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FAQ/Walkthrough by fablex04

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/05/05

============================= Brothers in Arms: ==============================
============================== Road to Hill 30 ===============================
============================= FAQ / Walkthrough ==============================
================================= by Fablex ==================================
======================== http://www.xbox-cell.com ============================
========================  http://www.gamefaqs.com ============================


Introduction / Version History........C00
Chapter 01: Brothers in Arms..........C01
Chapter 02: Rendezvous with Destiny...C02
Chapter 03: Silence the Guns..........C03
Chapter 04: Ambush at Exit 4..........C04
Chapter 05: Objective XYZ.............C05
Chapter 06: Foucarville Blockade......C06
Chapter 07: Rommel's Asparagus........C07
Chapter 08: Action at Vierville.......C08
Chapter 09: Dead Man's Corner.........C09
Chapter 10: The Crack of Dawn.........C10
Chapter 11: The Fall of St. Come......C11
Chapter 12: Buying the Farm...........C12
Chapter 13: Alternate Route...........C13
Chapter 14: Purple Heart Lane.........C14
Chapter 15: Cole's Charge.............C15
Chapter 16: Ripe Pickings.............C16
Chapter 17: Push into Carentan........C17
Chapter 18: Tom and Jerry.............C18
Chapter 19: No Better Spot to Die.....C19
Chapter 20: Victory in Carentan.......C20
Frequently Asked Questions............C21
Legal and Contact Information.........C22


C00 -- Introduction / Version History

Brothers in Arms is a game based on a true story of the 101 Airborne Division
during World War II. The game takes place during D-Day and the days after that.

This FAQ focuses on the Normal difficulty level, but the tactics used work 
for the higher difficulties also most of the time. Some things may be 
different in Difficult or Authentic, but I will not write those things down 

Version 1.0 - First 8 Chapters published
Version 1.1 - Chapters 1 to 10 published
Version 1.2 - Added Chapter 11, 12 and 18
Version 1.3 - Added Chapters 13 and 14
Version 1.4 - Added Chapter 17, 19 and 20 to the FAQ
Version 1.5 - Finished the FAQ!
Version 1.6 - Spell Checking (with many grammar faults found) and updated the
              Legal and Contact Information.
Version 1.7 - Updated the Pearple Heart Lane mission with a new tactic 
              (thanks to Richard DeLaughter)


C01 -- D+7 -- Chapter 1 - Brothers in Arms

This chapter is just an introduction. You can move around and watch but you 
can't do anything beside that in the level. After some time, Legget (on of 
the soldiers) will get shot and you become unconscious. Then, the chapter is 


C02 -- D-Day -- Chapter 2 - Rendezvous with Destiny

This is also just an introduction chapter. It is one big movie. You see the
plane with Sgt. Baker in it get shot and he and his squad jump out. You also
get introduced to the normal controls here, like walking, shooting, melee, 
jumping, etc, etc.


C03 -- D-Day -- Chapter 3 -- Silence the Guns

Objective; Follow Mac's Orders
Platoon Sergeant, 'Mac' Hassay, dropped out just after you. He outranks you,
so follow his orders until you link up with your squad.

You start of near the farmhouse from the previous level. Mac will 'open' the 
gate and walk through. He and Legget will run further, so follow them. After 
you walked around the house; the game will explain the basics of 'flanking' 
to you. Read the text if this is your first time through the game, because it 
will offer you some helpful information. The message also tells you, that 
Mac will flank the enemy, while you and Legget suppress them. Click the 
messages away and crouch to the nearby railing. Now suppress the two Krauts on 
the other side with your pistol. Legget will help you with this. After a few 
seconds, Mac will flank the Germans and shoot them.

Once they are dead, three more enemies will arrive and take positions behind
the tree-trunk. This time Mac will suppress them and you and Legget must 
flank them. Follow Legget to the farmhouse on the left side. Then crouch 
behind the haystacks there. Shoot the three Germans with your pistol. Be 
careful you don't get shot yourself. After a few shots, take cover again and 
reload. When they are dead, walk to their bodies and take a KAR98K rifle.

Legget will start a small talk about the crashed airplane there and Mac will 
tell him to shut up and continue. Follow them and you walk through the first 
checkpoint. Quickly follow Mac and take cover behind the nearest 
farmhouse, because more Germans are waiting for you. Now go to the Awareness 
view (SELECT button) and look at the ways you can flank them. There are two 
1) Go to the right and around the other big farmhouse. You will walk right 
into the Germans and take them out from the back.
2) This one is a better way I think. Go to the left and around the farmhouse
where you took cover. You can shoot the enemy with your KAR there.
While you are flanking, Mac and Legget will suppress the enemies. Once they 
are dead, take some new ammo from their corpses and continue. Follow Mac 
again, past the truck and into a new area full of Germans.

There will be two AA guns here and you have to take them out. The first one
is nearby, you can see it in front of you, firing on the Allied airplanes. 
Mac and Legget will take their positions behind some crates and will suppress 
them from there. You will flank them. Just run forward until you can see the 
Krauts at your right side. Then crouch there and take your KAR again. After 
every shot you fire at them, duck away. Be sure you reload in time. After all 
three enemies are dead, walk to the AA-installation and plant explosives with 
the X-button.

Now, Mac and Legget will run to the farmhouse and take cover there. A new 
enemy will show up behind a railing. Look at the East side and you will see 
some crates there; an ideal flanking position. Go there and take out the 
enemy. Mac will talk about clearing the stables, so walk to there and go in. 
Take cover quickly and turn left. Two Krauts are standing there. Take them 
out. After the stables are cleared, bring up your Awareness view again to get
a good look at the new situation. It seems Mac and Legget have taken position 
on the other side of the farmhouse now and are under fire by two Germans. You 
can shoot them by walking through the second door of the stables and then 
shoot to the right (North) side. After every shot, go back in the stables 
again to avoid unnecessary damage. After they are dead, look at the North-West.

