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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mouse_Nightshirt

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 12/29/2004

 ______       _ _                                                     
(_____ \     | | |                                    _               
 _____) )___ | | | _____  ____ ____ ___  _____  ___ _| |_ _____  ____ 
|  __  // _ \| | || ___ |/ ___) ___) _ \(____ |/___|_   _) ___ |/ ___)
| |  \ \ |_| | | || ____| |  ( (__| |_| / ___ |___ | | |_| ____| |    
|_|   |_\___/ \_)_)_____)_|   \____)___/\_____(___/   \__)_____)_|    
           _______                              ______  
          (_______)                            (_____ \ 
              _ _   _  ____ ___   ___  ____     _____) )
             | | | | |/ ___) _ \ / _ \|  _ \   (_____ ( 
             | | |_| ( (__| |_| | |_| | | | |   _____) )
             |_|\__  |\____)___/ \___/|_| |_|  (______/ 
                                       The FAQ/Walkthrough - by Andrew McKendry

A (not so) complete guide to the game.
Written by and © 2004 Andrew McKendry. (aka Mouse_Nightshirt/MouseNightshirt)
Version 0.4 (29/12/04)
E-mail: james [at] mckendry [dot] ndo [dot] co [dot] uk

This guide was constructed using a fixed-width font. Please check that the 
following align for optimum viewing. If you do come across this guide in which 
the following does not line up, please contact me.


This section is dedicated to telling you, the reader, what on earth is in this 
document! (It's a spangly new way of doing it compared to my other FAQs). If 
you want to find something, press Ctrl+F, and enter the reference code. IE, if 
you wanted to find "Corkscrew Coaster", look in the contents for the code 
(, copy it, press Ctrl+F, paste, and press enter. Voila. You're there.
You'll notice all the rides are listed in the contents, but not any other 
things. This is since rides are the main part of the game, and deserve their 
own listings :D



    1.1.  What was?
    2.2.  What will be?


    2.1.  General
    2.2.  Technical specifications


    3.1.  The beginnings of a great park.
    3.2.  Initial layout
    3.3.  Pricing and fiscal management
    3.4.  Peeps
    3.5.  The art of coaster construction


    4.1.  Vanilla Hills
    4.2.  Goldrush!
    4.3.  Checkered Flag
    4.4.  Box Office
    4.5.  Fright Night
    4.6.  Go With The Flow
    4.7.  Broom Lake
    4.8.  Valley of Kings
    4.9.  Gunslinger
    4.10. Ghost Town
    4.11. A National Treasure
    4.12. New Blood
    4.14. Island Hopping
    4.16. Cosmic Craggs
    4.15. La-La Land
    4.16. Mountain Rescue
    4.17. The Money Pit
    4.18. Paradise Islands


    5.1.  Frequently asked questions
    5.2.  Dirty, underhanded cheats!

    6.1.  RollerCoasters                                
       6.1.1.   Steel                                    
   Air Powered Coaster                  
   Corkscrew Coaster                    
   Floorless Roller Coaster
   Giga Coaster
   Heartline Coaster
   Hyper Coaster
   Hyper Twister Coaster
   Inverted Wild Mouse
  Junior Coaster
  LIM Launched Coaster
  Lay Down Coaster
  Looping Rollercoaster
  Mine Ride
  Mine Train Coaster
  Multidimension Coaster
  Pipeline Coaster
  Reverse FreeFall Coaster
  Spinning Wild Mouse
  Spiral Coaster
  Standup Coaster
  Strata Coaster
  Tilt Coaster
  Twister Coaster
  Vertical Drop Coaster
  Wild Mouse Coaster
       6.1.2.   Wooden
   Flying Turns
   Reverser Coaster
   Side Friction Coaster
   Virginia Reel
   Wooden Coaster
   Wooden Wild Mine
   Wooden Wild Mouse                
       6.1.3.   Suspended
   Compact Inverted Coaster
   Flying Coaster
   Inverted Coaster
   Inverted Hairpin Coaster
   Inverted Impulse Coaster
    Inverted Shuttle Coaster
   Inverted Vertical Coaster
   Mini Suspended Coaster
   Mini Suspended Flying Coaster
  Suspended Swinging Coaster       
       6.1.4.   Water 
   Dingy Slide
   Log Flume
   River Rapids
   Splash Boats
   Water Coaster

    6.2.  Junior rides
       6.2.1.   Generic
   Floundering Ferry
   Spiral Slide
   Tea Cups Ride
       6.2.2.    Western
   Buffalo Roundabout
       6.2.3.    Spooky
   Monster Ride
       6.2.4.    Sci-Fi
   Flying Saucers Ride
       6.2.5.    Adventure
   Odyssey Ride
   Snake Helter-Skelter

    6.3.  Thrill rides
       6.3.1.   Generic
   Double Swinging Inverter
   Flying Carpet
   Launched FreeFall
   Motion Simulator
  Roundup ride
  Sky Sling
  Sky Wheel
  Swinging inverter ship.
  Top Spin
  Top Spinner
       6.3.2.    Western
   Bucking Bull
   Mine Drop Ride
   TNT Vortex
       6.3.3.    Spooky
   Gallows Swing
   Spider Top Spinner
       6.3.4.    Adventure
   Phoenix Twister
   Pirate Ship

    6.4.  Water rides
    Bumper Boats
    Jet Skis
    Mini Sub
    Rowing Boats
    Swan Boats
    Water Tricycles

    6.5.  Gentle rides
       6.5.1.    Generic
    3D Cinema
    Crazy Golf
    Crooked House
    Ferris Wheel
    Kara Oki concert
       6.5.2.    Western
    Western Wheel
    Wild West Show
       6.5.3.    Spooky
    Ghost House Ride
    Mirror Maze
    Spooky Wheel
       6.5.4.    Sci-Fi
    Laser Battle
    Space Arcade
    Space Rings
    Zero G trampoline

    6.6.  Transport rides
    Mini Railway
    Suspended Monorail Trains

    6.7.  Other Rides and Attractions
    Cheshire Cats
    Double Deck Observation Tower
    Ghost Train
    Haunted Hotel
    Mini Helicopters
    Monster Trucks
    Motorbike Races
   Observation Tower
   Soap Box Derby Racers
   Squeaky Cycles
   Steeple chase
   Vintage Cars      


    *Non-started section*


    *Non-started section*


    9.1.  Contact


0. LEGAL SECTION                                    

Firstly, must get this out of the way. 

The contents of this document are absolutely copyright 2004 to Andrew McKendry. 
Under no circumstances is this document, in ANY amount to be, including but not 
limited to: copied, published, displayed and/or edited without prior consent 
from the author, Andrew McKendry, except for personal usage on your own 

If this notice is disregarded, I will ask you to rectify the situation. Failure 
to do so could result in sanctions against you from appropriate parties.

I am not and will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused 
by the reading and/or display of this document. 

Any resemblance between users and real persons, living or dead, is purely 
coincidental. Do not fold or bend.

This FAQ is currently only authorized to be shown on the following websites: 

This FAQ may not be hosted anywhere else. If you wish to host 
this FAQ on your website, or report any infringements of the legal notice,
please contact me. (Contact details later).

This guide is in no way official, nor has it been endorsed by Atari 
Interactive, Inc.

Rollercoaster Tycoon copyright 2004 Atari Interactive, Inc. All rights 
reserved. © 2004 Chris Sawyer. 
Programming © 2004 Frontier Developments Ltd. Developed by Frontier 
Developments Ltd. All rights reserved. Manufactured and marketed by Atari, 
Inc., New York, NY. ATI and RADEON are trademarks and/or registered trademarks 
of ATI Technologies Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their 
respective owners.

1. VERSION HISTORY                                    
  1.1.  What was?                                     

Version 0.4  - This update was planned to be much larger, but some website now
[29/12/04]     have hosting rights, and I've left the update long enough that
               I'm getting people noting hosting infringements, which aren't 
               any longer. As a result, a few sections may abrupt quite 

Version 0.25 - Right, sections 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10 are mostly complete, and some
[19/12/04]     parts of sections 4, 5 and 6 are done. This is the first public
               release version, and as the version number suggests, it's about
               25% complete.

