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Monk Guide by ELaRusic

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/15/2002

Neverwinter Nights Monk Character Guide Version 1.3	
Author: Eddie LaRusic August 15th, 2002

Just a quick note about all content below this one; this guide is (currently)
designed to be most beneficial to those who create monks in the NWN campaign, 
and did not multiclass. 

This FAQ also assumes you are at least somewhat familiar with Neverwinter 
Nights, and it's engine. It also assumes that you have the instruction book
handy to tell you have each skill and feat does if you are unsure. Looking
the skill/feat up in the game will also provide an accurate description.

If you've got an opinion on something in this FAQ, and 
are willing to tell me it with a) proper English and b) grace I'll look into 
putting it in here, with full credit. See Section 8 for more details.

Section 0 - FAQ Related Information
        0.1: Version History
        0.2: Things to Add

Section 1 - The Monk at a Glance
        1.1: Why Use a Monk?
        1.2: Monk Strengths
        1.3: Monk Weaknesses

Section 2 - Creating a Monk
        2.1: What Races Make Good Monks?
        2.2: What Stats are Important for a Monk?
        2.3: How Should I Start My Monk's Abilities?
        2.4: Where Should I Place My Monk's Bonus Ability Points?
        2.5: Multiclassing (Monk: Major)
	2.6: Multiclassing (Monk: Minor)
        2.7: Monk Builds

Section 3 - Monk Skills
        3.1: A Review of Monk Skills
        3.2: Which Skills Should I Max?

Section 4 - Monk Feats
        4.1: Feats Monks Get Naturally
        4.2: A Review of Possible Monk Feats
        4.3: Which Feats are Must Haves?
Section 5 - Monk Stats
        5.1: The Monk
        5.2: Every Statistic You'd Ever Want to Know About a Monk
Section 6 - Monk Items
        6.1: Monk Weapons
        6.2: Monk Specific Armour
        6.3: Monk Specific Gauntlets
        6.4: Monk Specific Boots
        6.5: Handy Items for a Monk
Section 7 - Other Monk Stuff
        7.1: Monk Henchmen
	7.2: Monk Multiclass 'Unarmed' Attack Bonus Bug
Section 8 - Credits and Contact Information
        8.1 Credits!
        8.2 Contact Information!
        8.3 Legal Stuff!

SECTION 0 - FAQ Related Information

0.1 Version History
1.3  - Added more info about the monk attack bug, including ways to exploit it!
       Including a mega way to exploit it!
     - Some more small updates to both skills and feats.
     - Some commentary on both stat distribution and feats
     - Minor updates to various parts of the FAQ.
     - Gloves don't work with Kama's! Bad FAQ! BAD FAQ!
     - Fixed some inconsistancies with capitilization.

1.2  - Unreleased version. 
     - Added the monk 'multiclass' bug.
     - Fixed gloves to read that they don't work with kama's, which they don't.
     - More multiclass info.
     - Various comments and editing.

1.1  -  Completely forgot about our friends, the Half-Elves. Added them.
     -  Added "Still Mind" to the monk feat list (gained at level 3)
     -  Found out that Haste gives a +4 bonus to AC. Woot! 
     -  Changed some of the skill descriptions to dis-include Tomi. (poor guy)
     -  Fixed Threads of Fate kama to show that it actually does cost zero
     -  While talking about Kama's, I've added a bunch more thanks to the 
        toolset. Fixed up the gloves to, to show +1 to +5 versions of each.
     -  Minor cleanup, re-editing. I think I've rid myself of all the tab
        demons now.
     -  Added a multi-class monk build!

1.0  -  Initial release, hopefully has mostly correct information and speeling.

0.2 Things to Add
- Any additional builds and info on the monk would still be appreciated. 

SECTION 1 - The Monk at a Glance

1.1 Why Use a Monk?
Simply put, I consider monks to be the best class later on in levels. They get 
an incredible amount of abilities, and save a little bit of money by not having 
to invest in weapons. Also, they get the most attacks at later levels, 
and their bare hands do incredible damage. Spell Resistance is also a nice 
bonus against magic users who try and whack you with their best spells. 
They're simple to use, and extremely effective.

1.2 Monk Strengths.
- Monks gain a large amount of useful abilities as they progress in level.
- A monk uses an d8 for hit dice, so while their hit points won't be 
  fantastic, they'll be able to take blows.
- A monk usually has a terrific Armour Class, due to some monk specific items
- Monks use the 'higher' saving throw for Reflex, Fortitude, AND Will.
- A monk's fists gradually become better and better, and at high levels are 
  EXTREMELY powerful.
- Monks (using a kama or their fists) usually gain more attacks per round then 
  a Fighter of equal level.
- Monks eventually become immune to disease, poison, mind-affecting spells, 
  and gain high magic resistance as they progress.
- I personally love the way monks giggle when you kiss them.

1.3 Monk Weaknesses.
- Monks cannot use scrolls. 
- Monks can't cast spells.
- Monks can get into trouble when they do not have their AC Dodge modifier.
- Monks can also get into trouble when facing multiple enemies

SECTION 2 - Creating a Monk

2.1 What Races Make Good Monks?
First off, Halfling and Gnomes are going to have problems being a monk. Their 
fists do pitiful damage (by monk standards) all the way to level 12, and they 
don't really improve. While other monks are suddenly smashing for 1 - 20 
damage, a Halfling monk is only attacking for 2- 12 damage. 

Pretty much any Medium or larger race can be a pretty good monk. Half-Elves 
don't gain any bonuses to their stats, yet give up the extra feat and skill 
points a Human gets. They're immune to sleep, but your monk won't find his 
eyes-resting that often. Elves only get a mere bonus to AC (due to their +2 
Dex), and lose some valuable hit points doing so. Half-Orcs are next best, 
getting a bonus to strength, yet losing two fairly unimportant stats for a 
monk. Dwarves are second best, losing Charisma (darn!) and getting +2 
constitution in the process.

However, Humans I believe make the best monks. Monks require a good balance of 
4 of the stats, and while humans gain no bonuses specifically, they make up for 
it in an extra feat and some extra skill points.

2.2 What Stats Are Important to a Monk?
Str: Possibly the most important, as this can help you hit your target and 
     add some damage to boot. Many readers have mentioned that I should
     boost the strength of the monk 'builds' I have listed below; Your choice
Dex: Important, because as monks don't wear 'armor' per say, they do require 
     dex to help dodge things. I do recommend raising this to at least 14, but
     I believe it foolish to raise it 18 or 20.
Con: Even with their usually excellent AC, monks still need to take hits.      
     Their d8 hit dice are good, but you'll still be glad when you've gained 
     additional hit points due to having a high constitution.
Int: Not very useful for a monk. Monks don't use many skills anyway. I'd 
     keep it above 9 however so you speak not strange.
Wsd: Very useful. Like Dex, monks add any bonus to this to their AC, which 
     sorta gives a monk "two" dexterity bonuses. Also allows 'insight' 
     dialogue choices which is good.
Cha: I like a high persuasion, and that alone should cancel out any negative 
     you may want to place here.

2.3 So How Should I Start My Monk's Abilities?
Here's a table as too how I'd place my ability points:

   Human/Half-Elf    Elf         Dwarf       Half-Orc      Gnome      Halfling
Str  '  14           14           14           16           12           12
Dex  '  15           16           16           14           15           16
Con  '  14           13           16           15           16           15
Wsd  '  14           14           14           14           14           14
Int  '  10           10           10           10           10           10
Cha  '  10           10           6            6            10           10

A real argument can be made to increase strength to 16 and drop dexterity to 
14 for a dwarf; While your AC drops one, your attacks all get a +1 to strike 
and damage. Not too shabby. Use you're own judgement.

Except for Dwarves and Half-Orcs, your stats will all be positive, thus you 
won't have any negatives. It's also important to note that ANY 'odd' stat, has 
the same bonus as the previous 'even' number (i.e. both a stat of 12 and 13 
give the same bonuses). That means that having a stat of 13 is literally no 
different then a stat of 12; no extra skill points, no extra damage, nothing 
(it may let you carry more, but that's all) Feats however, require 'odd number' 
stats, so if you're looking for Power Attack, bump that Strength up to 
13. Here's a small table to show you the 'bonus' a stat will give:

Stat 	Bonus
0-1   = -5
2-3   = -4
4-5   = -3
6-7   = -2
8-9   = -1
10-11 =  0
12-13 = +1
14-15 = +2
16-17 = +3
18-19 = +4
20-21 = +5

... and so on.

Thus, if you're never going to increase your intelligence after starting the 
game, there is no reason to put it at 11 to start. You're better off setting 
it to 10. Note however, that if you want to gain a higher 'bonus' you must 
increase the stat to the next highest 'even' number. That means that if you 
want your dex bonus to go from +2 to +3, and your dex is currently a 14, you 
must increase it twice; First to +15 (which has no effect) and then to +16 
(which does have an effect.)

