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    Copyright 2008, Arthur DeMarois
    Legal Note: This FAQ belongs to me.  Feel free to use it, if you post it on 
    another website E-mail me at artsurvey@webtv.net so I can keep track of how 
    it's used.
    INTRODUCTION (Purpose for this FAQ)
    The purpose of this FAQ is to put in one document all of those How do I do 
    this?; How do I handle that? Questions that the evolving SR 2 Universe 
    challenges the player with.  Unique features of this FAQ include information 
    on how to be a Pirate/Anti-Pirate and how to use Partner Rangers as a Convoy.
    Describing the SR 2 Pirate situation so well left me free to leave out a Life 
    after Dominators section.  I didn't include anything about Planetary Probes 
    since the Game Manual does this quite well.  I also opted to describe uses 
    for only the Weapons I find most useful in the game.  Again the manual covers 
    the other Weapons well enough.  For Hulls, Engines, Repair Droids and 
    Artifacts I offered only some guidance.
    There's also a Different Species and Health issues section.  This combines my 
    experiences as Different Species with what the Game Manual says in 3 sections 
    about the 5 Coalition Sentient Species, the Space Diseases section and the 
    Section on Pirate Bases/Space stations.  It's fun and unique that you can 
    change species.  I just think that a Ranger should know what they're in for.
    All the descriptions I saw of the Business Centers both in the Game manual 
    and at various websites were very brief.  So, I've gone ahead and detailed 
    the effects that various Investments can have on a Ranger's game.  Some uses 
    for loans, consequences for not paying off Loans and some uses for Loans.
    My biases in writing this are that while success in Land Battles with 
    Dominators and Text Based Adventures can be rewarding and fun, I don't think 
    either is that important to a Rangers Long term success.
    I didn't include an Index or Table of Contents.  Sections of this FAQ are 
    divided by their All Caps title before that start of what I have to say on 
    the subject.  
    One more thing, I am a Star Trek Fan and a Comic Book Fan.  So, this work has 
    three references to the Avengers the Fantastic 4 and a Star Trek Character.
    To which I have to tip my proverbial hat in thanks to Stan Lee and the Guys and 
    Dolls at Marvel Comics and to Gene Rodenberry and anybody who ever wrote for or 
    acted in Star Trek.
    Enjoy Space Rangers 2!  And Enjoy this FAQ!
    One Mission Failure will get a planetary Government to change Attitude toward 
    you.  Smuggling on a planet only Affects the Attitude and Actions of that 
    Planet: Feel Free to Fracture a law or two. (Continued on pg. 2)
    A Faeyan with Merchant or Corsair Occupation gives you a big starting ship 
    with a good weapons system.  To make the most of such a large ship, choose 
    Missile Thrower and Scanner as starting equipment.  Missile Throwers and 
    Scanners are usually the Smallest Pieces of Standard Equipment in the game.  
    Another Option is Missile Thrower and a Trethone Weaopn.  Trethone weapons 
    have the unique property of slowing an opposing ship.  
    This allows time and revenue to be spent on other things besides searching 
    for a new hull.
    To avoid Jail time after give the First and most Humble Account to a 
    Planetary Government.  They may adopt an attitude of Bad toward you but you 
    can work out that situation without Jail time.
    In the long run the only Equipment that doesn't need to be Gaalian (to reduce 
    maintenance cost) is the Hull, Weapons and the Gripper.  Only use Artifacts 
    AKA. Special Equipment when necessary.  This reduces wear and tear; and 
    reduces repair costs.
    1)  You can shadow Pirate vs. Commerce Battles from Start of game to pick up 
    Spare Cargo or Spare Parts.
    2)  Prices are always given for all items.  You are Free while fighting 
    Dominators or even in some Pirate vs. Commerce Battles to Drop one of your 
    items for a More expensive item.
    3)  Always use Search Utility in News Window.  Type Planet for nearest 30 
    planets.  Info Including Trade Information & Any Search whether it Nets 1 or 
    many results is always only 3 credits.
    4)  Market Analysis from Business Centers is also a good source of trade 
    5)  Make use of  News Reports and Government Official Comments for trade 
    This can shorten your time for getting Trade info from the Search Utility.