Version 0.0a – Whee! Just started it. For historical reference, this FAQ was
[17/12/04]     Started on 17 December 2004 22:08:49. As of the moment, I'm just
               adding general stuff, like legal, beginning of the contents and 
               deciding on the layout. If only it was all this easy...

  1.2. What will be?                               

Sections 4 and 6 still need work, and that bit on coaster construction needs to 
be ended as well. The list of rides is expanding, but shops and facilities is 
still to start. I will probably add more stuff to section 3 as it comes to 
mind, e.g. Fireworks MixMaster.

2. GAME OVERVIEW                                      
  2.1.  General Overview                              

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is the long awaited (and overdue) sequel to RCT 2. 
Basically, the premise of the game is the same. Build a whopping great big 
theme park, earn money and build your own rollercoasters to either keep the 
little kids happy, or scare the pants of the adrenaline junkies.
You'll find many parallels to RCT 1 and 2 (which, let's face it, were really 
the same thing). However, where the aim is the same, everything has been 
updated big time. Gone is the isometric blocky map, and unto us a superb 3D 
engine is born. Finally! Free rotation to design those coasters! A whole host 
of new rides and coasters will greet you here, along with funky new features 
like The Fireworks MixMaster and a Sandbox mode!

Probably one of the best features, long overdue, and only possessed by one 
other game is the "Coaster Cam" (I used to dream of one in RCT when I used to 
play Theme Park World). Now, you can ride those coasters, and finally 
understand why your "tame" coaster is making everyone eject their lunch. This 
isn't just restricted to coasters. Most other rides allow you to place your 
eyes in the eyes of the peeps when they are on the ride. Brilliant feature. 
Ever wondered what your RCT 1&2 coasters would be like to ride? Then use the 
handy importing feature and bring them into RCT3!

The physics model has been greatly improved, behaving much more realistically. 
This can make it a tad more difficult to design coasters as there is now more 
friction, but then coaster design is one of the biggest challenges in the game! 
(This can cause some of your RCT 1&2 coasters to work no longer, but you can 
decrease friction by cheating, more on that later. *insert evil grin*)
An improved user interface is a welcomed edition, and the whole thing just 
flows more easily now.

However, I will note there are some problems with the game. Valve peeved off a 
lot of people by releasing Half-Life 2 a year and a half behind schedule, but 
what they released was nigh-on perfect. RCT3 on the other hand seems, well, 
rushed. The game is absolutely awash with bugs (some of which have been 
addressed with a patch, which also introduces a few new problems). Probably the 
most irritating bug of all is having your coaster ratings fluctuate and then 
people refusing to pay for the ride as it's no longer worth it (thankfully this 
was fixed). This really does detract from the game, but in time, with patches, 
it'll be set right.

All in all, it's a game verging on excellence. Once the bugs are gone, then it 
might, just might, reach classic status, but I fear, alas, it is too late. 
Frontier simply shouldn't have rushed the game. A lesson learnt I suppose.

In any case, I have a more detailed review up at GameFAQs.com, so check it out.

  2.2.  Technical specifications                      

This is taken directly from Atari's site:
The game has been designed so that it will run well on as wide a range of PCs 
as possible. The 'minimum specification' below will provide an enjoyable 
experience, however - as always - the experience will improve on better PC 

Pentium® III 733 MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
250 MB hard drive space
32MB video card with hardware T&L (Such as nVidia GeForce2 or any ATI Radeon)

As usual, the buffs in QA always rate the minimum specification well below 
what's actually playable. My very, very absolute "minimum specification" would 
be more like:

Pentium IV/AMD Athlon 1.2GHz Processor
500 MB hard drive space (for all those savegames and downloaded coasters)
64MB video card (GeForce 2? You gotta be kidding. GeForce FX5000+ or ATI Radeon 

And even that might not cut it.

My specs are as follow:
Pentium IV 2.8GHz Processor
768 MB RAM
Total 240GB drive space split over 160/80GB hard drives
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Advantage Edition 128MB

The game detects my system as "Very High" video settings, but runs without lag 
or slowdown on "Extreme". My computer before upgrade had 1.5GHz P4 and a Radeon 
7500 128MB, and it said "low", so a bit of new hardware breathes plenty of life 
into the game. (Well, forget the processor, it's too expensive. I HAD to get a 
new one you see, because it, erm, fried. Lol.)

Note that the graphics card HAS to be T&L compatible. Nearly all newer cards 
are, but you'll find some integrated graphics chips don't. If your system is 
not T&L compatible, the game will simply refuse to start.

If you have an older video card, trust me, get a new one. You can get decent 
ones now for relatively cheap.

Other than this, you'll need a keyboard, mouse and monitor :D

PEGI (Europe): 3+, no negative content indicators.
ESRB (Americas): E (everyone), comic mischief, mild violence.
(Mild violence? What mild violence?)

3. GENERAL GAME STRATEGIES                                      

This section is basically a guide to how to set up a popular park, which earns 
money like no tomorrow. Of course some tricks only apply to certain parts of 
the game. Money making shouldn't be a concern in Sandbox mode since you've got 
as much of the stuff as you want, but fiscal responsibility is key to doing 
well in the career mode.

An important piece of advice is to do the tutorials! These give you basic 
insight into how the controls work, and some very basic gameplay tutorials, 
such as placing rides, paths and queues, and landscaping. I'm assuming you've 
done all this.

You'll also notice I value aesthetics quite highly. Not only does it keep your 
peeps happy, but makes your park look nicer to YOU, as the player.

  3.1.  The beginnings of a great park                              

An open, pristine landscape. Unlimited cash. Now what? Plenty!

My first point of advice is simply this, pause the game, and in your head, 
think what you would like this park to be. Multi-genre? Themed? Lots of roller 
coasters? Everything? This is probably the most important decision you make, as 
everything spans out from here.

One of the things I do almost immediately is landscape the place. A flat area 
is quite boring, so even if you add a few gentle, rolling hills, a lake or two, 
and some foliage to begin, it already looks good. (You can of course edit this 
later, and so you should, to accommodate rides. Making a monorail tour through 
a themed landscaped area makes for a great ride.)

You should make sure, from the off, that you park inspector's thoughts are 
being sent to the toolbar. This allows you critical park information

Decide on a path type. If I'm creating a single themed park, then this is the 
path you will most probably use throughout the entire park. You should delete 
the gravel path and re-path it unless you decide you want to use gravel. I also 
advise widening it to either 2 or three wide, as you don't want bottlenecks to 
form at your entrance/exit. I tend to put an information kiosk right beside the 
entrance as well, so that peeps can buy maps, which increases their ability to 
get to rides. Umbrellas are also provided here which stop people getting 
annoyed at getting sopping wet and leaving your park.

Buy staff! Both Sandbox and Career mode maps start off with nothing but a park 
inspector. Generally, from the off, I would buy 2 mechanics and 2 janitors, and 
decrease their salary. This doesn't affect them long term, and can be used 
later to increase their mood if its becomes low. Security guards aren't 
required until later, as vandals will only strike when you have benches, lights 
or bins about. Entertainers are unnecessary until park numbers increase and 
queues begin to fill out.

You might want to consider putting out some publicity to boost initial numbers 
into the park, but in the career mode, don't overdo it, as it can be very 
expensive if you aren't careful.

  3.2.  Initial layout 

You generally should have a wide path coming from the entrance, as to not 
bottleneck the peeps entering the park with those exiting the park. It's a good 
idea to place an information desk beside the entrance as well. I tend to 
generally have a "W" shaped path entrance, and fill the space with foliage to 
improve peeps' moods from the off, or place some small gentle rides there: 

    - - - - - - - - - - - E - - - - - - - - - - -
        P               I P P               P
        P               P P P               P
        P               P P P               P
        P               P P P               P
        P               P P P               P
        P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P

Where: - = Boundary
       E = Entrance
       P = Path
       I = Information desk

Bottlenecks don't actually occur in real-terms, it just looks a mess.

