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FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

    __________                __  .__                         
    \______   \_______  _____/  |_|  |__   ___________  ______
     |    |  _/\_  __ \/  _ \   __\  |  \_/ __ \_  __ \/  ___/
     |    |   \ |  | \(  <_> )  | |   Y  \  ___/|  | \/\___ \ 
     |______  / |__|   \____/|__| |___|  /\___  >__|  /____  >
            \/                         \/     \/           \/ 
           .__               _____                        
           |__| ____        /  _  \_______  _____   ______
           |  |/    \      /  /_\  \_  __ \/     \ /  ___/
           |  |   |  \    /    |    \  | \/  Y Y  \\___ \ 
           |__|___|  /    \____|__  /__|  |__|_|  /____  >
                   \/             \/            \/     \/
               >>>---=== ROAD TO HILL 30 ===---<<<
                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                          Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                    E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                     Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 05/20/05
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
World War II is probably the most infamous, and well-remembered war since it
featured an overwhelming amount of countries, allied on different sides,
fighting for different motivations. One side wanted world domination, the other
wanted world peace. Unlike other wars fought over petty quarrels, this one
meant quite a bit to nations around the world. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill
30 is a high-quality production that has been in place for well over two years
now. Being designed by Gearbox, and receiving some public hype as to being the
next WWII shooter, you can say it partially lived up to that promise. Featuring
a 1st-person shooting mode, encompassed with Squad AI, excellent graphics, an
emotional backline, and most of all, intriguing gameplay. While the combat is
realistic and tough, it also was multireleased for the PC, PS2, and XBOX giving
it a multitude of popularity. Will you charge into the fields of Normandy, or
get stuck in a tree with a faulty chute system?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=05/24/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Probably better fits as a rental for most people, and also
probably why it took a huge price drop in only being released about 2 months
ago. Great game, but the multiplayer department was lacking.

=05/20/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. A great game that I passed up early on to play a different
title. However, I'm FAQing this baby all the way to Berlin. Probably take a
week at most.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and 
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section 
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
             > Characters
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          4) Walkthrough
             > Chapter 1: Hill 30 [Intro]         (4.1)
             > Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Destiny (4.2)
             > Chapter 3: Silence the Guns        (4.3)
             > Chapter 4: Ambush at Exit 4        (4.4)
             > Chapter 5: Objective XYZ           (4.5)
             > Chapter 6: Foucarville Blockade    (4.6)
             > Chapter 7: Rommel's Asparagus      (4.7)
             > Chapter 8: Action at Vierville     (4.8)
             > Chapter 9: Dead Man's Corner       (4.9)
             > Chapter 10: The Crack of Dawn      (4.10)
             > Chapter 11: The Fall of St. Come   (4.11)
             > Chapter 12: Buying the Farm        (4.12)
             > Chapter 13: Alternate Route        (4.13)
             > Chapter 14: Purple Heart Lane      (4.14)
             > Chapter 15: Cole's Charge          (4.15)
             > Chapter 16: Ripe Pickings          (4.16)
             > Chapter 17: Push into Carentan     (4.17)
             > Chapter 18: Tom and Jerry          (4.18)
             > Chapter 19: No Better Spot to Die  (4.19)
             > Chapter 20: Victory in Carentan    (4.20)
          5) Weapons
             > Profile of each w/ ratings
          6) X-BOX Live
             > Game Modes
             > How it Works
             > Mission Strategies
          7) Codes
          8) Common Questions
          9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         10) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Many World War II shooters often paint generic images that get implanted into
gamers' heads from time and time again. Brothers in Arms continues the trend by
outplaying an emotional background, during the WWII setting, but with a sense
of realistic gameplay. Unlike titles such as Medal of Honor, in which you run
n' gun, BiA plays more like a tactical - sit, crouch, aim, and fire. You can no
longer run around like Audie Murphy armed with a Garand, but instead, must use
cover and tactical AI for support. The two biggest uptones of Brothers in Arms
is the high-quality production value, and realistic graphics. Grenades send out
dirt spurting into your face. Faces look realistic, and you'll even see scene
interaction high above in the sky.

Self-composed tones play in the background to set the mood of valiant fighters
challenging for freedom. Most of all is that the single-player is truly an
overwhelming aspect. Many consider the difficulty of the single campaign to
almost rival to the Hard difficulty of Men of Valor (for those who have played
it). Nonetheless, BiA also features a mediocre multiplayer mode, allowing
support up to 4 players on X-BOX Live play, in a team-deathmatch esque
objective mode. The only flaws come with decent amounts of lag, and a limited
amount of maps for support. Nonetheless, granted, BiA is a high-quality and
surely great WWII shooter. But when you examine some of the finer points, I
consider the multiplayer aspect to be the biggest aspect.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Gearbox):

   ==: Introduction - Screaming Eagles :==

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) of the United States Army, nicknamed
the "Screaming Eagles," was activated on August 15, 1942. On August 19, its
first commander, Major General William C. Lee, promised his new recruits that
the 101st had a rendezvous with destiny. General Order Number Five, which gave
birth to the division, read:

   "The 101st Airborne Division, activated at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, has no
    history, but it has a rendezvous with destiny. Like the early American
    pioneers whose invincible courage was the foundation stone of this nation,
    we have broken with the past and its traditions in order to establish our
    claim to the future."
   "Due to the nature of our armament, and the tactics in which we shall
    perfect ourselves, we shall be called upon to carry out operations of
    far-reaching military importance and we shall habitually go into action
    when the need is immediate and extreme."


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-4 (w/ X-BOX Live support)
Developer: Gearbox
Released: 2005
Rarity: common
Special Features: HDTV 480p, Scoreboards, X-BOX Live, Voice, System Link
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows several Infantrymen fighting the enemy, with one soldier slinging
another over his back


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits great for any first person shooter, mainly because 
of dual joysticks, and the ability to switch between numerous functions with 
the overwhelming amount of buttons. Men of Valor's controls are very simple, 
with the exception of Precise Aim, which takes some time to get use to.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/
        Left Thumbstick - moves character, strafes left/right
  Left Thumbstick Click - crouch, toggle-based
       Right Thumbstick - aims up/down, turns left/right
 Right Thumbstick Click - zooms in
                      L - performs manual AI commands for tanks/squads
                      R - fires current selected weapon
                  START - pauses game
                   BACK - brings up Situational Awareness Mode
       Control pad (Up) - squad retreat command
     Control pad (Down) - squad charge command
     Control pad (Left) - select fire team
    Control pad (Right) - select assault team
                      A - jump
                      B - melee attack
                      X - reloads, picks up weapons, uses (interaction)
                      Y - switches to alternate weapon
                  Black - throws grenade
                  White - selected team fall-in command
- The control scheme of BiA is remarkably simple for even new players to
understand quickly. Moving is fairly slow, but basic along with the left/right
thumbsticks. Crouching is toggle-based, so press it once to crouch, and again
to stand. Zooming in forces the weapon to entire precise mode, where you view
down the barrel of the gun. It's fairly tough to aim in this mode, as the
weapon wobbles until you stand still in the set position for at least three
seconds. Your aim can also get messed up from nearby explosions, enemy fire, or
even dirt tossed into your face. Situation Awareness Mode is an overview of the
entire field, in which you get a perception of where the enemy positions are
located. Great for deciding where to flank or move. Squad commands are basic as
described, otherwise your AI follows you, whereever you go. The melee attack
isn't as useful as you'd hope, but does almost instant kill if contacted with
an enemy. Grenades are cocked and thrown once the black button is pressed. You
don't have to hold it down.
/Squad/Tank Commands/
      L (hold) , L (let go) - directs squad to take cover to that position
      L (hold) , L (let go) - if pointed at enemy, tells squad AI to suppress
                              enemy with distraction fire while taking cover
      L (hold), (R) (press) - tells squad to charge enemy position while
                              firing, risky and provides no cover
- These commands are self-explanatory. Sometimes it's essential to make use of
your tanks for support on certain missions; don't forget to do so.

/Screen HUD/
The Screen HUD is the special system through which you view everything that
occurs in BiA. This section will explain what the on-screen indicators mean/do.

  |                                      |
  |                                      |
  |                                      |
  |                                      |
  |              [4]                     |
  |            *                         |
  |                  [5]                 |
  |                 | |                  |
  |   ___^[1]                            |
  |  /   \               \|_             |
  | |  [2]|               \ \            |
  | |     |                \ \_          |
  |  \___/<-- [3]           \  \     [6] |
Meaning KEY:

   [1] - Waypoint Indicator - Yellow means this is where your next objective
                              point is. Orange is usually only during
                              multiplayer games, but signifies where an
                              objective item (explosives, briefcase, intel) is
   [2] - Life Indicator - Shows how much life your player has. Green means
                          great; Yellow means hurt; Red means critical.
   [3] - Compass - This shows where you have to go, and also what direction.
                   The circumference of the compass gets enfilled when you are
                   closer to the indicated waypoint, or lessens when you are
                   farther away.
   [4] - Suppression Indicator - Tells how occupied the enemy is from opposing
                                 fire. When fully red, it means the enemy is
                                 agitated and willing to pop up/fire at you. A
                                 gray-filled circle means he is currently
                                 seeking cover from suppressive fire. The clock
                                 will lessen meaning he is going to pop up. Use
                                 these meters to steady your aim and know when
                                 to fire at opponents. These meters are NOT
                                 reliable when you approach an enemy target, as
                                 they will pop up at their own discretion.
   [5] - Crosshair - Crosshairs in this game do NOT show up by default. You
                     have to add them in via the Options menu. Your crosshair
                     always disappears in zoomed-in mode, regardless of your
   [6] - Ammo/Grenade Indicator - Shows how many rounds, clips, or grenades you
                                  have stored in your inventory. They will
                                  appear red to let you know that you're low.
Most action games have a plethora of characters you get to know along the way,
ranging from the quirky nerds, to brave war heroes. Brothers in Arms is no
different. This game features an alarming cast that tries to captivate the
feeling of a mixed squadron during WWII. This section will give you basic
descriptions of each roleplaying characters in the game.

   ((^) SGT. BAKER [You] (^))
   Sgt. Matt Baker is a soft-spoken young man who grew up in St. Louis,
   Missouri. When the war started, he volunteered to be a paratrooper, but
   never expected to lead his squad.
   ((^) PLT. SGT. HASSAY (^))
   Staff Sergeant Greg "Mac" Hassay is a professional soldier who joined the
   Army before the war. He is a tough leader and excellent tactician. He tells
   his men to "shoot first - it pisses the enemy off long enough to make the
   second shot count!" Staff Sergeant Hassay is the platoon sergeant for the
   3rd Platoon, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 502 PIR (Baker's Platoon).
   ((^) CPL. CORRION (^))
   Cpl. Sam Corrion is a tough soldier who spent his days before the war
   earning a living at a textile mill. He's also a weapons expert who is fluent
   with both American and German small arms.
   ((^) PFC. LEGGETT (^))
   Pvt. First Class Kevin "Legs" Leggett is a radio operator hailing from
   Brooklyn, New York. Leggett is fond of quoting obscure poetry and thinks
   that all stories should have happy endings. He's just now started to realize
   that in war, the story often ends differently.
   ((^) CPL. HARTSOCK (^))
   Prior to enlisting, Cpl. Joe "Red" Hartsock spent most of his adult life
   working on his father's land in Laramie, Wyoming. He has a wife, Erma, and a
   daughter, Carol, back at the family ranch. Red wants to win the war so he
   can get back to his family.
   ((^) PVT. DESOLA (^))
   Pvt. Michael Desola has three passions in life - fighting the Germans,
   playing baseball, and Italian food. He wants to go back to Philadelphia and
   one day take over his family's Italian Restaurant from his father.
   ((^) PVT. ALLEN (^))
   Pvt. Larry Allen joined up right after high school and struck up an
   immediate friendship with Pvt. Garnett in boot camp. They're rarely seen
   apart and pride themselves on their ability to find the humor in any
   ((^) PVT. GARNETT (^))
   Pvt. Michael Garnett jokes to everyone he's the "boy from Nowhere,
   Kentucky." He worked as a dock worker on the Ohio River before signing up
   for the Army. He met Pvt. Allen his first week in boot camp, and they've
   been close friends ever since.
   ((^) PFC. COURTLAND (^))
   Pfc. Jack Courtland is a younger man from Richmond, Virginia who enjoys
   playing baseball in his free time. He tells everyone that someday he will be
   a professional ball player - catcher for the New York Yankees.
   ((^) PFC. OBRIESKI (^))
   Pfc. Stephan "Obi" Obrieski is a Polish immigrant who volunteered for the
   paratroopers to prove he is an American. He hopes to rescue his family from
   Poland after the war...if they survive the Nazi occupation.
   ((^) PVT. JOHNNY RIVAS (^))
   Pvt. Johnny Rivas is always seen holding his sketchbook and pencil; he draws
   whatever is around him. Rivas has said many times he'll jump with more
   pencils than ammo so he will always remember what he sees around him.
   ((^) SGT. RISNER (^))
   Sgt. George Risney was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Risner volunteered for
   the U.S. Army with Matt Baker after graduation from high school. Because of
   a knee injury during basic training, Risner was unable to join the
   paratroops and was separated from his friend Matt. Risner joined the tank
   corps instead, and became the commander of an M5 Stuart Tank in the 70th
   Tank Battalion. Risner is scheduled to land at Utah beach and has agreed to
   link up with Baker in Normandy after D-Day.
   ((^) GEN. EISENHOWER (^))
   General Dwight Eisenhower is the Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied
   Expeditionary Force. Under his command, the Allies will invade Normandy,
   France, on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
   ((^) LT. COL. COLE (^))
   Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole is the commander of the 3rd Battalion, 502nd
   Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.


