive, 
but badly wounded. It’s almost like he know he would only hurt 
them. Nag’molada was just toying with them. Talking to the 
survivors, they learn the Kuluu disappeared down the path the 
moblins created to the crystal, but now it appears to be caved 
in. Jabbos screams with rage. He cannot forgive this. 
Prishe tells him to calm down, there must be another way. 
Tenzen mentions that they should continue to follow the path to 
Phoenix laid out for them, through the skies. Prishe gets and 
idea, if they can’t get there by crystal, perhaps they can do 
so with the help of Cid. 

Back in Bastok, Prishe tells Cid of their plans to take his 
Airship and head back into the skies. A strange red light has 
been seen coming out of the North Sea. But Cid says after their 
last battle the ship is fairly damaged. It will take time to 
fix it. Ulmia believes this time has been given to them to 
prepare their souls for the battle ahead. Jabbos agrees, he 
will head home to help his friends. The others will take the 
time for themselves as well. Tezen says he will stay and help 
repair the ship. For now, all they can do it wait. 

Shikaree meets with her fellow Sin Hunters, apparently the 
history books of the Mithra mentioned nothing Promathia. But 
all sins now lie at the feet of Promathia. We learn her real 
name is Mhag. Now, she alone will deal with this, her sisters 
must remain behind to protect the homeland. 

Meanwhile in carpenters landing, Louverance walks about. But 
how can this be him, isn’t he in Bastok helping Cid? Suddenly 
a trap is sprung on him, and Tonberry attack. But Louverance 
quickly defeats them. In the distance a man watches from the 
What’s going on?
Louverance realizes this trap must have been set by that thief…
He begins to talk aloud, as if knowing he’s being watched. 
If he wishes to be him, he must act like a knight and do 
knightly things. Not this. 
From the shadows, we learn the man looking on looks exactly 
like the Louverance who is speaking. 
Would saving Vana’diel work?

Back in Bastok, Cid finishes work on the Airship and returns 
to Tavnazia. Prishe arrives too, and hands out a few letters 
to her guard friend Sueleen saying that if they do not return, 
she and Justinius must give these to the townsfolk. Justinius 
arrives with other guards to inform her that the airship has 
arrived. Prishe nods, good as new, even with a new autopilot 
and a Jueno armada escort. Justinius asks where they are going, 
and Prishe says to the 5th mother crystal and beyond…
Once again the mighty airship takes off, in the distance the 
armada awaits, this time as allies. But Jabbos speaks up, 
the approach seems to quiet, not even a bird in the sky. 
Shikaree says the other half of the armada under the control 
of the cardinal must have engaged the wyrms. Ulmia begins to 
pray for Altana’s protection, as the ship nears the others. 
Prishe tells everyone to pray too, they are finally here. 
She points into the distance, a massive red light exploding 
forth from the sea floor into the clouds above. Suddenly 
one of the Zilart cannons goes off in their direction. 
Prishe stumbles backwards. Louverance runs onto the deck, 
they’ve received a transmission! 
Attention: Your most prized possession if now property of 
the Chebukki Samurai Sky Pirates! Before Prishe can even 
express her anger, the group is warped into one of the 
armada ships, leaving her behind. Before them stands the 
Chebukki triplets, with a sad announcement. They’ve given 
up being “high class pirates” and with their last duty they 
were entrusted with this ship to escort Prishe. But since 
that would lead to their certain death, they’ve decided to 
find new employment. They are now the Chebukki Samurai Sky 
Pirates! It is then, their new employer is revealed. 
The mother crystals, he says.
The origin of all life and the destination of spent souls. 
All souls return to the crystal they are closest to. 
He has been waiting for this moment, the moment they were 
bathed in the glow of light. Unsheathing his sword he 
The light of the fifth mother crystal beckons you!
He strikes out at the group, but his strength fails him. 
Knocked back, he sheaths his blade. Never before has it 
failed him in battle. But, he expected nothing less from 
the light of hope. Only the youth that seethes with 
emptiness can extinguish the light.
Suddenly the C.I.D flies along, Prishe on the side of the 
Here comes the cavalry!
The Chebukkis freak out realizing they forgot to keep 
firing the canon at the ship. Prishe jumps onboard, rolling 
between Tenzen and her friends.
This stops right now.
She understands Tenzen, but this battle is one without 
honor. Prishe knows what Phoenix told him before she died. 
Phoenix knew everything from the start, but failed to let 
him in on the facts. Why should he follow her now?
Tenzen rebukes. Prishe knew the same thing as he. Why else 
would she bring them to this place. Prishe agrees, but she 
didn’t lie to anyone, and she didn’t bring them here to die!
They are here to join the struggle for survival! 
Suddenly a red glow encompasses the ship, now drifting into 
the beam of light emerging from the sea. In a flash of light, 
they are gone. 

Louverance kneels down, his sword at his feet. What 
A bright red glow still fills his line of sight. Pricking 
up his sword, Shikaree rises next to him. Her eyes look up…
What is this place?
Before them a giant crystal stands, flowing with immense 
power, the darkness seemingly fighting to enter it. The 
Power flows and electrical currents flow through the air. 
Jabbos speaks up – is this the 5th crystal?
Ulmia says it must be, but why does it glow with such a 
strange incandescence? The air here is so chilly, the 
other crystals emitted a warmth. 
Suddenly a strange, yet familiar voice speaks to them. 
But, not to them… in them.
“The crystal is not part of Vana’diel.”
From the bright light of the crystal emerges Selh’teus. 
The crystal was submerged beneath the city 10,000 years 
ago. When the celestial capital was torn from out world, 
the crystal was also lost. But the separation was not 
complete. After the crystal line was reactivated, energy 
was siphoned from the mother crystal drawing it, and the 
city of Al’taieu back to Vana’diel. Prishe speaks up, in 
other words, the crystal was losing the power it needed to 
sustain Al’taieu in the other dimension. 
Louverance steps in. What do they mean sustain? 
Is this the crystal the wyrmking spoke of asks Shikaree. 
The weakened state of the crystal is the reason the keeper 
is threatening to descend upon Vana’diel. 
But if the crystal is restored…
Tenzen and the Chebukkis appear from behind them. He 
The return of Al’taieu and the arrival of the keeper will 
be prevented. The solution was discovered by the boy 
Selh’teus – and by Phoenix. That is why he visited all the 
crystals. To relieve them of their light and power. And to 
power the energy from them, into the crystal that lies 
before them now. Selh’teus then steps forward. He is a 
child of darkness, however, he could never be the bearer 
of light. He needed a worthy receptacle of power, the needed 
them. Surely by now they have begun to hear the whisper of 
souls. Passed through the medium of the amulet, Prishe 
explains, the light gathered from the other four crystals 
has changed them. Phoenix referred to you as the vessel of 
light, Tenzen adds. Fated to be smashed open before the 5th 
mother crystal. Your journey has been for the sake of the 
crystal. Selh’teus begins moving closer to the group.
Your death is the only way to save both Vana’diel and her 
LIKE HELL! Prishe screams jumping in front of him. If he 
wishes to save the world and everyone in it, then someone 
like him or her should be the ones sacrificed. She turns to 
Tenzen as well. He can’t believe Phoenix the Avatar of 
Rebirth would have led him this far just to snuff out more 
life. Surely she meant to resurrect the shattered pieces of 
her own life-force. Prishe was the keeper once, she knows 
only too well what fear and horror awaits them. But there 
is one more choice.
Selh’teus must listen. 
Pour the power of the 5 crystals into them! Their victories 
over the emptiness have not been won by the powers of the 4 
crystals alone. They have an inner strength, a spirit that 
loves this world and all those who dwell in it. They will 
prevail against the keeper. Selh’teus must open the way to 
Al’taieu! The boy turns to the crystal, it’s bright light 
slowly filling the room. Suddenly an explosion blows both 
Selh’teus and Prishe into the air. Falling to the ground, 
her pendant drops from her neck. Reaching down to pick it 
up is Nag’molada. 
Grinning at the group, he too wishes to see the way opened. 
Tenzen grabs his sword.
Nag’molada turns to Selh’teus. Didn’t he once say the same 
thing? I will prevail against the deity that dwells beyond 
the gate of the gods. Open the way to Al’taieu. Weren’t 
those the words he used? Does he not find it unfair that 
only he should bear the sins of people? We ancients are 
responsible for all these events, and he shall shoulder his 
part of the burden. That…
And the power that comes with it.
Nag’molada turns the amulet on the group, he will suck the 
light from them all and use it himself. 
Prishe screams for him to stop. Selh’teus turns toward the 
final crystal. In a flash, the room explodes in a burst of 

A giant crystal stands before a group of cloaked individuals. 
But one is seen, Kam’lanaut stands in the center. 
“It all began with a stone” he says, “in ages past, the 5 
crystals existed as one enormous jewel that bathed the world 
in holy light.” 
Behind him we recognized one of the cloaked figures, Esha’ntarl. 
“The mythical light banished the emptiness, and brought forth 
mighty gods. These gods cultivated their power and concentrated 
their energy. They created a balance between the 8 elements of 
the world without, and a harmony for the myriad of senses of 
the world within. And so the eternal paradise blessed them in 
all ways. 