    6) Always verify News Reports and Government Official Comments against the
    Search utility.
    Build a Robot with 3 of the best weapons you can put on it, a Mortar and a 
    Repairer Unit.  Bots will be able to Repair each other and Fight in battle.  
    If needed use one member of the Phalanx to Fire 1st Round and the Rest for 
    Fire Support.  This may work in other Land Campaigns outside of Training. 
    (Continued on page 3)
    To be useful in combat conditions Repair Droid Efficiency should never fall 
    too far below 5% of hull size.
    Example: 310-330 Hull size should be 12-16 points of Damage.
    Before IP-37 Battle: Trade to get currency and purchase whatever upgrades are 
    necessary.  Feel free to Trade and Shop in Several Systems.  A Scanner with 
    your radar enables you to get Structure data on some ships and an idea of 
    what damage their taking during combat.  This helps in all combat or 
    prospective combat to determine your chances of wining the engagement.  This 
    also helps you to determine if maneuvers are in order to give your droid time 
    for Hull repair before you go back on the Attack.  
    Government will assign missions for the farthest reaches you have mapped out.  
    News about trade will also tend to be about the Farthest reaches you have 
    mapped out.  Only get Probes that have values in at least two of the three 
    categories water, plains and mountains.  Get New Star Maps only when you've 
    got the Sub-modem from the pirates; or war aims dictate you need a new Star 
    Map.  The SUB-MODEM is key to victory against the Terronoids .  The Pirates 
    won't offer the SUB-MODEM until 3305-3310.  On the War Aims side of things a 
    key system for the Dominators is always Gralghar.  Type Gral in the search 
    engine and get the sector this system is in and buy Star Maps going in that 
    general direction.  This system is usually in the KIO sector at the opposite 
    end of the galaxy from where you start.  Your starting system is always a 
    Coalition Stronghold.  Nothing gives Experience points or improves reputation 
    like killing Dominators.  
    Engines and the War Aim Side:  The Splash Type Engine is the First Engine 
    that with a Science Base Upgrade and if needed the right Micro-module can 
    travel up to 40 Parsecs and give Fast Ship Speed in most situations.  A Long 
    Range and Speed can be extremely helpful in Fighting the Dominators and 
    accomplishing missions.
    Careful when accepting these missions.  Think about declining if Pirate is 
    located at the Edge of your Mapped Star Systems.  The Pirate can always slip 
    into unknown Star Systems.  Catching one Pirate is not worth the 
    complications of buying a Star Map Early.  This leaves you more likely to 
    have the much smaller complications of Failing the mission.
    Cheap Repairs are in this Cheapest to most Expensive Order; Military Base & 
    Pirate Base.
    PIRATE BASES do ARTIFACT (SPEC EQUIP REPAIRS).  To Qualify for Discounts, 
    Always Ask Base Commander for REPAIRS.  One way to Reduce Repair Costs is to 
    put all parts that aren't in urgent need of repair either in STORAGE or your 
    ship's hold and repair only the Urgent Repair items. (Continued on pg. 4
    Hostile Governments can be bribed through talking with their Battleships they 
    send after you.  One positive side of Spending time in Jail, is that all the 
    governments that have a Beef with you in that sector will have at least Good 
    relations with you when you get out of Jail.
    The Best Coalition Guns are the Atomic Vision, Disintegrator and Turbogravir.  
    The Best Dominator Guns are the IMHO-9000, Vertix and TORPEDO APPARATUS.  For 
    best results some combo of 5 out of 6 of these will be required and you will 
    eventually need a ship with 5 Gun Slots.
    Buy Missile Throwers that are under 20 Spaces in size and Stockpile them on 
    various planets.  This way you can pick them up on the way to a battle or 
    land and install them as needed and you won't find yourself trying to pay 
    reload fees (while low on Credits) and fight Dominators at the same time.
    If your Problem is with Governments (plural) and Planets (plural) and you 
    don't care to Change Species.  The Business Center in it's Investments 
    division offers many charitable subsidies you can make.  There are also 
    investments you can make in building Pirate Bases, Military Bases and Ranger 
    Investments in Navy Fleets will improve your standing on just one planet.  
