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FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/08/06


   WMM               MMMM    rMMM       MMMM      rXMMM      SMMMMMr
   MMa               M@MM     MMX       MWMM       MMS      WMZ   MM
   MM2              MM @MM     MMM       MBMZ      rMM      MMS   MM
   MMa             2MW  MMr     MMS     MM8MM      MM        MM2 MMa
   MM2             MM X MMM     WMM     MB MM2    MMM         0WMB
   MMS            WM  Z  WM8     MMM   MM7 8MM    MM         8MMMMX
   MMX            MMMMMMMMMM     MMMX  M@r  MMa  7MW        MM0  MMM 
   MMX           MMX  r2  MMB     MM2 MM    2MM  MM        MMa X  @MMB
   MM7          2MM     Z 0MM     WM@ MW     MM MM@        M@   S   MMMS
   MMM      ,r  MMS     0  MMM     MM@M      XMWMM         MMZ   S  aMMMM
   8MMMMMMMMM  MMM      7W rMMW    XMMM       MMMB          MMMBX 8MM  MMMM
  XMZ2Z80008a MM0B      rSrM@BMW    MM         8M            XMMMMMa r  7MMM

    MM@       MMM    MMS   XMMW     aMM      MMMM    MW@     r   MWB    MMM
   MM8         MMM   MM0    @MM     0MM        MMM   M@M         MMM    7MM7
  MMM           MMM  MMB    MMM     8MM         MMM  MB@         M@M    8MM
  MM8           MMM  MM8   MMM      ZMM         MWM  MBM8MMM     M@M   MMM
  MM2           MMM  MM8BMM2        8MM         @WM  MBMWMMMr    MW@2MM8
  MM@           MMM  MM8 MMW        ZMM         M@M  MB@         M@M WMM
  MMM           MMM  MMW  MMM       aMM         MM0  M0M         M@M  MMMS
   MMM         MMM   MM@   MMM      aMM        MMM   MWM         MWM   0MMB
    MMM       MMM    MWW    MMM8    SMM      MMM@    M0B      M  MBM    7MMM
           _____                                    __
          (, /             ,           ,        (__/  )                /)
            /      _  _/_    _   _       _        /   _  __ _ _   _  _(/
        ___/__(_(_/_)_(___(_(___(/_  _(_/_)_   ) /  _(/_/ (_(/___(/_(_(_
      /   /                                   (_/
     (__ /

PC 2004

Version:        1.0     released on the 8th of October 2006
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
|      Detective                                                 |   G0310   |
|      Trial                                                     |   G0320   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Law & Order: Justice Is Served' for the PC, an adventure game
released in 2004 by Legacy Interactive. This is the third game in the Law &
Order game franchise.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Most of the game's features are explained in the manual. There are some in-game
hints but generally you can pick the game up without much confusion of what to
do. Remember that the city map scrolls up and down!

Use the SPACE bar to skip movies and conversations. Also use this to pause the
game during the trial which helps you to think about whether or not you want to
object to a question by the defense attorney.

SAVE on different slots. You never know if you need to revert back to a
previous point in the game, especially during the trial.

When talking to people, always finish with a "Thanks for your time" to get the
interview report screen.

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

The game is divided into two parts, starting with the investigation and moving
on to the court case.

When waiting for the research, lab and surveillance reports, go visit random
locations or wait at the map screen. Sometimes you don't see a mobile phone
flashing in the corner so check your voice messages from time to time. What
often worked for me was to check the voice messages, and the second time there
really is a message without the game telling you so first. Try to take every
research object when you read the report. There is no need for me to mention
this with every object. The same goes for having to look at items before you
can take them.

                        DETECTIVE                                    G0310

Crime Scene
Pick up the button on the floor.
Pick up the syringe on the floor.
Open the locker straight in front of you. The combination is 'ACE'.
Take the bird key from the bag in the locker.
Take the photograph from the inside of the locker door.
Look at the phone number on the inside of the locker door.
Enter the restroom.
Pick up the access card near the entrance.

