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FAQ by T-Virus

Version: 0.99x | Updated: 10/22/2005

                                                **  **                    
                                               /** //                     
 **********   **   **       ******   *******   /**  **  *******    *****  
//**//**//** /**  /**      **////** //**///**  /** /** //**///**  **///** 
 /** /** /** /**  /**     /**   /**  /**  /**  /** /**  /**  /** /******* 
 /** /** /** /**  /**     /**   /**  /**  /**  /** /**  /**  /** /**////  
 *** /** /** //******     //******   ***  /**  *** /**  ***  /** //****** 
///  //  //   //////       //////   ///   //  ///   // ///   //    ////// 

 |         MU-Online FAQ/Walkthrough           |
  | By     :  Sarunas Rimsa (aka T-Virus)     |
  | E-Mail :  nisaras(at)raktas(dot)net       |
  | MSN    :  sarunasrimsa(at)hotmail(dot)com |
   \     Mu Online Nickname - [Mysterio]     /
    \           Playing On - Maya           /

 Sorry 'bout mails i do not replyed...
 Something is wrong with my E-Mail, so please, use my Hotmail, ok? :\

Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It
Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It
Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It


Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It
Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It
Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It*Read It

------------- Table Of Contents -----------------------------------------------

|+                                                    +|
|     Intro...............................[MuSWIR]     |
|     Version History.....................[MuSWVO]     |
|     Copyright...........................[MuSWCH]     |
|     E-Mails.............................[MuSWEL]     |
|     SUPPORT (Please Read!)..............[MuSWPA]     |
|                                                      |
|     Frequently Asked Questions..........[MuSWFL]     |
|     Contributors FAQ....................[MuMCCQ]     |
|                                                      |
|     STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE:                              |
|                                                      |
|     Downloading & Installation..........[MuMCDN]     |
|     Story...............................[MuMCSR]     |
|     Characters..........................[MuMCCR]     |
|     Controls............................[MuMCCL]     |
|     Heads-Up Display....................[MuMCHD]     |
|     Movements...........................[MuMCMT]     |
|     Communications......................[MuMCCN]     |
|     Attacking...........................[MuMCAN]     |
|     KSing...............................[MuMCKS]     |
|     Hackers/Scammers/Idiots.............[MuMCHT]     |
|     Trade...............................[MuMCTD]     |
|     Party...............................[MuMCPT]     |
|     Guild...............................[MuMCGL]     |
|     PvP Battles.........................[MuMCPV]     |
|     Dueling.............................[MuMCDG]     |
|     Chaos Machine.......................[MuMCCO]     |
|     Personal Store......................[MuMCPA]     |
|     Quests..............................[MuMCQT]     |
|     Vocabulary..........................[MuMCVR]     |
|     Invasions...........................[MuMCIN]     |
|     Weapons/Armors Overview.............[MuMCWA]     |
|                                                      |
|     Items...............................[MuITMS]     |
|     Weapons.............................[MuWPNS]     |
|     Armors..............................[MuRMRS]     |
|     Maps................................[MuMAPS]     |
|                                                      |
|     Credits.............................[MuCRDS]     |
|                                                      |
|+                                                    +|

|                                                           |
|   HOW TO SEARCH:                                          |
|                                                           |
|                                                           |
| .Press Ctrl+F                                             |
| .Put 6 characters "Code of Content" in "Find What" window |
| (Example: [MuAR06], [MuITMZ], etc...)                     |
| .Press "Find Next"                                        |
| .Easy as pie, isn't it? :)                                |
|                                                           |

-------------- Intro -------------------------------------------------[MuSWIR]-

I thought about it really long. I always wanted to write my own FAQ. I'm good 
at MU Online, so I decided to share my knowledge and write my first walkthrough
about MU Online. Ok, here we go. (what a bad intro...)

By the way, lots of people ask me such questios like "whats your ingame name?",
"you play in Wigle or Maya?" and so on. Sorry, i finished playing MU. It was
hard, but i stopped. I have real life, MU took from me a lot of time. Now i'm
happy. I'm really happy that i played this game. I met great people from all 
of the world. We'd talked about everything, they was my family... I don't want
to name someone. YOU ALL were great...

Now everything ended for me...
My Blade Knight, Magic Gladiator... 
They now history for me...
I will always remember You, mutizens...

But You still can mail me, I will always talk with you on MSN, I WILL help 
ya all...

Now good luck in MU!

God bless, hope to see Ya soon.
T-Virus (sorry for my bad English)


Oh yeah baby, I'm back with full power!

Created new account and started gathering info. Please read support section,
maybe you will be able to support me in this hard time.

-------------- Version History ---------------------------------------[MuSWVO]-

| Version: 0.99x            |
| Size   : 160.Kb           |

I'm back to MU, that's all i can say now.

-------------- Copyright ---------------------------------------------[MuSWCH]-

Only sites who can Publish this guide is (sites with my permission):

http://muo.reality.lv (if they want to...)
http://www.muonline.com (also, if they just want to...)

Simple rules:

You can't sell or rent this guide;
You can't rip of parts of this guide and put it on your site;
You can't use parts from this guide on your own FAQ;
You must get permission for the guide to place it on your site;
You can print or rip it for your own use;

That's it, peace :)

Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Sarunas Rimsa (aka T-Virus)

-------------- E-Mails -----------------------------------------------[MuSWEL]-

Why do i created this section?

To tell you how to write e-mails for me of course :). I'm really messed up with
mails now so please do it by these rules, thanks i really appreciate that.

Rules is not for breaking :).



Mails must be written in English, i can't understand Spanish or even Malaysian
e-mails. Please try to write in correct english language. I need to understand
what are you writing about.


If you're writing for permission in subject line type "MU Online, Permission"
If you're writing to ask a question in subject line type "MU Online"
Do not type subjects like "Whaddup Dog", i will delete 'em instantly.
And please, write me where do you found this guide, i know few site who are
using it "illegaly".


You ALWAYS can add me, it's more easier for me to explain all things using 
instant messaging, but send me e-mail too. My time zone is GMT +2 so we might
do not meet on MSN.

I'm Online:

From - 8AM GMT +2
To   - 6PM GMT +2 

P.S. I'm Busy or Away most time, so just leave message i will answer it later
or if you'll go offline i'll write e-mail.

And please, take a look at the FAQ section, maybe your question already 

All e-mails written by these rules WILL be replyed. (even dumbest ones)

------------- SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------[MUSWPA]-

As you already know i started to play MU and gather the info again. To do that
i created new account and character in Maya. I'm noob, all my friends left and 
i'm alone in this world... What i wanted to ask - if you're high level player
and want to help me on this, i will accept your donations. I want to update 
the guide faster. Right now i really need +7/9+12 Bone Set and any staff
so if you can - give me something. Write message via mussenger, or e-mail (my 
nickname in game is "[Mysterio]" (without quotes)). Faster i will get new armor
, faster i'll have chance to level up, faster i will update this guide. 
Donators will get credit in this guide :).

Right now (in this update) i didin't put anything into this guide, just this 
section, so guys, PLEASE help me and i'll update this guide faster.

New setions will come... I wanna reach 1mb of text (it sounds crazy, i know),
and make this guide best in the all world! people, just you can help me do it,
without you - i'm nothing.

So here is my wishlist:

Bone Set, i really need +7/9+12 bone set right now. It will give me enough
defense right now, if you can't just give it away, borrow it, i'll give it
back after i'll get stronger (i'm not lier, i don't want to break my 
reputation)... That's it right now. So if you can support me with it i'll
deeply appreciate that.


Once again, my ingame Nick is [Mysterio] :).

-------------- Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------[MuSWFL]-

Question  1:                                                                 
Hi, can i put your guide into my site?                                       
Yes you can, just before putting, write e-mail for me or write an instant MSN 
message if i'm online. I'll give you permmision and you'll get every new     
version of this guide by e-mail.                                             

Question  2:                                                                 
Can you find private server for me?                                          
Contact me on MSN, if i'll have time i'll help you.                          

Question  3:                                                                 
MU is: very laggy / screen is black / MU freezes. What i have to do?         
At first, download the newest your video card drivers, then new version of   
Direct X. It could be an answer.                                             

Question  4:                                                                 
What is the Jewel of Spirits? I don't see nothing about it in your guide.    
Its Jewel of Soul just in other words. This is 'cuz of diferent version of   
the game (96y, 97d, 99b, etc).                                               

Question  5:                                                                 
Will you marry me?                                                           
I'll think about it.                                                         

Question 6:                                                                  
I have Private Server. Do you wanna to try it?                               
Okay no problem. Just contact me.                                            

Question 7:                                                                  
Here is my server adress. Can you put it in this guide?                      
Will you give me items on your server :)? Sure i can. I'm good person.      

Question 8:                                                                  
Hi, if you were so cool can you say what was your set then you stopped       
Sure i can,                                                                  
Blade Knight                                                                 
Level  - 220+                                                                
Helm   - Dragon Helm     +9+16+luck                                          
Gloves - Dragon Gloves   +9+16                                               
Boots  - Dragon Boots    +9+16+luck                                          
Pants  - Dragon Pants    +9+16+luck                                          
Armor  - Dragon Armor    +9+16+luck                                          
Weapon - Bill of Balrog +11+16+luck+skill (nice one heh :P)                  
Wings  - Satan Wings     +9+16                                               
Also few excellent rings and pendant...                                      
Thats all folks about mister T-Virus.                                        
P.S. Alos i had MG but he was not so cool, even without wings...             

Question 9:                                                                  
Hello. I wanna know how to get summoning orbs for my elf.I dunno where to buy
even though I am searching almost all the shops in lorencia and Noria and all
I can find is a healing orb.                                                 
You must found healing orb in the shop. Anyway monsters drop all type of orbs

Question 10:                                                                 
Yo. I need to know how to start the quest of the emperor scroll and if there 
is a level requirement my level is 18.                                       
Well yes there is level requuirement and it's 150. So you have a lot work     
before this quest :).                                                        

Question 11:                                                                 
May I know how to find out my remaining time as a killer?                    
No you can't. But try to count by yourself. If you are murderer you have 9   
hours to wait (if you killed more, plus 3 hours from each kill). Anyway kill 
monsters and everything will be just fine.                                   

Question 12:                                                                 
And is there such things as party war?                                       
No, there isn't.                                                             

Question 13:                                                                 
Hi. I was just wandering, do you have any tips on how to use a JEWEL of LIFE 
effectively. I usually fail when using a jewel of life, and im a little       
frustrated. I can use it to up an item +4 but never beyond that.             
Yay, hehe... Good question. At first is this item have luck? If no, it's     
waist of time. If item have luck try 'till +8 (that means 2 jewels of life)  
if you feel lucky try another one, but it's 25% of success (ahh, count by    
yourself). Actually i had wings +9+16, and dragon gloves +9+16 in global,    
without luck. How i made 'em? Gods only know.                                

Question 14:                                                                 
from some reason I can't create my account at Mu Online web site. I fill the 
required fields (no issues there) but when I submit the data the site shows a
"server error" and the typical white page.                                   
Do you know how can I get support ? Because there is no way for me to post   
any help message on the forum due to the fact that I do not have any account 
ID !                                                                         
Oh you know that I can't solve problems like this :).                        
Maybe registration server crashed, try later...                              
About support:                                                               
Mr. MM of Mu Online (www.MuOnline.com) if you reading this FAQ now, please   
send me e-mail as fast as you can. One guy need your help, I'll send his     
e-mail to ya. Thank you, god bless :).                                       

Question 15:                                                                 
Do you still play MU?                                                        
Yes :) (well i do play but just for info to this guide)                         

Question 16:                                                                 
How to trade with other players?                                             
Type /trade (pointing at player) in chating window.                          

Question 17:                                                                 
What the hell are invasions?                                                 
It's the time then golden monsters apear. If you'll kill golden monster you  
can get Box of Kundum, Box of Luck, etc...                                   

Question 18:                                                                 
How could i hit Golden Monsters? They all are in the sky.                    
Well, not really... One or few of them are on the ground, you have to seek   
for them.                                                                    

Question 19:                                                                 
What is Chaos Weapons?                                                       
Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Nature Bow, Chaos Lightning Staff.                   

Question 20:                                                                 
What the heck, i'm red and black, i can't buy from the shops!?!              
You killed other players and now you're phono...                             

Question 21:
What's the point of this game?
Well, it's hard to say. Level up, boost your character's statistics, complete
Quests/Events. Don't forget, this is just the beta...

-------------- Contributors FAQ --------------------------------------[MuMCCQ]-

Wanna contribute in this section?

Bring it on!

If you have sugestions or wanna contribute something new in this section just 
send me e-mail.

Thanks for cooperation.

-------------- Downloading & Instalation -----------------------------[MuMCDN]-

Ok, here is one question. Where do you want to play?

1. Global
2. Private Server

What's the difference?

Well, at first global as says this word is - World wide (moon not included,
just our planet). There is few of them right now. It's Korean, Chinese, etc.
Here come people from all of the world. A lot of servers, a lot of people.
Number of players really huge. It's nice to play here. You can find people
from your neaberhood, or from other continent of the world. Private is lil 
bit different. Here plays just people from one country, or even from one
city. Good part of it is fast connection speed. But it's worse 'coz it's 
not always up (server might crash), have very limmited amount of players.
Private servers closes very fast, so you need to seek for another one, and
another... Anyway try it too. If you like it, play. There is a lot of people
playing in private servers too. You don't have anything to lose :). If you
don't like it, you can always leave.

I always loved global, i had level 220+ Blade Knight and level 170+ Magic
Gladiator here :)...

Have questions? Write e-mail or find me on MSN and send instant message. 

If you want to play in global read there, private server a little bit lower.


NOTE: This is www.muonline.com Global's guide.

Ok, what we need at first?

 .Game Itself

Let's create account first:

Go to http://www.muonline.com, then in the top bar press Account -> Create 

Got account? Good.

After creating account you'll need to download the game: 

Get it at same site. In the top navigation line press Download -> Game Download
. Get the latest version (it'll be around 90mb). After downloading, install it 
like any other program. Then installation is over reboot your computer and run 
the icon from your desktop. Here is 3 buttons. "Options", "Connect" and "Close"
First one access screen with Resolution (set which you want), Account (you can 
write your accout name here (Why? You won't need to write it in game)), Sound, 
Music (on, off) settings. Assign as you like and press ok. Then press Connect 
(you want leave? So sad... Ok then press close). You should see the gameguard 
loading and game starts.

Other global is www.mobius.ph. This one is for philippines people only. Great
people here. I got i lot of info for my guide from them.

There is more... Mu China, Mu Korea and few others (I guess?) but i never
played on them.

Private server
Here we need:

 .Private server version (97, 97d, etc) 
 .Server where to play

The best source of private servers is IRC. Here you can find whatever server 
you want. Really huge amount of servers. Here you can register, get server IP 
address, etc. Game version link must be in the topic, if no ask someone where 
to get it. Install (the same as global). Enjoy!

Now here is step-by-step guide of what to do:


 .Connect IRC
 .Join chanel like - #mu, #mu-servers, etc.
 .Ask someone for server
 .Join the server chanel
 .Take a look at the topic
 .It would look like this:

/\-/|\-/\ #MU-Gods, Best server in da haus! Xp/Drop - 10x/35% Register -
SuperDood3 in Private or Web - www.addresshere.com, Server Version 97d+99
items. Enjoy playing in #MU-Gods!!! /\-/|\-/\

(don't seek for this server, this is just an example)

 .Register (SuperDood3 or WEB page, in this example)
 .Download game version (97d+99items in this example)

Simple right?

Also you can try to find server in the web, but I think this is more harder.



 .Start google
 .Enter "mu server"
 .Bless for god
 .Press "search"
 .Now try to find something usefull in all this mess

TIP: Try searching MU Online forums. They have lists of private servers.