    Also Investments into Military bases and Ranger Centers will get you promoted 
    in the Rangers or the Military.  Subsidies to Poor Rangers, to Families that 
    have lost their Loved ones in the War and building Ranger Centers will 
    improve your relations with your Fellow Rangers.  Sometimes in the SPACE 
    RANGERS world as in the real world it takes money to make money.  Take loans 
    only to help with enough cash to buy enough cargo for a lucrative trade.  Pay 
    back loans as soon as possible.  (One other thought; Small loans with Long 
    repayment times can be useful for Building Ranger Centers or Military Bases 
    and advancing you in terms of Ranger experience points or Military Rank.)
    Paying off your loan qualifies you for larger future loans.  Warning: With a 
    Species change you can escape all past vices except for the VICE OF BAD 
    Penalties for Unpaid Loans include Seesaw relationships with planets and 
    species and spending much time in Jail because everyone frames you for 
    Financial Frauds and for any and Every Crime in the Universe.
    Sure Fire Way to Pay Off Loans: When you have a Engine Range of 30-40 
    Parsecs, make sure there is a Trade Route with all destinations within your 
    Range.  Borrow what money you need to; Trade until you have the money owed 
    plus profit.  This strategy not only assures loan repayment but it will get 
    you back to substantial profit within a few days to a few months time.
    (Continued on pg. 5)
    If Auto Combat isn't working for you, pilot your ship yourself and constantly 
    keep firing.  
    After Killing Keller or Sending him to the Klissians; look for a Silver 
    Triangle and Break (shoot) through any barriers and use the Triangle as an 
    Emergency exit: Unless there's enough of your ship left to destroy the 
    remaining Kelleroids in a more conventional manner.
    Refusing a Government Mission won't damage your relations with a Planet!!!  
    P.S.  Don't ever refuse an RTS Mission (Land Mission) against the Dominators.  
    If you do you won't get any more RTS Missions.
    Repair Prices and Node Prices at Pirate Bases are based on your Pirate 
    If your Pirate Rating is high enough Repair Prices will be cheaper than at 
    Military Bases.  Pirate Bases are the Other Place besides Science Bases where 
    Artifacts can be repaired.
    The easiest way to be a Part-Time Pirate is to play, Jo Jo Krako (Bella Can't 
    make a Date with a Broad Unless I Know about it)  Listen to Merchant 
    Communications and when they offer Credits or Cargo to Pirates; you offer to 
    leave them alone if they'll share some Credits or Cargo with you.
    When asking for Credits, if the Merchant ship in question has already paid a 
    Pirate ask them for the smallest amount you can ask for.  When the Pirate has 
    refused their offer for credits ask for a few less credits than what the 
    Pirate refused.  If the Merchant ship has no credits than ask for cargo.  
    This will make negotiations quick and the Merchants relationship to you won't 
    suffer as much.
    Missiles keep pursuing a target after you've made peace. (don't use unless 
    you intend to destroy a target)
    Careful, with Peleng Pirates go after with only Guns and pursue for Credits 
    or Cargo.  Peleng Pirates are often cozy with Peleng Planetary governments.  
    Avoid the Shortest Time Frame for Missions until after you purchase and if 
    not already upgraded, upgrade the first Engine you buy;  (DOUBLE ENGINE 
    SOLUTION) One Solution to Wear and Tear on an Engine from use of Thrust 
    Ability is to keep 2 Engines.  One for regular use and one for thrusting.  
    This cuts down on repair cost, if your thrust engine has the Cent Micro-
    Module the thrust engine lasts longer and this solution works even better.  
    This solution requires 2 Engines that are small compared to the ship you are 
    using.  This solution also enables you to maintain good regular speeds and 
    good thrusting speeds. (Continued on pg. 6)
    Science Bases don't offer Repair discounts and can cost more than most other 
    places for repairs.  Science Bases also pay Full market Value for Dominator 
    parts regardless of Rangers Trading Skill.