Talk to Nicole Beaumont.
*Did you know the victim?
*When did you last see her alive? 
*What time did you find her body in the locker room? 
*Did anyone come with her to practice? 
*Do you think Elena was worried about her match?
*Did you see her with anyone before practice?

Patrick McEnroe
*Were you here the whole time during Elena's practice?
*Know anyone who'd want to murder her?
*How long have you been her coach?
*What were her chances at the Open?
*Had Elena's game slipped?
*Was she unfocused with anyone in particular?

Rodrigo Silva
*How long were you and Elena together?
*When did your relationship end?

Drag and drop the Vacation Photo from Elena's locker on him.

*So where did you and Elena get cozy?
*Anyone else know about her apartment?
*What did you think of her chances at the Open?
*Just in case, where were you the morning of the murder?
*Have you got the address of yours and Elena's love nest?

Victim's Residence
Use the Bird Key on the door to get inside.
Take the wine glass in the living room.
Enter the Bedroom.
Take the crackers from the table.
Take the hate mail from the table.
Take the Family Photo from the wall near the window.
Pick up the torn letter from the floor.

You need to piece it back together. Keep in mind that right click turns the
pieces around as there is a front and back message. The pieces do not fit
together exactly as the edges are rounded. There is a picture posted on
GameFAQs that might help you.

Return to the Living Room.
Feed the parrot the crackers to hear a tune.
Open the music book in the corner. The correct jingle is C#, C#, C#, B, C#, D,
E, D, C#.
Take the postcard.

Leave the apartment via the front door.
Knock on the neighbors door and talk to Sophie Marguilies.
*Did you ever see her with anyone here?
*Did you hear anything from Elena's apartment the night before she died?

Medical Examiner
Look at the victim's hand bruises and head wound.

Talk to Dr. Rutledge.
*Is the head trauma what killed her?
*Aren't performance drugs like that easily detectable?
*Could it be just a routine accidental overdose?
*So what have we got here?

Talk to the items from the evidence table: the Embryonic Cells, the Hairs, the
Autopsy Report and the Pregnancy Test.

Svetlana Kusarova
*Do you know anyone who would want to hurt her?
*Did her opponents like Elena?
*Was there any reason she would be worried about playing the Open?
*Had Elena's ranking slipped lately?
*Had she competed in fewer tournaments this last year?

Drag and drop the Pregnancy Test on her.

Frank Morelli
*You weren't angry that Elena's new coach was going to get the credit for all
 your hard work?
*Did you ever see Elena and her mother argue?
*Is Mark the one who negotiated Elena's deals?
*Don't coaches usually manage a player's strokes and their agents manage their
*Are you talking about endorsements?
*Want to tell us where you were that morning?

Drag and Drop the Pregnancy Test on him.
Take the Saliva Swab.

Mark Greenfield
*Is that why you fired her old coach, Frank Morelli?
*How long had she been a client of yours?
*Were you in the stadium the morning she was murdered?
*Does that mean you were sure this was her big comeback?
*Do you think Elena had any other problems that were getting in the way of her
*Wouldn't she have come to you for advice with a problem?

27th Precinct
Submit Morelli's Saliva Swab to the Lab.
Submit the Access Card to Research.
Submit the Blood Sample to the Lab.
Submit the Embryonic Cells to the Lab.
Submit the Hairs to the Lab.
Submit the Hate Mail to the Lab.
Submit the Pills to the Lab.
Submit the Postcard to Research.
Submit the Wine Glass to the Lab.

Wait for the Research Report.

Go to Records & Research.
View the report on the Access Card.
View the report on the Postcard.
Drag and drop the small pieces on their appropriate spot. There is a picture
on GameFAQs if you need help.

Jimmy Russo
Drag and drop and Access Card on him.

*What time did you leave the stadium?
*Did you see or hear anything unusual?
*Where'd you go after you left the stadium?
*How many cameras are in the stadium?
*Where are the security tapes kept?
Take the Security Tapes.
*Why should we believe you weren't still at the stadium when the murder

27th Precinct
Call Howard Cragon on your cell phone.
*When was the last time you met with her?
*Wasn't Elena a little young to be thinking about the hereafter?
*Was Elena's mother in on the creation of the will?
*When was the last time you spoke with her?
*Who are the beneficiaries?

