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Fighter Guide Guide by G Admiral Thrawn

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 11/21/2003

Fighter's FAQ (v. 25)

1. Introduction and Contact information
2. Introduction to the Fighter
3. Advantages and Disadvantages
4. Races
5. Attributes and Builds
6. Skills
7. Feats
8. Multiclassing
9. Equipment
10. Tatics and Henchmen
11. Credit where Credit is due
12. Version History
13. Final Words
14. Copyright Information

1. Introduction and Contact Information

Hello. I am Edward Collins, and this is my second guide for Neverwinter Nights
(My first was an Arcane Archer guide for SoU).   If you have suggestions,
comments, constructive criticism, my e-mail address is
Jedi_Master_Edward_ALA@Hotmail.com. Please label it Neverwinter Nights Fighter
build (or something to that effect), or you wont get a reply. If I gave you
permission to post my Arcane Archer FAQs, you already have permission to post
this as well.

2. Introduction to the Fighter

The fighter is the most basic class, yet in NWN, and D&D in general, every
party needs a fighter. Why? The fighter is the tank. Rogues love him, Wizards
will do whatever they can do to protect him, and clerics will thank him. Rogues
love him because he allows rogues to sneak attack enemies, without the risk of
being injured in the process. Wizards need him, because they know they are
fragile, and they need someone to hold up the enemy, so he can blast the enemy.
Clerics thank him, because that allows them to help in other ways, rather than
wasting his spells on healing himself, he can decide to help the wizard with
casting spells. In short, while the fighter isn't a tool of mass destruction,
he is none the less a valued member of any party.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages

Fighters recieve 1D10 for their Hitpoints
Fighters recieve a bonus feat at levels one and two, and additional feat every
other level.
Fighters have the highest BAB of all classes (or tied with the Barbrian,
Paladin, and Ranger)
Fighters know how to use all armors, and all Simple and Martial weapons.

No Spell Casting, unless multi-classed with a spell caster
No High level advantages (aside from more and more feats)

4. Races

Humans get an additional feat, skill points, and multiclassing freedom.
Half-Elves sacrifice the Feat and Skill points for various immunities and
Spot/Listen bonuses. Both have no penalities (or bonuses) to Attribute
Scores.ecuse Dwarves favor he Fighter, they, also have multiclassing Freedom.
They get various Racial bonuses, like Darkvision, Resistance to Poisons, and
Resistance to Spells. They gain a Constitution bonus and get a Charisma
penality. Half-Orcs suffer an INT and CHA Penality in favor of STR (which I
don't thinkl all that good), but lack the multiclassing freedom of the Dwarves.
Elves have various mind-affecting immunities, a bonus to Spot and Listen
checks, but suffer a -2 penality to CON and a +2 penality to DEX. It's
questionable as to it really helps. Halflings (-2 Str for +2 DEX) and Gnomes
(-2 STR for +2 Con) are Small Stature, which limits them in weapon choices.
Although in a party with a bunch or Rogues or Wizards, a Gnome Fighter could
tie up an enemy while Wizards Blat them, and Rogues Sneak attack. However, even
in that case, I think a dwarf would be a better choice.

5.Attributes and Builds

Strength is important because it affects your accuracy (unless you are using a
Finessible weapon, and have a higher Dexterity Bonus), and damage output. Adds
to Discipline, which helps you resist Knockdown, Called Shots, and Disarm
Dexterity isn't that important as it is for other classes, because the fighter
usually wears the heaviest armor, which doesn't add much of a Dexterity Bonus
(+1 for Full Plate). However, If you want to Dual-weild, you need a 13 Dexterity
Constitution is always nice because it increases you Hit points and Foritude
saves (which isn't much of a problem- Fortitude saves are your strong points).
Intellegence gives you more skill points, and there are some feats that require
a 13 Int to take.
Wisdom. Not all that important, because none of your skills have Wisdom as the
Key ablility, and you aren't a divine Spellcaster, so no point setting it above
10. Just don't set it below 10, because your weak to will saves, and this is
the Attribute that modifiey.
Charisma helps with Persuade, but if you aren't playing in the Single Player,
skip it.
Here's how I recommend the placementy of points for a standard fighter:
Str 16 (+3)
Dex 10 (0)
Con 16 (+3)
Wis 10 (0)
Int 13(+1)
Cha 9 (-1)
If you want Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Dodge, Mobility, and/or Spring
attack, Take a point from either Str or Con and put it in to the three
attribute points you get into Dex.

6. Skills

Fighters Recieve (2 + their INT modifier) per level (x4 at first level). That
means you have 3, possibilly 4 skill points per level. However, Fighter don't
rely on theis skills. They Help, but they aren't required.