Your first rides in the park should generally be gentle rides, and should be 
placed relatively close to the entrance. These are used to "break in" peeps, 
and tend to be rather popular. Their low to medium ratings allow a very wide 
range of peeps to ride them, and they generally have very high capacities, 
which is good when you get an intake burst.

The big rollercoasters and rides should be further into your park. This in 
effect "draws" people through your park. Exciting rides at the start can cause 
people to nauseate quickly, covering your entrance area with vomit, which can 
cause some peeps to come in, notice the vomit, and do a 180 out the door. Even 
if people go straight to their roller coaster at the other side of the park, 
they have plenty of time to go back through the park.

I suggest putting an ATM relatively close to the entrance. I've noticed quite a 
few large groups that run out of money very soon, so an ATM near the entrance 
can relieve this problem.

If your initial area is not dense with rides, once you move further out, start 
placing food and drink shops. People will enter the park with empty hunger and 
thirst bars, which will fill up after riding any nauseating or intense rides. 
Vomiting causes the hunger bar to go up by 1/2, so put nauseating rides further 
into your park.

Tied in with this are toilets, which should also be placed relatively close to 
the entrance/exit, as peeps generally enter the park with a toilet bar of 
between 0 and roughly 1/5th.

  3.3.  Pricing and fiscal management

Pricing is no definite art. Reading this may give you fair insight, but time 
and experience are the best way to put your prices exactly.

In many parks, you can't charge an entrance fee, in others (including sandbox) 
you can. If you charge an entrance fees, peeps' tolerance to ride prices 
decreases, so you have to decrease your ride prices as a result. Generally, I 
would prefer to charge no entrance fee, and charge individually for each ride, 
as you can earn more money this way.

Ride prices are based mainly on the excitement and intensity rating of the 
ride. (I believe park rating and nausea values do have an effect, although 
minor) High ratings mean high prices! Note that in the initial version of the 
game, these values were unreliable and subject to change. This was fixed in the 
first upgrade.

The starting price for all rides is generally well below what you could be 
charging for those rides, but as I've said, it's quite hard to nail down the 
price. A good way to learn is to check the ratings, and then see what people 
think. If they think either "Ride X is good value" or "I'm not paying that much 
for Ride X!", then your price is wrong, and you should adjust accordingly.

Is there a truly magic formula? Well my general formula is this:

Excitement + Intensity             Excitement + Intensity
---------------------       or     ---------------------- 
         2.5                                1.9

The first one is roughly the lower limit I would charge for my rides, whereas 
the right one is roughly the upper limit. In practice, you can charge up to 
E+I/1.65 ish, but you will have some people complaining about price. You don't 
have to use a calculator, just work it out roughly in your head.

In any case, you shouldn't charge too much for your rides, even if peeps are 
happy to pay it. This is simply because peeps sometimes end up not being able 
to afford these rides. If you get messages saying "I can't afford ride X", it's 
a signal to place more ATMs.

When it comes to food stalls, I have a general formula. The main incentives, 
other than the food, are the toppings that come with them. Increase the 
toppings, and some people complain that they don't want all the toppings, and 
don't buy, put too few, and people complain about stingyness, and don't buy. 
Simply let the customer choose, and hike prices up by between 20-30%. 
Occasionally, especially with food/drink stalls, I get peeps buying, with the 
odd person complaining that the price is too high. It is up to you what to do 
with that stall, but lowering the price by £0.05 or £0.10 may be a good idea.

Generally, I recommend charging for toilet use, usually either £0.10 or £0.20. 
People who want to go to the toilet won't refuse to pay, and if numbers go up, 
it can be a nice little earner.

Staff can be very expensive. Generally, you should consider lowering their 
wages on employment, and initially use training to deal with any happiness 
problems, as this has the double effect of increasing productivity. However, 
once the money begins to come in, you should up their wages again.

Research is another thing you should address. £200.00 a month is quite a bit. 
However, depending on the number of available rides, you should not decrease 
this. If there are a lot of rides available to build, decrease it, otherwise 
leave it, as you'll need the rides to bring in the money.

Although a number of shops and food stalls are good for the wallet, too many 
just fritters away funds unnecessarily. Check stalls regularly to see their 
projected income. You should also check the peeps statistics on those stalls, 
as if they just haven't had a customer for a while, or if they've had a sudden 
burst of usage, those fiscal figures can be misleading. You sometimes may be 
wise to wait a while before placing any of these, because initially, people 
want to go on the rides.

If you're losing money on a monthly basis, check the balance sheets and see 
what is going on. Losing money boils down to one of two things: expenditure is 
too high, or income is too low. You should never have a combination of both 
unless you have been incredibly irresponsible with the money. Tut tut ;). 
Expenditure is mostly from new rides and facilities, but remember that 
fireworks displays can be pricey, and should be avoided in smaller parks. 
Advertising can be very very pricey indeed, so be wary of that as well.
If it's an income thing, check a few things. Your ride income should NEVER be 
below ride operating costs, unless there is something severely wrong. Check 
your rides individually and see if peeps are actually visiting them. If it 
seems as if a lot of people are walking past them, check the peeps. Are the 
hungry? Thirsty? In need of the toilet? These will override all ride desires, 
so place more facilities. Do they have money? If not, place more ATMs. If it's 
not the peeps, check your rides. Are you overcharging? Or maybe the ride just 
isn't popular. If that's the case, don't be afraid to get rid of it.

If your park is devoid of peeps, this can obviously lead to income dropping. If 
you suspect this is the case, check the guests' graph. If there is an obvious 
decrease, a quick ad campaign can help.

Also, in career mode, watch out for loans. Most levels come with some loans 
already taken out. Pay these off as quickly as possibly, as the loan interest 
can sometimes total quite an amount.

Occasionally, it can be a temporary thing. If your main money earner ride 
breaks down, then that can cause some holes in the balance sheet that month. Be 
wary of a few deceptive months of good finances. In many of my parks, my rides 
are ridden by "waves" of people. If you have all of your high price rides in 
one area of the park, you may find that in certain months, that area could be 
devoid of people.

If you find yourself spiralling into debt, start some cost cutting measures. 
Sack staff or lower their wages. Decrease toppings on food and drink. Sell off 
unneeded scenery (leave trees and plants, as it actually costs money to remove 
them). Cut research. If interest rates are low, it might be a good idea to take 
out a few thousands quid loans, and invest it in rollercoasters from which you 
can charge. Just be careful of the interest payments.

The best way to earn money is to have lots of good rides (especially 
rollercoasters), charging reasonable amounts of money, with a good number of 
stalls to back them up. 

I'll give you a few examples of some rides I have and some charges I'm putting 
on the people. First value is excitement, second is intensity, third is the 
charge, and fourth is my division value for my equation. I'll note these are in 
parks WITHOUT entrance fees:

8.11/8.76, £8.50, 1.98
6.84/5.38, £6.00, 2.03
6.35/5.44, £5.50, 2.14
2.54/2.40, £2.60, 1.9
3.60/4.42, £4.00, 2.01
2.01/1.90, £2.00, 1.96
3.63/4.70, £4.20, 1.98

You'll notice most of mine are in around a division value of 2. This is a good 
number, as you will never have people complaining about price being too high or 
low, and it's also easy to work out in your head :P

I would welcome anything you readers have to offer on this subject.

  3.4.  Peeps                              

Ah yes, peeps. Most probably the most fundamental thing to any business. No 
peeps means no money, which means no park. This in turn means you should do 
everything you possibly can to appease them and keep them happy. This section 
deals with some common problems, and some telltale signs of peep problems.