There is another AA-gun there. Mac and Legget will take a new position, the 
one of the now dead Krauts. They will suppress the enemy from there. Now walk
quickly to the farmhouse and take cover there. Then move slowly to the AA-
gun. Once you come closer, two Germans will notice you and take new 
positions behind some crates. You can easily take them out with your KAR 
from behind the bushes. Once they are dead, crouch behind the crates yourself 
now. Then move towards the little stone wall and go around the left side of 
it. Take your position behind the barrels there and shoot the enemy from the 
back. After that, place some TNT on the AA-gun and then meet Mac and Legget 
behind the truck.

This is the end of this mission.


C04 -- D-Day -- Chapter 4 -- Ambush at Exit 4

Objective; Link Up With 4th Infantry Division
The 4th ID will land any minute at Exit 4 of Utah beach. Expect lots of 
German Conscripts to be streaming inland from the beach.

Once the mission starts, you get another talk with Mac and Legget. Then 
another American soldier will come running towards you, it's Hartsock. Mac 
and Legget will go away and leave you with Hartsock in your team. Now you get 
a small tutorial of the basics of team combat. After that, just follow the 
path. When you reach some buildings, be careful. There are some Germans 
there. Let Hartsock take position behind the crates and suppress the enemy. 
Then go to the right, around the building and flank them. Once they are dead, 
regroup with Hartsock. I suggest you take a KAR now, at least I am finding it 
a better weapon then the one you have now. Anyways, just walk further north 

After some time, you arrive at a small open field. There are two enemies 
there, hiding behind the stone walls. Let Hartsock take position behind the 
fallen tree-trunk and suppress them. Then quickly cross the road and take 
cover behind the stone railings. Walk forward a bit, until the enemies are 
directly left of you. Then stand up and take them out. When they are dead, 
let Hartsock join you again (D-Pad Down). Now carefully walk North-West. Take 
cover behind the wooden car and the barrels. Another German will run towards 
you. You can easily hit him. After he's down, run towards the bushes and go 
around them. Then take cover behind the crates there. A mortar time is
directly in front of you. Luckily, they have their backs turned at you, so 
you can easily hit them. Do so and walk past them to the East.

You will then come at a new field and there are two German teams there, a 
total of four soldiers. Quickly walk to the stone railing and take cover 
there. Let Hartsock suppress the closest Germans, then go around the wall to 
the right and take your position behind a cart there. Shoot two enemy 
soldiers from there. Then let Hartsock suppress the other German team. Once 
they are suppressed, quickly walk to the other (North-West) side of the field. 
Use the available cover on your way. Now go around the bushes there and take 
your position behind a big stone. From there, you can take out the other two 
soldiers. Let Hartsock join you again.

When you walk further, you come across two American soldiers. They will start 
a small talk and after that they will join your team. They will also run to 
their positions immediately. That's good, don't give them others to regroup or 
something just let them. Follow them and you will come to a larger field. A 
MG42 is standing there. You can use it if you want. Just be careful, because 
a big group of Germans will run towards you. Be sure to not only concentrate 
on one of their teams, but keep suppressing them all. After some time, most of
them will be killed by your MG or your squad. The once that are left can be 
taken out by flanking them. Once they are all dead, regroup with Mac to end 
your mission.


C05 -- D-Day -- Chapter 5 -- Objective XYZ

Objective: Defeat the soldiers at the German barracks.
Army Intel reports noted an unnamed French village, labelled Objective XYZ, 
occupied by an entire German infantry company.

At the beginning of the mission you start again with soldier Hartsock. The 
other men are going another way, and you will meet them later again (let us 
do the dirty work again...). Anyways, look at your right side, there is a 
ditch there. Walk in it and after a short distance, you come across a small 
wooden railing. Let Hartsock go there and suppress the two Germans in front of 
you. Now go further trough the ditch and ready your Thompson. Walk to the two
 Germans and shoot them. They will probably notice you, but you can shoot 
them before they get a clear shot at you. Now go back to the house and walk 
around it, to the right side. There is another German standing there, with his 
back at you. Shoot him and regroup with Hartsock. Then take cover behind the 
nearby truck.

Your path is blocked by some Germans with a MG42, so you got to flank him. 
Let Hartsock suppress the closest group of Germans and quickly cross the road 
yourself. Then suppress the Germans also and let Hartsock run to you. Walk 
carefully around the bushes and take position behind the crates. From there,
you have a clear shot at two enemies. Now go a bit south, past the small 
wooden gate and go left again. There are some Germans there. Run to the 
wooden railing on the other side and let Hartsock suppress the enemy behind 
the window (on the right side). Then go left (south) to the stables. Go in, 
and you see an enemy with his back to you. Shoot him and take his position. 
From there you can shoot two other Germans, who are located a bit on the 
left. After they are taken care off, run to the building with the German 
inside it and go in. Slowly walk up the stairs and shoot him. Now move to the 
northern window and from there, you can kill the last one behind the MG. Now 
regroup with Hartsock and move to the MG.

Run to the nearby truck and take cover behind it. Then crouch behind the 
wooden railing on your right. Let Hartsock suppress the German behind the 
sandbags. Follow the railing and then quickly run to the house. Go around it 
and then look at your left. There is an open door there. Go in and you come 
out at the back of the enemy. Shoot him and go back. Once you're at the back 
of the house again, go further West. You come across an opening between the 
buildings. There is another enemy there with your back at you. After he's 
killed go back to Hartsock. (Go around the back of the house again, because 
there are more Germans). Now walk towards the 'pool' and from there, walk 
carefully to the nearby railing. You can shoot the last two enemies from 
there. Regroup with Hartsock and walk further.

Now quickly run to the house at the other side of the ditch and then take 
cover behind the railing. New enemies will appear. Let Hartsock suppress them 
and run to the right yourself, to the other house. Then crouch and go to the
little stone wall. Hide behind there and take out your rifle. Aim and shoot 
some Germans from there. Probably, you won't get the change to hit them all, 
because they keep hiding behind the cart. So run to the other side and flank 
them. Once they're all dead, regroup with Hartsock.

In the field in front of you, two new German groups appear. Let Hartsock
suppress them from behind the small building and then go right yourself,
hiding behind the stones. Continue until you have the first group at your
left. Take your Thompson and shoot them. Then quickly go to the bushes in
front of you and the other group will also be at your left. Take them out and
regroup with Hartsock. Then run to the house and go in the open door. In the
next room, a group of Germans is having breakfast. Throw a grenade inside and
most of them will die. Then walk in with your Thompson and finish the others.

