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Guide and Walkthrough by Dante_Meta

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/16/2006

                  _____      _   _ _____ _   _      _
                 |_   _|    | \ | |_   _| \ | |    | |  /\
                   | |______|  \| | | | |  \| |    | | /  \
                   | |______| . ` | | | | . ` |_   | |/ /\ \
                  _| |_     | |\  |_| |_| |\  | |__| / ____ \
                 |_____|    |_| \_|_____|_| \_|\____/_/    \_\


             T h i s     G  u  i  d  e     C  o  n  t  a  i  n  s

                            S  p  o  i  l  e  r  s

Copyright 2006 - Damian Uzuai/Dante_Meta. This guide is not to be distributed
on any site without permission. I would prefer to keep track of where my
guide is being held. It is to be kept on GameFAQs.com and its associates.

If you have a complaint, suggestion or a question. You can send me an e-mail
to the address given at the end of the guide.

This guide's purpose is to lead you step by step through the game that is 
called I-Ninja. I will write this guide in the order that the missions appear
in the Progress Screen. This guide is for a person who wishes to just beat the
game and not looking to unlock everything. Thus, I won't go in on how to get
the extra Grades. Use Control + F to find what you're looking for.

                         _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
                        / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
                       ( C | o | n | t | e | n | t | s )
                        \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

1.0) Updates/Versions (UPDT)
1.1) Controls (CTRL)
1.2) Plot/Story (STRY)

2.0) Walkthrough (WKTH)
2.1)   Robot Beach (ROBE)
2.2)   Bomb Bay (BOBA)
2.3)   Jungle Falls (JUFA)
2.4)   Mountain Gorge (MOGO)
2.5)   Moon Base (MOBA)
2.6)   Space Station (SPST)

3.0) Contact Information (CTIN)

                     _   _           _        _
                    | | | | _ __  __| | __ _ | |_  ___  ___
                    | |_| || '_ \/ _` |/ _` ||  _|/ -_)(_-<
                     \___/ | .__/\__,_|\__,_| \__|\___|/__/(UPDT)

Version 1.0: Guide finished.

                      ___            _              _
                     / __| ___  _ _ | |_  _ _  ___ | | ___
                    | (__ / _ \| ' \|  _|| '_|/ _ \| |(_-<
                     \___|\___/|_||_|\__||_|  \___/|_|/__/(CTRL)

The controls are fairly simple and easy to get used to. You can always just 
check the Instruction Guide, but I'll list them here anyways.

Triangle (/\) - Throw Shuriken. Can also be used while Zoomed in.
Circle (()) - Spin Attack. Hold to hover while falling/jumping.
X (X) - Jump. Press twice to double jump. Tap to swim faster in water.
Square (| |) - Basic sword attack. Use to fire Darts while zoomed in.

Left Analogue Stick - Move/Swim.
Right Analogue Stick - Control Camera.

D-Pad Up: Ninja Berserka! (Attack power increase.)
D-Pad Right: Ninja Revive! (Gain Health.)
D-Pad Down: Ninja Shuriken! (Ride giant Shurkien.)
D-Pad Left: I-Ninja! (Ultimate. You inflict massive damage to anything you
go near.)

Start - Pause game.
Select - N/A

R1 - Zoom in farther when zoomed in.
R2 - N/A
L1 - Zoom in.
L2 - N/A

R3 - N/A
L3 - N/A
                ___  _       _      __ ___  _
               | _ \| | ___ | |_   / // __|| |_  ___  _ _  _  _
               |  _/| |/ _ \|  _| / / \__ \|  _|/ _ \| '_|| || |
               |_|  |_|\___/ \__|/_/  |___/ \__|\___/|_|   \_, |

You play the role of Ninja. A hyper-active chibi ninja. In the beginning scene,
you try to save your master, but end up cutting his head off. He comes back
as a ghost to guide you through the game. The objective is to collect the "Rage
Stones." Stones that give the one who touched them great abilities. Long story
short, you have to get them before O-Dor does. Each time you defeat a boss, you
get a Rage Stone; and you nearly end up killing your Guardians each time.

        __      __      _  _    _    _                           _
        \ \    / /__ _ | || |__| |_ | |_   _ _  ___  _  _  __ _ | |_
         \ \/\/ // _` || || / /|  _|| ' \ | '_|/ _ \| || |/ _` || ' \
          \_/\_/ \__,_||_||_\_\ \__||_||_||_|  \___/ \_,_|\__, ||_||_|(WKTH)

As I stated above, this will go in order in the Progress Chart; and I'm not 
going to tell you how to get the Extra Grades. I repeat, this is merely a guide
for those who just want to beat the game.

              ___         __        __    ___                   __
             / _ \ ___   / /  ___  / /_  / _ ) ___  ___ _ ____ / /
            / , _// _ \ / _ \/ _ \/ __/ / _  |/ -_)/ _ `// __// _ \
           /_/|_| \___//_.__/\___/\__/ /____/ \__/ \_,_/ \__//_//_/(ROBE)

                                *Eye Ninja*

This is your Training Mission. Start out by killing the Ranx in front of you.
Collect the Coinage they drop then double jump across to the platform in front
of you. Continue doing this until you reach the end.

