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Reviewed: 01/17/04

You're Winner

Before I delve into the details of this deplorable game, I'd like to discuss humanity as a whole. We, as humans, have an innate tendency to be irresolute, dishonest, and lazy. This game may in fact be the culmination of all of humanity's bad traits, exemplifying just how bad a single game can be. Installing the game is a breeze, just like any other game installation. Playing the game for the first time, however, presents a challenge. This game refused to run on my geForce 4 256 card, stating the computer ''Does not have the necessary resources to run Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing''. I was expecting this because I had already hear the horror stories of the game and had to see it for myself. So, I took out my 3 year old Sony Vaio, with it's Radeon 7500, and took Big Rigs for a ride.
The menu screen, amazingly, isn't all that bad. Of course, a lack of any mode other than race is somewhat pathetic, but in all intents and purposes, this is the highlight of the game. Unfortunately I'm not too sure the menu has music or not, because sound refused to come out of my speakers whatsoever. On to the review.


The lights on the back of the trucks occasionally float off the truck. The trucks are built from a maximum of 6 polygons. Wiggly polygons. The terrain looks somewhat better than a Nintendo 64 game, but the houses don't. The truck that starts next to you before the race starts is identical to yours. The framerate, however, is solid. Wee.



There is no sound.

...but considering what the sound could have been....



It is a simple premise. Race against an AI opponent in a few different terrains. The AI truck doesn't move. You can go in reverse as fast as you can go forward, and if you reverse in circles, you eventually go warp speed and your computer crashes. Driving off road is the same as driving on the road. You can drive straight through buildings, over mountains, and through blank space all at the same speed.

You might want to make up your own plot, because there's nothing to do otherwise.


This game is pathetic even for a highschool project. The game has absolutely no high points other than we're saved from what probably would be awful music. I'm glad I bought this game and will cherish it always.

Rating: 1

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