If you have your own server, send e-mail with it's adress or meet me in MSN.
I'll post the adress here. This will be good for me and for you.

Here's few servers for example:

http://muo.reality.lv (i play here now, nickname - T-Virus)

You can find servers in:

-------------- Story -------------------------------------------------[MuMCSR]-
|Thanks goes to official mu online site for story.|

Game Background

Much time has passed since the millennia old Empire of MU lost complete and 
utter control over the Continent. While the power of the central government of
MU continued to wane, feudal lords became engrossed and engaged in an inner 
turmoil over control of MU, destroying the foundations of its society. Over 
time, the bloody feuds and civil wars destroyed and ravaged the once beautiful 
land of MU and it is also during this time, amidst the blood and tears 
associated with such conflicts, amidst the petty ambitions of men and those 
who would be more than man that a dark and ominous shadow falls over the whole
of MU. 

Antonias, a feudal lord, overwrought with his burning ambition to control the 
land called MU was at once easily deceived by an evil sorcerer named Lemulia 
who through Antonias" obsession was able to bring Kundun, the Devil of Darkness
, back to life. Upon seeing his lovely daughter torn apart limb by limb by 
Kundun, Antonias wept tears of blood and lamented his fate and his ill 
decisions. In the end all was for naught, as his meaningless death by the hands
of the evil sorceress Lemulia did not lessen his crime of reviving the Devil of
Darkness, Kundun. 

There is but only one path of hope for the Land of MU. But who will take the 
task of discovering the 8 Sealing Stones that have been scattered across the
continent of MU. Who will once Seal the demon Kundun and restore the land to 
its once former beauty? Will it be YOU? The Devil of Darkness has already begun
to take action to obliterate the Continent of MU. Receive thy Quest! Only the
sword in your hand can banish Kundun and his evil minions once and for all.

The Prophecy

The Heavens shall open again 
The Stars will lose their way, 
and Fear descends upon the earth 
a saint awakens and destroys the seal of chains. 
Ravenous teeth shall rape the land 
the land! Tis cruel. 
Crimson Blood stains the ground 

Under the Sun 
the 8 jewels of Legend and Lore shall appear 
And Satan will have arisen. . 
Heed these words ye wise man! 
A day shall come 
Upon which the soil shall 8 stars be affixed, 
Nightmare"s Day shall it be called 
When Heaven"s rays divide the sky and 
Echoing wails ring in the Valley of Death, 
And a light will come down upon this land from the world once forgotten. 

- Excerpt from "Nightmare's Day", of the Great Prophecy [the Secromicon] 

The Story

In a millennium's time, the Land of MU has advanced and developed the empire
in great bounding strides. However, as foretold in the Great Prophecy, 
Secromicon, the Continent of MU fell into overwhelming chaos. Great leaders 
who had once controlled MU Continent now have fallen low and the central 
governments due to the internal strife and warfare amongst power hungry 
feudal lords have brought the kingdom asunder and thus the empire crumbled.
The millennium of peace and bounty is now a mere memory and dark stains of 
blood now cover the land. The ravages of war have laid waste to the once 
beautiful land and the shedding of blood still knows no end. Even now, petty
feudal lords endlessly build up their machines of war and futilely attempt 
to re-establish what once was. 

And it was during this time of endless blood letting that the gates of Hell
were thrown open as the blind ambitions of a foolish man had been led far 
astray. Antonias a foolish lord, blinded by ambition, deceived by the evil 
sorceress Lemulia, unknowingly let loose upon the world, Kundun, the Devil of 
Darkness, a demon difficultly confined by the seal of Etramu.

"Now this land shall be mine again. 
I have banished Peace for all time. .
The Sun will no longer shine 
This Earth shall be mine
and cunning men will be my slaves and my cattle."

The Ancient Devil Kundun awake from its long sleepless slumber now walks 
amongst the living defiling the land with his touch. Amidst the chaos, 
the stars have lost their course and the stench of fear and blood pervades 
throughout. Kundun leased upon the land his rage and vengeance for his eons
long confinement. Quickly, the now forsaken land of MU has become home to
Kundun's minions and for 2 long years the evil of his reign befouled all 
that was once pure. Nightmare's Day, a passage in the Great Prophecy, had 
come true and was no longer merely the words of days gone by. Wise men began 
their studies anew and hopingly and longingly referred to the ray of light 
mentioned within the writings of the prophecy. The wise studied what would 
be the ray of light mentioned in the prophecy. Their last remaining hope lay 
in the power of the seal of Etramu, the very seal that maintained Kundun's 
imprisonment. Into 8 pieces the seal has been scattered and only when the 
seal is made whole shall peace return to the land once more. 


- The King of Blood -

Antonias, the prince of the Black Knights, was nearing the realization of 
his foolish ambitions. 

"MU shall be mine and mine only! Foolish, pitiful men, look upon my might
as I break the seal to my destiny" An evil sorcerer named Lemulia had 
warmed to the foolish lord and seduced his mind with false hope for Antonias
had become sickened and weary of the ceaseless battles between the feudal 
lords of MU. Lemulia spoke endlessly about a tale of a great lord, a demon, 
the Devil of Darkness, Kundun who had existed +1000 years ago before the MU
Empire was born. She spoke of how those who allayed themselves with the dark
lord would be masters of the whole world and not merely an empire or a 
continent. Antonias, blinded by ambition fell easily into Lemulia's ploy. 
Those who saw past Lemulia's veil of deception, loyal and altruistic advisors
were immediately put to death and all that remained was the naive lord, the 
evil witch and cruel, blood thirsty warriors. The army of Antonias kept lay 
havoc to the land once more, conquering the Empire by force under Lemulia's
cunning tricks and sorcery, and within time, on the ominous day mentioned in
the prophecy of the Secromicon, the forces of Antonias gathered at Ketthotum.
The ghastly, merciless soldiers of Antonias The ghastly soldiers anxiously 
awaited the moment when Antonias and Lemulia would break the Seal. The wind 
fell silent and the air was filled with uncertainty as the moments trickled 
by.The shrine of Ketthotum undulated grotesquely. For a brief moment, a look
of panic crossed Antonias' eyes. 

"Is all well, Lemulia?" 

The Sorcerer Lemulia hidden in a black shadowy robe nodded her head. 

"Only for the King of Land! The moment is upon us." 

Antonias' confusion and  uncertainty remained but was seemingly satisfied 
with her reply. Antonias then shouted, 

"This land shall remain mine for all time." 

and attempted to touch the seal of Etramu. 

"Om Orakust, Hemiad, Kiratus. Le Al Hokbras, Ektua, Ho."

An unknown incantation spewed from Lemulia's mouth and at the same time a 
bluish protective curtain surrounded Antonias. At this very moment, the Sealing
 Stone started to shed light. While Lemulia's incarnation got louder and more 
bold, a look of madness began to flow and dance in the eyes of Antonias as he 
stared betwixt upon the jewel. 

"A little more, a little more..."

Antonias' hands were trembling, as he approached the Sealing Stone. The light 
emanating from the stone began to spasm ... 

"just a little more.!!" - Clink!

Before Lemulia's incantation had finished, the Sealing Stone shattered. 

"The King, The King of Blood!!"

In the midst of the din of the soldiers' rapturous voices calling out to 
their master, The Devil of Darkness, Kundun had resurrected. 
Kundun who woke up from sleep fiercely stared Antonias and shouted, 
"Now the land is only my own! Only the blood and fear will fill up this 
land!" And the 8 pieces of the Sealing Stone scattered far and wide to 
each corner of the vast continent that is MU. 

-------------- Characters --------------------------------------------[MuMCCR]-

Then the game starts you'll see ships in the sea, two servers - Wigle
and Maya (in private server will be one selection). Notice that if you start
to play in Wigle you won't be able to play in Maya with same character. Ok, the
n you choose server you will see sub-servers. Here you can choose whatever you
want because you can migrate from one to another with same character. Connect 
to the server at last. Now create character. Here is availabilitys:

TIP: You can have 5 characters on one account.

Dark Knight
Dark Wizard
Magic Gladiator (from lvl 220)
Dark Lord (from lvl 250)

Choose one which is best for you, create it, put name. Press ok.

TIP: Don't bother trying for very popular name like "Ice" or "Scorpion" 
they're all taken.

After you have created character press on him once. You'll have two
options: "Delete" and "OK". Press OK if you want to join the game or
Delete if you wish to delete your character. This time lets press OK.

Loading... You're in the game!

Ok now about characters.

  Dark Knight

This character is good at close range. He have good strenght, defense and
vitality. He is unbeatable at the close range. Dark Knight can use wide variety
of weapons and armors. Dark Knight is not powerfull at long ranges and at magic
. Anyway this is very good character.

Why do i have to chose this guy?:
If you like brute strenght, offensive power, great defense, close combat -
this guy is for you.

Is it hard to play with him?:
Its easy at first but its more harder later.

Pluses and Minuses:

+ He have good phisical strenght;
+ Have very good defense;
+ DK have good amount of hit points;
+ Wide variety of weapons and armors;
+ Uses skills who are very powerful;
+ Don't need to waist stat points on energy and vitality;
+ Skills don't lack a lot of mana;

- If you're going till the end (level ~300) he will be weakest character;
- He can't attack monsters in the long range so this is very bad in BC or DS;
- Gets 0.5 mana per level what is really anoying;
- Stamina (when using twisting slash) drains fast as hell;
- Can't hit much monsters at once (so he is no match with DW in DS);

How/where should I level up/put points for Dark Knight?:
Okay, as you already know, Dark Knight is not the character which will be hard
to level up, but he won't rule the world either. Okie so you are level one and
starting at lorencia. Don't rush to level up and put all points on agility or
strenght. There is few other ways to level up him, not just the lazy "3 points
on strenght, 2 on agility". So here is the ways how you can level up your DK:

Strenght Dark Knight: All points on strenght.
Hybride Dark Knight: Put points on strenght and agility. At the high level he
can wear very awesome armour sets.
Tanking Dark Knight: The guy which have great defense.
Energy Dark Knight: It might look like a crazy idea but it's not. After 
putting some points on energy your skill will be very powerfull (and you will
have more mana).
Vitality Dark Knight: Also looks like crazy idea but i'll explain how it 
works. You put 1 point on strenght, 1 on agility and 3 on vitality. At about
level 100 you have to buy set, weapon, shield, pendant and rings with reflect.
It's 50% of reflect now. This guy is better on duels, not on monsters.

So you see how much ways?

  Dark Wizard

This guy have a lot of offensive spells. He is good at long ranges. Also with
his spells he can hit few enemies at the same time without using more mana.
Vital strenght of Dark Wizard is not very good so better don't use this char
at the close combats.

Why do i have to chose this guy?:
If you like offensive spells, good damage :), ranged attacks chose him.

Is it hard to play with him?:
It's really hard at first but it's much easier later.

How do i have to put points for him?:
I think put on strenght 'till you can equip armor you want and energy 'till 
the end of game :). Don't get me wrong, don't put all your stats on strenght
untill you will have 1000. 2 points on strenght, 3 on energy, etc. After you
get good armor, put all your points on energy. Dont forget that you can 
level up as you want.

Pluses and Minuses:

+ If you're going till the end (+300 level) this is BEST character;
+ Wide variety of powerful spells;
+ Can hit enemies from far away;
+ Wizards dominate in DS and BC, no one can win against them here
+ KS high level wizard is very, very hard;
+ Mana Shield :);
+ Get's two pointa of mana per level;
+ Armors do not require a lot of strenght;
+ Good selection of staffs;

- Some armors require agility (so you have to waist points);
- Not really huge selection of armours;
- You'll need a lot of mana potions;
- Armours not very defensful (not as much as ELF or DK);
- Only 0.5 hit point per level;
- Very hard to train at first;


Elves can be leveled up as agility or energy elves. Energy elves have buffing
spells so they are "medics" of the war field. Agility elves have nice ranged
so they are good at long distances. EElfs also can summon monsters. They can
help alot in the field

Why do i have to chose this girl?:
If you're fan of arbalets/bows, if you like being medic or you like summoning
monsters. Or maybe you're female :). Chose this then.

Is it hard to play with her?:
Its always the same, not really hard, but not peace o' cake either.

How do i have to put points for her?:
Depends on what you're leveling up, enery or agility elf.
If agility. Put points on strenght and agility (2 on str, 3 on agl, etc).
After some time put A LOT of points on agility (sorry for pressed caps lock).
If energy. Put some points on agility and strenght. Use a lot points on energy.

Pluses and Minuses:

Agility Elf:

+ Can use Bows and Crossbows;
+ Elves do fine damage;
+ Don't need to put points on energy;
+ Can hit few monsters at once;
+ Can learn great skills;
+ Have pretty defense;

- Crossbows, Bows require a lot of ammo;
- Have to put a lot of points on agility;
- Don't do great damage then you reach high level;
- Really hard to find a party;

Energy Elf:

+ Can buff herself without waisting health pots;
+ She is always wellcome in parties;
+ Can summon monsters who are very helpful;
+ Dont need to put a lot of points on strenght and agility;

- Very bad defense (without defensive buff);
- Very bad offense (without offensive buff);
- Have to put a lot of points on energy;
- She's very week without party;

  Magic Gladiator

Magic Gladiator is combination of Dark Knight and Dark Wizard. He can use items
from both characters. Also he can use items early (MG gets 7 point per level).
He can move into new areas faster too. In order to unlock him you must have
a basic character who has achieved at least level of 220.

Why do i have to chose this guy?:
If you like 7 points per level and his wicked haircut chose him :). He is
mix of DW and DK.

Is it hard to play with him?:
Not really, as I sayd, he get's 7 points per level.

How do i have to put points for him?:
Like for DW or DK. Just you'll get more points :).

Pluses and Minuses:

+ Gets 7 points per level;
+ Wicked Hair-Cut :);
+ Can enter maps with 2/3 required;
+ Can run and swim faster without +5;
+ His armors have great defense;

- You can't level up him as DKDW at once, you have to chose;
- His armors require a lot of strenght and agility;
- He can't wear helm;
- What is better. Your 220 level character or 1 level MG?;
- Can't use some of really awesome DK and DW skills/spells/armors;

  Dark Lord

He is new character of MU. I dont know about him. Write me if you have to say
something about him. In order to unlock him you must have a basic character of
at least level 250 (nice, huh?).

More info about character, ah, maybe later...

-------------- Controls ----------------------------------------------[MuMCCL]-
|Controls updated from the game, thx to game help :) |

Left Mouse Button: ...... Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit-down options 
Right Mouse Button: ..... Use spells or Skills
[Ctrl] + Mouse Button: .. PK Attack 
F1: ..................... Help 
F2: ..................... Dialogue toggle 
F3: ..................... Toggle whispering on chat mode
F4: ..................... Adjust chatting window size
F5: ..................... Toggles Mussenger chatting window
F6: ..................... Hides Mussenger chatting window
Enter: .................. Open chatting window
G: ...................... Guild window
P: ...................... Party window
D: ...................... Automatic Commands
M or /Move: ............. Move between maps or worlds
C: ...................... Character statistics 
I or V: ................. Inventory 
Q: ...................... Default shortcut key for healing items 
W: ...................... Default shortcut key for mana recovery items
E: ...................... Default shortcut key for curing (antidote) items
F: ...................... Toggles Mussenger 
Shift: .................. Hold character in position 
[Ctrl] + Number: ........ Bind Spells/Skills to #1-#9 
Number #1-9: ............ Select bound Skill/Spell
[Alt]: .................. Display item names on floor
[Alt] + L.Mouse Button: . Individual selection of items on floor
Spacebar: ............... Automatic pickup items on floor
Print Screen: ........... Screen capture /Take Screenshot 
/Request: ............... toggles requests for deals party and trade on and off
/Duel (point player):   . Challenges player to a duel
/Party (point player): .. Sends party request
/Guild (point at GM): ... Sends guild request
/Trade: ................. Sends trade request

-------------- Heads-Up Display --------------------------------------[MuMCHD]-

Ok you're in? I'll explain everything about it.