Exit through the other door, and look at your left. Legget, Mac and the other
two privates are there. Join them and they will shoot a rocket at the enemy
barracks. Unfortunately, they miss and have to shoot again. But most Germans
will come out of the building and take you under fire. Look at the left side
of the truck and there is a garage there. Go in there with Hartsock and you're
able to take out a good amount of enemies from there. When you think you can't
hit more Germans from there, let Hartsock suppress them and run to the other
side of the field. From there, you can flank some of the enemy. Be sure to
make good use of the available cover! When most of the Germans are dead, the
ones that are left will run out of the building, and form an easy target.
The other American soldiers will probably take care of them, but shoot some
to be sure they do no more harm.

After that, regroup with Mac in front of the truck to end your mission.


C06 -- D-Day -- Chapter 6 -- Foucarville Blockade

Objective: Secure the town of Foucarville
A key 502d objective is to hold the town of Foucarville - the extreme northern
flank of the entire Allied foothold in France.

The level will start with Allen, Garnett and Hartsock in your squad. They are 
examining a dead American soldier. It seems like the town is no longer under 
control of the Allies. Once you have control over Sgt. Baker, move forward and
go left. You will be taken under fire by some German soldiers. Run towards the
truck in the middle of the road and take cover. From there, shoot the German
behind the barrel on the left side. Then go left, behind the building. Once
you are past the house, look to your right and you see a German there,
standing in front of the window. Shoot him. Now let your squad suppress the 
enemies on the other side of the ditch. Once they are taking cover, run to 
the ditch and go in the water. Carefully walk forward, towards the enemy. You
see a cart near them, run to there and take cover. Then pull out your rifle
and take them under fire. Once they're dead, let your squad rejoin you. Let 
them stand there for now. Go to the bridge on the left and crouch behind the 
barrels there. Then take the German on the bridge out. Go a bit to the right,
behind the railing. You can shoot through the railing, so take out the last 
enemies on the other side of the ditch from there. Now run back to the houses.
It seems like a MG42 is blocking your path. Watch at the northern houses and 
you'll see an opening between them. Go there with your squad. Checkpoint.

Now quickly take cover behind the little stone wall. Two Germans will run 
towards you. If you're quick, you can shoot them before they take cover behind
the other stone wall. Once they're dead, go the way they came from. Look at 
the left, you can go through the buildings there. Now crouch and take cover. 
More Germans are shooting at you. Let your squad suppress them and throw a 
grenade. Shoot the surviving ones with your rifle. Now go to the position of 
the now dead enemies. From there, you have a clear shot at the MG42. Take out 
two more Germans there. Let your squad take cover somewhere. Look at the 
other side of the road, there is a house there. Run towards it. Then look at 
your right and you'll see some bushes. Hide there and you can shoot a German 
hiding behind two barrels from there. Take the Germans position and shoot the 
ones controlling the MG42. Now regroup with your squad.

Continue following the path and you come to a grassy area with a few trees. 
Let your squad take cover. There are two German groups there, a total of four
men. Now walk to the right (north) to the road. Follow that road to the right
and go left again when you come across the sandbags and a MG42 (unmanned). 
You are now at the back of the German soldiers, so you can easily shoot them 
from here. Regroup with your squad and head to the main stairs in front of 
the church. Go to the right and take cover. Let your squad suppress the two 
enemies there, while you go around them (right side). Then shoot them. Go to 
the back of the church and you see three more Germans on the other side. Let 
your squad take them under fire and go back the way you came to the main 
stairs. Now take the other side and you have a good view at the enemy. Shoot 
them and regroup. A Hint message will pop-up. You must man the MG42, because 
a large amount of enemies is on their way to your position. Do so and shoot 
at the waves of Germans coming to you. Be sure your squad is somewhere safe.

After some time, a mortar time will come. The railing in front of you will 
explode. Go through there and stick to the bushes on the left. You can take 
your squad if you want, but it is not necessary. Now run to the North-East, 
to the next cover. From there, you can take out the first mortar team. Go 
east from there and you come at the second mortar team. Kill them. Then head 
back and meet Mac to end your mission.


C07 -- D-Day -- Chapter 7 -- Rommel's Asparagus

Destroy the Eastern Field Poles
German field Marshall Rommel anticipated Allied gliders, so he planted the 
fields with poles designed to shred their wings.

You arrive with your squad and Mac will tell you what to do, and then he 
drives away with Legget. Seems like you got to blow up some poles, so the 
Allies can land in these fields. It is about to fields, the Eastern and 
Western field. First, we're going to clear the Eastern one.

After you gain control, call your squad to join you and turn around. Walk to 
the road and follow it to the right until it's blocked. Now look at your 
right, you can enter the field there. Let your squad stay behind the railing 
and suppress the MG on the right side. Then run to the truck at the right 
side. Walk through the ditch for more cover. When you have arrived at the 
truck, fire on the MG now, and let your squad join you. Let them suppress the 
MG from here, they have a better shot at it so. Then return to were you came 

Now follow the ditch to the other side, the North-West. At the end of it, 
stick to the bushes for cover and walk slowly further. Ready your weapon, use 
the iron-sight. You come to two German soldiers controlling a MG42. You can 
take them out from here, because they have their backs at you. Then look more 
to the South-East. There is another German there; you also have a clear shot 
at him. Now comes a more difficult part. When you look North, you see three 
enemies there. You need to cross the field to shoot them. Best way is to just
 run to the railing on the West and follow that. You have most space between 
you and them this way, so you are harder to hit. Now, when you get closer, 
shoot them with your rifle. (If someone got a better tactic for this part, 
please mail me at fablex@gmail.com) When they are dead, run to their 
position. On the other side of the bushes, there is an AA-installation, and 
you need to destroy it. You can easily shoot the three Germans controlling 
the gun when you walk around the bushes. They, again, have their backs at 
you. Then walk to the AA and place some explosives.