    Dominator Parts Note:  When turning in Dominator Parts shop around between 
    the 3 departments for the department that will give you 2X value on the 
    greatest number of items.  It's Coalition Research but your credits.
    Artifact Note:  The Probability Analyzer only works if you have a scanner.
    Science Bases develop the "Logical Denial" software that can be used to 
    Persuade Blazer to Join the Coalition.
    Science Bases also develop custom software for dealing with Keller and 
    Terron.  In a game on Custom Settings, Science bases set to the Dumb Setting 
    will take 50-80yrs game time to Develop all 3 types of Anti-Dominator 
    Software.  On higher Settings R & D is 20-30yrs game time.
    If Accepting a Mission on the same planet you intend to Trade in illegal 
    goods with.  Make your deal with the Government First.  Afterwards Fracture a 
    law or two.  The government can refuse you a mission if their attitude toward 
    you isn't Good or Excellent.  However, they can't prevent you from doing a 
    Mission that you've already contracted with them to do.  Another thing you 
    can do along Smuggler's Blues lines is sell illegal goods first and then 
    report a completed mission to the Government.  This way your reputation stays 
    at least good enough for more trading and often good enough to get another 
    Accuracy and Maneuverability are the best starting skills, this insures that 
    you'll always have these skills even when not on Stimulants.  The First Level 
    for Each these skills come in handy against Merchants and Pirates.
    To Cut Down on ship maintenance costs and get the most probes; develop 
    Technician Skill First. 
    Trading Skill, dictates what you can sell old hardware (ship parts) you come 
    across for.  If you want to be the Best Fred Sanford you can be don't sell 
    old hardware without the top trading skill. (unless you're desperate for 
    Charisma, reduces peoples negative reactions to your actions and increases 
    their positive reactions to your actions. 
    Pay for Government Missions increases overtime regardless of your skill level 
    in this area.
    (i.e.  After a Certain point all Planetary governments figure that you won't 
    work for much less that 1000 Ranger Points and 10K in Credits.)
    Leadership is Discussed in Detail in the Section: CONVOYS.
    One advantage to Charisma and Leadership skills is that they require the 
    least experience points to get to the top level. (Continued on Page 7)
    The Manual Hints at this but won't come right out and say it, for optimum 
    speed even with an upgraded Temporal Engine.  Don't use a Hull Greater in 
    size than 1000.  Anything Greater and the weight of the Hull itself will slow 
    down engine speed considerably.  
    For a good combination of Speed and Spaciousness something in the 800's in 
    size will do.
    However to stand the best chance of withstanding the Attrition Slug Fest with 
    Dominator Bosses, the Closer the weight of your ship is to 1000 in Hull Size, 
    the better.  For a combination of Good Ship Speed and the ability to handle 
    Dominator Attrition Slug Fests a Ship of 500-550 Hull Size with some good 
    Leadership Skills and good Followers works best.
    Terron thinks he's a planet, with rebel forces on the surface.  So, if you 
    get permission to board you will have an RTS mission.  Like the Training RTS 
    mission the Enemy will not take the offensive.  However, the enemy will use 
    it's ability to produce Robots and you can't produce any new robots.  Also, 
    your forces are divided into two separate camps on opposite sides of the 
    planet.  One of the camps has four repair droids.  One goal will be to unite 
    your forces.  The penalty for failure is that Terron will keep on fighting.  
    Success means that Terron will self destruct.
    A good ship makes Mission's easier to do and more missions possible to do.  
    So, despite all that can happen in the life of a SPACE RANGER; after the 
    Training Missions, concentrate on Trade First, Buying and Upgrading Equipment 
    Second and Missions third.
    Kelleroid, Terronoid and Blazeroid Dominators fight each other as well as the 
    Coalition.  This fighting with each other means they find it difficult to 
    control more than 1/3 of Coalition Space at anytime.  If you start 
    eliminating Dominator classes (types) early the remaining kinds of dominators 
    will find it easier to control Half or more than Half of Coalition Space and 
    Complicate your War Efforts against them.  The easiest way to defeat them is 
    to wait for Coalition Science Bases to Develop their Kelleroid Software and 
    use it to Defeat Kelleroid inside of a Black Hole.  The best weapon against 
    Kelleroid inside Black Holes is Missile Throwers (the more the merrier).  The 
    other two Dominator series will be easier to defeat than Kelleroid and at 
    that point you should have the Terronoid software.