Submit the Access Card to the Lab.

Wait for the Lab reports.

Crime Lab
View the report on Morelli's Saliva Swab.
View the report on the Access Card.
View the report on the Embryonic Cells.
View the report on the Hairs.
View the report on the Hate Mail.
View the report on the Pills.
View the report on the Wine Glass.

27th Precinct
Submit Peter Hamilton to Research.

Wait for the report.

View the report on Peter Hamilton and take it.

Claire Thomas
*Were there rumors that connected you to the assault on Elena three years ago?
*Weren't you angry about the rumors?
*Isn't that around the time Elena became Greenfield's client?
*Where were you when Elena's murder took place?
*Were you worried she might defeat you in the Open?
*Wasn't this supposed to be her big comeback?

Kaya Talib
*Since you and Elena spent a lot of time together did you talk about personal
*Was Elena having problems with her mother?
*Is there anything you can think of that she may have been depressed about?
*Did Elena ever know her father?
*Are you still going to play doubles in the Open?
*Were there any endorsement deals lined up for you and Elena as a team?

Svetlana Kusarova
*Do you know if Elena had some reason to be concerned about her father?
*Did he die before or after you left your country?
*He never contacted you once Elena became a big star?

Jimmy Russo (Peter Hamlin)
Drag and drop his research report on him.

*Want to tell us how you got this job?
*Did anyone see you clock out that morning?
*Who saw you walk to the subway?
*And then you happened to turn around, sneak back into the locker room and
 wait for Elena, right?
*C'mon, you knew Elena was playing at the Open so you arranged to be there to
 give her a warm welcome?

27th Precinct
Submit a Search Warrant for Peter Hamlin.
Supporting Evidence & Witnesses:
-Peter Hamlin's Background Check
-Access Card Lab Report

Peter Hamlin's Residence
Enter the door where the light comes from.
Shift the boxes so Briscoe can walk to the right. 
The grid is like this:


Here are the directions:

Move boxes B2, B3, D-C3, D2, E2, E3-4 left, D4, B2, E-C5, E4 right, D3.
Walk Briscoe to D2.
Move boxes E1, E2-3 left, D3, D4.
Walk Briscoe to D4.
Move boxes E3, E4, D3, E3, E5, E4 to the left, E6, E7, D6, D7 down, C6-7,
           B6, A6, A5, B-D5, D6-7, E7, D7 up, E6, E5, E7, E6 right, D5-6.
Walk Briscoe to D5.
Move boxes E4, E5-6, E6, E7, D7 down.
Walk Briscoe to D7. Not quite there yet.
Move boxes C6, C7.
Walk Briscoe to C7.

Take the battery.

Return by using the exit sign.

Insert the battery into the flashlight.

Pick up the bottles near the bed.
Pick up the newspaper article near the lamp.
Open the cabinet by exchanging letters to form either "_CLAIRE_THOMAS" or
Take the videotapes.

Enter the other room.
Look at the pictures on the wall.
Pick up the typewriter.

Use your cell phone to call Ben Winters.

*Do you think Elena Kusarova could have committed suicide?
*Did her mother push her especially hard?
*How were her earnings?
*Doesn't the WTF have rules that govern the development of their careers?
*What about steroids and performance drugs?
*How about their friendships with the other players?

Omar Talib
*Didn't your daughter and Elena play together for the last two years?
*How come Elena was the one with the endorsement deals?
*Was there any jealousy between the two of them?
*Did Kaya mention anything that was bothering Elena?
*Who manages your daughter's career?

Submit the Videotapes to Research.

Wait for the reports.

View the report on the videotapes.

Wait for another voice message regarding the videotapes.

Yuri Zaliski
Drag and drop the Family Photo on him.

*Didn't you know Elena thought you had died?
*You didn't know she had become a tennis star?
*How did Svetlana feel about it when you showed up at the stadium?
*Where were you on the morning she died?

