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Guide and Walkthrough by Dejime

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 07/20/2002

   ****     **   *****   **             **   ****   ****** 
   ** **    **   **       **           **    **     *    * 
   **  **   **   **        **         **     **     ******    
   **   **  **   ****       **       **      ***    *     * 
   **    ** **   **          **     **       **     *      *
   **     ****   **           **   **        **     *       *
   **       **   *****         *****         ****   *        *

**                  **  ****   ****     **   ****   ****  ******            
 **                **    **    ** **    **    **    **    *    *
  **      **      **     **    **  **   **    **    **    ******
   **    ****    **      **    **   **  **    **    ***   *     *
    **  **  **  **       **    **    ** **    **    **    *      *
     ****    ****        **    **     ****    **    **    *       *
      **       **       ****   **       **    **    ****  *        *

****     **   ****   *******   **   **   ****   *****    *
** **    **    **    *         **   **    **    *        *
**  **   **    **    *         **   **    **    *        *
**   **  **    **    *   ***   *******    **    *****    *
**    ** **    **    *     *   **   **    **        *    *
**     ****    **    *     *   **   **    **        *   ***
**       **   ****   *******   **   **    **    *****   ***


Neverwinter Nights FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 3.1-7/20/02
Written by Dejime
Contact at alakazambo@aol.com
I now have a new website-go to www.nevwinternights.cjb.net to check 
it out!
My web site will be the first to have updates!

NOTE: I'm sorry all, I was on vacation, so there wasn't much in the 
way of updating. Don't worry, though, I got plenty done while I was 

   A: Copyright notice:
Copyright (c) Dejime 2002
No part of this faq/walkthrough may be used in any way, by anybody.  
If you would like to use something described below, e-mail me and I 
will probably give you permission. 

This FAQ is also posted, with my permission, on several websites, 
If you'd like my FAQ to be on your website, please e-mail me as 
these people did!

B: Versions:
3.1(7/20/02): Minor changes to Chapter 2, kept on going with the 
LONG charwood quest.

3.0(7/15/02): Finished Chapter 1 (ALL) finished Chapter 2 quests 
(major) and started (minor) Chapter 2 quests!

2.5(7/06/02): Fixed some problems with the minor quests

2.4(7/05/02): Finished part D, started E

2.3(7/04/02): Continued work on part D quests

2.2(7/03/02): Finished major quest of part D, started working on 
minor quests (not in update) updated other quests from parts A-C 
that people helped me with! Thanks all that helped!

2.1(7/02/02): Finished Part C of Chapter 1, started part D

2.0(7/01/02): Added Chap. 1 Walkthrough's parts A-(most of)C, got 
rid of stupid black lines (for the most part)

1.0(6/29/02): Added Prologue Walkthrough, updated Intro.

.3(6/27/02): Added Character Creation

.1(6/26/02): Intro, Important things to remember added, Copyright 
notice made. More coming soon.


First of all, this is my first actual FAQ guide for GameFAQs. I 
tried working with several other games, mostly RPG's, but 
Neverwinter Nights is so good I had to do one. Also-if you don't 
like plot spoilers, sorry, but sometimes you just can't avoid them. 
I'll try my best to keep them out of the guide. The contents of most 
chests are random, so I will try to keep them as correct as 
possible, but I can't have all the treasures. If you think that this 
guide needs to be revised, or noticed a key issue not mentioned, e-
mail me. Please, if this includes help or info on a quest, name the 
Chapter and Part, and the quest #. This will help me tremendously! 
This does not include English or spelling errors! I will give anyone 
who helps credit on the FAQ. All help is greatly appreciated, but 
just outright dissing of this guide is not helpful, and will not be 
tolerated! Okay-let's move on.


   II-Important things to remember throughout the game:
*	Use your map! It is probably one of the most important tools 
in the game. Blue squares are doors, and green diamonds are people 
in your party. This is especially useful online.
*	Set most of your weapons/abilities/important items/spells to 
your hotkeys! Just click-drag for weapons, armor, and spells. For 
abilities, just right-click on the slot you wish the ability to be 
in, click set ability, and choose the one you want! You have 24 of 
them-your usual 8, then another 8 if you hold down CTRL, and another 
8 if you hold down shift! Take advantage of your dual-classing! When 
you go up a level, simply select another class-and you will gain 
their abilities! If you are getting killed easily-get a level or two 
in cleric! If those pesky traps are bugging you-be a rogue! (I 
recommend that highly)
*	Choose mercenaries wisely! I suggest Tomi Undergallows (rogue) 
for at least a little while if you aren't a rogue yourself. If you 
are a fighter or barbarian that dualled over to rogue, you might 
want a sorcerer or a cleric.
*	Before opening chests or suspicious doors, go to Stealth mode. 
It allows you to see traps easier, so you can avoid them or disable 
*	SAVE AND REST regularly! There are plenty of traps and enemies 
that can kill you in a snap! You can respawn in Neverwinter Nights 
(henceforth known as NWN), but you lose 10% of your gold, and 50 XP 
points per level. That may not be such a big thing, but if you had 
just saved, you could go back to that save.
*	Use your Journal if you forget about quests
*	Read what other characters say to you! What they say might not 
always be put in your Journal, but it does hint at where you might 
find other quests! If you think you will forget, put it in your 
notes section of your Journal.
*	Use the shortcuts often:
*	Pause-Spacebar
*	Character Sheet(used for level-ups)-C
See treasures and people-TAB(when you press tab, all objects glow
Use these often, and you'll do well-takes less time, and in a fight,    
that means everything!

   III-Creating your character:
Here it is-the most important factor in the game-your character. Of 
course, you could choose from one of the lovely premade characters, 
but you'll better understand what your character can do if you 
create him/her yourself. 

1) What gender would you like your character to be?
It doesn't really matter, it only decides who people address you as 
(ex: Woman, man)

2) What race would you like your character to be?
This matters, depending on what class you want your character to be. 
If your character multi-classes, you will suffer a XP penalty unless 
you have one of these characters:
Race:         Class:
   Human         Any
   Dwarf         Fighter
   Elf           Wizard
   Gnome         Wizard
   Half-Elf      Any
   Half-Orc      Barbarian
   Halfling      Rogue

Basically, I prefer humans because they get extra skill points at          
every level up-and another "feat" at first level. If you're going to 
be a wizard-I like being an elf. Everyone else seems to have a great 
disadvantage of some sort.

