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FAQ by Mephster

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/29/2005


Version 1.0

by C. "Silvermane" Kraeuter

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, C.Kraeuter, aka Silvermane. It may be 
distributed freely as long as it is kept intact and complete (NO EXCERPTS!),
and includes this disclaimer. 
Further, no money may be charged for the distribution of the FAQ. If you
decide to publish this FAQ on a website, drop me a line at
CaptainMeph AT hotmail.com .

Table of Contents:

A.1 Ship Stats
	A.1.01 Axxel Lightlaser
	A.1.02 Axxel Turbine
	A.1.03 Bat
	A.1.04 Battlestation
	A.1.05 Bulk Carrier 
	A.1.06 Butterfly 
	A.1.07 Cargo King
	A.1.08 Carrier 
	A.1.09 Cruiser 
	A.1.10 Dagger
	A.1.11 Destroyer
	A.1.12 Enforcer
	A.1.13 Entrepreneur Mk I
	A.1.14 Entrepreneur Mk II
	A.1.15 Entrepreneur Mk III
	A.1.16 Explorer
	A.1.17 Fokker Starmaster
	A.1.18 Freight Crawler
	A.1.19 Freight Runner
	A.1.20 Freight Walker
	A.1.21 Gladius Mk I
	A.1.22 Gladius Mk II
	A.1.23 Gladius Mk III
	A.1.24 Glaive
	A.1.25 Heavy Hauler
	A.1.26 Intertrader
	A.1.27 Light Carrier
	A.1.28 Multiporter Mk I
	A.1.29 Multiporter Mk II
	A.1.30 Pelican
	A.1.31 Police Enforcer
	A.1.32 Police Transporter
	A.1.33 Rocketman
	A.1.34 Shadowcat
	A.1.35 Shadow Moth
	A.1.36 Space Taxi
	A.1.37 Swingback Fighter 
	A.1.38 Willow Wasp

B.1 Equipment
	B.1.01 Armour
	B.1.02 Core Generators
	B.1.03 Countermeasures
	B.1.04 Escape Pods
	B.1.05 Hyperdrives
	B.1.06 Missiles
	B.1.07 Radars
	B.1.08 Robots
	B.1.09 Scanners
	B.1.10 Shields
	B.1.11 Thrusters
	B.1.12 Toys (Pets & Misc.)
	B.1.13 Tractor Beams
	B.1.14 Weapons

C.1 Career Advice
	C.1.01 Trader
	C.1.02 Mercenary
	C.1.03 Bounty Hunter
	C.1.04 Police
	C.1.05 Pirate
	C.1.06 Scavenger
	C.1.07 Armour, Shields & Energy
	C.1.08 Weapons - More bang for your buck!

D.1 Miscellaneous
	D.1.01 Cheats
	D.1.02 Bugs
	D.1.03 An example ship
	D.1.04 Suggestions

A.1 Ship Stats

Name:		Axxel Lightlaser
Mass:		10		Front Armour:	40
Hold:		8		Left Armour:	20
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	20
Pylons:		0		Rear Armour:	20
Turrets:	0
Fighters:	0

One of the fastest (and weakest) ships around. Makes 
for a decent high-speed courier, if you stick to the 
small packages.

Name:		Axxel Turbine 
Mass:		20		Front Armour:	48
Hold:		16		Left Armour:	20
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	20
Pylons:		0		Rear Armour:	20
Turrets:	0		
Fighters:	0

The bigger brother of the Lightlaser. Can be a good
high-speed taxi and courier craft, and can be turned
into a decent ship for bounty hunting.

Name: 		Bat
Mass:		10		Front Armour:	40
Hold:		9		Left Armour:	20
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	20
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	20
Turrets:	0
Fighters:	0

Another small fighter, but this one can at least fit
missiles. Quick but fragile, as all of its brethren.

Name: 		Battlestation
Mass:		1100		Front Armour:	1650
Hold:		880		Left Armour:	1650
Quarters: 	55		Right Armour:	1650
Pylons:		8		Rear Armour:	1650
Turrets:	6	
Fighters:	8	

The biggest ship in the game, a slow and ponderous 
behemoth that can only dock at star cities. Too slow
for my taste, but with 6 turrets and 8 fighters it
carries an awesome amount of firepower.

Name: 		Bulk Carrier
Mass:		1000		Front Armour:	1500
Hold:		900		Left Armour:	1500
Quarters: 	12		Right Armour:	1500
Pylons:		12		Rear Armour:	1500
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Sounds like a trader's wet dream, but can only dock at
star cities, which severely hampers it's ability to make
a decent profit by trading. Slow and underarmed, it's in
fact more of a pirate's wet dream.

Name:		Butterfly
Mass:		60		Front Armour:	72
Hold:		48		Left Armour:	108
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	108
Pylons:		0		Rear Armour:	72
Turrets:	2	
Fighters:	0	

Don't let the slow speed and harmless looks fool you: This
Butterfly's twin turrets sting like a bee. Lots of space for
cargo or more fun stuff. 