- 3) Game Modes            -
Every first person shooter usually consists of single-player and multiplayer,
which Brothers in Arms contains both. This section will describe the basic game
modes of BiA, and also provide insight on some of the extra sections.

/Story Mode/
This mode let's you play an entire game starting from the very beginning, to
the very end, on a set difficulty. You can earn medals along the way which
unlocks specials in the extras section.

/Chapter Mode/
Let's you choose certain missions/chapters to play, based on a difficulty you
select. You too can earn medals by doing certain missions on set difficulties,
but don't expect the easy to get going tough.

Multiplayer in BiA is quite limited to certain degrees. You can only choose to
play either split-screen multi (one versus one), system link (up to 2 versus
2), or XBOX Live play (up to 2 versus 2). Other than that, there is NO co-op,
which is probably the biggest problem within the game. Hopefully the upcoming
sequel will fix that.

This allows you to customize BiA to your own advantage. Here are some settings
I highly recommend adjusting to, if you want to become a better player:

   + Controller Options:
     - Invert Thumbstick (YES)
     - Horizontal/Vertical Sensitivity (either 4 or 5)
     - Controller Vibration (ON/OFF, I prefer OFF, Use on-screen indicators)
   + Audio/Video:
     - Screen Brightness (3-5)
   + Game:
     - Crosshair (definitely get one, extremely hard to aim without zooming)
     - Suppression Indicators (ON)
Probably one of the most unique aspects of BiA, several extras of actual army
intel, soundtracks, and clips are included in the game. However, the only way
to unlock some of the more useful cheats is by beating each chapter on the
Authentic Difficulty mode. Here's some of the better unlockables available. You
can check out the rest of the extras on your own (all are listed in the game,
just not all are available).


- 4) Walkthrough           -
Brothers in Arms is actually a decent re-enactment of WWII when you look at it
from a parachuter's viewpoint. While it doesn't tell the overall story, it
gives you a specialized perception of how it was to be a special officer during
that era. This section will cover a complete walkthrough of the game on the
"Difficult" difficulty.

  /Hill 30 (4.1)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Fight off the fending rush of Germans

   *The game begins with a fairly interactive movie sequence talking about you,
    Sgt. Baker, and the hard battles you endured for 8 days to Hill 30. Anyhow,
    we're dropped into the battlefield.*
- You'll notice that once you awake from the small spurt of reality, you're in
the middle of a battlefield. Krauts are firing opposite of you behind two stone
walls, with Germans high up on the hill, and reinforcements pouring down. Use a
standing/crouch technique to occasionally pop up, spurt some suppressive fire,
then take cover. The Garand is a powerful, accurate rifle that will eject a
clip when you're empty. Keep pounding away at the Krauts, and eventually, a
Panzer tank will arrive from the right. The first fired shell knocks you back
to the ground, and suddenly, one of your best friends gets blown to pieces by a
shell. This is the end of your journey, but we'll look back on the more
positive missions.

  /Rendezvous with Destiny (4.2)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Get to the nearest Crossroad
              + Follow Mac's Orders

   *As usual, the assault onto Normandy was not all about charging the beaches
    without protection. The 101st Airborne Division was the first to drop in,
    primarily behind enemy lines as a secondary diversion. Many men were
    dropped in, and that's where you're tossed in. As a squad leader, in
    control of 13 men, you prepare to make the jump into Normandy. Suddenly,
    your plane is shelled by an anti-air defense cannon. Your squadmates panic,
    and as you take a sentimental view of the other paratroopers, another shell
    rockets your plane causing you to fly to the ground. Sgt. Baker safely
    lands on the ground.*
- Start off by following the yellow waypoint on your compass. You'll have to
jump over a horizontal log, then crouch under another. You'll eventually reach
the entrance to a town, along with a man named Mac. He'll hand you a .45
Pistol, since you don't have a weapon. Follow him inside. You'll start to hear
some Krauts to your right. Mac will ambush them, and you should follow. Fire
the Colt and take them both down. From here on, follow Mac's lead all the way
up to the entrance of the mansion. You'll meet up with two more of your fellow
troops. Since none of you have any idea of where you are, your leader decides
to ask one of the Normandians. The woman speaks French, but one of your fellow
troops finds out that you're northeast of your objective. You're ordered to
move east and collect anyone else you can find to assemble your group together.

  /Silence the Guns (4.3)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Take out the Krauts positioned around the AA Gun
              + Destroy the AA Guns using satchel charges

   *Mac is very uptight, and notices an AA gun up ahead. He wants it taken
- This mission starts off fairly easy. Simply follow Mac until you round the
corner. You'll be given a brief tutorial on how situational awareness mode
works. Now, move up behind the wall next to Leggett. Start suppressing fire on
the two Krauts behind the wooden fence. Eventually, your Sgt. will move up and
finish em' off. Move along the wall to the left with Leggett until you're
around the other Krauts sitting in the ditch. Start suppressing fire on them,
and move up to the hay bails. Finish them off with well-aimed shots, then check
the bodies, and snatch a K98 Rifle (powerful bolt-action abilities). Sadly
enough, there's nothing you can do to rescue a burnt American paratrooper's

- Charge up to the next small town, and there will be several Germans hiding
behind some boxes/walls near the middle. Your men should be able to lay down
some nice fire, while you do sharpshooting from a distance with your K98. Flank
along the right crouching, and finish the two off. Now charge ahead towards the
upper right, and you'll notice another AA gun. Move up along the right, pelt
off the Krauts, then run up, and press X next to the AA. It should blow up
after a brief amount of time (look at the stopwatch in the upper left corner of
the screen). Once this is down, follow your men. You'll have some troops along
a right entranceway to deal with. Your men will line up at a doorway. Move to
where the Krauts were on the right, and then charge with your Pistol. Pelt the
two guards inside the small house through the window. Mac will breach the door.
Follow through that door, then engage the Krauts to your left. Move up along
this side, engage the two in close range right behind the grassy wall, then
move towards the stone wall and finish them off too. The Pistol works extremely
well on the move. Disable the 2nd AA Gun using a satchel charge, then follow
your men towards the upper left.

  /Ambush at Exit 4 (4.4)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Link up with the 4th Infantry on the beach

   *Mac gives you orders to link up with a small infantry squad that just
    landed on the beach. Your ultimate goal is to give them support, but
    he needs you to clear out the main road. Germans have been spotted all over
    the place.*
- You're going to be forced to swift through a small tutorial explaining
commands. After the three basic commands, you can move forward with your
mission. Move up the upper left road, then you'll notice a small engagement of
Krauts behind some boxes at the far end. Command Hartsock to nudge behind the
small wall and lay down fire. Meanwhile, use your Carbine and pick them off in
the distance. Move ahead around the buildings, and more Krauts will line up
behind a solid stone wall. Have Hartsock lay down fire while you flank the
right, then fire across to kill them. Now, charge forward, and a lone Kraut
comes. Finish him off, and I recommend snatching a K98 if you're low on Carbine
ammo. Move around the right knoll. Some sleepy Germans will be standing guard.
You can try ambushing them, although I simply rushed.

- Once they're down, run down the grassy path. Take cover behind the long stone
wall. Now, have Hartsock lay down fire on the leftmost German, and you should
snipe him off. He'll give you cover fire on the last 3-4 in the middle, flank
them on the left, and go for the gold. Now that this area is clear, proceed

   *You'll meet up with two more Privates, Allen & Garnett. One of them had
    quite the chuckle gunning down a Kraut taking a shit. Hehe. Anyhow, your
    instincts are told to take control of a .30 CAL nest.*
- Follow the waypoint, and press X to use the .30 CAL. Start firing away on the
right hill, and don't let the Krauts cross. If you do, it'll make it more
difficult to get out of the nudge. Keep firing and taking as many as you can.
If they get fortified, get off the turret, and flank them. Don't overcharge;
you won't have squad control on this one. Finish off the remaining Germans
behind various baskets, then go meet up with Mac far ahead.

   *A cutscene shows the 4th Infantry Division establishing themselves on
    the beachhead. Leggett says a lame line from a poem his dad use to tell
    him, and we accept the emotional content. Onward!*
  /Objective XYZ (4.5)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Kill off the German occupants in and around the town

   *Mac has received reports of a large Kraut occupation in a small town.
    Since you cannot receive orders from HQ due to radio problems, he wants
    your entire division to assault the village. Thankfully, the Krauts don't
    know you're coming. He wants you to head up with Hartsock as usual.*
- Don't engage any Krauts, and try not to get spotted. Crouch along the wall
and continue far down the road. We need the element of surprise on this one.
Continue straight down the road and engage the lone soldiers next to the supply
truck. Look to the left in the farm, and go this way. Flank the soldiers at the
barricade from the left, next to the small building. Some of them will hide
behind a wooden fence. Once they're gunned down, run to the truck. Pick off the
two Krauts hiding behind a flipped wheelbarrel. Now, charge across the road. Go
this way, then cut a left, and snipe the German inside the small horse stable.
Look to your right, and a few Germans are behind a stone wall. There's also a
sniper on the second floor of the house. Pick them off, and use suppressive
fire if necessary. Now, go upstairs, and pick up a K98 rifle. Look down through
the one window, and snipe off the Sturmtruppe. Go back down and proceed ahead.

- Man the MG42. You'll have a small patrol of 2-3 Germans try to rush your
position from behind. They're toast. Now, proceed straight, and several Germans
will occupy the large yard. Have your AI try to move with while taking cover.
Concentrate on sniping off the Krauts behind bunkers along the right, and work
your way across towards the left. Eventually, after the 5 are done, a small
squad of 4 will be in the distance. Order Hartsock to lay down fire while you
charge ahead. Try to pick them off, or move along the left, and get an angled
shot. They may attempt to counter-flank, so be prepared - especially on the
left. The next part is a true ambush. About three Germans are hiding behind hay
stacks, but aren't detected in your perception. There are also 3 Germans hiding
near the far brown fence who have ranged shots. Concentrate on hitting the far
Germans first, since they have the high ground. Then, when you're ready to move
forward, let Hartsock lay down fire and charge with your Thompson. It's like
Nam all over again!

- Gun down the men hiding behind the bail hays, then move forward. Pick up the
MP40 off of the one of the soldiers, and replace it for your Thompson. Now,
you'll see a huge building, which happens to be the German Barracks. Enter the
location, and pull out your MP40. Look to your right and rush into the dining
room. Gun down the 4 resting patrons. Exit the building, and look to your left.
You'll see two soldiers, one with a Bazooka. He fires a round to reveal a flame
tank resting inside a garage. Cover him while he fires a second shot. Pick off
the charging Krauts with your K98, then prepare to move forward towards the
burning house. You're going to get rushed by a plethora of Germans from the
burning home. I suggest taking cover, and do NOT go on the left side. Try to
hit them from the right where they're heavily exposed. Pull out the MP40 and
finish off that charging rush. Once they're all down, go meet up with the rest
of your squadmates.

   *Mac and the gang have found a Kraut truck with the keys still in it. They
    decide to claim it as U.S. Property, and take a hitch back to HQ.*
  /Foucarville Blockade (4.6)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Kill of the German resistance in Foucarville
              + Take out the MG42 Nests
              + Fend off the resistance around the Church
              + Charge the German Mortars

   *The mission starts off with you and your crew coming upon the town of
    Foucarville. You ponder how one of your Allies supposedly died, even though
    this town was suppose to be under Allied control. For now, we'll have to
    assume the Germans took over. It's nukem time.*
- Start off by moving to the crossroads, and you'll hear the church bell ring
in the distance. Cut a left, and we'll have several Germans engaging you down
this narrow road. Have your men take cover and fire back behind a stone wall on
the left. Take cover by the pole on the right, and try to pick a few off. Move
behind the small truck, and crouch snipe any remaining Germans to the right.
Toss a frag grenade into the small building on the left to clear the close
threats. Now enter this building, and go out back. Up beyond the series of
walls is a group of 3-4 Germans. Take cover behind the walls and fire back.
Once the nest of 4 Germans are down, dip into the water, and go near the road.
Have your men take cover there while you flank up along the right.

- Go where you killed the Germans at the first roadblock. There should be a
path behind this house near the corner. Go up it. Have your men follow. You
should run into a small engagement of Germans to the right who rush down a
grassy hill. Take them out, then cut a left into some urban settings, and out
the door. Two more Germans will be waiting to your right. Try having your men
cover fire while you take the quick pot shots. Now, look straight across. Have
your men stay while you cross the road at a lower vantage point. Cross to the
side where the inlet hits the one side path to the MG. Now, toss a grenade at
this grassy MG42. It should at least take suppressive damage. Once this is
done, pull out your Garand and kill the 3 Germans mounted near it. Now, crawl
up the hill, look right, and take out the two remaining Germans by the MG post.
A great strategy is to distract them, and give the charge command for your
troops waiting around the corner. They hit the MG at the perfect timing, and
usually get an easy kill (while saving your neck).

