• Main Cheats

    To use these codes simply press the corresponding keys anytime during gameplay

    Note: You must have the cheats unlocked in your Extras menu before they work. (unlock the cheats by gathering all the secret items)

    Bulletproof LaraHold Backspace and press 7
    Infinate Assault Rifle AmmoHold Backspace and press 3
    Infinate Grenade Launcher AmmoHold Backspace and press 4
    Infinate Shotgun AmmoHold Backspace and press 5
    Infinate SMG AmmoHold Backspace and press 6
    One Shot KillHold Backspace and press 8
    Show Enemy HealthHold Backspace and press 2
    Textureless ModeHold Backspace and press 1
    Wield ExcaliburHold Backspace and press 9
    Wield Soul ReaverHold Backspace and press 0

    Contributed By: lithium9mm and lilobaggins.

    14    48


  • Character Profiles

    By collecting the Bronze Reward items you can obtain character profiles.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alister Fletcher90% Bronze
    Amanda Evert70% Bronze
    Anaya Imanu30% Bronze
    James W. Rutland50% Bronze
    Lara Croft10% Bronze
    Shogo Takamoto40% Bronze
    Toru Nishiruma40% Bronze
    Unknown Entity100% Bronze
    Winston Smith80% Bronze
    Zip20% Bronze

    Contributed By: buffyonPS2.

    0    5

  • Lara's Many Outfits

    To collect Lara's wardrobe of outfits, you need to collect and conquer special circumstances.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Amanda Ritual OutfitComplete Ghana Time Trial
    Amanda Winter OutfitComplete Kazhkastan Time Trial
    BikerFinish England Level
    Biker without Jacket100% Silver and Gold in England
    Black Bikini (Croft Manor)100% Bronze, Silver and Gold in all Levels, beat Time Trials and Complete the game
    Black Legend100% Silver in Croft Manor
    Blue Legend100% Silver in Peru
    Catsuit100% Gold in Japan
    Classic outfit100% Gold in Peru
    Cream Suit100% Silver and Gold in Croft Manor
    GothComplete England Time Trial
    Gray Classic100% Gold in Ghana
    Green Sport OutfitComplete Bolivia Time Trial
    Lace Shirt GothComplete Japan Time Trial
    LegendUnlockable from the start of the game
    Pink Legend100% Silver in Ghana
    Pink WinterComplete Nepal Time Trial
    Pink Winter, No coatComplete Peru Time Trial
    Red Jacket Biker100% Silver in England
    Ripped Evening dressFinish Japan Level
    Ripped Red Evening Dress100% Silver in Japan
    Snowsuit100% Gold in Nepal
    Special Forces100% Gold in Kazakhstan
    Special Forces (Urban)100% Gold in England
    Sport Outfit100% Gold in Bolivia
    Suit100% Gold in Croft Manor
    Union Jack Legend100% Silver in Bolivia
    White Bikini (Croft Manor)Complete all Time Trials and beat the game
    Winer, Orange No coat100% Silver in Kazhkstan
    Winter outiftFinish Kazakhstan Level
    Winter, No coatFinish Kazkhstan Level
    Winter, Orange100% Silver in Nepal

    Contributed By: buffyonPS2.

    1    4

  • Location Concepts

    By collecting all the Bronze rewards in Levels, you get the location concept. This includes many different sketches of the level's creaction.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bolivia100% Bronze in Bolivia
    England100% Bronze in England
    Ghana100% Bronze in Ghana
    Japan100% Bronze in Japan
    Kazakhstan100% Bronze in Kazakhstan
    Nepal100% Bronze in Nepal
    Peru100% Bronze in Peru
    Special100% Bronze in Croft Manor

    Contributed By: buffyonPS2.

    3    2

  • Pistol Upgrades

    To get these Pistol upgrades you need to obtain a certain amount of Reward items in levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra damage75% Bronze and Silver
    Increased Accuracy50% Bronze and Silver
    Increased magazine size (40 bullets)25% Bronze and Silver

    Contributed By: buffyonPS2.

    0    1

  • Unlockable Cheats

    To obtain cheats in the game, you must complete certain Time Trials in Levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bulletproof LaraComplete England in less than 27:00
    Draw Enemy HealthComplete Bolivia in less than 12:30
    Infinite Assault Rifle AmmoComplete Japan in less than 12:15
    Infinite Grenade Launcher ammoComplete Kazakhstan in less than 27:10
    Infinite Shotgun ammoComplete Ghana in less than 20:00
    Infinite SMG ammoComplete Peru in less than 21:30
    One Shot killComplete Bolivia Redux in less than 4:15
    Wield ExcaliburComplete Nepal in less than 13:40
    Wield Soul ReaverComplete Game and all time trials

    Contributed By: buffyonPS2.

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