Name:		Cargo King
Mass:		300		Front Armour:	450
Hold:		270		Left Armour:	450
Quarters: 	12		Right Armour:	450
Pylons:		10		Rear Armour:	450
Turrets:	2	
Fighters:	0	

A big freighter, with decent defenses. Can't dock at Trading
Posts or Independant Stations, so you should plan your trading
routes in advance. Also makes a great asteroid miner. 

Name:		Carrier
Mass:		900		Front Armour:	1350
Hold:		720		Left Armour:	1350
Quarters: 	45		Right Armour:	1350
Pylons:		8		Rear Armour:	1350
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	24	

Stock up on those fighters, since they're your first, last and 
only line of defense against whatever intends to take you out. 
Once you're out of fighters, you'll quickly realize that you're
a 900 ton sitting duck.

Name:		Cruiser
Mass:		400		Front Armour:	600
Hold:		320		Left Armour:	600
Quarters: 	20		Right Armour:	600
Pylons:		6		Rear Armour:	600
Turrets:	2	
Fighters:	0	

The fastest and most nimble of the capital warships, for whatever
that's worth. Unless you want a well-armoured cargo hauler, 
stay away from this.

Name:		Dagger
Mass:		15		Front Armour:	32
Hold:		12		Left Armour:	16
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	16
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	16
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Fast, fun, and armored with tissue paper. A good pilot in one might
be able to prevail in combat, but I myself prefer ships that don't 
blow up after the first hit. YMMV. Live fast, die young.

Name: 		Destroyer		
Mass:		700		Front Armour:	1050
Hold:		560		Left Armour:	1050
Quarters: 	35		Right Armour:	1050
Pylons:		8		Rear Armour:	1050
Turrets:	4	
Fighters:	0	

Big, slow, well-armed. That is, until the energy runs out. Can only
dock at star cities, like most of the capital ships. 

Name:		Enforcer
Mass:		25		Front Armour:	56
Hold:		20		Left Armour:	28
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	28
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	28
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

A decent, if a tad bit smallish ship, with just enough space for the
simple bare necessities of life in flatspace. 

Name:		Entrepreneur Mk I
Mass:		20		Front Armour:	48
Hold:		18		Left Armour:	24
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	24
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	24
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Yeah, it's ugly. But it's fast, nimble and has a lot of cargo space
for it's size. Try it, you might like it.

Name:		Entrepreneur Mk II
Mass:		35		Front Armour:	80
Hold:		31		Left Armour:	40
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	40
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	40
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Sometimes a meagre 18 tons just ain't enough, and that's when it's
time to upgrade to the Mk II. Roomy, fast, affordable, what more can
an enterprising young trader ask for?

Name:		Entrepreneur Mk III
Mass:		35		Front Armour:	80
Hold:		25		Left Armour:	40
Quarters: 	6		Right Armour:	40
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	40
Turrets:	2	
Fighters:	0	

Where the Mk II is the lorry of flatspace, the Mk III is the bus. And
those two turrets will make sure the passengers stay safe on the 
long journey. 

Name:		Explorer
Mass:		30		Front Armour:	72
Hold:		27		Left Armour:	36
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	36
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	36
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Probably the most universal ship ever built. Can fill most roles,
though it excels at none of them. Buy one and experiment.

Name:		Fokker Starmaster
Mass:		15		Front Armour:	32
Hold:		13		Left Armour:	16
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	16
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	16
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Another fighter, though with a tailpipe missile launcher and a cool
retro look. Try one, then settle for something better armored.

Name:		Freight Crawler	
Mass:		35		Front Armour:	80
Hold:		31		Left Armour:	60
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	20
Pylons:		5		Rear Armour:	40
Turrets:	0		
Fighters: 	0		

Slow, with lots of cargo and the most godforsakenly awful armour 
configuration of all the ships. Still, great for mining asteroids
and hauling cargo. Just don't try to dogfight in one.

Name:		Freight Runner	
Mass:		300		Front Armour:	540
Hold:		270		Left Armour:	360
Quarters: 	8		Right Armour:	360
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	540
Turrets:	2	
Fighters:	0	

Roomy, well-armed and well-armoured. Can't dock at Trading Posts, 
but will make a kick-ass freight hauler that's also pleasing to
the eye.

Name:		Freight Walker
Mass:		120		Front Armour: 	216	
Hold:		108		Left Armour:	144
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	144
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	216
Turrets:	1	
Fighters:	0	

Well, it's not too pretty, but it's fast enough to chase asteroids
and big enough to mount a Minemaster 3000. A prospectors wet dream. 
Can't dock at Trading Posts, though.

Name:		Gladius Mk I
Mass:		22		Front Armour:	56
Hold:		18		Left Armour:	28
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	28
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	28
Turrets		0	
Fighters:	0	

For the bounty hunter on a budget, the Mk I provides enough room 
for you and a live victim, and can be fitted with enough equipment 
to make sure you catch that guy in the first place.