In another strange room, an operations room – the same in the 
lower regions of the Delkfutts Tower stands different figures. 
Eald’narche speaking to Selh’teus. 
“But this paradise did not last forever. The enormous jewel was 
split into 5 parts, and this perfect realm was degraded into an 
incomplete world. We were reduced from the superior life forms 
of a higher plain into these flawed and insignificant forms. 
Thus we must gather and focus the energy of the crystals into 
opening a gate to the lost dimension.” He turns to Selh’teus, 
“We are both well aware of this predicament. And yet, there is 
one thing I cannot understand. How did this tragedy occur in 
the first place? Why was the original stone shattered into 5 
pieces? And who is responsible for this incomprehensible act?”

The crystal warriors float through the air, clawing and striking 
at something. 
The room is the chamber of eventide. In the distance a shadowy 
figure watches. As it comes into view, it becomes clear the 
figure is Yve’noile. 
“The people of this world have evolved into 5 unique species, 
each harboring a distinctive darkness.” She says. “Crystal 
Warriors,” she calls, “thou wert created to destroy those evils. 
Yet even their strength can not prevail against this darkness. 
Emptiness is the ever present shadow of the blessed light. If 
this phenomenon represents complete death, then one could argue 
its presence was inevitable in a complete world.”
Yve’noile bows her head. 
Was it split for the sake of the children of the dawn? 
“Is this not so, great goddess Altana?”

29. Emptiness Bleeds

Nag’molada mutters to himself, staring into the strange world 
before him. It was meant to be impossible to find. You would 
have thought the plan to open the gate of the gods would succeed. 
Long has he yearned to behold it’s magnificent spires. But now, 
he is here, in Al’taieu. But something is wrong…
Even with the last pendant he hears no voices. Why does he not 
hear the voices of the Zilartian people or the Dawn Maiden. He 
turns hack in anger at the others, laying on the ground, still 
unable to gather themselves. It must be them, they are clouding 
his mind! But suddenly he hears something…
The grand palace should provide some interesting encounters, perhaps 
even the Dawn Maiden is there. He walks off leaving everyone behind. 
In the distance, giant cermet spires loom over the strange landscape. 

The group is as water, and the sky is like looking from inside a 
crystal. Once formerly a beautiful garden, it’s beauty almost seems 
warped now. Strange creatures float through the air and under the 
liquid ground, seemingly ignoring their presence. The group rises. It 
appears Prishe is once again missing. Also Tenzen and the Chebukkis 
are gone too. Exploring the area, the group finds a strange gate. Ulmia, 
Jabbos, Shikaree, and Louverance hear a strange voice calling to them 
from beyond. The path leads to the Zilart Kings palace, Louverance 
says. One of the strange voices here spoke of Prishe, perhaps she is 
there. Louverance is concerned however, does this place lay beyond the 
gate of the gods? Did the ancients truly cross that legendary boarder? 
Ulmia says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions, the land is indeed 
beautiful but the creatures here are threatening and if what Bahamut 
says is true, the keeper is somewhere inside. If Prishe is intent on 
gaining access, and Nag’molada is inside, they must too go in. Jabbos 
suggests they look for switches to unlock the gate. Louverance worries 
about their ability to defeat the keeper. Na’gmolada has taken the light 
they gained from the Promyvions. But Ulmia says if they stand together 
they can still overcome it. It appears that while the other lights were 
stolen, the light of the 5th crystal was granted to them by Selh’teus. 
But Jabbos has no intention of standing with Nag’molada. Shikaree 
suggests they stay away from Tenzen as well. 

At the first tower, they find Makki-Chebukki who apologizes, but he 
had to betray them. It’s the samurai code to follow their masters, or 
they have to commit suicide! He knows, he read that in a book once. 
Anyway, he insists the voices in his head are driving him crazy. He 
offers to work together with them, he decided to ditch the samurai way. 
He unlocks the first switch, but says there may be others. At the 
second tower, Kukki-Chebukki unlocked the switch for them, informing 
the group that he agrees with Makki. They just want to see the king. 
And just so they know, the role of princess and princes are filled. 
Didn’t they know the Zilart King used to have two sons and a daughter? 
After all this time, the little taru bets the King is pretty lonely, 
plus he’s probably a few jewels short of a crown. He doubts he’ll even 
notice if their a bit smaller than he remembers. If the group is lucky, 
the tarus might even take them on as servants. At the last spire, 
Cherukki smiles at the group. The “new princess” clips the last switch 
and suddenly the gate to the capital opens. Finally, she can see her 
royal daddy.

A giant doorway stands before them, to which the Chebukki’s shout that 
the princes have returned! Louverance pushes them out of the way and 
begins examining the door. Shikaree can hear it clearly now, the voice 
calling them is beyond the door. Ulmia and hear it too, surely such a 
voice is that of the Zilart King? But why does he not open the door? 
Are the children of Vana’diel not welcome here?

Suddenly a passage off to the side opens, from it steps Prishe. She 
too tried to enter the gate, but can’t pass through it. They need to 
hurry, or Nag’molada will get to the chamber of eventide before them. 
Jabbos asks what the chamber is, but Prishe still says she’s unsure. 
From what she knows, it supposedly sucks the emptiness right out of a 
person. The Zilart long ago grew so filled with darkness that it 
completely overshadowed the light. That’s why Nag’molada seeks it out, 
to become Zilart. But both Esha’ntarl and Selh’teus warned him it was 
unstable. They have to hurry before it’s too late.

The group travels through the palace, they discover creatures far more 
strange than that of the grounds outside. Deep within they find the 
chamber, and there stands Nag’molada reading off a panel on an instrument. 
“Why…” he remarks.
“Why would she be in the chamber?”
It is suddenly revealed, that sleeping within the chamber is Yve’noile 
Prishe calls out to him. But he does not turn back, he can not believe 
it. Has even the Dawn Maiden succumb to the grip of the emptiness? Has 
Altana abandoned them to their destiny? 
“No Nag’molada. Lady Yve’noile has become an instrument of Altana’s will.” 
Says a voice behind them. It is Selh’teus. But no the one they know. The 
boy now has giant wings, one of snowy white, the other fiery red of a 
Phoenix. If the plans of the Kuluu and Avatars failed, then this would 
be the last line of defense. She has attempted to absorb the emptiness 
pervading the chamber and destroy it along with her own existence. 
Why would she do this, Nag’molada questions.
To prevent the coming of the keeper of the apocalypse. Promathia has 
been reborn.
Prishe speaks up, confused. 
Bahamut said that Promathia would only come back if Al’taieu fell back 
to Vana’diel. 
Selh’teus stops her. It is an incarnation of Promathia that has been 
“An incarnation?” questions Prishe.
The keeper of the apocalypse is the instrument of Promathia’s will. And 
Promathia’s will is the emptiness. The vessel that was destined to hold 
the that darkness is among us once more. The incarnation sought to fill 
itself with emptiness. And that emptiness was found here – a source of 
darkness drained from many Kuluu during the perfection of the chamber. 
A source of darkness greater than that of the intended keeper was 
unwittingly focused on this place. This source of emptiness would, if 
left unchecked, lead to the resurrection of Promathia. Thus the attempt 
of Lady Yve’noile to send it into oblivion, along with herself. 
Nag’molada stares at him furiously. Why would he let her commit this 
act? She is not to blame. She built the chamber in the name of love. 
She tried to save us from our fate!
Selh’teus nods, the Kuluu are indeed at the beginning of all of this. 
That is why he absorbed the emptiness from this place. He sealed it 
within him and departed from the world. But he would not die.
Prishe knows. Phoenix was with him the entire time. It is the same 
reason Esha’ntarl talked about. When the emptiness dies with you, it 
will be reborn in another. That is why Selh’teus sealed it within her. 
Like she did with the magicite. 
Yes, he says, but it was a dangerous act. With the creation of this 
“new world” Bahamut lost his power and he could do nothing but flee 
the incarnation of the Twilight God. 
Selh’teus was trapped. He could no return to the real world. It was 
then Lady Yve’noile released the blinding light of her life force to 
bind the incarnation within the audience chamber. Exhausted by her 
efforts, she fell into eternal slumber. 
Nag’molada begins to panic. Is not paradise meant to be the realm of 
the gods, overflowing with the blessed light of the crystal? Are we not 
supposed to gain a higher dimension of existence – to attain perfection?
Selh’teus says that although this world is sustained by the amplified 
crystal, this world is not the perfect paradise of legend. And neither 
are they ready to be the perfect crystal warriors. Both they, and this 
world lack the blessing of the light. They must pass through the gate of 
the gods and touch the monuments of light in one of the five towers. 
They ere built to cleanse the five forms of darkness from the soul. 
Only then will they stand a chance of defeating this incarnation of 
Prishe asks if he finally has the will to help them fight, but he says 
he’s unsure. He no longer feels emotions. But they must be prepared for 
anything. The five forms of darkness within them are nothing compared 
to the abyssal void that is the emptiness. It is a complete and 
implacable foe. Their victory is no assured. But what he can do, is 
show them the truth. When they are ready, they will find him on the 
highest level of the palace. If they are ready when the time comes, 
he will join them to save the world. As he vanishes, Nag’molada turns 
to the group. He throws the amulet to Prishe. He will no longer need 
it. He must inter Yve’noile within the Ou’hapt Obelisk. She can’t 
return to the mother crystal from here. 
Prishe is stunned at his momentary kindness. But then tells him that 
this isn’t the end between them. She will make him pay for what he’s 
When the exit the room, the group moves on ahead. But Prishe slowly 
realizes that the others can hear the voices calling out to them…
Tenzen is missing, Promathia’s incarnation is reborn, and Yve’noile 
is trapped in an endless sleep. The Emptiness is flowing forth…
This is their darkest hour. 

