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Chapter 2 Sidequest Guide by Icehound

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/08/2003

Neverwinter Nights Chapter Two Sidequest Guide

By Icehound
August 2003
Version 1.0


Part 1 – Port Last
Part 2 – The North Road/Green Griffon Inn
Part 3 – The East Road
Part 4 – The Neverwinter Woods
Part 5 – The South Road
Part 6 – The Haunted Forest
Part 7 – Charwood
Part 8 – Luskan
Closing Comments
Credits/Special Thanks


Hi, I am Icehound, and after looking at the first Chapter One Sidequest Guide
by s742617000027s1, I was inspired to write one for Chapter Two.  And so here
we are.  I hope you enjoy this guide, and that it helps get you through 100% of
Chapter Two.

Part 1 -- PORT LAST

Port Last: The Bounty Hunt

Simply talk to Kendrack near the back of the Barracks and offer to help to
start the Bounty Hunt quest, where you will have to hunt down and kill (or
persuade) 5 convicts to acquire their...uh, ears.
--Convict 1: Zor
Zor can be found in the Green Griffon Inn (which is after the North Road),
second floor, first door on the left.

--Convict 2: Stirge
Stirge is hiding out near a hollow tree stump in the Farmlands (after the South
Road) in the upper left hand corner of the map.

--Convict 3: Wyvern
Wyvern is hiding around in the Neverwinter Woods.  He will approach you when
you get near him and ask you to help him.  Follow him and he will ambush you,
leaving himself open to attack.  Finish him and collect his ear.

--Convict 4: Delilah
Delilah is hiding in the Archeologist Barracks on the second floor.  Go along
the East Road to find the Barracks.

--Convict 5: Yesgar
The boss convict, Yesgar, is only accessible once you have collected the other
4 convicts' ears.  Go back to Kendrack in Port Last and he will tell you that
his daughter has been kidnapped by the brute and he is taking refuge 	in Port
Last Mines.  He will give you the key to the Mines.  Go to the North Road and
it is kind of midway up the east side of the map.  Fight through the Orcs that
pollute the mines and finally kill Yesgar.  Once he is defeated, free
Kendrack's daughter and return home a hero, and finally give Kendrack his
daughter and the 5 ears of the convicts.  Mission completed.

North Road: Gerrol's Wife

Just outside the Barracks a young man will tell you of his troubles, or rather
his father's troubles.  This isn't really a quest until you talk to his father
in the North Road
Continued on "North Road: Gerrol's Wife."

Port Last: Eltoora and the Tomes of Imaskar

Speak to Eltoora at her lab in the upper right hand corner (North East corner)
of Port Last.  She will, if asked, ask you to return 5 important tomes.  Here
are the names of the tomes and the locations:

Tome of Life -- As Eltoora mentions, Brother Toras is dead and his final
resting place is the Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood, just outside the gates to
Luskan along the North Road.

Tome of Fire -- This tome is in the possession of Karlat Jhareg in one of his
libraries in Castle Jhareg in the town of Charwood past the South Road.

Tome of Ice -- As Eltoora suggests, this tome is in a tower: Wanev's Tower,
along the South Road.

Tome of Death -- This tome is also in Charwood in Castle Jhareg.  It is in a
chest in Quint Jhareg's quarters.

Tome of Resonance -- This tome is in the personal library of Setara, the witch
living amongst the Neverwinter Woods.

NOTE: All tomes can easily be identified as their bookcases are glowing.

Neverwinter Woods: Spirit of the Woods

To enter the Neverwinter Woods: Spirit of the Woods into your journal from the
start, talk to Ballard, the ranger in Ballard's Grove, right next to Eltoora's
Lab in the Northeastern part of Port Last.  Continued in Neverwinter Woods.

The Search For the Cult: Solomon

Sometime or later, a halfling named Solomon will talk to you and present you
with a ring, called Solomon's Ring.  Keep it, and Solomon will talk to you a
second time, warning you to stay away from the cult.  He will talk to you yet a
third time if you still have the ring, persisting you mind your own business. 
After you have spoken to him the 3rd time, venture out onto the North Road,
South Road, or East Road and he, with two of his goons, will attack you.  Kill
his goons and then Solomon to collect the Letter to Solomon.  Bring it to
Aribeth to complete the mission.  This quest does not offer any evidence for
the cult, but deepens the plot a bit.