Class Skills: Concentration, (SoU only) Craft Trap, Discipline, Heal, Lore, and
Required Skill
Disclipline is almost required, so max it.
Useful Skills
Heal, in the OC and SoU is as quick as the rest button, and most of the time,
you will resist poisons and diseases, but since fighters don't have any other
skills that really stand out, max it too.
Concentration, unless you konw the other players fighting style (and you're
fighting against them), it's useless. Taunt never happens in SoU or the OC
(that I could tell), and you aren't a spellcaster.
Lore. While useful early in the game, when you don't have much cash, late in
the game you'll be swimming in gold, and 100 gold isn't all that much of a hit
(if any at all).
Questionable Skills
Parry. Useless. You don't have a Dex bonus, and wear heayy armor (may even a
shield), so you're looking at a -15 (or higher) penality to it. Even though
it's a class skill, you won't get it up to useful levels, so I'd skip it.
Unless you're a dexterity based Fighter, in which case, the monk might be
better for you.
Craft Trap. While traps sell for a lot, late in the game, you won't need the
gold. And since Set Traps os a cross-class skill (which is useless in the OC),
you won't be able to set those traps that you craft.
Cross-class skills
Listen/ Spot- For the purposes of this guide, I pair these together. In the OC,
rogues don't hide, so this is pointless. However, if you play in a PvP arena
(or any other PvP mod), put points in to it, so you might be able to see Rogues
Move Silently/ Hide- A Dex based, cross-class skill, so you won't even be able
to put enough points into it to remove those penalaties. Skip them
Pick Pocket- See Hide/ Move Silently.
Persuade- In Chapter One, it's very useful, considering it might allow you to
get ingriedients for Marrok (or Barun in Ch. 3)
Taunt- Useful, but since it's a cross-class skill, it won't help as much as it
might for a Paladin or Cleric against Spellcasters. But against melee classes,
it helps lower an opponent's AC. Helps early in the game, when you have a hard
time hitting opponents, the -6 penality to AC might help.
Spellcraft. For every 5 ranks you have, it adds +1 to your saving throws.
Extremely useful. Put a max of 10 points in it (no more though). Chose the
skills you want first, then put any extra points into this.

7. Feats

This is what the fighter is about. They get more feats that any other class
(sometimes even DOUBLE the amount of feats). However, the feats a fighter can
chose are from a very narrow list of combat feats. Here they are:
Ambidexterity, Called Shot, Cleave, Deflect Arrows, Disarm, Dodge, Improved
Critical, Improved Disarm, Improved Knockdown, Improved Parry, Improved Power
Attack, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Knockdown,
Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Rapid Shot, Stunning Fist, Two-Weapon
Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Specialization.

Weapon Specialization (prerequisite BAB +4, 4 fighter levels {SoU only},
fighter only) adds +2 to all weapon damage dealt by that type of weapon.
Since fighters get so many feats, You can make a fighter with 3 or 4 weapon
configurations, plus Exotic Weapons Profieciency, Knockdown/ Improved
Knockdown, Called Shot, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave (again, SoU Only),
and Toughness.
First configuration is a mean 2 handed weapon. Greatswords, Great Axes, and
Scythes all make excellent choices. Chose one type and get Weapon Focus,
Specialazation, and Improved Critical for that chosen weapon.
Second configuration is an One-handed Sword and a Shield, for when you need AC
more than Damage Potential. Longswords, Rapiers, Katanas, and Bastard Swords
all make execellent choices. Again choose one type, and put the get the feats
for it.
The third Configuration is a Longbow, Shortbow, Sling, Darts, Shuriken, or
another ranged weapon, to soften enemies up from a distance. Chose one type and
get the same feats as the first, only for the Ranged weapon.
the 4th configureation is a little different. This configureation is for
killing Undead. Choose a mace, warhammer, or other blunt Weapon. Skip the
Improved Critical, because Undead are immune to Critical Hits, and just get
Weapon Focus and Spec.

8. Multi-classing

Just about every class is compatible with the fighter, and at high levels, the
fighter really doesn't get anything (execpt more and more feats), although a
level 20 Fighter is pretty cool:).

Fighter-based Multiclassing
Barbarian-Adds Uncanny Dodge, Rage, and 10% movement increase. Other wise, the
Barbarian offers little to the Fighter
Bard- Charisma-based Spellcasting (watch the Arcane Failure chance), and
Bardsong, which really helps.
Druid- Shapeshifting (weak forms, though), an animal companion, and wisdom
Cleric-No shape shifitng, but you get a Turn Undead (charisma-based), and
spontaniously cast Cure Spells.
Monk- Free Cleave, Unarmed Fighting, Wisdom bonus (when unarmored), and
Stunning Fist.
Paladin-Divine Grace (CHA bonus to Saving throws), Divine Health (Immunity to
disease), weak Turn Undead, Remove Disease once per day, a weak lay on Hands,
and a weak smite evil.
Ranger- Dual-Weilding (in no or Light Armor) and Favored enemies.
Rogue- The only minor class I'd really consider, it offers an ever improving
sneak attack, Uncanny Dodge, and Use Magic Device (along with Bards).
Sorceror/ Wizard- Arcane Spellcarting (watch the failure chance), weak
familiar, and ability to use Wizard specific items, like the various wands and