3) What class would you like your character to be?
This is a matter of opinion, but I really enjoy being a sorcerer. 
You don't have to memorize spells like the wizard, and you have some 
more hp. The major problem is that you don't learn spells very fast. 
The fighter is also nice, as is the ranger. Again, this choice can 
be "corrected" later if you multi-class. I don't like bards, but 
that's just me. If you're confused, read the game manual. It will 
tell you everything you would like to know.

4) What alignment would you like your character to be? 
This matters, somewhat. I like chaotic good, but that's just my 
personal fav.

5) What ability scores would you like your character to have?
This is tough to decide upon. So many things to choose from, not 
enough points to go around. 
MAKE SURE that your intelligence is at least 9-if it's below that, 
you character can't speak properly. 
Keep strength high for fighters, barbarians, monks, and rangers, 
because they rely on it. 
Dexterity has to be high for monk, wizard, and sorcerer, because 
they don't have any armor, so they need to dodge. 
Constitution is hp, not that important, considering what you need.
Intelligence is definitely important for wizards-high as you can if 
you're a wizard.
Wisdom is important for druids and clerics-keep it high if you're 
one of those two. Otherwise a couple of points will suffice. 
Charisma is important for sorcerers, paladins, and bards. Keep that 
high if you are one of those, again.

6) Would you like a package, or would you like to customize your 
character yourself? 
Again, I really like doing my own character myself, simply because 
you understand their abilities. If you design your own character, I 
suggest you read up on all the abilities and "feats". Put up points 
on "class skills" as they only cost you 1 point; all others cost you 
2 points.
If anything above is confusing, check your game manual, but I tried 
to word it better than they did.
Finish up everything else-and let's get on with the game!

   IV: Prologue:
   The opening movie shows that the City of Neverwinter is in 
   from a great plague. It is up to you and several other adventures 
   find a cure for this plague, known as the Wailing Death. 

You start in a barracks, unequipped. Take a moment to figure out 
your equipment and set your hotkeys. Walk outside and talk to Pavel. 
He'll give you some more background information on the Wailing 
Death, and talk to you a bit. Explore the rooms around you, and take 
the contents of their chests. Use the TAB key to see where they are. 
Then, talk to Pavel's brother Bim. He explains about how the game 
works, and runs you through some tutorials. Finish those, and walk 
through the door.

In the next room, there's Olgerd. He'll give you tutorial on your 
inventory and shops, and then sell you some things. Whatever, you 
do, DON'T buy a missile weapon of any sort-you can pick them up for 
free soon! (ex: crossbow, short/long bows, slings) Buy some better 
weapons if you like, and then move on.

Explore the next few rooms on your own, until you come to a large 
room. This is the room for melee and missile weapon tests. Talk to 
the instructors and complete their tasks for you. If you are a 
monk/ranger/paladin/barbarian/fighter, you MUST complete these. If 
you are any other class, you don't necessarily *have* to, but it's 
nice. At least pick up a missile weapon from the weapon rack. If you 
don't have to take a combat test, you have to take another test. 
Sorcerers/bards/wizards have to take an arcane magic test, Clerics 
and Druids have to take a Divine magic test, and Rogues have to 
complete their special training. All are down a narrow hallway 
branching off of the combat hallway. Once you finish your specific 
test, go down that narrow hallway and through the door at the end. 
Inside, you will meet with Lady Aribeth, one of the people put in 
charge of finding a cure. She'll start to talk to you, but then the 
Academy comes under attack! Attack those enemies closest to you, but 
even if you don't, the friendlies in the room will take them out. 
Lady Aribeth "needs to speak with you" and talk to her. She has you 
go defend the Waterdhavian creatures that should produce a cure. Get 
out of the room. You'll run into a mage. Attack him, and he'll 
summon some Weak Goblins. You should defeat them easily. Go through 
the large door on your right.

For the next several rooms, you will do battle with Mages and their 
Weak Goblins. Take them out, and make sure you search the chests and 
such for treasure. Equip as you see fit. After a room or two, Pavel 
will join up with you. His brother is dead. This will give you good 
experience in having a henchman. You can talk to him to change his 
tactics, or leave him to do what he wants. Continue through the 
Academy. You don't need to go into every room, but if you want more 
exp. and $, go into all of them. You'll run into a room with Geldar. 
He'll give you a level up and teach you how to level up. After you 
level up, go through the south door. Go down the long hallway, 
exploring rooms as you see fit. Take a right and continue clearing 
out the hallway. Clear out the side rooms if you wish, but go 
through the center door. Rest here, because you're probably weak 
unless you're a fighter type(by this, I mean strong physical 
attacks-med. armor. In the large room, there are several goblins and 
skeletons. Ignore them and rush for the Mage in the corner, else his 
spells will pummel you while you take out the skeletons. Pavel 
should be able to keep the skeletons/goblins off of you until you 
kill the Mage. Rest/Save again.

When you enter the Stables, you will see chaos. Two friendlies are 
battling Goblin Elites while the Waterdhavian creatures escape. 
That's not good. After the carnage is done, talk to them. Dethsick 
talks about how they were too late, and how he must clean up after 
Aribeth's careless loss of the cure. Pavel will then ask to talk to 
you, upon which, he leaves. Apparently he's too cowardly. Talk to 
Fenthick, who explains what must be done. He gives you a level-up. 
Take it-and then walk through the door. (Unless you are a spell-
caster or you choose to have a rogue henchman, I suggest you dual 
over to a rogue, and get some ability points in pick locks and 
disarm trap) 
   *End of Prelude*

   V-Chapter 1:
   Part A-City Core:
You start out in a room with Fenthick and Desther (remember them?) 
in the Temple of Tyr in Neverwinter. This is where you can get 
healing, weapons/armor/items, and complete most of your quests for 
Chapter 1. Talk to Fenthick-and continue into the next room, where 
you will talk to Aribeth. She'll talk about what you have to do: 
Retrieve the 4 Waterdhavian creatures from the City of Neverwinter. 
Luckily, you have me! She gives you the Stone of Recall, quite 
possibly the best item in the game. To use it, go to your inventory, 
right-click it and select use. This will instantly teleport you back 
to the Temple of Tyr at any time. Very useful when you are poisoned, 
diseased, or would like to complete a quest by talking to Aribeth or 

"CLASS" QUEST #1: Lord Never's Tomb:
This is your first quest. After you talk to Aribeth, go through the 
northern door (use your map) and talk to Oleff. If you are a Monk, 
Cleric, or Paladin, Oleff will ask you to recover some artifacts 
that may indicate where Lord Never (the founder of the city of 
Neverwinter) rests forever (he's dead!) If you aren't one of those 
"holy" classes, you can use Persuasion to get him to ask you to do 
the same. If your Persuasion skill isn't high, try it over and over 
again. (This quest continues in Part B: Peninsula District, with 
more info on what to do)

