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Reviewed: 08/05/05 get what you pay for

Facade is a freeware game that simulates a troubled relationship between a married couple, Trip and Grace, and puts you into the game as a long time friend who comes over one evening and it's your job to either break them up or fix their relationship.

Game play:
You start off the game by waiting at the loading screen and sometimes the game will load, other times you have to close the window and try again. After that, you choose a name. They give you a lot of names to choose from, so you should be able to find your actual name, but if you're like me and have a not so common name, chances are, it's not gonna be there. But...Sometimes the game will load, you'll be passed the name choosing screen and you'll be outside their apartment door knocking, but they never answer.

You have three interactions you can use on Trip and Grace; kiss, hug, and comfort. You can also talk to them by typing on your keyboard. However, the A.I. isn't the most intelligent and you'll often see responses which have nothing to do with what you just said. Example, I said while they were having an argument "I want another drink." Grace's response? "Thank you, just saying that helps us." Other interactions include, picking up a drink, drinking, and picking up other objects.

You'll notice that the scenario never changes much after how many times you play. Sometimes the phone will ring, sometimes it won't. Sometimes you flirt with Grace and Trip throws you out, sometimes you fight with them and insult them, and Trip throws you out. I tend to find it funner to just cause trouble, but that's just me.

The voice acting is actually pretty good. Sometimes suspenseful music will play in the background. All in all, not bad.

Well...what can I say? It looks like someone put a lot of time into drawing on MS Paint. It's the best you can hope for with those types of graphics.

Should you download this game?
This game takes a long damn time to download. I have cable internet and it took me almost three hours to download. If this sounds like an interesting concept to you, then you should download it, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

Rating: 3

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