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FAQ/Walkthrough by trudger

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/26/2004
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                 *^*^*Journey to the Center of the Earth*^*^*
                                 by Frogwares

Please Note
On 05 March 2004, Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com) republished
this walkthrough without my authorization or permission. It continues to
appear there despite the fact that I've contacted the responsible party and
politely asked him to remove it.

Further, InFlow.com, which is Cheat Code Central's web host, continues to host
the site despite having been notified, in compliance with the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act, of violations taking place there.

The version of this walkthrough that appears illegally on Cheat Code Central
has not been updated, as it has been here. Any updates that may appear there in
the future will have been done without my knowledge, permission, and/or
To reiterate: Requests to remove my work from Cheat Code Central have been
ignored by both its "President/CEO" Dave Allison and the Hostmaster of
InFlow.com. Any document bearing my name that appears on the Cheat Code Central
site, now or in the future, is to be considered stolen property.


Author:  Karla Munger (the Trudger)
Date:    04 Mar 2004
Version: 1.01
System:  PC
O/S:     WinME



04 March 2004 - V1.0 - Original guide

20 March 2004 - V1.01 - Added note addressing the fact that the small dinosaur
   has escaped from the rail car cage when Ariane returns to the savannah to
   retrieve the eggs.

~Updates (no new version number):

09 March 2004 - Added walkthrough hosting permissions statement.

16 March 2004 - Added statement regarding Cheat Code Central's theft of this
   walkthrough; also amended permissions to reflect that requests from Cheat
   Code Central will not be considered.   

26 March 2004 - Due to complete lack of cooperation from offending parties,
   revised statement of theft to include Dave Allison of Cheat Code Central by
   name, and to add InFlow.com, which hosts the Cheat Code Central website.


I.   Notes

     A. About the Walkthrough
     B. Controlling Ariane
     C. Icons & Hot-spots
     D. Various & Sundry
II.  Walkthrough

     A. Part I - The Journey Begins

        1. Arriving in Iceland
        2. The Volcano
        3. Beach, Camp & Cavern
        4. The Coal Mine
        5. The Outpost
        6. Adam's Lair
        7. The Savannah
     B. Part II - Askiam

        1. The Front Gate
        2. The Photo Lab
        3. Inside the City
        4. The Communication Center
        5. The Antique & Pet Shop
        6. The Pharmacy 
        7. Antique & Pet Shop Reloaded
        8. The Marketplace
        9. The University (a/k/a The Academy)
       10. Communication Center & Photo Lab Reloaded
       11. Dinosaur Eggs & Balloon Trip
     C. Part III - The Village of the Giants

        1. The Pastures
        2. Inside the Village
        3. Initiation Lane
        4. The Jousting Arena
        5. The Valley of the Spirits
        6. The Floating Garden
        7. The Submarine

     D. Part IV - The Diamond Mine

        1. The Dock & a Glimpse of the Mine
        2. The Platform
        3. More of the Mine
        4. Platform Revisited
        5. The Diamond Lab
        6. The Balls Enigma
        7. A Secret Room & Ending #1

     E. Part V - The Plot Thickens

        1. The Platform
        2. The Diamond Lab
        3. Back to the Mine
        4. The Rail Car
        5. Jahiné Duubra & the Ball of Memory
        6. Ariane Impersonates Armanda
        7. The Tower of Hanoi
        8. A Confrontation

     F. Part VI - Wrapping It Up

        1. Incarceration & the Periscope
        2. Jailbreak!
        3. Adam
        4. The Pasture
        5. The Giants
        6. A Gathering
        7. Farewell & Adieu


~~About the Walkthrough~~

Hi, I'm Karla, a/k/a the Trudger. This is the first walkthrough I've ever
attempted. I love adventure games, and I've played this particular one so
many times that I feel I know it pretty well. I'm certainly quite familiar
with its eccentricities, quirks, glitches, etc. I offer my experience in hopes
of helping folks who may be having problems with the game (as I had) or could
be frustrated trying to finish it (as I was). Please note, however, that once
I'd gotten used to the game's idiosyncrasies, I found it quite enjoyable.
Before I reached that point, however, the going got a little rough. 

This is a very detailed walkthrough; it may not be for everyone. I feel such
detail is warranted, however, considering the nature of the game. It's what I
would have preferred to see when I was new to the game and repeatedly getting
stuck. As it was, the game was so new when I first played it that no online
walkthroughs were available.  

The walkthrough is also somewhat lengthy. Contributing to this is the fact
that it's text only, necessitating more elaborate descriptions.

I played the English-language version of the game on a computer that well
exceeds the game's minimum system requirements. I used a screen resolution of
768x1024 (800x600 is also an option). The game is mouse-controlled (point-and-
click) and is played from a third-person perspective. The story has two
different endings, the first at the conclusion of Part IV. Both are covered

In case you want to try solving the game's major puzzles without resorting to
a walkthrough, I've preceded their solutions with white space so you'll have
to scroll down to see them.  

~~Controlling Ariane~~

Ariane, whom you'll control throughout the game, has two speeds: walk (one
mouse-click) and run (two mouse-clicks). At this point, I'd like to offer
some caveats about moving her.

Ariane may not always proceed to a destination that has been clicked, even if
the game indicates she's able to go there. She might actually go in the
opposite direction. She also has a tendency to get stuck behind or run head-on
into objects (trees, walls, furniture, etc.), move in circles repeatedly, sail
clear off the screen, pass through solid objects, vanish and reappear, refuse
to budge at all...you get the picture. (Believe it or not, this ultimately
became endearing.)

Additionally, Ariane has a habit of standing right in front of things with
which she must interact in some way. When she does this she'll block your view
of the items, and the corresponding icons won't appear. Unless you already
know something is there that requires attention, you won't know to look for
it. When I first discovered this, I made it a point to move Ariane out of the
way if I suspected she was blocking something. I'll be mentioning specific
instances of this behavior throughout the walkthrough. Note: If you do move
Ariane out of the way, avoid clicking on any footprints or you'll end up on
a different screen.  

~~Icons & Hot-spots~~   

The game's icons are simple enough; a hand represents something that can be
picked up or manipulated in some way, and footprints represent areas where
Ariane may walk (or run).

The problem is that the icons don't always appear where they should, and they
sometimes appear where they shouldn't. This particularly applies to the foot-
prints. Not seeing that icon in a particular area doesn't necessarily mean
that Ariane can't go there. 

In the walkthrough, I've indicated many of the places I've experienced a 
problem with the footprints icon. I'm sure I may have missed some. Suffice it
to say that if the walkthrough indicates you should move Ariane to a place
that displays no icon, please go there anyway.  

Two other icons are used. A small blue rectangle represents Ariane's laptop;
clicking on it allows you to view such things as documents, email and photos.
A small profile of Ariane indicates that dialog with other characters is
available. With one exception (which will be mentioned in context), these
icons have always appeared in appropriate places and have never given me any

Lastly, some of the hot-spots are so tiny that they're difficult to hit with
precision and can easily be missed altogether. The walkthrough reflects places
where I've experienced this.

~~Various & Sundry~~

One of the game's locations, the University, is also referred to as the
Academy on one of the game's maps as well as by some of the characters. The
two terms will be used interchangeably throughout the walkthrough. 

This game became quite unstable for me in a few places (in the walkthrough,
I'll be mentioning them specifically). Although you may not experience this,
the game permits unlimited saves and I suggest saving it often to avoid losing
too much of your progress if the game crashes.

The inventory displays across the bottom of the screen and can be toggled on
and off by right-clicking the mouse. I suggest keeping it closed unless you
need to retrieve an item from it; it can obscure icons that will also appear
at the bottom of the screen.

Many items in the game are viewed or acted upon using Ariane's laptop
computer. An example would be calculations it performs that yield specific
information, such as settings, to used in conjunction with various things in
the game. If you take such information directly from the walkthrough without
also having viewed it in the laptop, you won't be able to use it.

To combine two things in inventory, click the first item, scroll the contents
of the inventory horizontally if needed to locate the second item, then click
on it.

When you first start the game you're in a control room where you can choose
various display and sound options as well as some additional preferences. You
can also begin a new game, save/load a game, continue playing, or exit. You'll
be able to return to this area during gameplay by pressing the Esc (Escape)
key. Additionally, you can Alt-Tab back to your desktop during the game (which
is convenient when using a walkthrough you'd rather not print in its entirety),
then return to the game by clicking on it in your taskbar.

Please keep in mind that you may not experience any of the problems reflected
in this document. I know enough people who have, however, that I feel they're
worth mentioning. Some of them can actually be funny! That having been said,
let's get on with things.




  Part I - The Journey Begins

~~Arriving in Iceland~~

In the opening cutscene, photojournalist Ariane is traveling by helicopter to
an assignment in Iceland. She instructs her pilot to land on the ledge of a
volcano, after which she exits the craft and starts taking pictures. A
rockslide abruptly occurs and demolishes the helicopter; the pilot disappears,
and Ariane is off on a wild adventure.

~~The Volcano~~

Walk toward the front of what's left of the helicopter and pick up one of the 
broken rotor blades lying on the ground (the correct one will trigger a hand
icon). Use it to pry off the helicopter's door (you'll have to retrieve the
blade from inventory first). Click on the area where the door had been; you'll
be taken to a close-up of the passenger compartment where you'll need to pick
up some items. (Note: The inventory, if open, may obscure some of them.)

Take the laptop computer, rest your pointer on it within inventory, and click
on "use" to activate it (you'll actually use it in a minute).

Pick up the bag and unpack it by resting your pointer on it within inventory
and clicking "unpack." The items inside the bag (screwdriver, gloves, lighter,
flask) will then appear in inventory; the bag will disappear.

Take the knife and the rope. Use the knife to retrieve the wires hanging down
at the left of the first-aid kit. Use the screwdriver to take the first-aid
kit from the wall. Unpack it. This will yield cleansing solution, an adhesive
plaster, a bandage, and a tube of pills. The first-aid kit will also disappear
from inventory.

Exit the close-up by clicking on the large arrow icon at top left (this is the
same for all close-ups), then click on the footprints at lower left. After
Ariane moves to the next screen, she'll remark that she should tell her office
about the accident.

Go into inventory and click on the laptop (first item on the left) to open it.
Click on the email icon at the top, then click on "SOS" in the computer's left
menu. This will display a message you can send by clicking on the icon at the
bottom that bears a green arrow. "Message sent" will then appear on the screen.

Close the computer by clicking the "X" at upper right. Return to the
helicopter wreckage and go past it. You'll see a narrow opening in the wall of
the volcano that's partially blocked by a boulder.

At this point, if you'd like, you can advance a screen to the right to get
another view of your surroundings. After you get there, several footprint
icons are available, but you'll have to hunt for them. When any of them is
triggered, Ariane will remark that it's slippery here; beyond that she isn't
able to do anything.