Just note that once someone has decided to go home, that is a permanent 
decision, and can't be changed. So if someone is going home because they are 
hungry, placing food stalls in their path will do no good.

Peeps generally enter your park in a good mood, as part of a group, with a 
wadful of cash to spend in your park. Hunger and thirst value in RCT3 start out 
at zero, and toilet can be anywhere between 0 and roughly 1/5th.

The first thing you should do to help with the smooth flow of peeps around your 
park is have an information kiosk beside the entrance. This allows peeps to buy 
maps, which allow them to find rides more easily, decreasing time they spend 
wandering, earning you more money, and keeping them happy.

Every so often, you should check out your guest information page. The most 
important guests to check out here are the people who are going home. Click on 
them, and click on "statistics". Here you will see some facts about that 
person. Generally, if they are leaving your park, it's because their happiness 
bar is rock bottom, but this is due to a variety of things.

If hunger, thirst or toilet is full, or a combination of all, then therein lies 
the problem. Your park is short of these facilities, and you should consider 
strategically placing more around your park. You should also check existing 
facilities to make sure you aren't overcharging for facilities already in 

If energy is down, then place more seats in your park. Coffee helps I believe. 
The best way to wake people up is to have high excitement/intensity rides.

If nothing is apparent here, then check "Guest Thoughts". There can be many 
reasons for leaving here, such as "This park has too much litter". If a message 
like that appears, either you need more janitors, or your existing staff aren't 
efficient enough. You should consider marking patrol areas.

Peeps will ride rides, which are suited to them. Most kids prefer gentle rides, 
most teenagers prefer hair splittingly scary rides. Clicking on Guest 
information will take you to their statistic page where you will see "Preferred 
ride intensity". This of course, determines what kind of rides they will visit.

Peeps will ride rides which are either below their preferred ride intensity, up 
to one above their ride intensity. So for example, a teenager will ride a ride 
with an intensity rating of Low, to a maximum of one with a rating of Very 
High. However, a child with a ride intensity of low will never ride any ride 
with an intensity of High. Peeps tend to seek out rides that match their 
intensity, so it's a good idea to have many "low" or "medium" intensity rides, 
as everyone will ride them. This is especially important when building 
rollercoasters, which we will discuss in the next section.

  3.5.  The art of coaster construction                              

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is mainly about the coasters, and by goodness, this game 
has plenty of them. But designing your own coasters can be quite a challenge, 
and although it is relatively easy to design a working coaster, it is much more 
difficult to build a GOOD working coaster.

In most coasters (junior ones being the obvious exception), you want excitement 
to be as high as possible, intensity between medium and high, and nausea as low 
as possible. Compactness is also a good thing to have

We'll deal with excitement first. Excitement is based on the track features, eg 
twists, loops, banks etc etc. The more features, the higher the excitement (and 
intensity), to a point. However, there is an interaction between excitement and 
intensity that you must be aware of. We will discover what this is later. Ride 
height also plays a part in excitement, as does ride speed. You also want 
passengers to see other parts of the track as much as possible, and even better 
yet, other trains, as this hikes excitement nicely. An absolutely brilliant way 
to have a high excitement ride is to have "synchronous rides", ie, two mirrored 
coaster which entwine around each other, with a synchronous launch time. This 
gives excitement an absolutely huge boost, and is HIGHLY recommended. 
Basically, you want excitement to be as high as possible.

Intensity is the most fickle of the ride determinants. You want intensity to be 
medium to high, which can be very awkward to achieve. Also note this: Once 
intensity reaches a point (around 8.5-9.0ish), any increase in intensity will 
result in a DECREASE in excitement. So it's very important that you limit 
intensity once it gets above 7. Ride speed, the length of "air" time, the 
number of inversions, and the G-Forces exerted on the ride determine the Ride 
intensity. As a result, you will want to limit these to some extent. Lots of 
big vertical drops which flick up mercilessly at the bottom will just make 
people sick. An intensity rating of about medium will mean that nearly everyone 
can ride it. As you read in the last section, peeps ride any ride below their 
preferred intensity rating, up to one above their preferred intensity rating. 
However, the higher your intensity, the more you can reasonably charge for your 

Nausea is based, to a degree, on some of the areas of intensity, primarily G-
Forces. Getting flung around your seat while travelling upside-down at 50mph is 
not a nice experience. Lots of inversions don't help either. This doesn't 
affect whether or not a person gets on the ride or not, but instead how they 
get off it! Highly nauseating rides means you'll be keeping your janitors busy!

So now we've dealt with the theory of what makes a good rollercoaster, we get 
to the interesting part, the actual construction!

Before you attempt to make a masterpiece, you should have a look at some of the 
premade coasters to get a feel for what is in them. Pay special attention to 
their "air-time" and "inversions" values, as you will want to make a ride with 
values not too different from these.

Now I presume you've done the coaster building tutorial, so you have a grip 
with the basics of the construction process. I'll also assume that you have the 
latest version.

We'll deal with a general coaster for coaster lovers, and then deal separately 
with junior coasters, which require a different coaster construction dynamic.

First of all, decide what type of coaster you would like to build. Different 
coasters have different methods of power, some look different, and most will 
have differences in base excitement and intensity. Decide what height you want 
your station at as not all rollercoasters begin from ground level. Some good 
coasters start from a slight elevation and drop down to begin with. You should 
place a single station block where you want the final station tile to be. You 
should check the carrying capacity of each car at this point and then judge how 
large you want you station to be. Small capacity cars which are large (e.g. 
Wooden Wild Mine), you will want a larger station to accommodate more people, 
and shorten queues.

From this, you should then judge the general shape of what you want. Although 
you are free to design a coaster as you like, as you go along, I suggest that 
we instead have a general plan. Later I'll provide some examples of my own 
coasters, good and bad, to see what we can do.

If you are starting your coaster from ground level, turn on the link carriage, 
and start raising it. The higher your coaster, the more it will cost, but the 
more exciting and intense it will be, and the longer it can go without needing 
a tug. Go as high as you would like. If it won't fit within park limits, as 
long as your chain speed is fast enough, your coaster can go round a tight 
corner to the next set of links.

From here, decide what type of drop your would like. Steel coasters have the 
sharpest dive available to them (but only a select few), whereas wooden and 
water coasters are somewhat limited. The steeper the dive, the more speed is 
accumulated over a smaller area of construction, but the higher the G-Forces at 
the bottom of the dive.

You may or may not decide to make this drop go to ground, but remember, that 
the further you go down, the more energy is lost through friction, and the 
lower you can reclimb, and also that the higher you pull up, the lower the 
accumulated speed.

From here on in, the rest of the construction is up to you, but there are some 
key things to remember.

If you want to keep intensity and nausea ratings down, it's important you bank 
your corners at 45 degrees inwards to the corner. 

4. CAREER MODE WALKTHROUGH                                      

This section is dedicated to providing you the way to get through each level in 
a quick and easy fashion, listing requirements, some tips specific to each 
level, and some other info like what rides are available and such.

I'm just going to do the first few levels to get you started if you're having 
difficulty. Don't worry though! In later versions, I'll make sure I have an 
entire walkthrough for that level.

Please note that this Walkthrough is designed to get you through the level as 
quickly as possible. You will have lots of enjoyment doing it your own way, and 
planning the park the way you want it to be done.

If you have any contributions, please send them in!

  4.1. Vanilla Hills

Description: The Vanilla Hills are the starting pointy on your meteoric - or 
not - rise to RollerCoaster Tycoon® status. Can you turn this plot into the 
peeps' talk of the town? Your rating as Apprentice, Entrepreneur, or Tycoon 
depends on it!
Apprentice level requirements:   Guests in Park: 400
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Minimum park value: £20,000.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Apprentice level difficulty:   Laughably Easy
Entrepreneur level requirements: Guests in Park: 500
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Minimum park value: £50,000.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Entrepreneur level difficulty: Very Easy
Tycoon level requirements:       Guests in Park: 600
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Minimum park value: £100,000.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Tycoon level difficulty:       Very Easy

Well, here you are in your first ever RCT3 career mode park, Vanilla Hills. 
This level is purely to break you in, and you should have absolutely no bother 
beating this level.