QUEST #1: Stop the Prison Riot:
On your way out of the Temple, Tomi Undergallows will talk to you 
and ask to be your henchman. Personally, I really enjoy having a 
rogue along, because I don't like having to waste points on Disable 
Trap and Pick Locks. If you aren't a Rogue, or would not like to use 
about half your levels on Rogue, take him along, at least for 
Chapter One. Walk out of the Temple of Tyr, where you will be 
confronted by Bethany, who asks you to stop a prison riot in the 
Peninsula district. Say yes, and you have another quest!
If you didn't pick Tomi, you might want to go to the Trade of Blades 
and hire a henchman. These are VERY important. While you're in 
there, take Class quest #2!
"CLASS" QUEST #2: The Gauntlet:
In the Trade of Blades, talk to Graxx and ask him where the action 
is. He'll look at you. If you're a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, or 
Barbarian, he'll talk to you about the Gauntlet. Again, the Persuade 
skill could get any other class to get this quest as well. The 
Gauntlet is a fighting "dojo" in the Blacklake District. Buy a pass 
from Graxx, and when you get to the Board Laid Bare tavern in 
Blacklake, you'll get started.

"CLASS" QUEST #3: Join the Cloaktower Guild:
This, again, is a class quest. Only Sorcerers and Wizards can take 
part in this quest. This time, no other classes can do these quests 
even with Persuasion. (Which is odd, most Class quests work like 
that) Go to the Cloaktower, and they'll give you this quest: You 
have to go look for artifacts in "laboratories" all over 
Neverwinter. You receive Eldora's Key, which lets you gain access to 
these laboratories. There's a laboratory in each of the districts 
(isn't that nice!) so you'll have to complete them all. (Quest 
continued in Part B: Peninsula District, where I'll tell you where 
the first laboratory is.)

"CLASS" QUEST #4: Rescue animals from the zoo:
Jeez, a lot of class quests here. You'll find a Druid by the big 
tree south of the Temple of Tyr. This time, Druids and Rangers are 
asked to help. Although, like most of the earlier Class quests, your 
persuade skill will get you the same results. The Druid wants you to 
free four animals from the zoo in Blacklake. He'll give you some 
items-keep them, and I'll tell you more once you get to Blacklake.

"CLASS" QUEST #5: Steal artifacts for Ophala:
Go to the Moonstone Mask. You'll find out pretty quickly what it is... 
stopping there. Talk to Ophala, and she'll ask Rogues to steal 3 
rare pieces of art from some wealthy nobles in the Blacklake 
District and the Docks District. If you desire a "companion", you 
have to talk to her, go back to Oleff in the Temple of Tyr, where he 
will certify you plague-free. Go back to the Moonstone Mask, talk to 
Ophala again, buy a Pass coin, and head upstairs where your 
"companion" awaits. Nothing actually threatens the rating here, so 
don't freak out here or something. Actually, you do get quests from 
these, but they are so minor that I'm not going to mention them for 
the time being.

It doesn't really matter what order you do the 4 districts in, and 
the monsters are about as strong, as well as the bosses, but I still 
suggest you go to the Peninsula District first, although it really 
doesn't matter-but I'm just simply going to cover the Peninsula 
District first.


Part B-The Peninsula District:

There's a lot of things to do here, and not a lot of time, 
especially for those lazy gamers, so I'm going to start off with the 
quests that are required for the game to progress.

QUEST: Stop the prison riot:
There are many ways to do this. First off, talk to the guard once 
you enter the Peninsula District. He'll tell you to go talk to the 
militia leader in the Peninsula District. She's in the Southeast 
part of town. Kill the escaped prisoners along the way. You can also 
torch the "plague victim pyres" using your torch for 25 XP! Once you 
get there, the leader says that there is a prisoner that is holding 
the key to the front door of the prison! Just great, you get to hunt 
down every lousy prisoner to find out which one has it! Or, simply, 
you can go in through the Tanglebrook Estate. Lady Tanglebrook's 
gardener tells you that you can get in via the estate, and that the 
key is underneath the mat. (thanks to Peter F. for the info!)

Walk in, and you'll find some Stink Beetles, which are easy as long 
as you take them out at long range. There's a door almost straight 
across from the entrance, it's trapped, so be careful. 
After you're done taking all of Lady Tanglebrook's stuff (make sure 
you pick up the celestial elixir, you'll really need it later!!!), 
go ahead and open the door to the giant chessboard. Watch out, many 
of the squares are trapped, so if you don't have Tomi, and you don't 
have any Rogue abilities, tough luck, kid. Be careful and watch your 
step (Watch your henchman's step, too-they aren't too smart about 
this kind of stuff) Make sure you steal Lady Tanglebrook's Two-
Bladed Sword +1 (If you don't have Weapon Proficiency-exotic, you 
can't use it, but it's an excellent weapon, so I suggest that you 
either get that weap. Prof., or you sell it for a whole lot of $)
Go across the chessboard, and through the door into the Prison's 
Main Level.

Depending on which way you came in, you will start in two different 
places, but it's easy to get to where you need to go. Try to work 
your way to the SE corner where there is a trapped room (the trap's 
on the door) with the Storeroom key inside. You can loot the cells 
if you want, but they aren't worth much. Save and rest before you go 
into the main room in the center. There are many Escaped prisoners 
that are much tougher now, and an Escaped Sorcerer that's really 
tough if you don't take him out first. Rush past the prisoners and 
assault the sorcerer head-on. Take him out, and hope that the 
prisoners don't take you out. There's a switch in the room. There 
are also many chests. The one in the corner is trapped, and the ones 
in the middle are locked heavily. Tomi the Rogue is looking really 
good right now! After you throw the switch and loot the treasure, 
save, rest and go through the eastern door that leads into the 
Prison Pits.

The Pits aren't a fun place, it's basically a maze. The all lead to 
a large room in the NW. SAVE AND REST! Before you go in, I suggest 
you change your henchman's tactics to long-range weapons if you're a 
fighter class (fighter class being paladin, fighter, barbarian, or 
ranger). When you go in, the Head Gaoler tells his crony, Fenkt, to 
take you out. He's a high-level fighter, so if you are a fighter-
class, go head-to-head and use your parry skill to its full extent 
while your henchman wails on him w/long range weapons. After a 
while, he gives up. Rest and save, and get ready to take on the Head 
Gaoler who rests in the very next room! 