Back at the bolder, use the rotor blade to move it, then rest the pointer over
the lighter in inventory and click "use." Pick the lighter up, place it over
the narrow opening (which leads to a cave), and click. 

This will trigger a brief cutscene wherein Ariane enters the cave and proceeds
to fall through an opening in the floor. Oops.

~~Beach, Camp & Cavern~~

When Ariane regains consciousness she finds herself lying on a beach with a
man looking down at her. This is Adam Coverlier. He explains that they're
beneath the volcano at a place called The First Camp. Go through all dialog
options here.

Ariane asks where she might phone for help, and Adam tells her about the only
town in this strange world. It's called Askiam, and it's where the men of The
First Camp regrouped.

Adam tells Ariane that he'll help her further in exchange for a favor. He
needs a particular kind of polished crystal and asks her to find one for him. 

After Adam leaves, pick up the "tip of bone" lying in the sand to Ariane's
right. Take the flask from inventory and fill it with water from a wedge-
shaped area where the footbridge joins the shore (a rather narrow hot-spot).
As a point of interest, the very first time I played the game, Ariane actually
walked out onto the water as I was trying to get her to fill the flask.
Follow the footprints at lower left and pick up the giant shell to the left of
the coal mine entrance. Go into the mine and retrieve the "seals" from one of
the crates on the right. An old chisel is lying on top of one of the other
crates; pick it up as well (small hot-spot).

Leave the mine, go back to the beach, and cross the footbridge (footprints
are on opposite shore). This will lead to the actual camp, which is abandoned.
Take the piece of wood lying in the sand at far left and the cloth hanging by
the remains of a boat at bottom right.

Go over to the two headstones. The one on the left reflects "Yvan Platonov 
(1831-1872)." Resting your pointer on it will display a small blue computer
icon. Click on it and read about Platonov. Notice that his first name is
spelled differently in your computer than it is on the headstone; the year of
his death is also different.

In inventory, combine the cleaning fluid with the cloth you picked up. Use
this to clean the headstone on the right, then click on it and read about
Armand Latifere. Note another discrepancy between the headstone and the info
in your computer.

Head back to the cavern by the waterfall (you might not see footprints) and go
inside. The cavern is filled with crystals; notice a small yellow one (ooooh,
exactly what Adam wants!) at the top of a ladder that's conveniently in front
of Ariane. Climb the ladder, open inventory, combine the old chisel and
fossilized wood, and try to get the crystal off the wall. Nothing happens.

This is one of several junctures at which Ariane will have to put on gloves
before she can accomplish a task. Unfortunately, the use of the gloves is
somewhat unintuitive and has nothing to do with their stated function of being
"warm." They're more for protection than anything else. But I digress...

Put on ("use") the gloves, pick up the chisel/wood again, and use it on the
crystal. Hallelujah -- it should now appear in inventory. 

Go back down the ladder and head for the contraption on the wall to the right.
You should be able to use this to polish the crystal. Put the crystal on the
pedestal at right, then click on the bellows. Nothing happens because you need
a polishing agent.

Leave the crystal where it is and go back outside the cavern. You'll see a
bunch of ferns toward the bottom of the screen; just above them you can pick
up some sand (look for the hand icon). Take the sand back to the contraption
in the cavern, place it in the blue bulb, and pump the bellows five times.
The crystal is now polished. Click on it to add it back to inventory. 

You're finished in this area for now, so head back over to the mine and go

~~The Coal Mine~~

Take Ariane toward the rear of the mine. It's too dark to go further, so
you'll need to find some lights. Look closely at the large circular device on the
left. Note the broken wires. 

Luckily, you just happen to have some wires from the helicopter. Retrieve them
from inventory and try to install them. Oh no, nothing happens. Sound

That's right, it's time to put on those "warm" gloves again. You can now
install the wires without a problem, but you'll also need to tape them down.
The adhesive plaster seems like a good thing to use, so take it from inventory
and try to put it in place. Once again, nothing happens.

Why? Because the gloves have mysteriously flown from Ariane's hands and ended
up back in inventory (I just hate it when that happens). Put them on again and
slap that adhesive on the wires before anything else flies off Ariane.
Ooooooh...the lights are on!

Proceed further into the cave until you reach a large circular door. Here you
encounter the game's first major puzzle, and it's a doozie.

Remember the "seals" you picked up earlier? There are 12 altogether, and they
must be placed around the door in a particular order or you won't be able to
continue the game.

There's some arcane text above the door that's supposed to help you solve the
puzzle. All it did for me was give me a headache. It reads:

The Occident is the opposite of the Orient
Our story begins as the sun rises
Nature and technology go their separate ways
First the one whence we come
Then the one that feeds us
Followed by the one we mine
Comes the time of transformation
And of famed energy
Finally those who guide us

Click on the door for a close-up view. The 12 symbols are in the center;
surrounding them are the spaces into which they go. Place them using drag-and-
drop. When all 12 are in proper order, the door will open.

I've never quite figured out how the above text relates with any specificity
to the puzzle's solution, but no matter -- the important thing is that I have
the solution. If you'd like to try to solve the puzzle on your own first,
please do. For the solution, scroll down a bit. I also have aspirin if you
need some.

On the left side from the top, down:

On the right side from the top, down:
~Sickle and Wheat

After you go through the door you'll be on a path at the edge of a forest of
giant mushrooms. Advance to the next screen. Place the pointer over the
mushrooms and the computer icon will appear. See what the laptop has to say
(not much). Use your knife to harvest some of the small white mushrooms just
left of center. 

~~The Outpost~~

Continue along the path until you reach a giant mushroom with a spiral
staircase around its stalk. Climb the stairs to the platform at the top,
which turns out to be an Army Outpost. Speak with a soldier by the name of
Lieutenant Lenkoff. Explore all dialog options. 

Ariane learns that one of Lenkoff's compatriots has a broken leg and is in
pain. She offers Lenkoff her tube of pills. (Note: He acquires the pills
automatically during dialog; they will simply disappear from inventory without
any action on your part.) Also, the injured soldier's leg needs a splint so he
can be moved.

Go back down to ground level and continue along the path until you reach a
suspension bridge, but don't cross it just yet. Instead, take a close-up look
at a thick mushroom stump to the right of the bridge. Use your knife to take
strips from it to use as a splint.

Return to the Outpost and explore all dialog options. You'll give Lenkoff the
mushroom shards and bandage from your inventory (again, this happens auto-
matically). He'll tell you that he needs to evacuate the injured soldier,
which can only be accomplished via Pterodactyl. The problem is that the horn
(Lenkoff calls it a "conch") used to call the Pterodactyl is broken. Ariane
offers to try to fix it.

Leave the Outpost and head back through the mine to the beach, go across the
footbridge, and enter the cavern that has the crystals in it. Go up to the
contraption you used to polish the crystal and take the bellows.

Use the lighter on the "tip of bone" in your inventory (this will convert it
to "hard cranium"), then combine the bone with the giant shell (which
transforms it into a "prepared shell"). You now have everything you'll need to
fix the conch. 

Go back to the Outpost, then over to the horn at the far side of the plat-
form. Before you reach it, Ariane will get an email from her sister. Try to
answer it by clicking on the icon at the bottom bearing a red arrow. The
computer will display "error - no network." Close the computer and continue
on back to the horn.

Place the shell on the narrow end of the horn, then attach the bellows to the
shell. Tell Lt. Lenkoff it's been repaired, then watch a cutscene in which the
Pterodactyl is summoned to pick up Lenkoff and the injured soldier. 

After they depart, take a close look at the table on the platform. Pick up the
map, black powder, machete, and slender vines. "Read" the map, and you'll see
that it displays everything that's located in this particular area of the
underground world. You're now ready to continue your journey.

Leave the platform and head to the suspension bridge again. This time, go
across it. While doing so, you'll get an email from a "rescue team" saying
your SOS has been received and that it will take them two days to reach you.

~~Adam's Lair~~

When you get to the other side of the bridge, you'll see Adam standing in
front of his hut. Go speak with him, exploring all dialog options. During the
course of the conversation, you'll give him the polished crystal (no action
is needed, it simply disappears from inventory).

Enter Adam's hut. This is one of the places where navigation can get a little

There's an amulet hanging a little more than halfway up the post at the
right-hand edge of the screen, but at first, you'll only be able to see a tiny
portion of it. You'll need to take it, but a hand icon probably won't appear
(it never did for me, anyway). 

Advance to the next screen, but be sure not to click on footprints that appear
inside the next room, or you could end up so far past the post that the amulet
is no longer visible.

On the other hand (pun intended), if you click too close to Ariane she may
move just enough to block access to the amulet by standing between you and the
post (no hand icon will appear then, either). If this happens, try moving her
out of the way.

In view of all of the above, the best place to click when you first enter the
hut is a bit in front of the next room's threshold. This should place Ariane
in a good position to pick up the amulet. If you still can't get to it, try
moving her slightly to either side.

Once that's accomplished, proceed into the next room. Depending on where you
clicked to get there, Ariane may again block some items you'll need. If she's
standing directly between you and the table in the far the corner, move her
out of the way and collect the book and the pieces of wood. (If you pick up
the book first, you might need to move Ariane again to reach the wood.) Using
the laptop, read what's in the book.

Combine the amulet with the pieces of wood in inventory and you'll be
presented with a puzzle known as a tangram. It displays a shape into which you
must place all pieces of wood so they'll fit together. If you need to rotate a
piece, drag it down to the curved gold arrow and click on it until it reaches
the desired position.  

Several solutions to this puzzle are possible; if you scroll down a bit you'll
find my attempt to describe one of them. You might want to try to solve it on
your own first.

Top row: Place the square in the square.

Middle row: With its longer sides horizontal, place the parallelogram on the
left with its top portion slanting out to the left. Next to it, place one of
the small triangles with its broadest side facing upward.

Bottom row: Place one of the large triangles on the left, with its broadest
side facing out and up. Place the medium triangle next to it, with its
broadest side facing to the right and down. Place the other small triangle
next to that, its broadest side facing to the right. Lastly, place the other
large triangle to the right of the small one, its broadest side facing out
and up.

Luckily, this puzzle isn't very difficult -- so if I've explained it
abominably, chances are you'll be able to solve it anyway.

If you're successful, the amulet will open up into a "key" that will appear
in inventory. Look again at the table in the corner and find an ornate bowl.
Take the small mushrooms from inventory and toss them into the bowl. Watch a
short cutscene.

Move to the other side of the room and find some colored pigments on the
table. Pick them up. (If you're unable to see the hand icon, move Ariane a
bit to the right.) 

Use the "amulet key" to open the silver trunk on the floor to the right.
Pick up the scrolled papers, then open the laptop and read the contents of
two new documents: a letter, and a union letter. As these can be somewhat hard
to see, here are their contents: 

Dear Friend:

Please take care of the bust of this great forgotten man and pass it down to
your children as a souvenir of our humanistic conquest. May the fellowship
flourish and progress along the paths of progressive science.