Minor Multiclassing.
Barbarian- Gets 3 additional feats, and allows you to get Weapon Spec in your
chosen weapon. My favorite build is a 16/4 Barbarian/ Fighter. Greater Rage (4
times per day), weapon Focus Scythe, Improved Critical Scythe, and Weapon Spec
Bard- an aditional attack, powerful Bardsong, and UMD. Recommended ??? (Looking
for Recomendations)
Druid- Powerful level 9 spells, ability to shapeshift into Elementals (Air and
Water are my favorite), and a powerful animal companion. Recommended 18/2.
Cleric- Powerful Spellcasting, Divine Might/ Shield (SoU only), 2 Domains
(Magic and Air are good choces) and 2 fighter feats. Recommendes 18/2.
Monk- Not Recommended, because monks, at level 20, have a 32 spell resistance,
a very powerful Stunning Fist, and immunity to all mind-affecting spells.
Paladin- Powerful Smite Evil, Lay on Hands, Divine Might, Divine Shield, and
Wisdom-based Spell-casting. Recommended 16/4.
Ranger- Cool animal companion, Wisdom-based Spellcasting. Recommended either
18/2 or 16/4.
Rogue- Powerful Sneak Attack, 3 Rogue specific Feats, great reflex saving
throw. Recomended 15/5.
Sorceror- Not Recomended, because Sorcs only get 3 level 9 spells, and there
are 5 (or more) that you need.
Wizard- Arcane Spellcasting, a powerful familiar, access to all level 9 spells
(although you probably would want to cast them- arcane spell ailure chance),
and 3 bonus wizard feats. Recommended 19/1 or 18/2.
Prestige Classes (SoU only)
Shadowdancer- I don't see this one working.
Blackguard- Really cool. Smite Good, Dark Blessing (same as the Paladin's
Divine Grace), and a sneak attack. Recommended 10/8/2 Blackguard/Fighter/Cleric
(for Divine Might/Shield)
Harper Scout- What good is it???
Arcane Archer- Powerful Arrows of just about any type. Recomended 6/5/9
Fighter/Wizard/Arcane Archer.

9. Equipment
I'm listing the stuff in the Standard Campaingn, although there are other stuff
out there. On the Whole, look for Stat boostion items, or items with abilities
you need.
Unless you're going the lightly armored/ dexterity dased Fighter (in which case
you should be a Ranger or Monk, not a fighter), you will want to wear Full
Plate. Best out there is the Red Dragon Armor.
Not that many shields, I just prefer a +5 Tower Shield.
See the Feats section for weapon choices.
Either The Amulet of the Red Tiger/Uthgart (STR Bonus and Immunity to Fear) or
Amulet of the Long Deat/Silent Lord (Con Bonus and Spell Resistance), depending
on how you feel or what your facing.
On one hand, should be a Ring of Power or Elemental Resistances, and on the
other hand should be a Ring of Resistance (+1 through +3).
Giant Strength, or, if your facing insta-death things, a Greater Belt of
Guiding Light.
Boots of Speed. But until you find a pair, wear Boots of Striding. However,
keep a pair of Gargoyle Boots around. The Stoneskin comes in handy :).
Cloak of Fortification (+1 through +3 versions), or Cloak of Protection (+1
through +5)
Gauntlets or Bracers
Gauntlets of Ogre Str, and never look back.

10. Tatics and Henchmen

Tatics: You're a tank, so get in an enemies face and stay there untill they're

Henchmen (OC first)

Daelen/Grimnaw- Both are impressive tanks, but since you're a tank, skip them.
However, their Quest rewards are worth doing, since the Amulets they give are
Sharwyn- A bard. Haven't had much experience with her. E-mail me if you think
she's any good.
Linu- Cleric. One of the 2 henchmen I'd choose to travel along with me. She has
Turn Undead, and usually casts spells when you need her to.
Tomi. The other Henchman I'd choose to go with me. He's a Rogue, so you and him
are a good team. You tank, he sneak attacks. However, when facing Undead, leave
him at home and take Linu.
Boddyknock- Again, not much experience with him, but I can tell you that his AI
(or as my brothet calls it, AS {Artificial Stupidity}), leaves much to be

SoU Henchmen
Dorna- A Cleric/Rogue Combines Tomi with Linu, although she's not as
entertaining as they are.
Xanos- Like Sharwyn and Boddyknock, I haven't had much experience whith him as
a sorc, but from what I ear, he has the same AI as Boddyknock.
Deekin- My favorite henchman of all time. A Kobald Bard/Rogue, he is an
excellent support character.

11. Credit where Credit is Due
For now, it's:
GameFAQS, for hosting this (and my first FAQ) and for being such an excellent
Bioware, for making such a great game
and you, for for taking the time to read this

12. Version history
v.25 Original Release

13. Final Words
I want to thank you for the time yo took to read this. Please, it you have any
comments, suggestions, or praise, send it to me.

14. Copyright Information

Currently, the only websites allowed to post this are:

If you see it somewhere else, contact me, and I will work on correcting it. If
you want to post this, e-mail me, and let me know.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Remember, you don't have to steal it, just contact me, and I'll probably
(almost surely), let you post it.

Copyright November 2003

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