Face the wall and jump at it. Keep holding forward; when you reach the top, 
press X to hop on. Do this for the remaining wall. Once at the top, run at the
blue wall and jump just high enough so you're aligned with the Coinage; then
hold the Stick in that direction, again, do this for the next wall. You'll
activate a checkpoint. There are Three Ranx here, kill them. Run to the edge.

Here you'll find a Chain Point, use R1 and swing yourself across to the ledge.
Destroy the three barrels here and collect the Coinage. Run down the hill and
break the boxes. Collect it and run back up. Do the same as before, only twice
here. Jump on the rail and then stop at the ledge. Do a Running-Double-Jump off
and hold Circle to hover to the edge. If you don't make it, don't worry; just
Wall-Run up. 

Five-Six Ranx will spawn; take care of them and break open the device. Take all
the Coinage and continue through the door. 

Here you'll get a glimpse of what's coming; a bunch of Ranx will spawn, kill
them all like previously and run up the walls. Use the Chain Grip and run along
that wall collecting the Coinage. Grind down until you come across a half-pipe.
This part shouldn't need explaining; you should know what to do. The Coinage
is all on the right side. Once you get to the top, run down the ramp and don't
stop. When you reach the red arrows, press R1 and grab the Chain Point, when 
you reach the arrows on the other side, let go. Continue doing this throughout 
the ramps.

Once your checkpoint saves, swing across and go down the left Rail, then the 
middle one. Collecting the Coinage as you go. Up here, use your Chain to get
across. Hit the device to grab the eye. You may want to spend a second down
here just collecting Coinage and running over some Ranx. When you're done, 
steer up the ramp. 

Eye Bowling: This part is straight forward. Beat the clock, collect the 
Coinage, hit the Ranx. Head into the room at the end and collect your 
Grade. If you fail, you'll start at the top. After you finish, find Eye 2 Eye 
and enter.

                                *Eye 2 Eye*

Start out by killing the Ranx and collecting the Coinage on the ledges. Hop on 
the Elevator and follow the Rail. Do the same thing as you did before with the
ramps. Follow this path down, collecting the Coinage. Take care of the Ranx to
open up the opening. Use the wind to fly through. 

Land on the belt and go left. The only difference with this set is that there's
more Coinage and three ramps. Follow the tunnel; when in the laser room, find
a Control Panel, break it to start the platforms. Make your way back to the
wind and fly up onto it. Jump when needed; at the end, jump off and collect the
Coinage. Turn right and jump across the three platforms. Break the Control
Panel there. 

You guessed it, jump down and find the laser, break it and touch the ball. Wait
until the gate opens up then head through there.

This part can get tedious if you don't know what you're doing. With the blue
platforms, make your way to the middle part, then WAIT. Let it close and 
re-open; then you can continue through. Do this until the end, and take it 
slow. Going fast will cause you to fall. Once you get to the end, find Heart
                                *Heart Attack*

Run forward and take out the Ranx. This level has some annoying little things
called Ranx Sentinels. Don't bother trying to fight them; they can't be killed.
Just use the walls and Chain Point to avoid it. When you get past it; watch
the next one. When its back is turned, jump down and run around the wall.
Wall-Jump up and run along the next one, go down the tunnel. 

Break open the barrels and take the right path. Take out the Ranx then jump up
the walls. Break the console and jump down. Run back up the path and kill the
Ranx. Follow that pathway until you reach a door; there's a console on your
left, break it and run up the ramps. Use the wind to get to the platform behind

Run along the walls to the platforms, getting as much Coinage as you can. Once
at the top; run through the tunnel. Break the console and deal with the four
Ranx. Watch out though, after you take care of them a type of Dog-Dragon Hybrid
will show up. It fires fireballs, so move/jump out of the way and deal with it.

Find the console and break it open. Continue down this way until you reach the
main room, where the heart is. Run around back and break yet another console.
Get to the top and hop on the Heart. This part is extremely tricky. Go slow is
the only advice I can give. If you rush, you die; take it slow and easy. 
Unlike last time, you're not timed here. After you get through this, head on to


Think Gundam here. You're in a Boxing match against a giant Mech, while in a
giant Mech. It's quite easy, just move in the direction that the arrows point.
It consists of four rounds, at the start of the fourth round, you're system
will crash; causing you to figure out which way he'll punch yourself. It's 
still all not that difficult.

He'll fire rockets at you between rounds, easy to dodge. After you land some
hits on him, your laser will charge up; use that as soon as you can. Read the
Training Program before the battle, it shouldn't be too difficult. After you
beat it, you'll get a scene which takes you into the next level. Bomb Bay.

                    ___                __     ___
                   / _ ) ___   __ _   / /    / _ ) ___ _ __ __
                  / _  |/ _ \ /  ' \ / _ \  / _  |/ _ `// // /
                 /____/ \___//_/_/_//_.__/ /____/ \_,_/ \_, /

                                *Rocket Factory*

I suggest starting this level by grinding to the left, collect the Coinage and
break open the barrels. Collect the spoils and grind back to the central 
platform. Now take the left rail to the bottom. As soon as you hit the ground,
a Rocket Ranx will start firing at you, as the machine starts spawning basic
Ranx. Take care of them all.