Now run back to the field and place explosives at all the poles, except the 
most southern three, because they are still covered by the MG. Now run to the 
ditch on the East side and use that to have a bit of cover. Slowly walk to 
the MG42 and shoot the two Germans there. Best way is to keep crouching and 
have your rifle at iron-sight. Once an enemy pops his head above, fire. The 
reason why you let them life earlier, was because this is the only position 
that gets reinforced the whole time. Now destroy the last poles and regroup 
with your squad. Now run back the Western railing. After some time, a glider 
will 'land' and break through the railing, so you can walk over to the 
Western field.

Objective: Destroy the Western Field Poles.
The last glider sortie is trying to land. Knock out each pole to safely clear 
their landing zone.

Now, first let your squad take cover behind the wood near the AA-gun. Then 
let them suppress the nearest enemy. You run to the broken railing and hide 
behind the bushes on your right. Shoot at the Germans from there and let your 
squad join you. Let them suppress the MG (most right dot) on the hill. You 
crouch and go to the little stone walls. Follow there south until you can't 
go any further. Then stand up and look at your right; clear shot at two 

Go a little end back, until you can enter the ditch between the stones. 
Follow that south. Keep low, because there is a MG42 shooting at you. He 
can’t hit you while you are crouching. After you are past the MG and some 
bushes, you can stand up. Look at your right side and there is another AA-
installation there. Again, take out your rifle, zoom, and shoot the three 
Germans controlling it. Then stick to the bushes on your right until you have
a clear shot at the MG. Shoot the three Germans there and then blow up the 
Anti-Air Gun.

Walk back North-West now. See that truck over there, run for it. You can't be 
hit now, so don't worry about that. Now go past the truck and go further 
North-West, until you come across another truck (it's near that tree in the 
middle). There are two Germans there, so take cover behind the tree-trunks. 
Shoot them from there. You can use grenades if you want, you don't need those 
further in the mission. After they are dead, walk to the right (east). The MG 
your squad is suppressing is there. Shoot the Germans controlling it. Then 
destroy all the poles.

If there are new reinforcement in the south, just use the ditch again to get 
behind them and shoot them. When all poles are blown up, a glider will land. 
Talk to the pilot inside to end your mission.


C08 -- D+1 -- Chapter 8 -- Action at Vierville

Clear the town of Vierville
The next objective is the town of St. Come-du-Mont. To reach it, you must 
pass through Vierville.

After you gain control, run to the left side of the house. Two Krauts will 
appear. Let your squad suppress them. After some time, an American tank will 
show up and clear the place. Run to the tank and meet your old friend George. 
You now have a tank to control. Let it go to the road and follow it with your 
squad. Let the tank stay there. Look at your right and follow the wall there 
until you come across an opening in it. Let your squad suppress some Germans 
from here. Now run back and go to the other side of the wall. Walk to the 
bushes next to it. At the end of those, some crates stand there. Take cover 
behind it and shoot the Germans.

Now regroup with your squad. Run to the nearby barns and take cover behind 
the crates there. New enemies will show up. Let your squad suppress them. Also 
a tank will come up the battlefield! You can either call in your tank to 
destroy it, or run to the back of it and drop a grenade inside. The last 
option can get you killed some times, but calling in your tank is also risky, 
because it has to survive the battle. The way I did it, was to stick to the 
walls on the left to have the most cover. When the tank comes close, run to 
it. It can't hit you when you are very close, so make use of that. Now run to 
the back side and press the X-button. Either way, after the tank is destroyed 
run to the place it came from. See that church there, run to it. Than go to 
the front and you see two groups of Germans with artillery guns. They have 
their backs at you, so shoot them, use the graves and church walls for cover.

Now call your tank to you. New enemies will run to you from the North-East 
side, between the buildings. Suppress them with your squad and let your tank 
assault them. After they are dead, run further North-East. More Germans are 
there, so take cover with your squad and let your tank roll to them. Use the 
tank to kill them all, and then go even further North-East. You come across the 
last group of Germans now. They are hiding behind a truck. Use your tank 
again and then go back to the church.

The Germans are counter-attacking. Use the church walls for cover and let the 
tank do most of the work. The Germans will come from the North-East side, 
from between the houses. Try shooting most of them before they take cover. 
After a while, an enemy tank will appear at the left side (North). Let your 
tank assault it. You can just wait and see if your tank wins the battle (it 
will probably on the lower difficulty levels) or run to its back and drop a 
grenade inside. After the tank is destroyed, clear out the remaining German 
forces, then meet with George to end your mission.


C09 -- D+1 -- Chapter 9 -- Dead Man's Corner

Escort the Tank to the Crossroads
Follow your compass to the junction between St. Come-du-Mont and Carentan. 
You'll need the Stuart tank to break blockades.

When you gain control, move the tank forwards and let him clear out the first 
two groups of Germans, who come running to their positions. After that, let 
the tank move back, because of the Germans with the Panzerfaust. Now take 
your team to the left side and take cover behind the bushes. Suppress the 
enemy in front of you. You can either be patient and use the rifle to take 
them down, or move the tank in front of them and take them out that way. 
Either way, once they are dead go to the bushes they were hiding behind. From 
there, take out the last enemies from the back.

Still, don't use your tank, because of the artillery fire here. Take your 
team and let them go to the left side of the fence. Take cover there and 
suppress the nearest Germans. Now quickly go to the left side and flank them. 
Let your team join you here and let them suppress the next group of Germans 
now. Then run to the water on the South-West side. Crouch there and move 
behind the now suppressed Germans. Kill them. Now watch to the North. More 
enemies there, one with the artillery, two with MG's. Take out the one with 
the MG with his back at you. Then cross the road and take out the Germans 
controlling the artillery from the back. Now call your tank to assault the 
last enemies, the ones with the MG.

Let the tank drive through the blockade. Checkpoint. Move the tank forward a 
bit, until more Germans come running to the field. Let the tank take out the 
closest one, the one with the MG42. Then let him move back again, because of 
more artillery. Take your team and run to the bushes next to the MG you just 
took care of. From there, suppress the Germans on the right side of you. Then 
run past the MG and use the cover. You now have the enemy at your right side, 
kill them. Let your team move behind the truck and suppress the nearest 
Germans. Quickly cross the road yourself and hide behind the railings. Move a 
bit further North and you can take out the Germans your team is suppressing. 
Now quickly run back to your team. Move further north and hide behind the 
next cover. One German is left with a MP40 on the North-West. Shoot him with 
your rifle or use a grenade. Then move to his position. Find an opening 
between the bushes on your left and take out the artillery from there, then 
call your tank.