I'd also like to mention that these stat distributions are by no means the 
'best way' to spend your points. If you wish to raise your strength to 16, by
all means, go right ahead. You should build the monk you're most comfortable
with. Due to the increased cost to raise a stat after the first 6 points 
however, I find it more beneficial to raise other stats if they'll provide a

From James N. Daniel III about putting more priority on Strength:

     I find that every point of strength that I add makes a big difference, 
     though mostly with respect to being able to hit often.  Starting at 14, 
     though acceptable, actually seems a bit low to me.  Wisdom, on the other 
     hand, does not figure as prominently in a monk's design as 3E and NWN 
     designers might want you to think.  Upping Wisdom by 2 points (i.e., an 
     extra bonus from wisdom) only gets a monk 1 better AC and makes it 
     slightly (very slightly) harder to save against the stunning fist.  
     Monks have naturally high AC to start (from a wisdom of at least 14, of 
     course), but I don't see much gain from adding to it later on.  Yes, you 
     can merely add to strength with belts and such, but if you add to 
     strength AND wear strength items (which, unlike in the PnP version, 
     stack together in NWN), your monk ends up with very high bonuses to hit 
     and of course the extra damage per hit.  With the monk's ability to hit 
     7 times per round in the end game (5 base, +1 flurry, +1 hasted by the 
     Dark Moon robes), that's easily 21 or 28 extra points of damage dished 
     out per round, if all 5 stat increases go into strength and base 
     strength starts high (15 or 16). 

     In short, I would do: 
     STR:  16 
     DEX:  14 
     CON:  14 
     INT:  10 
     WIS:  14 
     CHA:   8 

     Increase Strength every 4 levels.  Wear the Girdles of Strength, but 
     the Gauntlets of Ogre power aren't worth it cuz of the unique monk-only 
     gloves.  There's enough monk-only AC items that make you nigh-unhittable, 
     so higher Dex isn't necessary.  Higher Wis has the problems I have 
     mentioned above.  Intelligence is just not that important, because your 
     strength is not in your skills.  Charisma is sort of important, but 
     spending points in Persuade more than makes up for the -1. 

Every 4 levels you'll gain a 'point' which you can use to increase any stat by 
one. You can get 5 total of these points. 

2.4 Where Should I Place My Monk's Bonus Ability Points?
One thing I should make clear is as these stat points are for the LONG game, 
they should be placed so they have the most effect in said long game. There 
are two powerful items in particular that increase your stats when worn that I 
recommend using. I'll go into these later, but here's a brief guide into 'what 

First point (level 4): You should place this in a stat that is currently an 
odd number. For instance, if you're a human or half-elf, and you're following 
my ability point allocation, you should throw the stat into Dexterity, as 
should Gnomes. Elves should throw it into Con, as should Half-Orcs and 
Halflings. For dwarves, it's your decision, but I'd throw it into Wisdom.

Second point (level 8): If your a dwarf, place it into Wisdom to give it an 
even number (should make your wisdom an 16 now). Everyone else, throw it into 

Third point (level 12): Dwarves can toss this into Strength. Every one else, 
Wisdom (Note: I know your Strength should now be a 13 or 15, but that's the 
way to best utilize the Belt of Ogre/Giant/whatever might you've probably 
found by now. You should be able to pick one up that gives a +3 to strength, 
thus giving you a 16 or 18 overall. Not too shabby).

Fouth point (level 16): Dexterity for a dwarf, everyone else will want it in 

Fifth point (level 20): Non-Dwarves will want this final point in Dexterity. 
Dwarves? Which ever stat you'd like. Maybe Con if you prefer higher hit points 
to Dexterity, but I'm not sure how you'll take advantage of it without 
neglecting to use Boots of the Sun Soul +5.

Thus, your final 'base' abilities should look something like this:

   Human/Half-Elf    Elf         Dwarf       Half-Orc      Gnome      Halfling
Str  '  15           15           15           17           13           13
Dex  '  17           17           17           15           17           17
Con  '  14           14           16(17?)      16           16           16
Wsd  '  16           16           16           16           16           16
Int  '  10           10           10           10           10           10
Cha  '  10           10           6            6            10           10

This will allow you to best use a Belt of Hill/Frost/Fire Giant Strength, and 
Boots of the Sun Soul +5, which provide +3 to your dexterity. Neat eh?

2.5 Multiclassing (Monk: Major)
Monks have many limitations as to what they can and cannot use for weapons in 
armour, thus making most multiclassing a 'bad idea.' I think monks are very 
effective when they stay the course of a single class, but here is a brief 
rundown on what you'll gain (or won’t) from taking a level or two of another 

Also, the following combinations are impossible, due to alignment restrictions:


Cleric/Monk :   You gain armor proficiencies, but they're all useless to you 
                as you shouldn't be wearing armour anyway. The simple weapons 
                you gain are also of little use. Nothing useful for skills, 
                and being able to cast only a few level 0 and 1 spells isn't 
                going to help you much in the long run. Your charisma will 
                generally be low as a monk, thus the Cleric's turning ability 
                will be sub-par at best. The shield bonus is nice however.
Druid/Monk :    Note, you must be Lawful Neutral to multiclass as this. Again, 
                the weapon and armour proficiencies aren't much use, and you 
                don't even have the spontaneous healing a cleric would obtain. 
                You get an animal companion tho. Another class that will allow
                a monk to use a shield. One advantage to using a Druid/Monk
                is that you'll use the monk's 'unarmed' attack bonus while
                polymorphed, and due to the current bug (mentioned near the 
                end of this FAQ) you'll still have a great number of attacks.

Fighter/Monk :  You get a bonus feat, and slightly better hit dice, but you 
                ain't using any of those armour and weapon proficiencies. 
                Possibly good if you're going for a kama monk; If you're only
                going to take a level of Fighter, your best bet would be at 
                your 4th + level; That way you can pick up Weapon 
                Specialization to add a fat +2 to your damage rolls. You also
                gain the use of a shield.

Monk/Paladin :  Worse then a fighter, again your Charisma will be low, so you 
                won't benefit from the 'increased saving throws' a Paladin 
                normally gets due to his Charisma. You become immune to 
                disease at 5th level too. I'd rather multiclass as a fighter.

Monk/Ranger :   Possibly the first or second best multiclass, you gain 
                Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting feats for free, and a 
                favored enemy. a few extra hit points never hurt either. If 
                you want to try that 'dual kama' monk, this might be the way 
                to go. A polymorphed Ranger uses the monk 'base attack bonus'
                as well, so go morph into an Umber Hulk kids.

Monk/Thief :    Probably the way I'd go if I was into multiclassing a monk. 
                You get a ton of skill points, which can possibly help you 
                open locks and disarm traps. You also get a sneak attack 
                bonus, which isn't much, but is better then nothing.

Monk/Sorcerer : Magic-lobbing classes really are poor with only a few levels 
                in them, so it'd be pretty stupid to waste a few levels 
                learning some low level spells that aren't going to prove 
                themselves worthwhile once you hit the higher levels. Also, 
                pumping Charisma means losing stat points in other, more vital 
                areas for a monk.

Monk/Wizard :   Like the Monk/Sorcerer class, except you can't spontaneously 
                cast from your spellbook.

2.6 Multiclass (Monk: Minor)
I felt this deserved it's own section due to the increased info I've been
seeing/sent about only taking a few levels of a monk.

Cleric/Monk:             Cleave is a useful 'free' feat a Cleric can pick
                         up; The rest however, aren't quite as useful.
                         You might however, be able to use the monk specific
                         robes effectively, and you'll have full shield

Druid/Monk:              I believe Druids will gain more from the Fighter
                         class, but a single level for the free feats 
                         wouldn't hurt too badly.

Fighter/Monk:            A few levels of monk can give you some free 
                         feats (including: Cleave, Evasion, and Deflect
                         Arrows). Adding 6 levels of monk will give you
                         both Knockdown and Improved Knockdown, Monk 
                         Speed, and Purity of Body. You can make a very
                         insane kama 'monk' if you use the monk multiclass
                         'unarmed' attack bug (see section 7.2 for 

Monk/Paladin:            Still not as good as the Fighter, but again, the
                         free feats can go a long way. 

Monk/Ranger:             You lose a lot of the fighter feats, but you 
                         gain the few feats noted under monk for only 
                         investing a level or two. The 'unarmed' bug
                         could be easily applied here as well, and would
                         be especially sick with dual kama's. (see Section
                         7.2 for bug details.)

Monk/Thief:              You don't benefit as much here as you do with the
                         'Fighter' classes. You'll gain Evasion on your own,
                         and you won't be cleaving as much, Still, not 
                         horrible; You'll probably be better served using
                         a fighter as your second class however.

