Why do I keep getting pro and not SA?

  1. I got professional on normal on a new life with: 0 kills 0 shots fired 0 shots hit 0 close combat kills 2 accidents 0 headshots 0 bodies found 0 witness 0 covers blown not caught on camera no noise or violence 01:03:09 100,000 rating bonus no fees, professional? same with a vintage year, but 5 accidents, and a time of 00:07:17, I got no notoriety, so wtf?

    User Info: Pwningpotatopig

    Pwningpotatopig - 4 years ago


  1. kill no one except the target (exception is an optional target), you can get silent assasin if you push or light up the grill to kill vinnie's wife. Don't lose your custom weapons (silverballer, shotgun, mp, sniper rifle or mk), also you need to get back your suit (this is mandatory, no exceptions). With all this combined you should be getting silent assasin

    User Info: Shizmorp

    Shizmorp - 1 year ago 0   0

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