Armand Latifere

Union Letter

Our agreements have been concluded. They will not admit of any other
alternative; by writing against the danger we will thwart any threat from
abroad. Our wise and well-preserved world would not survive a ruthless war of
Take heart! Our cherished children will safeguard future generations without
bloodshed. Armand would be proud of them.


Click on the bust that's also in the trunk and read about a Professor 
Hardwigg, again using the laptop. You are now ready to leave the hut. (Adam
will still be standing outside; just ignore him and keep going.)

~~The Savannah~~

Go back out to the main path and turn to the left (Ariane's right). Cross more
of the suspension bridge. Read a news bulletin that appears in your laptop
about a crisis that's brewing in the world above.

Continue on the bridge until you reach a point where some of the slats are
missing. You can go no further. Fortunately for all of us, there's a
convenient ladder leading down to the ground at this very spot.

Descend the ladder and proceed through the jungle until you're blocked by
some overgrown foliage. Use your machete to clear the way. Pick up some
of the big leaves you chopped down and proceed through the opening you made.

You'll now find yourself in a savannah occupied by a dreaded T-Rex. Yow!
Luckily, he's busy eating and doesn't notice you. Still, you need to get him
to leave the area so Ariane doesn't become dessert. What to do? Hmmmm....

Go to the right, proceed to a large hollow log, and look closely at it. From
inventory, put the large leaf, colored pigments, black powder and slender
vines (in that order) into the hollow log. Light the resulting bundle with
your lighter. This will cause an explosion that chases away the nasty T-Rex.
(Note: For me, more often than not, the T-Rex would already be leaving the
area by the time the explosion occurred. Just another amusing little game

Navigation now becomes a little odd. Go to the left, which will appear to be
the wrong direction; then go up around the head of the fallen dinosaur that
had been T-Rex's lunch. Continue moving to the right until you see an old rail
car and a very small dinosaur who's trying to get some fruit from a nearby
tree, but can't quite reach it.

Go over to the tree, take a piece of fruit, and go back to the rail car. The
little dinosaur will follow you. You'll get another email from the rescue

This next part can be tricky. You need to try to open the device on the rail
car that looks like a large hamster wheel. One of at least a couple of things
can happen, depending on where you click. 

It's possible that nothing will happen, even though the spot you're clicking
displays a hand icon, or...
Ariane can get stuck in a "step forward, turn, step forward, turn" loop
between the rail and one or more cross-ties. She'll do this indefinitely
until you click her out of it. Gotta love those silly game quirks.

If you're lucky, you'll eventually hit the hot-spot that actually opens the
wheel's door. If you get tired, you can always just sit back and watch the
little dinosaur jump up and down for awhile (he really, really wants that
fruit, and besides, I think he's cute).

Okay, once you get the door open, place the fruit inside the wheel. Watch a
cutscene in which the little dinosaur jumps in after the fruit, starts the
wheel spinning, and transports you into Part Two.

   Part II - Askiam

~~The Front Gate~~

When you first arrive, read another news bulletin that appears in your laptop.
Talk to the guard at the right of the city's gate. His name is Ocine. Explore
all dialog options.

Ocine mentions a war that's in progress on Earth's surface. Ariane knows
nothing about this. 

He also asks Ariane to take a look at his old camera, which is broken (not
surprising, considering it was made in 1860). The camera is in a photo lab
located in the tower to the left of the gate. Ocine gives you a key to the
photo lab door; it will go directly into inventory.

~~The Photo Lab~~

Move toward the left of the screen (no footprints) and use the key to open
the tower door. This will take you into the photo lab. Click on the camera,
then read info about it in your laptop (it's called a "Ganz Lux 4," and note
that it's referred to as an "enlarger" for some reason -- but why quibble?).

Look closely at the table. Click on the small piece of paper on the wall
behind the enlarger. Read the "user guide." Find the two switches on the left,
and turn on a red light by clicking the switch that's pointing upward (a hand
icon will also appear above the other switch, but clicking on it will do

Pick up a piece of photographic paper from the small rectangular stack to the
right of the enlarger, then retrieve it from inventory. Place it in the
enlarger tray and turn the enlarger on by clicking the small ring on its left-
hand side, at the bottom. Turn it off again, or you won't be able to pick up
the picture.

Note: In the following steps, the picture will go back into inventory after
each action. You'll have to retrieve it in order to accomplish the next step. 

Pick up the picture and place it in the rectangular tray to the right. You'll
probably have to click once to advance to the next scene before you'll be
able to let go of the picture. Then pick it up again and place it in the small
tray to the right of the bottle. Pick it up a third time and put it into the
large tray at bottom right. Pick it up one last time and look at it using the

Then, look closely at the photos on the wall; they're similar to the one you
just developed. It seems as though someone has been spying on Ariane. Eek!

~~Inside the City~~

Leave the photo lab and enter the city (you might not see footprints; just
move back over to the gate and click on it). Have a dialog with Chief
Engineer Wallace. Explore all options. 

Among other things, he tells Ariane that the year is 2007. When she started
her journey three days earlier, it had been 2005, which is the same year her
laptop displays. Hmmmm...

Wallace also mentions that a war has been in progress on the surface for the
past year-and-a-half. Ariane starts to realize that something strange is going
on here.

After Wallace leaves, read the posters on the right. They can be hard to see,
so their contents are reflected below.

Young Fellows!
If you want to serve the
fellowship, if you refuse
to remain passive, if you
believe in peace, come and
join the convoys of the
brotherhood. Let us unite
for the greater glory of
the City of Askiam and
the memory of Armand

Chief Engineer of

This city was formed in 1874
in the First Colony in accordance
with the wishes of Armand
Latifere. The secret city will
remember its greatest founder
forever! We thank you for
having chosen us to follow in
your footprints, and we shall
make this city a paradise of
science and reason.

Move to the left, then click on the lower right-hand corner of the screen (no
footprints). Read the email that appears in the laptop.

Take the first street on the left and you'll see the Communication Center. Go

~~The Communication Center~~

Click on the clock on the wall and you'll discover that it's stopped. Click on
the microphone on the desk and Figaro will answer. Tell him about the clock.
He'll invite you to his office.

Move toward the inner door and read the poster on the wall. Go through the
door and into a hallway.

There are two doors in the hallway; go through the one on the left and read
three more posters that are on the wall (there are actually four, but one's a
duplicate of one you've already seen). Go further into the room and speak with
the fellow on the right (sitting with his back to you).

This is Enrique, the city's mailman and projectionist. (Interesting
combination, huh?) Go through all dialog options, during which Enrique will
give you a newsreel and a key to the projection room.

Go back to the hallway and use the key to unlock the door adjacent to the one
you've just exited. You're now in the projection room.

Have a look at the paper on the shelf at lower right (it's referred to as a
"Performance book" and is also dated 2007), then look at yet another poster on
the wall. Place the reel of film in the projector and watch the cutscene.
Notice anything odd?

Analyze the film using the laptop (place your pointer over the newsreel icon
in inventory and click on "analyze"). Hmmmm...it seems that the war footage
you've just viewed is really from the 20th century and doesn't represent a war
that's in progress on the surface at all...

Go back through the door across the hall and take the elevator in the center
of the room. This will transport you up to Figaro (the fellow you spoke with
about the stopped clock), who is in charge of an automated transport system
called the Altimonorail. (Note: You'll be able to use this to travel to
various locations within the city, thereby saving time and shoe leather.)

Go through all dialog options with Figaro. You'll discover he has a big
problem. The transmission coordinates for the energy collector have changed,
and the relays are no longer supplying power to the generators. Figaro can't
find the formula he needs to compute new coordinates. As usual, Ariane offers
to help. What would these people do without her?

Take the elevator back down and advance to the next screen, where you'll see a
piece of paper lying on the table to the right. Pick it up, and in inventory,
rest your pointer over it. Click on "calculate." Read the result using the
laptop. The new coordinates are as follows: 6283, 1667, 5483, and 2092.

Go back upstairs via the elevator. Look closely at the control panel to
Figaro's far right, and enter the new coordinates. Talk to him again. (Once,
when I clicked on Figaro to start this dialog, Ariane stepped between him and
the console instead and did a little dance. I think it was the Two-Step.) 

Figaro will ask you to send a confirmation telegram and will give you some
blank paper (don't worry, it will turn into a message once it hits inventory).
You'll ask him if you can recharge the laptop's battery. It will happen

Return to Enrique, give him Figaro's message and ask him to send the telegram.
Leave the Communication Center.

~~The Antique & Pet Shop~~

Outside the Communication Center, go to the screen's left and find the
Altimonorail station. Enter it, and a map reflecting various destinations will
appear. Click on "Crossroads." Ariane will ask "Do I really want to go
there?". (She'll ask this each time she uses the transport.) Click on
"Crossroads" a second time, and watch a cutscene.

From the Crossroads, approach a fellow who is standing in front of one of the
shops. This is Heracles. Speak with him, exploring all options. After telling
you he's in need of some eggs for his pet shop nursery (you'll deal with this
later), he gives you permission to enter the shop. Go inside.

Click on the counter with the cash register on it. Pick up the prescription
code book and some punch cards. You'll see a button on the underside of the
counter; push it to unlock a hidden back room.

Go around to the front of the counter and click on the clock that's on the top
shelf behind it. Read what the laptop has to say. It seems that the clock
gains time, and assuming that all other clocks in the city exhibit the same
anomaly this would explain why everyone thinks it's 2007 instead of 2005.

Find the hidden door to the left of the fish tank. Click on it to enter. Whoa,
there's Adam! Chat with him about everything. He tells you he needs a potion
called Hanagra of Syl, which is obtained with a prescription. Unfortunately,
the pharmacist won't fill it for him. Now here's a surprise: Ariane offers to
try to get the potion for him.

Step over to the right and look closely at the counter that's against the
wall. Pick up the needle. Look in the prescription code book and find the page
for "Hanagra de Syl." Note the configuration of punch card holes.

 Caution: Potential Crash
For me, making holes in the punch card frequently (but not always) triggers a
crash. This might not happen to you, but I suggest you save the game at this
point just in case.

Combine the needle with the punch card in inventory and punch the appropriate
holes for Hanagra of Syl. Click on the tall device to Ariane's right, then
click on the device with the buttons. You'll see a holographic projection of a
Triceratops. Talk to Adam about it.

Pick up and read the paper lying on the right-hand side of the desk behind
which Adam is standing. It reveals that Heracles needs something called

Leave the shop. Go to the left, click on the Triceratops, and watch the

~~The Pharmacy~~

Click the lower right-hand corner of the screen, then take the first left (no
footprints). Go up to the pharmacy window and speak with Armanda Grunfeld, the
grumpy druggist. She refuses to fill the prescription because it's for Adam.
Tell her that Heracles needs Biocardamon. She says she'll have to go to the
University to get it, and leaves.

At this point, Ariane will be blocking something you'll need to access. Move
her to the right a bit. Put the punch card into the slot. Move Ariane again
and pull the lever. Retrieve a flask of Hanagra of Syl from the wheel to
Ariane's right. 