Name:		Gladius Mk II
Mass:		25		Front Armour:	56
Hold:		20		Left Armour:	28
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	28
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	28
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

The ship for the mercenary who's strapped for cash. A bit more 
spacious than the Mk I, but you'll have to fly alone. Also a good
choice for the aspiring pirate.

Name:		Gladius Mk III
Mass:		60		Front Armour:	144
Hold:		48		Left Armour:	72
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	72
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	72
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Too slow for efficient bounty hunting, but a great choice for the
trader with some self-defense in mind. Also makes a great pirate 
ship, since it's faster than the transports you want to rob, but
well-armed enough to blast the cops.

Name:		Glaive
Mass:		20		Front Armour:	48
Hold:		16		Left Armour:	24
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	24
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	24
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

A nasty little ship with 4 missile pylons. Makes for a decent bounty
hunter's ship, but is too small for efficient piracy. No place for
the booty in the boot, you see.

Name:		Heavy Hauler
Mass:		400		Front Armour:	720
Hold:		320		Left Armour:	720
Quarters: 	12		Right Armour:	240
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	720
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	4	

As the name implies, it's big and it hauls stuff. Pirates should
approach from the right, and traders should stock up on those 
fighters, since that's about all that'll keep those pesky pirates
at bay.

Name:		Intertrader
Mass:		100		Front Armour:	120
Hold:		90		Left Armour:	180
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	180
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	120
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Slow, ugly and turns like a pig, but it's the biggest ship that can 
dock at Trading Posts and pirate bases. One for the shady purveyor 
of illicit goods.

Name:		Light Carrier
Mass:		700		Front Armour:	1050
Hold:		560		Left Armour:	1050
Quarters: 	35		Right Armour:	1050
Pylons:		6		Rear Armour:	1050
Turrets:	1	
Fighters:	12	

The good news: You get a turret. The bad news: They cut your fighter
complement by 50%. Still, it's only a 700 ton sitting duck once it
runs out of fighters.

Name:		Multiporter Mk I
Mass:		500		Front Armour:	900
Hold:		300		Left Armour:	600
Quarters: 	11		Right Armour:	600
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	900
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	8	

The biggest trader that can still dock at Trading Stations. The Mk I
sacrifices cargo space for a larger fighter escort.

Name:		Multiporter Mk II
Mass:		500		Front Armour:	900
Hold:		400		Left Armour:	600
Quarters: 	9		Right Armour:	600
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	900
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	4	

The biggest trader that can still dock at Trading Stations. The Mk II
sacrifices a larger fighter escort for cargo space.

Name:		Pelican
Mass:		70		Front Armour:	168
Hold:		60		Left Armour:	84
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	84
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	84
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Just like the Gladius Mk III, the pelican is too slow for bounty hunting.
But it'll make a fine, well-armed trader or a nice prospector's ship. Also
quite pleasing to the eye, and the rear-mounted missile launchers will keep 
pursuers at bay.

Name:		Police Enforcer
Mass:		25		Front Armour:	56
Hold:		20		Left Armour:	28
Quarters: 	4		Right Armour:	28
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	28
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Just like the regular enforcer, but you get a spiffy siren and you can call 
for copper backup. 

Name:		Police Transporter
Mass:		80		Front Armour:	192
Hold:		70		Left Armour:	96
Quarters: 	14		Right Armour:	96
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	96
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Makes a good trading ship, with the added benefit of copper backup if 
desired. Too slow for actually hunting pirates, must be all of those donuts.

Name:		Rocketman
Mass:		40		Front Armour:	60
Hold:		32		Left Armour:	60
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	60
Pylons:		6		Rear Armour:	60
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

For the missile-loving maniac out there, the Rocketman provides an 
unprecedented amount of pylons for a ship of it's size. Good ship for 
bounty hunting, even though it's a bit big. But hey, you get a nifty siren 
to play with.

Name:		Shadowcat
Mass:		40		Front Armour:	96
Hold:		32		Left Armour:	60
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	60
Pylons:		4		Rear Armour:	24
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

A good allrounder and a perennial favorite among bounty hunters and pirates 
alike. Even makes a decent trader or miner. Just keep those guys away from
your weak rear, and you'll be fine. Available with leopard spots or tiger 

Name:		Shadow Moth
Mass:		35		Front Armour:	80
Hold:		28		Left Armour:	50
Quarters: 	2		Right Armour:	50
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	20
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

The smaller, quicker brother of the shadowcat, and equally versatile. Also
equally vulnerable in the rear. 

Name:		Space Taxi
Mass:		35		Front Armour:	80
Hold:		21		Left Armour:	40
Quarters: 	10		Right Armour:	40
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	40
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

The ideal spaceship for large families, small-time travel organisations or
big time slaver lords. Comes with a spiffy siren.