Svetlana Kusarova
*How come you didn't tell us about Yuri's sudden appearance before?
*What made you think Yuri was dead?
*Did Elena know about her father's past?
*Did anyone else know about Yuri's past?

27th Precinct
Submit Svetlana Kusarova to Surveillance.

Wait for the report.

View the report on Svetlana Kusarova.

Eastside Women's Clinic
Talk to Eleanor Sullivan near the water cooler.

*Was anyone with Elena when she was here?
*Did you meet with Elena's mother when she came here? 
*How would you like to tell that to the judge who orders a subpoena?

Turn around and speak to Toki Yamamato near the entrance

*Do you know why Elena was here?
*Do you remember seeing if anyone came with her on the day of her appointment? 
*How can you be sure Elena was pregnant?

27th Precinct
Submit a Search Warrant for Svetlana Kusarova.

Supporting Evidence & Witnesses: 
-Toki Yamamato

-Videotapes Research Report
-Svetlana Surveillance Report

Kusarova's Residence
Take the mirror near the sofa.
Go to the dining room.
Take the bank statement behind the sofa.
Pick up the air travel statement on the table.
Look at the tapestry. Pull the right cord.
Enter 6461 to open the safe.
Take the will from the safe.

Call Howard Cragon.

Drag and drop the Will on him.

*Who is the executor of Elena's estate?
*How well did Greenfield do?
*Can you think of a reason she didn't make her mother the executor?
*Didn't you say Elena wanted to make changes to her will in the days before
 she died?
*Do you think Elena was depressed enough to kill herself?

Mark Greenfield
*$250,000 makes her death worth a lot of money to you, doesn't it?
*How come you left out the fact of her father suddenly showing up?
*How much did you know about his criminal background?
*How did you plan to deal with Yuri?
*Were you aware Elena was on anti depressants?

Take the photograph.

27th Precinct
Submit the Bottles to the Lab.
Submit the Typewriter to the Lab.
Submit the Threatening Photo to the Lab.
Submit the Bank Statement to Research.
Submit the Will to Research.

Wait for the reports.

Crime Lab
View the report on the Bottles.
View the report on the Threatening Photograph.
View the report on the Typewriter.

Select the correct typeface from the lines.

 H  Y  Q (A)(S) J
(H) Y  Q  A  S  J
 H (J)(Q) A  S (J)

(H) Y (Q) A  S  J
 H (Y) Q (A)(S) J
 H  Y  Q  A  S (J)

Jimmy Russo (Peter Hamlin)
*Why should we believe you didn't kill Elena?
Drag and drop the Threatening Photograph on him.
*Who was Elena fighting with?
*Did you see Claire leave the locker room?
*Had you ever seen Elena and Claire argue before?

Claire Thomas
*What was your fight with her about?
*How did the fight escalate enough for you to slam her head against the bench?
*Any other lovely thoughts you just had to share with each other?
*Why did you forget to tell us about your fight when we questioned you

Take the newspaper article.

Rodrigo Silva
Drag and drop the newspaper article on him.

*What went wrong? You couldn't read the dosage on the syringe?
*Where did you get the drug you were using?
*Is pushing a baby carriage not going to land you on tennis' ten sexiest
 bachelors list?
*When she hit her head during your argument, did you decide you'd better help
 her not wake up?
*Did Elena know how chummy you were with Claire?

Take the Saliva Swab.

27th Precinct
Submit Rodrigo's Saliva Swab to the Lab.
View the report on the Bank Statement.
View the report on the Will.

Wait for a voice message about the financial details of Mark Greenfield.

Submit a Search Warrant for Mark Greenfield.
Supporting Evidence & Witnesses:

-Rodrigo Silva
-Svetlana Kusarova

-Bank Statement
-Elena's Will

-Mark Greenfield Background Check

Mark Greenfield's Residence
Take the jacket.
Pick up the key behind the blue sofa.

Go to the fireplace.
Pick up the poker on the left of it.
Look inside the fireplace. Use the mirror to take a closer look. Use the poker
to make the paper fall down. Take it with you.

Enter the bathroom.
Open the cabinet and take the syringes.
Look at the small box and turn the wheels so it says 
Take the toupee.