Let's talk about your HUD. I'm not good at painting but i'll try to do it:

|                                                                             |
| 20*                                                                         |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                               0 1*                                          |
|                              /|\                                            |
|                             / | \                                           |
|                              / \                                            |
|                             /   \                                           |
|                                                                             |
|                                         -|--> 21*                           |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                               ____ ____ ____                                |
|                              | 17*| 18*| 19*|                               |
|  3* |    \    |||||||||___________________________________|(4)5*/   14*|    |
|_____|   4*\  |     |     |     | | (|) | |     |     |     |   /13* |  |_15*|
|98.14|     /  |     |     |     | | (|) | |     |     |     |   \    |  |    |
|  2* |522 /   Q 6*  W 7*  E 8*    1 9*      10*   11*   12*      \100|  | 16*|

1. That's your character. He/She is always in the middle of the screent so you
will see yourself fine.
2. Coordinates. The place where you can be found. If you found good place you
can look at coordinates where it finds. Later you can come back by looking at
coordinates. I think you got it.
3. Here is the button. Pressing on it will open window with commands (trade,
party, guild, duel, etc).
4. Your health jewel. It displays how much health you have left.
5. Experience bar. It shows how much experience you have gained. In the very
right side of it you can see number. In this example it's 4. It means that you
have 4/10 of level.
6. Q item. Item you can use by pressing "q" button. It's health potion slot
but if you want you can bind other consummable item here.
7. W item. Just like "q" but here is mana potion slot. Also can be binded.
8. E item. Just like "q" or "w" but here is antidote slot. Also can be binded.
9. Skill/Spell slot. You can chose skill from here. Press this button and all
your spells/skill will pop up. Also the can be chosen by keys from 1 to 0.
But you have to bind 'em (mouse cursor over spell, alt+number you want to bind
10. Party button. Pressing on it will open Party window. Here you can see your
party mates. Where they are (coordinates). This window can be opened by
pressing "P" aswell.
11. Button, pressing on it you will open Stats Window (Character Statistics)
also can be opened by pressin' "c".
12. Button, same as "I" or "V" on your keyboard, opens Inventory.
13. Mana diamond. Displays how much mana you have left.
14. Stamina bar. Displays your stamina, how much of it left.
15. Mussenger button. Can be opened by pressing "F" too.
16. Guild button. Opens guild window. Window can also be opend by pressing "G".
17. Dialogue toggle, works same as "F2".
18. Toggle whispering on chat mode, works same as "F3".
19. Adjust chatting window size, works just like "F4".
20. Messages you hear will be shown in this part of the screen.
21. Item droped on the flour (i think it's CDA +9+12+Skill+Luck :)).

If you don't understood everything well from it... it's just the beggining, so
keep reading.

-------------- Movements ---------------------------------------------[MuMCMT]-


Most basic type of world exploration. In towns, safe spots walking is only one
traveling type that's allowed.


If you have boots that have +5 or more your character will be able to run. 
Running starts automatically after few seconds then you started to walk.

Remember that you can't run in the towns (anyway why you need to run there?)


If your friend says "follow me!", you can chose "follow" from command window
or by typin "/follow" when pointing at person you want to follow. By doing 
this, your character will follow that person and you will not need to care 
about it.


This is horse and duck hybrid. Animal which can be used as a transport. It
increase moving speed (just like boots, but I prefer boots, why? "duckhorse" 
cost to much for me i think :)).


Most expensive way to travel. You need wings/dino to gain this ability. This 
thing increase speed as boots/unicorn (yeah but this time I better choose 
wings, they look really nice...) Also you can enter in areas which can be 
reched only with wings/dinorant (Icarus).


Swimming required in atlans, water city. No special skills required. Just jump
into water and... swim. By the way, gloves +5 and above increase swimming speed


TIP: In some versions command can be /warp, not /move

Warping is available from level 50 but only to - Dungeon, Noria, Davias and 
Lorencia. Other "warping ways" can be opened later (they opens automaticly
then you reach certain level).

Here's the list:

              Can /move from level:

/move lorencia
Lorencia:                 Level 50

/move noria
Noria:                    Level 50

/move davias (or devias)
Davias:                   Level 50

/move dungeon
Dungeon:                  Level 50

/move stadium (or arena)
Stadium:                  Level 50

/move dungeon3
Dungeon 3:                Level 70

/move atlans
Atlans:                   Level 70

/move losttower
Lost Tower:               Level 90

/move losttower3
Lost Tower 3:             Level 100

/move losttower5
Lost Tower 5:             Level 110

/move losttower7
Lost Tower 7:             Level 120

/move tarkan
Tarkan:                   Level 140

-------------- Communications ----------------------------------------[MuMCCN]-


The easiest way to chat is press the enter button, type text and press enter
again. Now your text will see everybody around you. Chatting window isn't just
for conversation. Here you can type other commands like - /trade, /party.

This type of messages displayed in black text top left corner.


This is good for selling/buying/trading items. 

You want to buy Dragon armor +3+12+luck for 10 Blesses.

You write /x (number from one to nine - like /1, /3, etc) and your text.
Example: "/2 B> Dragon Armor +3+12+Luck, 10B" without quotes and after
that simply press Alt+X (number what you assinged macro to. I this 
example it's - 2).

You can repeat it as much times as you want.


This function is for your friend/enemy who isn't close enough to tell him
something. Or you just want that this message have to see only this person.
Chatting window is divided into two parts, it looks like this:

|                                                           |             |   |
|                              1                            |       2     | 3 |
|                                                           |             |   |

In numbers one bracked you need to type text, 2 friends name and 3. This button
needs to be highlighted (ear icon). You can activate it with your mouse cick
or you will not be able to whisper.

Whispering is possible with max 5 people.
Can be used from level 6.

This type of messages displayed in orange color brackets, top left corner.


Type it like the other text and you'll see gesture:

^^          - Laugh 
;           - Head scratch 
-_-         - Cross arms 
Great       - Raises both arms 
Bye         - Wave 
Cold        - Rubs arms 
Come        - Beckon someone 
T_T         - Self explanatory 
Defeated    - Doesn't work 
Never       - "No" gesture 
Wow         - Clap 
Hello       - Bow (greeting) 
OK          - Arm pump 
Respect     - Kneel 
Rush        - Lead your men forward 
Sir         - Salute 
That        - Points 
Victory     - Victory pose  

 Party message

You can send private message which will see your party members. Just type "~"
(without quotes) and your text.

This type of messages displayed in blue color brackets, top left corner.

 Guild message

Just like party message but this time your message will see your guild. Type:
"(at)" (you know that symbol? :))

This type of messages displayed in green color brackets, top left corner.


This is a chatting system that allows you to chat with different players at the
same time and keep a friend list that shows you is your friend online or
offline. Here you can also create a chat room and chat with your friends, send 
messages (just like e-mail).

You can use this function from level 6.

-------------- Attacking----------------------------------------------[MuMCAN]-

Ok you learnt a lot already. Let's talk about fighting now. It's simple but i
want this guide to cover everything what you can find in MU soo...

To attack monster press Left Click on monster.
To attack monster using skill/spell press Right Click on monster.
To attack other character press Ctrl+Left Click on other player.
To attack other character using skill press Ctrl+Right Click on player.

NOTE: Some skills may not require target (monster, other player).

I know it's simple...

So let's hit monster. What color numbers have you seen?

White "Miss" - You missed to hit monster :).

Orange - You hit regular hit.

Blue - It's critical hit. It may pop up if you have item +luck. If you have 1
item with luck you have 5% to hit critical hit, 2 items - 10%, etc.
Critical hit makes maximum damage you can do.

Green - Excellent damage. If you have excellent item with "excellent damage 
rate" you may see green damage. It adds 10% to your maximum available damage. 
That means that excellent damage (green damage) is 110% of your regular damage.
One item with this option have 10% of success to hit this damage (not like
critical hit, it only have 5%). I guess you understood...

Purple - If you have item with "reflect" option. You may inflict it then your
oponent hits you. He gets back 5% of damage inflicted to you. So if he hits
you with 100 (you lose 100HP). He automaticly lose 5HP.

Red - That means that you got hit :).

-------------- KSing -------------------------------------------------[MuMCKS]-

I also want to add KSing (kill stealing) in this guide. This is very annoying
then the guy cames and starts to kill monsters in your area. I'll give few
sugesstions how to get rid ofguys like this.

First: Never shout on every guy who is just passing. He might get pissed and
will start killing your monsters for real.

Second: As always, be gentle :). Saying "No KS please" or - "hey man i came
here first, don't KS me" works better then - "NO KS ME!!!" or "STOP KSING NOOB"

Third: If he is not leaving say something like this - "i warned you..." and
slay him. If he is higher level then you ask your friends for help :).

Fourth: Never KS others. If something like this happened say - "Ok sorry, i'm
leavin'" and go to the other place. Your reputation will grow up. And that's
really good.
-------------- Hackers/Scammers/Idiots -------------------------------[MuMCHT]-

There is a lot of guys like this in world of MU. I will give you hints how to
get rid of them.


1. If you see that guy is hacking, killing monsters from one hit or teleporting
, doing other bad things report him. Take a screen shot or video and send it to
the servers admin.
2. Just ignore him, or call "n00b" and say that cheating is too childish (it's
really is).
3. SLAY HIM. There is one rule in MU. Kill hackers, no matter you get phono or
no. Killing hackers is your duty.


1. To deal with scammers is not easy. All you can do is run and say "<name> is
a scammer!!!"
2. Make a video of trading with scammer and his "Switchy" tricks and send it to
3. Read more in Trade section :).


1. Idiots are those guys who are calling you noob or hitting with no reason.
Best way is to stay calm and don't care about what they say.
2. If he hitting you with no reason kill him. And show who's the real noob.
If he is stronger than you call your high level friends.
3. Also you can try abusing him, but it never works :P.

-------------- Trade -------------------------------------------------[MuMCTD]-

Trading is an important aspect of the game. This can improve your personal 
status with other players or help you improve your equipment.

Trading System
While playing MU, you may encounter certain situations in which trading Zen, 
a form of currency used in MU or the trading of items with other players 
will be necessary. When exchanging an item, you drop your item on the field 
and the opposite may pick it up. However, for safe trading, it is advised 
that you make use of the trading system provided by MU. Facing the player 
that you wish to trade with, using your mouse, point towards the player you 
wish to trade with and type "/Trade" in the Conversation window. The player 
with whom you have made a trading request has the option of accepting or 
rejecting your request.

Sometimes you may be interrupted by repeated requests for trade. In this 
case, you can block constant requests by flagging your "request off" option.
Its function is to block all requests for trade, guild combat, etc. Flagging
your "request on" option will make trade possible again. After verifying the
item(s) that a player who has made a request for trade placed in the Trade 
window, drag the item(s) you wish to trade into the trade window and press 
Confirm. A trade has been made. You can cancel a trade at anytime by 
pressing cancel.

A warning system indicates when the player you are trading with changes the
item you are currently trading for. This will also disable the confirmation
button for about 10 seconds. It may also warn you if the item you are 
currently receiving is a duplicated or illegal item.

Trade System Details

Zen: From 1 to 99,999
Color: White

Zen: From 10,000 to 999,999
Color: Green

Zen: From 1,000,000 to 9,999,999
Color: Orange

Zen: 10,000,000 and plus
Color: Red

Character Level Range and Color

You can check the level range of the characters you are trading with 
through the color indicator and the warning that appears on your trade 
window. this can help review the credibility of the characters that you 
are trading with.

Level 1 - 49 	       Red in trade window
Level 50 - 99 	Orange in trade window
Level 100 - 199 	Green in trade window
Level 200 - 350 	White in trade window

Indication of names of the items in trade within the trade window. 

Trading tips

1. Never sell items for too high price. Maybe you sell item, but you will just
spend a lot of time.
2. Try being polite. If guy you are selling item to says way to low price
don't call him n00b or dumbass. He might be new on this world and don't know
real prices. Tell him the real price and then walk away. Do not make him feel
stupid (think about yourself in his place :)).
3. If you buying something and person wants to high price don't laugh at his
face just say "no sorry" and go away.

That's it, just be humans and be with others polite.
They will answer to you with same.


First: If item is too cheap to his real price it might be duped. Maybe this
guy is "Swicher". Like, he shows you Bone Armor +4+12 and asks for it 200k.
While you adding the money he fast swich the item too Bone Armor +4. Let him
hit accept button first and then check the item once again. If everything's
alright go for it.

Second: Film your trades with Fraps or other program. I'm not kidding. If 
you'll be scammed you'll have Video. Say that to the guy who cheated you. 
Mostly all scammers don't want to be banned so they will give item back to ya.
If no, send the video to the server's admin.

Third: Don't rush then traiding. That's becouse scammers will use this. Don't
do mistakes, always recheck item.

Fourth: If you see guy with level "About 10" selling wings don't buy from him.
This is "Zombie". He sells duped items and don't care if he will be banned or
no. This comes 9 times from 10.

Fifth: DON'T SHOW YOUR STUFF TO STRANGERS! If someone want to see your stuff
with no reason don't show it. Never, ever. They may scam you.

Sixth: DON'T TAKE ITEMS FROM STRANGERS! You may look like and idiot then you
cancle CDA +9+12+Skill+Luck. But think. Who do you think is so rich to give
away items like this. Items for free often are duped. Hackers dont need 'em
anymore so they give away all evidence. And you can be banned for this.

Seventh: Never give away your weapons or armors for guys who will "dupe" them
for you. Becouse you'll never see them again. Say NO! for guys like this.

Eighth: If you been scammed, report to admins as fast as you can.

I hope this guide will help you to be aware of scammers. Don't be paranoic and
don't think that every guy is scammer. There is some of them and you have to
be aware...

-------------- Party -------------------------------------------------[MuMCPT]-

Character can create party from 6 level but may join at any level.

"Let's get the party started." :)

Party rules is:

Party have max 5 members. 
You may party with someone who is 120 levels below or above you. 
(in other way you'll have level gap)

When you in a party that has more different character you'll receive bonus 
experience (like if your party have DK, DW, ELF you'll get more xp then your
party have only 3 Dark Knights).

In order to create a party, type "/Party" (without quotes) on the conversation 
window, having your mouse cursor over the character you want to create a party
with. The player receive a message inviting him to a party. He can accept 
or reject it.

You can leave the party anytime during party play. In order to leave a party, 
open party window and press [x] to leave party.

Party tips

If you are partying:
1. Always look at persons you are partying with personality. If he is rude and
starts shouting "elf, buff me!", "zens are mine!" kick him. No matter is 
experience good or bad. It's pain with humans like this. Give him a lesson.
If he is polite and asks for some zen it's not bad to let him get some. Maybe
he's not rich and he need 'em.
2. Then you are looking for party in safe spot or other place look at people
macros. If people macroing politely like "Level 20 please, party me", take this
guy. If he just shout: "PARTY LVL 20", don't take him. I hate people like that.
And i think you too will not want to have stranger like this in your party.
3. Always share stuff what have dropped with your party members. I think you
have better items and more money then those guys you are in party with.

If you are seeking for party:
1. Don't forget to be polite, always say "thank you" for a party :).
2. If your party master said to not take Jewels, do that. Don't forget - he
is doing you a favor.
3. Never demand for zens or items. You can ask for them, but never demand.

I hope it will help you seek/make party.

-------------- Guild -------------------------------------------------[MuMCGL]-

To create guild you have to have at least level 100, then go to guild master
which you can find at Davias, coordinates : 215, 45

There are certain requirements to create a guild:

GM must be at least level 100 (i said that)
The guild name should be at least 4 characters long
Guild must have a mark

Maximum guild capacity is 10% of the guild master's level

If you want to enter the guild type "/guild" in front of guild master. 