30. Twilight
Still in the chamber of eventide, Nag’molada leans over the ethereal 
coffin of Yve’noile. He whispers to her, lost in his madness. He thanks 
her for all she has done, and those children of the light are forever 
in her debt. If only he had the whisper of souls he could explain this 
to her himself, but he is incomplete. He should be perfect, the leader 
of the imperfect masses. Why has the betrayer, Selh’teus, risen to a 
higher form of being while he remains flawed and incomplete? What was 
his folly? No, his path has been true. It is the incomplete world that 
is the error. This world and the addled gods that created it are the 
sinners. An incomplete world exists for the sake of imperfection. It 
explains our existence. But...

Deep in the halls of the palace the shouts of the Chebukkis can be 
heard. Prishe opens the giant doors of the hallway to reveal Tenzen 
standing over her friends, sword drawn, ready to finish the job. 
Prishe asks what he has done, but he comments that they are not badly 
wounded. The portal before them is emitting something very strange. 
Surely she can hear the voices. They were climbing over each other to 
get to it. The cowering Chebukkis jump forward saying the voice they 
hear doesn’t lie. It speaks the truth. They will find their parents 
inside, and never be lonely or sad again. If only they can open the 
door. Ulmia says the voices wishes to hear her song. Louverance says 
the voice needs his strength to rebuild the city. Shikaree says a world 
with perfect laws lies ahead. Jabbos hears that he will gain the power 
to protect the weak.
Tenzen sighs, he too hears it. It promises him the path to 
righteousness. Prishe says she hears it. It promises her an end. 
“The voice of the emptiness is within you…”
The group turns to see Selh’teus float down to the ground.
Any attempt to escape from the voice is futile. It does not come from 
the door, but within them. Yet, they still seem to resist. But when you 
stand before the Keeper and behold the form of the Twilight God, will 
they be able to withstand his call? Prishe tells him they can and will. 
Suddenly a strange sound is heard from the other room. Selh’teus rushes 
into the room, with Prishe and Tenzen close behind.  

In the throne room, Nag’molada stands before a giant black figure 
wrapped in chains. He turns and smirks at their presence. Haven’t they 
been dying to topple the Keeper of the Apocalypse? Why do they stand 
there in shock? Tenzen fall to the ground. The voices call to him even 
more now. Prishe tells him to stand back, even though they don’t want to, 
they must. Nag’molada calls them over. Even though he hates to admit it, 
he needs their light combined with his. Come join him, find out 
everything with him. Simple adventurers called forth to save the world. 
Never a thank you, never congratulation. But now, now they can have a 
reward. Learn the truth with him. A truth nobody could tell them. It is 
finally clear to him. Truth is the only bright point of perfection in 
this incomplete world. It is the only thing we can trust. Only he who 
knows the truth can truly attain perfection. Nag’molada calls out to 
the dark figure. Teach him the truths of creation! Then he will lead 
the incomplete people of this world beyond the gates to the origin of 
perfect truth! With a wave of his hand the seal upon the keeper placed 
by Yve’noile ruptures. The dark figure begins to move and the bright 
light shines from within. Emerging from the black cocoon is a brilliantly 
white being. Promathia, Twilight God. Nag’molada kneels before it as it 
turns its attention to him. Suddenly the emptiness appears around the Kuluu 
and he sinks into, a smile gracing his face. Tenzen stands in shock. What 
has he done?!? Promathia absorbs Nag’molada’s essence, his voice echoing 
through the throne room. At last…this is truth… we are… we are….
Outside the throne room, the chebukkis bang on the door as the bodies of 
Jabbos, Louverance, Shikaree, and Ulmia lay motionless on the ground. 

A booming voice echoes through the throne room, if not the entire world 
I have found thee…
My wayward children…
I come to greet thee…
Return to thy father…

Selh’teus cannot believe his eyes. It can’t be. Prishe asks him what it 
means. Children? Promathia’s children? Her confusion suddenly stops as 
she remembers. Resurrection and death, she has to stop him. But before 
she can act, Promathia is gone. Outside of the palace, Promathia 
floating above his twisted playground calling out to Altana. Can she 
hear him? She, who has sheltered his very existence, cannot stop him 
from being reborn. It is time to surrender to thine abhorrent death and 
embrace the eternal darkness. An eternity of silence awaits. Their 
farewell this time shall be forever. The apocalypse is at hand! Raising his 
hands to the heavens a large beam of light bursts forth from the heavens 
crashing into the palace. Deep within its walls the palace begins to be 
absorbed by the emptiness. Prishe realizes he is attempting to draw the 
capital into the real world. It must be because of Nag’molada. With his 
knowledge now part of Promathia, he would know everything about the world 
that awaited him. No one would be safe. 
With amulet in hand, Prishe continued marched forward, the Chebukkis 
behind her screaming for Promathia to absorb them too. 

Through a strange door Prishe enters a large room, the end of it eaten away 
by the emptiness, but beyond it she sees dozens of crystals. As she steps 
through the gateway, the stars of the heavens suddenly appear next to her. 
She looks around in awe, the galaxy before her. Giant crystals float about, 
as one giant red crystal looms overhead. 
Prishe is without words, until she looks at her feet. In shock she stumbles 
back and falls to the ground. Where is she?!?! Below her feet the entire 
world of Vana’diel can be seen. She can clearly make out Quifim Island. It 
has to be Vana’diel…but if it’s down there…then…
A small red feather catches her eye, as she looks up to see Selh’teus 
confronting Promathia. Selh’teus smashes his hands together as a white light 
burns between them. As he spreads them apart a giant spear forms. Thrusting 
it into the chest of Promathia, the Twilight god screams as Selh’teus is 
knocked down to the ground. 
Prishe runs to his side, but he claims to be fine. It is Promathia she should 
worry about. His attack will not hold him for long, he thought he could lure 
the god away with the darkness he held, but failed. It seems the Twilight God 
is not content until the end is near. The end she questions…
Prishe realizes she had it wrong all along. The apocalypse is the moment 
when Promathia dies. The “Will of Promathia”, the emptiness, is the 
manifestation of complete death. Even a god would be destroyed by the full 
force of the emptiness. That is why so many vessels were needed to hold it. 
The children of Altana.
Selh’teus nods. To insure the Twilight Gods existence, Altana stole the 
energy of the mothercrystal to create a race of people. In the process the 
mothercrystal split into 5 parts and the realm of gods was split from its 
higher plain – to be transformed into the world of Vana’diel. The people of 
Al’taieu, with this knowledge burned into their souls, joined together to 
return to the Twilight God. They sought to restore the original mothercrystal 
and open the gates of paradise. That is when they knew, the thing Selh’teus, 
once killed by the suffocating grasp of the emptiness, knows all to well. The 
despair of the apocalypse. He wants to end this curse. No longer shall we 
live in the shadows of our darkness. Our arrogance, apathy, envy, cowardice, 
and rage. Prishe can’t believe it. A god with a death wish. Promathia rips 
the spear from his body and spreads his ethereal wings. Prishe rushes towards 
him, swinging away.

