How do I get past (German Tank?)

  1. June 8 1944 +2 chapter pick up a Panzerfaust rocket launcher to destroy a German tank to end chapter.I may have a software problem for i have tried many ways to destroy the tank. Is there a cheat to unlock the next chapters.

    User Info: mayfeild66

    mayfeild66 - 12 years ago


  1. Method One: Tactical
    Tuck your tank behind some cover, because if it's blown up, it means mission failure.

    Then make your men fire at the tank, which will supress it. (A grenade should take care of supression if you do not have enough manpower to supress the tank.)

    Then order your men to charge the tank, while emptying your weapons on it.

    Circle 'round the tank and start to fire from a distance. (This action will 'cause the tank go rotate and fire at you.)

    Now, act quickly, find some cover and call in your tank to destroy the tank.
    (Keep making it rotate and you will have a clear shot at it's back.)

    Method Two: All-Out War
    Lob a grenade under the tank, which would supress it.

    Order your men to charge the tank.

    Take your Panzerfaust and fire.

    Empty your clips onto the front of the tank.

    Plant a grenade in the tank.

    Watch the fireworks!

    User Info: Nicholas240

    Nicholas240 - 11 years ago 0   0

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