Find the elevator that leads to a red opening and take it up. Avoid standing
near the silver sheets of metal, especially when they're under the shadow.
If one is under a shadow as you approach, stay where you are until the "hammer"
comes down, then run past it. There are four Dog Ranx in this area, you can
take care of them or just jump on the half pipe. Though I recommend killing

Jump on the half pipe and start running, keep going to the roof on both sides
to collect the Coinage, then jump onto the clear platform with the barrels.
Break them open and collect what they drop. Hover down to the ledge where you
see a large Ranx with a larger blade. Get ready for a special battle.

You'll get instructions once you're at the top; this can be a long if you don't
know what you're doing. I find it helps to always have X pressed down, then
stay still and wait for him to attack; just before he does, glide around him
and hit him with a few combos. Do this until dead.

Once back in the regular game, run forward and hop onto the rotating platforms.
Run down to the end and grind across, break open one of those rockets and 
stand on the flashing circle. Stay there until the end. As soon as the claw
drops you off, jump up to the third platform and then hover to your right, to
the longer platform. Collect everything, including the barrels up top, then 
jump down.

There are a few Ranx here, take care of them then destroy that red ball thing.
Collect the Coinage it drops and then make your way back to the top. Head 
through the door. Follow this path, dodging the fire. Beware that there are
Ranx in some of the barrels. Once out, turn left and swing across the gap.

Break the barrels and swing across the next gap, get past the fire, break the
barrels open, you can walk along the pathway and through the door, or you can
jump down and take out the Ranx. I suggest doing that, more Coinage.

Either way, once you're through the door. Continue down the ramp, dodge the
fire and run across the wall. Go down until you reach the Ranx, kill them all
then run through that door. Time your jumps correctly to get to the other side.
Swim across and then grind down, in this next room, there are three Rocket 
Ranx and a few basic Ranx. Kill them all then move to the back of the room.

Wait for the rocket, then jump on it. Ride it all the way, and grab the Grade.

                                *Grade in a Cage*

This mission is extremely straightforward and simplistic. Just take it slow and
don't rush. When you get to the cage at the end, use your sword and hit the
gunpowder, stand back and grab the Grade.

                                *Chase the Fuse*

Another simplistic one, beat the clock, pretty much. As soon as the level 
starts, collect your Coinage in the tunnel and keep moving. As soon as you
exit, you'll get a scene. 

Ignore the Ranx and run past him. Run along the wall, keep following that
beige line on the ground. Grind, run along the walls, just keep moving whenever
you see the obstacle. Grind down the last rail and use the Chain point, as
soon as you land on the ledge, you'll get the Grade.

                                *Shoot the Ships*

As the name implies, shoot the ships and make sure they don't reach the dock.
They come in waves, sometimes via air, usually boat though. Don't let up and
snag as many powerups as you can. You'll get a much larger enemy at the end
of a wave. Shoot the missiles and gliders first, then continue concentrating on
the main ship. 

Wave four is a giant blimp. For maximum points, destroy all its armor, then
worry about destroying the blimp itself. Always remember to keep an eye out for
the Ranx flying at you. The Grad is yours after.

                             **Return to Robot Beach**

Upon entering, you'll find your Guardian call out to you. Jump down and run
under the giant leg. You should see a Pine Tree with him behind it. Talk to
him. Pay the 100 Coinage and begin the mission.

                                    *Fly Ninja*

In this, you have to collect 12 Red Coins. So start by running down the ramp.
Jump into the air current and move diagonally to grab the Red Coinage. Then
jump back onto the pathway and keep to the middle. Keep going until you reach
the next current. Collect the four Red Coinage plus the time extension and
quickly get back on the ramp. Keep going until you reach the end, grab the Time
and the rest of the coins, make your way to the finish line and you get the

Once you finish, get back to Bomb Bay.


Frankly, I hate this boss fight. Not that it's hard, but it's long. And fairly
easy to get used to. You'll just want to dodge his mines and attacks, while
grabbing Powerups. Always remember to do a Barrel Roll when you're about to
get hit.

Once you finish him, you'll get a Grade and the third Rage Stone. Welcome to
Jungle Falls.

                  __                  __       ____       __ __
              __ / /__ __ ___  ___ _ / /___   / __/___ _ / // /___
             / // // // // _ \/ _ `// // -_) / _/ / _ `// // /(_-<
             \___/ \_,_//_//_/\_, //_/ \__/ /_/   \_,_//_//_//___/(JUFA)

                                    *Sly Ninja*

As soon as this mission starts, you'll get a glimpse of what's coming. I like
to start this level out by breaking the camera, just to say "Hah." Once you do
that, jump up the steps. 

Up here, there's a Ranx hidden in a bush, deal with him and Sensei will tell
you to distract the Sentinels with your Shurikens or Darts. When you hit them,
they'll stop and look around, 360 degrees. Hit the one on your left with one
and then wait for the one on your right to leave, quickly run in between the
pillars and hit the valve. A door will open. 

It's directly to the south, so navigate your way around the two Sentinels and
go through. For this part, you can take out the Ranx normally, or you can
jump on one of the stumps and use Shurikens/Darts to take them out. Either way
cut down the trees and continue.