Together they force Promathia to the ground, but the Twilight God refuses 
to be beaten. Prishe charges to finish off the job, but Selh’teus scream to 
her to stop. Suddenly the emptiness surrounds her. 
Hunger for…
…the end of mortality.
The Chebukkis decide it’s time for some divine punishment.
The Chebukkis magic combines to form a large meteor which crashes down into 
the Twilight God. But it has little effect. The emptiness creeps up Prishe’s 
body, sucking the life from her. The magicite in her chest begins to shine, 
drawing Promathia’s attention as he reaches down to her. Prishe falls to 
her knees. “This is not the end!” she screams, “There will be no apocalypse.” 
Ripping the magicite from her, she throws it into the face of Promathia. “We 
were born for the purpose of living!” she shouts as the Selh’teus forms 
another spear throwing it at Promathia. The Twilight god reaches for the 
magicite just as the spear smashes into it, lodging the magicite in the face 
of the god. The magicite begins to grow, forming around his face. Suddenly 
the magicite shatters, the dark god standing tall again, throwing Prishe 
back. Before she passes out, she notices the crystals. Their light…
A burst of light explodes from the planet into the heavens above, a swirling 
portal of clouds forms. Promathia looks up as a small tear falls down, 
landing on his face. A voice calls out to him. Can he hear her? Promathia 
responds he can, he can hear Altana. At his knees, the Twilight God begins 
to glow and power flows through his body. Then in a burst of light, he is 

Prishe opens to eyes to find Selh’teus staring at the giant red crystal. 
The life force is returning to the mothercrystal. Prishe rests her hand 
on her head. Now the people of Al’taieu and even Nag’molada will find 
peace at last. A drop of water falls onto Prishe, her wounds suddenly 
healing. The tears of the Goddess. Far above the world, Altana grieves for 
the loss of her Promathia. The facets of the Dawn Goddess – Trust, 
compassion, justice, courage, and hope. If people learn just the last thing, 
just this one thing, then they can carry on. From behind her, Prishe hears 
her name being called. It’s Ulmia and the others. The effects of Promthia 
must have worn off. She tells them to listen. The voice of Altana should be 
clear to them now. Small tears fall from the heavens dropping on all of 
them, even the Chebukkis. It proves Altana lives within everyone. When 
people are born, the tears of the goddess flow within them. 

Selh’teus calls to them. The power of the 5th mothercrystal has returned. 
Al’taieu no longer plummets to Vana’diel. The lives of the people, the 
light of their life force, have healed the crystal. He thanks them for 
all they have done. But he will remain in Al’taieu as an eternal guardian 
to watch over their world. Prishe thanks him too, but now it is time to 
go home. The Apocalypse is over. The Chebukkis remark that it’s not over, 
the adventure’s just beginning. With a wave of their hands, the party 
warps away.

In ages past, a sentient jewel, enormous and beautiful, banished the 
darkness. Its many-colored light filled the world with life and brought 
forth mighty gods. 
However, the arrival of death implacable brought an end to the God of 
Aglow with the essence of love eternal, the dawn goddess sought to 
restore the lost divinity. 
Upon the fallen deity, Altana bestowed the light of the true crystal. 
In the bodies of mortal uncounted was the Twilight God reborn.
The true crystal shattered into 5 parts, its holy light extinguished.
Paradise was no longer.
Thus was born the world of Vana’diel.

31. Dawn

On the docks of Mhuara, Shikaree Z’s sisters meet with her as she 
meets one last time with some family friends. She has decided to 
return to her homeland. Upon her return she will make a full report 
to the queen of what has taken place. Citing the struggle against 
Promathia, she plans to dispute the crimes of Mildaurion, Prishe, 
and the wyrms. Then she will renounce her name as a mithran tracker. 
Her sisters can’t believe what she’s saying, but Shikaree insists that 
having traveled with her companions she understand much more now. 
Prishe interfered with their investigation to stop a much greater crime 
from being committed. A tracker hunts sin, and it is there duty to 
seek out crime and punish the guilty. But the crimes she hunts have 
been for the sake of whom? As she pondered this question words began 
to echo in her head. “The very act of hunting sin creates sin.” Her 
sisters recognize that phrase as something their mother used to say. 
After beating Promathia she finally felt some sense of justice, 
something she had not felt before. Perhaps someday they will 
understand, but even without the mithran tracker title she could help 
justice prevail. Though Promathia is gone, my still return. It is only 
a matter of time, but until then she will continue to battle it. Her 
sisters see her off, and Shikaree heads home.

Meanwhile Tenzen has begun preparations to return home. Hearing the 
emptiness was no more, he chartered a boat from Bastok thanks to 
Tenshodo. He apologizes to his companions for his actions and asks if 
they want retribution to take it now. But they stay their hand, and 
Tenzen thanks them. Suddenly Tenzen’s ninja companion appears. She 
brings word that the empire is still in chaos even though the emptiness 
is gone. Once all is well, he invites them to his lands. The trust they 
have shown them, will bind their fates eternally. 

In San d’Oria Hinaree meets with a priest from the cathedral when 
suddenly Louverance, the real one, bursts into the mansion. He has 
arranged for a duel to the death with his red masked imposter in the north 
lands. There, amongst the snow the two Louverances do battle, but the red 
masked man, our Louverance is no match for the original and falls off the 
side of the cliff. The real one gloats at his victory, claiming the fake 
should be a friar in his next life, as he has much repenting to do. He 
ironically claims that now he can face his true opponent, the Keeper of the 
Apocalypse. Back in San d’Oria the priest returns to Hinaree’s house fearing 
that Louverances blood would be spilled, but learns his opponent had died. 
When he leaves the house he chuckles. It’s far easier to play the role of a 
common man than some reckless fool. It becomes clear that this priest is 
actually our Louverance. It was thanks to the real ones stupidity and 
eagerness to duel that the fake death was so easily accepted. Even though 
he failed to defeat his enemy, he at least can start over new. With the 
power of the Memeo Mirror, he can coerce any noble with shady secrets into 
his service. Perhaps, restore Tavnazia and create a new order of knights. 
Perhaps even resurrect the Remevel name. Hmmm..
It appears he has one thing in common with the real Louverance..
The unyielding desire to burn his name into the pages of history.

In Windurst a fishing ship finds that it has 3 stow-aways. The Chebukkis 
apparently find themselves in as much trouble as ever and end up getting 
themselves thrown overboard for their “comedy routine”. Washing up on 
Purgonorgo Island the 3 come across a strange old orc war machine. The notice 
some mandragoras nearby and begin to do their act for them too. Uninterested 
in the “performance”, they begin to walk away. The Chebukkis decide it’s time 
to show some artistic temperament and unleash a meteor on the area. But 
suddenly another taru jumps in from of them. It’s fake Louverances friend, 
Goldmane! He questions where these strange assassins came from. They say 
they are the famous stars of the Chebukki Show, but he doesn’t care who they 
are. Their meteor spell won’t work on him, his wife blasted him with that 
spell so many times he doesn’t feel it anymore. The Chebukkis unleash their 
largest meteor yet, knocking Goldmane to the ground. As the dust clears, 
Goldmane appears defeat, but suddenly laughs. The Chebukki show? Meteor mom 
used to make? It suddenly hits him. Could it be, his darling children Makki, 
Kukki, and Cherukiki?!?! “DADDY!” they cheer. They rush him with hugs and 
kisses, at last they found their father. From now on, they’ll live here with 
He has one request. Could they call him papa?

In Movalpolos, Jabbos sits in a jail cell. Unable to bring him sell to tell 
the moblins what he has seen, they decided to lock him away until he does. 
He witnessed the horror of Promathia, and learned terrible secrets. The 
Twilight God is the father of us all…
He cannot tell them this. The Moblins will spread this news to others and 
then people will come to hunt them for spreading “lies”. The moblins 
approach him again. If he is really their friend, he will tell them the 
truth. Jabbos sighs, they are his friends, and he must be truthful. He 
tells them what he knows and the moblins listen intently. He explains the 
people of the world above always believed they were children of Altana, but 
in truth we had a father as well. We are children of both dawn and twilight. 
The moblins think for a moment and decide that indeed Jabbos must be speaking 
the truth. Jabbos’s heart sinks thinking of what war will develop between 
them and other people. But the moblins seem different. They tell him not to 
worry, they understand, moblins have moms and dads too. If Promathia is the 
father, then there has to be a mother somewhere. Why can’t it be Altana? If 
this is true, then beastmen and people must be brothers! Moblins and people 
are family! Jabbos and the moblins begin to rejoice in this new idea, and 
begin to dance about their underground home.