To cancel your guild open guild window and press cancel. Remember that if you
cancel your guild you wont be able to restore it so be careful.

To leave guild open guild window press leave. If you leave guild you can rejoin
to it. But be careful anyway.

Guild combats:

Guild War
type: /war <guild name> or <guildmaster name>

Just a simple battle guild vs guild. Just as it starts you can attack other
guild members. One kill, one point. After some time war ends. Wins guild with
more points. 

Guild Battle Soccer 
type /battlesoccer <guild name> or <guildmaster name> 

Another way for guild war is a battle soccer challenge. In this game each 
guild need 1-5 members on team formed as a party, they can meet on the field 
and play this freaky game. 

You can get points by killing the other team's players or by scoring goals by 
hitting the ball into the other teams goal. 

Each goal is worth 20 points
Each player killed is worth 1 point

Wins the team wich scores 100 points


Remember that guild is not only - the strong, fearless guys in one place. This
is also a family of people who help each other in hard situation. Then you
join the guild you may be tested. Guild master will ask you to hold item
becouse he don't have space, jewels, etc. Don't sell them. Keep them. Don't ask
to much from your guild, be fair. Also don't think that your reputation will
be perfect just then you got joined the guild. Always help your guild mates
fight guild wars, spot for training or something. Sometimes you may have to
provide security by killing guys who KS your guild members. You may get phono..
. SO WHAT? One for all, all for one. Guild members always help to train weaker
guild members. If you see that guild member buying CDA +Skill and you have one
unuseful right now. Give it to him. Maybe next time he will give something to
you. Your reputation will grow with time. Be brave, never steal from your mates
. Guild is one big family. Respect all it's members and you'll be respected.
Don't chose guild just for name. Chose good guild with good people, not the
random one. Truth and support are the main things which guild must have...
Only after all that - uber monster hunts, big prices and FEAR, fear from other
guilds will come...

-------------- PvP Battle --------------------------------------------[MuMCPV]-

MU Online player versus player (PvP) system allows people fight each other this
thing really adds fun to the game...

You can kill your friend/enemy only in PK servers if server is NON-PK you won't
kill him.

Ha ha, now you'll ask me "why would i have to kill someone, let's live in 
peace". Trust me but if someone KS'ing you (stealing your kills) or you just
don't like one guy, what you'll do? Of course you will wan't to assault
this m**h** *u**e*. There is no peace on this world. If you'll not kill your
enemy you'll be killed. That's war...

To attack simply press Ctrl + Left mouse button (press control and press left
mouse button on person witch you want to attack). You gonna hit him. So fight
'till the death...

Self-Defense System 
If you are attacked by enemy without any reason (like guild war, duel). Self
defense becomes activated. You will not be penalised if you'll kill your
enemy in this situation.

Chaos Level
This is a built-in retribution system that will punish all players who kill 
others repeatedly by branding them as killers. These killers in turn will be 
hunted by other players who wish to become Heroes.

|1.Status Name                                 | 
|2.Color                                       |
|3.Rate of item drop                           |
|4.Exp loss on death                           |
|5.Hours to become a commoner                  |

|              1.|         2.|     3.|  4.|  5.|
|Hero            |       Blue|     1%|  2%|   1|
|Commoner        |  Pale Blue|  6.25%|  4%| n/a|
|1st stage outlaw|     Orange| 12.50%|  6%|   3|
|2nd stage outlaw|        Red|    25%|  8%|   6|
|Murderer        |   Dark Red|    50%| 10%|   9|

Murderer and Hero Status
Everyone starts with Commoner status but during the game it will change.
If you'll kill murder, you'll become Hero. If you'll start killing everybody
that moves and have pale blue colour, you'll become MuRdeRer.

Then you'll kill first player, your name will change color into orange. The
second kill will change color to red and third in dark red. Any player kill 
now adds 3 hours to your time in that status.

To shorten your murderer status, you will need to kill monsters. The monster 
level of each creature you kill while in killer status will subtract an equal 
number of seconds from your pk timer. 

-------------- Dueling -----------------------------------------------[MuMCDG]-

Above you read about PvP. But what to do if you wanna chalange?
What if you want to know which character is strongest?

Killing friends with "Ctrl+Click" is not good becouse you can get Murderer
or Phanomaniac status. It's not good. So here is another option how you can 
chalange your friend/enemy.

To request Duel type "/duel" pointing at character you want duel with.

NOTE: Dueling is available from 6 level.

Rules are simple. Kill your oponent as much times as you can.
One kill - one point. After some time battle will end and game will count 
points. The player who got more points (more kills) wins. Oh (just remembered)
, you and your oponent will wear capes while battling, that looks wicked.

That's all folks about it.

-------------- Chaos Machine -----------------------------------------[MuMCCO]-
|Thanks goes to www.mobius.ph|

The Chaos machine is a wonderous device run by the chaos goblins in Noria. This
machine can craft wonderous items when instilled with the energies of chaos 

The Chaos system is a unique game function found in MU. By using item 
combinations via the Chaos Goblin, three high class items can be made: the 
Chaos Dragon Axe, the Chaos Nature Bow and the Chaos Thunder Staff. The Chaos 
system can also make three Wing items: Wings of Angel, Wings of Satan and 
Wings of Fairy. These 6 items cannot be acquired through hunting and is 
unique only to the Chaos System. For detailed specifications on the Chaos 
and Wing items, refer to the section of Items. 

Chaos Machine Guide 
Location of NPC Noria, Coordinates (180, 100) 

Possible items to create: 

1. Chaos Items - Axe, Bow, Staff
2. Dinorants
3. Upgrades for weapons
4. Wings

Combining to create Chaos items

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option Chaos Weapon Combination 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One or more the Level 4 (minimum), Option 4% (minimum) item 
One or more Jewels of Chaos. 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
After confirming success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, one Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Thunder Staff or 
Chaos Nature Bow is randomly created and the items used during the combination
process become non-existent. In the event that the combination process fails, 
all items and Zen used during the process are consumed or the level and 
options of item(s) may drop randomly. 

Combining to create Wings

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option Regular Combination 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4% (minimum) Chaos item 
One or more Jewel(s) of Chaos 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, one Angel's Wings, Satan's Wings or Fairy's Wings 
will be randomly created. In the event that the combination fails, all items 
and Zen used during the process are consumed or the level and options of 
item(s) may drop randomly. 

Combining to create Advanced Wings

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option Regular Combination 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) First Stage Wing 
One (1) or more Jewel(s) of Chaos 
One (1) Feather of Loch 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, one Wing of Soul, Wing of Dragon, Wing of Spirit 
or Wing of Darkness will be randomly created. In the event that the combination
fails, all items and Zen used during the process are consumed or the level 
and options of item(s) may drop randomly. 

Combining to create a Dinorant 

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option Regular Combination 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

Ten (10) pieces Horn of Unicorn (all unicorns must have full life) 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, Dinorant with random property would appear. 
In the event that the combination fails, all items Zen used during the 
process are consumed. 

Combining to create Fruit

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option Regular Combination 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) Jewel of Creation
One (1) Jewel of Chaos

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
Upon successful combination, Fruit with random property would appear. 
In the event that the combination fails, all items Zen used during the 
process are consumed. 

Combining to upgrade item to +10 

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option "Regular Combination". 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) base +9 (minimum) 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
One (1) Jewel of Bless for +10 
One (1) Jewel of Soul for +10 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. 
After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful 
combination, item placed would be upgraded to +10 In the event that the 
combination fails, all items and Zen used during the process are consumed. 

Combining to upgrade item to +11

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option "Regular Combination". 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) base +10 (minimum) 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
Two (2) Jewel of Bless for +11 
Two (2) Jewel of Soul for +11 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. After 
confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful 
combination, item placed would be upgraded to +11. In the event that the 
combination fails, all items and Zen used during the process are consumed. 

Combining to upgrade item to +12

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option "Regular Combination". 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) base +10 (minimum) 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
Three (3) Jewel of Bless for +11 
Three (3) Jewel of Soul for +11 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. After 
confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful 
combination, item placed would be upgraded to +11. In the event that the 
combination fails, all items and Zen used during the process are consumed. 

Combining to upgrade item to +13

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option "Regular Combination". 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) base +10 (minimum) 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
Four (4) Jewel of Bless for +11 
Four (4) Jewel of Soul for +11 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. After 
confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful 
combination, item placed would be upgraded to +11. In the event that the 
combination fails, all items and Zen used during the process are consumed. 

Combining to create Cape of Dark Lord 

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. 
Use the option "Regular Combination". 
In the 8 X 4 Chaos storage area, place: 

One (1) Crest of Monarch 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
One (1) First Stage Wing 

For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. After 
confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful 
combination, item placed would be turned into a Cape of Dark Lord. In the 
event that the combination fails, all items and Zen used during the process 
are consumed. 

Pet Trainer Guide 

Location of NPC Lorencia, Coordinates (122,110) 

Possible items to create: 

1. Dark Spirit 
2. Dark Horse 

Conditions for creating pets  Jewel of Chaos + Jewel of Cration + Spirit of 
appropriate type + Blesses and Souls + Zen cost Other Functions  You can pay 
trainer to heal Dark Lord pets HP for a cost. Size of Trainer storage  8 x 4 
blocks Combination success rate Combination of of items to create pets will 
go up to 60% Zen consumption Appropriate amount of zen varies according to HP 
to be healed or type of pet being created.

When pets reach 0 HP while using them they will be unable to attack and lose 
10% of their experience points 

Spirit of Dark Horse drop level 102. 
Spirit of Dark Spirt drop level 96. 

Combining to create Dark Spirit (Raven)

Talk with the Trainer located in coordinates (122, 110) in Lorencia. 
Use the option Resurrect Spirit 
In the 8 X 4 storage area, place: 

One (1) Spirit of Dark Spirit 
Two (2) Jewel of Bless 
Two (2) Jewel of Soul 
One (1) Jewel of Creation 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
1 million Zen 

After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, one Dark Spirit would be resurrected. 
In the event that the combination fails, all items and Zen used during the 
process are consumed. 

Combining to create Dark Horse

Talk with the Trainer located in coordinates (122, 110) in Lorencia. 
Use the option Resurrect Spirit 
In the 8 X 4 storage area, place: 

One (1) Spirit of Dark Horse 
Five (5) Jewel of Bless 
Five (5) Jewel of Soul 
One (1) Jewel of Creation 
One (1) Jewel of Chaos 
5 million Zen 

After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. 
Upon successful combination, one Dark Horse would be resurrected. 
In the event that the combination fails, all items and Zen used during the 
process are consumed.

-------------- Personal Store ----------------------------------------[MuMCPA]-

The Personal Store is new feature in MU. It allows you to vend items for an
ammount of zen that they assign to it.

Personal store can be activated from 6 level (everything in MU starts from
level 6...).

To open personal store you can press "S" key on the keyboard or by opening
inventory and clicking on the treasure chest icon.

After opening you can drag items in the store. upon doing this game will ask
you for the price which you like to sell this item. Also you can change value
of item already in the store.

P.S. You can set price from 1 to 99999999 zen.
Personal store capacity is 4 x 8 blocks.

To change the name of the personal stoe you can left click on the top of the
store labeled "Enter the store name". Stores name can be from 1 to 18 chars.

And after that you can open your store. 
Good luck for sellling items!

To buy items from personal store you have to activate your buy button. Then
highlight it on player selling items and right click on him/her.

Then the personal store opens you can drag items on your inventory. It will
take appropriate amount of zen from your account.

-------------- Quests ------------------------------------------------[MuMCQT]-

Step-By-Step guide:

Hero Status Quest:

 .Reach level 220
 .Talk to Marlon in Davias
 .First will require 2kk zen and Ring of Glory
 .Return it to Marlon
 .For BK, Marlon will offer an additional quest. He will ask for Dark Stone
 .Activating the quest need 3kk zen.
 .Return back Dark Stone and you'll be awarded Combo Skill

Career Advancing Quest:

 .Reach level 150
 .Talk with priest in davias near western exit
 .Give her money (hehe)
 .Find the Scroll of Emperor (it can be found in LostTower)
 .Bring it to her
 .Get level 160
 .Talk with the priest in davias
 .Pay her (again ^^)
 .Find: DK  - Broken Sword
        DW  - Soul of Wizard
        Elf - Tear of Elf
 .Bring item to the priest
 .Career Advanced!!!

Longer Explanation:

Okay, at first level up hard and get reach level 150. Move to Davias and talk
with Female Priest near the western exit. She will ask you to pay 1.000.000 zen
for info :). After that she will tell you about Scroll of Emperor. Okay now
i think the best place to find it is Lost Tower 1, Shadows. REMEMBER: if you
formed a party you have 0% to get book dropped. So you must go solo. Okay.
Got it? Good boy. Notice that it can't be sold, traded or stored in vault.
Bring da book for Priest. You will be awarded with 10 stat points (Woo Hoo!).
Now pay her again (2KK) and get second part of this quest. Now you have to find:
DK  - Broken Sword, DW  - Soul of Wizard, Elf - Tear of Elf. Seek for them in
Lost Tower 7. I found mine in here :). Now bring the item to Priest. He will
award you with 10 stat points and carrier advancement.

Dark Knight become Blade Knight
Dark Wizard become Soul Master
Elf become Muse Elf

Congratulations, you made it :).

Blood Castle:

 .Get Blood Bone
 .Get Scroll of Archangel
 .Get Jewel of Chaos
 .Mix all these 3 items in the Chaos Machine
 .Take Invisible Cloak
 .Wait 'till Blood Castle opens
 .Go to Davias
 .To the Church
 .Talk with Angel Guardian and join the castle battle
 .Now you have objective, bring Fallen Angels weapon to him
 .I guess you are not alone in the castle so form a party (for better xp heh)
 .Start killing monsters
 .Then you kill needed amount of monsters, start attacking gate
 .Fall in the castle and kill more these f**king creatures
 .Now start attacking cristal statue
 .Take Angels weapon
 .Bring it to him
 .Take the reward...

Devil Square:

 .Get Devil's Eye
 .Get Devil's Key
 .Get Jewel of Chaos
 .Mix these 3 itemsin the Chaos Machine
 .Pick up Devils Invitation
 .Wait 'till Devil Square opens
 .Move to Noria
 .Talk with Woman Priest
 .Join the Devil Square
 .Form a party for better experience
 .Start fighting monsters
 .After times up, game will count points
 .If you were good at this event you'll get nice award
 .Event finished


 .Get 5 peices of symbol of kundun
 .All peices must have same +
 .Level range according to + is applied (this is for all quests)
 .Drop map on the world map (not safe zone) to open portal
 .Only partymates can enter
 .Good luck

Chaos Castle:

 .Buy "Armor of Guardian" (can be found in shop)
 .See ya

-------------- Vocabulary --------------------------------------------[MuMCVR]-

There is a list of slang words used in MU Online:

JoC; C    : Jewel of Chaos
JoB; B    : Jewel of Bless
JoS; S    : Jewel of Soul
JoL; Life : Jewel of Life
Creation  : Jewel of Creation
Exc       : Excelent
Bok       : Box of Kundun
Bol       : Box of Luck
K         : 1k is like 1000 (zen or something)
Lvl       : Level
Pot       : Potion
Char      : Character
LoL       : Laughing out Loud
NPC       : Non player character
Mob       : Monster
Lmao      : Laughing My A** Off
Rofl      : Roll on Flour Laughing
Clan      : Same as guild
PK; PKing : Player killing
KS        : Killing steals
T>        : Trading
S>        : Selling
B>        : Buying
Btw       : By the way
Brb       : Be right back
Bbl       : Be back later
Afk       : Away from keyboard
DK, BK    : Dark Knight, Blade Knight
DW, SM    : Dark Wizard, Soul Master
ELF, ME   : Elf, Muse Elf 
MG        : Magic Gladiator
DL        : Dark Lord
Str       : Strenght
Agl       : Agility
Nrg, Enrg : Energy
Vit, Vtlt : Vitality
BC        : Blood Castle
DS        : Devil Square
CS        : Chaos Castle (not Counter-Strike :))
LT        : Lost Tower
w00t      : We Owned Other Team
PWNZ      : Owns
PM        : Private Message

-------------- Invasions ---------------------------------------------[MuMCIN]-

Ok i know this is not hard to understand but i have to talk about it.

