When SEASON6 will be available?

  1. I would like to know when Webzen will release SEASON 6.

    User Info: Rzymian_lg

    Rzymian_lg - 10 years ago


  1. MU online free to play MMO Action Game.

    ===Season 6 introduction===
    Season 6 is coming soon and probably it will be released in April 2011. With this upcoming update new character which will be introduced - Rage Fighter. He will be available to all players who have already a character with 150 or higher level of experience. Webzen states that this character will not be a strict PvP character but it will play rather a support role with some strong enchantments for the whole party. In addition to that players will be able to enter new map '''Kalutan''' with new monsters. There will be two bosses ruling this map - '''Condra''' and '''Nacondra'''. For every other character Webzen prepare additional Master level skills, but they will be revealed to all players gradually with upcoming updates.

    ===New Items in Season 6===
    In addition to obvious new Rage Figter items, Webzen will add one set for summoner Eternal Wings socket set and 13 new Ancient sets for all classes.
    Probably now Monster Bosses like Medusa, Selupan or Gaion himself will be able to drop Excellent type of PvP weapons available to all characters above level 380.
    Season 6 brings some major improvements to player's Vault and Inventory by adding extra warehouse space and Magic Bags to the game. Lahap NPC will be improved too, by allowing him to compress wider variety of jewels and stones.

    User Info: Rzymian_lg

    Rzymian_lg - 10 years ago 0   0

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