At the same time in Jeuno, Esha’ntarl sends Wolfgang to the nations of the 
world to explain the victory over the wyrms is final. After clashing with 
them many times they suddenly broke off their attack and vanished into the 
clouds. She explains there are some voices that say we should hunt the 
wyrms to extinction, but for the moment she has issued a resupply order 
for the fleet. In the bar on Upper Jueno, Esha’ntarl finds herself thinking 
back on Cape Riverne and his mind connection to Selh’teus. She was shown and 
incomplete paradise, where the citizens of the capital returned to their 
deity ten thousand years ago. Returned to Promathia. “Opening the gates of 
Paradise” is just another way of describing the recombining of the 
mothercrystal. A way to restore the world to its original state. Yve’noile 
once told her that when gazing upon the goddess, she realized she could not 
become part of that perfection. Yve’noile believed them to be something else. 
It was then she went into researching people. After shifting her focus to 
the Kuluu phenomenon she began to research the darkness within us all. Her 
realization led to the betrayal of the king and his sons, and oppose any 
plans to open the gates. Se had discovered out origins as children of 
Promathia. But things are not all taken care off. Esha’nartl realizes she 
still has much work to do. The emptiness will return, and rogue Zilart may 
still be seeking access to paradise. But for the time being they have the 
emptiness to worry about, and will focus on that before paradise. It is 
time to remind the Zilart of their true responsibility, to safe guard the 
mothercrystals. As she leaves the tavern she smiles. This future did not 
always exist. It was only with the hope and strength of a few good souls 
that she stands here today. 

In Tavnazia word reaches the safehold that that wyrms have vanished 
from the sky above the old city. Finally, the town has found peace. 
Jeuno has also officially established an open treaty outside of the one 
made with Nag’molada and the safehold. Merchant traffic will slowly bring 
people back to their lands. Ulmia finds her grandfather the happiest he’s 
been in some time, now that he has an overflow of adventurers willing to 
slay the beastmen in the lands outside of the safehold. He also intends 
to restore the Shepard villages in what remains of Cape Riverne. Prishe 
on the other hand finds herself with nothing left to do. Ulmia says she 
is the leader of the safehold and needed here, but Prishe simply smiles 
saying she needs her workout and runs off. 

Overlooking the old city Prishe stares into the distance. That town, the 
town where she was born and the town where the end of the world was born. All 
she ever thought about was what the apocalypse would be like. It doesn’t 
matter how, but when it happens even her immortal existence will be snuffed 
out. She sighs. When standing before Promathia and he promised to show her 
the end, she finally realized who wanted to see the final showdown most of 
all. It was her. That’s why she hurled the magicite at the god. She somehow 
hoped that with it, the keeper would one day rise again. When she told 
Esha’ntarl, she didn’t yell at her, she just smiled and said “wait until 
you meet her.”
What did she mean? Must Altana hate her so? Is that why she hurts inside? 
Why now? She begins to feel a pain inside of her, something she can’t 
explain. It’s frightening and unnerving. Suddenly the voices of the world 
begin to silence. Her chest begins to glow and she grabs her chest. She 
knows what’s happening, it’s the thing that makes us mortal. The emptiness 
has returned to her. She feels pain because she’s a mortal again. Through 
the pain a smile forms. Finally she doesn’t need to wait for the end of 
the world…
She can truly live like everyone else. In her joy she rushes back to the 

On the coast of Tavnazia Ulmia plays her harp, singing out to the ocean. 
Behind her, Prishe listens to her friend play, the music touching her in 
ways she never felt before. From behind their companions have gathered from 
around the world, one last time. The world is at peace. For the moment…
But that’s just long enough.


-San d'Oria

Acheufagais R D'Oraguille - The Warking

The ninth king of San d'Oria who ruled from 558 to 567; fourth son of 
Harvest King Resviel. At the age of sixteen, he personally slew his 
stepbrother--a contender to the throne--to become king. 
Unlike his father, who concentrated on domestic affairs, Acheufagais 
focused his efforts on war, leading campaigns against foes such as 
the Orcs and the Republic of Bastok. In his short life, he fought in 
thirty-three battles, and was feared by enemies and allies alike as 
the "Warking." 
King Acheufagais's bold, lively personality and undaunted courage on 
the battlefield were beloved by knights and soldiers, but he would 
conversely earn the scorn of the aristocracy. When the Warking suddenly 
died at the young age of twenty-five, rumors of foul play by the 
aristocrats ran rampant throughout San d'Oria. 

Marelinne R d'Oraguille - The Sentinel Queen

The tenth ruler of the Kingdom of San d'Oria, who reigned from 568 to 
588. Cousin to the Warking. After losing her parents while she was 
still an infant, she was secretly adopted and raised by the family 
cook. When she was ten years old, the Warking suddenly died on the 
throne, leading to heightened tensions between regional leaders. 
Just when it seemed that a civil war was imminent, Marelinne's name 
surfaced as the rightful successor to the throne, when it was proven 
that she was a blood relative of the late king. 
However, the turmoil did not end there--the dispute was now over who 
would be the young monarch's guardian until she was of age. Marelinne 
eventually grew weary of the intrigue surrounding her, and left the capital 
under the pretext of surveying the outer regions. She would never again 
return to the capital, always issuing her orders from wherever she had 
In 588, Marelinne vanished without a trace, never to be seen or heard from 
again. Her efforts to bolster the defenses of the outer regions were 
highly praised in later years.

Ranperre R d'Oraguille - Savior of a Nation

Ranperre R d'Oraguille, the 24th king of San d'Oria, reigned from 782 to 
832. Also known as the Dragon King, Ranperre was hailed as the greatest 
monarch of the d'Oraguille family. He was born the eldest son of the crown 
prince of West San d'Oria, and diligently studied the arts of war from 
childhood. Ranperre acceded to the throne after agents of East San d'Oria 
murdered his father. 
After ten years of fighting, the Dragon King subdued the East San d'Orian 
forces and put an end to the long and bloody civil conflict. He continued 
to build his legend by expelling the Orcish hordes from Ronfaure, and 
ridding the kingdom of marauding black dragons. 
Rumors still flourish concerning the pact Ranperre supposedly made with 
a black dragon to protect his expansive tomb. 


Mayer - Hero of the People

Born in the lands of the Near East, the first president of Bastok held 
office from 494 to 503. 
While still a youth, Mayer was seduced by the gold rush's promise of 
easy wealth, and stowed away on a ship bound for the Quon continent. 
His tireless excavations in the Gusgen Mines earned him the nickname 
of "Ironman Mayer." 
When his wife was killed by a San d'Orian soldier, Mayer put down his 
pickaxe for a sword, and formed a partisan force along with his friend 
Dalha. Mayer triumphed against the San d'Orian army by luring the Elvaan 
into a narrow ravine, gaining him fame and respect among the working class.  
The Republic of Bastok was declared in 494. After being elected as president 
for life, Mayer was responsible for building the foundation of the republic 
by forging diplomatic relations with other countries and drafting the 
nation's constitution. He was assassinated nine years later by a 
Galkan youth. 

Invincible Shield(original named Ginuva)-Legatus of the 3rd Republican Legion

Born in 738, He was a centurion, engaged in numerous battles with the San 
d’Orian knights and the Mithran Navy. While a praefectus, led skirmishes 
against the Quadav Shieldwarriors and thwarted various ambushes conceived 
by the Sahagin. After being promoted to legatus, focused efforts on 
eradicating the growing number of pirates on the Bastore Sea. 
After the Great War, Invincible Shield retired from his position of legatus, 
and spent the next several years writing the world-renowned “Ginuva's Battle 
Theory” while continuing service in the Republican Army’s first reserve.  
However, during a tour of inspection encompassing several countries in the 
Far East, Invincible Shield obtained crucial information that hinted at 
impending danger for Bastok and eventually all Vana’diel. Upon his return 
to the Republic, he immediately reenlisted himself in the army and returned 
to his position as legatus. Invincible Shield’s current duties focus on 
the retraining and reeducation of the Republican Army’s forces using 
methods based on various Conflict exercises. 

Friese - Ambitious Industrialist

First captain of the Gold Musketeers. Friese was born to a peasant family 
and became apprentice to a Galkan blacksmith at an early age. 
At age 19, her work caught the attention of the chief of the Department of 
Industry, who set her to the task of helping plan the construction of Bastok’s 
windmills. This earned her great fame. During construction, she recorded her 
observations of the Quadav and approached the Department of Mining with her 
writings. Friese became acquainted with the department senator and was 
appointed as the captain of the newly formed Gold Musketeers. 
In the year 684, the Musketeers struck mythril in the Palborough Mountains. 
Friese assumed command of the excavations in the following year, decimating 
the mountains’ Quadav inhabitants using a devastating weapon dubbed the 
“Dancing Flames.” The incident brought enormous wealth to Bastok, but created 
an eternal enemy in the Quadav. 