Let your team take cover and move your tank forward. Use it to take care of 
the Germans in front of you. Then walk further North. You are fired upon by a 
MG42. Also use the tank to take him out. Now go back to the road and follow 
it. Pick up some ammo if you want. Then let the tank break through the next 
blockade. A small cut-scene will play. You are attacked by a few groups of 
Germans when it stops.

Quickly go to the left with your team and move North. Two Germans will run 
into your arms, use a Thompson or other sub-machine gun to take them out. 
Then go a bit further north and flank the other enemies. Once they're all 
dead, meet with Mac to end the mission. (By the way, George is dead now...)


C10 -- D+2 -- Chapter 10 -- The Crack Of Dawn

Walk to Mac to start your mission. Some people will tell you how sorry they 
are for the loss of your friend. Listen to them if you want.

Clear the road to St. Come-du-Mont
This morning, the 506th ordered a naval bombardment of St. Come. Dozens of 
German infantry will be moving south, away from town.

When you gain control, order your fire team to hide behind the nearby cart 
and take your fire team with you. Suppress the nearest Germans with your fire 
team and run to the left with the assault team. Hide behind the little walls 
and let your team suppress the Germans in front of you. Then go further left 
alone, to the dead cow, and then North until you have the Germans at your 
right. Shoot them and regroup with your assault team. Move slowly back to the 
road. Once you get there, a German is right in front of you. Hit him and go 
back. Now let your fire team suppress another group of Germans and run to the 
bushes with Corion. Stick to the bushes a short distance and then shoot the 
last Germans on your right.

A MG42 is blocking your path, so go right to the dead paratrooper. 
Checkpoint. Walk a bit further and then go left. Hide behind the bushes 
there. Some bombs will fall, but they do you no harm. Let the fire team 
suppress the nearest enemies from here and take your assault team to the left. 
Let them suppress more Germans in front of you, then run to the left side and 
flank them. Now call both your teams to you and go further North. You will 
come across an AA-installation. Use the bushes for cover again and you can 
easily shoot the last Germans here. Now blow up the AA. Now go a bit back, 
until you can walk on the road again. Checkpoint.

Let your fire team suppress the MG in the building and move to the other side 
of the road with your assault team. Hide there and take over the suppression. 
Then let the fire team cross the road. Let them suppress a German on the left 
side. (North-West of you). Now run to further West until you come at a small 
path behind the bushes. Follow that North. You end up at the back of the 
building with a clear shot at the MG. Shoot its controller and then throw a 
grenade inside to drive the last German out. He will run out of the building 
and become an easy target. Now look south and shoot the last enemy there. 
Call your teams to join you.

New objective: Defend the Outpost 'till Mac arrives

Let your fire team take position behind the bushes on the rear side of the 
house and place your assault team in the house. Some Germans will just run 
for the house and form an easy target. The last group hides behind the wall, 
so take the path behind the bushes and go around them. From there, you can 
also easily take out the last groups, which now arrive. (You can also just
use the MG42 if you find that easier). Meet Mac to end your mission.


C11 -- D+2 -- Chapter 11 -- The Fall of St. Come

First, your squad will talk about Batman and Superman, and then Mac arrives 
with your objective.

Clear the south-east quadrant of St. Come-du-Mont;
The town is protected by German infantry, artillery and Panzers. Punch 
through the backyard and seize the centre of St. Come.

You are attacked immediately by two German groups. Let your team take cover 
and then let each one suppress a German team. Then run to the left and use the
cover to get closer to the Germans, so you can flank them. Once you have them 
at your right side, shoot them with your rifle. Then regroup with your team. 
Two more Germans will run from the left side of the house in front of you. 
Also take them out of course. Then move there with your teams. Walk a bit 
further to the stone railing and take cover there. Let each of your teams 
suppress a German group. Go left again and walk in a wide bow around them, 
past the railing and the tree, to the back of the building. Walk a bit east 
and hide behind the crates there. Take out the Germans from the back. Call 
your squad to regroup.

Now move further North. You come across a house with two German groups in it. 
Let your team take cover behind the crates and truck and let each suppress one 
team again. Then run to the other truck (on the right side). From there, run 
to the stone wall. Take cover, pull out your favourite weapon and shoot the 
German on top of the building. Then jump over the wall and shoot the other 
Germans with your Thompson from behind the window. Regroup and meet Mac at 
the other side of the building. He tells you there is a tank moving towards 
you and you'll have to take it out.

Let your teams take cover behind the walls and suppress the enemy while you 
run to the right and behind the building. From there, cross the road and into 
the stables. Make good use of the cover and shoot the Germans one by one. 
Then regroup in front of the alley. Checkpoint.

Once you get past the alley, go right and let your team take cover in the 
stables here. Concentrate your fire on the infantry. Once they are all dead, 
reinforcements arrive. Take them out also. Then new reinforcements arrive, do 
the same thing. This can take some time. You can flank them and use the truck 
for cover. When they are all dead, the tank will ride towards you. Hide 
behind the truck. Let him shoot and run towards the Panzerfaust. It is in a 
box nearby. Grab it and run back. Let the tank shoot again and then shoot 
back with the Panzerfaust. Let the tank shoot again and grab a new one. 
Repeat this a few times (between 4 and 6) and the tank will blow up. Now meet 
Mac to end your mission.


C12 -- D+3 -- Chapter 12 -- Buying the Farm

So, take the farm, that's it?

Capture the farmhouse;
Mop up the remnants around St. Come-du-Mont. The farmhouse is high ground.

Once you gain control, walk a bit forward until Germans start to appear. It's 
really easy now. Just order your tank to assault the Germans here one by one. 
You can go a bit North West yourself to get a better view of the battlefield. 
After all the enemies are dead, regroup with the assault team and move 
forward. Take cover behind the bushes near the little stone walls. A MG42 and 
another German group is hiding there. Let your tank suppress them and fire its 
main cannon a few times until they are all dead. Now go left. Another MG on 
the road. Again, just let the tank assault them. Then move forward until you 
come across the road leading to the top of the hill. Checkpoint.