Name:		Swingback Fighter
Mass:		10		Front Armour:	60
Hold:		9		Left Armour:	10
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	10
Pylons:		2		Rear Armour:	20
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Another fighter. Waver-thin side and back armour, so try to get them to 
hit you in the front.  

Name:		Willow Wasp
Mass:		20		Front Armour:	54
Hold:		16		Left Armour:	20
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	20
Pylons:		3		Rear Armour:	40
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

One of the better armed (and armoured) fighters out there. For when you 
really, really need to get to your bounty on time.

B.1 Equipment

B.1.01 Armour
Name:		Mass:		Protection per Ton:	Cost:
Plasteel	1		5			750
Translutex	1		10			1.880	
Neolyte		1		15			4.500
Carbidium 	1		20			11.250

No rocket science at work here, folks. Carbidium gives the best 
armor/weight-ratio,and despite being the most expensive armour to repair, 
it's worth every single credit.

B.1.02 Core Generators
Name:			Mass:	Storage Capacity:	Cost:
Core Generator		1	256			2.275
Core Generator		4	512			9.100
Core Generator		9	768			20.475
Core Generator		16	1024			36.400
Core Generator		25	1280			56.875
Core Generator		36	1536			81.900

Nothing special here, either. Also take note that unless you plan on using 
energy weapons, the smallest core generator will be quite sufficient.

B.1.03 Countermeasures
Name:			Level:	Mass:	Power Drain/Flares:	Cost:	
Core EMP Device		0	4	250			15.000
Core EMP Device		1	9	500			25.000
Core EMP Device		2	16	750			35.000
Core EMP Device		3	25	1000			45.000
Core EMP Device		4	36	1250			55.000
Razor Flare Launcher	0	1	0/6 Flares		200
Razor Flare Launcher	1	1	0/6 Flares		500
Razor Flare Launcher	2	1	0/6 Flares		900
XOX Reprogramer		0	1	20			150.000
XOX Reprogramer		1	1	20			300.000
XOX Reprogramer		2	1	20			450.000

Flares are cheap (though limited) and can be used to get rid of a 
tailing missile, despite being of a lower tech level. In a pinch, an 
ejected cargo pod can do the same when properly timed. EMP Devices will 
kill missiles with impunity, but put a massive strain on your energy 
reserves. And, finally, XOX Reprogrammers only can reprogram missiles up 
to level 2, meaning there are quite a few that you will be a sitting duck 
against. They are also astoundingly expensive.

B.1.04 Escape Pods
Name:		Escape Pod
Mass:		10		Front Armour:	25
Hold:		10		Left Armour:	25
Quarters: 	1		Right Armour:	25
Pylons:		0		Rear Armour:	25
Turrets:	0	
Fighters:	0	

Take my word for it: you don't really want to ride in an escape pod, since
it's the sure-fire sign that something went awfully wrong with your last
ship. Still, handy to have in those hardcore "dead is dead"-type games.

Name:			Equipment:				Cost:
Genie Escape Pod	Thruster				40.000
Xanadu Escape Pod	Thruster, Hyperdrive			80.000
Wolf Escape Pod		Thruster, Hyperdrive, Machinegun	120.000

B.1.05 Hyperdrives
Name:			Mass:		Spatial Warp Factor:	Cost:	
Gray Hyperdrive		4		320			4.000
Gray Hyperdrive		6		480			6.000
Gray Hyperdrive		8		640			8.000
Gray Hyperdrive		10		800			10.000
Gray Hyperdrive		12		960			12.000
Gray Hyperdrive		14		1120			14.000
Gray Hyperdrive		16		1280			16.000
Gray Hyperdrive		18		1440			18.000
Gray Hyperdrive		20		1600			20.000
Gray Hyperdrive		22		1760			22.000
Gray Hyperdrive		24		1920			24.000
Gray Hyperdrive		26		2080			26.000
Gray Hyperdrive		28		2240			28.000
Adams Hyperdrive	40		3200			40.000
Adams Hyperdrive	60		4800			60.000
Adams Hyperdrive	80		6400			80.000
Adams Hyperdrive	100		8000			100.000
Adams Hyperdrive	120		9600			120.000
Adams Hyperdrive	140		11200			140.000
Adams Hyperdrive	160		12800			160.000
Adams Hyperdrive	180		14400			180.000
Adams Hyperdrive	200		16000			200.000
Adams Hyperdrive	220		17600			220.000
Adams Hyperdrive	240		19200			240.000
Adams Hyperdrive	260		20800			260.000
Adams Hyperdrive	280		22400			280.000

Divide the SWF by the mass of your ship to determine your hyperjump range. 