You'll start off this level with two rides (Top Spin and the "High Flier" 
Suspended Swinging roller coaster), and a large garden, and £10,000 in the 
kitty (of which £5,000 is loaned).

Start off by hiring one more janitor and one more mechanic, and a single week's 
ad campaign in the national newspaper to help bring in people. You should pay 
off the loan in it's entirety, as you should only take out loans when you've 
run out of cash, because at the start, every penny counts, and interest is 
taking away those pennies.

I would generally have this park of Generic theme, so start by placing some 
small rides close to the exit, such as a Merry-Go-Round, and some dodgems, and 
consider building a smallish Cheshire Cats ride (if you can't be bothered 
building one yourself, use one of the designs available to you). This should 
help start you off. Don't forget to place an information kiosk beside the 
entrance. Place a toilet close to the first rides in your park, along with an 
ATM. Finally, put prices up inline with my formula from earlier. Within about 5 
minutes, you've passed the apprentice level!

Entrepreneur and Tycoon levels are just more of the same. At this point, you 
should be earning in and around £400 per month. Invest this is new rides. Any 
income your get, put new rides up. That should increase the peeps in your park, 
and your park value. You should tycoon this level within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  4.2. Goldrush!

Description: Now's your chance to hit paydirt by using this unstable abandoned 
mining area to showcase low-rise coasters. Over time your coasters must start 
to make up in adrenaline what they lack in height to keep your claim staked 
with the visitors
Apprentice level requirements:   Minimum coaster excitement: 3
                                 Two coasters
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Minimum coaster length: 1000.66ft
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Total monthly ride income: £300
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Apprentice level difficulty:   Laughably Easy
Entrepreneur level requirements: Repay Loan
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Total monthly ride income: £500.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Entrepreneur level difficulty: Side-splittingly laughably Easy
Tycoon level requirements:       Minimum coaster excitement: 4
                                 Two coasters
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Minimum coaster length: 1213.91ft
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Total monthly ride income: £700
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Tycoon level difficulty:       Very Easy

This has to be THE easiest level in the game, as all of the level goals are 
exceptionally easy. This level can be tycooned in one or two months!

You start off this level with a pre-made coaster, a TNT Vortex ride and a Mine 
Drop ride. £12,000 is in the kitty, of which £1000 is a loan.

First thing to do is pay off that loan! The interest rate is a whopping 10.9%, 
which means that £1,000 loan = £109 per month! As per usual, stick an 
information desk beside the entrance. You also might want to connect the path 
between Mine Drop and TNT Vortex, as the former is very out of the way. Make 
sure to open the rides as well.

To complete the first two of the three requirements for apprentice level, open 
up your RollerCoaster ride menu, and open the designs for "Spinning Wild 
Mouse". Pick Dizzymouse, and plop it down. Connect the queues and paths, open 
it, and voila, the two requirements are complete.

As for the £300 ride income, that should be complete by the end of the month. 
Voila! You've completed apprentice level! And if you've followed this guide, 
and repaid that loan, you should have made £500 too, so you instantly pass 
Entrepreneur level too!

If you want to be cheap, you should still have enough money to place down 
another Dizzymouse. If you do that, you satisfy the first 2 of the 3 objectives 
for Tycoon. The third arrives at the end on the month when your income has 
exceeded £700, which it should do without bother. Voila! Level Tycooned in 5 

  4.3. Checkered Flag!

Description: Formula RCT has made a pit-stop in town! It's not going to be easy 
taking this crowd for a joyride, but put the pedal to the metal and go for a 
spin anyhow. Don't forget to buckle up!
Apprentice level requirements:   VIP ( Clint Bushton )
                                 Arrives: 16 May
                                 Wants to visit one rollercoaster with an 
                                 Excitement rating of at least 4.00
                                 Total monthly shop profit: £100.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Apprentice level difficulty:   Easy
Entrepreneur level requirements: VIP ( Clint Bushton )
                                 Arrives: 25 June
                                 Wants to visit one rollercoaster with an 
                                 Excitement rating of at least 5.00
                                 Total monthly shop profit: £300.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Entrepreneur level difficulty: Easy
Tycoon level requirements:       VIP ( Clint Bushton )
                                 Arrives: 13 March
                                 Wants to visit one rollercoaster with an 
                                 Excitement rating of at least 4.00
                                 Total monthly shop profit: £200.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Tycoon level difficulty:       Reasonably Easy

Notice they spelt "Checkered" wrong? It should be "Chequered". Never mind :D

You start off this level with two Go-Kart track rides, and £50,000 cash. Wow 
wee! Now time to spend it!

Since this level involves VIPs, you'd be wise be to be fiscally sensible, as 
this could go on for several game years.

I advise building a rollercoaster at the start of your park. I would suggest 
Floorless RollerCoaster, "Footdangler". It is relatively cheap, and has a 
sufficient excitement rating to do right up to Tycoon level.

The shops part is the trickier part. However, don't be misled by "shop". "Shop" 
is inclusive of food and drink as well.

I would warn against putting down shops for the first month or two, as people 
will buy up hats and balloons very quickly, but not hit the required £100. You 
should tie in these shops with food stalls as well, as they are required to tip 
you over the balance. After two months, start placing stalls down. You don't 
need to worry about too many rides yet.

Now you can get away on this map with absolute rip-off prices. Here are a few 

Cowboy hat: I've charged up to £4.50 without complaint
Indian feather: £3.50 before people start whinging
Balloon: £1.70 is about the upper limit
Bison Standard Burger, with customer choice toppings: £2.50
Pretzels (small) with customer choice toppings: £1.65
For Tycoon, it can get awkward hitting that £200 profit. Note the word profit, 
not income.  Your profit is obviously shop/food sales - shop/food stocking.

Apprentice level is reasonably easy, and should be complete by the end of the 
first year. Entrepreneur is more of the same.

Once you get to Tycoon, you should have a fair few number of rides down, being 
charged appropriately to fund your stalls. Keep placing rides, but place them 
further apart that normal. This gets people hungry, so they buy your cunning, 
but conveniently placed stalls.

Sometimes, the VIP can be a bit icky, leaving your park before actually riding 
anything. I've encountered this problem once before, and seems to be game 
related. Frontier has promised a patch soon to resolve this issue.

  4.4. Box Office

Description: Look out, unamusing amusement parks! A movie studio has cast you 
in the role of superhero. Not for a movie, but for the daunting task if 
updating its aging back-lot park without ruining its pedigreed heritage. You're 
the produce, the director, and the star of the show. Can you deliver the 
blockbuster the studio wants?
Apprentice level requirements:   Park Rating: 300
                                 Sustained for at least 1 month.
                                 Wants to visit one rollercoaster with an 
                                 VIP ( Cami O )
                                 Arrives: 7 May
                                 Litter Tolerance: Low
Apprentice level difficulty:   Easy
Entrepreneur level requirements: VIP ( Cami O )
                                 Arrives: 19 July
                                 Breakdown Tolerance: Medium 
                                 Park Rating: 500
                                 Sustained for at least 2 months
                                 Total monthly shop profit: £100.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
Entrepreneur level difficulty: Reasonably Easy
Tycoon level requirements:       VIP ( Cami O )
                                 Arrives: 8 October
                                 Wants to visit one rollercoaster with an 
                                 Excitement rating of at least 7.00
                                 Park Rating: 700
                                 Sustained for at least 3 months
Tycoon level difficulty:       Medium

Goodness knows what they were doing in this park. It's covered, and I mean 
COVERED in vomit and litter. And you only have until the 7th of May to clean it 

You start this map with a measly £5,000, and a single monorail tour ride.

Your first priority is to get that stuff cleaned up. Peeps don't like litter, 
so it'll increase income, along with meeting the VIP requirement. I advice 
initially hiring 4 janitors, and cutting it down later to cut on costs.

