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Fabtabulous Contrapulator Guide by Vendetta

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/27/2002
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Fabtabulous Contrapulator Guide v1.0, June 27, 2002.
Written up by Vendetta (vendetta@myrealbox.com).


    While adventuring around in Chapter Two, you will probably
stumble on a Dwarf named Colmarr. He has invented a device that distills raw
sewage runoff from the Tower into various potions. Unfortunately, he was chased
away from it when the chaos began in Luskan. If you are able to find it and
repair it, as it was damaged somewhat by the people who chased him away, you
can use it as best you can to create free potions.


    In order to repair the device, you must find four levers which were snapped
off of the device. They are strewn about Luskan, though thankfully all are in
the main area, none are in the two major boss' areas.

    Stone Lever: Found in the ground floor of the brothel in the middle of
    town. It's in a locked chest in a small room, the first room to the right
    when you enter. It will be guarded by a hostile guard dog, so when you find
    the dog you know you've found the lever.

    Water Lever: Found in a chest down in the sewers, get to them via the
    manhole in the middle of town.

    Wind Lever: Given to you as part of the Outcast Ghoul quest. To activate
    this quest go down into the main sewers via the manhole in the middle of
    town and wander around a bit. You will eventually find the Ghoul, it will
    be friendly. Talk to it and fulfill the quest any way you choose [My monk
    decided he didn't like the way the Ghoul was looking at him and decided to
    kill him. I got the lever off his dead body. Works well enough. :) ], and
    the lever will be in your possession.

    Fire Lever: They tell you that you need to track down all four levers,
    but this one is still on the machine and was never broken off. Tricky,


    To get to the Fantabulous Contrapulator, you must first fulfill the Ghoul
Quest, as seen above in the "Wind Lever" retrieval. Once you have done this
quest, you will have a "Sewer Control Key". Use this on a locked door in the NW
corner of the Sewers.
    Now that you have access, clear the room out and repair the device. To
repair it, just click on the three spots on the floor by the existing lever and
the levers will be put into place automatically.


Making Potions:
    True to his word, the Fantabulous Contrapulator is only good for making 30
potions. It's completely up to you what potions you make, and it doesn't matter
how much of each reagent you use, you'll still only get 30 potions out of it.
To make the potion, pull the levers into place that are of the element you
want to add. When you make the element active, the lever swinging will make no
noise at all. When you turn off the element, it makes the standard lever-swing


The Recipes:
                  No Result - No elements active.
                  No Result - Water, Stone, and Fire active.
         "Bottle of Sewage" - All elements active.

          Cure Light Wounds - Water active.
       Cure Moderate Wounds - Water and Wind active.
        Cure Serious Wounds - Wind, Stone, and Fire active.
              Potion of Aid - Wind active.

         Potion of Barkskin - Stone active.
      Potion of Cat's Grace - Wind and Fire active.
    Potion of Fox's Cunning - Water and Fire active.
        Potion of Endurance - Water and Stone active.
            Potion of Speed - Water, Wind, and Fire active.
          Potion of Clarity - Water, Wind, and Stone active.

             Potion of Lore - Fire active.
     Potion of Invisibility - Wind and Stone active.


                      I hope this Guide was useful!

© 2002 Mike O'Keefe, all rights reserved.
Permission to use for personal use. May be placed on web sites provided no
fee is charged for access, this copyright statement is kept intact, and
an email is sent to the author for notification.

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