There's a Ranx up top a ledge, use a Dart to take him out then find a way past
the Sentinel. I find it best to let him walk all the way down, and when he
turns around, jump down and just follow behind him. However you do it, jump
up on the ledge and then wait for the next one to go to your right. Jump down
and run to the turret to your left. Hop in. 

Steer the rocket through the opening and into the door. It should easily make
it. Jump down and quietly make your way to the handle, hit it with your sword
to open the door. Then yet AGAIN, make your way to the door. Follow down here
and stop at the edge. Run along the gated wall to your left and jump when you
get to the middle, wall jump up to the right side.

There's a new enemy here, he's not that difficult to kill. When he's blocking,
back away until he opens up and keep doing that. He'll go down in no time.
Break open the red ball, collect the Coinage, and continue down the path you
were going.

Run along the wall, stop, run again. This part is easy, just jump from the
large stump to the next one and the Sentinel won't see you. Glide down to the
switch, hit it and swim backwards. Again, run along the wall and on the stumps.
Make your way to the bridge and run across, stun the Sentinel if you need to
and jump on those stumps. Make your way through the opened doorway.

Here, grind along the rails but jump off and turn around if the red circles
are about to hit you, do this both times, if you fall, you can get up by
finding the large stumps. Once across, you get another new enemy. For this
one, you'll want to back away until it starts to fire at you, then run around
the laser and hit it a few times. Do this until dead.

Jump down and follow the path, you'll hit two Ranx, take care of them however
you please. Ignore the wind and just jump, there's a Chain Point here. If
you do fall, THEN use the wind to get back up. For the second ledge, just
double jump and glide. Run across the wall, this will spawn four Ranx, two at
a time. Destroy everything to open the door. 

Joy, more Sentinels. Avoid the first one and head right. For this one, wait
until it gets to the end of the path and stun it. Jump on the stumps and get
to the walls. Wall-Jump up them and use the Chain Point. Another special 
battle. Same as last time. Note that if you use the Ninja Shuriken, it's a
one hit KO. For me it is, at least.

Hit the switch. Make your way back down or just jump down. Take the other path.
For this one, hit it with a Shuriken and just run around it as it turns. Cut
down the trees, two Ranx are hidden here. Continue down and make your way to
a cannon. Hop in.

For this part, you need to hit the large containers when they're over the
pipes. Just wait until they stop over an open one and fire a missile into it.
It shouldn't take that long. After you get all six, the Grade is yours.

                                    *Buzz Off!*

As this starts, you'll get a view of what you need to kill. If you zoom in,
you can see your Grade inside of it. You can't destroy it or reach it yet, so
head right. Four Ranx await you, deal with them and open the path. Run down the
ramp, hit R1, blah blah blah.

Jump down and use the Rocket. Destroy the door in front of you, but don't
dismount yet. Fire another rocket, but guide it down the path and into the
statue on a Log. It'll reveal a Booster Platform. But you STILL can't get off.
Fire a rocket and steer it over the "Pond." There's another door on the other
side. Now you can FINALLY get off. Take out the Ranx, you may want to kill the
bugs that are around you, they'll create trees for you to stand on. Get up
and collect your Coinage and Shurikens, then step on the Booster and jump at
the end of the Dock. Use the Chain Point to get to the end.

Kill the Ranx you come across while following the path. When you reach a large
area with trees; stay on the lower level and find the middle. Take out the
Ranx and then kill the Sap-Suckers with your Darts. It'll open up a way to
get to the top. Jump up them and find the rocket. Hop in. From the default
spot, fire straight then a bit to the right, blow open the door. 

After that, make your way up the platforms, killing the Ranx on your way.
When you come across a path to your left, you may want to go through there just
for the Coinage. Otherwise, keep straight. Another Special Battle with our old
friend Captain. As last time, the Ninja Shuriken is a one hit KO. 

Hop in the Turret and fire your missile. Take the path on the right, then left,
then right again. Go straight and blow open the door, you should just make it.
Take out the Sap-Suckers with your Darts and jump across the path of trees they
make. As you go down here, one of those Dog-Dragon Hybrids will show up, dodge
the Fireballs and kill it. 

Find the Rail and go across it at the end. Jump when needed. In this tunnel
there's a single Ranx. Easily take him out then continue. Like always, take
out all the spawning Ranx. Search around for a Half-Pipe thing. Using a
series of rails and jumps, find the Rocket. From the default position, go left
with it. Break down the door to reveal one of those larger enemies. Just send
another one and kill it.

But you're still not done! Send another one through and keep straight, you'll
end up in that area that you saw at the beginning. Bring it around the tree
and hit the Mother Sap-Sucker. Now, get out and make your way around the
platforms. Use your darts to kill the Sap-Suckers and jump across. A Ranx
will jump out, ignore it or kill it, either way continue and jump across the
river. Break open the encasing and grab your Grade.

                                    *Ride the Logs*

You'll get a view of the Grade once it starts. Run forward and take out the
two Ranx. Run across the bridge and take out the third. Jump on the logs and
start jumping upstream. Be careful, some of them randomly start spinning.
After a while, a shore to your right will appear, jump onto the small platform
then to the shore. Take out the lone Ranx there.