Another German group of soldiers run to cover behind the cart in the middle 
of the road. Let the tank deal with them. Then move your tank back, because 
of the artillery on top of the hill. Move with your assault team to the field 
on the left side and run to the back of the building. Go around it and you 
end up in the back of two enemy groups. Use the barrels for cover and take 
them down. Once the artillery is also dealt with, move your tank to you and 
let him assault the Germans in front of the stables. Then let him suppress the 
Germans in the stables. Run inside and go up the stairs. Take down two 
Germans from here. Objective completed.

Kill the German Mortar Team;
Enemy artillery must be eliminated before the farmhouse can be used as a safe 
command post.

Regroup with your assault team and run to the backside of the stables. Stick 
to the left and go behind the bushes there. There is a little path here. Move 
forward and take cover behind the barrels in front of you. A German patrol 
will run right into your arms. Kill them and let your squad suppress the enemy 
Panzer from here. Then go around the back of the Panzer and drop a grenade 
inside. (if this doesn't work for some reason or you got no grenades anymore, 
call your tank to blow the Panzer up. This is risky, because of the mortar 
team). Now go further south and attack the mortar team.

You here Legget scream your name. Follow your compass and find him. Five dead 
bodies lay around him. Three Germans, Allan and Garnett...


C13 -- D+3 -- Chapter 13 -- Alternate Route

Your squad will talk somewhat about the death of your two team mates and about 
Legget. Then Mac comes with your objective.

Destroy the Bridge to Carentan;
The bridge may be an alternate route into Carentan, but it can also be used 
by the enemy to mass a counter-attack on the 101st flank.

Take your tank and move it forward. Then run to the stone railing on the 
right with your squad. Let the tank take out the Germans in front of you. 
After they're dead, move to the graveyard. Let your team take cover and use 
the tank to assault the Panzer there. You can also walk around the graveyard 
and toss a grenade inside, but it's easier to just let your tank deal with 
the problem. After the Panzer is blown up, let your team suppress the Germans 
next to the Panzer. Go around the graveyard, use the graves for cover and 
flank them. When they are dead, look to the East. You can shoot a German 
cannon there. Now move your tank forward again and use it to take out the 
Germans on the other side of the river. Blow up the cannon with some TNT and 
go further North. Checkpoint.

Now look at your right, two Germans are there without cover on the other side 
of the river. Shoot them and walk further to the train wrecks. Let your tank 
move forward and deal with the first group of Germans. Then let him attack 
the Panzer, while you clear the rest of the area with the Assault Team. When 
the Panzer is gone, let the tank take the left side and go further north on 
the right side with your team. Move to the building and watch your left 
(West). More Germans there. Order your tank to assault them, while you take 
some out from here. Now move to the other side of the building and take out 
two more Germans there.

Let your team use the tree-trunk as cover and suppress the enemy on the other 
side of the bridge. Order the tank to assault the Germans on the other side 
of the river also. Once most enemies are dead, run over the bridge (watch out 
for Germans behind the train wreck) and run to the German position on the 
left. Be sure all enemies there are dead and blow up the bridge. Mission 


C14 -- D+4 -- Chapter 14 -- Purple Heart Lane

Advance to bridge 4 on the causeway;
The only route to Carentan is along the deadly causeway. Stay on the low and 
behind cover to avoid enemy snipers.

You start off right into a battle. Let each of your teams suppress one of the 
German teams. Then run south, past the bushes and stay down there. Take your 
Thompson and kill the Germans on the other side of these bushes. Then take 
your sniper rifle and kill the other German group from here. Regroup with 
your squad and move East. Go past the tree and the bushes there until you 
got more enemies at your right side. Shoot them and move further south, over 
the water and take cover behind the railing there. You can see more Germans 
on the other side of the river. Shoot them with your sniper rifle before they 
can reach you. Once they're dead, move West to the bridge and find another 
squad of American soldiers there. There are two tactics for this. The first is
the fastest, but it will cost you your men. The second takes some time, but
you won't even get shot this way.

Tactic #1:

After Cole stops talking you need to make your way to the Bridge 4 from here, 
but the way is under heavy fire of German infantry. Let both teams suppress 
Germans here and shoot two groups of Germans yourself. Now run to the next 
cover (South) and shoot the reinforcements. Then let one team run to you. Let 
the team suppress again and let the other team cross. You do this three times 
until you are on the other end. Some of your men will probably die here and 
you get wounded. It's not a very big deal. The checkpoint is right after 
Cole's talk, so you can easily retry it (unless you're playing on Authentic).

Now, you must take down a MG42 to let your squad cross the bridge. This is a 
difficult part again. Move a bit towards the MG and take cover. Let your fire 
team suppress the MG and shoot a few Germans on the right side yourself (other 
side of the water). Then run to right to the next cover with your assault 
team. Let them assault the Germans on the other side of the water from here 
and go further towards the MG. Take cover behind the bushes and shoot a 
German team in front of you. Then slowly walk to the MG and shoot its 
controller. Then run back to the bridge to cross it.

Tactic #2:

Before you talk to Cole, take some time to look around and investigate the 
bridge. There is a ledge on the left where you can jump up. From there, you can
move along the ledge, to the bridge. You can't enter the bridge, but the ledge 
offers a very good niping position. Now talk to Cole. Move your teams behind 
the bushes in front of you, then climb the ledge. From here, slowly go to the 
most right side. Now begin sniping. The hint message will tell that the 
German's will get reinforcements until you reach the other side. This is NOT 
true. Every group will get a total of three reinforcements, making it four 
groups for every position. Anyway, from here, begin sniping the most right 
group. After that, shoot the three reinforcements (try shooting them before 
they reach their cover). Then move to the next group. This one is a bit more 
difficult, since there are some tree's and bushes in your sight. It will take 
some more time, but it can be done easily. Now move to the next group. Be sure
the tree is not in your sight. For some reason, you can't shoot the Germans 
then, since the tree will stop your fire (even if you are aiming between the 
leafs.). Now kill the last group and jump down. If you get out of ammo, just 
get back under the bridge and replenish it there (stand somewhat to the right 
of the crate and a message will pop up, telling you to press X to replenish 
your ammo). After this, get back to your teams and run to the other side.