- Now, proceed around the right corner towards the church. Six Germans will be
inside the graveyard, three by the first section, and three in the back row.
Have your men lay down cover fire on the front while you flank the left
entrance. You should be able to knock them out fairly easily, since the graves
provide small cover for the Krauts. For the back row, it's a tad more
difficult. They tend to stay hidden and off the suppression radar. After all
six are dead, you will be told to go man the MG42 Nests. Retreat back to the
bunker right in front of the graveyard. Hop onto the MG42 and start gunning
away. The wave of Germans is as follows, from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4:

 |  [4]  |              - The toughest wave is the third wave, since they
 |       |                spawn fairly close and can charge in if unexpected.
 |   [3]  \ [1]           Make sure the [2] wave doesn't get too far right,
 |         \      [2]     or they're out of range. Once the waves are down,
 |          \_________    two German Mortar teams will start raining waves
 |                        of artillery on your position. The simplest
                          strategy is to tell your man to charge-assault the
   MG42                   Mortar positions. Head for the central one first,
                          and gun out the Germans using the K98. Head around
                          the corner, and you'll find a second mortar team
                          disguised in the bush. Try to prevent Garnett from
                          dying (I had him die twice on two previous tries).
- Head back to Massey who is along the fence (you must be inside the Mortar
field) to end the mission.

  /Rommel's Asparagus (4.7)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Knock out the eastern field poles
              + Knock out the eastern field AA Gun
              + Knock out the western field poles
              + Knock out the western field AA Gun

   *Apparently, some reinforcement Gliders full of more infantry troops are
    suppose to be dropping in. You have orders to knock out as many AA Guns
    as you can to ensure a safe drop team. This isn't going to be easy.*
- Start off by following your compass till you hit the main road. You'll
eventually reach a wooden gate, in which you'll be informed that infinite
German reinforcements will be arriving. Start off by sprinting through the
gate, then immediately cutting right down in the water ditch. Have your men
stay in this ditch while you rush the right. Snipe off the two men in the close
MG nest. Charge for the nest, and bring your squad. Tell them to stay there.
Here comes the tricky part. You along should charge along the right border of
the map. Follow it while staying in the water ditch until you backtrack VERY
close to the green shrouded AA Gun. Look around the left corner, and plug the
two German guards behind the bunker. Once they're down, make your move and
grenade the AA gun. It should stop firing. Now move in by yourself, and blast
away the three guards. It shouldn't be too difficult, just focus on one at a
time, and reload if necessary. Once this area is clear, backtrack behind the
middle MG, and that small bunker. Catch them from behind by picking off their
guards. Then, regroup with your men.

- Now, there about 12 poles in total. Simply run up to each of them and press X
to plant the charges. Repeat this strategy, and your objective will be
complete. The secondary objective (blowing up the AA Gun) will also be
complete. A glider should crash land, breaching a nearby asparagus fence,
giving way to the western fields. Enter through the perimeter, and take out the
2 Krauts immediately to your left along a stone wall. For your next move, look
far ahead on top of the slight creasing hill. Snipe the two guards away. Now,
continue left along this stone wall, picking off Germans as you move. Make your
way towards the loud AA Gun in the distance. You'll notice a small grassy
opening leading to the AA Gun. Have your troops fall in. Now, engage the AA Gun
with a grenade to disperse the Germans. Finish them off with well-tuned shots
from the Garand. After the 4-5 troops are dead, satchel the AA Gun, then move
to the right through the small entrance. Hide your men behind the transport
truck. Meanwhile, you should flank along the left. You should have a K98 by
now, since you're probably low on ammo.

- Sneak up to the grassy knoll, and you'll notice there are 2-3 Krauts hiding
behind a small bunker line. Regroup with your men, have them cover fire, then
flank them from the rear to finish em' off. Now, start to detonate the poles.
One group of infantry may respawn and man a MG nest back where the AA Gun was.
Have your guys cover fire, and blow up the poles while they suppress the enemy.
If the meter runs high, simply fire back with the K98 and pick them off. Order
your men to go there. Blow up the remaining 8-10 poles, then the 2nd Glider
will land. Run up to it, and investigate it to learn that your supplies have
arrived. Yay!

  /Action at Vierville (4.8)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Meet with the tank commander
              + Clear out Vierville checkpoints
              + Defend against the German counter-attack

   *Mac has random intel orders as usual. Krauts are in the area, yet they
    don't know how many or who. Your orders are to clear Vierville, and you'll
    receive an M5 Tank for support. It's damn well about time.*
- You'll also notice a message saying you "don't have to follow" your compass.
Heh, the waypoint just designates the area you must reach. Anyhow, before we go
meet with the tank commander, head along the left area of the town. Enter the
small yard via the open doorway, and engage the 2-3 Krauts behind the truck.
Once they're down, continue up ahead, and you'll have another small ambush of
Germans hiding behind some boxes near the end of the building face. Eliminate
them, then backtrack, and go right to the Check and Clear area. Don't go too
close to the wall. Several Germans are prepared to ambush you. When they pop
up, retreat behind the small bush tree, and let your M5 finish em' off.
Regroup, and it's your old buddy from boot camp!

- He's now part of your team, and also an orderable piece of equipment. Move
ahead, and you'll notice a small squadron of Krauts retreat to the far right
grassy area. Take your infantry only, and engage them. Clear the area out, then
head back to the street, and cut left into the dense buildings. Keep your tank
on the main road, but don't round that corner (some heavy equipment waiting
there). With your infantry, prepare to clear out these urban settings. Have
everyone regroup, and to your right (fairly close to the church entrance) will
be several Germans & (2) tank mortar cannons positioned side-by-side. Have your
men provide cover fire, while you alone flank on the far left road. Take out
the 2 Germans around the corner, then ambush the other Germans from behind.
Now, order you men to lay fire in the area with the tank mortars, and your tank
will start to rip shreds all over the place. Finish off the remaining troops,
and prepare to move towards the Check & Clear Area.

- There will be a Panzer tank waiting around that corner. Order your M5 to
engage the tank and destroy it. It might take a few rounds, but steer clear of
the explosive rounds. It's too risky to try and hijack this one. Anyhow, once
it's destroyed. There's only a few Germans around the corner in the alley, but
be careful, as they will not be on your radar. Once this Check & Clear area is
literally cleared, it's time to backtrack to the Church. The Germans are
sounding for a counter-attack, and it's ambush time. Position your tank so that
it's INSIDE the church walls (those thick outer boundary walls). A great spot
is right near the corner, but exactly on it. Also place your troops in a safe
position there too. Preferably on the front wall, where they can defend the
frontal infantry assault from the Germans. As for yourself, put Baker right on
the dead corner. Wait for the infantry and tank to stop. Pop up, fire down some
Germans with your Garand, crouch down. The enemy tank might try to do some
damage to you. Wait for it to fire a round, then charge at it, and press X when
you're next to it. Baker should toss a grenade in. Quickly jump off, and it
should explode. Finish off the remaining Germans hiding beyond the walls near
the factory buildings. Return to your bud for a job well done.

  /Dead Man's Corner (4.9)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Clear out the German troops along the crossroads
              + Eliminate the anti-tank battery guns
              + Blast through the final barricade

   *The mission starts off with your bud, Risner, telling you to take cover
    behind his M5 while you guys focus on the infantry. Sounds simple enough.*
- Start off by waypointing Risner to move up the central road. When you hit the
crossroad, several Germans will spread out at various positions to the right
and left portions of the central road. Have your M5/Infantry cut left down the
diagonal road, and work on the leftern established positions. If your tank
can't seem to hit them, press X next to it to hop onto the Tank Machine Gun.
Start gunning away with the height advantage, but note the recoil is EXTREMELY
high on the tank machine gun. After taking the left flank, you'll notice
several German establishments. Gun down the patrols, and the first sector
should be clear.

- For the second part, move north up the road a bit. You'll notice that it
gives you a hint to destroy the anti-tank battery. It's located on the right
side of the road, up against the top grassy wall behind some sandbags. To do
this, leave your tank behind around the corner to keep it out of range. With
your infantry, charge forward and cut a left. You'll have to clear out this
large grassy area complete with one MG, about 3 German patrols, and crossfire
opposite of the road. For pointers, have your men distract the MG while you
flank and eliminate the Patrols using your Garand. Some may not be detected,
especially near short dirt walls, so peel your eyes open. You should be able to
take the left MG42 from behind. Have your tank move up, and let it suppress
fire on the lower MG on the right side of this sector. Meanwhile, your men
should suppress fire on the anti-tank battery in the north. It's only manned by
two men, and can be charged from the rear flank along with your self. Destroy
the anti-tank battery with a satchel charge, then order your M5 to move through
the blockade of downed trees.

- Once you're through, there's another ambush ahead. There's a tank battery far
up the road, along the left side. There are also posted patrols, and a MG
bunker along the right. Order your tank to move up, but behind the small supply
truck. Meanwhile, knock out the meaningless infantry patrols, but don't go on
the right side, or cross the road with the tank. You'll get hit by the battery
or the MG. Instead, hop on the tank Machine Gun when it's right behind the
supply truck. You're high enough to be able to fire at the Battery without them
firing back. You can get off the gun, and also snipe them manually on top of
the tank with your Garand. If this still doesn't work, toss a grenade as close
as possible. The Germans should disperse from it, allowing for possible sniper
shots. Once it's down, assault the right MG with the tank, and this sector is
clear. Now, order only the tank to charge diagonally up the grassy hill. Then,
diagonally guide it towards the last grouping of Germans at the top. Don't
worry, they're all MGs, no anti-tank batteries. Don't forget to blow up that
2nd Tank Battery manually.

- Move ahead down the road, and you'll notice yet another notorious roadblock.
This time, it's actually Germans waiting on the other side. A cutscene will
show Risner plowing through, only to get ambushed by a Panzershreck (rocket
launcher), and then run out of ammo. You'll automatically start behind him.
Take cover and gun down the Germans waiting behind the sandbags ahead.
Concentrate on the German on the left, then jump on the Tank Machine Gun, and
finish them off. There's also 3-4 Soldiers on the left side which can be
cleared out using basic flanking techniques. Use the MP40 to finish em' off.
Suddenly, we'll notice that Risner died during the ambush. What a fine waste of

  /The Crack of Dawn (4.10)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Clear out the Germans positioned along the road
              + Take out the MG42 outpost in the farmhouse
              + Defend the outpost until help arrives

   *Mac says there's a large farmhouse causing trouble for troops passing by,
    as there's an MG nest mounted inside. He wants you to command two groups
    of troops, eliminate the threat, and proceed down the road.*

- Now we have two troops; so tasty. Start off by going right down the road.
Have your Assault team distract the troops to the right of the road, while you
and the Fire Team cut a left flank. Some ambushing Germans will pop out of the
door in the front, along with a few behind the stone walls out back. Use basic
cover-n-flank tactics. The Germans on the right may rush to your side, so be
ready. Once it's clear move further up the creasing road. Suddenly, you'll
notice a MG42 bunker positioned straight down the road, with no conceivable
flank. Instead, cut a right through the field, and you'll see an American plane
get shot down. Continue this way, and it should auto-save.

- Now, cut into the field along the fence. Down on this flank, you'll have an
AA Gun on the right, and two patrols, including the MG42 on the road. Have the
Assault team cover fire while you pick off the patrols. You may have to charge
the hills where the patrols are by yourself, to help prevent your Squad AI from
getting gunned down. Grenading the AA Gun position helps greatly, but also make
sure to satchel it down. As for the MG42, the angle will be too wide for him to
fire over, so make quick work of the lone gunner. It only gets tougher though.
The actual MG42 in the farmhouse will start firing on your position. Have BOTH
squads suppress fire on the MG42 to distract him (you cannot snipe him from
afar, it's purposely designed that way). Meanwhile, by yourself run across the
road and take cover behind the left stone wall. Snipe off the 2-3 Germans
opposite of you, right behind their dirt mills. Also, crossfire and take out
the established patrol on the right. Now, run along the left until you're
behind the farmhouse, and take a diagonal potshot at the MG42. You should be
able to kill the gunner.

- Rush the destroyed house, and take out the backup guard on the stairwell.
Rush to the top, and man the MG42. German reinforcements will start to flood
in from a corn field on the left. Swivel the MG42 over and start firing away.
You should run into three brief waves of Germans, before you start hearing
voices behind you. Get off the MG42, go down the stairs, then fire at the 3
Germans at the side of the farmhouse. Be careful, as they're quite aggressive.
Finally, 3-6 more Germans will rush to mystically appear next to the farmhouse.
Gun them down as well, and head out to the front portion of the farmhouse to
meet with Mac.