Golden Budge Dragon Invasion:
Place: Lorencia, Noria.
Drops: Box of Luck
How to know that invasion already started?: Ahhh, no signs of it :(. If you
lucky you may find it.
Toughness: It's not strong. But for low level players it can be hard to beat
it. But if you have some defense, skill/spell. Try beat it, BoL worth it.

Underground Forces Invasion:
Place: Lorencia
Drops: Random high level items.
How to know that invasion already started?: They appear after server reboot.
Toughness: Two type of monsters appear. It's Skeletons with Great Syche, and
BIGGER skeletons with Bills of Balrog. first are kinda easy (like Ice Queens 
:)). But bigger are much more stronger, not peace of cake at all. But if you
are high level warrior with "glowing" set this will be easy :).

White Wizard Invasion:
Place: Lorencia, Noria, Davias.
Drops: Random high level items.
How to know that invasion already started?: It's random, compleatly random
with no signs of it.
Toughness: White Wizard with it's Orc army isn't the strongest monster. but
it's not easy too. It's like Golden Titan.

Red Dragon Invasion:
Place: Lorencia, Noria, Davias
Drops: Random high level items.
How to know that invasion already started?: Random, no signs of it too.
Toughness: Like Golden Dragon but litle bit weaker (golden dragon, read 

Golden Goblin Invasion:
Place: Lorencia, Noria.
Drops: Box of Kundun +1.
How to know that invasion already started?: No signs of it. You just can find
Golden Goblin wandering around. You can hear the noise he is making if you are
near. So if you hear Goblin sound in Lorencia, seek for it. It can't be regular
Goblin. In Noria it's little bit trickier. If you hear Goblin sound, it can be
just simple Goblin.
Toughness: Not hard to kill at all. But it can make some major damage to
low level players. Anyway if you saw. GO FOR IT :).

Golden Titan Invasion:
Place: Davias.
Drops: Box of Kundun +2.
How to know that invasion already started?: Yeah, no signs of it.
Toughness: Well, they are tough. Yes you read correctly. THEY. Golden Titan
is led by a groop of Golden Solders. Hard to name that toughness... well i'm
beating them with mixed set of Brass +7/+8 with no problem. But i have to 
use some health pots.

Golden Dragon Invasion:
Place: Lorencia, Noria, Davias.
Drops: Box of Kundon +3
How to know that invasion already started?: Now it's more i like. The message:
"<insert map name here>, Golden Dragon Invasion!" will appear. So you will know
where the invasion started.
Toughness: They are tough. If you have level ~100 you'll need friends to help
you kill this beast.

Golden Lizard King Invasion:
Place: Atlans
Drops: Box of Kundun +4
How to know that invasion already started?: Well, go to the very end of 
Atlans (near Hydra spot). It appears hear. If it's not hear, comeback later.
Toughness: Form a party of good ~150 level friends and Lizard King will be 

Golden Tantalos Invasion:
Place: Tarkan
Drops: Box of Kundun +5
How to know that invasion already started?: As i heard they appear then the
Blood Castle event starts. But this may be a hoax. I think it's random. Go to
Tarkan and seek for them.
Toughness: Well... if you have 300+ level you can kill it solo :). Form a
party. This is magic word. They appear with Golden Iron Wheels. So trust me,
this is one of the toughest battles.

-------------- Weapons/Armors Overview -------------------------------[MuMCWA]-
|Item Level                     |
|Luck, Skill, Option            |
|Damage, Defense, Attack Speed  |
|Excellence                     | <--- Includes :)
|Durability                     |
|Full Set                       |

  Item Level

At first items level. As you know it may have it. Small Axe +1 is better than
the Small Axe. Simple. Also it need more strenght to equip. Even if your IQ is
lower than a 5 you must understand it. Items level can be rised using jewels
(souls and blesses). You can rise items level from 1 to 6 with blesses and
from 1 to 9 with souls (remember about success rate :)). After 9 handy device
called Chaos Machine have to be used. With it you can rise level item level 
to 13 (in the newest version). 

NOTE: As you can see, from 1 to 6 you can use Blesses or Souls. But i suggest
to use Blessess becouse they have success rate of 100%. Soul have just 50%
of it (if item with luck, 75% but it's not 100% either).

So what is scary about success rate? Well... then you soul it up success rate
is just 50%. If item is already +7 or +8 if you fail it will come back to 0.
If it's +0/+6 it will only drop down by one level if failed (from 5 to 4, etc).
But if it's +9, +10, +11 or +12 and you fail in chaos machine, it will disapear
. That's that i think is scary...

So what is good with leveling them up then?

At first they will make better damage (armors will have greater defense).
Second... Ahh... There is no second, nevermind...
Third. Items +5 and more cannot be dropped.
Fourth. Wearing boots +5 and better you get ability to run (same with gloves
, your swimming speed increases).

Bad thing (as i already said) they will require more strenght/agility.

How to recognise what set this guy is wearing? His whole dragon set glows 
very red.
He is using +9 set. You can say items level from its look. But you can't say
do it have option/skill/luck or no.

After i got this question i thought about the handy tool. Here it is:

Item level: How to recognise?
+0:  Regular item, do not glow at all.      
+1:  If you have hawk eye you may see difference but actually... there is no
+2:  Just like +0 or +1
+3:  Glows red, or maybe it's light brown?
+4:  Glows little bit darker. But changes are minor.
+5:  Glows blue. It looks like a wind item +0 :).
+6:  Same as +5 with minor changes. Looks like you are phanomaniac.
+7:  Shines cool :). Glow goes from one place to other.
+8:  Like +7. Glows that color as it really is.
+9:  Glow covers all item. Glows color what item really is (same as +7 or +8).
+10: Like +9 but then you stay in one place longer you can see boubles 
     floating around you.
+11: Same as +10.
+12: I never saw it but people say that it starts to get weird dark blue color.
+13: Never heard that guy have this item. That means you'll recognise him :).

NOTE: The Archangel weapons (staff, bow, sword) will not change color unless
+7. That's wierd...
  Luck, Skill, Option

Ok now what the heck is Luck option? You can find some info all around in 
this guide. Luck is 2 in 1 thing. It is "critical hit" and "success rate" then
using jewels at the same time. About critical strike you can find somewhere
else so i don't want to talk about it once again. The success rate have been
mentioned too. But i will repeat it coz it's really good thing.
It increase jewel success rate by 25%. So if you will use soul on item like
you will have 75% success. It's easy to understand, but it's really useful
to know (it also increase success rate in Chaos Machine).

Lets talk about option. It maybe be +4/+8/+12/+16 (for weapons), +5/+10/+15/
+20 (for shields). These % means addition for your attack/defense you already
have. Like if your defense is 80 and you equip with shield which have +5%
additional defense (and 20 of standart defense) 80+20 is 100. And plus 5%...
Your defense is now 105, got it? Goood boy. Same with weapons/armors.
Staffs increase wizardry damage not a "Left Mouse Click" damage. Don't forget.
HP Recovery. Some rings and/or pendants may have this option. It regenerates
you certain percent of your HP every 5 seconds.

Your weapon may have skill. So here's all availability's:

Dark Knight

Name: Defend
Mana: 30
Damage: 50% Damage Reduction
By positioning himself in a defensive posture, a dark knight can reduce 
the damage taken from enemy strikes by 50%. It proves very useful when 
besieged by too many enemies to effectively counter.  

Name: Falling Slash
Mana: 10
Damage: x2

The falling slash gives causes twice as much damage than any other regular 
attack of a Dark Knight because he uses his whole body to increase the 
strength of the blow. 

Name: Cyclone Slash
Mana: 9
Damage: x2
Many Dark Knights have been able to master this skill. It consists of 
swinging a sword in a wide arc thereby generating enough centrifugal power 
to cause more damage and increase attack speed. 

Name: Lunge
Mana: 9
Damage: x2
Dark Knights who use the Legend of Sword, Gladius and Katache with a 
lunge skill can execute quick stab attacks on their enemies. Moreover 
it penetrates deeply through an opponent's armor into the vital parts 
of a character. 

Name: Uppercut
Mana: 10
Damage: x2

It cleaves into an enemy through an upward slashing motion. While 
it may looks so simple and fluid, it takes a lot of dedication to 
master it. 

Name: Slashing  
Mana: 10
Damage: x2

It is a dreadful skill that uses both blades of a sword to cut an 
enemy. It is a skill of high difficulty that only a Great Sword and a 
Crystal Sword can handle. Monsters who are attacked by this skill are 
damaged 2 times more than the other attacks. 


Name: Multi Attack
Mana: 5
Effect: Shoot 3 Arrows

Attack multiple targets with greater damage.

  Damage, Defense, Attack Speed

These things can be found on every weapon. Nothing special just want you to
remember that bigger strengh increase damage to your weapon as bigger 
agility increase attack speed to your... weapon. 

Defense can be found on armors and shields. Nothing special too. It's just 
as the word says defense :). Defense can be increased also by adding points
on agility.


You may get excellent item. It's like the simple item but glows different. 
Also they have greater defense/attack. They need
more agility/strengh to equip. And the major difference:
they may have additional option. Look at the box below :).

|Item/Weapon (if it's excellent) may have option (one or few). |
|There is a list of 'em:                                       |
|                                                              |
| Excellent Damage Rate +10%                                   |
| Increase Wizard Damage +lvl/20                               |
| Increase Wizard Damage +2%                                   |
| Increase Attacking (wiz) speed +7                            |
| Increase Life after Monster +life/8                          |
| Increase Mana after Monster +mana/8                          |
| Reflect Damage +5%                                           |
| Automatic HP Recovery +4%                                    |
| Damage Decrease +4%                                          |
| Defense Rate +10%                                            |
| Reflect Damage +5%                                           |
| Get Zen after Monster +40%                                   |


Okay we covered everything about weapons/shields... No not everything just
remembered one thing called durability. It mean that your weapon can broke
(Armor can broke too).

If you lost 1/2 of durability your items name will glow yellow in right corner.
If you lost 1/4 of durability your items name will glow red in right corner.

If durability goes to zero item will be lost.

You can repair it anytime in most of the shops. If you have level 50 or higher
you can repair it from your inventory aswell.

  Full Set 

One special thing you must now about armors is full set. Then you have all
five parts of it, you get 10% more defense. MG can only get it with MG sets.
(coz he can't wear helmet and can wear only 4 of 5 regular set parts).

-------------- Items -------------------------------------------------[MuITMS]-
|    A. Consumable Items.................[MuIT01]    |
|    B. Accessories......................[MuIT02]    |
|    C. Scrolls..........................[MuIT03]    |
|    D. Orbs.............................[MuIT04]    |
|    E. Guardians, Mounts, Pets..........[MuIT05]    |
|    F. Special Items....................[MuIT06]    |
|    G. Jewels...........................[MuIT07]    |
|    H. Wings............................[MuIT08]    |
|    I. Ammunition.......................[MuIT09]    |
|    J. Quest Items......................[MuIT10]    |
|                                                    |
|    K. Vault............................[MuIT11]    |

  A. Consumable items [MuIT01]

TIP: All these items (except Fruits) can be binded for "q", "w" and "e" on
your keyboard. Move your mouse cursor over the item you want to bind and press
alt+q/w/e (one of these). Now you can use this item by pressing that key.

Apple: Restores some health, well just a very litle. But it's really good for
low level players. Low level monsters drops a lot of them.

Small/Medium/Large Health Potions: Restores health. Just as the titles of them
says: small restors small amount of health, medium - medium, etc.

Small/Medium/Large Mana Potions: Just like da health potions :). Just these
potions restore mana.

Antidote: Cures poison status, not very useful. Only few monsters can inflict
you poison status (ex: Poison Bulls in Dungeon 3). Poison do not leech a lot
of health so i find this item totaly unuseful.

Alcohol: You gonna be drunk and your character will go crazy. Just kidding.
This will increse your attack speed by 20 for one minute (your char will go
wild :)).

Remedy of Love: Increses strenght. Pretty cool but can be found only on
Valentines Day (February 14).

Olive of Love: Just like Remedy of Love but this item will increse your

Fruits: It's damn (sorry for this word) expansive. This item can rise your
Energy/Agility/Strenght/Vitality/Stamina by one or few points. You think
it's pretty? Well kind a but it's EXPANSIVE as hell (i think hell is 
expensive place). What is better - Phoenix Pants or Fruit? I can guess 
what you're thinking now. It's like - "gosh is it really so expensive?".
Yup ladies and gentlemans, it is.

  B. Accessories [MuIT02]
 Accessories with resistance

TIP: Accessories may have option. Restore 1%/2%/3%/4% HP. It's very VERY 
useful. So if you have chance to get this item (or you find it) go for it!
Use, it helps A LOT in hard sittuatios.

Lightning Pendant: This litle guy will increse your resistance to lightning.
It's very useful in place like Dungeon 3. Thunder Litches with theyr lightning
can be very anoying.

Fire Pendant: This will help against fire. Not so useful as Lightning, but its
better than nothing.

Ring of Ice: Help from ice. I hate beeing "stoned" by Ice Monsters. It's not
very expensive and it's worth having.

Ring of Poison: Increses defense against poison. Well it's not as good as ice
but it's really worth wearing in Dungeon.

NOTE: Ring of Poison do not cure you from poison as antidots do. They just
help you to not be poisoned. If you are poisoned, they will not help you
at all. They just reduce chance of being poisoned. Dats it :).

TIP: If you're fighting in Dungeon equip yourself with two poison rings. It
will help you more than Ice ring (who can froze you in a dungeon :)?)
Do the same in davias. But here equip two ice rings.

 Transformation rings 

TIP: These rings transform you into monster. But that's it. You will not
be able to be killed as regular monster, you will not lose all your strenght,
as i said - you'll look like monsters and that's it.

Budge Dragon: you'll look like tiny Budge Dragon. Cute and friendly (as it 
looks at first). I have one offer for GM's who are doing "Find GM" events.
Put on tranformation ring and go into place where they spawn. You'll be
hardly recognizable :).

Giant: You'll look just like GIANT. No actualy like a giant. Small giant
(if the real Giant is 3 meters high you'll be 1/3 that high, i dont know
why. That's really crazy). No chance to act giant with this "outfit".

Skeleton: Skeleton, the same as one from Dungeons and Lorencia.

Poison Bull: Cool one. Cow from Dungeon 3.

Thunder Lich: Mob from Dungeon 3.

Death Cow: Monster from Lost Tower.

  C. Scrolls [MuIT03]

Scrolls can be used be Dark Wizards and Magic Gladiators. Only stored
spells can be casted. To store spell you need certain ammount of energy.
Each spell takes some mana. So have some mana pots in your inventory.