South Road: Poor Neva

After solving the case with Solomon, go to the Alliance Arms Inn, where you
will be greeted by a woman (if you're a man) named Jaheel, or a man (if you're
a woman) named Tarran.  Either way, they ask you to save their little sister
Neva along the South Road and offer you more than gold in return...hmm, wonder
what they're referring to...This quest does not offer any evidence for the
cult, but deepens the plot a bit.
Continued in South Road: Poor Neva

The Search for the Cult: Vardoc's Hunt

After completing the quests The Search for the Cult: Solomon and South Road:
Poor Neva, you will be warned by some villagers that a large man is stalking
you by the name of Vardoc.  After you have been warned 3 times by different
people, venture out onto any of the three roads and Vardoc himself will ambush
you alone.  He is a Level 10 Rogue who relies heavily on Melee combat so make
sure you are ready for him.  Kill him and collect the Letter to Vardoc and
return it to Aribeth to complete the Mission.  Now you've gotten one piece of
information for the cult!  Just one more!

Port Last: The Werewolf Hunter

Inquire to Neurik in the Temple of Tyr what the problem is and he will tell you
a story of a werewolf known as the Black Wolf who has been stalking Port Last
for some time.  A team of fighters, 3 boys lead by Sir Katharis went in to
catch the werewolf, but they have not been seen since.  Neurik thinks they are
still alive, but may have succumbed to becoming werewolves themselves.  He will
give you 4 Silver Charms, which you must give to the four men (or kill them if
you're evil) to free them from their canine selves, and then track down the
Black Wolf himself.  Go speak to Ander in the Drinking House to receive the
locations of the wolves  Here are the locations of them all.

--Wolf 1: Urth
Urth is located here in Port Last.  Go to the southern farmhouse and ignore his
parents by going upstairs.  Urth is right behind the door right in front of
you.  Collect Urth's Ring.

--Wolf 2: Geth
Geth can be found in the lower right hand corner of the East Road.  Collect
Geth's Ring.

--Wolf 3: Bran
Bran is hiding in a cave in the upper right hand corner of the South Road. 
Collect Bran's Ring.

--Wolf 4: Sir Karathis
Sir Kirathis can be found in the Werewolf Den among the Green Griffon Inn Road,
located in the lower right hand corner of the area.  Collect The Journal of Sir

--Wolf 5: The Black Wolf (Alhelor)
After returning the three rings of the boys and the journal to Neurik (or
telling him that you killed them), Neurik will tell you to talk to Ander again
for any information.  It turns out that Alhelor, the man he was speaking to the
whole time, is the Black Wolf.  Warn Ander and exit the Drinking House.  Using
your map, locate Alhelor's house and enter it.  Kill Alhelor, a level 16
Ranger, to collect Alhelor's Tooth, then return it to Neurik.  Mission

Port Last: The Serpent’s Gems

Speak to Elaith in the Alliance Arms Inn and inquire to help him with his
problems.  He will tell you of 3 gems that were lost to him and ask you return
them for him.  Here are their locations:

--Zamithra’s Gem – This gem is located in the Green Griffon Inn.  Speak to
Zamithra nicely and lure her up to her room on the second floor and persuade
(or kill) her to get her gem.

--Setara’s Ruby – As the name suggests, this gem is located with Setara, the
witch of Neverwinter Woods.  Bring her the mirror she wants found in the
Nymph’s Home earlier in the woods and she will reward you with her ruby.

--Wanev’s Gem – Again, as the name suggests, this gem is being held by Wanev,
the wizard of Wanev’s Tower.

Wanev's Cottage/Basement

This isn't a quest, but it does provide you with some treasure.  Talk to Elaith
in the Drinking House to get the key to Wanev's Basement.  Enter through his
cottage and go into the basement.  The entrance to the basement contains a few
low-level skeletons which will drop skeleton knuckles.  Collect 2 of them.  In
the storage room to the left, you'll find a Fire Beetle Belly, which you will
also need.  In the hallway, fight your way through the fray and enter the
library through the first doorway and collect the Slaad Tongue, the final
ingredient you will need.  Get through the hallway, and then another hallway,
and make your way to the kitchen.  The chest in the corner here contains
Wanev's Cookbook, which will tell you how to open the door to the den.  To open
the door, place the skeleton knuckles, fire beetle belly and slaadi tongue on
the brazier.  The door should open to the den.  Inside the den, you'll find a
boss chest, which contains Wanev's Wardstone, Wanev's Lab Journal, and some
high-class treasure.  You'll need the Wardstone if you don't want to kill Lerk,
guarding Wanev's Tower.