27th Precinct
Submit the Toupee to the Lab.
Submit the Syringes to the Lab.
Submit the Vehicle Impound Receipt to Research.

Wait for the reports.

View the report on the Vehicle Impound Receipt.

Mark Greenfield
*Have you got a good reason for lying to us?
Drag and drop the Jacket on him.
Drag and drop the Syringes on him.
Drag and drop the Toupee on him.
Drag and drop the Vehicle Impound Receipt on him.

Crime Lab
View the report on Rodrigo's Saliva Swab.
View the report on the Syringes.
View the report on the Toupee.

Sophie Marguilies
*Are you sure you couldn't hear what the argument in the next apartment was
*Did you see anything on the street?
*See anything unusual?
*Could you recognize the man you saw?
*Was the fight next door still going on while he was waiting on the street?

City Serve Car Service
*Where did you drop the man off?
*Did you take the same man to Flushing Meadows stadium?
*You think you could identify this man?
*What time did you get there?

Take the Service Log.

Check your voice mail for the message regarding Mark Greenfield.

Also read any lab or research reports you might have neglected until now.

27th Precinct
Submit an Arrest Warrant for Mark Greenfield.
Supporting Evidence & Witnesses:
-Toki Yamamato
-Jesus Gonzalez

-The Jacket
-The Button

-Elena's Will

-Mark Greenfield's Background Check
-The Lab Results on the Embryonic Cells
-The Lab Results on the Hairs
-The Lab Results on the Toupee

Go to the District Attorney.

                        TRIAL                                        G0320

Submit Mark Greenfield to a Psychological Evaluation.

Kaya Talib
*Who would Elena have told about her pregnancy?
*Did Elena tell you who her major new endorsement deal was with?
*Were you and your father unhappy that all those sponsors liked to throw their
 money at Elena and not you?  
*How's your new partner working out?

View the report for Mark Greenfield.

Greenfield's Office
Take the Emergency Room bill from the small table.

Go to the desk.
Pick up the Checks from the desk.
Pick up the Plane Tickets from the desk.
Pick up the Passport from the desk.
Turn around and take the Financial Document from the shelf.
Take an empty paper from the pile.
Look at the drawer below the cigar case. Use the key to open it.

Open the blinds at the window, then check the computer monitor. The password
is BABE. Turn around and look at the printer. Insert the empty page to get a
printout. Pick it up.

Odessa Gift Shop
Talk to Dmitri.

Look at the computer monitor. Select the top item in the right column and then
click on the appropriate shape, color and size. Continue with the second and
third item. The correct items are: Triangle-Blue-Large, Circle-Yellow-Large,

Ukrainian Embassy
*How do you identify promising Ukrainian players?
*Was Elena Kusarova one of your hand picked finds?
*Does your government help tennis players emigrate here?
*Why did Mr. Greenfield give you an expensive gift?

District Attorney
Submit Ivana Kirenikov to Research.
Submit the Checks to Research.
Submit the E. R. Bill to Research.
Submit the Financial Document to Research.
Submit the Foreign Account to Research.
Submit the Passport to Research.

Wait for the reports.

27th Precinct
View the report on Ivana Kirenikov.
View the report on the Checks.
View the report on the E. R. Bill.
View the report on the Financial Document.
View the report on the Foreign Account.
View the report on the Passport.

Go to the District Attorney.

Submit a subpoena.

Prosecution Witness List:
-Jesus Gonzales
-Patrick McEnroe
-Sophie Marguilies
-Yuri Zaliski

Prosecution Evidence List:

-Autopsy Report
-Car Service Log
-Elena's Will
-Pregnancy Report

-Blood Sample Lab Test
-Checks Research Report
-Embryonic Cells Lab Test
-Foreign Account Research Report
-Hair Lab Test
-Impound Receipt Research Report
-Mark Greenfield Psychiatric Report
-Mark Greenfield Research Report

Go To Trial.


You can call the witnesses in any order. Object before the witness has the
chance to answer the question on the list.

___Elizabeth Hernandez___

Analysis on Hair and Toupee:

*Were you able to identify the hairs found under the victim's nails?