Energy Ball
Requires Energy: Stored at the beginning of the game (for DW, not available 
for Magic Gladiator)
Uses Mana: 1
Pluses: Good spell for killing spiders :).
Minuses: It's useful just in the beginning of the game.
Rating: 2/10

Requires Energy: 40
Uses Mana: 3
Pluses: Better then the energy ball, good for low levels.
Minuses: Too weak...
Rating 3/10

Power Wave
Requiers Energy: 57
Uses Mana: 5
Pluses: Really nice attack speed.
Minuses: It's useless then you get Meteor.
Rating: 5/10

Requires Energy: 72
Uses Mana: 15
Pluses: Awesome in duels.
Minuses: Not very useful for killing monsters, lacks a lot of mana.
Rating: 5/10

Requires Energy: 88
Uses Mana: 30
Pluses: Useful in doing shortcuts
Minuses: Not really useful in other maps than Dungeon (litle bit in LT)
Rating: 4/10

Requires Energy: 104
Uses Mana: 12
Pluses: Hit's multiple targets, good damage, pretty fast attack speed.
Minuses: Uh... none.
Rating: 9/10

Sudden Ice    
Requires Energy: 120
Uses Mana: 38
Pluses: Freezes oponent so you can run away.
Minuses: Don't do major damage.
Rating: 6/10

Requires Energy: 140
Uses Mana: 42
Pluses: Poisons monsters.
Minuses: So what that you inflict poison status to balrog? He have 10K hit
points. Poison do 2 Hit Point damage per second.
Rating: 1/10

Requires Energy: 160
Uses Mana: 50
Pluses: Do great damage to standing monster, really fast.
Minuses: If enemy is fast it's no chance to hit him, uses a lot mana.
Rating: 7/10

Requires Energy: 180
Uses Mana: 60
Pluses: Hit few monsters from one "shot" do some great damage.
Minuses: Uses alot mana, not very effective in most of places.
Rating: 7/10

Lost Soul
Requires Energy: 220
Uses Mana: 90
Pluses: Hits ALOT enemies at once (all screen), do major damage.
Minuses: No
Rating: 10/10

Requires Energy: 260
Uses Mana: 160
Pluses: Looks cool :), can inflict some major damage if you fighting really
strong enemy.
Minuses: Slow, hits only enemies 1 meter around you.
Rating: 8/10

Aqua Beam
Requires Energy: 345
Uses Mana: 140
Pluses: Awesome in Blood Castle
Minuses: You'll not use it anywhere, BC is the only place
Rating: 5/10

Requires Energy: 436
Uses Mana: 140
Pluses: Hits multiple targets, really fast, do great damage, looks pretty :).
Minuses: Uses mana, alot mana.
Rating: 9/10

Requires Energy:
Uses Mana: 200
Pluses: LooKs AweSoME, do great damage, do not use a lot of mana (at the level
you'll get it 200 mana will be nothing)
Minuses: Not as good as Lost Souls :).
Rating: 10/10

Mass Teleport
Requires Energy: 644
Uses Mana: 90
Pluses: You can teleport party mate next to you... So what?
Minuses: This thing is useless...
Rating: 0/10

Mana Shield
Requires Energy: 509
Uses Mana: 70
Pluses: Defends you from attacks.
Minuses: You need a lot of energy to make shield really strong. Anyway it's
awesome thing...
Rating: 10/10

  D. Orbs [MuIT04]

Dark Knight and Elf can use Orbs (this is like scrolls for Wizard). Diference
is that Dark Knight need level to use Orb (not Energy or something else like DW
and ELF). Sometimes DK or ELF gun may have a skill but it's only for weapon it'
s assigned. Orb skill is for all weaps. Not for the one who the skill is. Orbs 
also drain mana. So have some mana potions.

 DK orbs

Required Level: 28
Uses Mana: 10
Pluses: Good for low level guys.
Minuses: Requires Unicorn and Spear Weapon.
Rating: 6/10

Twisting Slash
Requires Level: 80
Uses Mana: 10
Pluses: Hits multiple targets, very useful in Blood Castle.
Minuses: Uses stamina.
Rating: 9/10

Inner Strength    
Requires Level: 120
Uses Mana: 22
Pluses: Increses max HP to you and your party.
Minuses: None :)
Rating: 10/10

Death Stab
Requires Level: 160
Uses Mana: 15
Pluses: Awesomly (can i use this word?) fast. Do great damage.
Minuses: Drains stamina really fast.
Rating: 8/10

Earth Breaker
Requires Level: 170
Uses Mana: 25
Pluses: Looks cool (hehe), works great in crowded area :), great for showing
how cool are you.
Minuses: Slow...
Rating: 8/10

 Elf orbs

Oh, i just remember. Elf have 2 types of orbs. Summoning (that allows you to
summon a creature which will fight for you) and Healing/Protecting.

Summon Goblin
Requires Energy: 30
Uses Mana: 40
Pluses: Summons freeky Goblin :)
Minuses: Goblin do bad damage.
Rating: 1/10

Summon Stone Golem
Requires Energy: 60
Uses Mana: 70
Pluses: Summons Stone Golem... + it's very huuuuge
Minuses: It's sloooow.
Rating: 1/10

Summon Assassin 
Requires Energy: 90
Uses Mana: 110
Pluses: Assassin looks nice, can do some nice damage.
Minuses: It's still too weak fight in great combats.
Rating: 4/10

Summon Snowman Captain 
Requires Energy: 130
Uses Mana: 160
Pluses: Summons Elite Yeti which is very good to fight in Davias.
Minuses: Not strong enough for LT.
Rating: 7/10

Summon Bali 
Requires Energy: 210
Uses Mana: 250
Pluses: Great guy. Universal troop. Can fight great in LT.
Minuses: None :\
Rating: 9/10

Summon Soldier 
Requires Energy: 250
Uses Mana: 300
Pluses: Greatest guy elf can have. Great damage. Bazooka RoCKs!
Minuses: No
Rating: 10/10

Requires Energy: 52
Uses Mana: 20
Pluses: Heals ya :)
Minuses: No
Rating: 10/10

Greater Defense 
Requires Energy: 72
Uses Mana: 30
Pluses: Puts really useful definding buff, you can put it on your party mate.
Minuses: No
Rating: 10/10

Greater Damage 
Requires Energy: 92
Uses Mana: 40
Pluses: Just like Greater Defense Orb, just put offensive buff.
Minuses: No
Rating: 10/10

Ehhh, another type of orbs. Gives skill for a weapon...

Requires Energy: 130
Uses Mana: 7
Pluses: Great skill :P, don't use a lot of energy.
Minuses: Can't think now :\...
Rating: 8/10

Ice Arrow
Requires Energy: 646
Uses Mana: 10
Pluses: Good for guild wars.
Minuses: Need a lot of training before can use (646 energy...)
Rating: 6/10

  E. Guardians, Mounts, Pets [MuIT05]

Guardian Angel: Guardian Angel gives you +50 health and absorb 30% damage done
for you. Anyway this guy have 225 life points and it can die. Every time you
get hit he loses 1 hit point. No matter how much damage you get hit.

Satan: Satan increase your strength by 30%. But then you hit mob this little 
guy litch 3hp, from you (if you hit two monsters at the one time you lose 6hp,
etc) it looks like i told everything... Well no i just remembered one more 
thing, really important: Every time you get hit your buddy losses 1 hit point 
and there is no difference how much damage you have taken. Just like Angel.

Unicorn: Unicorn increase your moving speed and also increase your agility 
by thirty percent (30%). It lose HP then you get hit just like two others.

Dinorant: Dinorant (cool name, you don't like it?, it's awesome, like Dinosaur)
increase 15%, absorb 10% damage. Also have skill for DK. Hard to make. Can die.
I guess i told everything...

Dark Horse: Huuuuuuge horse. Can be equiped only by Dark Lord. Got few skills.
But thats all i know about him. Oh, it also can be leveled up. I'll give more
info later. Deal?

Dark Raven: Dark Lords pet. Can be leveled up. He can fight and level up.
Have some skills. More info laterz :).

  F. Special Items [MuIT06]

Box of Luck: Drops money or low level (from +4 to +6) items. Totally uselss.
You'll need to drop tons of these to get that +4 or +5 item. Pointless...

Box of Heaven: Drops money, jewels. Sometimes items +5+option+luck.
Hehe, actually this freaky box can drop any item. ANY. Even wings. But it's
extremely rare.

Box of Kundun +1/2/3/4/5: Dropped from golden monsters. Really cool. You can
get excellent item from this thing. Also money :\.

Christmas Star: Droped only in christmas (December 25). Drops everything.
From jewels to money or high level items (these are hard to get dropped).

Firecracker: Droped only in new year (December 31). Dropper. Drops wide 
varriety of items, good items :).

Heart of Love: Droped only on Valentines Day (February 14). Drops high level
items, zens, jewels.

Loch's Feather: Used to create second level wings. Droped by high level mobs.

Crest of Monarch: Used to create Cape for Dark Lord. Hardly droped.

Rena: Been useful time ago (in version 93...) Useless now.

Silver Medal: Drops money, low level items.

Gold Medal: Drops money, medium level items.

  G. Jewels [MuIT07]

Jewel of Chaos: Jewel of Chaos is used for ALL items (thats correct) what can 
be created in chaos machine. Can be dropped from Elite Bulls and monsters
stronger then Elite Bulls. Cheapest Jewel but really useful... Oval and
golden glowing thing :).

Jewel of Bless: With Bless you can rise item level from 0 to 6, success rate
100%. Can be dropped from Cyclops in dungeon to any monster which have higher
level then Cyclops. No chance to get it dropped from Budge Dragon, it's
impossible. Blue diamond.

Jewel of Soul: Soul is a little bit trickier, you can rise item level from 0 
to 9 with it, but success rate is just 50%, if you put soul in item higher then
+6 and you fall (hell... my english is so bad). your item become +0 again... No
w you can beat your head at the wall... By the way, if item have luck, soul 
success rate is 75%. Thats more i like it. Can be dropped from Ghost and any
monster which have level higher then Ghosts. Looks like red diamond.

Jewel of Life: Life (jewel i mean) adds option to your weapon/armour. But this 
thing also have 50% success rate. Dropped from Hydra and monsters stronger than
Hydra. It looks like a golden, shaped, glowing square...

Jewel of Creation: Creation is used to make a fruit. It can be created in chaos
machine. Read about it in "chaos machine" section. Fruit can add you one point
to your stats (or few for Stamina). Btw it looks like a merged Soul with Bless 

Available Fruits (kinda of topic...):
Fruit of Strenght
Fruit of Agility
Fruit of Vitality
Fruit of Energy
Fruit of Stamina

  H. Wings [MuIT08]

Yeah, thats what i'm talking about... Wings is one of the most expensive
item in the game. If you play in global you'll need to train ALOT before
you can use them.

wings can be used from level 180. They increase strenght, defense. Also
gives ability to fly.

 Basic Wings 

Wing of Angel
Useable by Dark Wizard/Magic Gladiator 
Level Requirement  180
Durability 255 
Speed 15 

Options: (may be few of 'em)
Increased Defense  
Increased Damage
Damage Absorption
Additional Magic Power +4/8/12/16

Wing of Satan
Useable by Dark Knight/Magic Gladiator  

Level Requirement  180
Durability 255
Speed 15

Increased Defense
Increased Damage
Damage Absorption
Additional Striking Power +4/8/12/16 

Wing of Elf (Fairy)
Useable by Guess who? (yeah - elf)  

Level Requirement  180 
Durability 255 
Speed 15

Increased Defense
Increased Damage
Damage Absorption
Vital Power Regen +4/8/12/16

 Advanced Wings

Each hit you do while wearing advanced wings gives you 3 damage.

Wing of Dragon 
Useable by Blade Knight  

Level Limitation  215
Durability 255
Speed 16

Increased Defense
Increased Damage 
Increase Life
Increase Mana
Increase AG 
Ignore enemy's defense 3% 
Additional Striking Power +4/8/12 
Vital Power Regen +1/2/3/4%  

Wing of Soul
Useable by Soul Master 
Level Limitation  215
Durability 255 
Speed 15 

Increased Defense 
Increased Damage  
Damage Absorption
Increase Life
Increase Mana  
Increase AG
Ignore enemy's defense 3% 
Additional Magic Power  +4/8/12/16
Vital Power Regen +1/2/3/4%

Wing of Spirit
Useable by Muse Elf  

Level Limitation  215
Durability 255 
Speed 15 

Increased Defense  
Increased Damage  
Increase Life  
Increase Mana   
Increase AG  
Ignore enemy's defense 3% 
Additional Striking Power +4/8/12/16
Vital Power Regen +1/2/3/4%  

Wing of Darkness
Useable by Magic Gladiator  

Level Limitation  215
Durability 255 
Speed 15 

Increased Defense
Increased Damage
Increase Life
Increase Mana
Increase AG
Ignore enemy's defense 3%
Additional Striking Power +4/8/12/16 
Additional Magic Power  +4/8/12/16 

Cape Of Lord
Usable by Dark Lord  

Level Limitation  180
Durability 200 
Speed 16 

Increased Defense
Increased Damage
*It will not be applied in Dark Spirit attack skill 
Increase Life
Increase Mana
Increase Command
Ignore enemy's defense 3%
Additional Striking Power  +4/8/12/16 
Vital Power Regen +1/2/3/4%  

Using Jewel of Life on Second Stage Wings 

When you use a Jewel of Life to increase an option on second stage wings you 
can only acquire one of the 2 Options. if your current option is removed in 
the process of upgrading then there is a chance that the option might change 
to a different option the next time you try to upgrade it using a Jewel of 
Life. upon reaching the maximum level of an option for the wing, then the 
option becomes permanent and cannot be removed or changed.

Wing Type / Possible Options  

Wing of Dragon  
Vital Power Regen - +1%, +2%, +3%, +4% 
Additional Striking Power - +4, +8, +12, +16 
Wing of Spirits  
Vital Power Regen - +1%, +2%, +3%, +4% 
Additional Striking Power - +4, +8, +12, +16 
Wing of Soul  
Vital Power Regen - +1%, +2%, +3%, +4% 
Additional Wizardry Damage - +4, +8, +12, +16 
Wing of Darkness  
Additional Wizardry Damage - +4, +8, +12, +16 
Additional Striking Power - +4, +8, +12, +16 

  I.Ammunition [MuIT09]

Bows and Crossbows needs Arrows, Bolts. Knows even kid. Every pack holds 255
(if i remember corectly) Arrows/Bolts. Then you go hunt buy more then one
pack. Put them in your inventory. You'll never know how much of them will you
need... Or you know? No, i just think that this is good because you won't need
to go to the shop each 5 minutes.

Arrows: For Bows.

Bolts: For Crossbows :).

  J. Quest Items [MuIT10]

TIP: More about quests read at quest section...

NOTE: Remember that Blood Bone and Scroll of Archangel (or Devil's Eye and
Devil's Key) must have same level to be combined.

Blood Bone,
Scroll of Archangel: These two items are used to create Invisibility Cloak.

Invisibility Cloak: ... Item which is needed to enter Blood Castle.

Devil's Eye,
Devil's Key: Used to create Devils invitation.

Devils Invitation: ... Item needed to enter Devil Square.

Symbol of Kundun: You need 5 peaces of this thing to make Map of Kalima.

Map of Kalima: ...

Absolute Weapon of Archangel: This is weapon which you get then destroy statue
in Blood Castle.

Dark Stone,
Ring of Glory: Items for Hero Status Quest.

Rena: That was part of the quest years ago. It's pointless now.

Broken Sword,
Tear of Elf,
Soul of Wizard,
Scroll of the Emperor: Items which are needed for Career Advancing Quest.

  K. Vault [MuIT11]

Let's play Questions and Answers show.
During it you'll get all useful info about Vault.

Can we start :) ?

1.What is it?: Place where you can store all your gathered items.
2.Where can it be found?: Vaults can be found in Lorencia, Noria and Davias.
3.How can i open it?: By pressing on knight which sits on chest. You are
in :).
4.What can do here?:  Here you can store items (for a cash of course :)). Zen 
can be also stored here.

All this good are not for free. But fee is not big at all.
Simple right?