If you have a strong henchman, I suggest that once you get in, you 
talk to all the guards and persuade them to leave (note: if you 
don't, the gaoler will take their bodies and fight you with them, so 
you want to do this) If you don't have a strong henchman, then take 
out the Gaoler first, and when he takes over one guard, run around 
and get the others to leave. Anyways, once the Gaoler is defeated 
and all the guards are either dead or gone, the Intellect Devourer 
will pop right out and attack you. (If you're weak, I suggest you 
use the Stone of Recall to get out of there to heal, and then come 
back to finish the Intellect Devourer off.) 

Once the Intellect Devourer is dead, take his brain (it's laying on 
the ground where he died) and search the chests. One of them will 
give you a nice weapon if you have Weapon Focus (usually only 
fighter-types have them) but if you don't, you get a lousy Club(+1, 
I think).

Get out of there, and head back to militia headquarters and show the 
leader the devourer's brain for 100 XP and 300 GP. Then go to 
Aribeth (just use the Stone of Recall) and show her it. She'll give 
you another whopping 500 GP. Go outside, and tell Bethany, whom you 
got this quest from in the first place, that she can go home, you 
get a 3-point good alignment shift.

CLASS QUEST #1: Join the Cloaktower Guild (continued):
These little things are so easy-go to the NE part of the Peninsula 
district and defeat the Earth Mephit inside the house. You will 
receive the Bit of Clay, the first part.

CLASS QUEST #2: Lord Never's Tomb (continued):
There is a building in the eastern row of houses (about halfway up). 
Go inside, get downstairs. Briley will talk to you about the quest 
for his tomb so far-check the chest in the room for 3 Ceremonial 
items needed for later in the quest, and the first of four clues, 
the Halueth's Tomb Logbook. You can take the Logbook back to Oleff 
for 200 GP for now.


Part C: Beggar's Nest:

Again, it really doesn't matter what order you do these in, but I 
suggest this one, especially if you're a cleric or if you have a 
cleric henchman. The reason is, basically, there's undead all over, 
so "turn undead" is VERY useful here. 

QUEST: Clear out the undead:
Again, there's two ways to do this. If you love beating a game to 
its fullest, or you just need XP badly, I suggest you do both. Talk 
to the guard captain just inside the gate (again) and he'll direct 
you to the Shining Serpent. It's just east of the gate-although you 
have to work your way around some buildings to get there. Inside, 
talk to Harben, where he will give you about a million quests. First 
off, he'll talk to you about the strange cult in the area, and the 
Sword Coast boys. (the two ways in) Then, he'll talk about a missing 
guard (Missing Guard Quest, will complete in this quest, won't 
mention below) He'll also talk about Krestal and Jemanie. These 
people are important, and I believe that talking to them is 
necessary to advance the plot and the game, although I'm not sure, 
really. Krestal's house is on the East side of town, in the center, 
and Jemanie's house is on the west, in the center. Talk to both. 
When you talk to Jemanie, make sure he gives you the Estate Ward 
Stone (Use multiple lines of dialogue until he gives it to you) 
Choose which way you would like to get into the Underground Crypt, 
through the cult, or through the Warehouse. I think the Cult is 
easier, but I'm covering both ways.

The cult way is easy. Go to Jemanie's house, if you aren't already 
there, and go north, avoiding buildings. You'll come to a huge 
house. Open the door, and a voice will ask you if you follow the 
serpent. Say yes, and if you have the Estate Stone, you'll be able 
to get inside. Inside, some Cultists will attack you. I think 
they're hard, but that's just me. Go left into the second room. 
Several cultists are summoning something, but they'll attack you one 
or two at a time, while the others continue the summoning. You can't 
stop the summoning, but they only summon a lousy imp. It's much 
easier then them, even. Save, rest, and go into the room in the NE, 
kind of. You'll be attacked by a Snake Cult Leader, and he's really 
easy. Just take him out, and take the stairway into the Underground 
Crypt if you aren't going to go on to the Warehouse.

If you would like to take the Warehouse way, it's in the northern 
central area. The large, winding pathway is filled with easy 
zombies. Then save, rest, and continue on into the next room. The 
Sword Coast Boy is tough. He's too high of a level to use Turn 
Undead effectively, and he absorbs about 80 physical damage until 
you can actually hurt the guy. And even then, he has even more than 
100 hp! His double weapons are tough, so be prepared for a long 
fight. Save, rest and move on again. You'll finally meet up with 
Drawl. He, too, has damage absorption, and he also absorbs half of 
slashing weapons (swords, axes) If you have a sword, or something 
like it-grab a club +1 from the wpn. rack near a wall and take it to 

Once Drawl is dead, release Walters, who is the missing guard, and 
let him leave. If you go back to the Shining Serpent later, you can 
get a reward. Head on down into the Underground Crypt if you're 

Again, whichever way you took to get into the Underground crypt, 
you'll end up in the same place; it's symmetrical. Most of the 
monsters are easy, but be careful once you work your way toward the 
center. There's a trap on the ground, and a very tough Dire Spider 
inside. Fighter-types will have a VERY tough time with this guy-he 
poisons you awfully fast, which leaves your attack, defense, etc. 
down for the rest of the fight. Anyway, once you finish, go up the 
stairs past the Dire Spider into the Great Graveyard. Here, lots of 
easy zombies will try to turn you into mush (emphasis on "try"). 
There are two "houses" here, one holds a clue to the Lord Never's 
Tomb Quest (see below) and the other one leads you to the second 
Neverwinter creature.

This place has lots of places to look around with, and it's really 
confusing, but I'll try to explain it as best as possible. First 
off, go through the first room until you come to a 3-way fork. Take 
a right, and continue into a large room. Go through the doorway on 
the eastern side of this room, and then head through the north door. 
You'll come to Torin's body. On it you'll find Torin's Ring (take it 
to Jemanie for a reward) and a key required for several things. Head 
back the way you came all the way to the 3-way fork in the ccenter. 
Take the northern fork. Be careful when you open the Sarcophagus, 
for even though it carries some excellent armor (Armor of Comfort) 
the second you take it from the sarcophagus, a mummy appears, not 
fun to deal with. Take him out. Be wary of Mummy Rot, will keep you 
weak for a long time! If you are affected by it, use the Stone of 
Recall to have Aribeth heal you. Once the Mummy is dead, take the 
Armor of Comfort if you haven't already and take the chests. (note: 
the 3 chests in the northern part of the room are trapped and have 
high locks (DC of 30) so you might need Tomi (the rogue) for these.