Follow this path; kill the Ranx that spawn, you can go left through the trees
to get some Coinage and Shurikens, but you have to go right. Double jump
across to the platform. Take everything then use the Chain Point to get across.
You can take out the two Ranx with Darts before you use the Chain. Keep jumping
across the platforms until you reach another Special Battle.

This one is a bit different, but essentially the same, the only difference is
that this guy has missiles. 

Once you defeat him, run towards the door, the large enemy that looks like the
thing you just killed will break it open. Kill it or run past, doesn't matter.
Once you reach the river, hop on the logs and start moving upstream again.
Once at the end, jump to your left and take out the Spawning Ranx.

Follow this and get ready for Gladiator Combat. You'll get swarmed with Ranx.
Once they're all dead, go through the door you just opened. Another big guy
will spawn. Dispose of him and climb the steps. Go down this pathway to find
the Captain. Enter, yet again, a Special Battle.

He has a new trick up his sleeve. If you stay still, he'll throw his blade at
you. Use this to your advantage. Once dead, jump on the coconut... Thing...
And ride it down the path on your left. Run over the Ranx and over the wooden
bridge. Roll it down the tunnel and break open the rocks at the end. Kill the
Ranx and grind down. Grab that... Thing again and ride it across the bridge.

Use it to help grab the Coinage, then bring it over to the wooden wall. Use it
to get on the Rail, to run across the wood to the ledge. Follow this and you'll
enter the area where you can see the Grade. Kill anything that moves. Then
jump across the river and hop on the platform. Use the Chain Point to reach
the Grade.

                             **Return to Bomb Bay**

You'll get a message from your Guardian. She's on the ship out at sea, so jump
across the platform to reach it. Pay the Coinage.

                                 *Chain Challenge*

This is straightforward. First use the chains, then grind and jump over the
mines. Simple. What's this? You still need more Grades? No problem. Pay her
again and start the next mission.

                                 *Ninja Ball Ultra*

Let me just say, I HATE these Ninja Ball missions, but they are simple. As
Sensei says... Coinge. Timers. Get going! Using the ball, collect the Red
Coinage, You need 150 of them, don't worry; there's probably around 200 Red
Coingae in the entire thing. So don't worry if you miss some. After that you
still have more Grades to get? Alright then, back to Robot Beach.

                             **Return to Bomb Bay**

Find the Guardian, Yang, here and pay the Coinage.

                                   *Ninja Ball*

As Ninja Ball Ultra, only easier. Just collect the Red Coinage within the time
limit. The only difference is, this isn't based on Speed. You can take your
time as there are Time Extensions. That, and there are only 40, so if you miss
one, you have to go back and get it. So you got the Grade? You're still short
one? No problem. You're going to want to go and find Eye Ninja. It'll open
now. You have to kill all the enemies.

No problem.

                                   *Eye Ninja (2)*

Four of them are right in front of you. Three of them are after the Wall-Runs.
Five of them are after your first Grind Rail. Eight of them spawn as soon as
you enter the Eye Room. One of them is on the Laser. Four of them are in the
area after you get the eye. And the rest are in the Eye Bowling portion. You
MUST get Strikes if you wish to complete this mission. Welcome to being a Blue

Now, head back to Jungle Falls.


Start by killing the four Ranx in front of you, this will open a doorway above
you. Run through there and find the open door with the MechWarrior-type
vehicle inside. Hop in and run the Training Program. Once finished, you'll
enter Psyamon's room.

This battle consists of you killing Wraith Ranx, and charging up a beam to
hit Psyamon with. For this battle; just keep shooting and reloading when
you need to. once your gauge is filled up, aim at Psyamon and let loose. 

Hit him with the missiles a few times, and the Grade is yours. 

     __  ___                 __         _         _____
    /  |/  /___  __ __ ___  / /_ ___ _ (_)___    / ___/___   ____ ___ _ ___
   / /|_/ // _ \/ // // _ \/ __// _ `// // _ \  / (_ // _ \ / __// _ `// -_)
  /_/  /_/ \___/\_,_//_//_/\__/ \_,_//_//_//_/  \___/ \___//_/   \_, / \__/

                                   *Crystal Cavern*

Once you exit the tunnel, you'll get a glimpse of the Grade, we need to
destroy the arms holding it. So we'll go from left to right. Take the left-most
path. There are a few Ranx in this place, one in a barrel. At the end, jump
across and run along the wall. Break open anything you see, you need at least
three darts for this level. Keep jumping across until you reach some Ranx.

Kill them and wall jump to the top. Use the Chain Point and swing around the
corner, you may need to hover a bit. Take out the five or so Ranx to open the
pathway, you'll see what's coming up. Move to the middle then run down the
ramp, don't stop. At the top, break open the barrels and box. Start the
Special Battle.

After that, jump up the walls collecting your Coinage, then run down the hills.
Again, don't stop and just keep moving. Once up, run around the corner to be
faced with quite a few Ranx, your Invincible Rage might be charged up, now's a
good time to test it out.

Once they're all dead, go through the new opened path. Follow this, killing the
Ranx that face you. Once you get to the end, a Heli Ranx will start firing
at you, kill it however you please, then fire an Explosive Dart at the flashing
target. One arm down.