-------------- Weapons -----------------------------------------------[MuWPNS]-
|    A. Swords...........................[MuWP01]    | 
|    B. Axes.............................[MuWP02]    |
|    C. Blunt Weapons....................[MuWP03]    |
|    D. Spears...........................[MuWP04]    |
|    E. Staffs...........................[MuWP05]    |
|    F. Bows.............................[MuWP06]    |
|    G. Crossbows........................[MuWP07]    |
|    H. Scepters.........................[MuWP08]    |
|    I. Shields..........................[MuWP09]    |

About items... if you see that i missed something feel free to e-mail me.
Credit will be given. By the way item names from version 99x (99a or 99b
don't remember) so they can be diferent in other versions. Sorry about that.

  A. Swords [MuWP01]

Short Sword
Sword of Assassin
Serpent Borg
Double Blade
Light Saber
Legendary Sword
Great Sword
Helical Sword
Lightning Sword
Crystal Sword
Sword of Destruction
Dark Breaker
Thunder Blade
Divine Sword of ArchAngel
Rune Blade
Knight Blade
Black Reign Blade

  B. Axes [MuWP02]

Small Axe
Hand Axe
Double Axe
Elven Axe
Battle Axe
Axe of Nike
Larkan Axe
Crescent Axe
Chaos Dragon Axe

  C. Blunt Weapons [MuWP03]

Morning Star
Great Warhammer
Crystal Morning Star
Elemental Mace

  D. Spears [MuWP04]

Double Poleaxe
Dragon Lance
Great Trident
Light Spear
Serpent Spear
Great Scythe
Bill of Balrog
Dragon Spear

  E. Staffs [MuWP05]

Skull Staff
Angelic Staff
Serpent Staff
Thunder Staff
Gorgon Staff
Legendary Staff
Chaos Lightning Staff
Staff of Resurrection
Staff of Destruction
Grand Soul Staff
Divine Staff of ArchAngel
Staff of Kundun

  F. Bows [MuWP06]

Short Bow
Elven Bow
Battle Bow
Tiger Bow
Silver Bow
Chaos Nature Bow
Celestial Bow
Arrow Viper Bow

  G. Crossbows [MuWP07]

Golden Crossbow
light Crossbow
Serpent Crossbow
Blue Wing Crossbow
Aqua Golden Crossbow
Saint Crossbow
Divine Crossbow of ArchAngel
Greatrain Crossbow

  H. Scepters [MuWP08]

Battle Scepter
Dark Steel Scepter
Dark Master Scepter
Adamantine Scepter
Great Lord Scepter

  I. Shields [MuWP09]

Round Shield
Horn Shield
Kite Shield
Bone Shield
Big Round Shield
Elven Shield
Plate Shield
Spiked Shield
Dragon Slayer Shield
Tower Shield
Serpent Shield
Legendary Shield
Bronze Shield
Dragon Shield
Elemental Shield
Grand Soul Shield  

-------------- Armours -----------------------------------------------[MuRMRS]-
|    A. Dark Knight / Blade Knigh........[MuRM01]    |
|    B. Dark Wizard / Soul Master........[MuRM02]    |
|    C. Elf / Muse Elf...................[MuRM03]    |
|    D. Magic Gladiator..................[MuRM04]    |
|    E. Dark Lord........................[MuRM05]    |

  A. Dark Knight / Blade Knight [MuRM01]

Leather Set
Bronze Set
Scale Set
Brass Set
Iron Set
Dragon Set
Black Dragon Set (only for Blade Knight)
Phoenix Set (only for Blade Knight)
Great Dragon Set (only for Blade Knight)

  B. Dark Wizard / Soul Master [MuRM02]

Pad Set
Bone Set
Sphinx Set
Legendary Set
Grand Soul Set (only for Soul Master)
Dark Soul Set (only for Soul Master)

  C. Elf / Muse Elf [MuRM03]

Vine Set
Silk Set
Wind Set
Spirit Set
Guardian Set
Divine Set
Red Spirit Set

  D. Magic Gladiator [MuRM04]

He can use all DW/DK armors except helms :)

Here is some sets only for him:

Unicorn Set
Thunder Set
Hurricane Set

  E. Dark Lord [MuRM05]

Light Plate Set
Dark Steel Set
Dark Master Set
Adamantine Set

More armors to come!!!

-------------- Maps --------------------------------------------------[MuMAPS]-
|    A. Lorencia.........................[MuMN01]    |
|    B. Noria............................[MuMN02]    |
|    C. Davias...........................[MuMN03]    |
|    D. Dungeon..........................[MuMN04]    |
|    E. Lost Tower.......................[MuMN05]    |
|    F. Atlans...........................[MuMN06]    |
|    G. Tarkan...........................[MuMN07]    |
|    H. Icarus...........................[MuMN08]    |
|    I. Kalima...........................[MuMN09]    |
|    J. Devil Square.....................[MuMN10]    |
|    K. Blood Castle.....................[MuMN11]    |
|    L. Chaos Castle.....................[MuMN12]    |

NOTE: Monsters reviews from official sites.

  A. Lorencia [MuMN01]

The town where all DWs, DKs, MGs, DLs start theyr game here. Here is some shops
for low level players, here is bar for talking with friends :). In the middle 
of the town is cool square. Much people being here so you can sell or buy items
here. Low level players can also level up here.

Name: Spider

Mutant spider that has become huge by the strong evil atmosphere with 
resurrection of Kundun. It is a low class of monster that you can meet first 
after passing through the south gate of Lorencia. It moves fast, approaches a 
passing adventurer, and attacks in group. After biting, it injects poisons 
into the wound. Despite this deadly characteristic, its blow point is too low
so it is much easier to hunt one than any other monsters on MU Continent.

Name: Budge Dragon

It is a baby dragon that has appeared on the Metamore World with resurrection 
of Kundun while living in the remote mountain.

It belongs to the dragon race that has occupied the southern plain of Lorencia
. Its size is small, but its blast offense is a big threatening to elementary 
adventurers. It moves in an irregular direction, flapping its wings so agile 
hands are essential. Especially, when fighting with it, you should be careful
for spiders enveloping attack.

Name : Cow Horn Warrior

It is Minotaur warrior that was born by combination of the angry spirits of the
dead warriors and dead cows. It is half human and half animal.

It lives at the grassland in the southwest of Lorencia, and its characteristic
is a big cow horn. It flourishes a big scythe so the warrior beginners may go 
to a town to heal. It is hasty and outrageous so it often has fights each other.

Name : Hound

It is the being of evil that is wicked and violent, and that has endless 
desires and strong mind.

It is distributed extensively in the north and the west of Lorencia, and it 
is too strong for beginners. If you can fight with 2/3 Horn Warriors without 
any difficulty, you are qualified to fight with Hound. If you don't have 
steady nerve, you may not show your capacity to the full because you will be 
shocked at this strange shape of monster. It is known that Hound can say 
human words, but in actuality, there is no one to watch its talking.

Name: Cow Horn Warrior Captain

It is a strong Minotaur warrior that was made of the dead spirits with 
big anger over their deaths. It is the key and leader of Horn Warrior army.

It resembles Horn Warrior, but it is much bigger. As much as its size, it 
has strong power. Attacks by use of horn or Bardiche have great power of 
destruction. In order to fight with this monster, you should move 
continuously and make an advantageous situation by use of slow motions of 
the monster.

Name: Lich

It believes in devils and plays sorceries of darkness. It is a sorcerer 
who keeps Lorencia Dungeon. It can use strong sorcery of meteorite.

It can play sorcery of meteorite freely. You should prepare yourself for
a fire stone in order to fight with Lich who is watching on the way to 
Dungeon. If you think that Lich??s slow motions having skeleton staff 
and then, attack, you will be seriously injured without seeing meteorites
falling from sky. If you meet Lich, you should make a prompt decision 
whether to fight with it or run away. Lich??s physical strength is quite
weak so it may be effective to have short-distance wars in case of Knights
or Fairies. While fighting with it, if you meet Skeleton Warrior from 
Dungeon, you had better run away.

Name: Giant

It is a boss monster that invades Lorencia, together with low-leveled 
monsters, by Kundun's order. It is the strongest monster in Lorencia. 
Skeleton Warrior is stronger, but it is from Dungeon.

Among the monsters around Lorencia,w it has the highest physical 
strength, offensive power and defensive power. It is a giant race. If 
you can fight with Giant who flourishes a huge double-bladed ax, you 
are not a beginner any longer. It guards the path to the snowfield 
Devias and its moves slowly. You should check your weapons first, 
otherwise, you will use up all the arrows and Mana before the game 
is over.
Pasi the Mage (sells equipment to DWs)           118.113
Lumene the Barmaid (sells town portal scrolls)   123.135
Hanzo the Blacksmith (sells DK armors)           116.141
Alex (sells varios equipment autside west gate)   62.130
Wandering Merchant (sells equipment, potions)    182.136
Florence the Potion Peddler (sells potions)      127. 86
Peddler (sells various items)                      7.144

Hot spots:
Baz the Vaultkeeper (he stores zen, equipment)   149.145
Pet Trainer (trains dark lord's pets)            122.110

Can be entered from:
All characters start here except fairy.
She must be at least level 10 to enter.

  B. Noria [MuMN02]

The nice and woodie town. Elves start theyr journey here. Here is some
shops for low level guys/girls (most items is for elves here). You can level
up here if your level is low. Mobs aren't so tough. Also here is chaos goblin
for item creation, and Devil Square entrence for a quest.

Name: Goblin

Goblin is belligerent and fast. It has a small body so it is not so hard to 
fight with.

Goblin is guarding the southwest plain of Noria, which is the easy monster to
fight with second to Spider on MU Continent. The race of Goblin doesn't like
to fight and is obedient enough to be a partner for Fairy's battle practice.
However, you can be damaged by attack of Ring Scorpion if you think about 
only the battle with Goblin.

Name: Ring Scorpion

Ring Scorpion moves fast and has an ability of surprise attack. It is 
distributed extensively in Noria.

Living near Noria, Ring Scorpion rolls itself to move by use of its small
body and soft skin. It boasts of its fast movement. By use of its tail 
which is the only weapon of Ring Scorpion, it attacks adventurers.

Name: Goblin Captain

It is the captain of Goblin race that unconditionally attacks the living
things round itself under the control of Kundun without any decisive 

It tried to keep its race Goblin that doesn't like fighting, and it is 
available at the northwest of Noria. It is together with other strong 
monsters so it is not easy to hunt only Goblin Captain.

Name: Gold Bug Monster

It is a mutant monster of gold bug. The evil atmosphere made it mutant.

Distributed extensively in the west of Lorencia, Gold Bug Monster attacks
, floating in the air by use of wings on its back. In a battle, it besieges and
attacks in group so it is not easy to fight with. Therefore, whether to control
the encircling net or not is the key to the battle. Its location is similar to
that of Hunter so you should be careful for any sudden dangerous situation.

Name: Hunter

It is an undead monster that is brainwashed to recognize all the living things
as enemies and to attack them. The spirit of a hunter is combined.

It seizes the west woods of Noria, and its specialty is long-distance attack 
by use of Crossbow. Hunter is a master of Crossbow so you may have to return 
to the town to heal your injuries without making a counterattack. It is your 
decision whether to run away or to defeat with power, but you should be 
careful for the encircling attack that Gold Bug Monster joins.

Name: Forest Monster

It was born by injection of new energy into an evil spirit living in the 
woods near Noria.

Living in the north and the east of Noria, Forest Monster moves fast by 
use of two strong legs and attacks with strong big nails. It likes to move
in group so it may not be easy to fight with.

Name: Agon

It is called a watchman of the hell as it steals the spirits of living 
things, having swords in its two hands.

Inhabiting in the north of Noria, Agon arms its both hands with Serpent 
Volgue. It likes to move alone so it may look easy to hunt, but its powerful
attack using Serpent Volgue reminds you of its nickname, watchman of the 

Name: Stone Monster

The evil sprit is put into this monster so it has very strong power. Its 
movements are slow, but its offensive power is very strong.

Stone Monster that is mainly available at the east of Noria has a large 
stone body. Its physical strength is powerful as much as its big body, and 
its offensive power with its weight on is most fearful in Noria for 

Elf Lala (sells equipment and potions)           173.124
Eo the Craftsman (sells bows and crossbows)      196.123

Hot spots:
Baz the Vaultkeeper (stores zen, equipment)      173. 97
Charon (opens the way to Devil's Square)         172.106
Chaos Goblin (constructs, upgrades items)        181.102

Can be entered from:
Fairy starts here.
Others must be at least level 10 to enter.

  C. Davias [MuMN03]

The snowy city. Here is entrence to Blood Castle, Guild Master stands here.
You can kill monsters here too (outside the city center). This is for more
skilled players. Here is some shops and a church for weeding :).

Name: Whim

It is a monster that eats animals or human bodies dead in snow.

You can meet Whim as soon as you just step into Devias. Its body is small, 
but it has well-developed chin and teeth so adventurers who visit Devias 
first may be killed by Whim.

Name: Ice Monster

Ice Monster lives in Devias and has iced body.

It is transparent so it is not visible for adventurers. Making use of that,
Ice Monster secretly approaches adventurers and freezes them by use of its 
main specialty, ice sorcery, and then, guides them into death by use of its 
strong nails.
Name : Hommerd

Many of the Devias adventurers died due to severely cold weather, not due 
to fighting with monsters. Kundun made the frozen dead bodies resurrected 
and then, gave energy to them so that they could be strong warriors.

Available in the east of Devias, Hommerd is armed with Larkan Ax and Big 
Round Shield. It handles axes and shields freely, and harasses adventurers.

Name : Assassin

It is the warrior who kills adventurers of MU Continent due to money. Hiding 
under snow, it gives a blow to people passing by. It is very fast and 
excellent at seclusion.

Assassin arms its both hands with Katache, and is available at the north and 
the west of Devias. It is agile and fast so it attacks adventurers vital 
spot. Its sudden attack is fatal to characters that have weak physical 
strength like dark sorcerers.

Name: Snowman

Kundun gave a life to Snowman by cursing ices on the mountainous areas so 
Snowman follows only Kunduns order.

Snowman lives in the north of Devias and is waiting for adventurers who are 
going toward Ice Queen. It makes a long-distance attack, using snowballs. 
The offense is accurate and has a great destructive power so it is difficult 
to run away from it.

Name: Snowman Captain

It is the captain of Snowmen. Once caught by it, adventurers can't run away 
from it due to its four arms. It is a dreadful monster with powerful physical
strength and offensive power.

You can meet Snowman Captain at the entrance of the north end of Noria 
where Ice Queen is. Due to its large body, its action is slow and it can't 
make a long-distance offense like Snowman, but its powerful offense using 4 
arms and powerful physical strength keep many adventurers from approaching 
Ice Queen.

Name: Ice Queen

Ice Queen is beautiful and was a daughter of the lord of Byron Castle in 
Devias. However, as she rejected the proposal of marriage of Minuas who is 
a subordinate of Kunduns, she was under the curse that she couldn't die 

Living in the northernmost of Devias, Ice Queen is the hardest monster to 
fight with in Devias. Not only it has powerful physical strength, but also 
it makes long-distance attacks so it is one of the monsters that Fairy or 
Dark Sorcerer avoids fighting with.

Zienna the Weapon Merchant (sells advanced items)186. 47
Laeticia the Barmaid (sells town portal scrolls) 226. 25
Morgana the Sorceress (sells potions, spells)    225. 41
Thompson Kenel the Weapon Merchant (equipment)     9. 76

Hot spots:
Guild Master (allows to register guild)          214. 44
Spirit of Archangel (blood castle)               210. 29
                                                 218.  9
Priestess Sevina (career advance quest)          183. 31
Baz the Vaultkeeper (stores zen, items)          218. 63

Can be entered from:
Level 15.

  D. Dungeon [MuMN04]

Dungeon, as this word says - creepy place. Some medium level monsters. No shops
no quest. Nothing... just skeletons, cyclops, pain... Dungeon have 3 levels.
Or maybe it's better to say floors.