Tukuku - The Founder

The Star Sibyl at the dawn of the Magic Age, reigning from 290 to 298. 
At three years old, she unconsciously cast her first black magic spell, 
unwittingly incinerating her own home. She was then summoned as an 
apprentice scribe into the service of Tabilolo, the Star Sibyl of the time. 
Upon Tabilolo￾fs passing in 290, Tukuku was named to succeed her as Star Sibyl. 
However, not one Tarutaru chieftain attended the rite of succession; the 
advent of magic had escalated conflicts between the tribes to new heights. 
In 294, Tukuku appeared at the site of a major battle between two tribal 
alliances, and cast a powerful spell that stunned both sides of the conflict. 
She then gathered all of the chieftains and strongly urged them to unite as 
one nation. Thus after three days and three nights of negotiations, the 
Federation of Windurst came into being.  To the lament of many, Tukuku 
passed away soon afterwards, in 298. 

Karaha-Baruha - Sacrificing Genius

Minister of the Optistery during the Great War. 
Karaha-Baruha earned his genius reputation from his time at the School of 
Magic; he completed every available unit in only a year and earned multiple 
degrees. Following his graduation, he ignored the fierce recruiting 
attempts of the various ministries and eventually applied to enter the 
Optistery. After assuming the position of minister, Karaha-Baruha worked 
tirelessly with the other ministries and founded a system of mutual 
However, at the behest of the Star Sibyl, he sequestered himself within 
an underground laboratory and delved into the mysteries of summoning magic. 
After disappearing from the public eye, the name of Karaha-Baruha was 
eventually forgotten. 
In the year of 862, as the city of Windurst stood on the brink of 
destruction, Karaha-Baruha reappeared to smite the invading beastman army 
with the forbidden art of summoning. With his own lifeforce spent in 
unleashing the towering energy that defeated the howling beastmen, the 
great genius of Karaha-Baruha was lost forever. 


Though Raogrimm had given up his life to save his old friend Zeid and hold 
off the corrupted crystal warriors it turns out it was too late for his 
spirit. The Shadow Lord now reborn could not be so easily defeated. Once
Raogrimm had controlled the Shadow Lord, now the Shadow Lord controlled
Raogrimm. Deep within the world of nightmares guarded by the power of
Diabolos, the Shadow Lord rebuilt his armies of darkness. Using the power
of the dark elements his fallen beastman army was now reborn in the 
dark world.

The spirits of his 5 allies on the expedition north, led by Cornelia 
decided they would not let their friend suffer anymore. They would make
up for the wrongs they had done him, and together save their friend from
the hellish existence he was fated with in the afterlife. With the help
of brave adventurers they found their way through the dream worlds 
alternate realities and together met the Shadow Lords armies on the 
snow-capped peaks of Xarcabard's dream realm.

In the dark world of Dynamis, the 5 heroes confront their old friend. 
Defeating his dark form, they discover that the pact he made has forever
doomed him to this fate. Until a world where there is only peace
comes to Vana'diel and hatred is gone, he must live this dual life.
Part of him at peace, the other part forever doomed to roam dynamis.
Cornelia and the group steps forward. They will stay with him, with their
friend until that time comes. They will help him battle his darkness and
remain with him in Dynamis. Until he can rest in peace, they will not as
well. Raogrimm is shocked by their display of kindness. All is forgiven
amongst the group, and together they go forth into the darkness, hoping
one day to be bathed in light. Cornelia is once again united with her


Black Mage-
Chumimi the head gardener of the star trees makes a report to the Star 
Sybil that something is wrong with the trees. The head professors show 
up to investigate, and you arrive just as they do. They begin to argue 
amongst themselves as to what the problem might be, bad soil, bad water, 
or bad light. Going off to test their theories, Shantotto calls you to her 
and asks you to gather her a special kind of crystal to use for her light 
problem theory. After you bring back the crystal she thanks you for your 
trouble and gives you her old wand that she used back in magic school.
Assuming the situation has been resolved you leave, only later to find out 
from Chumimi that none of the professors solutions have helped, and they 
are coming back any minute now to investigate some more. The three of course 
get into another amusing argument and finally agree that it’s possible that 
seeds take to jeuno 20 years ago may have caused the problem. Sending you 
to get the seeds you come back but are told they decided the seeds couldn’t 
have been the problem. Shantotto seems to recall an incident in castle zvahl 
where they were led through the palace by a magic doll, which turned on them. 
When they defeated it and locked it in the castle, it cast a curse on windurst. 
You go to inspect the situation and bring back the doll, but after you come 
back you discover that it wasn’t that either. The professors now tell you of 
reports of some sort of magical energy stagnation that have built up under 
windurst in Toraimari Canal. Shantotto leaves to deal with it herself, the 
doll brought back is “reprogrammed” to sense stagnations and clean them. You 
follow Shantotto and clear the canal. When you return you are told that the 
problem has been resolved and are promised by the professors that from now 
on they’ll keep the canal clean. Sadly, Shantotto got her hat dirty and now 
refused to wear it anymore, she gives it to you as your last reward. 

There is a Galka monk residing in Bastok, named Oggbi an aging alcoholic, 
long since resigned to spending the rest of his life drinking away his regrets 
at the bar. Cornelia and you begin to talk with him but he gets very emotional 
and begins to reminisce about an old pupil he had named Cornelia. The same from 
the mission to the northlands. Some time before the mission his new pupil was 
given a task to carry out to demonstrated her dedication. We also see that 
this "new" Cornelia has some particular fascination with the "old" one, though 
she refuses to admit the root of it. 
Oggbi asks that you go to the Gusgen Mines and find a wander ghosts necklace, 
and bring it back to him. Once you’ve done that Oggbi is stunned you actually 
were crazy enough to go, to mention you actually found “THE” wandering ghost. 
He again tells a story about how Cornelia too went on the same mission. Wander 
Ghost was actually the name of a galka who worked there, known for his temper. 
Fate is cruel that he died and was forced to wander the area. 
Next time you and Oggbi meet he tells you of another story, where he recently 
a young girl came to ask Oggbi where her brother was, whom he has recently 
sent out on a mission. Oggbi says he wants you to do a favor for him and 
find the boy for the girl. Deep in Fei’yin you find the boy who thanks you 
for giving him the message that the girl is looking for him. He asks you to 
carry out the rest of his missions. He explains that there is an old treatise 
on Martial Arts lost somewhere in Davoi, which long ago was an outpost for 
San d’Orian Knights during the wars. When you find the book and return to 
Oggbi, where he again tells you a story of Cornelia and himself in Davoi. 
They too sought the book, having been hired by the San d’Orian army to 
retrieve it. Oggbi expressed some concern about the missions, but it was at 
this time they stumbled across a Bastokan military unit under the command of 
a Galka named Raogrimm. This turns out to be the first time Cornelia and 
Raogrimm met, and after this moment they became closer than friends. Finally, 
Ayame calls you to the Bastok Metalworks where she complains that there is a 
problem with the Yaguado. Apparently while they have been suppressed, a 
Yagudo of supreme power has risen from the new generation of Yagudo just like 
the time before... 
After you defeat him, Oggbi tells you of a similar story.
Cornelia's reason for becoming a monk under Oggbi was to defeat a similar 
Yagudo, who had slain her brother. After defeating him, she felt as if she 
killed a part of herself. Raogrimm consoled her, telling her, "Nothing comes 
of revenge. It merely results in us losing that which drives us." He tells 
her that true power comes from having something worth protecting and that 
someday she will find that something. It was from this moment on that she 
joined the Mythril Musketeers.

Red Mage-
In the Lion Springs tavern you are approached by a strange man claiming 
to be a red mage. He asks you to investigate a horrible ghosts which is 
saw the other day in the San d’Orian church. Upon investigation you realize 
that the ghost claims to be the father of the leader of the Temple Knights, 
General Curilla. Hearing this news she asks you to take her fathers watch 
to the church to test her theory if this apparition is actually her father. 
When you arrive at the basement altar and begin to pray the ghost slowly 
sneaks up behind you. Suddenly you have a vision of man named Rainemard. 
When you awake the watch is gone, but in it’s place are a strange pair of 
boots. When the preists find you and you tell them of the ghost they kick 
you out of the church for heresy. Taking the boots to Curilla, she 
requests permission to exercise the boots in the Crawlers Nest, but Prince 
Trion refuses her. Instead you are sent.
Curilla still suspicious of the ghost has you meet with the red mage in 
the Lion Springs again, this time he informs you the best way to talk to 
the dead is to throw a coin into the fountain deep within Fei’Yin. When 
you do this, the ghost of Rainemard appears and says he’s trapped. When 
you return to San d’Oria, a galka at the Springs says he knows of a strange 
box in Garliage Citadel that no one could open. Perhaps he is trapped in 
When you go to the citadel and open the box, the body of Rainemard is 
stuffed inside, but his spirit seems rude and does not recognize you. 
Back in San d’Oria, the spirit of Rainemard is seen exiting the cathedral 
and attacking people nearby. The Temple Knights show up to deal with the 
ghost, but Curilla refuses to attack when she sees it’s her father. Trion 
goes to slay the creature, but Curilla draws her weapon against him, to 
protect her father. Suddenly thespirit of Rainemard is revealed to be 
possessed by another evil spirit and the true Rainemard defeats the spirit. 
Curilla and Rainemard have one last conversation together, then he walks 
into the Cathedral and disappears, but not before giving you his hat to 
say thank you.