~~Antique & Pet Shop Reloaded~~

Go back to see Adam. There won't be footprints along the way; simply click in
the direction of Heracles' shop until you arrive there, and don't be alarmed
if Ariane runs into the building. Depending on where she ends up, she may not
be able to re-enter the shop without first clicking on Heracles and saying
goodbye to him again. Go figure.

Return to the back room and speak to Adam. You'll give him the potion. In
return, he'll give you an aerial map, which the laptop calls a "Fly map."
Have a look at it.

Exit the shop, click the middle bottom of the screen, the right-hand corner of
the next screen, and enter the Altimonorail station on the corner to the 
right. Click on "Market."

~~The Marketplace~~

Click the footprints over to the right, beneath what appears to be a trash
can. Then go to the left, back to a table that's slightly left of center (it
will trigger a hand icon, but the hot-spot will be tiny unless Ariane is
standing directly in front of the table). Look closely at the items you'll
find there. Take the can of grease and the "old dinosaur skin."

Follow the footprints at lower left, then click on Gustav, the balloonist,
who's at far left. Speak with him, covering all topics. He offers to take
Ariane up for an airborne look at the area, but says his balloon needs some
adjustments first.

Believe it or not, Ariane offers to help and asks what he needs. He tells her
to go to the University and look for a bottle of helium. The balloon has a
leak as well, but we'll deal with that later.

~~The University (a/k/a The Academy)~~

(Reminder: The University is reflected as the "Academy" on the Altimonorail
map; some of the characters call it that also. The two terms will be used
interchangeably throughout the walkthrough.)

Get back on the Altimonorail and go to the Academy. Climb the stairs and enter
the building.

Go to screen left. You'll see a door; go through it, and you'll be in the lab. 
Yikes! Grouchy old Armanda is here, and she's not exactly happy to see you.

Speak with her about everything. She's just distilled Heracles' Biocardamon
and has to leave, but she won't go as long as you're there. Exit the room.
(Note: You may have noticed that a hand icon appears over the table in the
lab; it's not yet active, but will be shortly. Also, although it's possible to
explore the rest of the room, you won't be able to do anything except look
around as long as Armanda is present.)

Once you're back outside the lab, head to the bottom of the screen. The hot-
spot here is quite small; footprints should appear if you search the lower
portion of screen to the right of center with your pointer.

When you advance to the next screen, you'll see the door through which you
entered the building. Click the lower right-hand side of the screen to advance
to a new door. This leads to the Library/Archives. 

Go inside; Chief Engineer Wallace is there along with Alexander, the Academy's
Rector. Chat with them about everything. Alexander will whisper that Wallace
doesn't trust Ariane and says to be careful. After they leave, you're free to
explore the room.

Pick up the reel of film on the table. Also, take two of the books you'll find
there: "Perpetual light" and "Beliefs and spirituality" (they will both
trigger the laptop icon; depending on where Ariane is standing, you may need
to move her to see them). Read both.

Go over to the machine to the right of the bookshelves. Pull the lever on the
left. Pick up and read the paper it generates (it's called "Wallace reading
choice" in the laptop).

Go back to the lab (through the door, then toward the screen's lower left, and
click on the footprints below the pillar at screen left; you'll see the lab's
door.) Fortunately, Armanda is no longer there. You can now pick up a file and
an iron plate from the table. Combine these in inventory to make a filed sheet
of iron.

Go further into the lab. At the bottom of the strange looking contraption on
the right is a helium bottle, which is very hard to see (a hand icon will be
triggered when your pointer is over it). Pick it up.

Leave the Academy, get back on the Altimonorail, and return to the
Communication Center.

~~Communication Center & Photo Lab Reloaded~~

Go into the projection room and view the film you retrieved from the Academy.
Uh-oh, this doesn't look good at all. The film, obviously faked, shows Ariane
sabotaging the city's electrical system. Someone obviously wants to frame her.

Leave the Center, get on the Altimonorail and return to the Crossroads. On the
path that leads right, click its lower edge (no footprints). Note: If you
click on a point that's too high, Ariane will simply move there and the screen
won't advance. 

Click the lower left-hand corner of the next screen. The city's main entrance
should be in view.

Go through the gate and return to the photo lab. Put the sheet of iron into
the camera, then add the grease. Well looky there -- you fixed it.

Leave the lab and speak with Ocine. He's so happy his camera's repaired that
he gives you permission to leave the city. Remember those eggs Heracles needs?
You're going to get him some right now.

~~Dinosaur Eggs & Balloon Trip~~

Get back on the rail car; it will return you to the savannah, which you'll
need to cross. Ariane may behave somewhat erratically during this process. If
she does, just keep at it. Some of Ariane's unintended moves can actually be
quite amusing.

Once across the savannah, go back through the jungle, up the ladder, over the
suspension bridge, to grandmother's house we go. Um, I mean to Adam's hut we
go. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) 

Enter Adam's hut, go into the second room and find the eggs under a lamp on
one of the tables. Pick them up, then retrace your steps all the way back
to Askiam. On the way, read the "Petition for Peace" that appears in your
laptop. Please note: After you return to the savannah, you may notice that the
jumping dinosaur has escaped from the railcar cage. This doesn't matter,
however, as the game proceeds as if the critter were still inside the cage. To
return to Askiam, simply click on the rail car.   

Enter the city, find Heracles in front of his shop, and give him the eggs. 
Explore all dialog options. He sends you to his friend Gustav, whom you've
already met. He tells you that Gustav may be able to take you in his balloon
to see the Giants, "a race of very big and very wise humanoids" who might be
able to assist in finding a way back to the surface.

Return to the Marketplace and speak with Gustav. Look closely at the balloon
(the hot-spot is on the left side of the balloon's basket). Put the old
dinosaur skin over the hole in the pipe, place the helium bottle on the
fixture to the right of the round dial, and put the navigation map just below
the bottle. Get ready to float into Part 3, and watch a great cutscene.

  Part III - The Village of the Giants

~~The Pasture~~

Speak with Gustav again. Read another news bulletin. Move all the way to the
left, advance to the next screen, and speak with a Giant named Kanou Palé. He
tends the Mastodons you'll see in the background. He says he's heard there's
a war on the surface, and tells you that the mine to which you've learned
convoys are being sent is accessible via submarine from a nearby port (we'll
be visiting it later).

Pick up some of the Mastodon hair that's scattered in clumps in the fore-
ground, then proceed to the left. This will take you to the village entrance.
Try to go in. You're blocked by a force field.

Return to Kanou Palé and speak with him again. He says if you'll leave all
sharp-edged objects at the village entrance you'll be able to pass through
the force field. He also gives you some "aromatic pipe herbs."

Return to the village entrance and walk over to the edge of the grass on the
right. Take either the knife or machete from inventory and lay it on the
ground (whichever you choose, both will go). You can now enter the village.

~~Inside the Village~~

Go into the shelter straight ahead and speak with Aîra Mnudé, the Village
Matriarch. (She sounds surprisingly like Armanda, doesn't she? Well, at least
her disposition is a little better.) She says there's a hole in the force
field that must be repaired, and tells you she believes the rumors she's been
hearing about a war on the surface. She also tells you about a place in the
village called the Valley of the Spirits.

Leave the Matriarch and go talk to a fisherman you'll see in the background.
Here comes more potentially tricky navigation.

If you click on the footprints that appear back by the fisherman, nothing will
happen. You'll have to click on some footprints you'll find in the path next
to the leftmost pillar of the shelter. It's a tiny hot-spot, so run your point-
er across the area until you find it.
When you click on it, Ariane may start to head toward the fisherman then veer
to the left as if she intends to go in the wrong direction. Fortunately, she
should stop after a couple of steps. Click on the fisherman to get Ariane
going in the right direction again.

Speak with the fisherman, who is also a meteorologist (another interesting
combination). His name is Payan Ouva. Oddly, the first thing he does is ask if
you have any tobacco. You'll give him the "aromatic pipe herbs." Talk about
all subjects. 

Payan Ouva also believes there's a war on the surface. Additionally, he'll
tell you he needs some special bait in the form of a rare, heat-giving

Go back toward the shelter and continue past it, to the right. Talk to Tohu
Malla, a gardener who grows "inhabitable plants" (this is some of the worst
voice acting I've ever heard in my life). He currently has some sensitive
seedlings and needs to be warned if bad weather is approaching (now you know
why the fisherman is a meteorologist). You'll also discover that you're in
front of a Jousting Arena, but Tohu Malla won't let you enter it.

Return to Payan Ouva. Ask him for a weather forecast, then go back over to
Tohu Malla. (Where's a monorail when you need one?) Tell him there will be a
thick fog the next day. He'll ask you to see Jahiné Duubra, a healer, and ask
her to prepare his plants so they won't be harmed by the fog.

Go back past the shelter, hang a right, and continue straight into the
village. You'll see another shelter housing a Giant and a Mastodon lying on
its side. This is the infirmary; the Giant is Jahiné Duubra. Speak with her.

She'll cast a protective spell on the gardener's plants. She'll tell you she
needs some "bitter berries" that grow on Initiation Lane, but she can't leave
her patient. Ariane volunteers to fetch some for her. 

Before you go, ask the healer about the Jousting Arena. She'll give you a
"protective branch" (reflected in inventory as a "repellant stem") you can use
to enter it. Also, take the empty shell from right-hand side of the top shelf
at the back of the infirmary. 

~~Initiation Lane~~

Leave the infirmary and head to a path with some arches over it (you'll see it
in the background). This is Initiation Lane, which leads to the Valley of the
Spirits. Notice that a piece of land is floating in the sky over the valley.

Proceed under the arches. On the left, look closely at a plant with red
berries on it. Try to pick some. (To find a hot-spot, rest your pointer on any
of the three red berries you'll see there). Nothing happens. Rats.

Ariane then remembers the healer telling her that her hands need to be
protected. Aha! Those pesky gloves again! Put them on, get the berries, and
take them back to the healer.

She'll tell you that the piece of land occupying the sky over the valley is a
Floating Garden. Giants go there to meditate. She suggests that you visit it
and tells you what you'll need to do to get there. This describes another of
the game's killer puzzles, which is coming up shortly. 

At this point, you can take Initiation Lane all the way back into the Valley
of the Spirits if you'd like. You can look around, but you won't be able to do
anything just yet. 

The path leading into the Valley is full of hot-spots that will take you to
different points on the path. You can save yourself some navigation headaches
by clicking on the most distant set of footprints. This will advance you
sequentially through several screens and take you all the way into the Valley
without stopping.

Return to see Tohu Malla and tell him that his plants are now protected. He'll
give you a heat-giving firefly; take it to Payan Ouva. Explore all dialog
options. After you give him the firefly he'll give you a "living shell."
You'll also get more information about Initiation Lane.