Once you've cleaned out the mummy's tomb, go out of the room and 
continue east, the way you came from. When you come to the big room, 
go north. You'll come to a big room and a winding corridor. Save and 
rest before you go into the large room in the NE. Inside is the 
Zombie Lord, and he's not too tough. According to some, he has the 
same stats as the Sword Coast Boy of the Warehouse (I'm not sure, if 
anyone knows, please tell me) Take his treasure. Go west. You can 
continue west onto other parts of the tomb, but I don't think 
they're that important, so I won't cover them. Go south about 
halfway through the hallway. The room branches out 4 ways and 
there's a big door in front of you. Clear out the four rooms and 
take their treasures (they're only animated armors, they shouldn't 
be too hard at this point). 

Save, rest, and go through the large door (it requires a key that 
you already picked up.) First off, take out the annoying zombies. 
Then move quickly up to the platform on your right with a big thing 
on it-it's the generator that's making all of these zombies. Right-
click it and bash it, and it should get destroyed easily.

Now it's time to deal with the boss, Gulnan. She's a high-level 
cleric. She has a spell resistance, so I wouldn't try them. Try to 
destroy her in hand-to-hand combat. If you're a mage, summon 
familiars and creatures to finish her off. After a while, Gulnan 
will summon something, but once you kill her, the thing is dead. So 
take out Gulnan first!

After she's dead, take her heart, and the holy water, scimitar +1, 
etc. Loot her chests. Go back to the Shining Serpent and show the 
heart to Harben for cash. Be careful, when you leave you may be 
ambushed by thieves, if you haven't yet. Destroy them quickly. Pick 
up the letter on one of their bodies and go back to Fenthick in the 
Temple of Tyr for a reward for the letter. Anyways, give the heart 
to Aribeth and she'll give you 500 GP.

I know that quest was a LONG one, but we still have to cover the 
minor quests here, so here goes (deep breath):

QUEST: Lord Never's Tomb (continued):
Okay, while you were in the Great Graveyard, one of the houses was 
"locked magically" or whatever, and you couldn't figure it out. Yes, 
I know you were probably cursing to yourself or whatever, but it was 
part of the Never's Tomb quest. Put the Ceremonial Shield (thanks go 
to J, even though I'm 90% sure it was the Arrow) that you received 
in the Peninsula district in the treasure chest nearby, and the door 
will swing open. Save, rest, and walk inside. 

Basically, all you need to do for this part, is kill a mummy. Easy, 
right? Well, he has a 50% damage resistance to all physical attacks, 
plus a hefty damage reduction, so fighters, beware. If you're a mage 
or a sorcerer, or anyone who has any fire spells, cast one and this 
guy will turn into toast. Otherwise, beware mummy rot and you'll be 
okay. After he dies (again, I guess) take the Ancient Chronicles of 
Never from the chest behind him. 

I think this is about the time I explained about the henchman 
quests. All of your henchman have little quests for you to do, I'll 
cover most of them. To activate them, talk to them and select the 
option "I just want to talk". Your henchman will talk to you. After 
a while, he'll decide the rest had better wait for another time. 
(actually, it's levels. After you reach a certain level, they'll 
talk again) Talk to them again, and then again. (you have to be at 
level 5 or 6, I don't remember which) and they'll ask you for 
something. IF you have it, they'll give you a nice item. Later, when 
they have another quest, they'll upgrade that item.  It's so 
awesome, I suggest that you actually hire all of them just for their 
quests. Cool, huh? So, I know I missed it, but we'll also do the 
bard's one in here too. 

HENCHMAN QUEST: Get the Magical Elixir:
This is for Sharwyn (the bard). After you've talked to her 3 times, 
she'll ask for a celestial elixir for her mom. You picked it up in 
the Tanglebrook Estate in the Peninsula District (at least, I told 
you to) Give it too her, and she'll give you a belt that upgrades 
your charisma and persuade skills. 

HENCHMAN QUEST: Get the Official Document: 
Again, we missed this one somewhere. This is for Tomi (the rogue) He 
wants the official document. It is in the Wagon Repair Shop in 
Beggars Nest. Thanks to everyone who helped (I had about a million 
e-mails, thanx specifically to Sandy, Fred, J, Azure and Richard) 
Also, Sandy  wants to know where the Iron Ring is located for the 
monk (I don't know either, so e-mail me please and I'll pass it on 
to her if she doesn't read it on the page)

HENCHMAN QUEST: Get the Bread Recipe: 
This is for Boddyknock (the Sorcerer) and is easier than most of the 
others. In Beggars Nest, on the west side of town, about halfway up, 
you'll find a house. Go inside, clear the house out of zombies (easy 
by this point) and take the Recipe off of the guy's body (or maybe 
it's in a chest)

QUEST: Join the Cloaktower Guild #2:
In Beggars Nest resides the second house. It's in the NW corner. 
There's a Fire Mephit guarding it, so be careful, but it shouldn't 
be too hard. Take the Kindling Wood, the second piece you need to 

Part D: Blacklake District:

There's a LOT of quests here, but in order to get to the Blacklake 
District, you must go through No-Man's Land. Once you enter No-man's 
land, talk to Cendran. He wants a barbarian, Loxar, dead. He says he 
won't be able to give you any gold, but you get XP and some 
treasure, so let's do it. Work you way around no-man's land until 
you come across a huge destroyed tower. Rest, save, cast spells, and 
go inside. I suggest (against Loxar) taking out his dog, and leaving 
if you're hurt AT ALL. Rest, save, and take him on by himself, for 
he is very challenging! Once you do destroy him, take his skull as 
well as his chest by the northern wall.

Take his skull back to Cendran, who will "give" you XP (because 
someone can't really give you experience) and continue winding 
around No-Man's Land, all the up to the gate for the Blacklake 

Go through the gate. There are guards and yet another gate. Talk to 
the guard by the gate to find out what's happening. Basically, an 
evil sorcerer is taking all of the District's food. 