You may have talked briefly with his desperate son in Port Last, begging you to
help his father Gerrol.  Well, here’s where you meet him, just barely past the
start of the North Road.  Talk to him and offer to help.  He will tell you that
an evil Ogre named Dergiab has kidnapped his wife, Leah and needs you to get
her back, while killing Dergiab in the process.  This will enter The North
Road: Gerrol’s Wife into your Journal.

The North Road: Gerrol’s Wife

You’ll find Gerrol’s wife, Leah, trapped in a Bugbear prison in the Bugbear
caves, just beneath the Goblin/Orc caves.  Good characters can free her and
tell Gerrol to complete the mission, where as evil characters can kill her and
collect Leah’s Earring as a token of her death for Gerrol.

The North Road: Dergiab’s Head

Head deeper still into the caves and beneath the Bugbear caves you will enter
Dergiab’s Lair.  Confront Dergiab, the big blue ogre and his apprentice, Ganon.
 Defeat them and collect at least these items: Dergiab’s Head from the carcus
of Dergiab, and Ganon’s Journal from a nearby chest.  Return the head of
Dergiab to Gerrol to complete this mission.

The Search For the Cult: Ganon’s Journal

Collect Ganon’s Journal from a nearby chest from where you fought Dergiab and
return it to Aribeth to complete this mission.  Note: It will only be
registered as “complete” when you have the 2 pieces of supporting evidence for
the quest.


Darktongue’s Betrayal

If you talked to Darktongue at the Alliance Arms Inn in Port Last, he’ll fight
you just before you reach the inn on the Green Griffon Road.

North Road: Mutamin’s Challenge

Enter the Green Griffon Inn from the second part of the North Road and speak to
Kasma, who will tell you of a maze below the inn.  Next, speak to Mutamin, the
maze owner and inquire about a competition.  Enter the competition and
successfully emerge from the last floor victorious.  Note: You will need a
Crystal Egg found on the 3rd floor to exit and win the competition maze.  Talk
to Mutamin after you win to complete the quest.

The Caretaker’s Home/The Arcane Brotherhood’s Tomb

Find the local graveyard and speak to the caretaker inside the house.  Ask him
about the secrets about the graveyard and venture into the nearby tomb, after
getting the Mausoleum Key from him.  The main things you’ll need from this tomb
are the Imaskarran Tomb of Life for Eltoora in Port Last, and the Corpse Hand
if you have Grimgnaw with you.  NOTE:  The boss of the tomb, Brother Toras is a
whopping CR 27 Lich, so don’t bother with him unless you have a butt-load of
potions, have enough gold to warp you back constantly, or you are scraping
level 15 or so with a melee character—he’s a lot to handle.


East Road: What Lurks Below

Find the Archeological Barracks along the East Road and speak to Jax outside. 
Inquire him about this ancient race he babbles on about and you’ll enter the
mission into your journal.  Next, dive into the very long dungeon which
consists of Troll Caves and finally the Ancient Creator Ruins near the barracks
and defeat the Old One wizards to pick up their tome.  Return it to Jax to
complete the mission.

East Road: A Troll Head Trophy

Speak to Lenton inside the Barracks.  He is near the back of the Barracks
fighting a dummy.  Talk to him and he’ll talk about wanting revenge on the
trolls of the area.  You know what to do.  Enter the troll caves nearby and
find the Troll Chieftain on level one and return it to Lenton for completion of
this quest.  You will also find the Journal of Synth La’neral for Linu along
the first level of the troll caves, so be on the lookout.

East Road: The Simpleton’s Mother

Speak to the slightly odd Revat inside the Barracks and he’ll talk to you about
the kidnapping of his mother.  Saunter into the Troll Caves Storage Area and
find the mother to free her.  Return the good news to Revat to end the mission.