Phara an old woman in the Bastok Mines calls you to speak with her about 
her son and grandson. While her son was a great warrior, her grandson is 
far more lackluster and disappointing to her. He has become a simple 
doorman. She laments the fact that he hasn’t even taken his father’s 
sword. This sword of which she speaks has fallen into disrepair, its 
hilt ruined. She mentions that her son had found the sword grip in an 
orc tent in Davoi. She asks you to bring her some of this material used 
to make the original. When you take this back to her she asks you to 
wait until the sword is complete, and then take it to her grandson. 
Who turns out to be none other than Mythril Musketeer Naji. Naji 
explains that his father was a great warrior and friend of Raogrimm, 
but even though he followed his footsteps this was his duty as a 
Talking to Phara again she brings up Raogrimm, the Galka Talekeeper. 
She talks about how loved he was even as a child. In fact everyone 
loved him, except one other Galka child. She can’t quite remember 
his name, but you soon discover it was a Galka named Deidogg. When you 
talk to him he can only speak ill of Raogrimm. He says that in his day 
Raogrimm was considered to be the greatest warrior around. But Deidogg 
believes it was all a lie, as he never brought back proof of his 
victories. One such story is the tale of how he defeated a powerful 
Quadav warrior. However, Deidogg believes this to be a lie, and sends 
you to the Palborough Mines to look for the hatchery, if the Qudav is 
alive, that’s where he’d be.
In the hatchery you discover the Quadav is indeed alive, and bring 
back one of the eggs it has on it. Deidogg thrilled at this discovery 
is silenced as another Galka tells him Raogrimm’s honor compelled him 
not to take trophies from his victories. However, there was one 
exception. There was one time when Raogrimm defeated some monsters 
in Castle Oztroja. He used the skin from these beasts to fashion a 
pair of boots that he'd promised to an old friend... This seems to 
take Deidogg by surprise, but he won't say why. You next travel to 
the Yaguado capital. There you find a parasite skin of the strange 
leeches, and taking it back to Deidogg he recognizes it. 
A long time ago, Deidogg and Raogrimm were old friends and one time 
Deidogg had lent Raogrimm his boots. Raogrimm told him he would one 
day repay the favor. So he used the parasite skin to fashion some 
boots for his friend, and gave them to Deidogg even after they had 
no longer been friends. Moved by this again, after so long, he uses 
the skin you brought him to fix the old boots, and then gives them 
to you.
Meanwhile another problem develops, Raogrimm’s armor has become a 
national treasure of Bastok since he died before the Great War. 
However, while on loan in San d’Oria, a band of goblin thieves steal 
it. Tensions begin to rise as Bastok uses this for political gain 
against the San d’Orians. The Galka are furious that the talekeepers 
armor is being used for political gain and you are asked to recover 
it. The goblins, hiding in Behemoth’s Dominion when defeated admit 
they don’t have it, but it turns out that a musketeer group just 
ahead of you got it first. The leader of the group, Volker, says 
that he’s sickened that Bastok would make a political matter over 
this and offers up the armor to you. He says he will issue copies 
made so that no one know which the real thing is, and which the 
fake is.

Dark Knight-
Cid's assistant needs you to help the experimental darksteel forge
and you are sent to the chief of the forge. Apparently they need the 
formula and the book by Gerwitz himself. Apprently Bastok did not 
need the book so they sent it to the libary in windurst to actually 
do some good but they need it back now. When you reach the opistary 
the opistary unfortunatly tells you that the book was stolen by a 
yagudo bandit. Once you kill him you get the book from his hole 
and you head home to Bastok. Upon telling Cid's assistant of your 
sucess he gives you a sample product of the darksteel from the forge.
Eventually Zeid contacts you to learn of your progress. He explains 
that once a man named Gerwitz crafted 3 legendary darksteel weapons 
and that they have been feeding upon the crystal lines. These 
creatures, usually found near the crags are exactly that. Weapons 
used by soldiers who spirits dwelled too close to the dark arts 
of the Dark Knight, but their soul was consumed and trapped within 
the weapon upon their death. The physical creature below the weapon 
is nothing more than an earth spirit, called a Kabold, trapped and 
enslaved by the weapon and its power generated by the vicinity to 
the crags. Adventuerers have reported that they have been attacked 
in ordelles caves by the weapons especially ones with darksteel 
ignots. Zeid tells you to stop these weapons before countless 
lives are taken. Once you defeat Gerwitz axe, sword and soul he 
comes and appears before you and Zeid. Gerwitz tell's you about 
his life and passion and a valuable lesson. Once he's done he 
gives you a gift of specially crafted darksteel feet.
You talk to Zeid in Beadeux, he explains to you that the 3rd 
and most deadly weapon is still out there the scythe and is drawing 
power from Defulketts Tower. First you need the blood of a topaz 
quadav to draw the weapon out then near the top of the tower you 
meet the weapon and 2 victims of it's blade. After defeating the 
weapon and the unfortunate victims Zeid appears and talks to you 
about Dark Knights and what it means to be one then he shows you 
a chest containing the af helmet telling you, you deserve it. 

The last and greatest knight of San d’Oria, General Epuracion, 
leader of the Dragon King Raunperre’s army, originally wore the 
dragoon armor. After the mysterious death of Epuracion his armor 
was scattered throughout the world being auctioned off and sold 
to various individuals. One such woman informs you that she has 
some old armor of her fathers which she wishes to polish, and 
sends you off to Altepa to get a polishing stone. Upon returning 
you are rewarded with a lance, which supposedly belonged to 
Epuracion himself.
Later word reaches you that the boss of the Brugaire Consortium 
might have one of the armor pieces as a family heirloom. But 
before you can talk to him you have to get passed his two lackeys 
who happen to have lost their latest order. When you fill it for 
them their boss appears to quickly scold them, but suddenly a man 
runs in to tell the boss that his father died. The boss seems 
slightly apathetic, but to honor his father he goes to the funeral. 
He tells you that a thief sadly stole the heirloom his father had 
just after the funeral. He asks you to track this person down. As 
you head from the port through Northern San d’Oria the woman whom 
you helped earlier stops you saying that someone ran by with some 
armor and dropped a note telling you to go to the island near 
Eldime Necropolis. There you retrieve the armor, and when you 
return the boss agrees to let you “hold on to it” for him. 
Word reaches you that other holders of the armor have been getting 
robbed as well and mysterious apparitions of Epuracion have been 
seen throughout the kingdom. Rahal, leader of the Royal Knights 
asks you to clear up the mystery of the last Dragoon. The last 
piece of the armor is hidden somewhere in Kuftal Tunnel, but when 
you arrive to collect it there is a note inside challenging the 
Royal Knights. It seems the ex-captain of the Royal Knights, who 
was disgraced and replaced by Rahal. Apparently while always 
victorious in the field, his tactics and actions caused massive 
casualties on both sides. He says he will wait for you at the tomb 
of the last dragoon. There, in the temple of Uggalepih you are 
attacked by 2 shadows. When you defeat them a mysterious Elvaan 
Dark Knight appears. The Dark Knight plans to use his newfound 
necromancer powers and the helm of the last dragoon to revive his 
full power and take over the world. At the moment, Epuracion 
appears in full dragoon armor. Apparently Epuracion, like the 
spirits in the temple has entered some ghost like state and has 
wandered these halls in exile for hundreds of years. He left San 
d’Oria long ago to protect it from himself, as the king feared the 
power Epuracion was gaining amongst the people and soldiers. 
Apparently his wyvern’s holy crest had vanished and that sign 
meant that soon he would turn evil and betray his king. Killing 
his wyvern with his own hands, Epuracion fled into exile, 
informing his king of this sorrowful act. The king agreed, and 
told the people of San d’Oria their great knight had died in 
Just then Rahal appears having followed you and the knights 
arrest the dark knight. Before he vanishes Epuracion embraces 
your wyvern telling you that he can’t believe there still is a 
pure dragon. One day this little wyvern will grow into a giant 
dragon and your closest friend. Slowly he fades away, bidding 
you and the wyvern goodbye. 