Blood Sample Lab Test:

*What were your findings in the victim's blood?
*How would the steroid DHA affect her pregnancy?

Embryonic Cells Lab Test:

*Can you tell the court who was the father of Elena Kusarova's unborn child?

*Can you estimate how long Ms. Kusarova had been abusing steroids prior to her
*Was her death the accidental result of the combination of steroids,
 antidepressants and multivitamins she was taking?

___Geoffrey Hoffman___

Mark Greenfield Psych Evaluation:

*Please tell the court your opinion of Mr. Greenfield's mental state. 
*Does he seem to have any compunction about his illicit affair with the victim?
*How does he view his relationship with his clients?

*Isn't it true that Ms. Kusarova, as immature and unstable as she was, spun
 out of control when my client, as he knew he should, tried to end their
*But Ms. Kusarova never told him that she was pregnant, did she?

___Jesus Gonzalez___

*On the day of the murder, what time did you drop Mr. Greenfield off at the
*Is the man you drove to the stadium in the courtroom today?


___Lennie Briscoe___


*What can you tell the court about this item?

Car Service Log:

*Where did the defendant tell you he was on the morning of the murder?

Elena's Will:

*What can you tell the court about this document?


*What is the significance of this jacket to this case.


___Patrick McEnroe___

*How long had you been training Elena Kusarova?
*During that time did you witness any evidence that she was using steroids?
*Had her playing become inconsistent enough to cause concern to those involved
 with her professional career?
*Did Elena ever tell you that she was taking anti-depressants?
*What are the pressures on some of these young players like?
*Is it difficult for the players to live up to the high expectations?

*Why did Ms. Kusarova hire you as her new coach?
*And when it didn't do the job, she recklessly increased her dosage and OD'd?
*The same drug Ms. Kusarova used to commit suicide to avoid her future as a
 sports has-been?

___Sharon Rutledge M.D.___

Autopsy Report:

*Can you tell the jury the victim's cause of death?
*How was the drug administered?
*Is this consistent with normal injection technique?

Pregnancy Report:

*Can you please tell the jury how long the victim had been pregnant?

*Wasn't it true that the self induced mixture of steroids, antidepressants,
 hormonal fluctuations, anorexia and a strenuous workout caused the victim to
 pass out?
*How long did Ms. Kusarova know she was pregnant?

___Sophie Marguilies___

*Did you see a man from your window on the night before the murder?
*Did you hear a loud argument taking place between a man and a woman that
 night in the victim's apartment?

*Could you tell if the male voice you heard was one of Ms. Kusarova's many
 regular sexual partners?

___Tony Jefferson___

Checks Research Report:

*What were your findings about these checks?

Foreign Account Research Report:

*What did your research reveal about the defendant's Costa Rican accounts?

Impound Receipt Research Report:

*What were your findings about this document?

Mark Greenfield Background Check:

*What did your research reveal about the defendant's financial circumstances?


___Yuri Zaliski___

*How long had it been since you had seen your daughter?
*Why had it been so long since you saw your daughter?
*Why were you incarcerated back in the Ukraine?
*Do you mean torture them?
*Were you told that this information could be harmful to Elena's marketing
*What was your argument about with Svetlana Kusarova at the stadium the day
 before Elena's death?
*Did you ever meet Mr. Greenfield?
*Did he tell you he didn't want you to jeopardize your daughter's career?
*Did Mr. Greenfield have a reaction to your refusal?

*Mr. Zaliski, you came to this country with the sole intention of extorting
 money from my client, didn't you?
*Did your daughter ignore the postcard you sent to her because she knew you
 were a dangerous criminal?

Rest Case.


District Attorney

Check your voice mail for a message from Tony Jefferson.

Submit Svetlana Kusarova to Surveillance.

Gus Olsen
*What was your visit to Mr. Greenfield about?
*Did that disagreement that end in an assault?
*Who are you afraid of?
*Are you talking about gambling debts?

27th Precinct
View the report on Svetlana Kusarova.