Neverwinter Woods: The Spirit of the Woods

After finishing up in the East Road, stroll into the Neverwinter Woods Druid
Camp and find Aawil, the Druid leader, who will explain everything about the
fallen Spirit of the Wood and the lost 3 druids.  Offer to help to enter both
entries into the journal.  For the Spirit of the Wood, first enter the Nymph’s
Home in the next level of the Nevewinter Wood.  Find the head Nymph and
convince her you’re not a threat.  Or just kill her.  Either way, pick up the
Ceremonial Dagger from the chest nearby or her dead body and head for the Heart
of the Forest.  Find the altar at the end of the river and click on it.  Select
Plunge the Dagger into your chest as a choice and you will be instantly
transported to the realm of the Spirit.  Fight your way past dozens of
Will-O’-Whisps and make sure you kill Relmar and collect his journal for an
important quest.  Just behind Relmar, you’ll find some rubble with the Spirit
Poison Antidote which good characters can use to heal the Spirit.  Make your
way towards the Spirit of the Wood and prepare for a tough boss fight.  Once
you’ve whiddled down his health enough, he will surrender and wait for your
next move.  Good characters should then heal the spirit with the antidote while
evil characters would continue fighting and kill it.  Either way, once the job
is done, make your way back to Aawil in the Druid Encampment and tell him the
news of the Spirit’s salvation (or doom) to complete the quest.

The Search for the Cult: Relmar’s Journal

As mentioned above, collect the journal from Relmar in the Spirit world and
return it to Aribeth to complete this mission.  This is one of the two pieces
of evidences you’ll need.

Neverwinter Woods: The Missing Druids

Talking to Aawil at the Druid’s circle will also let you in on some missing
druids in the area.  There are 3 total and they are yours to rescue, or kill. 
See below for their locations.

Neverwinter Woods: Rescuing Terari

Terari, the first of the druids of the Druids Circle is located inside the
Nymph’s home.  You’ll find him in the prison as a slave for the Nymph.

Neverwinter Woods: Rescuing Bree

Bree is located in Setara, the witch’s home.  Find the witch and convince her
to let Bree go.

Neverwinter Woods: Rescuing Orlane

Orlane is found in the Spider Cave in the Deep Woods.  Inside the Spider Cave,
fight your way past the numerous spiders, Ettercaps, etc and find the Queen
Spider in the Feeding Chamber.  Kill the Queen and release Orlane from a nearby

Neverwinter Woods: The Witch’s Mirror

If you speaked to Setara, the witch inside Setara’s Home, she’ll tell you of a
mirror that can make her beautiful again, held by a Nymph.  Head for the
Nymph’s home earlier in the Woods and find the chest you got the Ceremonial
Dagger from.  Collect the Mirror of Vanity from the chest and bring it back to
Setara.  It doesn’t exactly make her beautiful again but it does complete the

Neverwinter Woods: The Druid’s Circle

If you have at least one level of Druid class, you can speak to Jaer and enter
the contest.  Like the gauntlet, you’ll need to defeat a collection of druids
to win.  The opponents are Welcar, a level 7 druid, Henna, a level 8 druid,
Janken, a level 11 druid, and Elgar, a level 5 druid/level 5 Fighter.  You’ll
get a ring from each defeated opponent that casts a spell once a day for your
druidic needs.


South Road: Closing Wanev’s Portal

Make your way to Wanev’s Tower by getting past Lerk, the bridge troll by giving
him Wanev’s Wardstone, or by simply killing him.  Enter Wanev’s Tower and fight
your way through the tower, eventually to confront Wanev, a level 12 Wizard. 
Defeat him and he will surrender.  Evil characters will simply kill Wanev when
he’s down, while good characters will offer to help him close a hellish portal.
 Either way, enter the portal behind Wanev and fight your way through the
dungeon ahead.  At the end of the dungeon, you’ll meet Gulgash, a level 10
outsider/level 4 cleric/level 4 sorceror.  Kill Gulgash and retrieve its heart,
and finally place Gulgash’s Heart on the brazier near the portal to close it. 
Head back to Wanev and collect your reward to complete this mission.  NOTE:
Remember to retrieve Wanev’s Gem and Imaskarran Tome of Ice from Wanev’s Tower
for the other quests.

South Road: The Brooch and Erik’s Ma

Talk to Farmer Ingo in the Farmlands part of the South Road.  Ask him about
strange local events and he will tell you about a mean gentleman and Erik, his
son.  Go inside and talk to his son, Erik who will tell a love story about a
girl he likes.  Part of the O’Deel family, this girl came into possession of
Erik’s ma’s brooch when they were together and now Erik wants it back.  Travel
to the O’Deel Ranch and talk to the girl inside the house.  Successfully
persuade her to give you the brooch or pay the price she asks for.  Evil
characters, just kill her and get the brooch, but Erik won’t be happy to hear
of how you got it!  Either way, return the brooch to a very pleased Erik to
complete the mission.