~~The Jousting Arena~~

Return to the entrance of the Jousting Arena and use your "repellant stem" to
gain access. Tohu Malla is still fiddling with his plants; just go past him.

Once inside, walk toward the square in front of Ariane. Your perspective will
change and you'll see a Giant who's floating in the air. This is Bârès Mohul,
a "master of recomposition." Speak with him about everything. (Note: When you
first click on him to start the dialog, it might look as though nothing is
happening; he's actually descending slowly to the ground.)

Talk to him about everything. He'll tell you he's suspicious of the Matriarch
and skeptical about the rumored war. At the end of the dialog, he

Walk over to the water basin on the left. Put both the empty shell and living
shell into it, followed by the Mastodon hair. The inhabitant of the living
shell will be tickled by the hair (coochie-coo!), causing it to vacate the
premises and move into the other shell. Click on the abandoned shell to break
it open; retrieve the "clean vegetable lens" you'll find inside.

~~The Valley of the Spirits~~

Okay, it's time to tackle that Floating Garden puzzle, so return to Initiation
Lane. On the way, read a new email captioned "when do we meet?".

Once there, take a deep breath and look closely at each of the six posts. Make
note of the symbols you'll see on them. Number the symbols 1 through 6
starting with the first one you encounter as you enter Initiation Lane and
zigzagging back to the last one. 

Note: When Initiation Lane is viewed from a distance, the first post is on the
right-hand side. In close-up view, however, the first post is on the left. I
can only surmise that the first post on the right is irrelevant.

Proceed into the Valley of the Spirits, where you'll find six more posts
arranged around a deep oblong hole in the ground (this is home to the Floating
Garden when it isn't aloft).

Let's number the posts 1 through 6, clockwise, starting with the first post to
the left of the path leading in from Initiation Lane. Each post has an opening
that can be covered using a long-stemmed leaf that grows in front of it. When
you cover the openings on any two posts and click on the stone mask located
between posts 3 and 4, you'll hear a sound.

Quite a few two-post combinations (and thus sounds) are possible, but only six
are correct. Once triggered, each sound will repeat over and over until a new
post hole is covered, or a covered one is uncovered. (I had to keep hitting my
computer's mute button to keep from going nuts.)

Save the game before you start! This puzzle doesn't reset, so if you attempt
a solution that's incorrect you'll have to abandon the game, reload the one
you saved, and start over. Also, if you inadvertently do something you hadn't
intended, it can't be undone. Your only option will be to dump the game and
start again. You'll also need to reload and start over after you've explored
the sounds and want to try a solution you think is correct.

To solve the puzzle, you'll have to discover which post combinations generate
sounds that most closely approximate the sounds you think are represented by
each of the six symbols you wrote down. (Say what??)

Here are a couple of examples. The fifth symbol is a pair of wiggly lines.
What kind of sound do you think such lines would illustrate? The sixth symbol
is a straight line. How do you think one of those might be represented in
sound? Unfortunately, that's about as clearly as I can explain this obscure

Once you feel you have the solution, reload the game you saved. Play the
sounds in your solution in precise order from 1-6, corresponding with the
order in which you viewed the symbols in Initiation Lane. Remember to click
the stone mask after each two-post combination.

If you're successful, a cutscene will play in which the Floating Garden
descends and picks up Ariane. Feel free to do a dance. If the solution isn't
correct, nothing will happen and you'll have to try again (be sure to reload
your saved game first).

Some final thoughts: This is a time-consuming puzzle that takes patience,
concentration and perseverance, not only because of its complexity but due to
the amount of ground Ariane has to cover going back and forth between the posts
and the stone mask. If you stay at it too long, it can become tedious. 

Okay -- if you're up for trying to solve the puzzle on your own, good luck! (I
have more aspirin if you need some.) Otherwise, scroll down a bit to see the

Reminder: We've numbered the posts 1 through 6, clockwise, starting with the
first post to the left of the path leading in from Initiation Lane. To solve
the puzzle, cover the holes in:

~Posts 1 and 4
Click the stone mask

~Posts 3 and 5
Click the stone mask

~Posts 4 and 6
Click the stone mask

~Posts 1 and 5
Click the stone mask

~Posts 2 and 3
Click the stone mask

~Posts 1 and 6
Click the stone mask

You're done, honey!!

~~The Floating Garden~~

Well look who's here -- it's Adam again (he sure does get around). After the
cutscene, you'll get a view of the garden in its entirety. You'll see some
lights shining upward from it; one is brighter than the others. Note its

Talk to Adam. If you've done everything reflected in the walkthrough thus far,
avoid clicking the dialog option captioned "Come down," which will send Ariane
back to ground level. If this happens, clicking on the stone mask will
transport Ariane up to the garden again.

Explore all other dialog options. The hole in the force field happens to be
here; it's represented by the bright light you just saw which is now off to
your right. You'll need to fix it by placing the vegetable lens over it.

If you'd like, you can explore the garden and look for a way to reach the
light. But take heed: I had a lot of trouble moving Ariane around the garden,
particularly in the area of the bridge, where she can act rather bizarre
(sliding, hopping, spinning, sticking, etc.) If you encounter such behavior
(some of which can be of the looping variety), just click around on the screen
until Ariane either stops doing it or moves to a new location.

To reach the light directly, start from Ariane's original position in front of
Adam. There's a path to the right; click on it until Ariane moves (you won't
see footprints). Your perspective will change, and your view of Ariane may be
partially obscured by a tree. 

Click the path at the far left-hand side of the screen (no footprints). The
perspective will again change, and Ariane will end up behind a post (you might
not be able to see her at all, but she's there).

Take the vegetable lens from inventory and click on the hole directly beneath
the light (small hot-spot). Ariane will then come out of hiding and put the
lens in place.

Retrace your steps back to Adam and talk to him again. As you say goodbye,
he'll give you a code you'll need to access the submarine that goes to the
diamond mine (it will appear in your inventory). Ariane will then find herself
back at ground level.

~~The Submarine~~

Read the submarine code using the laptop. Go back to the area where the
balloon landed. In the background is a large rock formation bearing a circular
portal that leads to the submarine dock. Take the path to it and go in. On the
way, read a new email captioned "appointment!".

Look closely at the counter on the left, which registers the number of people
who enter the dock. It reads "17." Proceed onto the dock and into the
submarine (the hot-spot to enter the sub is small; it's on the edge of the
ramp that's facing the sub). 

Talk to the captain, who will throw Ariane off the ship (maybe he's related to
Armanda). You'll have to find a way to get onto the dock without anyone
knowing about it.

Go back to the village and over to the fisherman's hut. Click on the young
Giant on the right, and speak to him (no dialog icon will appear). Head toward
the village entrance and the young Giant will follow you. You'll both be
transported back to the dock.

Look at the counter and you'll see that it's again 17. Since Ariane and the
Giant entered together, it registered only one person. Talk to the Giant
again. After he leaves the counter will read 16, which is what it was before
Ariane entered the first time. This camouflages the fact that she's there.

Enter the submarine again. This time, the captain is gone. Go through the door
on the left, then click on the small code pad on the wall. This is where you
need to input the code Adam gave you. Enter 5731X, click on the door beside
the code pad and enjoy the underwater trip into Part 4. (Note: Be sure you've
read the code using the laptop or you won't be able to input it.)

  Part IV - The Diamond Mine

~~The Dock & a Glimpse of the Mine~~

(Note: The knife and machete you left outside the village entrance have now
been returned to inventory.)

Talk about everything with Angus, the submarine captain. You'll need a pass to
enter the mine, and Angus will give you one if you'll deliver some seeds to a
friend of his named Maoro Fi, who is in the mine (the seeds go directly into
inventory). Since you don't have a pass, you'll have to sneak in.

Proceed to the left, then over to the small rail car. Look closely at it.
Slide the button all the way to the left and down. Watch the cutscene.

Inside the mine, move Ariane forward. You'll see two miners; the one on the
left is Maoro Fi. Speak with him about everything. You'll give him the seeds 
and he'll give you a note for Angus. Read it. It mentions a that a possible
revolt is being planned. Click on the rail car to get back to the sub.

Speak with Angus. Give him the note and he'll give you a visitor's pass. You
won't have to sneak around anymore.

Go back into the mine on foot and speak with Firmin, the Head Driver. He'll
tell you the system that cleans the ore isn't working right; it needs a filter
and the water pressure is too low. Ariane says she'll take care of it (what
else is new?).

He'll give you an order slip, which you should read. He also mentions a
potential revolt.

Go to the elevator in the background (no footprints). Press any one of the
three buttons on the left. This will take you to the mine platform.

~~The Platform~~

Read a news bulletin that will appear in the laptop. Click on the lower right-
hand corner of the screen. Speak with Hutha Meo, a platform supervisor. He'll
tell you about a "geyser" (which leads to a laboratory) that's off-limits to
everyone but managerial staff, all of which happen to be humans. One of them
is a woman.

Click on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and on the lower left-hand
corner of the screen that follows it. Click on the door at the far end of the
building on the left (no footprints). This is the warehouse; click on the door
again to enter it.

Meet Amalia, who's in charge of supplies. Talk to her about everything and
give her your order slip. Click on the small piece of paper on the floor in
front of Ariane and read it. If you don't see it, move Ariane over a bit. It's
a telegram from Amalia about the revolt.

Go all the way to the left. The next screen offers another tiny hot-spot. It's
behind Ariane and to the right (Ariane's left). Move your pointer over that
area until you see footprints, then click on them. (Note: footprints will
appear in the entryway as well, which also happens to be behind Ariane to the
right. This isn't the area you want; if you click it, you'll end up back
outside. The footprints you're interested in are close to the shelving on the

Go to the first aisle on the right. You'll see a piece of paper in the fore-
ground on the right. Pick it up. In your inventory, you'll see that along with
the paper, you've picked up a lead pencil. Combine them and look at the result
in your laptop (it's captioned "Schema"). Copy down the diagram you'll see. A
new email from Ariane's sister has also arrived. Clicking on the flashing
email icon will bring up the menu so you can access it.

Still in aisle one, you'll find some footprints beside the shelving on the
left, about three-quarters of the way back to the main aisle. Click on them,
then take the filter from the shelf (just look for a hand icon). Return to the
main aisle.

 Caution: Potential Crash
Before you go any further, I suggest saving the game. You're about to enter an
area that caused me to crash a ridiculous number of times.

Go all the way to the back. This is the sorting area. Cross the small stairway
and talk to Kia Tran, who isn't very friendly. Explore all dialog options.
Ariane suspects he's not being truthful.

Go back across the stairway to the bulletin board on the wall. Read two of the
items on it: Mine schedule and Mine rules.

Leave the warehouse, go all the way to the left, click on the lower left-hand
corner of the next screen, then go left again to the elevator. This will take
you back down into...