Step on the elevator or jump down, then take the path to your left, which would
be directly straight from where you started. As soon as you enter you'll come
across some laser fields, just jump over them and swerve around them. Remember
to break open anything you see, eventually, you'll see a console behind a
field, break it and a door will open. Continue down the path.

You'll get attacked by two Rocket Ranx and a Red Ranx. Kill them all to open
the door. In the next room, a bunch of Ranx will attack you, once you kill
them all and collect everything, make your way up the Half-Pipes, collecting
the Coinage as you go. Once at the top, there are two Ranx hidden in barrels.

Once everything is collected, hop on the rail. Keep going, collecting the
Shurikens, at the end use the Chain Point to get across. You'll get hit with
quite a few stronger-than-average Ranx. Kill them all then just keep running
down the path, killing anything in your way. And remember, collect any darts
or Coinage you see. At the end, another Heli Ranx will appear, kill him and 
fire a dart at the target.

Jump down and take the right path. This is straightforward, jump and run when
needed. Break everything. When you get to a small pond, use the first Chain
Point, swing across, hover, then use the next one and hover. After you kill a
bunch of Ranx, a Special Battle will occur. Take him out. Run down the hill
and start running forward, you'll get attacked by three Ranx. Kill them and
move into the open, a Dog-Dragon, two Ranx, and the laser-firing enemy show
up. Kill them all to open the doorway.

Wall-Jump to it, only to be attacked by a few Ranx, kill them all and break
open everything. Find the Rail and go down, collecting all the Shurikens.
Once you hop off, you'll get hit with two Ranx and a larger enemy. Kill them
all to once again, open the door. Keep following this path and killing any
Ranx that get in your way. At the end, kill the Heli Ranx and fire a dart at
the arm, releasing the Grade. Jump down and grab it.

                                 *Sneak and Destroy*

Right from the beginning there are three Sentinels. I find it's actually easier
to get caught first, it should put you right in front of the console. Jump up
and break it open, take the path to the right and use a Shuriken to distract
the Sentinel so you can run around it.

Not much more I can say as this Mission is the same throughout. Eventually
you'll come across a rocket, fire it and destroy the door, then, send another
one through to unlock the Grade.

                                 *Clouding Around*

Hope you don't have vertigo. Break open the barrels and collect what they drop.
Wait until a Platform comes near you; then jump on. When one comes the opposite
way, hop on it and ride it down. Two Rocket Ranx will be firing at you so once
you get off, kill the first one, run up the wall, jump down, and kill the
second one. Wait here until another platform comes along.

Ride this all the way to the other side, where the consoles are. Kill the Ranx
that spawn and break the consoles. Once you do that, wait for another platform
to come by and just ride that all around. Jump off at the extended bridge
leading to the door you just opened. A few Ranx will jump out, kill 'em and
take everything. At the end of this tunnel, more Platforms. If you time the
first jump correctly, you can just keep going straight without having to stop.

Keep killing everything until you come out to another large area. Jump on the
platforms in front of you and start moving in the opposite direction they're
moving. Hop up at the end and break the console, it'll create the Grade. Now
grind down the Rail. Kill the Ranx and again, hit the console. Now get to the
next set of Platforms and start jumping in the opposite direction. At the end
you'll start a Special Battle once you jump up.

After that hit the console and yet AGAIN, start jumping in the opposite
direction. Once up, you're in another Special Battle. Hit the last console and
jump on the fan. What you do here is ride it all the way to the top, then
hold circle and move to the next one. Do this until you get the Grade.

Still short quite a few, huh? Alright, head on back to Jungle Falls.

                             **Return to Jungle Falls**

Once you enter, you'll get a Message from your Guardian. He's in the pathway
to the right of Psyamon.

                                 *Jump and Grind*

It's simple, just grind and collect the Red Coins, jump when you need to. Grab
the Grade then talk to your Guardian again.

                                 *Ninja Ball Extreme*

Ugh, another one of these. You know the drill, collect the Red Coinage. This
one is both speed AND control. So that makes it all that much harder. And yes,
there's more than 100 Red Coinage. Though, just barely. Still not enough
Grades? Let's try the door directly behind you.

                                   *Sly Ninja (2)*

Find the Red Coinage? No problem. 

The first one is right in front of you, down on a little ledge. The next one
is by the switch, also down on a little ledge in a barrel. The third one is
just after you hop in the Rocket Turret. Fire one straight across and blow up
the Tiki Statue. Don't dismount yet, fire another one through the door after
you open it and guide it through to destroy the larger wooden door that's
filled with barrels. The Fifth Red Coinage is at the back of there.

The sixth one is on the other side of the River, in a barrel at the back. The
Seventh one is in the area just past that, with the two Rails and locked
Sentinels. Jump down, at the back there are 4 Barrels, it's in the left-most
one. For the Eighth one, in the area with the Chain Point, checkpoint, and
wind funnel, get to the ledge where the checkpoint is. Do a Vertical Wall-Run
and double jump over to the ledge behind you. The Ninth one is after the 
Special Battle with the Captain, hover down to your left on that ledge with 
the three barrels. It's in one of those. The final one is on a side of the
cannon in a barrel.