South Road: Peter and the Wolves

Talk to Peter O’Deel at the O’Deel Ranch to hear of his problems dealing with
wolves killing his cattle.  Offer to help, and you’ll be sent on a mission to
kill the leader of the pack named Silverback.  Nearby is a cave full of wolves
you’ll have to fight through.  Get to Silverback and kill him, or, if you’re
especially nice to it, convince her to move on to other pastures and never
disturb the O’Deels again.  Bring back the head of Silverback to Peter or tell
him that Silverback is no longer a problem to complete the mission.

Part 6 – The Haunted Forest

The Haunted Crypt

Not a sidequest, but good EXP anyway.  Find the glowing red obelisk near the
entrance to Charwood and enter the words “NETHER SHALL RULE.”  This will
transport you to a haunted crypt full of undead and treasure.  Hack away!


Charwood: The Village of Eternal Night

Upon entering Charwood, a madman by the name of Quint will talk to you and thus
enter the quest into your journal.  Next, speak to the Mayor in his own office
about recent events to further the plot.  Now to enter Castle Jhareg itself. 
You’ll be greeted by some pools of treasure and a boss chest with a riddle and
a key.  You’ll now be presented with three paths—right, left, and straight. 
The right path contains legions of undead, the left path contains legions of
fire creatures, and the straight path is clean.  Head down the center path if
you’re not in the mood for fighting and pick up the next key.  Head straight
down again through the next door and you’ll be greeted by an Air Elemental
which will further your mission—to get the oaths of Quint and Karlat Jhareg. 
Head to Quint’s Chambers first, since it’s easiest, who is the brother of the
undead and fight your way past all the undead nasties.  At the end, there will
be a Bodak guarding Quint’s room, so take him out, talk to Quint, and get The
Oath of Quint Jhareg.  Now head over to Karlat’s Chambers, the brother of fire.
 Fight past all the fire elementals and slaadi.  Instead of heading straight
for Karlat at the end, head for some of his libraries and pick up the Journal
of Karlat Jhareg.  This will enter the quest Charwood: Belial’s Tale in your
journal.  Now, head for the summoning chamber for Belial.  Put a Fire Beetle
Belly in the brazier (get it from the fire library) and cast the Wand of Fire
upon it (found also in the fire library).  Belial the ancient demon will
appear.  Before you summon him, cast Protection From Evil upon yourself or he
will fight you.  If he sees you are protected, he will talk to you.  Get him to
confess everything and you will get the Oath of Belial.  Now head on over to
Karlat, beating the Elder Fire Elemental that guards him.  Talk to Karlat and
get the Oath of Karlat Jhareg.  Whew! All done.  Now head back to the Air
Elemental in the first room to pronounce judgment on the Jharegs.  You will be
asked a simple question—who is guilty?  Here are the outcomes:

--Karlat Jhareg Guilty—this will destroy the Phylactery of Karlat and therefore
render Belial helpless to arise again. You will hereby save Charwood forest and
the Mayor will be waiting to congratulate you with some treasure
--Quint Jhareg Guilty—This will give Karlat back the Phylactery and allow him
to summon Belial.  Nice job, now Charwood will forever be tormented by the
flames of Belial.
--Neither One Guilty—You will need the Oath of Belial to choose this as proof
of your decision, in which case Belial will be summoned to be judged.  Now you
must choose the fate of the Phylactery—which is what summons Belial.  If you
choose to destroy it, Charwood will forever be lost to the weave of time. 
Should you decide to keep it, Belial will be banished and Charwood will be
saved, ending you with Mayor Mobley thanking you, like above.

This mission is completed when you have passed your judgement.
NOTE: Remember to collect the Imaskarran Tome of Fire from Karlat’s Chambers,
and the Imaskarran Tome of Death from Quint’s Chambers.

Charwood: Belial’s Tale

Collect the Oath of Belial from Belial the Lord of Fire and pass judgment on
him to complete this mission (see above for outcomes of judgments).

The Search For the Cult: The Charwood Journal

After completing the Charwood: Village of Eternal Night quest, go back to the
gate of Charwood where a cultist will be standing.  Kill him to collect the
Charwood Journal and return it to Aribeth to complete this mission.