Wizard or Sorcerer/Monk: You gain quite a few defensive abilities to help
                         your spell-lobber survive. You gain the monks AC
                         bonus, Evasion, and Deflect Arrows. You're also
                         allowed to use the awesome various monk robes.
                         A few better Hit Point rolls never hurt either!
                         (thanks to Sherwin Tam for this info)

2.7 Monk Builds

1. Multiclass Monk/Fighter/Thief by Kaisergeist 
Hey, just thought I'd run something by you I tried in the game.  I made an 
absolutely beastly character by multi-classing a monk with fighter and rogue 
levels.  Here's how. 

Start out as a monk . . . the stats I tend to use for monks are: 
Str - 14 - Important for hitting people, of course. 
Dex - 16 - Important for AC and reflex saves, also of course. 
Con - 10 - Not something I like to sacrifice, but . . . 
Int - 10 - You don't need to worry a lot about skills this way. 
Wis - 16 - Important for AC and will saves. 
Cha - 8  - Let's be honest . . . who needs to be nice when you can kill? 

Give the monk a fighter level early on.  He gets a great HP bonus and fort 
save bonus, and the VERY SPECIAL PARTS of the fighter class for a monk - A 
levels you can use the Weapon Specialization feat for Unarmed Strike OR Kama.  
Plus, fighter levels jack the base attack bonus faster and it still applies 
to the favourable number of attacks you'd have as a monk (unlike real D&D) and 
you get feats so fast it's amazing. 

Now the explanation for the rogue levels.  First, good reflex saves obviously.  
Those first level bonuses of 2 rather than 1 are sweet that way.  Second, this 
allows your monk to get Sneak Attack damage to his attacks when it's available.  
That extra few d6 damage to his hits really count. 

*Editor's Note: You'll have larger XP problems trying this build with an Elf, 
Gnome, or Half-Orc due to their Favoured class restrictions.*

SECTION 3 - Monk Skills

3.1 What About skills?
This is pretty objective, so I won't do a "place this much skill points 
here..." but I will give my opinion on each skill. 

(note that Animal Empathy, Perform, and Use Magic Device are entirely unusable 
by a monk)

(second note: "CS" means that the skill is a Class related one, and thus each 
point placed into it raises it one rank, as opposed to a non-class skill, 
which requires two points to raise it one rank).

(third note: If you're planning on using a shield as a monk, or specifically,
a tower shield, placing points in Hide and Move Silently skills would be a bad 
idea. A tower shield adds a whopping -10 to these skills, and a few of the
cross-class skills)

Concentration   (CS)    :       Worthless. You don't cast spells, and I don't 
                                ever remember a creature Taunting me.
Disable Trap            :       Worthless to a pure monk. In single player,
                                you can hire Tomi to do your detecting early 
                                on, and hopefully enlist the aid of a rogue
                                friend in multiplayer. The fact is, a monk
                                doesn't get many skill points to play around 
                                with, and later on your saving throws will be
                                so high you can merrily walk through many of
                                the traps you find; Go Improved Evasion!
Discipline              :       Good. The only non-class skill I like, you'll 
                                find Knockdown to be plenty annoying, and
                                while you usually shouldn't be able to get
                                disarmed, it also can help negate called 
Heal            (CS)    :       Excellent. For a meagre amount of gold and 
                                some skill points invested, you can easily heal
                                30 to 50 hit points per 'healer's kit' with 
                                this skill. 
Hide            (CS)    :       Undecided. I haven't quite got the hang of 
                                'hiding' but I also find that running in 
                                and pummelling the enemy is pretty effective. 
                                If you've found Stealth to be useful, by all 
                                means, raise the skill.
Listen          (CS)    :       Poor. A few points never hurt, but you don't 
                                encounter many invisible enemies in the game.
Lore            (CS)    :       Excellent. I love this skill, but if you don't 
                                mind paying money to identify items, feel
                                free to ignore this. I just found it 
                                convenient to identify items when I find them.
Move Silently   (CS)    :       Undecided. Again, I don't play the monk as a 
                                rogue, so I never used this very effectively. 
                                It's your own discretion.
Open Lock               :       Worthless. You should have no trouble opening 
                                chests with your fists later on. The ones you 
                                can't, your helper might be able to. If you're
                                still worried about opening locks, I'd take the
                                Power Attack feat. 
Parry           (CS)    :       Undecided. I've read that same people like 
                                this skill, and indeed, it does sound neat, but
                                I never used it. Frankly, most enemies will 
                                attack fewer times a round then the monk will,
                                thus that's wasted attacks that could result 
                                from you being in parry mode. Again, use 
                                your judgement. 
Persuade        (CS)    :       Fantastic. An excellent skill, I'd always make 
                                sure this was maxed. Note that this may not
                                be so useful for a user created module, but
                                there are few skills worth pumping for a monk
Pick Pocket             :       Worthless. You're not a thief.
Search                  :       Worthless. You see, you're basically spending
                                as a monk a minimum of 4 points just to have
                                minimal success dealing with traps; 2 points
                                for every rank in Spot, and two more for a 
                                rank in Disable Trap. This gets too costly,
                                especially with the amount of skill points
                                you'll receive. The only dangerous traps at
                                higher levels for you with my the Spike Traps,
                                but even then with full health you'll still 
                                have breathing room after setting them off.
Set Trap                :       Worthless. I shouldn't need to explain why.
Spellcraft              :       Worthless. You can't counterspells, so knowing 
                                that you're about to be hit by a fireball 
                                isn't going to help you any.
Spot                    :       Not too many invisible enemies in the game
                                that need spotting, and definitely not enough 
                                to warrant spending points in a cross-class 
Taunt                   :       Undecided. Taunt SEEMS powerful, but not 
                                enough to justify using your few skill points 
                                to increase this.

3.2 So What Skills Should I Max?
Again, this is subjective, but I think maxing Heal and Persuade is definitely 
a good idea. And again, I consider Lore to be terrific. Again, it depends on 
your play style. If you like sneaking around with your monk, maxing "Hide" and 
"Move Silently" would probably be a good thing.

I've got some questions on maxing out the 'heal' skill, so I'd like to address
the heal skill here.

I'd first off like to say that yes, a potion of heal will do a bang up job
curing your monk of hitpoints. However, outside combat, I'd much prefer to
use a healing kit to recuperate my hit points.

The market price for a Potion of Heal is 2640 gold. This will of course, cure 
all your hit points. A Healer's Kit + 10 goes for the low low price of 344 gold,
and with a maxed out skill (and assuming +3 wisdom bonus) will heal 56 hit
points. This is because outside combat, you take 20. It also has the side 
benefit of curing any poison and/or disease you, or your helper/friend might
be afflicted with. For 7 Healing Kits +10(less then the cost of one Potion of
Heal) you can cure 350 hit points. A mere Healing Kit +1 will barely cost you 
100g's a shot, and will cure over 40 hp's a shot.

Resting is of course, free. However, it is convenient to simply pop a healing
kit if you're down about 50 hit points. It takes only a few seconds to use a
healing kit, while it takes almost 20 to rest.

Also, you aren't immune to poison until level 11, so they are VERY handy 
before then, and just REAL handy afterwards :)

From Mark Lauer, against maxing the skill 'Heal':

        "Healing kits, while being pretty much useless in the official 
        campaign and other normal campaigns, do have their uses in persistent 
        worlds that follow Dungeons and Dragons rules closely. For example, 
        some persistent worlds only allow you to rest every 8 gameplay hours, 
        and I have seen a couple that go even further and don't let you 
        recover your maximum amount of hit points on rest. In this case, your 
        monk with the heal skill and healing kits can substitute as a weak 
        cleric, giving a small boost to your party members' hit points. In 
        other persistent worlds, when you die, you actually don't really die 
        until you reach -10 hit points(-1 hp per round), so your allies have 
        a chance to heal you before you die and require a raise dead or 
        resurrection spell. You can't chuck a potion down his throat for him, 
        but you can use a healing kit to save him. Healing kits also allow 
        you to cure poison and disease, and while you are immune to those 
        effects, your allies won't be. In single player or campaigns where 
        resting is allowed, healing kits are near useless, but they can be 
        used to great effect in persistent worlds.

SECTION 4 - Monk Feats

4.1 Feats Monks Get Naturally.

Monks get quite a few feats for free at first level, and gain several more as 
they progress. These technically aren't "feats" so much as monk abilities, but 
they're all listed in the same section as monk feats, thus I felt it best to 
throw them in this section too. Most monk 'feats' are used automatically, thus 
making you a formidable opponent without even trying!