Now, I hate the other Missions in this level, so let's head on back to Robot

                             **Return to Robot Beach**

                                   *Eye Ninja (3)*

Beat the clock. This is self-explanatory. Shouldn't be too much trouble. Try
to cut corners, but not to the point that it slows you down.

                                   *Eye 2 Eye (2)*

Red Coinage again, huh? Alright.

The first one is at the top of the Elevator. The second one is on the Rail
right next to it. The third one is just before the Chain Ramp just after the
Rail. The fourth one is at the end of the cave. The fifth one is just after
the hovering platform; when you first jump off. The sixth one is just to the
right of that one.

The seventh is right in front of the console after the three consecutive
platforms. The eighth one is in the platform connecting the three blue
catwalks. The ninth one is just after the first hovering platform while you're
on the eye. And the final one is in the middle of a blue catwalk after you
make the sharp turn.

So you need one more huh? Alright. Let's go back into Eye 2 Eye.

                                   *Eye 2 Eye (3)*

Again, Beat the Clock. Once you have the eye, go fast, yet slow. Take your time
but don't detour either.

The Red Belt is my favourite one, it looks the best on him, especially with
Ninja's Red Sword. Make your way back to Mountain Gorge and face Malakai.


He will start the battle out by filling the arena with Lava, just jump from
stone to stone hitting him with Shurikens or Darts. After a while he'll
bring it back in and start attacking you on foot with Ice Element attacks.

Fairly easy, just dodge his attacks and use Shurikens. He'll go down in no 
                  __  ___                   ___
                 /  |/  /___  ___   ___    / _ ) ___ _ ___ ___
                / /|_/ // _ \/ _ \ / _ \  / _  |/ _ `/(_-</ -_)
               /_/  /_/ \___/\___//_//_/ /____/ \_,_//___/\__/(MOBA)

                                   *Outpost Alpha*

As soon as you break out of the tunnel you'll see a dog spawn, jump down and
kill all the Ranx and collect your Coinage. Start running up the wall near the
edge and keep doing this, like the Half-Pipes. Once at the top, jump off
and hover above the Rails, land on it. Once you near the end, a Rocket Ranx
will start firing at you, you can use the Chain Point and skip the enemies, or
you can jump down and collect your Coinage. Whatever you do, get up to
where the Rocket Ranx was.

Head down this path and you'll get attacked by a few Ranx, kill them or run
past them. Run down the black dip, then up it. Using the Chain Point, jump
across the chasm. Take care of the turret and get inside it, once you do, some
Ranx will spawn, kill them and hop back in. Fire a missile straight ahead,
into the silver portion of the wall. Hop out and get back across. Take the
newly opened path. You'll encounter a bunch of Ranx, kill them all then take
THAT opened path.

In this portion, you have to run down a steep hill and high speeds, while
dodging circular lasers. Simple. Just jump through the middle. At the bottom,
you'll reach my favourite part. Sensei will explain why. I like spending
a minute or two here just swinging back and forth. But anyways, do a long
double jump to the first one, then continue on like that. You shouldn't need
to Hover except for maybe the last jump; from the CP to the ledge.

Take care of the Ranx then head left. Another Dog-Dragon. Kill the few spawning
Ranx here and you'll be faced with another slope. Do the same thing as you
did last time. The only difference is you may have to double jump. At the
bottom, take care of the Rocket Ranx and go around the meandering tunnel.

You'll reach another No-Grav spot. You have to hover with this one, you won't
make the jump. Once you're across, start the Special Battle. After it, follow
through the tunnel and you'll come to a large area. Immediately you'll see
one of those red things seal off a door. So jump down and kill anything that
moves. After you open it, look around until you find two walls spaced close
together, Wall-Jump up them and face the opening. You'll see a Chain Point, 
jump off a longer edge and use it. Hover to the other side.

Kill the Dog-Dragon and grab your Grade.

                                   *Outpost Beta*

From the start you'll get attacked by a bunch of Ranx. Kill them all, collect
your Coinage. In this hallway, the lasers are a lot faster, so you'll have
less than a second of ground time. Just get past them and it'll spawn some
Ranx. As always, kill and move on.

At the end, a Dog will attack you, kill it and jump down into the opening.
You'll have to kill a few Ranx. Afterwards, start running up the wall at the
very edge. Keep going until you're right at the top, jump off and use the Chain
Point to get over to the ledge. Kill the Rocket Ranx and go through the laser
hall like always. Finish the Special Battle. This next area is simple, just
jump to the next platform when it's below you.

Once you're to the next ledge, about eight Ranx will spawn, kill them all and
continue. More Ranx will spawn, kill them, blah blah blah. After that, kill
the Dog and go down the next laser hall. After that, you can see the Captain
and your Grade. As you move in, some Ranx will pop out. Kill them and start
the Battle.

Once finished, grab your Grade. Head up into the Space Station.

           ____                       ____ __         __   _
          / __/___  ___ _ ____ ___   / __// /_ ___ _ / /_ (_)___   ___
         _\ \ / _ \/ _ `// __// -_) _\ \ / __// _ `// __// // _ \ / _ \
        /___// .__/\_,_/ \__/ \__/ /___/ \__/ \_,_/ \__//_/ \___//_//_/

                                 *The Imperial Guard*

Start out by killing everything. The female Ranx can be easily killed with a
Lightning Strike. (Press X and Square at the same time.) Eventually, a
Captain will show up. Dispose of him like everything else. After that, you'll
see that more Ranx have appeared and so has the Grade. So jump down and yet
again, kill everything.