~~The Mine Again~~

Firmin is still where you left him. You'll have to advance the screen twice
to find him (no footprints will appear either time). Talk to Firmin about
everything. He'll take the filter and ask you to readjust the rate of

A calculation sheet will appear in inventory. Read it (it will show up in
"Documents" in the laptop), then go into the laptop's "Encyclopedia," where
you'll need to click on "Timer" in the menu. You'll see three numbers.
Make note of them.

Click on an area behind Firmin on the right, next to the right-hand corner of
the closest ramp that goes over the rails (no footprints). On the wall, you
should see a panel with three circular dials. Look at it closely. 

Click the red and yellow light within the first dial, move the lever beneath
the dials to 15, then click the light again. It should now be green. Repeat
this action with the other two dials, using the numbers 37 and 8 instead of
15; after the lever is moved to 8, all three lights should turn green. Exit
close-up view, then go back and talk to Firmin again (no footprints).

He'll tell you there might be a way up to the surface on the outskirts of the
mine. He'll then give you a map; have a look at it. Go back to the elevator
(no footprints) and take it back up to...

~~The Platform, Revisited~~

Head toward the warehouse door, then go to the small building that appears in
the overhead view you'll see (Ariane will look very tiny). This is the
Supervisor's Platform. Go inside and meet platform supervisor Taal Nadi. Talk
to him about everything.

You'll learn that the "geyser" leading to the lab has an alarm system that
blocks access. During the dialog, your perspective will change and you'll see
Bârès Mohul (who also happens to be Taal Nadi's superior) through one of the
windows. Ask Taal Nadi to get rid of him.

You'll now be alone in the room. Take the "sheet of iron" propped against the
console that's just inside the door, then look closely at the console.

In order to gain access to the geyser, you'll have to flip-flop the two series
of numbers you'll find there. Note: Once you click on a number, you can't
click it back to its original position. If you make an error, close the puzzle
and reopen it to start over.

When you're successful, a green light will come on. You'll then have access to
the geyser and you can exit the puzzle. Scroll down for the solution.

 1 black number to the right
 2 white numbers to the left
 3 black --> right
 4 white --> left
 5 black --> right
 5 white --> left
 5 black --> right
 4 white --> left
 3 black --> right
 2 white --> left
 1 black --> right

Now, you'll need to lure Hutha Meo away from the geyser entrance. Leave the
building and go over to the paddle wheel (you'll see it in overhead view, and
you may have to click several successive pairs of footprints to get there).

Once you arrive, Ariane will be to the right, about halfway up the screen.
Place the sheet of iron over the water that's flowing on her left. Go down
into the rectangular pit. Use your machete to cut the smaller wheel's belt.

Return to Hutha Meo. He'll realize that the paddlewheel has stopped turning,
and leave to check it out. Enter the geyser elevator.

Click on the panel with the buttons on it. Remember that diagram captioned
"Schema" in your laptop? In the panel, click the buttons located in positions
that correspond with the "x"s in the diagram. Watch the cutscene.

~~The Diamond Lab~~

You'll now be beside the building that houses the lab. Go around to the door
and go inside. Oh no -- Armanda the Grouch is here! Luckily, she's on the
phone and doesn't notice you. Stand behind the bookcase until she finishes her
conversation and leaves.

Click on the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then take the red "phial of
acid" from the counter to the right of the sink. Click on the lower right-hand
corner of the screen, then on the footprints directly in front of the

Open the bookcase and take the red book that's on the right-hand side of the
second shelf from the top. Read what it says in your laptop, where it's
captioned "Diamonds Cuters" (it's supposed to be Diamond Cutters, but why be

Step back from the bookcase so its door will close. When you do so, a weird
contraption that looks like some kind of torture device will come to life,
then stop. Clicking the footprints at lower right will get you back in front of
the bookcase.

At this point, navigation can get very weird. I recommend that you save the

You'll now need to find your way over to the desk where Armanda was talking on
the phone. Try to move Ariane all the way to the right. Instead, she may do
something like run head-on into the bookcase. (A couple of times, for me, she
disappeared completely into the bookcase then re-emerged after turning

If you get hung up, try advancing Ariane a screen to the left. She may,
however, end up in a loop in which she takes a step forward, turns around,
steps forward again, runs into a table, turns around, etc. etc. If this
happens, clicking somewhere close to her on the screen should bring her out of
it. Or, you could just dump the game and reload the one you saved.

If you decide to keep at it, try to click Ariane over toward the desk again.
She may, however, move back past that awful-looking contraption, run into the
shelving to the right of the bookcase and get stuck, refusing to move anywhere
at all (even when footprints are clicked). If this happens, dump the game,
reload the one you saved, and try again to get Ariane over to the desk.

Ideally, you won't have any navigation problems. If you do, try not to get
frustrated -- some of it's pretty funny if you look at it right. Keep this in
mind: If I could get Ariane to go to the desk, *anyone* can. Believe me.

When that's accomplished, get ready for some real fun: A brain-cramping puzzle
which is also random (meaning the solution will be different every time).
Remember I have aspirin.

~~The Balls Enigma~~

Click on the paper at the edge of the desktop, then look closely at the set of
scales directly above it. Read about the "Balls Enigma" using the laptop.

In plain language, this puzzle consists of 12 balls, one of which is a
different weight than the others. Your task is to find it by weighing two sets
of balls three times.

Use the scales by placing some balls in each tray, then clicking the semi-
circular lever you'll see below the three triangles. If one group is heavier,
the scales will tilt either left or right and the corresponding triangle will
light up. If both groups are of equal weight, the scales won't move at all and
the middle triangle will light up.

When you get the results of trial one, click the lever again to reset the
scales. Do the same after trial two. You'll know the reset has taken place
when green number at center of the scale advances from 1 to 2, and 2 to 3.
*Do *not* click the lever after the third trial! This will cause
the puzzle to reset, and you'll have to start over.

Once you've identified the ball you think is the different one, click on it.
This will send it to inventory, where you should rest your pointer on it. If
you've made the correct choice, you'll see "Unique specimen, very hard to
find." If it's incorrect, you'll simply see "white ball," and you'll need to
back out of the puzzle and try again. Remember that the solution is different
each time the puzzle is attempted. Good luck! If you get stuck, scroll down a
bit for some help.

Note: For easy reference, you may want to print the diagram below. I hope it
doesn't look too intimidating! I've tested it with numerous iterations of the
puzzle, and I feel it's fairly easy to follow. Just take it one step at a
time, and you'll be fine.

Step 1:
Refer to the diagram and place the first two sets of balls in the two trays.
Click the lever. Make note of the result (either left or right will be
heavier, or there will be no change). Click the lever again to reset the
scales. The green number 1 will change to 2.

Step 2:
Consult the diagram again, find the result you got in Step 1, and determine
which balls will go into the 2nd trial. Place them in the two trays as
indicated. Click the lever and note the result. Then click the lever again to
reset the scales. The green number 2 will change to 3.

Step 3:
Going back to the diagram, find the result from Step 2, and see which balls
should go into the 3rd trial. Place them in the two trays as indicated, and
click the lever. Note the result, and locate it on the diagram. Reminder! Do
*not* click the lever again! Doing so will reset the puzzle and you'll have to
start over.

Once you've found your result on the diagram, find the number framed with
asterisks (*) that's associated with it. This is the number on the ball that's 
different from the others, and it's the one you want.

As already mentioned, you'll need to confirm you have the correct ball by
clicking on it, then resting your pointer on it in inventory. If it's the
correct choice, you'll see "Unique specimen, very hard to find." If it's
incorrect, you'll simply see "white ball," and you'll need to try again.  

Note: The numbers 1 through 12 in the diagram represent the balls.

LT=Left Tray
RT=Right Tray
STL=Scales Tilt Left
NC=No Change
STR=Scales Tilt Right
NP=Not Possible

                 LT                                        RT 
               /                       |                      \
              /                        |                       \
            STL                        NC                       STR
            /  \                      / \                       / \
           /    \                    /   \                     /   \
         LT       RT               LT     RT                 LT     RT
     1,2,5<------->3,6,9         9,10<---->11,8           1,2,5<----->3,6,9
         /    |   \                /    |   \                 /    |   \
        /     |    \              /     |    \               /     |    \
       /      |     \            /      |     \             /      |     \
      STL     NC    STR         STL     NC    STR          STL     NC    STR
     /|\      |     /|\         /|\     |     /|\          /|\     |     /|\ 
    / | \     |    / | \       / | \    |    / | \        / | \    |    / | \
  LT  | RT    |   LT | RT     LT |  RT  |   LT |  RT    LT  | RT   |  LT  | RT
  1<---->2    |   3<--->9     9<--->10  |   9<--->10    3<---->9   |   1<--->2
  /   |  \    |   /  |  \     /  |  \   |   /  |   \    /   |   \  |   /  |  \
STL=  | STR=  | STL= | STR=  STL=| STR= |  STL=|  STR= STL= | STR= | STL= |STR=
*1*   | *2*   | *3*  |  NP   *9* | *10* | *10* |  *9*   NP  | *3*  | *2*  | *1*
      |      /|\     |           |     /|\     |            |     / \     |
     NC=   LT | RT   NC=        NC=  LT | RT   NC=         NC=  LT   RT  NC=
     *6*   7<--->8   *5*       *11*  12<-->1  *11*         *5*  7<--->8  *6*
          /   |   \                 /   |   \                  /   |  \
         STL= |  STR=             STL=  |  STR=              STL=  |  STR=
         *8*  |  *7*             *12*   |  *12*              *7*   |  *4*
             NC=                       NC=                        NC= 
             *4*                       NP                         *8*

After you've solved the puzzle, you might want to save the game.

Once you've recovered from brain-strain, go over to the door, look at it
closely and use the "phial of acid" on it. This will open it, and you'll be
back outside the lab.

Re-enter the geyser elevator. Notice a vertical pipe in the right foreground,
and place on it the white ball you've just risked going insane to get. This
will propel you up a floor and into some living quarters. 

~~A Secret Room & Ending #1~~

Look around if you'd like, then go over to the desk. Take the reel of film,
read the page lying inside the book, and look at the photo. Take the CD-ROM
and analyze it. This room seems to belong to Alexander, the Academy's Rector.
It appears that he has a brother named Peter.

Go back where you were when you first came in. You'll see two doors: a wide
one and a narrow one. Before proceeding, save the game.

The wide door will get you back to the surface, and end the game. You'll see a
final cutscene.

The narrow door will take you back to the geyser elevator and enable you to
play two additional segments of the game, culminating in a different ending.

Whichever one you choose, you can come back and play the other one after
loading the game you just saved.

  Part V - The Plot Thickens

~~The Platform~~

Pull the lever and go down to the platform, where you'll find Taal Nadi. Read
another news bulletin that arrives. Talk to Taal Nadi about everything.

He'll tell Ariane that Bârès Mohul knows she's there and that she should leave
ASAP. She tells Taal Nadi that she's got proof of who's behind all of the
unrest. He tells her to take it to Adam, who's in the Supervisor's Platform.