Improved Unarmed Strike (first level)   This feats basically prevents opponents
                                        from making attacks of opportunity 
                                        against you when you try and smack 
                                        them with your fists (and you will be 
                                        doing that a lot). 
                                        Use: Automatic

Stunning Fist (first level)             This feat works much differently for a 
                                        monk then it does for other 
                                        characters; Basically, you make a 
                                        normal attack, and if you hit, the 
                                        target must roll a fortitude save (DC 
                                        = 15 + 1/2 your level + your wisdom 
                                        modifier) or be held for 3 rounds. 
                                        Monks can use this a number of times a 
                                        day equal to their level, and while 
                                        I'm on the topic, Constructs, Undead, 
                                        and creatures immune to critical hits 
                                        are immune to this mmmkay? 
                                        Use: Selected

Cleave (first level)                    A wonderful skill, if you manage to 
                                        fell an opponent with your attack, you 
                                        may make a free attack on an opponent 
                                        your monk can hit from where he's 
                                        Use: Automatic

Specialty Weapon (first level)          You use a kama (normally an exotic 
                                        weapon) pretty well. Instead of your 
                                        'normal' base attack bonus, you use 
                                        your 'unarmed attack bonus' when 
                                        swinging these puppies, and you also 
                                        benefit form some skills that are 
                                        normally only used when using your 
                                        bare hands. Keep in mind however, that 
                                        you no longer use your unarmed damage 
                                        bonus while wielding a kama, and monk
                                        gloves will not improve your attack.
                                        Use: Automatic

Monk Armor Class Bonus (first level)    You add your Wisdom modifier to your 
                                        Armour Class... as long as you aren't 
                                        Wearing armor.
                                        Use: Automatic

Flurry of Blows (first level)           When using your fists or a kama, you 
                                        get an extra attack per round. 
                                        However, all your attacks are made at 
                                        a -2 penalty. This feat is terrific; 
                                        You can use it as many times a day as 
                                        you'd like, and at later levels a -2 
                                        to your attack is a minor penalty with 
                                        the attack bonus your sure to have.
                                        Use: Selected

Evasion (first level)                   If you successfully make a reflex save 
                                        in a situation that would normally 
                                        cause you to take only half damage, 
                                        you escape unharmed. For example, if 
                                        an EVIL wizard decided you would be a 
                                        good target for his fireball, and you 
                                        were 'hit' by it, a successful saving 
                                        throw would mean that you safely 
                                        ignored the fireball. An incredible 
                                        skill, that gets better later on. 
                                        Note: Having this skill does NOT mean 
                                        that you have a chance to completely 
                                        avoid damage from a spell/effect that 
                                        allows a reflex save. The spell MUST 
                                        state (like fireball) that a 
                                        successful reflex save would allow 
                                        half damage. If it doesn't say that, 
                                        sorry chum. Suck it up.
                                        Use: Automatic

Deflect Arrows (second level)           The first missile attack per round has 
                                        a chance to be automatically dodged 
                                        (Reflex Save DC 20). A nice little 
                                        bonus for being a monk.
                                        Use: Automatic

Monk Speed (third level)                Starting at third level, your monk 
                                        moves faster then other classes not 
                                        under the influence of a haste spell 
                                        or effect. It increases as your level 
                                        rises, starting at being 110% faster, 
                                        to be 150% faster at very high levels.
                                        Use: Automatic

Still Mind (third level)                This one isn't mentioned in the 
                                        instruction book nor the 'readme' that
                                        comes with the game. Anyway, it's here,
                                        and your monk gets a +2 bonus to all
                                        saving throws against Mind-Affecting

Purity of Body (fifth level)            Your monk is now immune to disease, 
                                        both common and (as far as I can tell) 
                                        magical. A good thing to have when 
                                        you're up to your neck in mummies!
                                        Use: Automatic

Knockdown (sixth level)                 Pretty similar to Stunning Fist. You 
                                        make an attack roll at -4, and if 
                                        successful, your opponent must make a 
                                        successful disciple check, or be 
                                        knocked on their butt. You get a bonus 
                                        if you're bigger then your target, and 
                                        a negative if you're smaller. +4 for 
                                        every size smaller, and -4 for every 
                                        size larger. This means that if you're 
                                        a gnome, and you try and hit a elf 
                                        with this, your attack would be made 
                                        at -8. I consider Stunning Fist to be
                                        superior, but it's up to you in the 
                                        long run.
                                        Use: Selected

Improved Knockdown (sixth level)        In the previous description, I said 
                                        your gnome would get a -8 to hit that 
                                        elf. I was actually lying. You'd only 
                                        get a -4, because with this skill, you 
                                        act as if you're one size larger. 
                                        Hopefully, I don't get too many people 
                                        e-mailing me about my 'error...'
                                        Use: Automatic

Wholeness of Body (seventh level)       Once a day, your monk can restore 
                                        twice it's level in hit points. That 
                                        means a level 10 monk can restore 20 
                                        hit points. Not really useful, when you 
                                        consider a healing kit can do that and 
                                        Use: Selected

Improved Evasion (ninth level)          Fail your reflex save against that 
                                        nasty fireball? No problem! You're 
                                        still taking only half damage! Again, 
                                        as in evasion, the spell/effect MUST 
                                        state that a successful reflex save 
                                        allows half damage. Otherwise, you 
                                        better hope your hit points are 
                                        currently high.
                                        Use: Automatic

Ki Strike (tenth level)                 Damage Reduction getting you down? 
                                        Well, no more (maybe)! Your fists now 
                                        count as if they were +1 weapons, and 
                                        at 13th level, they'll count as if 
                                        they were +2. And, at level 16, your 
                                        fists, in addition to being quite 
                                        calloused, are now considered +3 
                                        weapons when calculating damage 
                                        reduction. Note however, that this 
                                        'enchantment' bonus isn't the same as 
                                        a magical weapon. You will not have 
                                        the normal bonus to strike and damage 
                                        like most magic weapons grant. Still, 
                                        your fists are mighty weapons without 
                                        added bonuses. Oh, and it should be 
                                        mentioned that Ki Strike has NO EFFECT 
                                        on monsters/objects with Damage 
                                        Resistance; +3 or not. But that 
                                        goes for all magical weapons striking 
                                        something with Damage Resistance.
                                        Use: Automatic

Diamond Body (eleventh level)           A misleading name if I ever saw one. 
                                        No, you don't get damage reduction;
                                        that's later. Instead, you'll have to 
                                        settle for being immune to poison, 
                                        both natural, and as the manual 
                                        states, most magical. As soon as I 
                                        became eleventh level, my monk was 
                                        never poisoned again, so either he's 
                                        immune to ALL magical poison, or most 
                                        magical poison sucked, and the enemy 
                                        mages preferred to cast good spells 
                                        against me instead. Not that that 
                                        helped them.
                                        Use: Automatic

Diamond Soul (twelfth level)            Spell Resistance! Quite the beautiful 
                                        thing. What does this mean exactly? 
                                        Well, excluding the possibility of the 
                                        spell penetration feat, 45% of the 
                                        spells cast upon your monk by a wizard 
                                        of equal level are safely ignored. 
                                        Diamond Soul grants Spell Resistance 
                                        equal to your monk's level plus 10.
                                        Use: Automatic

Quivering Palm (fifteenth level)        Instant death! YAAAAAAAAA! If you 
                                        scream that as you use this skill, you 
                                        get a +1 bonus to successfully hit. I 
                                        swear. Actually a fairly poor skill, a 
                                        struck opponent must make a fortitude 
                                        save (DC 10 + 1/2 monk's level + 
                                        monk's wisdom modifier) or collapse 
                                        into a puddle of very dead goo. 
                                        Unfortunately, at 15th level most 
                                        fortitude saves are quite high. It's 
                                        actually impossible for my level 20 
                                        monk to be killed by this effect (DC 
                                        23) unless I roll a 1. Expect similar 
                                        difficulty against other players. 
                                        Still, could be a useful last ditch 
                                        attack in a pinch. Instant Death only 
                                        once a day!
                                        Use: Selected

Empty Body (eighteenth level)           I didn't get much use out of this 
                                        skill; It might have just been that 
                                        it's hard to see on my computer if
                                        my dude was actually still "empty." 
                                        I'm going to need to test it some
                                        more. Still, having 1/2 the attacks 
                                        aimed at you automatically miss is 
                                        some good. Twice a day.
                                        Use: Selected
Perfect Self (twentieth level)          Phew! You've finally done it. Your 
                                        friends said you were crazy for not 
                                        taking a level of rogue, or a level of 
                                        ranger, but you stuck with being a 
                                        monk, and now you've been rewarded 
                                        with damage reduction! Ignore the first
                                        twenty points baby! Well, as long as 
                                        they aren't using a magical weapon. So 
                                        really, it's hard to say whether or 
                                        not the damage reduction part really 
                                        IS worth it. It's great against giants 
                                        of all varieties (they seem not to use 
                                        magical weapons) but does jack against
                                        a +1 toothpick. Well, at least you're 
                                        also now immune to all mind-affecting 
                                        spells... Oh yeah, cool thing to look
                                        at: Your monk's eyes will now glow 
                                        blue with what I assume is POWER!
                                        Use: Automatic

4.2 A Review of Possible Monk Feats.
Alertness                               +2 to spot and listen? Ugh. They're 
                                        not even class skills...