  /The Fall of St. Come (4.11)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Engage the Germans inside the base of the town
              + Take out the Infantry Rush
              + Disable the Panzer Tank via Panzerfausts

   *Mac says that the 101st will be making entry into St. Come near the morrow,
    and he wants it to be nice and cozy for him. You guys will have to do the
    dirty work. Same old, same old.*
- Right off the bat, you'll start to get pelted by mortar shells from in the
town. Apparently, they know you're making entry. Crouch and take cover. Start
to fire back at the Krauts hiding behind the boxes and barrels across the farm
field. You can have the one squad cover fire, while you rush the remaining
Krauts. Now that you've taken this position, you'll notice an MG42 around the
corner, along with a few soldiers. Have both squadrons lay down cover fire on
the MG42 to distract it, while you charge and hide behind each of the circular
hay stacks. Repeat this until you widely flanked the MG42. Knock out the back
patrol guarding the MG42, then charge the gunner with your Thompson, and finish
him off. Now, regroup both squadrons, and continue through the small urban

- The next corner will have several Krauts, preferably 6-10 inside the
destroyed barn. Three partial K98 snipers are on the rooftop, so take them out
first. Assault squad should suppress, while your other squadron follows. Hide
behind the truck and snipe out the guards inside the lower floor windows. Move
in, and clear it out. Head through the back entrance, and cut a left.

   *Sgt. Massey, aka Mac, says that German tanks have been spotted in the area.
    He knows that some of the buildings around here contain resupplies for the
    Germans. He wants you to find something capable of taking out those
- Start off by charging behind the stone slabs. Six Germans are in the area,
mostly opposite of you. Have the Assault squad suppress fire, while you and the
Fire Team go left around the small garage. You can pick off some of the Germans
along the way to help save time. Watch when rounding the corner for a German
Grenadier. His grenade fuse should be lit, so clear the area. Flank, and kill
the remaining troops, then cut a left through the open barn door. Here comes
the tricky part. You have to fight off the infantry attack BEFORE attempting to
destroy that darn tank in the upper right corner. Take cover in the small
building, but don't let the Germans get too close to you. They'll throw stick
grenades if they do. Your best bet is to hide all of your squad AI inside the
building though, otherwise the Panzer automatically kills them one-by-one after
a certain time limit.

- I found an extremely easy way to simplify this mission, but it takes some
courage. Right off the bat, once you have your squad inside the building, have
Baker charge the left side. Run up to the far left corner, right where the
wooden gate is (where the German infantry pour in). Three waves of infantry
will come through here, two right off the bat, then a third one that's
partially delayed. A glitch in the scripting means the tank WILL NOT shoot at
this position you are in, since it automatically focuses on the corner where
your teammates are. Gun down the Germans who try to hop over the fence, then
look by the stack of brown wooden boxes. There should be several
Panzershrecks inside. Run up to it, crouch, pick one up, and fire a rocket. It
has a slight dip after being fired. Repeat this about 2-3 more times, and the
tank will be destroyed. Heck, you can pick up a Panzershreck and take out the
infantry if you wish. Aside from that, kill the rest of the German foot
soldiers, and watch behind you for the last delayed wave. Voila, mission
complete. Normally, you would be forced to take the tank, one-on-one, with it
firing at you. But apparently not!

  /Buying the Farm (4.12)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Capture the Farmhouse
              + Eliminate the German Mortar team
              + Take out the Panzer Tank supporting the Mortar team

   *Mac has received orders from intel to occupy a German-controlled farm
    estate near St. Come. He's giving you the orders since the area is suppose
    to be lightly defended. Maybe not.*
- Right off the bat, you'll have one squad to control and a M4A1 tank. This
tank is more heavily armored, so we'll get to blast some baddies away. Start
off by rolling the Sherman down the road; let it take most of the beating. Have
your Fire team follow in cover, and there's no rush to let them do the
fighting. Move the Sherman around with waypoints so it knocks out all 4 German
positions, including the 3 Patrols and MG42 positioned to the left about
halfway across the field. Roll the tank south while allowing for your troops to
follow, then cut a left through the narrow stock. You may want to stand on top
of the tank to snipe any legitimate threats. There's a Panzerfaust on this
mission, but it's all the way down the road, and rarely fires once. You may
want to try picking it up by jumping over the short dirt wall, and using it for
the next part. Move ahead, and you'll notice some Germans leaping over the
stone walls to flank towards your position. Let the tank fire on it, but keep
your troops fairly close to you. Move the tank to the left toward the stone
walls. There will be several MG42s. Let the tank fire on them, and it should
naturally cannon the gunners out. Don't try suppressing with your squadmates;
you'll only get raped.

- Finally, once all MG42s are down, move the tank down the far road at the
bottom of the hill that leads up to the farmhouse. Have your squad take cover
on the lower stone walls, to the left of the road that leads up to the
farmhouse. Now, command your tank to move up the road, but not all the way
(there's an anti-tank battery inside the farmhouse yard). Meanwhile, you and
your squadmates should move up the left flank hiding behind occasional stone
walls. Tell your squadmates to hide against the innermost wall to the road, and
you should make your move by yourself. There's a backyard to the building on
the left. Flank behind here by yourself. Around the corner, you'll notice a
line of Germans all behind the sandbags. Quickly gun down as many as you can
with your Garand, spread out, and hit the two manning the anti-tank battery.
Once it's down, have your squadmates fall in, and command the tank to move into
the yard. The Fire team can take cover behind the supply truck, and the Tank
will finish off the rest. Go into the farmhouse, walk up the stairs, and Garand
down any remaining threats. Once you have the farmhouse, mortars will start to
rain down.

- The Mortars are in an isolated field close to the farmhouse. Start moving
down the path that's around the corner of the Farmhouse. Command the tank to
take point on the small road, while you and the infantry charge the field via
the crack in the fencing. It will be tough, as some of your AI may take hits
along the way. Even if you lose 2-3 guys, don't worry. After you make it near
the roads where the Mortars are, you may notice a Panzer tank to your left.
Ignore it; the driver will start it up once he sees you, but shouldn't hit YOU.
Keep charging, and throw your only grenade at the mortar team position. Start
gunning them down, then run up, and press X next to the restock items box.
You'll now have 5 Grenades. Look on Situational Awareness, and you'll notice
3-5 German Infantry behind the tank. Ambush them from a dirt mound, and then,
charge at the tank. Its turret should be pointing way back where your Sherman
is hiding. Now, charge at the tank by yourself, and quickly aim with the
Garand/K98. Shoot the driver who has his head exposed. Then, run up, and press
X to toss the grenade in the tank. It should explode. Suddenly, you'll hear
screaming in the distance. Run to the waypoint.

   *Leggett is there shouting for his life. Allen and Garnett are both dead,
    apparently overrun by German forces. They tried and they died. Leggett
    looks like he'll never recover from the trauma.*
  /Alternate Route (4.13)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Destroy the Bridge at Carentan

   *Everyone is arguing over whether Leggett is responsible for Allen &
    Garnett dying. Some claim he was hiding in a bush, while others try to
    reconcile over bigger problems. Nonetheless, Mac has orders. He wants you
    to destroy the bridge at Carentan.*
- Start off by forcing your Sherman to move down the road, and move fairly
close to the stone walls. Have your troops follow. While it lays down normal
fire, hop on the Tank Machine Gun, and snipe out the barricaded troops with
burst shots. Continue to roll around this sector until you get close to the
graveyard. You may notice a Panzer Tank across at the far end, along with some
basic troops. Have the Fire Team follow you, while you force your Sherman to
suppress fire on the Panzer Tank. Move around on the right, charge towards the
tank, and plant a grenade inside. Do this while firing your BAR at the opposing
Germans (and receiving fire support from your fellow brothers in arms). Once
the Panzer is down, immediately take cover with your Squad. A mounted MG across
a broken bridge will rain fire upon you. Have your Sherman Tank move up, and it
should automatically eradicate the resistance. Don't round the corner with the
tank yet. Instead, charge with your squad, and gun down the two Germans manning
the anti-tank battery. Sneaky little bastards.

- Roll ahead as usual, taking cover behind the Sherman. You should be getting
fairly close to the Carentan Bridge. A bunch of German reinforcements will
flood behind various train carts, and there will also be a small squad of 2-3
to your right (past the short wooden fence). There's a Panzer Tank hiding
behind the long train cart. Concentrate on the squad to your right first, then
slowly gun each of the men who pop around the corners of the train cart. Once
it's partially clear, move the Sherman behind the lone train cart, near the
right corner. Have your Squad hide around the left corner, and wait for the
Panzer to get lured down. It triggers itself to move once you're either fairly
close, or expose yourself on one side of the train cart. Look at which way it
moves based on your situational awareness. Let it move around the corner, and
stay against the long train cart. Its first shell should miss or do slight
damage. Charge it, plant a grenade, and Panzer down.

- Position your Sherman to look over to the water along the right, and get on
the Tank Machine Gun. You should see 2 Germans in the far distance. Fire away
and keep firing until they're both dead. It takes some effort, but you'll be
able to kill them both. Now, move the Sherman ahead, and a squadron of Germans
are hiding behind a stone wall on the left. Let it eradicate them. Then, move
forward, and kill the several Germans hiding behind the lone train cart. Pound
the Sherman forward, while having your Fire Team fall in and stay behind the
tank. Position the tank on the bridge, but behind that train cart obstructing
the view. The Sherman will suppress fire, but do no actual damage. Meanwhile,
with your Fire Team, go to the right through the large building, and walk
across the dam. Those two pesky Germans from before on the right should be
dead, and march across on the flank. Try to nail the two men in the right
bunker first, but be careful, as the 2nd anti-tank battery will start firing on
your men. Order the tank to assault the men in that second bunker, while you
rush towards the central train tracks.

- However, there's yet another ambush! Germans will rush from the right, where
you were flanking, but behind you. Also, a Panzer from the central division
will come that way on the tracks, not to mention more Krauts behind the left
bunkers to the train truck. Charge towards that second bunker which should be
straight ahead (where the anti-tank battery is). Press X next to the plunger
device, and the bridge will be blown. Don't worry about killing everyone as

  /Purple Heart Lane (4.14)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Pass through Bridge 4
              + Eliminate the swamp MG

   *You're supposedly under heavy fire from German defenses near
    Carentan. It won't be pretty, but we'll make it count. Oh, and you
    get to see an ally die by your very hands.*
- To start off, you'll be in the middle of a war zone. You'll also receive a
M1903 Sniper Rifle! It's darn well about time. Right off the bat, there should
be 4 key German positions. Zoom in, hold your aim steady for 3 seconds, then
fire. Pick off the Germans who are verily exposed. Crouch yourself on the left
side of the stone wall, and pick off the remaining Germans who retreat. Now,
flank left with one squad, while the other stays there. Be careful. In the far
left corner is a small squad of 4 German soldiers, which do not appear on
radar. Ambush them, or better yet, have your Fire Team provide cover fire,
while you run up with the Thompson and finish em' off. Now, proceed across, but
around the left bend. This is the only way to Bridge 4. Have both squads fall
in. Cross the river via the small shanties, and a small group of 3 Germans will
start to flank to your position behind a wooden fence. Pick them off with the
sniper. Move up until you see an opening to your left, and snipe off these
Germans to with your trusty Sniper Rifle.

- Run up under the small gray bridge, and you'll notice a third squad of men
awaiting orders. Restock your M1903 Sniper Rifle via the small ammo box.

   *The leader of this small infantry group is enraged, that this is all HQ
    has given him. He says today is a great day to die.*
- This part can be very easy, or very frustrating. For starters, don't worry
about any enemy fire coming from the end of the causeway; all of the fire will
come from the right swamps, where various patrols keep coming in repeat waves
until you make it to the other side. Run around the bend, but immediately cut
left, and position both of your patrols to hide behind this grassy wall (near
the barricaded entrance). They cannot be shot here, as long as they DO NOT
follow you. Now, by yourself, charge across. Move against the left wall, and
take shelter behind electric poles, small rocks, or what not. Using your M1903
Sniper Rifle, zoom across, and hit the Germans who are on the farthest outposts
to the left. Work your way to the right. When you run out of ammo, either
reload, and fire until one patrol is down, or start charging ahead to another
spot for cover, and repeat this technique. It helps to gun down as many of the
partial German Infantry as you can, because their aim is increased quite a bit.
Repeat this technique until you make it to the end of the causeway, BY
YOURSELF. After it saves your progress, a small-time commander will say that
they're taking MG fire from the right flank inside the swamp. Your mission is
to eradicate the MG42.

- I did this next part by myself also. To get your troops back (since this
mission continues), reload the checkpoint, and your troops who were magically
stationed at the beginning will now spawn behind you at the save point, all
intact. Now, leave both troops here, and proceed down the hill. You'll take
minor fire from the right flank. These infantry snipers must be killed first.
Using whatever ammo you have from your M1903, fire back and kill the stationed
patrols hiding behind the small wooden fences. Some of them can be shot through
the fences by the way. The next part is getting cover from the MG. For some odd
reason, there's a way you can do it fairly well. Bring your Fire Team down, and
have them lay suppressive fire on the MG. Now, dart across until you hit the
lower right corner. You can snipe off the rest of the snipers, and be extremely
out of view of the MG. You also have a side flank on it. Kill the 2-3 Germans
hiding behind the wall mound, which protect the flank of the MG. Then, charge
it, and snipe out the MG gunner. Your mission should be complete. Return back
to the entrance, and you'll admire the German bombers toying with your
  /Cole's Charge (4.15)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Follow Cole's orders
              + Clear the area of the remaining Germans

   *That last German Suka dropped a bomb knocking you senseless. Many thought
    you were dead. Desola didn't make it. Matter of fact, his corpse split into
    a gross mesh of blood and spines. Red didn't understand how it could be
    like this. Anyhow, you're suppose to meet with Lt. Cole. After you meet up
    with him, there's a German occupied farmhouse that needs to be taken.
    American artillery is going to lay down some smoke shells to conceal Cole's
    Charge. You must listen to Cole for your orders.*
- Follow where Cole goes, but prepare for an ambush. The shells should rain
down, and the ENTIRE battlefield is covered in a vast smoke. You'll start to
take fire from an MG42 in the center lane, with supporting fire from the
left/right flanks. Try to get to the left of the central enemy position, near
the left German establishment. Kill the two Krauts hiding behind the dirt
mound, and go up around this fairly unguarded left flank. Hit the MG42, and
German patrols from behind. Once the MG is down, call for your units to fall in
for support. Once the initial wave of Germans is down, have fire suppressed on
the barn. There are 4 Germans in the lower levels behind some tables. Assault
them off, and head over to Cole. He says he wants the area cleared of the
remaining Germans. He's going to setup a command post at the barn.

