Review by Hypershadow7

Reviewed: 10/09/06

Great Classic Ruined by Blocky Controls

Sonic is back and is finally released for the PC, and he brought all his buddies too. As you know our hero Sonic, the loveable, blue, speed demon had this adventure already on the Dreamcast. Then They had the same adventure again... except on the Gamecube. Well that's what your playing. In Sonic Adventure:DX Directors Cut, your playing the GC Port. And I'm not kidding you about that.

GRAPHICS: The Graphics are of course based on your card but the basics are actually okay in some major areas. Now remember our Spiny blue fella brought this game from early Gamecube Era. So the Graphics feel outdated. Especially when you get to the later levels where textures are poor and feel just 'glued on'. Sonic and his friends are all good looking but more detail could've gone into player textures. Station Square still has it's look and feel with the Anime faces and stiff bodies but works out in the end. 6/10

SOUND: Ahh the wonderful 90's where music like this was loved and bowed to daily. SA:DX still offers it's original line up by the band Crush 40. The sounds sometime just ruin the cutscenes and they don't seem to match, other times they work out fine. The sound effects are very low grade though besides the classic Sonic jump sound. They're include the classic sound effects you find in sound packs for programs like Flash and other movie editiors. 5/10

GAMEPLAY: Wow, without a controler in your hands the game feels flawed. It feels like you shouldn't be playing like this. But Sonic still offers fast Gameplay. Sonic comes back in SA:DX with his buddies all having different intertwining adventures. Each Character having a different mode of gameplay really mixes up the party making it nice to take a break awhile from Sonic's fast levels and do some fishing with BIG the CAT, whose best friend froggy goes missing and is the attention for all. Even if you dont have a PC computer you can still have fun with Sonic in the gang. 8/10

STORY: What a really odd story for a SEGA game. Yuji Naka must've really been thinking hard. The story is hard to follow at some parts but at other times it's annoying to be pulled from normal gameplay to witness a sory cut-scene way in the past. In the end everyone's stories come together for a spectacular ending with you know who, the legenedary Super Sonic! Overall the story could've used some work before being released. 6/10

OVERALL: Sonic and the gang don't dissapoint that much. The Gameplay issues and lack of effort to retouch the graphics from Sonic's First DC adventure. The Game is fun and has a the A-Life Chao Garden for some serious fun after some adventuring gathering animals. SA:DX gets a 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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