B.1.06 Missiles

Name: 			Mass:	Agility:	Level:	Damage:		Cost:
Adams J6 Mine		3	None (unguided)	2	600		2.500
Adams J7 Mine		4	None (unguided)	3	800		3.500
Anemonic Torpedo	4	None (unguided)	2	600		6.000
Baker XVII Missile	1	Very High	3	200		3.000
E-1 Stun Missile	1	Moderate	0	150		3.000
E-2 Stun Missile	2	Low		2	400		8.000
Eagle Missile		1	Moderate	1	200		2.000
Elemental Missile	1	Low		1	200		1.500
Iko C Missile		1	Very High	4	350		8.500	
Iko V Missile		1	High		2	300		3.500
Iko X Missile		1	Very High	2	300		4.000
Kuzai M-1 Missile	1	Low		0	300		1.500
Kuzai M-4 Missile	1	Low		2	250		2.000
Lockback DD2 Missile	1	Very High	0	250		2.000
Lockback DD4 Missile	1	Very High	1	300		3.000
Panther Missile		1	Moderate	3	250		2.500
Razor T1 Torpedo	1	None (unguided)	0	200		1.000
Razor T2 Torpedo	2	None (unguided)	1	400		2.000
Skyforce Missile	1	Moderate	2	150		1.500
Swordfish Missile	1	Very High	2	350		5.000
Starblade Missile	1	High		3	300		3.000
Swingblade Missile	1	High		0	150		1.000
Tiger Missile		1	Moderate	1	150		1.500
Tyler 9 Torpedo		3	None (unguided)	2	500		3.500

Unless you have money to burn, I recommend firing missiles only in very tight
situations, or when the target's bounty exceeds the cost of the missile. 
Torpedoes are rather useful when going up against capital ships and stations,
and usually can't be reprogrammed or fooled by a flare. Just make sure you
have enough of them. 
Oh, and learn where the missile launchers of your ship are located. It's quite
frustrating to get bagged by your own missile as it tries to take a shortcut
through your bow.

B.1.07 Radars
Name:			Range:		Mass:		Cost:
Hunter Radar		28		1		11.760
Maelstrom 35 Radar	40		2		24.000
Navigator Radar		46		2		31.740
R10 Radar		16		1		3.840
R20 Radar		34		1		17.340
T1 Radar		10		1		1.500
T4 Radar		22		1		7.260

Nothing special here. The longer the range, the more you'll see, and the 
further out you can lock onto the nearest target or enemy. My personal 
favorite is the R20, being compact and having a decent range. But then I 
tend to fly a crammed little Shadowcat.

B.1.08 Robots
Name:			Mass:	Capability:	Cost:
Clara Medical Robot	1	Medical		4.000
R2-M Medical Robot	1	Medical		2.500
R3-M Medical Robot	1	Medical		3.000
R9 Maintenance Robot	1	Maintenance	3.500
Uriel J Droid		1	Maintenance	18.000
Warhorse Robot		2	Maintenance	1.500
X1 Repair Droid		1	Maintenance	1.500
YY-99 Medical Robot	1	Medical		9.000

Robots fulfill the function of crew members, but add mass instead of 
occupying quarters. They're also rather expensive at first, compared 
to regular crew.

B.1.09 Scanners
Name:			Mass:	Data Provided:		Cost:
Assassin Scanner	1	E, N, S, T		12.500
BQ-101 Scanner		1	N, T			3.500
BQ-404 Scanner		1	K, L, N, P, T		7.500
BQ-606 Scanner		1	E, K, L, N, P, S, T	32.500
D4 Cargo Scanner	1	C, N			1.750
D5 Cargo Scanner	1	C, K, L, N, P		12.750
D6 Cargo Scanner	1	C, E, N, S		17.500
Designation Scanner	1	N 			500
Eriador-W Scanner	1	E, N, S, W		7.500
Eriador-X Scanner	1	C, N, T, W		22.500
I-Spy DTX100 Scanner	1	E, N, S			5.000
Police Scanner		1	K, L, N, P		5.000
Predator Scanner	1	K, N, P			3.500
Predator II Scanner	1	K, N, P, T		6.500
Predator III Scanner	1	E, K, N, P, S, T	30.000
Predator IV Scanner	1	E, K, N, P, S, T, W	40.000
R-100 Scanner		1	N, P			850
VT1 Trading Scanner	1	I, N			5.000
VT1 Trading Scanner	1	I, N			6.500
VTX Trading Scanner	1	I, K, L, N, P		25.000

K=Kill Bounty
L=Live Bounty
N=Ship Name
P=Pilot Name

Scanners. Use the above table to determine which is the right model for you,
and take note that the predator series of scanners won't provide you with
the live bounty of the target. 

B.1.10 Shields
Name:			Mass:		Maximum Charge:		Cost:
Tetron Shield		4		100			10.000
Tetron Shield		16		200			40.000
Tetron Shield		36		300			90.000
Tetron Shield		64		400			160.000
Tetron Shield		100		500			250.000
Tetron Shield		144		600			360.000
Tetron Shield		196		700			490.000
Tetron Shield		256		800			640.000
Tetron Shield		324		900			810.000
Tetron Shield		400		1000			1.000.000

Remember that the shield will be recharged prior to the energy banks, so 
if you run out of juice and have a shield, you can usually kiss your ass 
goodbye as neither guns nor countermeasures will operate. So remember: 
Short, controlled bursts!