- Head through the opened doorway on the wooden fence. The next area, you'll
notice German reinforcements charge in from the very right of the barn, and
also from the left field. As usual, do a suppress N' move tactic. Have one
squad cover fire while the other follows. Manually shoot out the Germans who
pop their heads up, then charge one flank. Watch for Krauts to appear on the
diagonal right side, behind some bushes and a fenceline. They're fiarly good
shots, so make each shot count. Once they're down, take out the remaining
Germans behind the stone walls. Now, move to the upper right corner of the farm
field, and you'll notice a small road leading to some German positions. Cross
the road with one unit, while the other suppresses. Several MGs will rain fire
down on you, along with established Kraut patrols. Again, one unit suppresses,
while you flank the righr route with another AI unit. You'll take fire from an
MG in the distance, but it'll do minimal damage, so don't worry. Take cover
behind the small truck, and look back towards your left. There's 2 Germans
behind a bunker. Quickly gun them down, man this MG42 nest with your unit, and
fire back at the second group of Germans in front of you. Regroup the squads,
cover fire the third establishment, and charge with the other unit. They should
go down fairly easy.

- The next part is tricky because you'll be walking into certain doom, just
negotiable doom. Around the bend on the left is what appears to be (2) MG42s,
however, they're pointing away from your troops. Using your Garand, snipe both
black-uniformed targets in front of the guns. Now, for the next part, order
Hartsock to move into exposed territory, and let him suppress fire on the
Germans closest to the wall around the corner. Meanwhile, you and the Assault
team should charge down the hill, firing to keep those two Krauts distracted.
Finally, pick off the two exposed Germans behind the bunkers. For the final
part, there should be one last red dot, the original MG42 that shot at you down
the road. Order both units to charge-assault it, and the lone gunner should get
raped. Meet with Mac by a fence door to end your mission.

  /Ripe Pickings (4.16)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Rescue Lt. Combs
              + Escort Lt. Combs back to the farmhouse
              + Defend the farmhouse from a final German counter-attack

   *Mac has to be quite frank, since the situation is not looking good. The
    101st Airborne is spread thin, while Germans are running about all over the
    place. Lt. Combs is under heavy fire, and they're not sure how much longer
    he can last. He wants you and three others to go assist Combs, and bring
    him back.*
- Head through the Barn building, then out back. In the yard, mortar fire will
start to rain down the farm, but in streaks (straight lines). Watch where the
first shot lands, then move out of that vertical position, otherwise you or
your allies will get ripped to shreds. Make it back to the road entrance. Cut a
left, then run into the right small grassy field. Have your men take cover
behind the stone wall. Meanwhile, flank along the right, sniping the Germans
behind various stone walls, barricades, and turned-over wheelbarrels. An MG42
is positioned on the corner of a destroyed building, so keep your head down.
When you're around the right flank, you'll get some great shots, so ensure
they're hits. Round the small barn shack, then cut an immediate left. Thompson
the lone guard who is not on your situational awareness. Some reinforcements
will pour in from the destroyed building. Have your unit fall in, lay
suppressive fire, and take them out. Now, charge up around back of where the
MG42 is. You can snipe the MG42 gunner if you wish, even though he's dead at
this angle.

- The next part is a pain in the arse, since artillery will start to rain down.
It'll blow a hole in the fence. Follow the hole through, and you'll see Combs
crouching in the distance. Order your squad to take cover there, while you meet
up with Combs. He says you gotta clear the road first of the Germans. Hide
behind the wheelbarrel, and return fire. You may have to stand up to be tall
enough to hit the tangos. Concentrate on the left targets first, as they pose
the greatest threat. Work your way right. You can have your squad distract
while you flank along the far right side. Use the trees for cover, then charge
in, and hit the Germans when they least expect it. Rush across the road with
your squad now, and you'll find the source of your mortar troubles. Either frag
grenade the group of 3 in the pit, or snipe them off. You'll have the advantage
of surprise.

- After you go back to meet with Combs, he says that he saw some Germans in the
orchard before. Even though he'd love to make it back to the farmhouse, he HAS
TO eradicate the spread forces along the way. Follow Combs, and he'll
eventually hide behind some stone walls. Start firing upon the Germans, and
order your squad to suppress. You should move along the right flank, taking out
Germans from an angle if the shot permits. After this sector is clear, go meet
with Combs. Bump him if he doesn't say anything. Now, head back to the

   *Mac says you did a mighty fine job saving Combs. However, the Germans are
    pouring a counter-attack onto the farmhouse with everything they got.
    Defend this location at all costs!*
- Turn around, and position both squads behind the stone wall. Meanwhile,
German waves of reinforcements will flood in from atop the hill, especially
along the left/central sides. You'll have to manually order squads to cover
fire on each new unit that arrives, while you take your potshots. Try scavaging
a K98 in case you run low on ammo. Avoid charging forward, because some of the
reinforcements will rush in from various side flanks. There should only be 4-5
waves in total, although the Germans will try to flank you along the left
primarily. Once it's clear, head back to the farmhouse, and Cole will reward
you and your money with some apple brandy. Oh, and I thought we'd have some
cake with it too.

  /Push into Carentan (4.17)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Clear the industrial sector of Carentan
              + Take out the Panzer Tanks
              + Clear the warehouse

   *This is it. Carentan is an important city in France which can prove a
    stronghold for the Allies, especially a contribution to the invasion. Your
    job is to assault and take over portions of Carentan via force. Mac has to
    help another squad coming in today, so you're on your own.*
- Right off the bat, have one squad stay in position, while the other goes with
you. Cut a right around this small alleyway near the house, then gun down the 2
standing Germans. You may have to use a grenade if this part is too tough. Rush
ahead, and nail the MG from its side flank. Some reinforcements may try to push
through, but you know what to do to them. Now that this area is clear, regroup,
and head through the opening in the fence. Grab the BAR off of the dead
American soldier on the ground. In this small courtyard up ahead, you'll have a
few Germans to gun down. Basic techniques work, and the BAR is a handy,
powerful up-close weapon. Try to flank the men in the courtyard. Once it's
clear, have one squad lay suppressive fire on the Germans on the other side of
the brown blockade. Leave the other squad to hide in cover. If you take the
squad with you to flank, many of the enemy units have pre-alertness activated,
which makes it extremely dangerous to do so. By yourself, kill the two Krauts
behind the black fence. Move forward.

- Now would be a good time to call up one squad for cover fire while you flank.
These Germans are some of the most elite forces they have. This next part is
tedious, because it requires micro-management and some luck. Call for one of
your squads to go where the German squad previously was. Now, gravehop this
squad manually from each grave sector, to sector until they're near the top.
They should suppress fire on the rightmost Germans behind the stone wall. Your
second squad should stand on a fragile inner wall, laying down fire as well.
Charge across to the other side, behind the long stone wall. Kill these Germans
behind it, and disable the other Germans with angled shots. Once this is down,
you'll receive a message saying to disable the Panzer Tanks.

- Thankfully, the foolish Germans left some heavy hardware behind. Man both
squads, and tell them to cover behind the stone wall near the central supply
building in the middle of those large field. Look at the supply building, and
you'll notice there's a brown stack of ammo boxes. Inside is where you get the
unlimited supply of Panzerfausts. From here on, two German patrols are dug in
across the field. Get your first shot on the Panzer Tank in the upper right
corner to prevent it from rushing you. Snipe out the guards, or panzer them out
of their holes to the left. The Tank takes about 4-5 Panzer shots to blow up.
Just don't go where it last saw you. Another Panzer Tank will come from the far
left, down a shallow road. Run down in this area, and there's a Panzer box
against the left wall, near some shallow hardware buildings. Again, use the
same strategy. Fire Panzers at this tank from afar and at angles. When it hits
the courtyard, don't go where it last saw you. Once the last tank is destroyed,
have both squads fall in.

- In the next part, some German special forces will mount themselves at the far
end of this road behind some walls. Use one-by-one coverage. One team fires,
one moves diagonally to new cover, and now suppresses. Remove with the previous
squad to a new location, cover fire, and alternate squads. Eventually, you can
assault-charge the remaining Germans, and they'll be overrun. Quickly have your
men turn around, as an ambush halfway down the road will appear from behind.
Four Germans will run out of a warehouse doorway. Gun them down. Move up there,
and Mac will be impressed with your trail of Krauts left behind. He wants you
to clear out this warehouse. This next part is going to get very hairy, and
very laggy. You're probably out of Grenades too.

- Position one squad in the tiny side room, with your other just into the main
entrance. A flush of Germans will rush in directly ahead of you, with 2 MGs
across the warehouse field, and several Germans on the window boxes. The best
strategy I found was to leave both of your squads outside. Massay goes into a
tiny room with a window, and a side doorway that has no protection. From this
little window, snipe the two Germans hiding right next to the supply truck.
Then, slowly crouch into the no exposure area, and K98 the Germans hiding
behind the boxes who occasionally pop their heads up. The thing is, they WILL
see you, however, you can time your shots. You have a better chance of survival
shooting from there then head-on. Once all of the Krauts inside the initial
warehouse rooms are down, you have the 2 MGs left. Get your squads to cover
fire on the right MG, while you charge to the left of the center supply truck,
and crouch next to the second supply truck. Look to your left, and a small
reinforcement of Krauts will approach on the left flank. Try to snipe them when
they bob their heads out. Sometimes they'll refuse to expose themselves because
you're too far away. The next part is tricky. Charge across hoping the 2nd MG
will not hit you from the side flank. Once you're at this safe cover, take out
those newly-arrived Germans, then move around these boxes for an excellent
angle on the MGs. Try to snipe both gunners if possible, as there are several
more Germans inside the warehouse itself.

- You can try crouching next to the stone stairs, but watch the doorway (as
that's where some German infantry are positioned). Grenades would rock for
right about now. If your squads are still alive, have them fall in where those
Germans were before, and they can suppress some fire, or provide basic cover
while you move up. For the next part, order your squad to assault the left
doorway. Right when they run by, pull out your STG44, BAR, or what not, and
fire at the Germans who turn around from the boxes directly in front of you.
Your squad should be able to kill the left MGer, along with a few near the
center. There are 2 Germans to your left, right next to the stack of boxes
you're crouching against. Try standing and headshotting them over the boxes, or
ordering another assault. Once the left portion is clear, begin to move towards
the right. You can assault the last MG gunner, and you'll think the mission is
complete. Head around here, and investigate the partial side room. Suddenly,
your troops will get ambushed by about 6 Germans. Order for suppressive fire,
and they should be able to kill them. If not, jump back into the general
warehouse field, and flank those Germans from behind via the stone stairs. Once
these men are down, your mission is complete. Head to Mac in the center.
Certainly one of the toughest missions in the game, and VERY frustrating at the
warehouse part.

   *Mac says he's amazed by your courage under fire. They suggest that moving
    to the church in the center of the city will allow them to monitor German

  /Tom and Jerry (4.18)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Defend the Church from initial infantry attack
              + Defend the lower levels of the Church
              + Defend against the 3 Panzer Tanks

   *While chatting about some local stories, and guarding a churchtop roof,
    one of your buddies gets his head picked off cleanly, preferably by a
    German sniper round. Sadly enough, his body falls to the ground. Mac orders
    you to defend this churchtop at all costs. Snipe as many as you can.*
- It's lock N' load time. Right off the bat, some Germans will try to run up
the street far away. Use situational awareness to spot them, and pick the small
squad off. Most of these squads comes in pairs of two, so shoot/reload
accordingly. A small squadron will approach from the west, then southeast (in a
smoky building), and repeat the pattern back on the south. Eventually, after
2-3 repeat waves, Mac orders you to defend the lower levels of the church.
Before going down, head into the tower, and restock your M1903 Sniper Rifle.
Now, head down the stairs, then go out to the bow face where most of the action
is. You'll have to kill roughly 20-30 Germans, mainly specialized forces who
will hide around the perimeter base, fences, cars, and supply trucks. Snipe
them by crouching and shooting out of the V-crack blown into the wall. I would
not worry about commanding your troops on this one, as it's simply too hectic,
and you can do more damage by yourself. On a side note, just keep firing, and
eventually a Panzer Tank will arrive on scene.