Click the lower right-hand corner of the screen, then the middle of the top of
the next one. In overhead view, click at the front of the Supervisor's 
Platform. Go into the building. Take the piece of paper from the floor and
read it. It's a Chemical Formula.

Remember that sheet of iron you used in stopping the paddlewheel? Well, it's
back where it was before you took it. (Oooooh, magic!) Take it again.

Talk to Adam about everything. You need to warn Wallace and Aîra Mnudé about
Alexander's conspiracy. Adam tells you that more evidence might be in the
diamond lab's safe. The Chemical Formula you've just found is supposed to help
you in this regard, but part of it is incorrect (more about that in a minute).
Be that as it may, you'll need to find both white and black diamond powder.

Go back to the sorting area in the warehouse. The machinery is off and the
decidedly unfriendly Kia Tran is gone. Cross the stairs and go to the conveyor
belt. Take the white and black diamond powder you'll see sitting on it (you
may have to move Ariane out of the way to find it). One click will send both
into your inventory. 

Leave the warehouse. On the way out, stop to read two new documents on the
bulletin board: Duty note, and Procedures.

~~The Diamond Lab~~

Go back to the geyser elevator and click on the code pad. This will take you
up to the lab again. Enter it and go to the sink. Pick up some "test strips
for chemical analysis" and analyze them.

I suggest that you save the game here, because navigation may get a little
funky again (same problems as before). It may take some fortitude, but get
Ariane back over to the desk. Look closely at the safe that's in front of it.

Use the strips in the three "test tubes" on the front of the safe. You'll see
that the red tube contains an acidic solution and the blue tube contains a
basic solution.

However, the Chemical Formula you found has things backwards. Rather than
follow it, just add the white powder to the red tube and the black powder to
the blue tube. The liquid in all three tubes should now be clear. Click on the
wheel to open the safe.

Inside the safe, click on the books on the upper shelf and read the Account
report and Clients (confidential) documents in the laptop. This is more proof
of the conspiracy.

Go back to the geyser elevator and pull the level. On the Platform, talk to
Taal Nadi and tell him about the new evidence. This convinces him the
conspiracy is real. He says he'll meet you back at the village later.

~~Back to the Mine~~

Return to the mine elevator. Pick up a ladder you'll see beside it. Go back 
down to the mine then click the screen at lower right (no footprints). Look 
above and to the right of the panel with the dials on it that you adjusted
earlier, and you'll see a bundle of dynamite.

Use the ladder to climb up to the dynamite. Cut it down with your knife and
take it. Try to move Ariane all the way to the left. There won't be
footprints, and depending on where you click you may have some navigation
problems. For example, Ariane may not move far enough to advance to the next
screen, get stuck in a step-turn-step-turn loop, balk and refuse to move at
all -- you get the idea. Just keep at it until you hit the right spot to get
her into the next screen.

Now, try to get Ariane to go all the way to the left again (no footprints).
Just keep clicking until she advances to the next screen. You should see a
rail car in the distance on the left.

Look closely at the rail car, and you'll see that it's also full of dynamite.
Oh crud. What to do? You'll need to find a way to propel it into the sea.

~~The Rail Car~~

Go back outside to the dock. You may need to do some creative clicking to
accomplish this (most of it without benefit of footprints) but I know you can
do it.

Once outside, go to the end of the closer set of rails and place the sheet of
iron on it to make a springboard. Go back to the dynamite-laden rail car in
the mine.

You'll need to change the switching. Click on the switch box between the
tracks (a small hot-spot is at its upper left). Ariane says "Let's try
something else." Oh no -- what could we have possibly missed?

Think back to some of the other things that should have worked but didn't. I'm
seeing a word...I think it starts with "g"... Eureka! It's those silly gloves!
Put them on, then change the switching. Click on the rail car. In the cutscene
that follows, watch it fling itself off the dock, plunge into the water and

Return to the dock and talk to Angus about everything. Convince him to take
you to see the Giants. Presto-chango, you're back on the dock outside the

~~Jahiné Duubra and the Ball of Memory~~

Read a new email that's arrived in your laptop, then go talk to Gustav. Tell
him you're going to visit the Giants, and leave your knife and machete in his

Go back into the village. It's evening now (although it's not dark, since it
never gets dark down here), and the place is practically deserted. Find Jahiné
Duubra in the infirmary.

Talk to her about everything. She'll ask for more proof of the conspiracy,
and says the contents of a Ball of Memory located in the Arena will be
suitable for this purpose. Ariane accommodatingly volunteers to fetch it for

In order to enter the Arena, you'll have to wake up the plants. Jahiné Duubra
gives you a butterfly. Feed it and it will fertilize the flowers, causing the
Arena entrance to open.

You'll also need a Snare-Flower to capture the Ball. Find one on the third
shelf from the top in the back of the infirmary.

Return to the Arena entrance. Use your flask to water the flowers, then
release the butterfly. Watch the cutscene (during which you may notice that
Ariane has mysteriously disappeared, but never fear -- she'll be right back).

Re-enter the Arena and place the Snare-Flower on the square in front of
Ariane. Watch the cutscene. The Ball of Memory is now in inventory (where it's
called a "memory ball"). 

Return to Jahiné Duubra and show her the Ball. What she sees in it convinces
her that Ariane is telling the truth about the conspiracy.

She'll tell you that Aîra Mnudé is in the Valley of the Spirits (she's
actually on the Floating Garden, but close enough). The Valley is protected
by a force field at night, and Jahiné Duubra will give you a flute that will
neutralize the barrier so you can enter. Go there now.

Go around to the stone mask and look at it closely. Oh rats -- it's broken, so 
you won't be able to access the Floating Garden just yet. Read the message
you'll find in front of the mask. The plot thickens.

Since you're unable to talk to Aîra Mnudé right now, you'll need to find
Wallace. Return to Gustav and have him take you to Askiam.

~~Ariane Impersonates Armanda~~

You're back in the Marketplace. Go to the table where you found the dinosaur
skin and container of grease earlier. This time, take the blue cloth and 
telephone token.

Go toward the Altimonorail station, and you'll see Crabby Armanda in front of
it, blocking access. Luckily, she doesn't notice Ariane.

Leave the Marketplace and go straight through the intersection. You'll be at
the Crossroads. Enrique is standing at the entrance to the Altimonorail
station. Go talk to him about the conspiracy. He'll tell you that Wallace
might be at the University.

Take the street that leads to the right (no footprints), and click on the
lower left-hand corner of the next screen. Hang a left, and you'll be facing
the Communication Center. Note that Bârès Mohul is guarding the Altimonorail 
station on the left.

Try to approach the Center. Once you reach a certain point, Ariane will go no
further and mention that Bârès Mohul might be lured away if she can call the
phone in front of the station and pretend to be Armanda. You need to find the
phone number.

Go back to Enrique by clicking the lower right-hand corners of the screen
you're on and the one that follows, then clicking on the footprints in the
center of the Crossroads. Talk to him, and he'll give you a list of all public
phone numbers in the city. Read it. It reflects five numbers.

You'll need to discover which number belongs to the phone at the 
Communication Center. Visit all four of the city's other phones, and by the
process of elimination, you can determine which number you'll want.

Head in the direction of Heracles' shop (no footprints); you'll see a public
phone next to the building on the shop's left. Click on the phone and make
note of the number.

Retrace your steps and take the street to the right (no footprints). You'll
see another phone. Look at it and record the number.

Click the lower left-hand side of the screen and go back to the city's main
entrance. The third phone is to the left of the gates. Get the number.

Retrace your steps and hang a left into the Marketplace. Move to the right (no
footprints). Surprisingly, you'll end up in front of Armanda, but don't worry
-- she still won't see you (amazing, huh?). Click on the phone to the left of
the Marketplace entrance to discover its number.

You can now compare the numbers you've written down with the ones on Enrique's
list. The one you'll want to call is 123-09. You can actually make the call
from the Marketplace phone. Armanda won't hear you (some guard she is).

Look closely at the phone and place the cloth over the dialer (which doesn't
exactly make sense, but do it anyway). Insert the token, which will
automatically start the call. Listen to Ariane do a dreadful impression of
Armanda. Believe it or not, Bârès Mahul actually falls for it.

~~The Tower of Hanoi~~

Leave the Marketplace, go left, then left again. You'll be back at the
Communication Center. Bârès Mahul is gone. Get on the Altimonorail (for me,
Ariane went completely off the screen here a couple of times) and go to the
Academy. Go inside and enter the lab.

Read the new email that appears in the laptop. Look closely at the table. Open
the box and take a note out of it. Take the papers lying beside the box. Read

Click on the bottom of the screen, then go to the table on the left at the
back of the lab. Look closely at the rectangular object on the left side of
the table. This is the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. Click on the note and read it.

To solve the puzzle, you'll have to move all seven of the rings (which are
actually reels of film) from the first post over to the third post so they end
up in the same order. Move them by clicking first on a reel, then on the post
to which you want to move it. You're not permitted to place a larger reel on
top of a smaller one.

For some reason, I didn't have a problem with this puzzle; I actually found
the process of solving it to be rather soothing (go figure). I did, however,
have to mute the ticking/clicking sounds, which were not soothing at all.

I suggest you give it a try. The solution has a kind of pattern that you may
discern once you get started.

If you get stuck and need to start over, back out of the puzzle and re-enter
it. Good luck! If you need the solution, scroll down a bit.

It takes at least 127 steps to solve this puzzle, but don't panic! It goes
faster than you'd think. Let's number the posts 1, 2, and 3. In the columns
below, the first number represents the number of the post on which the reel to
be moved is located. The second number represents the number of the post to
which the reel is to be moved. You may want to print this out and check off
pairs of numbers as you complete them. It's harder to get lost that way.

From-->To        From-->To        From-->To        From-->To        From-->To
 1     3          3     2          2     1          2     3          1     3
 1     2          1     3          2     3          1     3          1     2
 3     2          2     1          1     3          2     1          3     2
 1     3          2     3          1     2          3     2          3     1
 2     1          1     3          3     2          3     1          2     1
 2     3          1     2          3     1          2     1          3     2
 1     3          3     2          2     1          3     2          1     3
 1     2          3     1          3     2          1     3          1     2
 3     2          2     1          1     3          1     2          3     2
 3     1          3     2          1     2          3     2          1     3
 2     1          1     3          3     2          3     1          2     1
 3     2          1     2          1     3          2     1          2     3
 1     3          3     2          2     1          2     3          1     3
 1     2          3     1          2     3          1     3          2     1
 3     2          2     1          1     3          2     1          3     2
 1     3          2     3          2     1          3     2          3     1
 2     1          1     3          3     2          3     1          2     1
 2     3          2     1          3     1          2     1          2     3
 1     3          3     2          2     1          2     3          1     3
 2     1          3     1          2     3          1     3          1     2
 3     2          2     1          1     3          1     2          3     2
 3     1          3     2          1     2          3     2          1     3
 2     1          1     3          3     2          1     3          2     1
 2     3          1     2          1     3          2     1          2     3
 1     3          3     2          2     1          2     3          1     3
 1     2          1     3                                             Bingo! 