Place a *few* thrill rides near the entrance, but don't go overboard, as you 
should keep some cash spare, and fewer rides helps with Entrepreneur 
objectives. Place an info kiosk by the door, and a toilet somewhere a bit 
further away.

Hire two mechanics to look after your rides. Once you have the litter cleaned 
up, your park rating *should* go above 300. It might take a while, so keep at 

As with the last map, don't worry about shops for a few game months. Tackle 
those when you get to Entrepreneur level. As park numbers and publicity are 
both low, you might find it beneficial to use an ad campaign to bring in those 
numbers, as this also helps with your sagging park rating. Also, keep a very 
beady eye on your finances, as with so little funds, and few rides, you may 
just about be hitting the black

Time is all you need to pass apprentice level.

Entrepreneur is not overly hard. The reason I told you to build few rides is 
due to the nature of the VIP visit. As long as your rides are been regularly 
checked by mechanics, you should be all right. The VIP may stay in your park 
for quite some time, so be warned. Once this is satisfied, begin to slowly fill 
your park with rides, but making sure you save cash for the all-important 
Tycoon level.

The shop profit thing is rather easy. By this point, you should have a 
sufficient number of hungry people to make that total up quickly, so once 
again, this is of little bother.

The 500 park rating for two months should be easy, but can be awkward if you 
don't pay close attention to it. Make sure peeps are full up, not thirsty, and 
have empty bladders to keep them happy. Litter detracts from your score, so 
keep it clean. As long as you aren't doing anything overly bad, this should 
come reasonably quickly.

The real challenge comes from Tycoon level. By this point, you should have a 
lot of peeps in your park, and quite a few rides in place, making a good 
profit. The big pain is building that coaster with an excitement rating of 
7.00, mainly due to cash issues. Loan interest rates are at 7.9%, which is 
reasonably, but high enough to want to avoid. As in Checkered Flag, 
"Danglefeet" is a good pre-made coaster to build, due to its high excitement 
(7.07) and reasonable cost (only £9,700). Plonk that down to keep the VIP 

The other condition (Park rating of 700 for 3 months) can be problematic. You 
need to keep litter and broken rides to a minimum, and keep people very happy. 
A lot of high excitement/intensity rides also helps to boost this score.

  4.5. Fright Night

Description: Forget about haunted houses and costumed characters, because cheap 
thrills just don't scare the teens in this town. You'll need to give them 
something they can really scream about - like rollercoasters that would scare 
the hair off a werewolf.
Apprentice level requirements:   Minimum coaster excitement: 5
                                 Two coasters.
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time. 
                                 Minimum coaster length: 524.93 ft
                                 Two coasters.
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time
                                 Total monthly ride income: £200.00
                                 Condition can be achieved at any time.
Apprentice level difficulty:   Reasonably Easy

5. FAQs & CHEATS                                      

  5.1.  Frequently asked questions                              
Note, as I actually haven't received any questions since this is the first 
public release, this section will be rather bare. Please send in your 

Q: My game doesn't start, giving me a message that my computer doesn't meet the
   minimum requirements!
A: This is a common problem, usually related to the graphics card not 
   supporting T&L, which is a hardware ability to do with graphics rendering.
   Many newer games require T&L cards, and you may be as well buying a newer,
   up-to date card.

Q: There are tons and tons of bugs in the game, such as fluctuating ride and 
   park ratings, things not rendering properly, and general nasty stuff! What 
   can I do?
A: At time of writing, there is one patch available that deals with some of 
   these problems. I advise you download it.

Q: People aren't riding any of my rides! What's wrong?
A: Peeps are icky little people. If their hunger, thirst or toilet bars are too
   high, they will be more concerned with finding a remedy to this problem.
   Query a few guests to see what they are thinking. If it turns out to be any
   of these problems, then appropriate stalls will fix it. Also, if there are
   big long queues at certain rides, then people will be there and not on other 
   Something I discovered the other day. If the ride is not being used, try 
   editing the queue and having it meet a path somewhere else. This 
   occasionally fixes the problem.

Q: People aren't using the stalls I generously placed for them!
A: A very common thing to forget is to open the stall. Go into your park 
   management screen, and check they are all open. Prices can be icky, so make
   sure that they are not too high. Also check if there is an actual demand for 
   that thing, if it is food or drink.

Q: If you were a peep, what would your stats be?
A: LOL! I'd say a preferred ride intensity of Very High, and a nausea tolerance 
   of Extreme. It's hard to make me sick :P

  5.2.  Dirty, underhanded cheats!                              

Tut tut tut! So you want to cheat eh? Well here is a list of the cheats. 
However, I recommend you enjoy the game without cheating first, but if you 
won't, well, I can't stop you. (Or maybe I can? Maybe I have a secret LASER GUN 

To enter these cheats, all you have to do is click on a peep, and change their 
name to the following, for the desired effect:

Name:                    Result:
John D Rockerfeller      Grants you £10,000! Yay!
Mouse                    Guests stare at the ground
Atari                    All guests start laughing and cheering!
Frontier                 Mechanical dream! Rides never break down!
Guido Fawkes             Advanced Fireworks Editor
Chris Sawyer             Guests start jumping for joy!
Sam Denney               Peeps will ride all of your coasters
John Roach               Peeps will ride all of your non coaster rides
James Hunt               A buggy will ride through your park
Shifty                   Guests will start dancing
D Lean                   Flying Camera Route Editor
ATITech                  Speeds game up
Jonny Watts              Gives you a PeepCam with the guest you renamed
Atomic                   Big Explosion

If you are using the v1 beta patch, the following also work:
Andrew Thomas            Decreases Coaster Track Friction
David Braben             Allows you an unlimited Lift Chain speed
Ghost Town               Guests cannot enter your park
FPS                      Shows the frames per second

6. THE RIDES                                      

Well, here we are, the main part of the game, the rides! Here you will find a 
complete list of all the rides, along with their costs, excitement, intensity 
and nausea ratings amongst other interesting things. You'll note that the cost 
is in £, as I'm in the UK, but it's the same for any currency.

Please note that excitement, intensity and nausea values are for the default 
design/settings. If you change the speed, number of circuits etc, these values 
will change.

Any help in this section would be very greatly appreciated, so please volunteer 
some information!

/KEY:                                        \
| Name: The name of the ride.                |
| Cost: The approximate cost of the ride, the|
|       minimum cost a coaster can be, set at|
|       ground level.                        |
| Description: The in game description.      |
| Coaster Type: Whether a coaster relies on  |
|       gravity to pull it along, or whether |
|       it is propelled by its own engines   |
| Default Designs: The number of designs you |
|       have from the go.                    |
| Locked Designs: Number of unlockable       |
|       designs.                             |
| Excitement/Intensity/Nausea: As they say.  |
| Capacity: Self-explanatory                 |

  6.1.  RollerCoasters                              

These are the main rides in the game, and the most numerous, with 49 of them, 
in the 4 differing categories, Steel (steel supports and tracks), Wooden 
(wooden supports, think traditional), Suspended (ones which hang rather than 
sit on tracks) and Water (water rides like flumes and stuff). I might at some 
point list all the designs you get with them, but I have tons of my own mixed 
in, and a few are still locked. Maybe in a future update.
This document is copyright 2004 to Andrew McKendry.