Ambidexterity                           Yes, you have two fists, but no, you 
                                        can't use em both as separate weapons. 
                                        You gain benefit from having this while
                                        using your bare hands. I've heard of a 
                                        monk 'kama' build that might use these 
                                        effectively however... (Req: Dex 15+)

Armor Proficiency Light/Medium/Heavy    Monks get excellent 'clothing' that 
                                        they can use, and you would lose your 
                                        wisdom bonus and unarmed attack bonus 
                                        by wearing armour anyway. Ignore these 
                                        feats,	they aren't worth your time
                                        (Req: Light for Medium, Medium for 
                                        Heavy. Got it?)

Called Shot                             Monks tend to have pretty good attack 
                                        and Armor Class, but if you find that 
                                        they're not high enough, this feat 
                                        could help. Using Stunning fist  
                                        might be more effective however.
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +1 or higher)

Disarm                                  Your opponents will usually have 
                                        larger weapons then you do (you are 
                                        using your fists after all) thus, 
                                        you're looking at a -6 to strike right 
                                        off the bat, and your opponent will be 
                                        getting +4-+12 to their discipline 
                                        check. Oh yeah, and you provoke an 
                                        attack of opportunity. I thought this
                                        was worthless, and while not 
                                        spectacular, you can improve your
                                        chances to hit by using 'Knockdown' 
                                        first; And since most enemies in the 
                                        game do not have Improved Unarmed 
                                        Strike, you gain an attack of 
                                        opportunity each time they take a swing
                                        at you. It still requires 13 Int to
                                        use tho.
                                        (Req: Int 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike)

Dodge                                   An excellent ability, receiving a +1 
                                        bonus to avoid that nasty sword that's 
                                        aiming for your neck.
                                        (Req: Dex 13+)

Great Fortitude                         Much like it's companions (Lightning 
                                        Reflexes and Iron Will) this feat 
                                        really isn't worth it. 

Improved Critical                       It's not much of an increase, but with 
                                        this ability you'll critical twice as 
                                        often, and that's never bad. In fact, 
                                        that’s very good.
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +8)

Improved Disarm                         Well, it makes it a little better 
                                        anyway. Still removing the attack of 
                                        opportunity and reducing the penalty 
                                        still doesn't make this very useful 
                                        using bare fists. Also, as is the case 
                                        for most feats that require 13 
                                        intelligence, I'd never put my 
                                        Intelligence up to 13 in order to use 
                                        (Req: Int 13+, Disarm)

Improved Parry                          Er, I don't use the Parry skill. 
                                        However, if it's your bag of tea, I 
                                        heartily recommend this skill!
                                        (Req: Int 13+)

Improved Power Attack                   A -10 to attack is a pretty harsh 
                                        penalty, even with a +10 to damage. I 
                                        don't even bother with Power Attack, 
                                        and I consider this 'improvement' much 
                                        worse then it. (Req: Str +13, Power 

Improved Two Weapon Fighting            Unless you're making a 'kama' monk, 
                                        ignore this like Ambidexterity and Two 
                                        Weapon Fighting.
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +9, Two-Weapon 
                                        Fighting, Ambidexterity)

Iron Will                               I actually picked this when my monk 
                                        hit 18th level, but that's only 
                                        because I had nothing better to pick.
Lightning Reflexes                      Monk's have a great Reflex save 
                                        anyway, but if you're running into too 
                                        many traps maybe this feat is for you. 
                                        Possibly the best of the trio due to 
                                        the monks 'Evasion' feat.

Mobility                                A good feat, your monk shouldn't be 
                                        provoking too many attacks of 
                                        opportunity (and even less should be 
                                        successful) but this feat is always 
                                        handy to have around. Just in case.
                                        (Req: Dex 13+, Dodge)

Point Blank Shot                        Er, plan to use shurikens in close 
Power Attack                            I don't like this skill, but I can't 
                                        deny that it could come in handy 
                                        sometimes. Still, you get cleave for 
                                        free, so you don't even need it for a 
                                        pre-requisite or anything. It is, 
                                        from what a few readers have told me,
                                        a very useful thing to switch on after
                                        a successful 'Knockdown' attack. Note
                                        however, that you cannot have both 
                                        'Furry of Blows' and 'Power Attack'
                                        running at the same time.
                                        (Req: Str 13+)

Rapid Shot                              You STILL aren't stuck on using A 
                                        SLING as a monk are you? (Req: Dex
                                        13+, Point Blank Shot)

Shield                                  Normally, armor = bad when it comes to
                                        monks, but monks can use a shield
                                        without any penalty (aside from the 
                                        regular skill penalties that all 
                                        shields give.. You'll look goofy, but 
                                        it works. I originally assumed this 
                                        was a bug, but one reader mentioned
                                        that Monte Cook, the dude who provides
                                        to D&D rule questions, mentioned
                                        shields as an option for monks, thus
                                        don't expect them to be 'fixing' this
                                        any time soon.
Skill Focus                             While there are a few good skills a 
                                        monk gets, I don't think it's worth it 
                                        to take this skill to increase one of 
                                        them. Find a better combat one 
                                        instead. If you're absolutely stuck
                                        with nothing to do with a feat however,
                                        Skill Focus: Discipline isn't too 
                                        bad. Best used on cross-class skills,
                                        like the aforementioned Discipline.
Toughness                               This is the way the feat should have 
                                        been in the Player's Handbook. It's 
                                        like a free point of constitution.

Two-Weapon Fighting	                Again, it really depends on whether or 
                                        not your one of those rogue 'kama' 
                                        monk builds. I still think an unarmed 
                                        monk would be better, but if you have 
                                        3 feat slots you're REALLY not using...
Weapon Finesse                          Possibly useful, but I like to keep my 
                                        monks strength at a decent level. 
                                        However, it's still pretty useful 
                                        should your strength get decreased by 
                                        poison/disease. So I'd get this if you 
                                        have a free feat to spend, but I 
                                        wouldn't go out of my way to get this. 
                                        Belts of ______ Strength should keep 
                                        your strength above your dex for most 
                                        of the game.
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +1)

Weapon Focus                            A skill you should pick up. It's not 
                                        much, but you'll be using your fists 
                                        for damn near the entire game, so why 
                                        wouldn't you give them a +1 bonus to 
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +1)

Weapon Proficiency: Exotic              Trust me when I say, a monk wielding a 
                                        Scythe would be pretty damn cool, but 
                                        anyone wielding a scythe would be 
                                        pretty damn cool... but your fists 
                                        would still be better.
                                        (Req: Base Attack Bonus +1)

Weapon Proficiency: Martial/Simple      For reference, monk's can use the 
                                        following weapons at level 1: clubs, 
                                        daggers, handaxes, light and heavy 
                                        crossbows, kamas, quarterstaffs, 
                                        shurikens, and slings. They also would 
                                        rarely want to use any of those 
                                        listed. Thus, why would you learn how 
                                        to use more weapons you'd never use?

4.3 Which Feats are Must Haves?
I think the following should be learned by every non-kama monk:

Improved Critical: Unarmed Strike
Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike

I also recommend these feats:


In the end, it's always your choice on what to take. Note, that via 
multiclassing a monk can pick up feats he is normally denied access to, like
Weapon Specialization.

Some more comments on feats, specifically both power attack and it's improved 
version by James N. Daniel III:

     Power Attack and Improved Power Attack.  On one level, you are correct 
     and these are not very important for combat, especially in the early 
     game.  The penalties to hit are too high.  In the mid-to-late game, 
     though, the amount of damage added per blow becomes quite high.  Have 
     you noticed how even somewhat wimpy things like Dire Wolves and Trolls 
     have lots of hit points, and the monk has to hit several times to kill 
     just one?  This is where Power Attack (and sometimes Improved Power 
     Attack) come in:  if it is a low-armor, high-hit-point critter, and 
     say 4 hits per round (3 base at mid levels,  +1 haste), that 
     comes out to 20 (or 40 with improved power attack) extra points of 
     damage per round.  Of course, if they have a high AC, this doesn't 
     happen, but it's just a matter of tactics to decide when it will be 
     effective.  On top of these bonuses, a monk that is bashing open 
     chests (because Tomi isn't along) does so much, much, much faster 
     with Improved Power Attack.  Improved Power Attack is essential for 
     a solo monk to open chests without dying of boredom.  :) 

SECTION 5 - Monk Stats

5.1 The monk
Alignment Restrictions: Any lawful.     So no Barbarian/Monk hybrid; Druid/
                                        Monk's are perfectly legal as of 1.3
                                        of this FAQ tho.

