How do accidents work?

  1. What exactly is an accident. I know that falling down stairs and off of balconies are, but is poisen, or strangulations accidents, and one time I saw a guard revive a target that I had pushed down the stairs.


    User Info: cc_man

    cc_man - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Drowning in a body of water
    Pushing someone off a ledge
    Having something fall on them
    Scripted accidents (like the exploding gas tank, or lifting weights 'accidents' in the flatline mission)

    Also note that, I'm pretty sure it's not an accident if someone sees you, and lives to tell about it.(obviously)

    As for stairs, they don't always KILL. Sometimes you have to soften up the target by shooting them or pushing them into a wall

    User Info: JC_Phoenix

    JC_Phoenix - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. In addition to JC_Phoenix' answer, you can kill people all day long and still have it count as an accident as long as you take care of the body properly. If you throw the body over railings or into water, or do some other accident where the body gets mangled, it should still be an accident.

    User Info: najzere

    najzere - 10 years ago 0   0

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