Part 8 – LUSKAN

Luskan: Strange Bedfellows

Talk to Bela in the Wink and the Tickle.  She’ll tell you about some problems
stemming from the High Captains of Luskan.  Search upstairs for a girl named
Rhaine or a guy named Oreth, depending on your gender.  Get them to open up to
you and they’ll further your quest, saying that the High Captains treat them
horribly.  Basically, you must kill both High Captains and return to tell
Rhaine/Oreth and Bela to complete the mission.

Luskan: Colmarr’s Fantabulous Contrapulator

On the west side of Luskan you’ll find Colmarr’s Shop, who’ll want you to find
three levers for his contrapulator to get working again.  He’ll obviously
reward you if you can find all three levers and place them on the
contrapulator.  Here are the levers’ locations:

Lever of Stone – Found in the first floor of the Wink and the Tickle.  In the
back room in a chest.
Lever of Wind – Found in the sewers of Luskan, accessible by going into the
entrance in the center of Luskan.
Lever of Water – Complete the Outcast Ghoul quest, explained below, to get this

Once you have all three levers, place them on the contrapulator, found in the
sewers in the upper left quarter.

Luskan: Erb’s Delicate Problem

Talk to the halfling, Erb, in the main room on the second floor of the Tickle. 
He wants you to get his ring back from Lady Jadale.  Persuade her to give it
back and return it to Erb.

Luskan: The Harlot’s Husband

Find Yvette in another one of the rooms on the second floor of the Tickle. 
She’ll have her own problems and ask you to return to her her daughter from a
man.  Persuade or kill the man with the daughter and collect your reward.

Luskan: Saving Evaine

Go to the Cutlass Inn and talk to Elynwyd.  He will give you Elynwyd’s Signet
Ring.  Kurth, the High Captain, has taken his sister hostage and needs you to
get her back for him.  Kill Kurth or convince him to let her go and return her
safely to Evaine to complete the mission.

Luskan: Nine Lives

Speak to Londa in the Cutlass Inn and hear the tragic story of Londa losing her
kids.  You know the drill—get them back for her, save the day, yada yada.  Go
to Baram’s Lair and find the old woman in the spider’s lair.  She’ll give you
the Child’s Bear and the tragic news that the children have died.  Return the
bear to Londa and either tell her the bad news or lie to her and she’ll give
you the key to her husband’s treasure found in the sewers.

Luskan: The Search For the Cult

Go to the Temple of Tyr to meet up with Aarin Gend and get some information on
what you need to do.  You need to obtain one of the High Captain’s seals so
Aarin can forge a document to let you into the Arcane Brotherhood Host Tower. 
Kill either Kurth or Baram and take their seal.  Return it to Aarin to retrieve
the Diplomatic Pass you need.  Enter the Host Tower and complete it to complete
the chapter and the quest.

Luskan: The High Captains

Both Kurth and Baram will want you to work for them.  Kurth is a bit more
powerful and controls a lot of fighters while Baram relies on cunning stealth
and has undead minions.  Retrieve Baram’s head and deliver it to Kurth, or vice
versa, or kill them both to put an end to both their reigns.

Luskan: The Ruins of Illusk

Find the Ruins in the southwestern part of the docks in Luskan and defeat
Voleron, a level 15 wizard Leech complete this quest.

Luskan: The Ghoul Lords

In the sewers, you may come across either the outcast ghoul or the Ghoul Lord,
a level 10 wizard ghoul lord.  Kill the Ghoul Lord and return the news to the
outcast ghoul to complete the quest and get the Lever of Wind which you’ll need
for an earlier quest.


Whew!  This guide took some time to write and I hope it will help you in
chapter two.  If you have any questions, comments or the like, feel free to
e-mail me at icehound2k3@juno.com or IM me on AIM at Paladin2k3.  Happy Gaming!


All information presented in this guide would not have been so accurately
possible without the assistance of the Versus Books Offical Adventure Guide. 
This is where I got all the locations and main information for my guide, so if
you liked this guide and want to see more, feel free to pick up the Adventure
Guide by Versus Books!

I would also like to thank the user s742617000027s1 for the inspiration to
write a guide for chapter two.  If you want good guidance for chapter one,
check out his guide—it rocks!


Copyright 2003 Icehound


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