Hit Die: d8.                            Strong enough to take a few blows, but 
                                        feel free to use that 'increased monk 
                                        speed' to get you out of a dangerous 

Skill Points                            You don't get many skill points, but 
(Int Modifier * 4 at first level)       there aren’t many skills that are 
4 + Int Modifier.                       really worth maxing, so it works out. 
                                        Still, a negative Int Modifier is NOT 

5.2 Every Statistic You'd Ever Want to Know About a Monk
I'm lying again, there are probably some other statistics you'd love to know, 
but the ones below are the most important / common / useful. From the 
instruction manual, straight to your home in one big table! Makes you wonder 
why I called the section "monk tables" now doesn't it?

*NOTE 1*: A monk has 'higher' saves across the board. This means that while 
other classes usually get one save that's twice that of one of the others, a 
monks are uniformly high. Thus, I felt no need to list the same stat for both 
Reflex, Will, and Fortitude, just one big universal saving throw. 

*NOTE 2* In case you haven't read the manual at all, or are still having 
trouble spelling the word "rogue" the 'Base Attack Bonus' is what the monk 
uses when he's using a weapon other then a kama or his bare hands. The 
'Unarmed Attack Bonus' is what the monk uses when he's ready to tear the 
streets up with his fists (or a kama).

*NOTE 3* in the 'Unarmed Damage' column, the first number represents damage 
done by a medium or larger monk. The second number is by those small gnome and 
Halfling monks.

*NOTE 4* Experience tables are not listed, because I honestly think they 
shouldn't need to be. To determine the amount of experience you need to advance 
in level, simply multiply your current level by 1000 experience. Easy, 

Monk  |Saving |   Base     |     Unarmed      |   Unarmed   |  AC   | Run 	 
Level |Throws |   Attack   |     Attack       |   Damage    | Bonus | Speed 
      |       |   Bonus    |     Bonus        |             |       |
   1  |   +2  | +0         | +0               |  1d6 / 1d4  |  +0   | 100%    
   2  |   +3  | +1         | +1               |  1d6 / 1d4  |  +0   | 100%  
   3  |   +3  | +2         | +2               |  1d6 / 1d4  |  +0   | 110%  
   4  |   +4  | +3         | +3               |  1d8 / 1d6  |  +0   | 110%  
   5  |   +4  | +3         | +3               |  1d8 / 1d6  |  +1   | 110%  
   6  |   +5  | +4         | +4/+1            |  1d8 / 1d6  |  +1   | 120%  
   7  |   +5  | +5         | +5/+2            |  1d8 / 1d6  |  +1   | 120%  
   8  |   +6  | +6/+1      | +6/+3            | 1d10 / 1d8  |  +1   | 120%  
   9  |   +6  | +6/+1      | +6/+3            | 1d10 / 1d8  |  +1   | 130%  
  10  |   +7  | +7/+2      | +7/+4/+1         | 1d10 / 1d8  |  +2   | 130%  
  11  |   +7  | +8/+3      | +8/+5/+2         | 1d10 / 1d8  |  +2   | 130%  
  12  |   +8  | +9/+4      | +9/+6/+3         | 1d12 / 1d10 |  +2   | 140%  
  13  |   +8  | +9/+4      | +9/+6/+3         | 1d12 / 1d10 |  +2   | 140%  
  14  |   +9  | +10/+5     | +10/+7/+4/+1     | 1d12 / 1d10 |  +2   | 140%  
  15  |   +9  | +11/+6/+1  | +11/+8/+5/+2     | 1d12 / 1d10 |  +3   | 145%  
  16  |  +10  | +12/+7/+2  | +12/+9/+6/+3     | 1d20 / 2d6  |  +3   | 145%  
  17  |  +10  | +12/+7/+2  | +12/+9/+6/+3     | 1d20 / 2d6  |  +3   | 145%  
  18  |  +11  | +13/+8/+3  | +13/+10/+7/+4/+1 | 1d20 / 2d6  |  +3   | 150%  
  19  |  +11  | +14/+9/+4  | +14/+11/+8/+5/+2 | 1d20 / 2d6  |  +3   | 150%  
  20  |  +12  | +15/+10/+5 | +15/+12/+9/+6/+3 | 1d20 / 2d6  |  +4   | 150%  

SECTION 6 - Monk Items

Monk specific items are what turn your average monk, into a powerhouse. Monks 
get GREAT armor to use, especially later in the game.

*NOTE*: You won't find all of these weapons/armour in one play through of a 
game. You can buy the majority of them, but as with such items as Gloves of the
Hin Fist, you'll have to be lucky enough to find them, and they're randomly
given. (Gin Won reports finding a +5 Hin Fist gloves in Chapter 2; I didn't 
Find above a +3 throughout the entire game)

6.1 Monk Weapons
Kama            1d6, critical x2                Useable by classes other then 
                                                monks, kama's are still unique 
                                                in that they work with several 
                                                other monk skills, the most 
                                                notable being the monk's 
                                                unarmed attack bonus. Kama's 
                                                come in +1, +2, and +3 
Peasant Dynasty 1d6, critical x2                Nothing special here, 
                Enchantment Bonus: +1           basically a +1 kama with some 
                Acid Resist 5 / -               elemental resistances.
                Cold Resist 5 / -
                Elec Resist 5 / -
                Fire Resist 5 / -

Thread of Life  1d6, critical x2                An extremely useful item for  
                Enchantment Bonus: +1           any class to have. It's a poor 
                Regeneration: +1                weapon, but allows you to cast 
                Charges: 50                     Cure Minor, Moderate, Serious, 
                Use: Cure Minor Wounds (1)      and Critical Wounds. It 
                        (0 charges per use)     unfortunately has charges, but 
                Use: Cure Moderate Wounds (3)   'Cure Minor Wounds' requires 
                        (2 charges per use)     zero charges, thus you can use 
                Use: Cure Serious Wounds (5)    it as many times as you'd 
                        (4 charges per use)     like. Obviously Cure Minor 
                Use: Cure Critical Wounds (7)   wounds isn't very effective 
                        (5 charges per use)     in the heat of combat, but 
                                                Cure Critical isn't too

Empty Fields    1d6, critical x2                Too bad the enchantment bonus
                Enchantment Bonus: +1           wasn't higher. Still, possibly
                On Hit: Doom (DC 14)            a very good item switch; If you
                 Duration: 50%/2 rounds         tag your opponent with this and
                                                have the 'Doom' effect work
                                                (DC 14, it's a Level 1 Cleric 
                                                spell) you're flying sweet for 
                                                2 rounds.

Imaskari Kama   1d6, critical x2                Not great, but the added acid
                Enchantment Bonus: +1           damage could be pretty good
                Damage Bonus: +1d4 acid         since few enemies are 
                Discipline skill +1             resistant to acid.

6.2 Monk Specific Armor
Robes of the Shining Hand                       Like all robes, they basically 
                                                act like clothing. This means 
                                                that they don't count as 
                                                armor, thus you get your 
                                                Wisdom bonus and unarmed 
                                                attack bonus, etc. etc. Robes 
                                                of the Shining hand are there 
                                                to help increase your AC early 
                                                in the game, and give either a 
                                                +1, +2, +3, +4 or +5 to your 
                                                AC while you wear them. You 
                                                also gain a slight negative to 
                                                your Listen skill while walking 
                                                around in these (Listen -1) 
                                                but who paying attention? Get 
                                                it? Get it?

Robes of the Old Order                          Slightly better then Robes of 
                                                the Shining Hand +1 and +2, 
                                                Robes of the Old Order give 
                                                you Damage Reduction: 5 / +1. 
                                                This means non-enchanted 
                                                weapons that hit you have 
                                                their damage reduced by 5 
                                                points. Very useful early on,
                                                effectively negating the 
                                                damage from weak enemies, and 
                                                halving the damage from strong 
                                                ones. Made obsolete by...

Improved Robes of the Old Order                 Exactly the same as Robes of 
                                                the Old Order, but with an 
                                                additional +2 AC bonus for 
                                                your teeth to sink into.

Robes of the Dark Moon                          These not only give your monk 
                                                an extra attack, the haste
                                                effect also serves to give 
                                                your monk a fat +4 bonus to AC. 
                                                Oh, your Concentration skill 
                                                goes down a point (Concentration 
                                                -1). Guess that's the end of 
                                                your monk's spell-lobbing days. 
                                                The best robes in the game by 

6.3 Monk Specific Gloves
Gloves of the Yellow Rose                       Like all monk gloves, the 
   +1 - +1 to unarmed strike                    number that comes after the 
        +1 electrical damage                    name indicates the bonus to 
                                                strike. I.E. Gloves of the 
   +2 - +2 to unarmed strike                    Yellow Rose +3 will give your 
        +1 electrical damage                    monk a +3 bonus to strike in 
                                                combat UNARMED (kama's do not 
   +3 - +3 to unarmed strike                    work). Gloves of the Yellow 
        +1 electrical damage                    Rose have the distinction of 
                                                adding an extra point of 
   +4 - +4 to unarmed strike                    electrical damage when they 
        +1 electrical damage                    strike. (+1 Electrical 
                                                Damage). These are the worst
   +5 - +5 to unarmed strike                    monk gloves, but the most
        +1 electrical damage                    common.