You will meet Cole here, telling you that you need to take out a MG42. Walk to 
the right and move your teams back to where you came from, so they can't be 
shot. Now take out your sniper rifle and shoot the two German groups on the 
right side. Then move one team behind the cart here and another behind the 
stones. Let them supress the enemy, while you run to the right side and flank 
them. From here, you get behind the enemy and can easily shoot them. Now walk 
back to the gate.

A cut-scene plays, showing some German airplanes attacking your squad. Desola 
keeps watching and gets killed. End of this chapter.


C15 -- D+5 -- Chapter 15 -- Cole's Charge

Capture the Farmhouse;
Lt. Colonel Coe is leading a charch to uproot the German defences of 
Carentan. The Ingout Farm will become his command post.

When you gain control, walk to the Cole for your briefing. They will fill the 
area with smoke, so you can take the farm. Easily said, somewhat more 
difficult to do. When Cole gives the order, run to the far left side with 
your squad. Flank the far left Germans there. From here, you can work your 
way to the other side easily. After most of the Germans are dead, let your 
team suppress the ones in the farm and go around the back to take them out. 
Then to north to take out the last MG. Follow your compass to meet Cole and 
he will tell you to secure the area behind the farm. Checkpoint.

Secure the area behind the farmhouse;
With the farm cleared, the fight is not over. Clear the area of enemies and 
hold it against counter-attacks.

Go south-west and let your squad hide behind the nearest cover. Suppress the 
Germans while you run to the right and flank them. When they're dead, let 
your squad move forward and hide behind the wall in front of the open area. 
Let them suppress the next Germans there, while you go to the right side again 
and flank them. Use the hole and the stones as cover. When you cleared the 
area, take cover because more Germans come from the West. Flank them again 
and then go to where they came from with your squad.

Cross the road and suppress the enemy from here. You follow the road North-
East. There is a MG42 there, but he almost can't hit you from that distance. 
When you get to the truck, go left and take out the MG there. From here, also 
kill the Germans in front of you. Then run to the tree-trunk in the West and 
kill the last Germans from there. Regroup with your squad and go North. 

You will see some Germans running along the water. Take your rifle and take 
them out from here, they have no cover. The go to the right and let your 
squad assault the Germans there. Go further east, around the bushes to finish 
off the last MG here. Now meet Mac to end your mission.


C16 -- D+5 -- Chapter 16 -- Ripe Pickings

Find and rescue Combs;
Lt. Combs and what may be left of his squad has been cut off. Cut through the 
assembling German counter-attack to reach him.

You get one squad with you. Follow your compass and walk past the area with 
all the stones and stuff you came through before. Then go left when you reach 
the road. From there, let your team suppress the MG in the building on the 
other side, while they use the wall closest to the road as cover. Then run to 
the building on the right side. Go around the back of it and shoot two 
Germans behind the cart. Cross the road and flank two more Germans there. 
Then go around the back of the building with the MG and kill the enemy 
inside. Watch out for the mortar fire! Now regroup with your squad and move 
further. Checkpoint.

You get to the area with Combs in it now. Let your squad suppress the Germans 
from the closest cover and run to Combs. He will complain about the small 
size of his rescue team. Now go further to the right and flank an enemy team 
there. Now, be quick, run to the road and go right immediately. Take your 
rifle and shoot the other Germans on the road. Then go back to your team. 
This time, take the left to the road. Cross it and you have the mortar team 
in front of you. Use a grenade or your rifle to take them out. Then watch to 
the right and take down the last two Germans. Regroup with Combs and your 

Follow Combs back to the previous area. It is filled with three German teams 
again. Let your squad suppress them, while you go to the left and flank them. 
After you killed the first team, cross the road and take out the other one. 
From here, kill the last ones. You can also take the right side for this part 
if you want, it doesn't really matters, Follow Combs back to the farm now.

Once you're back, meet Mac and he will tell you to defend the area from 
incoming Germans. You get another squad with you, so that makes two. Let them 
take cover behind the walls and suppress the incoming Germans. There are a few 
waves of enemies. You can take out most of them when they run for their 
cover. You must flank the others. Every time you killed on wave, go back to 
your squad and suppress the next wave. Then flank them again, etc, etc.

When you get the message that the farm is save, go back to the farm and meet 
Cole there to end your mission.


C17 -- D+6 -- Chapter 17 -- Push into Carentan

Secure the Industrial Region of Carentan;
Push into town. The Germans know that if the Allies can hold Carentan, the 
invasion will succeed - expect mechanized infantry.

When the level starts, Mac and Legget will go away again. Now move your fire 
team to the right, behind the wall and let them suppress the enemy from there. 
Move the assault team behind the crates and suppress the MG. Then cross the 
street and go around the building. Shoot the MG-guy in the back and also 
shoot the other two Germans there. Regroup and pick up the BAR.

Go south from here and let your team suppress the two German groups from 
behind the walls. Go further south a bit, take cover there and shoot the 
Germans behind the sandbags when they pop their head above. Once they're 
dead, you can easily flank the other enemies. Regroup and go back to the 
street, through the alley. Let your team take cover and suppress the Germans 
on the other side of the street. Then cross it and flank again. Move further 
west and let your teams suppress the enemies from behind the railings here. 
Run past the truck, to the little building and you're in the back of the 
Germans. Shoot them and take cover behind the walls. Then also shoot the 
Germans on the other side. Regroup again and move south, to the industrial 
area. Let your team take cover past the wooden railing and run to the wall 
on the right side of the next building (the one after the silo's). Checkpoint.

Wait here until the tank drives by. Drop a grenade inside and go further 
south. You can easily flank some Germans here. Take their position and shoot 
two more. Then run to the building in front of you and wait there until 
another tank drives to you. Again, use a grenade to blow it up. Then regroup 
and go to the street in the north-east. Let your teams take cover and suppress 
the enemy here. Then go around them, use the trucks as cover and take them 
out. You can also use the safer way and just wait until you can see their 
heads and use the BAR to take them down. Either way, after that, some Germans 
will come out of the warehouse on the south. Take them down, using sandbags 
and the truck as cover. Then meet Mac. Checkpoint.