Now, get to the top and grind around in a full circle using the Chain Points.
When you get to the last one, wait until the platform lowers and then jump
on it, use the next Chain Point to get to the next platform, and so on.
Eventually, get to the middle and grab the Grade.

                                 *The Cryo-Chamber*

Start the level by jumping on the central platform. It'll drain, jump off and
you'll see the thing raise. What you have to do is hit each of the "Switch"
type things four times each. This level is straightforward, so it doesn't need
much explaining. Oh, don't touch the Blue Stuff, and don't be a hero and try
to hit more than one switch at a time, once you get one, just run up the ramp.
Once you're up, jump back on the central platform, it's the only safe spot.

There is a time limit for the Blue Stuff, so don't think you can just hang
around the bottom level. After you break all 8 switches, it stops allowing
you to kill all the Ranx. Carefully make your way back up and take the Grade.

So you need six more, huh? Let's do it. Head back to Mountain Gorge.

                             **Return to Mountain Gorge**

                               *Mega-Chain Challenge*

This is one of my favourite missions. Just keep your timing right and the
Grade is yours. 

Hm, it seems I'm short of some Coinage. Oh well, let's do some other missions
to get enough, shall we?

                               *Crystal Cavern (2)*

Kill the enemies again, alright. Let's do it.

We'll start out like before, left, straight, right. So head into the left
passage. There are 28 in the left passage. If you didn't get them all, go back
and find them.

By the end of the middle path, you should have 56 Kills, now head to the right
path. There's actually 2 more enemies than limit, so you can miss up to two
enemies, even though only one is really hidden. Four more Grades.

                               *Clouding Around (2)*

Beat the clock! You know what to do. Although it may seem like you won't
make it, you probably will. I can do this with well over a minute to spare.

Grab the Grade and head back over to Robot Beach.

                             **Return to Robot Beach**

                                 *Heart Attack (2)*

Beat the clock. You know what to do. I don't care how much time you have left.
Take it slow once you have the heart, you'll end up wasting a lot of time if
you fall.

                                 *Heart Attack (3)*

Red Coinage? Good, we can also grab some regular Coinage on the way, to help
afford our last Grade.

The first one is a barrel around the corner, being guarded by the Sentinel.
Get above it and wait until it turns around, hop down and grab it then run
back. The second is around the corner by the second Sentinel. Behind the Wall
you can run up. The third is at the start of the purple tunnel.

The fourth one is in the room with the Wind Funnel and the All-Around Wall
Run strip. It's behind the funnel. The fifth one is along the Wall, to get 
it, get on the closest platform, run straight up it and at the peak, change the
direction of your Analogue Stick towards it to run that way. The sixth one
is under the last platform, jump off and hover to get it.

The seventh one is in the Heart Room, in the middle of the large green 
containers. The eighth one is just after the second set of Ranx in the Heart
Section of the Mission. It's to the right. The ninth one is just after your
first platform, also to the right. The final one is in the part with the
Greenish-pit. The largest of the Narrow Path Areas.

After this, I'm STILL short some Coinage! So let's do something in Bomb Bay,
shall we?

                           *Chase the Fuse (2)*

Red Coinage again, let's get to it. Having Shurikens will help endlessly here.

The first one is on your second Wall-Run. Second is on the first Grind Rail 
you come across. Third is while you're Wall-Jumping up for the first time.
Fourth is when you're in the area with the giant Ship-Wheel type thing. It's
in the middle of it. Fifth is before the Chain Point just after it.

Sixth is in a barrel after the Wall-Run just after that. Seventh is on the
Wall-Run after the Half-Pipe. The Eighth and ninth are just past that. You
can't miss them. The last one is just before the Chain Point, and at the end
of the Grind Rail. Welcome to being a Black Belt.

Back to the Space Station, time to face O-Dor!

                             **Emperor O-Dor**

The first part of the battle is simple. Jump over the blades and hit the
flashing circle on his stomach. Step to the side when needed, use Shurikens
whenever you get the chance; jump to hit his stomach with them.

After you deplete his health, he'll run off. Ninja will follow him through the
teleporter. This place has low-gravity, so time your jumps correctly and get
to the last platform. This is essentially the same, only he has some different
tricks up his sleeve. Use the Rails positioned along the arena to evade most of
his attacks. All while using Shurikens. Run up, and hit the same spot as

After you rid him of most of his rancid health; he'll start breathing fire
at you, you may want to step back, THEN move in for the hit. He should go down
in no time.  Congratulations, you just beat the game! You'll get a nice
little ending with a hint towards the next game.
            _____            __              __    ____       ___
           / ___/___   ___  / /_ ___ _ ____ / /_  /  _/___   / _/___
          / /__ / _ \ / _ \/ __// _ `// __// __/ _/ / / _ \ / _// _ \
          \___/ \___//_//_/\__/ \_,_/ \__/ \__/ /___//_//_//_/  \___/(CTIN)

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