Gloves of the Hin Fist                          Like, Gloves of the Yellow 
   +1 - +1 to unarmed strike                    Rose, only with sonic damage 
        +1 sonic damage                         applied. +1 Hin Fist gloves
                                                apply +1 sonic damage, +2 and
   +2 - +2 to unarmed strike                    +3 Hin Fist gloves apply +2 
        +2 sonic damage                         sonic damage, +4 applies +1d4,
                                                and +5 apply +1d6 sonic damage.
   +3 - +3 to unarmed strike                    The best monk gloves, due to
        +2 sonic damage                         the inability of most 
                                                creatures/players to absorb
   +4 - +4 to unarmed strike                    sonic damage.
        +1d4 sonic damage

   +5 - +5 to unarmed strike
        +1d6 sonic damage

Gloves of the Long Death                        Useless Trivia: Grimgnaw, 
   +1 - +1 to unarmed strike                    everyone's favourite evil 
        +1 cold damage                          Dwarven monk, comes from the 
                                                'Long Death Clan.' the second
   +2 - +2 to unarmed strike                    best monk gloves. They mirror
        +2 cold damage                          the ability of the Hin Fist
                                                gloves, except they apply
   +3 - +3 to unarmed strike                    cold damage instead of sonic,
        +2 cold damage                          thus making them easier to
   +4 - +4 to unarmed strike
        +1d4 cold damage

   +5 - +5 to unarmed strike
        +1d6 cold damage

6.4 Monk Specific Boots
Boots of the Sun Soul                           The only monk specific boot 
   +1 - +1 AC (dodge)                           type, they are none-the-less 
                                                awesome, granting a bonus to 
   +2 - +2 AC (dodge)                           AC (dodge) while equipped. 
                                                They come in +1, +2, +3, +4 
   +3 - +3 AC (dodge)                           and +5 varieties. The +4 boots 
                                                are notable because they add
   +4 - +4 AC (dodge)                           +2 to your Dexterity, and the 
        +2 Dexterity                            Boots of the Sun Soul +5 add 
                                                an cool +3 dexterity to your 
   +5 - +5 AC (dodge)                           Dexterity! For those doing the 
        +3 Dexterity                            math, yes, you can get +6 - +7 
                                                AC from a pair of shoes as a 
                                                monk (or a thief with a  
                                                high Use Magic Device skill)!

6.5 Handy Items for a Monk
Belt of Giant Strength                          These belts come in various 
                                                sizes, the best being the Belt 
                                                of Fire Giant Strength (+5 
                                                Strength). The reason to keep 
                                                your base Strength a odd 
                                                number. Belts of Hill Giant
                                                Strength provide +3 to 
                                                Strength, and Belts of Frost
                                                Giant Strength provide +4 to

Amulet of Natural Armor                         Coming in +1 to +5 varieties, 
                                                Amulets of Natural Armor 
                                                provide a 'Natural' AC bonus, 
                                                which is notable because you 
                                                can only use one type of 
                                                Natural and Deflection bonus 
                                                on your character at a time. 
                                                'Natural' AC bonuses are 
                                                pretty rare, so you'll always 
                                                usually get the full bonus 
                                                from wearing one of these.

Ring of Resistance                              These rings add whatever 
                                                numerical suffix they have to 
                                                all your saving throws. Handy 
                                                for all situations. They come 
                                                in +1, +2, and +3 styles.

Ring of Power                                   An incredible item, a Lesser 
                                                Ring of Power provides Cold, 
                                                Fire, and Electrical 
                                                Resistance ( 5 / - ) and 
                                                Regeneration +1. The mightier 
                                                Ring of Power provides Cold, 
                                                Fire, and Electrical 
                                                Resistance at a higher 
                                                strength ( 15 / - ) keeps the 
                                                Regeneration + 1, and adds 
                                                Freedom, so you'll never
                                                have to worry about wearing 
                                                briefs again.

Cloak of Fortification                          It really comes down to 
                                                whether you want one of these, 
                                                or a Ring of Protection. I 
                                                prefer Cloaks of Fortification 
                                                due to the added bonus of
                                                increasing your saving throws. 
                                                These paired with a Ring of 
                                                Resistance can grant +6 to all 
                                                your saving throws, and that 
                                                ain't bad. These cloaks 
                                                increase both AC and as 
                                                mentioned, saving throws. They 
                                                come ready to wear in +1, +2, 
                                                and +3 sizes.

Boots of Hardiness +3                           Until you get Boots of the Sun 
                                                Soul +5, these are usually 
                                                better then Boots of the Sun 
                                                Soul. Adding +3 to your AC, 
                                                they also add +3 to your 
                                                Constitution, giving you more 
                                                Hit Points to play with.

Hastsezini's Shield                             Thanks to Gundam Deathscythe, 
                                                if you want to use a shield 
                                                for your monk, there's no 
                                                better then this +5 tower
                                                shield, useable only by lawful

Periapt of Wisdom                               Not as useful (in my opinion)
                                                as an Amulet of Natural armor,
                                                but the +4 and +5 periapts 
                                                will add two to your AC, and
                                                give you more 'insight'
                                                options in conversation. Also,
                                                if you're looking into using
                                                Stunning Fist successfully, 
                                                there isn't an item in the
                                                game that'll benefit you more
                                                then this amulet.

Amulet of the Uthgardt                          A quest item you can receive
                                                from Daelen with enough 
                                                persistence, you'll get a fat
                                                +4 to strength, and immunity 
                                                to fear. This can be a trade
                                                off with a +5 to AC, but
                                                sometimes +2 to strike and
                                                damage is tempting, especially
                                                against accursed Ancient Red
                                                Dragons. Yes, I was absolutely
                                                beaming after defeating that
                                                mother of a tough enemy. You
                                                can get this in chapter 3 if 
                                                you got his item in chapters
                                                1 and 2.

SECTION 7 - Other Monk Stuff

7.1 Monk Henchmen
Since this is sure to come up, I'd just like to briefly comment on the various 
Henchmen you can acquire through the Neverwinter Nights single player game.

Linu La'neral           Elven Cleric		Great personality, and pretty 
                                                interesting to listen to. Her 
                                                clerical abilities can come in 
                                                handy, but she's strictly 
                                                average in combat. You should 
                                                be able to gain more of a 
                                                benefit from some of your 
                                                other helpers.

Sharwyn                 Human Bard              So beautiful, but so useless. 
                                                Her low AC WILL get her killed 
                                                in combat (and quickly), she 
                                                has terrible AI with regards 
                                                to her spells and abilities 
                                                (i.e. she'll use her bard song 
                                                ability on the first enemy you 
                                                fight after resting, and it's 
                                                usually always a lone dire 
                                                wolf or something). Her high 
                                                charisma isn't getting her any 
                                                points in my party I'm afraid.

Daelan Red Tiger        Half-Orc Barbarian      A great helper, simply because 
                                                he's a tank, and can dish out 
                                                grievous amounts of damage 
                                                (like you can!). Useful on 
                                                some of the harder bosses (A 
                                                certain Ancient Red Dragon 
                                                comes to mind...).

Tomi Undergallows       Halfling Thief          A terrific helper, Tomi does 
                                                it all. Detects Traps, 
                                                Disables traps, Picks Locks, 
                                                Sneak Attacks for fantastic 
                                                damage, and all the while with 
                                                a great accent! My first 
                                                choice for a monk Henchman.

Grimgnaw                Dwarven Monk            A great character in melee 
                                                combat (In fact, he'll usually 
                                                be only slightly worse then 
                                                you due to henchmen level 
                                                progression.) Grimgnaw 
                                                unfortunately doesn't 
                                                compliment you in the least. 
                                                But you know what the Japanese 
                                                say. "Why kick ass with one 
                                                monk, when you can ass kick 
                                                twice as much, with two 
                                                monks." Okay, I'm honestly not 
                                                sure if the Japanese ever said 
                                                that. In fact, I might just be 
                                                badly transformed quote I heard
                                                in a movie. 

Boodyknock Glinckle     Gnome Sorcerer          Kinda funny to talk to, but 
                                                his bad hair cut goes with his 
                                                bad AI. You'll constantly find 
                                                him casting powerful spells on 
                                                weak enemies. Ugh.