You need to piece together the audio tracks. Here are some words the pieces
start with:
1. bring it
2. leave alone
3. I'm dead
4. for four our daughter
5. deserves big future
6. cry
Or check the solution on GameFAQs.

Call the District Attorney.

*Can you help us convince Gus Olsen to talk?

District Attorney
Look at the fax machine and take the plea bargain.

Gus Olsen
Drag and drop the Plea Bargain Fax on him.

Henry Haskin
*Does Greenfield have any outstanding debts?
*Did he place any bets on the Open?
*Greenfield bet on Kaya and Elena to win the doubles title?
*When did he place the bet?
*Did he ever bet on his client, Elena Kusarova?
*Greenfield bet against his own client?

Check the voice mail for a message from Tony Jefferson.

Svetlana Kusarova
*Does your closeness extend to giving Yuri money?
*Why didn't Elena tell you about the postcard Yuri sent her before he showed
 up on your doorstep?
*Did Greenfield want Yuri to stay away from Elena?
*Do you think Elena committed suicide?

Go to the District Attorney.


Object before the witness has the chance to answer the question on the list.

___Rodrigo Silva___

*And her obsession irritated you so much so that you wrote her that
 threatening note?
*So you injected Ms. Kusarova with a lethal dose of this drug to effectively
 conclude your annoying affair with her?
*Ms. Kusarova was so humiliated by the end of your relationship that she
 committed suicide, didn't she?


*Had Elena ever mentioned using performance drugs to you?
*Did you ever give her any indication you were using performance-drugs?
*She never asked you to provide her with this drug in the weeks before her

___Peter Hamlin___

*Of the many people you sold performances drugs to, was my client ever one of
*Isn't that when you saw Claire Thomas, a tennis player with whom you have a
 perverse obsession, and Ms. Kusarova having a violent argument in the locker
*So when did you and Ms. Thomas conspire that morning to viciously eliminate
 Ms. Kusarova from competition?

*Did you ever provide steroids to Elena?
*Had you ever seen Elena before that morning since you were arrested for the
 assault on her three years ago?
*If you had gone into the locker room that morning when you saw her fight with
 Claire you would have been in violation of your restraining order, correct?
*Since Claire was ranked higher than Elena in the Open, did you have any
 reason to kill her?

___Claire Thomas___

*What did she say after you taunted her  about the lover she refused to
 believe had rejected her?
*Even after you shoved her head against the bench and injected her with the

*Were you concerned about your chances at beating Elena in the Open?
*Have you ever been tested for using performance drugs?
*Weren't you once a client of the defendant before he terminated your
*Was it your desire to become a client of the defendant again?
*Have you ever spoken with Mr. Greenfield about being re-signed?
*Did he say he had plans to get rid of Elena first?
*Was this in fact what your disagreement with Elena was about that morning?

___Kaya Talib___

*Was it difficult to have a professional relationship with someone as
 high-strung and immature as Ms. Kusarova?
*Your diplomacy is admirable. But wasn't it because my client worked
 tirelessly on her behalf?

*How did you and your new partner do in the Open?
*Was it after the murder of Elena that you and your new partner decided to
 play together?
*Had you and your new partner discussed the possibility of playing the Open
 together before Elena's murder?
*Did Elena tell you why she wasn't feeling well?
*Did you know about her pregnancy?
*What did Elena say to you about her pregnancy?
*Did she tell you who the father of her child was?

___Svetlana Kusarova___

*Were you aware that the sociopath who nearly killed your daughter three years
 ago was a security guard at the stadium?
*Do you think your parenting was a factor in Elena's suicide?

*Were you stealing money from Elena's accounts?
*Did you know the defendant was using Elena's money to pay off his own debts?
*Is there any reason why your daughter would not want to see the father she
 believed to be dead?
*If Elena's father's past became known to the public how could it have
 affected her career?

___Mark Greenfield___

*Rodrigo Silva says their relationship had ended but do you know if they might
 have been intimate while attempting to reconcile?