- Mac starts to freak, and Leggett says he saw the Bazookas on the north side
of the church. To get there, look back into the entrance you came from, and
you'll see this second floor balcony curls around on the other side. Don't go
there yet, instead, snipe the 3-4 German troops awaiting you behind some boxes.
They're tricky fellows; so be prepared. Once they're down, you'll find the
Bazooka inside a stack of ammo boxes. Pick it up, and three shots should take
down the first Panzer. Restock your Bazooka, and prepare for a 2nd Panzer Tank
to arrive from the right flank. This one will be tough, because its interval
shots do extreme damage, especially with you near a wall. Keep pounding,
crouching, and repeating. Finally, the last tank will arrive from the
straight-ahead flank, which can be taken from a distance via the aiming mode.
Once the third tank is down, we see a German retreating from the hull.

  /No Better Spot to Die (4.19)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Clear the initial German establishments to Hill 30
              + Find the tank support to defend Hill 30
              + Fend off the Germans on Hill 30 using the two tanks

   *Your squad's valor, united with the Allied Expeditionary Force, has managed
    to push the Germans to retreat. Your objective is to guard Hill 30.
    Hartsock gives a nice motivational speech.*
- Right off the bat, everything looks quiet. This is quite the opposite. You're
going to get amushed by 4 positions of Germans, one on the far right (which
shouold be taken out ASAP), and three spread out across the field. Position
both squads behind cover, have one suppress, while you alone flank and kill
along the right. Gun down as many of the Germans from this rightmost angle, and
bring a squad if you wish to help assist in taking enemy AI out. The initial
positions are easy to take out. Position the Assault Squad to fire on the MG in
the next sector to the left. Meanwhile, snipe the two guards protecting the MG,
and work on the right flank with one squad. Charge-assault the two awaiting
Germans unaware of your flanking movements. From this right flank, you can
easily take out the unguarded MG. Move down the road a bit further. You'll hear
Mac screaming. Go run to him.

   *Mac says the whole German army is pushing down on Hill 30. They're
    desperately trying to counter-attack and push through the Allied offensive.
    The next part is heavily scripted. A mortar round pelts you, knocking you
    unconscious for a bit. Meanwhile, Mac tries to call in for tank support, as
    Panzers are on the move.*
- When you wake up, you'll have to fire back at the Germans. There are two
small walls directly in front of you. Using your Garand, take as many potshots
as possible, and switch to the Thompson if you start to get overrun. After
about 4-5 waves, the Panzers will breach through on the right flank. One of the
Panzers fires a round rendering you unconscious yet AGAIN! When you wake up,
Leggett loses it, and gets blown to pieces by a tank shell. Mac gives you
orders to go find the tank support. He needs everyone he can get, so he wants
you to find those tanks, and help fight off these damn Panzers.

- Right off the bat, turn around, and head back to the main road. Run towards
the marked waypoint on your map. A lone German will charge at you. Garand him
down, but watch for 2 German snipers hiding behind a horizontal log on top
of the hill. Just sit patiently and gun them down. The next toughest part is
yet to come. On the right hand part of the road, an Axis tank will arrive. Take
shelter behind the second log, and wait for it to cut up the left road. When it
does, look at the split between both roads. There's a grassy opening leading to
a large field. Before jumping in, look left for a lone German not on
situational awareness, and gun him down. Then, long range snipe the German
assaulter at the far end by the bunker. Crouch walk to the bunker. Now, man
this bunker on the far side, and gun down the three Germans who run out from
the bush. Seek cover if the patrolling tank is after you. It will eventually
return to its track if you get out of sight. Now, sprint along the right side
where the dead Germans are, and stay behind the grass patch. This third tank on
the left is fairly dormant, unless you get in sight. Run behind the gray tree
on the right towards the allied tanks on the bridge. When you reach the bridge,
the tanks should start to pour down. Take cover behind the small branch under
the bridge.

- An MG and some Germans will fire upon you. The Tanks will rid of them. After
both tanks get down in position, you'll be given control of both units. Now,
remember, there are three Panzer Tanks from before which have to be rid of as
well. Start moving down the left lane. Order both tanks to charge-assault the
first tank on the right. They should eventually take it down. Again, manually
move both tanks on the right road, and have it directly assault the second
Panzer. Make your move on the last Panzer, which should be closing in on the
Allies. Your tanks will take some damage, but don't worry, they'll hold up.
Move both tanks down the hill, and you'll notice two grooves on Hill 30. Roll
both tanks onto the field in each groove, and they should assault the 3 MGs.
The Germans will flee from those mounted positions if you assault-charge with
the tanks. From this point, simply gun down the fleeing patrons. Once Hill 30
is cleared, go talk to Mac.

  /Victory in Carentan (4.20)/
[ OBJECTIVES: + Listen to your promotions

   *This is the game's ending. You and your men are resting at the Carentan
    Church. Mac has some great news involving promotions. He's proud of you
    guys, and those that died for their country. Hartsock ends up getting
    promoted to lead second squad, while Sgt. Baker continues in his role as a
    prominent soldier. He continues to lead his current element. Suddenly,
    mortar fire rains down, and it's back to war.*
   *A message showing Beyond Hill 30 is shown, along with the game's ending
    ___ /_____\
   /\.-`( '.' )       THE END
  / /    \_-_/_
  \ `-.-"`'V'//-.
   `.__,   |// , \    - In order to unlock Authentic Mode, complete the game
       |Ll //Ll|\ \     on difficult mode, then watch the last chapter's
       |__//   | \_\    unlocked movie. If you do not watch that ending movie,
      /---|[]==| / /    you will not be able to play Authentic Mode. Authentic
      \__/ |   \/\/     has more enemies, tougher AI, and better shots from 
      /_   | Ll_\|      your opponents.
       |   |   |
       |   |   |
       |   |   |
       |   |   |
   jgs  |_ | _|


- 5) Weapons               -
Weapons during World War II were both a frightening pack of explosive power,
accuracy, and cunning civilizations clashing against one another. This section
will provide basic ratings on my opinions of the guns.

``````````````````````````````AMERICAN WEAPONS``````````````````````````````

   _(_(( M1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ***
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: **
   [  OVERALL: **
   - The M1911 is the traditional sidearm for most WWII soldiers back in the
     day, and even from previous wars. Even used by law enforcement officers to
     this day, the M1911 is a very stable sidearm capable of doing decent
     damage, without overwhelming recoil, and for a standard price.
     Unfortunately, that's the problem with the nifty Colt Pistol. It lacks
     extremes in any area, making it just a mere pistol with a short clip (8
     bullets total).
   _(_(( M1 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ****
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - The M1 Carbine is actually a short-stock version of the Garand, except it
     packs a much larger clip, letting it be more useful in close combat
     scenarios. Often given to assisting Sergeants, the Carbine was ideal for
     hitting multiple targets in the close-medium range. Unfortunately, it
     doesn't quite do enough damage to long-range targets, but does pack a
     15-bullet round. Only found in a couple of missions.
   _(_(( M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ****
   [ ACCURACY: ****
   [    RANGE: ****
   [  OVERALL: ****
   - The Garand was typically the default weapon for every U.S. Infantry 
     soldier during WWII. This long-stock rifle was capable of semi-automatic
     fire, as opposed to many bolt-action rifles of the time, meaning you would
     have to reload a clip of 8 bullets. It's quite an effective long-range
     weapon, and has better close-quarter capabilities because of rapid fire,
     but not as powerful as the K98 Rifle.
   _(_(( M1903 Bolt-Action Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: *****
   [    RANGE: *****
   [  OVERALL: *****
   - This was actually one of the more commonly used bolt-action rifles during
     World War I, that was converted into a sniper's primary weapon with some
     precision and heavy tuning. While it was eventuallly replaced in 1936, it
     still stuck around in many specialty squads as a powerful long-range
     weapon. The only American sniper rifle, and quite an effective one at
     that. The only disadvantage is that only 5 bullets can be loaded into the
     rifle at a time, and it is not designed for CQB scenarios.
   _(_(( M1A1 Thompson Machine Gun ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ***
   [ ACCURACY: **
   [    RANGE: **
   [  OVERALL: **
   - In almost every WWII shooter I've ever played, the Thompson Machine Gun
     was quite a beast. Often referred to as a "spray n' pray" gun, the
     Thompson is useful for many assaults or close-based situations.
     Unfortunately, the Thompson in BiA sucks completely. The 20-bullet clip
     gets dissapated in seconds, and the damage is lower than you'd expect.
     Recoil is too much to handle.
   _(_(( M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ****
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: ****
   [  OVERALL: ****
   - The Browning is my favorite assault rifle, for the pure and simple fact
     that it kills enemies, even with moderate recoil. For starters, also known
     as the BAR, it comes equipped with a minute 20-round clip. However, the
     clip packs quite a whallop delivering extreme damage at capable ranges. It
     can be used in either CQB, ranged shooting, or even mobile situations that
     require an imminent death. The bullets do heavy damage making it the ideal
     assault rifle.
   _(_(( M9A1 Bazooka ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: ****
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ****
   - The Bazooka is the better of the two rocket launchers in this game, simply
     because it has better accuracy on the long-range shots. As opposed to the
     Panzerfaust, the Bazooka has a small arc after being fired, meaning it is
     much easier to esimate the correct firing angle upon an enemy
     tank/position. Unfortunately, it's only acquired during one level of the
   _(_(( M1919A4 Browning Light Machine Gun ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: **
   [    RANGE: ****
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - Also known as the .30 CAL, the Browning LMG was mainly used as an infantry
     version of a mounted machine gun. In conjunction with a defensive
     position, or as support, the .30 CAL would lay heavy suppressive fire
     while the troops would move onto an enemy flank. The only .30 CALs that
     can be operated are on Sherman or M4A1 Tanks, and can only be shot from
     the mounted machine gun.
   _(_(( Mark II A1 Fragmentation Grenade ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: *
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - Moderately, the "frag" grenade is typically what most Allied forces used
     back during WWII, and many future wars. Looking almost identical to a
     pineapple, the frag grenade was a tiny ovular grenade that could be tossed
     into bunkers, enemy fortifications, or for pure fun. There's a 4 second
     fuse, and the damage is quite extensive. However, you can only toss it so
``````````````````````````````GERMAN WEAPONS````````````````````````````````
   _(_(( Walther P38 Luger Pistol ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ****
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: **
   [  OVERALL: ****
   - While somewhat better than the Colt M1911, the Walther P38 was commonly
     referred to as the Luger, aka a deadly pistol. This minute pistol featured
     extreme damage per shot, thanks to an odd barrel design. The Luger has a
     fairly small clip, almost identical to the M1911, but you'll find many
     officers wielding these pistols during combat. Be careful in a close
     combat scenario, these are very dangerous.
   _(_(( MP40 Machine Gun ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: **
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - For some odd reason, I simply love the MP40 over the Thompson in any
     situation during BiA. Besides a 30-round clip, the MP40 features an odd
     firing rate that almost delays between shots to allow for better recoil
     control by the user. Because of less recoil, it seems easier to pelt
     targets at longer ranges, even though the damage may seem to be identical
     to the Thompson.
   _(_(( Mauser K98 Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: ****
   [    RANGE: ****
   [  OVERALL: *****
   - The K98 rifle is one I could sleep with at night, knowing that
     reliability, precision, and extreme damage lied in each bullet. While this
     rifle in reality was partially outmatched by the clip-based Garand, the
     K98 rifle has a bolt-action reload design that almost had parallels to any
     bolt-action sniper rifle of the time. Almost all German Infantry were
     equipped with these, and the rifle could hold 5 separate bullets in the
     loading section. You'll love the damage it does. One shot can kill, while
     it might take two sometimes to kill someone with a Garand.
   _(_(( MP44 Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: ***
   [ ACCURACY: ****
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - Many believed this to be the first primitive design of an actual "assault
     rifle", per say. The MP44 had a clip design almost parallel to an AK-47,
     in which it would launch high-calibre bullets in a 30-round clip with
     precision and accuracy. Many Sturmtruppes (special German infantry) were
     equipped with these during WWII. As bad as it is, the MP44 is fairly
     downgraded in this game, and encountered later on quite often. A good
     suppression weapon, but suffers from some recoil and lessened damage.
   _(_(( KAR 98K Rifle w/ Scope ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: *****
   [    RANGE: *****
   [  OVERALL: *****
   - Some of the finer designed K98s were modified by weapons experts to the
     finest degree, and fitted with scopes for sniper use during WWII. This
     just goes to justify that the K98 in its base design was powerful enough
     to mold into the design of a sniper rifle. Unfortunately, you'll never get
     to use unless you play the multiplayer mode, and actually get on a mission
     where German sniper rifles are present.
   _(_(( Panserfaust 60 Rocket Launcher ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: ***
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - Commonly referred to as the Panzerfaust, or Panzershreck during WWII, this
     was the German's version of a RPG (even though rocket-propelled grenades
     didn't quite exist back then). The Panzerfaust is much more inferior to
     the Bazooka, which was capable of keeping the rocket afloat at longer
     distances. The Panzerfaust tends to sag heavily after shots, and needs a
     higher degree of estimation to hit a long-range target. Because of this,
     you'll often struggle to hit targets period. You'll find these laying
     around quite often during single-player mode.
   _(_(( Stielhandgranate 24 HE Stick Grenade ))_)_
   [   DAMAGE: *****
   [ ACCURACY: *
   [    RANGE: ***
   [  OVERALL: ***
   - Commonly referred to as the Potato Stick, the Stick Grenade looks like a
     small drum baton. The user would twist the knob at the end, lighting the
     fust, and giving a short time before yielding explosions. Stick grenades
     were slightly heavier than the frag grenade, limiting their potential
     range. Damage seems identical in the game.