    An alternate Strategy is if you have Blazeroid and Terronoid (thank you 
    Pirates) software before you have an opportunity to use Kelleroid Software, 
    take out Blazeroid and Terronoid in quick succession and then you will only 
    have the A-Team (Guerrilla) fighting Kelleroids to take on and the Coalition 
    will Control 90% of Coalition space.
    A third Strategy is to take out Kelleroid first and then Terronoid in quick 
    succession and then wait for Science Bases to develop the Blazeroid 'Logical 
    Denial' software. (Continued on pg. 8) 
    If Military ships ask for your assistance grounding (getting a Pirate to Land 
    on A Planet) or destroying a pirate; feel free to give it.  If a Military 
    ship is traveling on other business and you want to destroy a pirate feel 
    free to ask.  Either way they can use their Missiles and you can save some or 
    all of yours while you take out a pirate.
    An upgraded Temporal Engine with at least a 47 Parsec Range 
    and then add an Exploder Micro-module to the engine.  This will Reduce the 
    Range by 7 but increase the speed by 150; Other Micro-modules that also 
    increase  speed by at least 150 may also be useful.
    RANGERS are better suited to liberating a system than defending one.  Leave 
    System Defense to the Military unless a system has a Space Station or 
    Stations that are critical to your operations.  This will increase the length 
    service (useful lifetime) of any partners-squad mates you have and make it 
    highly unlikely that you will be caught and killed by Dominators on a 
    inhabited planet when they take over a system.
    One more thing you get more Experience points and Military points and there's 
    more Dominator parts to choose from when taking out Bigger Dominator ships 
    vs. Smaller Dominator Ships.  When possible take out bigger Dominator Ships 
    Gaalians, Maloqs, and Faeyans can develop health conditions that give them 
    certain advantages.
    Gaalians can develop New Malozone (Gaalian Pregnancy) which increases their 
    Accuracy and Maneuverability but makes trade in Food and Medicine Illegal on 
    All Planets.
    Maloqs can develop the Grand Malossossus which increases Leadership and Trade 
    Skills but due to weight gain decreases the speed of  the ship.
    Faeyans can develop Aka Seziyanka which increases Trade Skill, but decreases 
    Accuracy, Maneuverability and Tech Skills and can cause Faeyans to Jetison 
    their own equipment on board their ship.
    Humans have average health in that they have no health conditions that only 
    affect their species.
    Pelengs have the worst Health in the Galaxy.  The disease peculiar to them 
    Bitter Pelenosha results in them damaging their own equipment onboard their 
    ship.  Unlike the conditions peculiar to the Gaalians and Maloqs.  This 
    condition has no advantages. (Finished on pg. 9)
    Followers can be used in a Convoy fashion to protect each other from Pirates.   
    This results in almost always defeating Pirates and sometimes destroying 
    them.  Convoys can also be helpful in Escort missions.  When using your squad 
    as a Convoy Planets and their Militaries will be after individual Convoy 
    members less often and they'll spend less time in Jail.  To get the most use
    (longest lifespan) out of each follower be careful about what situations you 
    put your squad in when they fight Dominators and for the most part only fight 
    pirates when they attack Convoy members or a ship you are escorting.  A LAST 
    RESORT SCENARIO a Convoy can be useful in is if a Planet sends only a couple 
    of Military Ships after a Convoy member.  The Convoy can easily defeat this 
    kind of patrol; however you'll have to change your Species/Identity a short 
    time later.  Another use for Convoys is to defeat a Wayward Ranger who 
    decides to attack a Convoy member.  One more Convoy thought; Convoys don't 
    have a static membership like the Fantastic 4, membership changes from time 
    to time and may even break up altogether; membership is more like the 
    Thank you 1C, Elemental Games and Cinemaware Marquee for making a Sci-Fi game 
    in which the player can play each and every one of several sides at sometime 
    during the game.

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