QUEST: Kill Meldanen, the evil Sorcerer:
Well, there are a lot of options involving this quest, but first you 
have to receive the quest. Go to a lady named Formosa in the SE part 
of the District, where she is "preaching" in a circular "theater". 
She'll talk about evil Meldanen, and ask you to take his warehouse 
key, where all the food is, and his silver tooth as proof that he is 

You must get your way into the sorcerer's estate somehow. There are 
several ways, but the easiest way is to kill the guard at his front 
gate. Meldanen's Estate is located in the northern central part of 
the Blacklake District. Talk to his head guard, and use dialogue 
that basically says you're going to kill him. More (easy) guards 
will appear, but you can take them out easy (or should be able to). 
Once they're all dead, take the key to the gate off of the head 
guard's cold body. Go inside, and talk to Grommin, Meldanen's 
awfully stupid guard. Get him to open the West Wing door for you, or 
just kill him and take it off of him. The east wing has a lot of 
treasure, but there are several traps and monsters down there, so 
beware. (If anyone has more information on the East Wing, please e-
mail me! I wasn't paying a lot of attention when I went through here 
the first time) Anyways, go through the west door. There are several 
small treasure rooms, most of which are easily guarded. Head north 
once you get to the end of the hallway, and take the first right 
into Meldanen's prisons. Release Samuel to complete a quest, which 
you really haven't gotten yet, but I'll talk about it in a sec. Just 
release him. Go back outside, head north. SAVE before you take your 
next right. Inside lies Meldanen's Apprentice. He'll summon some 
creatures, but take him out as quickly as possible (I had more 
trouble with this guy than Meldanen himself!) Watch out for the 
traps on the stairway, either disarm them or save so you don't have 
to beat the apprentice AGAIN! Take the treasure in the room, and go 
up/down (don't remember which) the stairs.

First few rooms have only treasure and easy monsters. Save and rest 
before the third, for there is another apprentice here. (Apparently 
there are two ways to go, I took the one with the apprentice, if 
anyone took the other one, I'd like to know about it please!) Save, 
rest, before approaching the dryad's cell, for once you talk to her, 
Meldanen appears and fights you. Once he surrenders, make sure you 
release the Dryad. However, you can kill Meldanen if you like, and 
take his tooth off his corpse, or you can have him give you his 
tooth and leave him alive, or you can get paid to take out Formosa! 
Anyways, make sure you take the Silver Moonbow and the Dragon Blood 
from his room, and get some of the Dryad's hair. Go back to Formosa, 
and give her the key and the tooth, or kill her, either way.

HENCHMAN QUEST: Get the Silver Moonbow:
This is for Linu (the cleric). After you talk to her, like the 
others, she'll ask you for the Moonbow. You just got it here in 
Meldanen's Estate, so give it to her for a pendant that makes your 
dexterity go ^!

QUEST: Free Samuel:
Go to the Tavern (central part of town) and talk to the Guard 
Captain. He'll tell you about Samuel, who is missing. You released 
him in Meldanen's Estate (well, I told you to) I don't know what 
happens if you release him before you get the quest, if anyone 
knows, again, tell me. I'm trying as hard as I can.

QUEST: Cloaktower Guild #3:
The 3rd Tower is here, in the Blacklake District. The tower is to the 
immediate NW of where Formosa is-I can't think of any better way to 
describe it. Inside, you battle an Air Mephit for the Puff of Fog.

QUEST: Lord Never's Tomb: 
The 3rd site is on the central eastern side of the Blacklake 
District. Inside, check the bookcase to discover a passage. You 
fight some easy undead, and solve the riddle. Put the Ceremonial 
arrow in the chest. (Thanks go to David!) Save, rest, and go into 
the next room, where you will come in contact with the Swords of 
Never. They are very tough. Take the treasure from the sarcophagus. 
Return the Rusted Armor to Oleff.

QUEST: The Gauntlet: 
The Gauntlet is in the Tavern. The Gauntlet fights consist of four 
battles.  Give the Gauntlet Pass to the bartender (you picked it up 
in the City Core) to get back to the fighting area. Work your way to 
the big arena. Talk to Kellisai, the referee, and ask about the 
rules, and so on. Once you think you're ready, talk to her and ask 
to enter the first round. She'll cast Dispel Magic, and you'll start 
the first round: 

Hrusk is pretty easy, he has a powerful fire axe, but he's easy 
enough. Like all of the fighters, I suggest that you take out their 
companions first!

Round 2: Fashi:
Fashi is a monk, and he has a damage resistance to Slashing/Piercing 
weapons, so use a club, or another blunt weapon. Or, obviously, cast 
spells if you can.

Round 3: Agar:
Agar is definitely the hardest of the four, if you follow my advice 
on #4. Agar's strength is really tough to beat, and his companion is 
tough. Stay away, and let your henchman/animal companions/familiar 
do the close range work, and Agar will get defeated.

Round 4: Claudus:
Basically, he's really tough unless you bribe the referee. Claudus 
cheats, basically. He paid off the referee to *not* cast dispel 
magic on him, so that he could easily have the upper hand. Talk to 
the referee, and bribe her, persuade her, or ask her not to make 
humans look bad (if you're a human, of course).

QUEST: Neverwinter Zoo:
Here is the Zoo quest that you received from the druid in the City 
Core. The Zoo is in the SW corner. Pay one gold to get into the zoo. 
Get inside, and stop the guard that's running down the hallway from 
opening the doors that release the rest of the guards. Go through 
the north door and kill the hunters. Go through the door to the east 
where you'll find "sureshot". The best idea here is to simply rush 
him. Go to the end of the hall. Use the scroll that the druid gave 
you to open a portal for the animals to escape through. Pull the 
level in the next room to release the animals. 
Talk to all of them, and tell them to meet you in the grove. When 
you talk to all four, go to the grove and tell them to go into the 
portal to leave. (Thanks go to Richard for all his help with this 
quest-have a gold star!)

QUEST: Steal Artifacts for Ophala:
There are two of the three artifacts here, in the Hodge Estate, and 
the Rumbottom Estate. Both of the front doors require high lock-
picking skills (DC 28) so I highly suggest that you bring along Tomi 
the rogue for this quest, for there are many traps and locked chests 

We'll start with the Rumbottom Estate. It is straight across from 
the Hodge estate, on the central eastern area. Talk to the guard to 
figure out which estate is which. He'll *let* you inside.  

The first room is fairly large. Go to the room to the west, and take 
the treasures. Go back, and through the north door. Run eastward 
down the hallway. Clear out the south and north rooms, and take the 
treasure. Go back to the hallway, and walk westward. Clear out the 
two southern rooms, and save and rest before the northern room. (The 
first time I went through here, there was a trap before the door, 
but the second time there wasn't-does anybody know why???) Clear out 
the large room, and clear out the eastern two rooms. In one of the 
two, there is Rumbottom. He gives up after you talk to him. Take the 
portrait in one of the chests, and leave the Rumbottom Estate.

The Hodge estate is MUCH easier, as long as you are wary of traps. 
The entire eastern area is mostly treasure, so I won't cover that. 
Go through the SW door after you clear out the first HUGE room. 
Again, be careful of traps. The first room is just treasure. The 
second room leads all the way to Hodge. There are no turn-offs, so 
I'm not going to talk abou that. Just make sure you get the Gildern 
Urn and the Note. Take the 2 artifacts back to Ophala for some GP.