To cut down file size and type time, track pieces have been abbreviated to the 

BBR= Block Brakes
BRA= Brakes
FT = Flat Track
MC = Medium Curve
PS = Photo Section
SS = Steep Slope
ST = Straight
STA= Station
TC = Tight Curve
TOP= Top Cap
VE = Vertical

Banks are the available bank options

    6.1.1. Steel (RollerCoasters)                              
Name: Air Powered Coaster
Cost: From £6,750
Description: After an exhilarating air powered launch, the train speeds up a 
vertical track, over the top, and vertically down the other side to return to 
the station.
Coaster Type: Self-propelled
Default designs: 1
   -> Twin Thunder:
      Size: 41x7
      Cost: £10,200.00
      Excitement: 5.09 (Medium)
      Intensity: 5.32 (High)
      Nausea: 6.28 (Medium)
Locked designs: 0
Pieces: STA
        FT: ST, MC
        V: ST
        TOP: ST
Special pieces: None
Banks: 45
Cars: 1
      Air Powered Car, capacity: 2 per car
Name: Bobsleigh
Cost: From £2,700
Description: Riders career down a twisting track in small bobsleigh cars guided 
only by the curvature and banking of the semi circular track.
Coaster Type: Gravity
Default Designs: 4
  -> Icicle Bob
     Size: 21x13
     Cost: £10,121.00
     Excitement: 2.80 (Medium)
     Intensity: 2.78 (Medium)
     Nausea: 2.24 (Low)
  -> Slip Slider
     Size: 25x15
     Cost: £6,035.00
     Excitement: 2.51 (Medium)
     Intensity: 2.80 (Medium)
     Nausea: 1.84 (Low)
  -> Toxic Toboggan
     Size: 19x12
     Cost: £5,951.00
     Excitement: 2.85 (Medium)
     Intensity: 4.13 (Medium)
     Nausea: 2.43 (Low)
  -> Water Python
     Size: 20x12
     Cost: £6,346.75
     Excitement: 2.77 (Medium)
     Intensity: 2.93 (Medium)
     Nausea: 1.98 (Low)
Locked Designs: 0
Pieces: STA
        FT: ST, MC, TC
        GS: ST, MC, TC
        SS: ST
Special pieces: S-Bend
                Banked S-Bend
                Large Helix
                Small Helix
Banks: 45
Cars: 1
      Bobsleigh: 2 passengers per car

    6.1.2. Wooden (RollerCoasters)                  

    6.1.3. Suspended (RollerCoasters)                  

    6.1.4. Water (RollerCoasters)                  

  6.2.  Junior Rides                              

These rides tend to have low excitement and intensity ratings, and especially 
low nausea ratings, meaning that they are perfect for the kids and very timid 
adults. You're best to place these close together, and relatively near the 
entrance, as little kids can get tired by walking relatively easily.

    6.2.1. Generic (Junior Rides)                  
Name: Floundering Ferry
Cost: £550
Description: A boat that slides and rotates up and down a short ramp.
Excitement: 2.50 (Low)
Intensity: 2.70 (Medium)
Nausea: 2.74 (Medium)
Capacity: 16   
Name: Merry-Go-Round
Cost: £300
Description: A gentle motorized Merry-Go-Round ride.
Excitement: 1.51 (Low)
Intensity: 0.46 (Low)
Nausea: 0.71 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Spiral Slide
Cost: £300 
Description: A wooden building with an internal staircase and external spiral 
slide for use with slide mats.
Excitement: 1.80 (Low)
Intensity: 1.20 (Low)
Nausea: 0.90 (Low)
Capacity: 1
*NOTE: This is a very valid point from Nigel Kennington:
"This ride can be very popular if priced normally (£1.70) but its extremely low 
turnaround means that queues form very quickly and long queues mean other rides 
are lying idle. Thus I really recomment setting the spiral slide to the point 
where people are occasionally complaining about the price ("I'm not paying that 
much...") or, even better, building something else instead."
I would suggest if you want to build this ride, that you either build two, or 
have a very short queue so it can't buld up.
Name: Tea Cups Ride
Cost: £360
Description: People ride in pairs of seats rotating around a Giant Teacup 
Excitement: 2.60 (Medium)
Intensity: 2.0 (Low)
Nausea: 6.0 (Medium)
Capacity: 18

    6.2.2. Western (Junior Rides)                  
Name: Buffalo Roundabout
Cost: £472
Description: A western-themed roundabout ride
Excitement: 2.20 (Low)
Intensity: 0.62 (Low)
Nausea: 0.75 (Low)
Capacity: 12

    6.2.3. Spooky (Junior Rides)                  
Name: Monster Ride
Cost: £472
Description: People sit on seats as animatronic versions of classic monsters 
provide a scare.
Excitement: 1.80 (Low)
Intensity: 0.62 (Low)
Nausea: 0.75 (Low)
Capacity: 12

    6.2.4. Sci-Fi (Junior Rides)                  
Name: Flying Saucers Ride
Cost: £560
Description: People ride on a vehicle gliding on a cushion of compressed air.
Excitement: 2.50 (Low)
Intensity: 0.85 (Low)
Nausea: 0.39 (Low)
    6.2.5. Adventure (Junior Rides)                  
Name: Odyssey Ride
Cost: £560
Description: An adventure themed boat that slides and rotates up and down a 
short ramp.
Excitement: 2.50 (Low)
Intensity: 2.70 (Medium)
Nausea: 2.74 (Medium)
Capacity: 16
Name: Snake Helter-Skelter
Cost: £360
Description: Adventure themed helter-skelter in the shape of a giant snake with 
an internal staircase and an external spiral slide.
Excitement: 1.80 (Low)
Intensity: 1.40 (Low)
Nausea: 1.90 (Low)

  6.3.  Thrill Rides                              

As the name suggests, these rides tend to have medium to high excitement, 
medium to high intensity, and any range of nausea ratings. Teens tend to favour 
these, as with adrenaline junkie adults, and include some very insane rides 
indeed. It's a bonus that a lot of them have high capacities too. Note there 
are no Sci-Fi Thrill rides in the Sci-Fi section of the game, but the 
Gravitron's own description describes it as a Sci-Fi ride.

