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Find the ancient key and open the door to peace!
Centuries ago, an enormous seal was created to keep evil creatures out ... and a peaceful existence in. Now the seal is broken! It is up to you and your party of adventurers to rescue and save the world from terror and destruction.
You will have to do battle with ugly monsters. Know when to attack and when to defend, and most important, know when to hit the road! Luckily, you will not be alone.
To begin, use your ingenuity to create the characters that will aid in your quest. Choose their name, race, profession, and abilities. Oh, and here is a small hint: make sure you choose a good mix of magic and fighting ability, and you will be successful. Just remember, millions are counting on you. Find the four pieces of the ancient key and lock that darn door once and for all!
Ancients contains:
- Outstanding graphics and sound
- Challenging fun for the whole family
- No graphic violence
- Full menu with story line
- Easy installation
Ancients supports:
- Sound Blaster & Joysticks

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