Name: Skeleton Warrior

It is a strong skeleton living in Dungeon. When it is dark, Skeleton Warrior 
comes out to the town and attacks all the living things. Skeleton Warrior 
equipped with Gradious and bucklers is the first monster that adventurers 
can meet in Dungeon. It looks very weak, but it is obstinate to run after 
adventurers to the end and its attacks are very fast so adventurers may be 
kicked out of Dungeon.

Name: Larva

It is a big earthworm crawling under the ground. It lives in Dungeon and 
is a crustacea eating meats. Its bodies are covered with hard shells. Its 
eyes are degenerated. It sprays strong acid from its mouths and bites by use
of sharp teeth.

Lava crawling in the first floor of Dungeon moves at fast speed under the 
ground, and by attacking adventurers coming into Dungeon, it makes them 
poisoned with strong acid. Its moving speed is fast so you will be poisoned 
with its acid while hesitating.

Name : Cyclops

Cyclops, one-eyed, handles an ax very well.

Cyclop residing in most areas of the first and the second floor is the 
monster you can meet easily in Dungeon. Its intelligence is not so high, 
but its offense by use of ax is quite threatening.

Name : Ghost

Ghost is a fearful monster that has a transparent body and uses a sharp 

Ghost likes to hide itself on the first and the second floor. Once it 
finds its target, it secretly approaches an adventurer and attacks with 
its sharp hands.

Name: Skeleton Archery

This is the only monster among skeletons that can have long-distance offence
. Its Fairys Bow is very powerful.

Skeleton Archery that is mainly seen on the second floor of Dungeon is armed
with Fairys Bow. It makes long-distance attack and the attacking speed is 
fast so adventurers whose defensive power is weak will have to run away due 
to Skeleton Archerys attack before approaching it.

Name: Hell Hound

A transformation of Hound, Hell Hound has come out to the ground when 
Kundun resurrected while wandering about the hell.

Residing on the second floor of Dungeon, Hell Hound is armed with iron 
shield and falchion. Its body is big so it moves slowly, but with strong 
offensive power and defensive power, it will be a threatening to adventurers
of Dungeon.

Name: Hell Spider

Kundun made an ugly Hell Spider by combining an evil human and the spider 
of the hell.

Living on the second floor of Dungeon, Hell Spider has ugly appearance, 
which makes adventurers not to go ahead. Using its 8 legs, it moves very 
fast and it also uses strong power wave from long distance so it is hard 
for Dark Sorcerers or Fairies to fight with.

Name: Skeleton Warrior Captain

Leader of Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Warrior Captain has maximized its 
defensive power by use of skeleton shield.

Residing on the second and the third floor of Dungeon, Skeleton Warrior 
Captain is armed with Tomahawk and Skeleton Shield and is waiting for 

Name: Thunder Lich

It uses Thunder Sorcery. Those who are attacked by Thunder Sorcery get 
absent-minded. It makes long-distance offense and attacks in group so it is 
hard to fight with.

Living on the second and the third floor of Dungeon, Thunder Lich may be 
the monster that is hardest to fight with in Dungeon. It acts in group and 
uses strong thunder sorcery to interrupt adventurers to move. Therefore, if 
you don't have a good defensive tool, it may be impossible for you to have 
access to Thunder Lich.

Name: Poison Cow Horn Warrior

It boasts of the strongest power among Horn Warriors.

Living on the second and the third floor of Dungeon, Poison Cow Horn Warrior
is armed with Great Scythe. Suitably for its large body, it has powerful 
physical strength and offensive power, and in its offense, strong poison is

Name: Dark Knight

It is the strongest warrior led by Gorgon. It is called Dark Knight as it 
attacks an enemy with a sword. It is a master of double blade.

On the third floor of Dungeon, Dark Knight is guarding the last corner to 
Gorgon. It is a loyal subordinate of Gorgon, and shows splendid fencing by 
use of double blade. It is not easy even for Dark Knights of high level to 
overwhelm Dark Knights with fencing.

Name: Gorgon

Kundun made Gorgon (whom Kundun trusted most) sneak into Lorencia, and 
Gorgon followed Kunduns order and had his subordinates come up to the human 
world in order for MU Empire not to be built again.


Hot spots:

Can be entered from:
Dungeon 1: Level 20
Dungeon 2: Level 40
Dungeon 3: Level 70

  E. Lost Tower [MuMN05]

Lost tower is tower which have been lost :). 7 floors of freekin' fun (if you
are high level). And a legendary (it was 2 years ago) Balrog in the 7'th
level. I hope you'll enjoy this place :).

Name: Shadow

Shadow acts in the darkness of underground and absorbs the spirits of living 

Living on the first and the second floor of Lost Tower, Shadow absorbs the 
spirits of adventurers through strong electric attack. Its attack is fast 
and strong, but its movement is slow so it can make only short-distance 
attack. Therefore, if you use your fast feet, you can get it without 

Name: Poison Shadow

It is a mutant shadow consisting of poison. Its offensive power is stronger 
than Shadow.

Poison Shadow is the same kind of Shadow, but its whole body is covered with 
poison so it is stronger than Shadow and makes adventurers poisoned. You 
should not fight with it in the same way as Shadow.

Name : Cursed Monk

It is a class of Dark Sorcerer that is strong in MU Continent. It was 
trusted by Antonias, but is pushed out by advent of magician Emulia. Hiding 
in the cave of darkness, it went to Ketthotum to open Kunduns sealing. 
However, by Emulias curse, it gets imprisoned in Lost Tower.

Name : Death Cow

The spirits of the dead warriors went into Horn Warriors and then, 
resurrected. It is an undead monster.

Living on the third and the fourth floor of Lost Tower, its body is large 
and uses Great Hammer. It boasts of powerful physical strength and offensive
power, but if you make use of its slow movement and attacking speed, you will
be able to win at a battle.

Name: Devil

It is a watchman of the hell who followed Balroc. With the power of large 
wings, it flies and makes a sorcery attack.

Devil is available from the fourth floor of Lost Tower, and it is very hard 
to fight with. It moves fast by use of large wings and makes long-distance 
attack. His strong sorcery like this will guide adventurers into death.

Name: Death Knight

It is a knight of death who sold his spirit to Balroc in order to get power.
It uses Thunder Sword freely.

You can meet Death Knight from the fifth floor of Lost Tower. Armed with 
hard armor and large body, it breaks down adventurers small wish, using 
Thunder Sword. Its attack and movement is slow, but it is no problem at all.

Name: Death Gorgon

It is a powerful Gorgon whose whole body is in fire and who uses Fire Ball 

It equips its whole body with a blazing armor and its both hands with 
Crescent Ax. His attack by use of Crescent Ax is dreadful, but his Fire Ball 
skill makes long-distance attack possible so it may not be easy to escape 
from it.

Name: Balroc

It uses a huge and strong scythe and also Hell Fire skill. It is a boss-
class monster of Lost Tower.

Located on the top of Lost Tower, Balroc is armed with red splendid armor 
and handles a large scythe freely. Fast moving speed by use of 4 legs and 
powerful Hell Fire skill have made Balroc the best monster of Lost Tower, 
and further, guided numerous adventurers into death.


Hot spots:

  F. Atlans [MuMN06]

Water city.You can show how good you're at the swiming then you will run from
the clows of Hydra. Quite fun here but you need to have good level as well.

Name: Bahamut

It's a fish that used to live in the deep-sea and became powerful by Hydra's 
magic. It's has sharp teeth and hard scale and its powerful tale is their 
special characteristic.
Name: Vepar

Vepar used to be a mermaid but its appearance became strange and got powerful
with Hydra's power.

Usually they stays in group and can attack the adventurers even from the far
distance using splendid energy.

Name: Valkyrie

This monster is equipped with blue wing and can move fast using flippers.

It is equipped with transparent blue armor and blue wing crossbow and does 
short-distance attack most of the time.

Name: Great Bahamut

The monster used to live in Atlans that was mutated by Hydra's power.

It's similar to Bahamut but has more powerful striking power and strength and
attacks short-distance by group.

Name: Silver Valkyrie

Silver Valkyrie is distributed throughout the middle part of Atlans.

This monster has glowing silver body and can attack using Blue wing crossbow
and powerful ice magic.

Name: Lizard King

It's a boss monster of Lizard Man and has a shape of standing lizard.

Lizard King guards the final way to Hydra and stayed as a group. It gives 
powerful attack by using staff of resurrection and uses red lighting magic.

Name: Hydra

Hydra was the Kundun's right-hand man worked as his subordinate but after 
stealing Kundun's sealed stone it stays hidden in Atlans.

Hydra stays at the end of Atlans and has deformed huge body with 4 sea worms 
on the head.

The powerful energy wave fired by Hydra is a total attack that will cause 
an enormous damage around it.


Hot spots:

  G. Tarkan [MuMN07]

This place looks like desert. And it's for REALLY high level players. You can
find quest items here, death can be found here also. No shops aswell. Try your
weapons by killing Zaikan. This guy rocks.

Name: Mutant

This monster is a mutated "Descendant of darkness" of Atlans that was kicked
out from the city, now living in the border

It has evolved from a human to a monster to survive in the Desert of death 
where there's no light. Moves itself by rolling the body.

Name: Bloody Wolf

Bloody Wolf was born in the laboratory of underground city Kantur.

It was a failure of an experiment on a living body that its bone has outgrown 
externally and attack enemy with the sharp horn.

Name: Iron Wheel

This monster is knight created by mechanical technology of the underground 

It guards the boundary of Kantur empire and kills all the creatures 
approaching the empire.

Attacks by charging to the enemy with high speed.

Name: Tantalos

This monster was left exiled at the underground prison of Tarkan but was 
released by the people of Atlans who have awaken the Land of death.

It was mutated into hard corneous shape after the long thirst from the 
prison and people of Atlans have transformed it as powerful machine body to 
use it.

Name: Beam Knight

It was a subordinate of Jaikan in Desert of death and was a knight of 
darkness guarding sleeping Jaikan.

When Jaikan was awakened it started appearing at the various part of Tarkan.

Name: Zaikan

Zaikan is a spirit of Tarkan the Desert of death and it was awaken by the 
power after the sealed stone was dropped in Tarkan.

With its enormous magic by using power of darkness, Jaikan creates Staff of
destruction as its weapon.

Name: Death Beam Knight

This monster was created by the spirit of all the creatures killed in Tarkan.

It has deep hatred towards all the living creatures and the hatred becomes 
its energy that flames eternally.


Hot spots:

  H. Icarus [MuMN08]

The strongest monsters live here. If you don't have at least level 300 don't
go here... Phoeinx Of Darkness, strongest monster in the game. Try to kill him.
WaHAHAHAahaaHA (mad laugh). He he you'll be pwned by uber monsters here. I don't
think that it's possible to rule Icarus alone, monsters do damage in 1000.
The only way to do something, come here with good party.

Name: Alquamos

It's a warrior summoned by the God of sky Rugard to guard the skies. When 
the sky road was discovered by humans it came down from a constellation and 
became a guardian monster.

Name: Mega Crust

This monster has a solid metal type of wings and body. They loiter around the
closed sky road. It survives by absorbing the life energy of the life of 
earth that enters the sky road.

Name: Queen Rainier

This monsters used to be the female priests of Gailea the Goddess of storm. 
Rainer broke the rules of being a priest.Guilea was enraged then she cursed 
Rainier to wander around the sky road.

Name: Drakan

This is one of the species of dragon that used to enter the sky road and now 
stays in Icarus. It has the hatred against the Elf race of mankind.

Name: Alpha Crust

It's an upgrade version of Mega Crust. When Mega Crust absorbs certain 
amount of life energy its body becomes lustrous and will have powerful attack
force. This monster needs to absorb the energy of living creatures and when 
its energy is consumed it will return to the form of Mega Crust.

Name: Phantom Knight

The sprits of dead knights from the sky road became a battle knights and it 
has no past memories. Rugard calls the spirits of the humans and makes them 
Phantom Knights.

Name: Great Drakan

This is a head of Drakan and propagating Drakan is only possible by Giant 
Drakan. Newly born Drakans stayed at the lower parts of Icarus and after a 
certain period (average 50 years) it will be divided into a Drakan and 
Great Drakan. Great Drakan's body starts to have a reddish force around it 
after 50 years and the force will get darker as it gets old.

Name: Phoenix of Darkness

Queen of Night and guardian of the sky road rides this monster. It has a 
energy of darkness and has a shield using the electric waves.


Hot spots:

  I. Kalima [MuMN09]

Don't know 'bout it too much.
More info comming soon.

Name: Aegis

The creatures of Kalima. When they were summoned they made a hole in the seal
of Kalima and started living inside it until finally the seal became their 
territory. Their only purpose of living is propagating. They attack and eat
all the living creatures.

Name: Lord Centurion

The Lord Centurion works as a guard of the Goddess Kalima, it was resurrected
when the followers of Ark Neria gave themselves to Necron. It shows an 
absolute loyalty to Ark Neria and shows hostility to all the creatures from 
the outside world.

Name: Blood Soldier

The Bloody Soldiers are underwater creatures created by Kundun that was 
brought by the incarnation of Kundun to capture Kalima. This creature works 
as a patrol looking for the Guardian Jewel around Kalima by the command of 

Name: Death Angel

It's a angel from the evil world. This creature was summoned from the evil 
world by Kundun that is a lower-ranking creature and works as a guard of 
Kundun's corps. It has been summoned first and appeared on the earth before 
the key of darkness of Kundun was created. Its power hasn't been recovered 
totally but once the key of darkness is completed it will gain its primary 
power to work as a main force of powerful corps of darkness.

Name: Necron

The priest of Kalima who followed the Goddess Kalima when she summoned the 
shrine to the different world. He transformed the followers of Ark Neria to 
a death angels. He has been kept in the different world for a long time while 
waiting for the resurrection of the Goddess. This creature can be reborn 
anytime by Ark Neria, he is just waiting for the day to return to the earth 
when the Goddess returns.

Name: Death Centurion

The Death Centurion is a powerful guardian of Kalima. Its body and weapons 
are protected by the Goddess and is the most powerful warrior of Kalima.

Name: Schriker

The Schriker was created to find the Guardian jewels hidden in several parts 
of Kalima by Kudun by dividing Kundun's own power. Kudun took the lead to 
find the Guardian Jewel to create the key of darkness using the 8 Sealed 
Stones in the earth but the Goddess Ark Neria was too powerful so Schriker 
was degraded to a creature that can only show 1/10 of his power.

Name: Illusion of Kundun

While searching for the Sealed Stone in Kalima was not going well Kudun 
became anxious. It was hard for him to take the power of Evil God so he 
borrowed the power of Lemuria to create the other self. But the time for the
Illusion of Kundun to go around is really short under the territory of Ark 
Neria so Kudun tried to assimilate himself with Kalima to find the Guardian 
Jewel within the short period.


Hot spots:

  J. Devil Square [MuMN10]

This is square there you are being teleported after giving the ticket for a
priest in Noria. Monsters start to spawn and you are having "one hell of the
party" for 15 minutes.

Poison Shadows
Death Cows
Ice Queens

Death Cows
Great Bahamuts
Death Gorgons
Orc Soldiers
Orc Archers
Metal Balrogs

Bloody Wolves
Orc Archers
Orc Soldiers

Orc Archers
Orc Soldiers
Bloody Wolves
Vim Knights
Cursed Kings


Hot spots:

  K. Blood Castle [MuMN11]

Well this is bridge and in the end of it we have castle :). You can get here
by... ahh read quest section.

Orc Archers
Orc Soldiers
Elite Orcs
Spirit Knights
Spirit Beasts
Spirit Sorcerers


Hot spots:

  L. Chaos Castle [MuMN12]

Also quest section.

As i heard, all monsters completly random.


Hot spots:

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