    6.3.1. Generic (Thrill rides)                  
Name: Chairswing
Cost: £502
Description: People sit in suspended seats which are swinging around a central 
Excitement: 2.16 (Low)
Intensity: 1.68 (Low)
Nausea: 1.86 (Low)
Capacity: 36   
Name: Double Swinging Inverter
Cost: £564
Description: People ride in one of two gondolas, which is attached to its own 
Excitement: 3.62 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.70 (Medium)
Nausea: 4.78 (Medium)
Capacity: 24   
Name: Enterprise
Cost: £880
Description: A rotating wheel with suspended passenger pods, which first starts 
spinning and is then tilted up by a supporting arm.
Excitement: 3.59 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.42 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.65 (High)
Capacity: 16   
Name: Flying Carpet
Cost: £396
Description: A large flying carpet themed-car which moves up and down 
cyclically on the ends of 4 arms.
Excitement: 3.33 (Low)
Intensity: 4.68 (Low)
Nausea: 4.38 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Gravitron
Cost: £564
Description: People are flung against the wall of this Sci-Fi themed centrifuge 
Excitement: 4.24 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.68 (Medium)
Nausea: 6.20 (High)
Capacity: 26   
Name: Launched FreeFall
Cost: From £600
Description: A freefall car is pneumatically launched up a tall steel tower, 
and then allowed to freefall down
Excitement: Between 3.57 (Medium) and 3.64 (Medium)
Intensity: Between 6.97 (High) and 7.04 (High)
Nausea: Between 6.55 (High) and 6.69 (High)
Capacity: 16
Pieces: STA
Special Pieces: Launcher section
Note: The minimum height this ride can be is 91.79 feet, as any lower, even at 
the minimum launch speed, causes this ride to crash. Values for EIN are taken 
from minimum height/minimum speed launch to maximum height/maximum speed 
Name: Motion Simulator
Cost: £440
Description: Riders view a film inside the motion simulator pod while it is 
twisted and moved around by a hydraulic arm.
Excitement: 3.25 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.10 (Medium)
Nausea: 3.30 (Medium)
Capacity: 8   
Name: Revolution
Cost: £862
Description: People sit on the end of a spinning wheel that is attached to a 
spinning arm.
Excitement: 3.94 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.65 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.76 (High)
Capacity: 32   
Name: RotoDrop
Cost: From £650
Description: A ring of seats is pulled to the top of a tall tower while gently 
rotating, then allowed to freefall down, stopping gently at the bottom using 
magnetic brakes.
Excitement: 1.55 (Low)
Intensity: 1.95 (Low)
Nausea: 1.51 (Low)
Capacity: 16
Pieces: STA
Special Pieces: Rotodrop section
NOTE: I think this ride is bugged. Values are too low for the nature of the 
ride, and neither height, nor speed affects the values of EIN. 
Name: Rotor
Cost: £654
Description: People are swung against the wall of this centrifuge ride.
Excitement: 4.00 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.60 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.84 (High)
Capacity: 12 
Name: Roundup ride
Cost: £628
Description: A small intense centrifuge ride, which lifts up to a 25 degree 
Excitement: 3.72 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.68 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.84 (Medium)
Capacity: 24 
Name: Sky Sling
Cost: £434
Description: People are thrown into the sky and brought safely down to earth 
Excitement: 3.72 (Medium)
Intensity: 5.00 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.88 (High)
Capacity: 6 
Name: Sky Wheel
Cost: £790
Description: People ride in two rotating wheel at either end of a giant arm.
Excitement: 1.42 (Low)
Intensity: 4.74 (Medium)
Nausea: 4.82 (Medium)
Capacity: 32 
Name: Swinging inverter ship.
Cost: £424
Description: The swinging inverter Ship is capable of doing a full 360 degree 
Excitement: 3.49 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.68 (Medium)
Nausea: 4.72 (Medium)
Capacity: 18 
Name: Top Spin
Cost: £580
Description: People ride in a gondola suspended by large rotating arms, 
rotating forwards and backwards, head-over heels.
Excitement: 2.00 (Low)
Intensity: 4.80 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.74 (High)
Capacity: 20 
Name: Top Spinner
Cost: £844
Description: A rotating arm that is connected to rotating gondolas placed in a 
star formation.
Excitement: 3.54 (Medium)
Intensity: 4.54 (Medium)
Nausea: 5.88 (High)
Capacity: 24 
Name: Twister
Cost: £360
Description: Three pairs of seats rotate at the end of three rotating arms.
Excitement: 2.55 (Medium)
Intensity: 2.75 (Medium)
Nausea: 2.82 (Medium)
Name: Zipper
Cost: £980
Description: People ride in cages that spin freely while ravelling along a 
rotating arm, which also spins.
Excitement: 2.82 (Medium)
Intensity: 6.82 (High)
Nausea: 7.12 (High)
Capacity: 32

    6.3.2. Western (Thrill rides)                  
Name: Bucking Bull
Name: Lasso
Name: Mine Drop Ride
Name: Rotovator
Name: TNT Vortex

    6.3.3. Spooky (Thrill rides)                  
Name: Gallows Swing
Name: Spider Top Spinner

    6.3.4. Adventure (Thrill rides)                  
Name: Phoenix Twister
Name: Pirate Ship

  6.5.  Gentle Rides                              

These rides tend to be relatively popular. Kids, teens and adults alike will 
all enjoy a blast on one of these low-medium excitement rides, and are best 
placed at the start of the park to get people into the mood of theme parks. Due 
to their high capacity nature, they're absolutely perfect near the entrance of 
the park, or near high population path junctions.

    6.5.1. Generic (Gentle rides)                  
Name: 3D Cinema
Cost: £560
Description: Cinema showing 3D films inside a geodesic sphere building
Excitement: 3.50 (Medium)
Intensity: 2.40 (Low)
Nausea: 2.50 (Low)
Capacity: 12  
Name: Circus
Cost: £500
Description: Circus animal and clown show inside a big top hat
Excitement: 2.10 (Low)
Intensity: 0.60 (Low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 30   
Name: Crazy Golf
Cost: From £700
Description: Guests play Mini Golf on a custom built Crazy Golf Course
Default designs: 0
Locked designs: 0
Pieces: STA
        FT: ST, TC
        MS: ST
Special pieces: Hole 1
                Hole 2
                Hole 3
                Hole 4
                Hole 5
                Hole 6
(Note, this is a custom build ride similar to a roller coaster, and has no 
designs available, thus excitement, intensity and nausea values are 
unavailable. To my knowledge, there is no capacity limit.)   
Name: Crooked House
Cost: £320
Description: Building contains warped rooms and angled corridors to 
disorientate people walking through it
Excitement: 2.15 (Low)
Intensity: 0.62 (Low)
Nausea: 0.34 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Dodgems
Cost: £491
Description: People sit in and drive electrically powered Dodgem cars and must 
try to avoid one another.
Excitement: 2.70 (Medium)
Intensity: 1.20 (Low)
Nausea: 0.35 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Ferris Wheel
Cost: $450
Description: Guests ride on a slowly rotating giant wheel.
Excitement: 1.50 (Low)
Intensity: 0.48 (Low)
Nausea: 0.53 (Low)
Capacity: 32   
Name: Kara Oki concert
Cost: £940
Description: Pop concert featuring bestselling recording artist Kara Oki
Excitement: 2.95 (Medium)
Intensity: 0.30 (Low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 40   
Name: Trampoline
Cost: £324
Description: People bounce on a trampoline assisted by bungee cords.
Excitement: 2.0 (Low)
Intensity: 1.82 (Low)
Nausea: 1.44 (Low)
Capacity: 4

    6.5.2. Western (Gentle rides)                  
Name: Western Wheel
Cost: £462
Description: Guests ride on a western-themed slowly rotating wheel. 
Excitement: 1.50 (Low)
Intensity:  0.50 (Low)
Nausea: 0.55 (Low)
Capacity: 20   
Name: Wild West Show
Cost: $484
Description: A live show that runs every fifteen minutes, showing the Wild West 
at it's best. 
Excitement: 2.90 (Medium)
Intensity: 0.74 (Low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 24

    6.5.3. Spooky (Gentle rides)                  
Name: Ghost House Ride
Cost: £430
Description: Guests ride in spooky themed cars along a premade track, around a 
spooky themed Ghost house. 
Excitement: 3.41 (Medium)
Intensity: 1.53 (Low)
Nausea: 0.10 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Mirror Maze
Cost: £596
Description: Guests try to find their way through a themed maze of image-
distorting mirrors. 
Excitement: 2.20 (Low)
Intensity: 0.64 (Low)
Nausea: 0.42 (Low)
Capacity: 10   
Name: Spooky Wheel
Cost: $465
Description: Guests ride in a spooky-themed, slowly rotating giant wheel.
Excitement: 1.50 (Low)
Intensity: 0.50 (Low)
Nausea: 0.55 (Low)
Capacity: 32

    6.5.4. Sci-Fi (Gentle rides)                  
Name: Laser Battle
Cost: £550
Description: Team Red vs Team Blue in an exciting laser gun battle.
Excitement: 2.01 (Low)
Intensity: 1.90 (Low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Planetarium
Cost: £540
Description: People experience a beautiful simulation of planets and stars.
Excitement: 1.57 (Low)
Intensity: 0.12 (low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Space Arcade
Cost: £456
Description: A large undercover video games arcade.
Excitement: 1.57 (Low)
Intensity: 0.12 (Low)
Nausea: 0.00 (Low)
Capacity: 12   
Name: Space Rings
Cost: £288
Description: Concentric pivoting rungs allowing the riders free rotation in all 
Excitement: 3.58 (Medium)
Intensity: 2.10 (Low)
Nausea: 4.50 (Medium)
Capacity: 4   
Name: Zero G trampoline
Cost: £324
Description: Guests safely bounce on a Sci-Fi themed trampoline assisted by 
bungee cords.
Excitement: 2.10 (Low)
Intensity: 1.82 (Low)
Nausea: 1.44 (Low)
Capacity: 4

#* The rest of the section will be finished at a later date *#

7. SHOPS & FACILITIES                                     

This section will be added in a future update.


This section will be added in a future update.

9. AFTERWORD                                      

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