*Have you ever bet against your own client, Elena Kusarova, in tournaments
 she played?
*Did you use false names to place these bets?
*After Elena's murder did you place a bet on Kaya Talib and her new doubles
 partner at the Open?
*Weren't you afraid that Elena's lucrative endorsement deal with LaCoste
 would be forfeited if her father's past became public?
*Did Elena threaten you with revealing her pregnancy and when you realized
 what would happen when that news got out, you killed her?
*By murdering Elena you hoped your paternity would remain a secret and there
 would be no problem re-signing Claire Thomas as a client, right?
*Why did you lie to the police about your whereabouts on the morning of the
*How much money did you lose on the doubles bet you placed after Elena's


Listen to the two voice messages on your cell phone.

Submit Ivana Kirenikov to Surveillance.
Submit Omar Talib to Surveillance.

Wait for the reports.

27th Precinct
View the report on Ivana Kirenikov.
View the report on Omar Talib.

Call David Benning on your cell phone.

*Can you tell us what your meeting with Omar Talib about?

Empire Storage
From the list you can see you need room number 106. Go down the corridor
and check the padlock at that door. The combination is IGK. Inside, look at
the shelves with the dolls. You need to press them in a certain order.
The dolls are in 3 rows.




The solution is: C D E J O N I H M L K F A

Look into the newly revealed compartment. The box has yet another puzzle.
Simply press the leftmost knob, and then the second from the right. Take the

District Attorney
Check the fax machine and take the Ad Agency Profile.

Submit the Ad Agency Profile to Research.
Submit the Disc to Research.

Wait for the reports.

27th Precinct
View the report on the Ad Agency Profile.
View the report on the Disc.

Call David Benning.

Drag the drop the Ad Agency Profile Research Report in him.

*What was Omar Talib doing at your offices?
*When did Omar tell you this information?
*But Kaya and her new partner lost in the doubles finals so how does that help

Omar Talib
*How did you know Kaya and Elena wouldn't be playing together at the Open?
*Was it Kaya who decided a lethal dose of DHA would ensure Elena would never
 step onto the court?
*Did you kill Elena?

Call the District Attorney.

*Can you help us convince Omar to testify?

District Attorney
Look at the fax machine and take the Immunity Fax.

Omar Talib

Drop and drag the Immunity Fax on him.

Ukrainian Embassy
*Who exactly is Raisa, the other member of the Zaliski family?
*Where is Raisa now?
*What do you think has happened to Raisa?
*Why couldn't you locate Raise?
*How do you explain the discrepancies in dates in the Kusarova documents that
 we recovered?
*So Svetlana lied about Elena's age so she could compete more?
*How is it possible no one found out her true age?
*Did Greenfield know Elena falsified her age?

Yuri Zaliski
*Did Svetlana and Mark Greenfield pay you to keep quiet about Elena's age?
*Did you know Svetlana gave Raisa up for adoption back home.

Drag and drop the Plane Ticket on him.

*So you kept silent even after Elena's death?

District Attorney
Submit a rebuttal subpoena.

Prosecution Witness List:
-Ivana Kirenikov
-Omar Talib
-Svetlana Kusarova
-Yuri Zaliski

Prosecution Evidence List:

Go to trial.


You can call the witnesses in any order. Object before the witness has the
chance to answer the question on the list.

___Ivana Kirenikov___

*Who paid you to alter Elena Kusarova's birth records?
*Did you ever receive money from the defendant?
*Did the defendant say why this was important?
*What would happen to Elena's earnings if her true age was revealed?


___Omar Talib___

*Did Mr. Greenfield ask you to obtain the drug DHA for him?
*Where did you obtain the DHA?
*Why did you help the defendant?
*Did you and the defendant discuss Elena's pregnancy?

*And you lied to the police about this so you and your daughter wouldn't be

___Svetlana Kusarova___

*Why were you paying the defendant extra money from Elena's accounts?
*Why didn't you help the police uncover his role in her murder?

*Isn't it true that everything you've told the court is a lie, and that you in
 fact acted as an accomplice in your own daughter's murder?

___Yuri Zaliski___

*Did you receive money from the defendant in exchange for keeping quiet about
 Elena's age?
*Did you know your youngest daughter had been given up for adoption before
 Svetlana brought Elena to this country?


Rest Case.

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