7.2 Monk Multiclass 'Unarmed' Attack Bonus Bug

*NOTE:* The following attack bonus is a bug, and will (hopefully) be fixed in 
later patches. Beware. There (as mentioned) is a bug when multiclassing as a 
monk. When unarmed/using a kama, you add the other classes Base Attack Bonus 
to the monk's unarmed base attack bonus, and then calculate the number of 
'unarmed' attacks from there. This doesn't sound too useful, but remember that 
a monk's unarmed attack bonus is calculated by subtracting 3 instead of 5 from 
the highest attack. A brief explanation on how 'Attacks' are calculated, and the
bug, courtesy of Sherwin Tam:

     "I'm not sure how much you know of 3rd Edition rules, but the way 
     multiclass attack bonuses work in the official rules, you take your 
     highest normal attack bonus for all your classes and add them together, 
     and you keep subtracting 5 to get your next attacks.  So, for a monk 
     10/fighter 10, a monk's normal highest attack bonus at level 10 is 7, 
     while a fighter's highest attack bonus at 10 is 10.  So, 10+7 is 17, 
     equivalent to a 17th-level fighter, with attack bonuses of 17/12/7/2.  
     Now, in the official rules, the monk attack bonuses for unarmed attacks 
     is a separate set based only on monk level, so the M10/F10 character 
     would have a separate attack bonus set for unarmed attacks of 7/4/1 for 
     a 10th-level monk, and the character would choose which set to use for 
     unarmed attacks (obviously the normal set is better in this case). 

     What the game is doing, however, is just setting a flag between subtracting 
     5 and subtracting 3 for the attacks, since monk unarmed attack bonuses 
     normally go down by only 3.  The game is incorrectly adding the monk 
     unarmed attack bonus set to the fighter normal set and only subtracting 
     three, so in this case it's 10+7, then subtract 3 for 17/14/11/8/5/2.  
     Essentially the programmers took the lazy way out; rather than keeping two 
     sets of attack bonuses for monks, they keep one and just subtract 3 instead 
     of 5 to calculate extra attacks when monks are unarmed or with a kama.  
     Works fine with a single-class monk, but breaks when multiclassing."

This means that a 19th level fighter/1st level monk would have the following
'unarmed' attack bonus:


Note: Yes, it should read +19/+16/+13/+10/+7/+4 but the game sets a cut-off 
point of 6 attacks. Thanks to Sherwin again for pointing this out as well.

That isn't even counting Haste, or Furry of Blows. That 'Unarmed Attack' will 
work for Ranger and Paladins as well. It works for other classes too, but not
as effectively as a 'fighter' class uses it (A 19th level Thief/1st level monk 
would use +14/+11/+8/+5/+2... the exact same 'unarmed' attack bonus a level 19
monk would get.)

Some more commentary from Mr.Tam, on how to further exploit the bug:

     Rangers and Paladins can get the same number of attacks with the same 
     attack bonus set.  Rangers are especially evil (figuratively speaking) 
     because they get all the two-weapon feats for free by level 9, and the 
     light armor restriction is not a problem.  A Ra19/M1 with dual kamas gets 
     up to 10 attacks, has a good animal companion, and can polymorph into an 
     Umber Hulk for kicks (and still retains 7 attacks with the unarmed bonus 
     and Flurry of Blows), along with summoning other animals and other fun 
     stuff with spells.  Yep, some buggy monk stuff here.  Get it before they 
     fix it. ;) 

But how to best abuse this bug? Well, if you don't want to go the kama route,
how would you like to still have 6 attacks, and have your fists dealing 1d20
damage as well?

Thanks to Parker Newman, you can. He mentioned to me (I believe, unaware of the
bug) that a level 16 monk / 4 fighter will give you a base attack bonus of
16 for your first attack. Using the bug, that gives you +16/+13/+10/+7/+4/+1, 
which jsut squeezes you past the cut-off limit. The best thing however? Well,
you still gain the majority of the monk's 'special' feats including spell 
resistance, +3 to your AC, and fists that count as +3 weapons when calculating
damage reduction. But it gets better. As a fighter you get the 'Shield' feat 
for free, giving you some more AC to work with, and the kicker: Weapon 
Specialization: Unarmed Strike. Go out and have some fun kids.

SECTION 8 - Credits and Contact Information

8.1 Credits!
*NOTE* I save all my e-mails, so if I tell you I'll give you credit, and you 
don't appear below here, just e-mail me and I'll be sure to throw you on the 

Manish, Neal, and Mark Lauer for re-affirming my trust in humanity, and telling
me that haste gives a +4 to AC.

Makurayami Ittou on the GameFAQs NWN message board for mentioning the fact that 
version 1.0 completely neglected Half-Elves! D'oh!

Gundam Deathscythe for pointing out the best shield an awkward monk can use, and
pointing me towards the NWN toolset to find out that each monk glove has a +1 - 
+5 bonus. 

Gin Won for re-afirming that there is +5 Hin Fist gloves. Wish I had a pair. 

Kaisergeist for his Monk/Fighter/Thief build.

Donny Chan for pointing out that I should finish some of my sentences, and to
not say one thing and show another when it's about a Thread of Life.

Berch for proving that shields are gerrrrrrrrrrrrEAAT for a monk.

Jake Wolff for also mentioning about +5 Hin Fist gloves and reminding me to
mention about periapt's while I'm at it.

Steve Honeywell for some more glove info.

Sherwin Tam for various suggestions, and pointing out the monk multiclass bug.
Also, some ways to exploit said bug! Woot!

Mark Lauer on various comments, including the heal skill, giving more strength
to dwarves, skills, feats, and a kitchen sink. I had to edit the latter out 
due to space constrictions. Sorry, Mark.

James N. Daniel, III for mentioning that Furry of Blows and Power Attack are
mutually exclusive. Also some other comments which are in the FAQ about 
why Strength is more important to a monk then I said it is.

Tom (or, tkcheng as his e-mail likes to call him) for giving an arguement to
use Disarm. 

Wetwork for mentioning the Amulet of Uthgardt as a possible item to use with
a monk.

Parker Newman for telling me the best way to exploit that bug. Big thumbs up
to you dude.

Matthew Allen for various comments on what to add, and mentioning how the 
'Shield Bug' might not be a bug at all.

John LaRusic, friend, brother, and countryman, who is the reason I got to play
this game in the first place. I raise an Alexander Keiths to you man.

8.2 Contact Information!
I've heard horror stories about FAQ writers getting bombarded with e-mails 
from people who obviously have NOT read the FAQ in it's entirety. That'd be 
okay if the FAQ was long and unstrung, but those FAQs (and this one) have 
CLEARLY labelled sections. I hope I'm not too arrogant to say that my Table of 
Contents should point you in the direction of any information I can provide, 
so please. Make sure you check the FAQ to be sure the information you're 
looking for is there first, before e-mailing me. I'd even appreciate if you 
check twice.

Next thing I'd like to mention, is that this FAQ (currently) is only to be 
found on  one of the following:

GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
Neverwinter Haven (http://www.neverwinterhaven.com) 
Sorcerer's Place (http://www.sorcerers.net/index.shtml)
Neverwinter Nights Character Gallery (http://nwncg.netfirms.com)

If you are reading this now from a different site, PLEASE check one of the 
above sites to make sure you are reading the latest, my current version of 
this FAQ.

Finally, please. Some internet etiquette. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you 
took the time to change all of your "u"'s into "you"'s and to take the time to 
make sure your "i"'s are capitalized when they stand alone. Nothing turns me 
off more then when I'm reading something on the internet, and see poor 
grammar. It would only take a minute, and not only would I not trash the e-
mail right away, I might actually give you credit for any useful information 
your e-mail might contain! Don't you want that?

So, in conclusion, please, follow ALL three of the above steps. This is vital 
for me not trashing your e-mail. VITAL. Then, you can drop me a line at 
ashdate2@hotmail.com and tell me what you have to say about my FAQ. I don't 
normally use a hotmail account, but it's right now on a probationary period so 
I can find out if I get too many idiots e-mailing me or not.

Progress report: No idiots so far! Still going to use Hotmail tho, as it
keeps my personal and FAQ stuff quite separate.

8.3 Legal Stuff!
This FAQ, or Monk Character Guide, if you prefer, is copyright (c) 2002 Edward 
LaRusic. It's for personal and private use only. It may not be reprinted in 
part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written or 
otherwise). This document is free, and thus cannot be used in any commercial 
transaction. You must get my express written consent to reference, alter or 
post FAQ.

To quote the Meligrove Band, "Illegal copying of this recording just ain't
rock and roll."

Neverwinter Nights is copyright (c) 2002 Infogrames Entertainment, S.A. All 
Rights Reserved.

Dungeons and Dragons is copyright (c) 2002 Wizards of the Coast. All Rights 

                                                - Eddie 'Um Jammer' LaRusic

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