B.1.11 Thrusters
Name:			Mass:	Thrust:		Cost:	
Ion "Shockwave" Engine	1	125		0	Axxel Lightlaser 
Sunspear X1 Drive	1	100		17.500	Dagger 
TL-1 Thruster		1	40		2.000
Nitro XIX Engine	2	125		0	Axxel Turbine
VL Series Thruster	2	100		4.000
XL Series Thruster	2	125		8.000
VL Series Thruster	3	109		6.000
XL Series Thruster	3	136		12.000
VL Series Thruster	4	118		8.000
XL Series Thruster	4	147		16.000
VL Series Thruster	6	136		12.000
XL Series Thruster	6	170		24.000
VL Series Thruster	7	145		14.000
XL Series Thruster	7	181		28.000
VL Series Thruster	8	154		16.000
XL Series Thruster	8	193		32.000
Idiom Thruster		10	172		22.500
Sauros Thruster		10	252		55.000
Idiom Thruster		30	354		67.500
Sauros Thruster		30	434		165.000
Idiom Thruster		40	445		90.000
Sauros Thruster		40	525		220.000
Idiom Thruster		50	536		112.500
Sauros Thruster		50	616		275.000
Idiom Thruster		70	718		157.500
Sauros Thruster		70	?		?
Idiom Thruster		90	?		?
Sauros Thruster		90	979		495.000
Idiom Thruster		100	990		225.000
Sauros Thruster		100	1070		550.000

There are other thruster sizes available, but they're remnants from an 
earlier version of the game. As of today (1.09), you can only fit one size 
of thruster on your ship, so you basically can only choose between cheap 
and slow or expensive and fast. Stick to the latter, all that saved money 
won't do you any good when you've been outrun by pirates.

B.1.12 Toys (Pets & Misc.)
Name:				Mass:		Cost
Autochef 9000 			1		750.000
Gelpad Command Seat 		0		1.000.000
Hyperdrive Part? 		0		2.500.000
Hyperdrive Part? 		0		2.500.000
Hyperdrive Part? 		0		2.500.000
Hyperdrive Part? 		0		2.500.000
MT1 Music System	 	0		1.500.000
J9 Slave Robot			1		2.000.000
Pet Cat 			0		2.500
Pet Dog 			0		2.500
Pet Parrot 			0		8.000
Pet Monkey 			0		15.000
Pet Tiger			0		150.000

Actually, none of those parts has any impact on the performance of your 
ship. But they're damn nice to have around, nonetheless, and provide an 
opportunity to burn excess money on something semi-useful.
Plus, your very own pet parrot! No real space pirate would be caught dead 
without one!

B.1.13 Tractor Beams
Name:			Mass:	Maximum Mass:	Cost:		Scoops:
Baker V-1 Man Trap	4	10		4.000		P, VC
Baker V-2 Man Trap	2	10		75.000		P, VC
Hoobson Pro-K Scoop	4	10		75.000		C, P
L1 Tractor Beam		4	N/A		1.000		-
L2 Junk Vaporiser	2	10		2.000		VC, VP
Meatmaster 1000		4	10		2.000		P*, VC
Minemaster 1000		4	10		2.000		C*, P*
Minemaster 3000		20	25		4.000		C*, P*
Micromage Cargo Scoop	1	5		75.000		C 
X4 Cargo Assimilator	4	10		2.000		C, VP

C*=Cargo, Refines Cargo (See Below)
P*= People, Minces Passengers (Passengers->Meat/Fish)
VC=Vaporises Cargo
VP=Vaporises People

Minemaster Conversion Table:
Alloys			-> Metal
Clothing		-> Textiles
Fruit			-> Water
Industrial Chemicals	-> Water
Meat 			-> Biological Derivatives
Medical Biomatter 	-> Biological Derivatives
Ores			-> Metal
Rock Fragments		-> Crystals
Semiconductors		-> Crystals
Staple Foods 		-> Biological Derivatives
Toxic Waste 		-> Water

Different horses for different causes. The maximum mass of a tractor beam 
determines the size of objects that can be assimilated. Cargo pods have 5 
tons of mass. Escape pods, fighters and the smalles of asteroids ring in at 
10 tons, and the bigger asteroids weight 25 tons, the same as some of the 
smaller ships and the police enforcers. If your scoop can handle it, just 
suck those bastards in.  
Also take note that you can pull an object of any size with any tractor beam;
crashing asteroids into bases is thoroughly possible, not to mention cheaper
than torpedoes.