Part E: The Docks District:
The Docks District is the last district in the city of Neverwinter, 
and it contains the last Waterdhavian creature. You're going to 
"need" (you don't really need one, but it's awfully helpful) a 
Bloodsailor's Uniform. There are many ways, but the easiest way is 
to go to the boat in the SW area of the Docks. Just kill the 
Bloodsailors and take the uniform. Make sure you take the Brooch in 
the treasure chests!

HENCHMAN QUEST: Give Daelan the Uthgardt Brooch:
The brooch that you just picked up is what Daelan (the fighter) is 
looking for it. He'll give you an amulet that increases your 
strength for it.

Anyway, as you come across any thugs, you'll find an auction 
announcement. It says that the cure for the plague is being sold at 
the Seedy Tavern. Next, I would go right to the east of that boat, 
where you'll find Mr. Masterson, who traded a valuable amulet away, 
and he wants it back. 

Next, go to the Seedy Tavern, in the northern central area of the 
District. Put on the uniform you picked up on the boat, and enter 
the tavern. Look around, and try to go downstairs. It's locked. Pick 
the lock (DC 24). You have to bribe the chef before you can unlock 
the door and go through, but it isn't too tough. 
Upon entry of the lower levels, you work your way around the main 
hallway. Clear out the side rooms if you wish. Be careful about the 
lieutenants, but the others aren't too bad. Once you go down the 
stairs to the next lower floor, go south and then east upon the 
first intersection. Go north after the next split and you'll find 
Vengual's girlfriend. She'll give you her locket, which lets you 
enter the aqueducts (note: not necessary, however it is easier, and 
this is the entrance that is covered in the guide. If anyone knows 
about the other entrance, the callik way, e-mail me! However, this 
way is recommended simply because it also let's you get to the 
fourth Never's tomb area!)
Anyways, go back to the silver sails. The locket that the girl just 
gave you will allow you to open the strange door (aw, isn't that 


You have to fight yet another dire spider (which I personally HATE!) 
and then you'll find a guy with a boat which will take you 
Work your way through the sewers. You'll "hear" men beating the crud 
out of each other through the sewer vents. Anyways, after a while of 
walking, you'll find Callik and Vengaul, separated by a fence, 
attacking each other. Kill off Callik and his men (don't worry, they 
should be easy by now), make sure you pick up the masterson amulet, 
it's for another quest, and then open the door past him. After you 
get to the other side, talk to Vengaul, be nice to him, and he won't 
set his guards on you. Take the Cockitrice(spelling) feather from 
the crate and get out of there. After you complete said quests 
below, take the final Waterdhavian creature back to Aribeth, and 
prepare for the final area. (suggestion, before you leave, hire 
Linu, the cleric, for there are many hard undead monsters in the 
final area) 

QUEST: Fourth Cloaktower House: 
Here it is, wizards and sorcerers alike: the fourth Cloaktower 
house. It's in the eastern central area. By now, the water mephit 
guarding the flask of water should be easy. Take it, and head back 
to the City Core (assuming that you have all four items) Eltoora is 
happy, but you aren't done yet. (uh-oh, you're thinking, and rightly 
so.) Eltoora has you fight a Minogon (heh heh heh!) I didn't do this 
quest first time around, and even when I fought Minogons in the 
second chapter, I had some problems! However, someone told me about 
this, but didn't disclose their name (thanks whoever sent it, if you 
want credit, send me your name!) There are four wands in the room. 
If you use them in this order: Earth, Water, Fire, Water he will 
self-destruct (use the wands ON him, no matter how stupid it seems 
to cast stoneskin on the enemy) That kinda defeats the point, and I 
was sad (sort of, even though it kept me from having to fight the 
Anyways, you win a NICE cloak (get it, Cloaktower, cloak? Yes, I 
know, lame) 

QUEST: Lord Never's Tomb:
After you get to the area beneath the Silver Sails, you should move 
westward from the entrance, and you find the door as well as another 
chest (clue this time: the tooth of the forge) Put the Ceremonial 
Dagger (that's the last one, right? maybe it's the arrow, pretty 
sure it's the dagger) Anyways, once you go inside, take the amulet 
from the sarcophagus, and be prepared for some undead attacking. You 
can fight them or run, since you already have the artifact. Give the 
last artifact back to Oleff in the temple of tyr. 

QUEST: Steal artifacts for Ophala:
Here's the last Estate: Androd's Estate. This is most definitely the 
easiest estate by far! Androd's estate is in the NW corner. Don't 
bother going anywhere in the estate, just head down the eastern 
corridor and bash down the door in the SE corner. Inside, you'll 
find Androd. Take the Statuette and the key. It opens EVERYTHING in 
the estate. Loot the estate as you like, and take the third art 
artifact back to Ophala. 

Part I: Helm's Hold: 
After you deliver the last creature back to Aribeth, you are taken 
to the creation of the cure for the plague. Turns out that Desther 
was a traitor, and his men attack you. After you clear out the area, 
you have to enter Helm's hold. Once you go through the main gate, 
many undead rush you. Find Fenthick in the eastern corridor and take 
the Etched gem from the corpse next to him. Enter the door. Put the 
etched gem on the altar in the middle of the room, so that the 
guardians don't attack you when you try to leave the room. Anyways, 
once you finish with this floor, go to the basement. Clear this out 
(sorry, I really don't remember this part very well, no matter how 
well my memory serves me, if someone remembers better then me, 
please help!) When you're done with the basement, head up the stairs 
to find Desther. Attack his zombies (they make him MUCH weaker when 
he's dead, he's like taking their powers or something) and attack 
him. He's a high-level cleric, but after a few hundred points of 
damage, he gives up. Talk him into surrendering. After that, chapter 
one ends. Prepare for Chapter 2!

*End of Chapter one* 
In the movie at the end of Chapter one (or beginning of two, 
depending how you look at it) Desther dies. Fenthick is hung for his 
crimes (because he trusted Desther) Throughout the next chapter, 
Aribeth is mad, sad, and untrusting in her god. 

II: Chapter 2:
Part A: Port Llast:
Chapter Two begins in the mercenary barracks. Talk to Aribeth and 
she'll tell you what to do. You need to deliver to her two major 
pieces of evidence that pinpoints the area in which the cult which 
delivered the plague upon Neverwinter reside. (Yes, I know, that 
wasn't phrased very well.) Note: If you're a male character, you can 
hit on her. Just talk to her, ask how she is, and pass a persuade 
check. She'll talk to you. This becomes really important. Keep on 
talking to her as you progress levels until she gives you a ring. 