The warehouse must be cleared, so go inside and let your teams suppress the 
enemy. Then go on the left side of the crates and flank three Germans. From 
here, you can also shoot some more behind the window. Then run outside and use 
the truck as cover. Then run to the crates on the left. More Germans appear 
in front of you. Use the BAR and shoot them. Go to the little stone stairs 
outside the warehouse. From the door, shoot the MG-controller. Then go 
somewhat further and enter the building. Shoot two enemies behind the window 
and use the crates as cover. Shoot some more behind crates on the right and 
take their position. From here, take out the last. Go outside again.

Go left and crouch. You can now go past the MG. Keep your head down and go to 
the truck. On the left side is an entrance. Go in it and flank the MG. Once 
taken out, call your squad to move in and clear the building. Now meet Mac to 
end your mission


C18 -- D+6 -- Chapter 18 -- Tom and Jerry

In the beginning, one of your team mates takes a shot in the head and falls 
down the church. Seems like the Germans are counter-attacking.

Defend Carentan from the counter-attack;
Command your troops below to react to the attacking enemy. Use your sniper 
rifle in support.

First of all; you can control your squad, but it really isn't necessary. You 
can just use your sniper rifle and shoot anyone and make it through the level 
without even giving one order.

Now, the Germans are attacking. Look to the south (in front of you) and take 
your sniper rifle. Zoom and shoot all the Germans there. Then they attack 
from the West, do the same, then the East, again snipe them, etc. After some 
time, Legget will use the radio and hears there are Panzers coming into the 
city. Now run to the stairs (north) and go down. Checkpoint.

Once you are down, go left and take your sniper rifle again. Your teams are 
fighting Germans there below. Shoot the Germans here, and some reinforcements 
will arrive. When they are dead, the tank comes. You can find a Bazooka in 
the north part of the church, so walk north. The door there will open and 
three enemies appear. Shoot them with your rifle. Then run to the Bazooka, 
grab it and look north. Shoot at the tank (3 to 5 shots) until it blows up. 
Even more Germans will arrive. You can use the Bazooka on them also if you 
want, you got infinite ammo in the crate next to you. Kill most of them and 
then go East. Another tank arrives there. Also blow it up and go back again. 
The last tank comes from the North. Blow it up and a small cut-scene will 
play. End of the mission.


C19 -- D+7 -- Chapter 19 -- No Better Spot to Die

Defend Hill 30;
Having lost Carentan, the Germans will counter-attack with everything they 
have. The 101st are the only thing that can stop them.

Move your fire team behind the tree trunk and your assault team behind the 
cover on the right, between the trees. Germans will arrive. Let each team 
suppress one group of Germans. Then move to the right alone, and take the 
little path there. You end up in the flank of the enemy. Kill them and take 
their position. Now shoot the other German group from here, use the stones as 
cover. Let your team suppress more Germans and move back to them. Now take the 
left side and go South-West. You can flank another enemy team form here. Once 
they are dead, move back again. Let your teams take position behind the tree-
trunk and suppress the enemy from there. Go a bit further west and flank 
another German team. Watch out for the MG42 shooting at you. Let the fire 
team suppress the MG and take the assault team with you. Go even further west, 
around the bushes. There are some Germans when you go around the bushes, so 
watch out. Go south and flank the MG42. Once they are all dead, regroup, and 
move further to meet Mac.

You now come into the battle of the first chapter. Watch a tank coming at you 
and Legget gets killed. After that, you get a new objective from Mac.

Link up with 2nd Armoured Division;
Find the Allied tanks that have driven in from Ohama Beach and use them to 
route the German counter-attack away from Hill 30.

Run North-West, your Thompson (or other sub machinegun) ready. A German will 
run towards you. Shoot him and go further. Cross the road and flank the next 
group of Germans from the left. After they are dead, go East. Watch out for 
the tank! Move on the other area between the roads. Look left, another German 
there. Shoot him and take your rifle out. On the other side of the field, 
another German is shooting at you. Kill him and run to his body. There is a 
MG there. Take it and kill the tree running enemies in front of you. Then go 
even further East. Run to the bridge and hide behind the tree trunk there. The 
two tanks will attack the MG and kill its controller.

After that, you gain control over the tanks. You need to get them back to 
your team's position. So head West again. Take the right side and assault the 
Panzer there. Then assault the German soldier in front of you. After that, 
another tank comes from the right. Assault it and blow it up. Then go to the 
right side with your tanks. Follow the path until it bends south. A Panzer is 
blocking your path. Blow it up and ride past it. Let your tanks assault the 
German soldiers now. Use the rock in front of you as cover and let the tanks 
finish the job.


C20 -- D+8 -- Chapter 20 -- Victory at Carentan

The ending movie. Go try a higher difficulty now, play some multiplayer, and 
wait for Brothers in Arms 2. Good luck!


C21 -- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Squad mode and how do I unlock it?
- With super squad mode, your squad gets a huge amount of health. You unlock 
it by completing No Better Spot to Die at Authentic. You can then select it 
from the Cheats menu.

Why do I seem to never hit anything?
- This is because the Germans most of the time take cover when you shoot. And 
you really need to take your time to aim. You can't hit many when running 
towards an enemy squad. Use the iron-sight often.

Where is the crosshair?
- You can turn it on in the option menu.

I got almost no health left and I'm at a real difficult spot. Are there any 
health packs?
- No, there aren't. But if you die like five times or so on the same spot, 
the game will ask if you want to reload the last checkpoint with full health 

What's the best way to take out a tank?
- Run to the back and press X to throw a grenade inside.

Any questions that you want to have listed here. Contact me.


C22 -- Legal and Contact Information

This FAQ may be published only on Xbox-Cell (http://www.xbox-cell.com),
GameFaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com), The 
Genie (http://www.thegenie.net), Official Dutch BiA Website 
(http://www.brothersinarms.nl) and Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com) 
and BiaBoards (http://biaboards.com). If you want to use any information from 
this FAQ, please contact me.

You can contact me for any questions regarding Brothers in Arms or this 
Walkthrough at fablex@gmail.com.



Gearbox Software - For making such a great game
Ubisoft - For publishing such a great game
Myself - For writing this FAQ
Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, Cheatcc - For publishing my FAQ

================================== End of FAQ ================================

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