- 6) X-BOX Live            -
One of the more positive aspects that many players look forward to with
shooting games is multiplayer capabilities. Why should I sit around gloating at
the sky when I kill the person sitting right next to me? OK, well maybe you're
not that literal, but you get the point. Thankfully, the multiplayer in BiA has
given me a mixed impression. While it has an impressive gameplay system that
involves far more strategy than you'd expect (with squad AI), it also suffers
from many problems of online play. This section will discuss the X-BOX Live
portion of the game, explaining any available strategies for the map, and
things you can do to improve your own skills.

- The following will tell of the different game modes available during Live

/Quick Match/
This basically matches you with the best possible choice of a game to join. You
can cycle through all open games by pressing X, and you'll get basic game
details. Fortunately, it does NOT always match you with the quickest available
server, hence why I do not use this function.

The best way of finding an available BiA game. Optimatch searches all available
games, and results can be filtered based upon map/player selection. You can
also refresh all available matches. One flaw is that you can sometimes join
full games (the game does not recognize when another Live player is
connecting). This can be frustrating, especially when you rush into a game with
2/4 people in it.

/Create Match/
Allows you to create your own BiA game. The advantage of hosting a server is
that you'll receive no lag whatsoever during gameplay, giving you a huge
advantage (shooting-wise). Other than that, you can pick the map, and if you
want the server to be private with a password set.

/Friends List/
You can invite various friends, join other games, or just see who's plain
online. It will not let you send voice messages, which is mildly disappointing
considering the game supports voice during gameplay.

The leaderboard system works very different than what you'd normally expect. It
has a system almost identical to RBS3: Black Arrow, in which players are
awarded a generic points score based on their performance during a mission. Two
elements are factored in for ranking your score:

   + Win % - The more games you win, the higher you will be ranked.
   + K:D ratio - Points are awarded for killing players of the opposite team
                 during games. In most instances, a combined points total is
                 taken at the end of a match (between yourself & your support
                 squad). I'm sure the game counts this into effect.
   + Mission - Some missions are played more than other. Being better on all
               general maps gives you a huge boost in ranking. Leaderboards are
               assorted based on overall mission rank, the individual missions
               themselves, and then monthly/overall scores.
/How Does it all Work/

  1) BiA only has one type of game mode = HEAD TO HEAD =

  2) Live play only supports up to 4 players, with a minimum of 2 necessary.
     Basically, you can have 2 on 1 matchups, 1 on 1, or 2 on 2.
  3) There is no CO-OP, at all.
  4) Basically, players pick a slot on either the American or German forces,
     Assault/Fire teams respectively. From here on, each player is rewarded 4
     lives of reinforcements (8 if you are by yourself). Aside from you, the
     element leader, you also have 3 squad AI controlled by the computer. Just
     like during the single-player mode, you can award your AI commands (cover,
     assault, suppress fire). If you the leader die during combat, press L to
     cycle through your remaining AI, and press R to take position of that AI.
     If all of your squad AI die, press the WHITE button to call in a new squad
     of reinforcements (eats up one life of reinforcements). On a side note,
     there are set objectives during mission. For example, Germans must protect
     something while the Allies blow it up with explosives. Anyhow, that's the
     basic gameplay scheme of BiA.
  5) Situational awareness is perfectly legal during multiplayer, meaning you
     can sometimes locate enemy patrols via the BACK button. This sort of ruins
     the strategy element at times, when you can simply pop the button up to
     know where your enemy is hiding.

/Mission Strategies/
Probably the most sought after section, this area will cover tips to help you
survive as either the Americans or Germans on specific maps. There are only 10
supported maps in BiA, with 2 of them being sniper maps (one team has snipers,
the other doesn't).

   ++- Ambush at Anterbien -++
   BRIEFING: "The American Soldiers are trying to deliver orders to a convoy
              waiting on the far side of the village. German troops have set
              up an ambush to stop them."
   AMERICANS: There's only one set of orders, so whoever takes them has to 
              know what they're doing. Once the orders are dropped, tough
              luck trying to pick them up again. I always found it best to rush
              the orders on the right, away from those open areas on the left
              (where you'll often get picked off by a K98). Meanwhile, have one
              American unit flank on the left and try to hit the German units
              from behind. If you can knock out the Germans from behind, and
              get a capable person to guide the orders close enough to the
              bridge, then you'll have an easy way through this one. Avoid
              rushing the middle, as German patrols on either side can
              crossfire, making you literally turn into meshed pieces of flesh.
   GERMANS: Best defense I found was to position a squad to the left, 
            preferably close to the bridge. Place a second squad on the right
            flank, near one of the stone walls close to the Americans spawn,
            and finally have the two human players roam about while staying
            closer to the bridge. DO NOT be forced into guarding the center.
            Better yet, you can do more damage with a K98 simply crouching in
            the middle, and sniping in the distance. Try running down the
            middle road, and crouching next to a bush wall. You'll be hidden,
            and can also snipe Americans as they run out of the spawn.
   RATING: *****
           ^ By far one of the best maps the game has to offer. Seems like
             Germans/Americans win 50% of the time.
   ++- Shattered Wings -++
   BRIEFING: "American Gliders are inbound. Paratroopers must destroy two
              anti-aircraft guns hidden within Rommel's Asparagus before they
              arrive. German troops prepare to defend those guns."
   AMERICANS: To be honest, this mission can be a breeze for some, considering
              you can overrun the Germans once one gun is down. At the same
              time, a well-skilled German player can counter-rush, and really
              place a beatdown on the Americans. For starters, there are two
              packs of explosives. Rush the South Gun, which should be along
              the right flank. It's the closest one to your spawn, and also
              most likely to be abandoned by the Germans (simply because it is
              too hard to defend, not enough cover). Take cover behind the
              grassy knolls, counter-fire, and grenade out any Americans. Once
              the South Gun has been planted and is destroyed, now you have to
              take the North Gun. The best strategy I've seen is to simply
              overrun the Germans. Do as many potshots as you can with a
              Garand, and try to kill some of the squadmates (which are usually
              along the stone wall near the road, and/or positioned inside the
              North Gun bunker itself). While one squad entertains the Germans,
              have another one charge-assault via the left flank, next to the
              small house near the North Gun. At this point, tell your teammate
              to rush, and you should be able to nail the Germans on both
              flanks. On a side note, DO NOT take the rear flank as this passes
              right by the enemy spawn, and you're bound to get hit from
   GERMANS: To be honest, rather than abadoning the South Gun, put up a fight.
            It's better to keep the enemy occupied for a bit to eat up time on
            the clock. One squad should place their men along the stone wall
            near the road of the North Gun, while the human looks near the
            house for a flank attack. Second squad should put up a fight at the
            South Gun till they're dead, then move to help defend the North
            Gun. The second squad should line up on the far right flank, to
            prevent the enemy from doing a far flank. Just get your men behind
            long walls to make them more effective as defenders, and avoid
            clustering up inside the North Gun bunker (grenades will rape if
            done so). If you manage to take out an entire Americans squad, have
            one German squad rush towards their spawn. I usually find it best
            to go along the right, near that downed Glider. Take a few
   RATING: ****
           ^ Certainly one of the better maps that seems to have some
             equilibrium. The biggest downfall is that the South Gun is
             practically undefendable, and almost a giveaway task. This mission
             is more about whoever can hold the North Gun a tad longer.
   ++- In the Trenches -++
   BRIEFING: "American Paratroopers have been sent to destroy an anti aircraft
              battery. German troops defend the two AA Guns with a network of
   AMERICANS: A mix of flanks spells victory on this one. As far as I'm aware,
              there are two packs of explosives. Have one squad flank along the
              far right side, against the wall. You'll find most of the Germans
              guarding that right gun. Meanwhile, have the second squad move up
              the middle, then cut out left into the trenches. I actually found
              it best not to bring up my squad on this one, but keep them
              behind a central bunker position. I found it better to simply use
              the reinforcements, one-by-one, since I was a better long-range
              shot. Anyhow, make use of crouching on slopes and ledges, along
              with the wooden posts of the trenches to blend in. Use the Garand
              to pick off targets in the distance. Try to take out the left gun
              if possible with the 2nd pack of explosives, since it can be
              tougher to take once your opponents catch on to your plan. No
              matter what, the left flank should close in on the Germans in the
              right flank, and hit them from the side. The first force on the
              right is primarily a distraction.
   GERMANS: This one can be tough, simply because both guns are spread out, and
            there are two packs of explosives to worry about. Again, I would
            actually split both units up, and position my squad AI in both guns
            (they're fairly hard to grenade correctly). Meanwhile, have the
            human players take partial center flanks, and snipe to the sides
            where you'll see most Americans attempt to rush. If the left flank
            begins to get overrun, support them at all costs. Holding that left
            gun can mean a lot, since it's the closest to the spawn, and also
            the most heavy targetted. Giving up one gun can be very risky,
            since you'll have units closing in on both flanks. This is why it's
            better to split both teams.
   RATING: ***
           ^ Unfortunately, this level is very flat, resulting in many
             long-range hits/kills. Allies will win this a majority of the
             time, simply because the Germans will begin to panick, especially
             when flanked. Trenches don't seem to go deep enough to prevent
             long-range abuse.
   ++- Blood on the Causeway -++
   BRIEFING: "The American soldiers are trying to deliver documents to the
              Allied Way Station across the causeway. The causeway is held by
              German forces determined to stop the delivery."
   AMERICANS: Sadly enough, this map heavily favors the Germans, meaning you're
              going to struggle a lot. There's only one set of documents, which
              are inside your spawn, so watch who takes them. The biggest
              mistake American players make is taking the far right flank, but
              then never cutting back to the main road. Instead, they'll take
              the documents all the way up on the right flank, and get ambushed
              at the house in the farthest corner of the map. You need to keep
              the documents out near the center, where a backup squad can take
              them without being forced into a wall of awaiting Germans. I find
              it best to take the orders, move along the right flank, then cut
              back to the main road after the third house up (count if you have
              to). Most German players will position their squad along the long
              stone wall overlooking the house developer. By going this way,
              you can catch them on a partial flank, and leave the documents
              out in the open.
   GERMANS: Best defense is quite easy. Position your squad near the beginning
            along the stone wall. A second squad should be behind the first
            black car overlooking the main road. Since there is no right flank,
            do not worry. You only have the houses or the main road to differ
            about. Be careful for fire from the bush. Many Americans like
            bobbing their heads up.
   RATING: **
           ^ While it's a partially fun map with a stormy atmosphere, it
             suffers from imbalance issues. Americans will struggle too many
             times on this map, and quite often. There are truly only two
             flanks, unless you count the bush cover as a flank too.
   ++- Etienville Dawn -++
   BRIEFING: "American troops have discovered a valuable German codebook in the
              town of Etienville. The Germans must prevent the Americans from
              taking it and attempt to recover the codebook themselves."
   AMERICANS: The Americans start closest to the codebook, so follow your
              waypoint and snatch it as soon as possible. The problem with this
              map is that it comes down to whoever kills each other first. Try
              to head on the left flank, near the Windmill, and cut over. Both
              squads should not stick together, but have one squad fade behind.
              After the Germans think they wiped out both squads, the second
              should ambush, retake the Codebook and attempt a sprint for the
              relay point.
   GERMANS: The same can be said for the Germans. Just setup a perimeter
            defense near the Americans extraction point, and wait for them to
            bring the codebook to you. From there, simply counter-rush, and
            you'll find the Americans defense fairly weak.
   RATING: **
           ^ Not many people play this map, and I've only remotely thought
             about this map a few times. Tends to go by quick too, not being a
             worthful mission. Any submitted strategies appreciated.
   ++- Crossroads at Pellerin -++
   BRIEFING: "A damaged German supply truck has been spotted at the crossroads
              of St. Pellerin. An American squad has been sent to destroy it,
              while the remaining members of the German escort fight to protect
              it at all costs."
   AMERICANS: Well, for starters, the Germans will almost always be positioned
              in 3 different spots. The supply truck is directly in the middle,
              down the far end of the central road. A majority of Germans will
              place themselves in the left tree hut. There's an Oak resting
              there, along with a circular stone wall that provides adequate
              protection. It's very hard to shoot Germans out of here, but can
              easily be remedied with a well-placed grenade. The second most
              common camping spot for Germans is on the right stone wall, to
              the right of the supply truck. Use your Garand to pick them off.
              Finally, you'll find various spurts of Germans near the truck,
              along the inlaying houses, or at the stone wall to the left of
              the supply truck. Americans should move the explosives pack along
              the right, then cut across the top yard that moves diagonally to
              the truck. Make a sprint for it after picking off any awaiting
              guards, while the other squad distracts the Germans. Get the
              explosives as close as possible to the truck. From here on, it's
              a gun battle. Camp positions on the far left by the barrels, or
              on the far right by the car. Use the Garand/BAR to pick tangos
              off until you take one squad down. Many Germans will scramble
              vigorously, which is the best time to make a charge and attempt a
              plant. Keep replanting if the Germans keep disabling the charges.
   GERMANS: Best defenses are the circular stone wall on the right by the tree
            (this completely eradicates the right flank). The second best part
            is the stone wall on the left, which provides adequate protection
            against chargers and partial protection on the left side. Many
            Americans will position themselves by the courthouse on the right,
            or try to crawl up by the small hay stacks on the right side. Catch
            an angle shot on them. It's also possible to move up by these hay
            stacks, and lay suppressive fire on the American reinforcements who
            try to charge out of the center road. Holding the right flank on
            this one means quite a bit, since it overrides the American attack.
   RATING: *****
           ^ Second best map in the game. There's close/medium/long range
             combat. Seems split between the Americans/Germans on who exactly
             wins, and often many rounds come down to the frantic clock.