Again, like in Chapter One, all of the henchman have quests for you 
to do. However, you needed to have done their quests in the first 
chapter in order to be able to do their quests here. They will power 
up the special items they gave you in the first chapter.

QUEST: Get the convicts ears:
Sounds stupid, huh? Talk to Kendrick in the barracks, and he will 
give you a quest. You must kill several of some convicts, and take 
him their left ears!

Okay all, this is a VERY long chapter, and I will do the REQUIRED 
quests at first, and then I will give you all of the minor quests, 
hard and long as they are.

Part B: The North Road:
Nothing here for now, tons of minor quests in a bit

Part C: The East Road: 
Go from the east road. Simply travel along the eastern road into the 
next area, the Druid Encampment. Talk to one of them, who will 
explain that the mystical "spirit of the wood" is poisoned somehow, 
and even the friendliest animals are attacking even rangers and 
druids! (Even deer will attack you!) Talk to their leader, Aawil. He 
talks about his missing druids (which will be covered later, if 
they're in the areas that I cover anyways, I'll put them in there.) 
Go east from the druid encampment, where you'll enter the Deep 
Woods. Go into the NE corner, where you'll find the Nymph's home. 
From the entrance, go south just a bit, then head east. Go past the 
first door, and take the second door that leads south and continue 
down that corridor, where you'll find one of the missing druids. 
Free him, and he'll give you some information. Past where the druid 
was is a trapped door (DC 31) with the Lock of Nymph's hair inside!

Sharwyn's quest for the second chapter involves the Lock of Nymph's 
hair that you just picked up. She'll power up your belt.

Anyways, clear out the connecting rooms, and work your way up to the 
NE corner, where you'll "run into" the Nymph. She tries to "dominate 
you" and fails. She explains what happens, and why she's taken so 
many slaves. She says that the only known way to get to the Spirit's 
"realm" is to kill yourself on a specific altar with the Ceremonial 
Dagger, which she doesn't know where it is. The Dagger's in the 
chest past her. Make sure you take the Mirror of Vanity while you're 
here, you're going to need it later. Leave the Nymph's home after 
you finish looting, and go on *again* to the Heart of the Forest. Go 
to the SE corner of the Heart of the Forest, where you'll find the 
altar where you  kill yourself and enter the Realm of the Spirit 
(don't worry, you'll come back alive!)

Go west across a bridge. You come across Relmar, a dwarvern (I 
think) fighter. He says that he had poisoned the Spirit. Fight him, 
kill him, and make sure you take his Journal off his body. This is 
one of the pieces of evidence that Aribeth requires of you. Take the 
antidote for the spirit poison in the "rubble" behind him. Work your 
way around the Spirit's realm (be careful, spellcasters, the will-o-
wisps are invulnerable to magic. After a while, you'll come to a 
deer. This is the Spirit of the Wood. He'll attack you in all his 
confusion, and he's tough 

A little bit later in the battle, the spirit surrenders to you, and 
you can talk to it. You should tell it that you are here to help it, 
to cure it. It will "tell" you what happened when outsiders entered 
the spirit's realm. You can take the spirit's treasure, or try to 
kill it. (not smart unless you're evil aligned) Anyways, if you 
don't kill him, you can cure him using the antidote you picked up 
earlier. The spirit will send you back to the real world. If you 
killed him, there's a portal behind where he was that will do the 
same thing.

Go back to Aawil once you save the spirit for your reward. 

More minor quests *are* coming, but it is a lot of work and the 
Chapter 2 quests are very long!

Part D: The South Road:
Okay, bad news here. There are many quests involving the South Road, 
but the major required one is very far away! So, let's go! (NOTE: I 
am really sorry the way the next few paragraphs are worded, but it 
would take *days* to finish this section in even half of its 

Once you enter the South road, continue east on the road you start 
on. When it shifts north, go east at the fork. Exit this area in the 
central eastern area. (the road leads to it)

Follow the road, again, east, and continue along the road, and 
continue into the haunted forest.
There is no road here, but all you have to do is exit in the central 
eastern area, into Charwood.

Charwood is a strange place. If you want to figure out what's going 
on here for yourself, go ahead, and it'll all come together in the 
end. If you want to know what happens now, which will make the 
cursing throughout this area much less, read on! 

Basically, two brothers were tricked by a Lord of Fire into killing 
all of the children in the town. The Morninglord (I think that's the 
name) of the town took it "out of the loop of time" which means that 
they're stuck in the same day OVER and OVER again. You have to 
decide who's to blame, and then, the town will return to the loop of 
time (although everyone's dead)

Okay, let's move on. Upon entering Charwood, you will talk to a man 
named Quint. It's very hard to understand what he says, but try to 
make some of it out. Find the inn, and you'll find a member of the 
cult you're searching for. Kill him, and take his journal. That is 
the second piece of evidence that Aribeth requires of you, so you 
could leave now if you like. There is, however, the Charwood quest. 
It's long, but worth it, if you want to complete all of the minor 

QUEST: Bring judgment upon the town of Charwood:
Go to the mayor's office, and talk to him, and ask about the town. 
Then you can go talk to the castle. Talk to the guard, and convince 
him that you are supposed to enter. When you enter, you'll see a 
chest in the center. Take the key from the chest. There are 3 paths 
you could take. The key you received, however, only opens one. The 
center path lies nothing, except treasure, so I'd take that one. The 
left path has fire elementals, etc. The right path is filled with 
minor undead creatures and some (minor) treasure. (Much thanks go to 
Dem0nsBane for the tip)

Whichever path you choose, you find the Guardian waiting for you. 
She'll explain that you are the Judge now, and you must find out 
what happened involving the brothers. Open the door behind her, and 
enter one of their chambers, I'll start with quint, because I think 
that this is much easier, especially if you are or have a cleric 
(undead all over the place)

There are several rooms here that help you with what to do, but I'll 
tell you what to do, so it isn't really necessary. As you enter, 
take a right(on the map it's west) continue down the hallway until 
you come to a split about halfway down. Take the eastward leading 
path and go through the northern door (hard to explain, sorry) Make 
sure you take the key to Quint's personal chambers, and leave. Go 
back the way you came, and go through the door to the south. (it's 
on the westward wall, the room) and take the Tome of Death (It's 
needed for another quest, will be explained when I get the time)
That's all the major rooms, head down to the central area (in the 
center of the center) and keep on heading south. You'll run into the 
Bodak. I don't like him, really, because I'm a sorcerer and he 
absorbs a lot of spells (immune elec., resistance to at least fire) 
so I would use melee weapons if I had the choice (which I didn't) 
Anyway, go south through that door, where you'll find Quint. 
Persuade him to give you his oath, and you're done here. 

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