In Norg the weapon smith Jaucribaix asks you for the great katana 
he gave you long ago because he needs to use it to make something 
for Gilgamesh. He also needs you to pick up some fish scales for 
him. Once you bring him the scales he takes your weapon, but 
replaces it with another. Talking some more with Jaucribaix he 
tells you that Norg is planning to hold a ritual to calm the 
spirits in the Valkrum Dunes. But, to do this Jaucribaix needs a 
feather from a bird in Onzozo. When you talk to Washu, the local 
cook, she gives you a lure to fetch the bird. Once you have the 
feather, Jaucribaix takes it from you to add to the Kantana. 
Performing the rituals involves giving the blade to the spirits 
as a sacrifice. The problem is, the spirits will try and kill 
the one giving them the Katana. You are asked to go to the ritual 
to defeat the spirits. Upon completion of the ritual you return 
to Jaucribaix who tells you to talk with Gilgamesh. There, he 
explains that the reason there are spirits in Valkrum is that 
many people tried to flee there from Tavnazia in the Great War, 
and a large number died on the journey. He explains that Tavnazian 
refugees built Norg and that people from Norg seem to do these 
sorts of rituals in the memory of those who died all the time. 
Jaucribaix tells you afterwards that someone has broken into the 
storehouse in Norg, and stole a priceless artifact. He tells you 
Norg has sent out spies everywhere to find the thief. You are sent 
to track the item down, because the thief knows not what he stole. 
The helmet has an ancient demon sealed inside. Your first informant 
in Jeuno tells you the thief ran east. In Mhaura the next informant 
tell you he took the boat to Selbina. Next, in Bastok you discover 
that the thief has just entered the Pal borough Mines. The Norg 
agent in bastok has already gone ahead to get the artifact, but 
you should go and follow. When you arrive in the mines you find 
the thief dead and the informant dying. Apparently the demons 
have been released. 
The Demon Rasetsu, and his two minions Onki and Gaki were released 
from the helmet and gloat about how they are now free. Rasetsu 
however senses you have the same power that sealed them in the 
helmet originally and attacks you. After you defeat them, a norg 
ninja drops out of nowhere and takes the helmet back to Gilgamesh. 
Back in norg, after some repairs to the helmet Gilgamesh gives 
it to you as a reward.

SUMMONER-(if you have a more in-depth version please email it to me)
Carbuncle summons you forth to help it stop an evil puppeteer that’s 
has been draining the power of the avatars for some dark purpose. 
Using the adventurers who try to gain personal power and knowledge 
from the avatars, the puppet manipulates them into giving that power 
to it, then erases the memory of everyone in the area. You are to 
team up with Koru-Moru, Shantotto, and Ildy-Goldy to stop this 
It turns out that the puppeteer behind the evil puppet is 
Karaha-Baruha, the former minister of the Animastry, the secret 
ministry of Windurst. 
When you defeat him, the cutscenes after the avatar battles 
change slightly after finishing this AF. The puppet will now be 
intimidated by you, and scared of your knowledge.

Ryoma, one of the big wigs in Norg tells you about a strange 
box he needs, but he doesn’t seem to know much about it. In 
fact, while telling you the story, he gets frustrated by his 
lack of info and sends you to track down Ensetsu, a retired 
Tenshodo member who now works on the crew of a ship. There, 
Ensetsu tells you of his wife; the last great ninja who went 
on a mission into Altepa and suggests you may find something 
there. You find a box there, but it apparently isn’t what 
Ryoma was looking for.
Ryoma gives you another job; apparently they couldn’t open the 
box. Mitsunari, the master of locks and traps apparently crafted 
it, and they would have him open it, but it turns out he’s been 
dead for some time. Again, they send you off to Ensetsu, who sends 
you to Rabao to find someone connected to his wife. There you meet 
up with an Elvaan named Leodarion. He is the adopted son of 
Mitsunari and has been following in his footsteps by making locks 
and traps. It turns out that he’s the one who made the lock on the 
box. He says that he’s been working on a trap from his dad’s 
notebook and needs some help. He asks you to go to Selbina, and on 
the boat trip there a ghost attacks you. When you arrive you find 
no treasure, and when Leodarion shows up you tell him, but are 
interrupted by a man named Kagetora who tells you a note was found 
in the rags of the fallen ghost. The note is Mitsunari’s will, 
which means that he was the ghost!  Leodarion reads the will and 
discovers that the reason his father loved him wasn’t the traps he 
knew, but the memories they shared. Ensetsu shows up and tells the 
story of Yomi, his dead wife and how they met in Selbina years ago. 
Yomi apparently turned Mitsunari down on his request to train her, 
and told her that one day she'll understand what he really wants. 
Yomi soon does, expressing her desire to pass on her memories to 
her daughter, whom she is now pregnant with.
Ryoma soon calls you with another job. He informs you that another 
box has been discovered, but it was stolen by a sahagin. He 
suggests that it must still be somewhere on the island. In Yhoator, 
you come across the box, which when returned once again is 
unopenable. So you must take it back to Leodarion. He fiddles with 
the lock and actually manages to open it. As he does, Ryoma shows 
up saying that he doesn’t trust anyone when it comes to treasure 
and tagged along. But as they look inside the box, there is nothing 
to be found. Just as Ryoma starts accusing everyone of theft, 
Ayame, Ensetsu’s daughter shows up. She says she’s there on behalf 
of Bastok to check on Norg’s activites. She suggests perhaps that 
the lock was the treasure, and he opening it proves that he’s as 
good as his father.
Leodarion agrees, and remember that he had a box that as a child 
he could not open. He tries now, and succeeds. The treasure within 
is now yours. 


I. Although unknown when it is known that before airships and the great war,
the scientists of Bastok had developed other flying devices such as giant
hot air balloons to survey battlefields and possibly drop explosives from

II. Sometime between the attacks on their lands to the east and the first
battle of the Highlands, San d'Oria began to institute female knights 
into the two orders. This could either be because of change in politics
or possibly the countless deaths of their officer corp at the hands of
the beastmen, taru invasion, and hume push from the south.

III. During the time after the arrival of the Galka but before the rise 
of Bastok as a world power the city was built of wood, not the stone 
town we see today. But, there was a great fire which destroyed much of
the city. In the aftermath the current president asked for donations
from the citizens to rebuild the town, however none came. Senator
Karst offered the proposal to rebuild the shops and merchants homes
first, which though didn't sit well with the citizens eventually
led to the quick rebuilding of bastok, Karst's presidency, and
the nation that is the super power today.

IV. At some point, Windurst was the home of a many great warlord
leaders. I can assume this is before the first starsybil, but
there is talk of them fighting the San d'Orians, so perhaps this
is a command position of the "military" which no longer exists.

V. The moblins speak of a Demon King which lords over the demons
in the Shadow Lords abesence. King Paimon as he is called is said to
be one of the more thoughtful and calm of the Kindred. Serving directly
under the dark divinity, nothing more about him is known.

VI. The Vana'diel Tribune mentions in the article "Bat's-eye View" that
Goobbues are "pets" of Rolanberry Fields farmers and are trained to 
scare away berry grubs. They also bring in the fruit for the harvest.

VII. While never really "stated" during the Chain's of Promathia main
story line, if you undertake several quests two things become 
very clear if you complete them all.
  - The first is that Louverance is not who he says he is. The man
you know as Louverance is actually the former brigand, Atarefaunt. 
He has stolen this name and using it to threaten the super rich
Count Tuelomme who was responsible for the bounty hunters who captured
him. The Real Louverance trying to clear has name has been tracking
this fake. But why would a fake "evil doer" be interested in saving 
the world?
  - The infmous Bounty Hunter, Goldmane which is mentioned many times
is found out through quests to be a little taru AND to be the father
of the Chebukkis.

VIII. Before the great war, a Wizard of great power lived in 
Tavnazia. It was said his power was so impressive even the most 
skilled Taru black mages feared him. After the great war he vanished,
but rumor had it he hid himself deep within the Aquaducts beneath
the Tavnazian Safehold. There he began the study of Necromancy.

VIX. Hints of the "Eastern Empire" run rampant in the game. Until an
expansion reveals this location, here is what we know:
-It is currently being enveloped by the empitness from the south,
while brbarian hordes are now able to cross the rivers into the 
-Tenzen is just an envoy of the Empire, and his real "role" is 
unknown. The Empire itself is ruled by an emperor and princess.
-The Empire has officially declared war on Jeuno by the end of CoP.

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