   ++- A Shot in the Dark -++
   BRIEFING: "American Paratroopers are on a mission to stop German armored
              reinforcements at the La Vire River. They must find mis-dropped
              explosives and destroy the bridge while avoiding German patrols
              in the area."
   AMERICANS: The worst part about this mission is that the Americans truly
              don't have much of a chance, unless they flank the correct way.
              While they do get the M1903 Sniper Rifle, they're also outgunned
              in positioning. For starters, the explosives are far off to the
              right near a downed glider. Make your way over there, and use the
              sniper to aim down the narrow shoreline. Most Germans will not
              rush over there, but rather hold the bridge. Your best bet is to
              approach from the right side of the bridge. While this area is
              more exposed, it also has two entry points (either from the
              shoreline or the road itself). Make use of your long range
              abilities, and take down any Germans mounted with K98s. From
              there, rush down to the right diagonally, under the bridge, and
              plant it.
   GERMANS: This mission is fairly easy for the Germans, simply because you can
            always catch the Americans as they make their rush to plant the
            explosives. I find it best to have one squad mount on top of the
            bridge, preferably behind an armored jeep. Abuse the system of
            situational awareness to get an idea of which way the Americans are
            flanking. The second squad of Germans should delay themselves
            purposely, and use situational awareness as well. When you see
            which way the explosives are coming, rush that side, and go under
            the bridge. Place your squad in cover, and wait for the Americans
            to come. You can ambush many of the Americans as they rush to
            plant. They only have to get ONE support leg, so focus all your
            efforts on that location. The squad on top can relay topfire down
            on the Americans rushing, but don't get caught by the sniper
            element in an ambush.
   RATING: **
           ^ While this map sounds elegant on paper, its design is awkward and
             fairly robust. The Germans, while having the odds against them in
             both sniper teams & only one objective for the Americans, can
             easily gun down Americans attempting to plant the explosives.
             Germans will almost always win this one, either due to lack of
             cover for American teams, or the odd placement of the explosives.
             Night-time hardly makes a difference too, as the Americans
             uniforms shine out as bright as a lantern.

   ++- In the Channel -++
   BRIEFING: "American armor has landed on the beaches. A German demolition
              team must bog them down by destroying the locks and flooding the
              fields. American forces have been sent to protect the locks."
   AMERICANS: You'll find defending on this map to be difficult for one reason
              - spawn camping. The Germans are going to try and push up
              concentrated on one/both sides, until they manage to lock down
              the spawn of one side. Since the Americans spawn on both sides,
              if you're trapped in one side, it alleviates more pressure on the
              remaining American unit. For starters, place an American squad
              against the right wall (or near the right house slightly behind
              the locks). Place another American unit on the left flank, either
              on the bridge, behind the small car, or near the caddy shack.
              Now, with both human players, do your best to gun down the
              Germans at long range. I recommend against this though, as the
              K98s are a threatening combo to watch out for. If one side is
              pressured by two squads, move your squadmates over in support,
              then you manually should flank on the rear. You can crossfire
              across the river, and force your enemy into rethinking their
              strategy. There's only one set of explosives, so keep your eyes
   GERMANS: This can be fairly tough to get through. I find it best to move
            along the left side, especially with your K98s. They can simply
            outgun the Americans with their Garands, and do more damage in the
            long run. Place one squad at the base of the stone wall, or in the
            small graveyard. Manually, move yourself on the far left, where the
            corner bushes are. You'll have a perfect view of the bridge. Snipe
            away until you pin down, or kill the left Americans unit. Rush in.
            Have your other squad flank on the right and try to distract the
            other American unit while you make your move. The explosives
            placement location is at the center of the bridge, on the bottom
   RATING: ****
           ^ Certainly a fun map, but I've found that it tends to go split
             decision most of the time. Germans will either rape the American
             defenders, or get pinned down themselves by good shooters. Host
             advantage should decide this one.
   ++- Before the Storm -++
   BRIEFING: "American soldiers are trying to deliver documents to the far
              side of an abandoned town. There are no known German patrols
              in the area, and the town seems quiet and deserted."
   AMERICANS: Well, now's your chance to taste the bulletry of a German
              sniper rifle, or at least feel it. For starters, there's only one
              German sniper team, and the other is a default team. I've found
              the best strategy is to not even go for the documents right at
              the beginning. I actually set my squad to take cover on top of
              the documents, while I immediately flanked the far right flank.
              Rush up, and try to catch the German snipers making their move.
              BAR them down. Once you die, then assume the AI, and grab the
              orders. Make your move past the left section of the church, then
              crossover to the right diagonally and over the bridge to freedom.
              The biggest mistake is rushing the documents early on, as German
              snipers will be watching it right off the bat. On a side note, if
              you have a second squad, have he/she approach via the left flank
              and cut over as well. Found it works great to hit the Germans on
              both sides manually.
   GERMANS: If you're the sniper team, stand by the house right near your spawn
            on the left side. Gives you an overlooking view almost all the way
            down to the American spawn. Your right flank is where your assault
            team should be, since most Americans will rush the left regardless
            of the task at hand. If possible, try to get the Assault team
            further, and further into American territory, taking shelter inside
            some of the homes or near them. Keep the orders isolated at the
            center pedestal if possible. Reposition yourself so you have open
            sights on anyone who tries to approach them.
   RATING: **
           ^ Not a big fan of this map since a great sniper with no lag (aka
             the host of the game) can truly abuse this mission's power. A
             no-lag sniper can hit you from almost any angle, almost as if it
             was a single player game. The view is quite wide open, and you'll
             rarely have sufficient cover as an American.
   ++- Quiet Bluff -++
   BRIEFING: "The Germans are hiding a codebook of great value somewhere in
              the foggy town of Isigny. American forces must recover the
              codebook and take it quickly to the extraction point."
   AMERICANS: Another German-favored map. The toughest part about this mission
              is actually gaining control of the codebook. The Germans can
              easily pick it up, and camp it to their liking. I found it best
              to flank along the far left side, position your squad at the
              extraction point (behind a stone wall), then manually try to kill
              all of the Germans by yourself. The Germans spawn to the right of
              the extraction point, and many of them will attempt to camp it in
              the graveyard, where it's extremely hard to pull out (without
              getting shot by enemy fire). Make use of the BAR, grenades, and
              assault-charges to enhance the fog. Always look where the
              codebook is. That's where you want to toss your grenades and
              shoot randomly, since a German is most likely holding it.
   GERMANS: Not only do you have the advantage of possessing the codebook and
            running around with it, but you also spawn right next to the
            extraction point. The best strategy is to keep the codebook as
            close as possible to your spawn point. That way, if are ambushed,
            you'll spawn as close as possible to where it was dropped, giving
            you the best chance of protecting it. Don't worry about effective
            flanking, as you'll possess the damage advantage with K98s in foggy
            weather. If possible, position your squads in the graveyard near
            the fronts, with the actual human users & the codebook in the lower
            left corner. This is the toughest location for the Americans to
            yank it from. Don't get lured into chasing the Americans back to
            their spawn.
   RATING: *
           ^ While the map has a great concept, it heavily favors the Germans,
             and is rarely won by the Americans. It's also rarely played, and
             is fairly small as well. Only one open contact point doesn't
             enhance the gameplay enough.


- 7) Codes                 -
Thankfully, Gearbox decided to toss in plenty of extras the game has to offer.
Authentic war reports, intel photos, and in-game audio readings are included to
help buffer the typical war buff's head a tad more. This section will provide
you with some of the available codes in the game that can be used quite
extensively. I'd like to thank:


- for providing these cheat codes.

   _^_~ CHEAT MODE ~_^_
   Input BAKERSDOZEN as a profile name, and all levels/extras will be unlocked
   along with all of the extra in-game cheats. To activate the cheats, pause
   the game and check them on during the cheat menu.
   These cheats are unlocked for beating the game on various difficulties.
   EASY - Old Movie Mode - The entire game is played in black & white
   NORMAL - Infinite Ammo - You'll receive unlimited ammo for your weapons
   HARD - Unlocks Authentic Mode - Enables the toughest difficulty
   AUTHENTIC - Super Squad AI - Gives your teammates the ability to take
                                more hits than usual, and also heals them
                                all when re-enabled.


- 8) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate Brothers in Arms? >>

- I'm going to be honest; I was not overwhelmingly impressed by the game. Why
you ask? Simply because I have experience with WWII shooters going all the way
back to 1998. Ever since the days of playing titles like Medal of Honor for the
Playstation, and Day of Defeat for the PC, I know the possibilities that these
games can present. For starters, Brothers in Arms brings a much more
strategic/realistic atmosphere to the WWII shooting genre. While the aiming
system is exaggerated to a conservative belief, the game provides amazing
visuals for both a console and the PC. Complete with an emotional soundtrack,
nice audio effects, a well-composed gameplay system, and fairly difficult, then
you've got yourself a challenging game. The title makes exclusive use of squad
AI, compromised with orders from yourself, allows for flanking, suppressive
fire, and even charge attacks. Brothers in Arms only puts you in the usual role
of WWII paratroopers, the 101st Airborne. The single-player campaign is fairly
large, spanning 19 different "chapter" missions, and also has a above average
multiplayer. The single-player campaign is spectacular, but my true complaints
come with the multiplayer aspect. Live play suffers from two main problems: Lag
& lack of variety. Only 10 mission are supported online, with only 2 allowing
for sniper rifles. There are no commandable vehicles, rocket launchers, or even
MG turrets on online play. The host has 0 lag whatsoever, meaning the host
generally has a greater advantage over other players. You'll often find
yourself gunned down, even if you never saw the host pop his head up fast
enough. Lag can be intermittant at times, and cause great problems.

- It's not to say that the multiplayer is bad at all. Matter of fact, it's
fairly unique. It's based off of objective sets, meaning you have to blow up
this (rather than capture all points on a map or what not). However, squad AI
can be fairly useless against a human opponent, and there are perhaps no more
than 10 games being hosted at peak hours. There are minute-long loading screens
when joining servers, changing maps, or just changing menus. Thankfully the
loading screens are MUCH less than Men of Valor. However, one of the other
major problems is a lack of common sense. This games does not detect opposing
players joining a server. If you join a server that only has 2/4 people in it,
you will sometimes receive a full server message, even though the game just
said only two people were in it. Often, the game will force you to load through
a minute of screens just to give the full server message. I'm most likely
overjudging this title, but I feel that it has flaws for online play. Aside
from that, it's a great overall WWII title, and I'd rate it an [8/10]. I've
only played (2) WWII games better than it, Day of Defeat & Call of Duty.

<< Are there any other versions of BiA? >>

- Yes, the game was multiplatform released on the PS2, XBOX, and PC. The PC
version is obviously the best, with better graphics and the ability to put
custom mods on. However, all versions only support up to 4 players, and
dedicated servers are not an option (as far as I'm aware). A sequel has been
planned, BiA: Earned in Blood, which will also be multiplatform released for
the above systems. It's expected to release in the fall of 2005.

<< Why is it so hard to aim in this game? >>

- The developers wanted to focus more on the strategic aspect of having
suppressive fire to cover, while you flanked the enemy. For starters, turn a
default crosshair on (the game does not allow for crosshairs by default).
Secondly, stay in one viewing mode for three seconds, and the wobbling will
lower greatly. Crouching also lowers wobbling by about 40%. The on-screen
crosshair is NOT a correct representative of what you're aiming at. The only
way to truly tell what you're aiming at is by zooming in.

<< Is there anyway to lower the online lag? >>

- Host a game, plain and simple. I was looking over the top players on the
leaderboards, and almost all of them are usual people I've played that have
hosted their own servers. It's the only way to get good, to get better, and to
look good stat-wise.

<< What happens during a handicap matchup (2 vs. 1), or if someone leaves? >>

- The person that is alone received all or the remaining reinforcements that
the previous player had.

<< What's better, the Garand or K98? >>

- This is probably a long age debate. Garand has a continuous stream of fire,
but lacks from precise aim and/or better damage. The K98 is a deadly weapon
with bolt-action reload, but can down targets in one shot. I've always
preferred the K98 in most scenarios, so my vote goes there. I just love holding
a weapon that "could be" molded into a sniper rifle. That just goes to show its
true power.

<< Was this game released in Germany? >>

- I'd sure hope not.


- 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms), 
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 10) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Rootsecure.net (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
composed this gangster-style art. How lovely.

)) Gearbox (( for creating perhaps an overhyped, but still great WWII game that
provides an everlasting 1P campaign, combined with mediocre multiplayer. I'm
just hoping you provide more support in the multiplayer department with Earned
in Blood.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing me with several useful codes that can help
expand the gameplay of this great WWII game.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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