B.1.14 Weapons
Name:			Mass:	Power Drain:	ROF:	Damage:	Cost:
Cannon			2	0		500	10	2.750
DD19 Flamer		12	10		1500	10	80.000
Machine Gun		1	0		750	6	1.000
Machine Gun		1	0		600	5	1.000
Machine Gun Turret	1	0		600	5	2.000
Minigun			4	0		1000	6	12.500
Morphius Artillery	9	0		40	80	9.500
P9 Minigun		4	0		1000	8	725.000
Phased Pulse Laser	36	116		125	176	72.000
Phased Pulse Laser	49	132		125	200	98.000
R1 Rockets		6	0		120	30	10.000
R3 Rockets		6	0		120	40	15.000
Renton Rockets		6	0		120	50	21.500
RFX Plasma Thrower	16	14		1500	20	400.000
Rothspar Laser		4	26		250	25	8.000
Rothspar Laser		9	34		250	40	18.000
Rothspar Laser		16	42		250	55	32.000
Rothspar Laser		25	50		250	70	50.000
Rothspar Laser Turret	4	26		250	25	8.000
Rothspar Laser Turret	9	34		250	40	18.000
Rothspar Laser Turret	16	42		250	55	32.000
Rothspar Laser Turret	25	50		250	70	50.000
Simtex Plasma		5	32		375	20	15.000
Simtex Plasma		5	38		375	30	60.000
Simtex Plasma		5	44		375	40	135.000
Simtex Plasma		5	50		375	50	240.000
Simtex Plasma		5	56		375	60	375.000
Simtex Plasma Turret	5	32		375	20	15.000
Simtex Plasma Turret	5	38		375	30	60.000
Simtex Plasma Turret	5	44		375	40	135.000
Simtex Plasma Turret	5	50		375	50	240.000
Simtex Plasma Turret	5	56		375	60	375.000
Stun Gun		4	40		214	12	25.000
Stun Gun Turret		4	40		214	12	25.000
Tesla Evaporator 	150	16		1500	100	2.750.000
Thanatos Artillery	12	0		40	160	50.000
Triquoquaric Ann.	150	20		1500	150	4.425.000

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. Remember that turrets usually 
fire continously once activated, and tend to drain your energy reserves 
fast, before you install 6 plasma turrets on your shiny new battlestation.

C.1 Career Advice

C.1.01 Trader

Trading is probably the easiest and safest way to get cash, though it might 
take a while.All you need is some cargo space, the more, the better, and some
note paper (though I recommend a Trading Scanner, to speed things up). Just 
find out which bases export which cargo category cheap, and which bases in 
the vicinity import the same cargo. Then set up a trade route, and with a bit 
of patience, you can rake in a lot of money.
You might want to get a bigger ship and a cargo scanner, other than that, there
is no necessary equipment for trading. And while we're at bigger ships, keep 
in mind that no ship larger than 100 tons can dock at a trading post, and 
that 500 tons is the maximum docking size for a trade station. 	

C.1.02 Mercenary

A good road to fame, fortune and a cold shallow grave in space. Basically, 
you'll need a combat-capable ship fast enough to outrun your target. Oh, and
you'll also want a radar, some armor, a tracking scanner, a shield and quite
possibly a bigger gun; at least you won't have to worry about cargo space, 
since none is needed. 
Just check the Space Stations for missions, and then go after the target. As 
easy as that, but keep in mind that your target might be bigger and better 
armed. If you want to do the life capture missions, you'll need a tractor 
beam capable of sucking up people. And, finally, don't forget to visit the 
police bases often to pay your fines, you can rack up quite a bounty on your
head by careless freelancing.	

C.1.03 Bounty Hunter

Just like the Mercenary, you'll need a fast, combat-capable ship, a tracking
scanner and, for added cash-flow, a Man Trap-type tractor beam. Just visit 
your local police station, enter the desired delinquents into your tracking 
scanner and then go get them. 
Live capture usually nets about twice as much credits as killing the quarry,
so try "or alive" instead of "dead" sometimes.

C.1.04 Police
Just like a bounty hunter or mercenary, but your choice of ships is rather 
limited. The best thing about being a cop aren't the donuts, but the fact 
that you can call for backup, allowing you to take on large targets with a 
little help from your friends.

C.1.05 Pirate

Arr, matey, there's booty to be hauled aboard! You'll need a ship capable 
of outgunning and outrunning traders, a cargo scoop (let me recommend the 
micromage here) and a cargo scanner, so you can check out if there's booty 
in that ship. You should also make sure that there's enough free cargo space 
to haul the loot, so I'd stick to the medium sized ships. Just blow 'em up a 
little bit (if so inclined ask them to drop the loot first), suck up the 
valuables and cash them in at the nearest station. 


C.1.06 Scavenger

One of the more serene ways of earning cash. You'll need a decently sized ship
quick enough to chase down asteroids, a gun, a cargo scoop and a metric 
shitload of free cargo space. Just blow up some rocks until you have the 
desired size, target them and scoop them up. Getting a radar will shorten the 
time needed to locate a suitable chunk of rock, and a minemaster scoop will 
convert the scooped goods into a much more refined and valuable state. Unless 
you scoop up extraneous cargo pods, that is.

C.1.07 Armour, Shields & Energy

Armour can be boosted by buying the appropriate items, but the gain is 
relatively minor compared to the weight. Also, you won't be able to mount more 
than 1-5 tons on the smaller ships.
Shields offer much more protection, but it's non-directional, meaning it will 
go down on all 4 sides, no matter where you've been hit. Even worse, shields 
drain energy and will drain energy even when your guns are empty. 
Make your choice.


C.1.08 Weapons - More bang for your buck!

Some musings by me on the different weapon types...
Machine Guns, Miniguns and Cannons usually deal pretty decent damage, drain no
energy and are pretty light, but they're hard to aim as you don't see any 
Lasers are pretty fast and easy to aim, but tend to be heavy and drain enery. 
The stun gun is similar to a laser, but quite power hungry and with low damage.
Even worse, it can't kill, so if your target refuses to surrender you'll have 
to break out the missiles.
Plasma deals a lot of raw damage, but the projectiles are rather slow, and the 
power drain is enourmous. 
Artillery plainly sucks, as you can't aim it properly and it takes a whopping 
1,5 seconds to reload after each shot. The only application where I find it 
actually useful is for blasting asteriods when mining.
Unguided rockets combine some of the better parts of plasma and machine guns, 
but the projectiles are rather slow. Still, not a bad choice.
Flamer type weapons deal a lot of raw damage and are great for base busting, 
but they also are heavy and go through your energy stores like a chainsaw 
through a stick of butter. Their range is abysmal, too.
As you can see, there is no "best" weapon in the game. You have to take the 
good with the bad.

D.1.01 Cheats

There are 4 known cheats in the full version, which are entered in the "Name" 
field when starting a new game. They are pretty self-explanatory. Remeber that 
the cheats are case-sensitive when entering them.

Double Damage - Doubles the damage of your weapons.
One Million Dollars - Lets you start with one million credits.
Ten Million Dollars - Lets you start with ten million credits.
One Ton Upgrades - The mass of all pieces of equipment is reduced to 1 ton. 

D.1.02 Bugs

As of 1.09, the game is remarkably bug-free. Still, there seem to be a few 
minor glitches:

-The Police Station is missing a wall; this can't be seen from all angles, 
 but is rather annoying where it can be seen.

-Mission Targets sometimes are reported as killed subsequent to them jumping 
 out of a sector.  While I'm sure it can happen, I do have serious doubts that
 an undamaged carrier can be killed  within 0,5 seconds of arriving in a new 

D.1.03 An example ship

Or, how did he cram all that stuff inside?

Shadowcat (Hold: 32 tons)

-XL Series Thruster 	(4 tons)
-Gray Hyperdrive	(10 tons)
-Core Generator 	(1 ton)
-Tetron Shield		(4 tons)
-P9 Minigun		(4 tons)
-Carbidium x2		(2 tons)
-Predator IV Scanner	(1 ton)
-R20 Radar		(1 ton)
-Baker V-2 Man Trap	(2 tons)
-XOX Reprogrammer Lv2	(1 ton)
-Missiles x2		(2 tons)
Grand total		(32 tons)

Which basically means that I have a shielded Shadowcat with ECM, missiles,
radar, scanner and scoop, capable of jumping 20 lightyears with decent armour.
The core generator might look too weak, but since all it does is power the
thruster and recharge the shields, it's completely sufficient.

D.1.04 Suggestions

While I tremedously enjoy the game, I did come across a few parts that could 
use some improvements. Please take note that the following are merely my own 
opinions, and in no way the universal truth.

-> The ability to turn shields off.

As it is now, a shielded ship running out of energy and shields is dead, as
it will take an eternity for the shield to recharge, whereas the player needs
the energy for the guns.
Turing the shield off would at least give him a fighting chance.

-> Bigger core generators for capital ships.

Right now, it's far too easy to destroy a capital ship. Just shoot them once, 
evade their turret fire for about 10 seconds, then kill the sitting duck. Most
of the time, they can't even move after firing their turrets at you for those 
few precious seconds. Also, the larger shields take far too long to recharge, 
putting a strain on the core generators for what seems like minutes. 

-> More medium sized ships.

As much as I enjoy the shadowcat and the rocketman, the game could use a few 
extra ships in the 30-70 ton range.

-> Improved missile launchers.

I just *hate* it when my freshly launched E-1 missile slams into the bow of 
my ship, disabling me and leaving me to the tender mercies of my enraged 
target. The Shadowcat is particularly prone to suicidal launching 

->Improved target cycling.

Identifying your target with a radar tends to be rather diffcult, since you 
can only cycle between the targets on your screen. It would be nice if one 
could cycle between all the targets in radar range.

->Provide the "Toys" with a few (harmless) in-game functions.

Mere text comments from passengers would be sufficient, I guess, though the 
music system could be coupled with some media-player type functions. Maybe 
add some different stlye status displays one could purchase. Or add an 
entry for today's menu for the autochef on the status screen.

Corrections? Bugs? Suggestions? Mail them to me at 
CaptainMeph AT hotmail.com, so I can include them.

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