When you've solved the puzzle, a door will open in its base. Take the
contents. You'll get a flask of "Plimantaire," which is potentially lethal to
Giants; and a note (read it) which turns out to be the formula used in making
the nasty stuff.

~~A Confrontation~~

Go over to the Library/Archives now, and go all the way back to that strange
machine to the right of the bookshelves. Pull the lever and read the sheet
that's generated. It's more incriminating evidence against Alexander.

Go back into the hall, where you'll be greeted by Alexander and Bârès Mohul.
Uh-oh. Talk to Alexander.

Ariane will confront him about his misdeeds and tell him she can prove every-
thing (a rather silly thing to do, IMO...particularly when a Giant who knows
magic and doesn't like you is in the room). Anyway, Alexander tells Bârès
Mohul to get rid of Ariane (what a surprise), and she's thrown into Part VI,
a/k/a jail.

  Part VI -- Wrapping It Up

~~Incarceration & the Periscope~~

As I've said, Ariane is in jail, although it doesn't really look like a jail
to me (not that I've ever been in one, you understand). The point is that she
is confined and needs to find a way out.

Go all the way to the right, then to the chest of drawers in the background
(you'll find footprints in front of it). Read the piece of paper that's lying
on it. It's a message from Alexander telling his brother Peter to detain
Ariane until Alexander's arrival.

Move over to the door; if you run your pointer across the bottom of it you'll
see some footprints. Open the door by clicking on the wall to its left. Enter
the other room.

Read the document lying on top of the work table -- it's a "periscope map"
(diagram). Also, take the fuse. Go all the way to the left and around the
periscope. Talk to the fellow you'll find there, who turns out to be Peter.

He'll tell you that you're in his home and order you to leave immediately.  
You'll learn that his periscope is a work-in-progress that when finished will
reveal the sky above the surface. He tells Ariane not to touch it. 

Peter needs some parts, which are indicated on the diagram you just found. He
also needs a way to illuminate the interior of the periscope so he can find
something he thinks may have fallen inside. Ariane mentions her lighter, which
sends Peter into apoplexy because the periscope's interior is flammable. 

Ariane offers to find the parts Peter needs in exchange for a way out, but
it's no sale. He says he doesn't want anything, and sure doesn't want Ariane
"making a mess of things."

Completely disregard what Peter has said, go over to the periscope, and tip it
into a vertical position. Predictably, this will cause Peter to yell at you.
(Note: The only way to get Ariane to the front of the periscope is to move her
beside it, then click on the hand icon that will appear on the periscope when
you move the pointer over it. She'll then walk to the front and do the tilt


Go back to the other room. Combine the fuse with the dynamite, put it in the
basket you'll see hanging from the ceiling, then use your lighter on it. Watch
the cutscene. Pow.

After the smoke clears, you'll find an iron bar in the debris that's scattered
on the floor. Pick it up. In your inventory, combine it with the rope. Click
on the bottom of the screen, in the middle.

The next screen will reveal an opening in the ceiling. Use the bar/rope combo
on it.


Whoa! You're suddenly back in the coal mine! (Note: At this point, if you
happen to click the footprints that appear in the square behind Ariane, you'll
end up in jail again -- but don't worry; you can just use the bar/rope thingie
to get back to the mine.)

Head back to the forest of giant mushrooms. You can get there by clicking on
the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then on the side of the portal
that's opposite Ariane. This will get you to the circular door you opened at
the beginning of the game. From there, you should know the way back to the
mushroom forest.

Just outside the mine, you'll encounter Adam again. Talk to him about
everything. You'll learn that the diamond mine rebellion has been quashed and
that Alexander and company are in hiding. Adam says he'll stand guard at the
mine entrance in case any evildoers try to get through. He asks you to bring
him a few items.

When Adam learns of the potential plague to be directed at the Giants, he'll
tell you to find Jahiné Duubra, who can protect the village until Alexander's
plot is foiled. To do this, the healer will need some bones that have magic
powers. You can find some outside Adam's hut. Adam then tells you to bring
"everyone" here so they can set a trap for the traitors.

Let's see...since you've been told to do about 12 different things at once,
flip a coin and head into the mushroom forest. Remember that area where you
collected the small mushrooms at beginning of the game? Stop there again, and
take some ferns that are growing beside the path (the ones toward the right-
hand side of the screen will trigger a hand icon).

Go to the Outpost. Take a blanket from the bed that's beneath the shelter.
Look closely at the table, and take the food that's been lying out in the open
for who knows how long (yum). Go back past Adam and into the mine. Toward the
right, find an "empty box" and piece of coal. Take them.

Return to Adam and talk to him. He'll take the ferns, blanket, food, box, and
coal. Now you need to get back to the village.

Go through the mushroom forest and across the suspension bridge. Read a new
email that comes in. Continue on the path past the turn-off for Adam's place.
Look between two of the boulders leading up to the bridge, and you'll see the
"little crushed bones" Adam talked about. Pick them up and continue across the
suspension bridge to the jungle. In the distant sky, you'll see Gustav sailing
around in his balloon.

Go into the savannah. Well hush my mouth, Gustav has landed! Go over and talk
to him. Convince him to take you back to the village.

~~The Pasture~~

(Note: Your knife and machete will again be stored in the balloon so you can
enter the village.)

Get ready for some real fun now. Ready? Okay, go into the pasture. Oh the way,
another news bulletin will arrive. 

Now, see the brown splotch that's back by the Mastodons, on the ground?
It's...ummm...Mastodon dung. Really! What's even worse, you need to go pick it
up. The real kicker is that Ariane doesn't even have to put her gloves on
first. (Excuse me a minute...Ugh! Gross! Yuck! Phooey!)

After that's accomplished (what a relief), look for some round, reddish
objects on the ground in front of the three palm trees. No, they're not more
Mastodon ejecta -- they're coconuts. Go pick one up.

~~The Giants~~

Return to the village. Taal Nadi is standing under the shelter. Brief him on
current events. You'll discover that Aîra Mnudé is still in the Valley of the
Spirits (translation: Floating Garden). Taal Nadi hasn't seen Wallace but
expects him to show up later.

Next, visit Payan Ouva. He agrees to give you a very bright firefly if you'll
put his crawfish traps, which have gotten tangled up, back into their proper
order. He'll give you some instructions and a piece of bait. Note: This is a
random puzzle; the solution is different each time. 

Click on the lower left-hand side of the screen, then go back to the three
traps you'll see in the distance.

If you'd like, try solving the puzzle using Payan Ouva's instructions. After
you've clicked the traps a number of times (it will vary), you'll leave the
puzzle automatically.

To discover if you've been successful, talk to Payan Ouva again. He'll either
say "Bravo" and give you the firefly, or tell you that's not it, and to start

Please note that you'll have to say "Goodbye" to him before you'll be able to
move Ariane back over to the traps. Scroll down for two possible solutions.

As a point of interest, I've solved this puzzle several times without even
using the bait, and clicking on traps at random. But I digress...

Place the bait on the stone in front of any of the three traps. This will lure
a crawfish out of the water. The crawfish will be either red or green.

Each trap is tied with a different color rope: red, gray, and green. 

~If the crawfish you lure to surface is red: 
Click on the red trap, the green trap, the gray trap, and the red trap again.

~If the crawfish is green:
Click on the green trap, the gray trap, the red trap, and the green trap

Once you get the firefly, you're off to see Jahiné Duubra, who is now
blindfolded (she'll explain). Tell her the latest news. She says she'll cast a
spell to protect the village, but Ariane has to prepare the potion. She'll
also mention that at this point, although Aîra Mnudé is still in the Valley of
the Spirits, Ariane shouldn't be in there by herself.

Put the Mastodon dung on the stone next to Ariane and set it on fire with
your lighter. (Cough.) Put the coconut above the fire.

Return to Initiation Lane and look closely at the berries that are growing
beside the last post on the left. These are the Berries of the Five Senses.
Try to pick them up. Nothing happens.

Repeat after me: "g" word, "g" word. Put on the gloves! Get the berries,
return to the infirmary, and throw the berries and the crushed bones into the

Talk to Jahiné Duubra again. She'll put the potion into a sponge, which you'll
need to pick up by clicking on the coconut above the fire.

Uh-oh. Nothing hap...oh crap, just put the blasted gloves back on (they
returned to inventory after having again flown from Ariane's hands) and fetch
the sponge. Return to see Taal Nadi. Talk to him.

Go further into the shelter and squeeze the sponge over the three openings in
the floor (clicking on one of them will take care of all three). Talk to Taal
Nadi again. He'll tell Ariane that the village is now protected and says
he'll accompany her in the Valley of the Spirits.

Return to Initiation Lane. You'll see Taal Nadi in the distance. Enter the
Valley. Suddenly, Taal Nadi is no longer visible and you'll find yourself on
the Floating Garden with Aîra Mnudé. Speak to her about the conspiracy.

She'll ask for proof of what you've told her. Give her the Ball of Memory
(Ariane calls it "Bowl of Memory"). What Aîra Mnudé sees in it convinces her
to join in the apprehension of Alexander and his merry men.

After you finish talking to Aîra Mnudé, you'll be back at ground level. Return
to see Gustav, who will take you back to Askiam.

~~A Gathering~~

You're in the Marketplace once again. Ariane will ask if a phone could be
ringing. A phone then rings (Ariane is apparently clairvoyant). Go over to the
one in the Marketplace and answer it. (Note: When you arrive at the phone,
Ariane may ask a second time if a phone might be ringing.)

The call is from Enrique, who says you need to return to the telegraph office
(in the Communication Center) at once. To keep anyone else from using the
balloon, remove its helium bottle before you go. Then, enter the Altimonorail
station in the Marketplace and return to the Communication Center.

Go in and talk to Enrique about everything. He's heard that a meeting has been
requested by Adam (he refers to the meeting's location as the "wild zone").
Convince him to send a telegram about the meeting to all of the city's
inhabitants. You'll also learn that Wallace is still in the city.

Ariane will then tell Enrique that she wants to block access to the
Altimonorail station at the University. He says that the necessary adjustments
can be made in the "Itineraries and Timetables room" (this is where you found
Figaro earlier, although he isn't there now). Enrique will also give Ariane a
master key.

Take the elevator back upstairs. Take the pliers you'll see on the floor. Look
closely at the middle panel in the console and click the button marked
"Academy." The Altimonorail will no longer stop at that station.

You'll now need to find Wallace. Take the Altimonorail to the Crossroads.
(Note: One time, out of curiosity, I tried to go to the Academy. The station
is, indeed, closed.)

Once at the Crossroads, go all the way to the left of the screen. Wallace is
standing beside the pharmacy. Talk to him about Alexander's diabolical plot,
and back it up with proof. Wallace believes you and agrees to attend the
planned meeting. He also says he'll have Alexander arrested.  

~~Farewell and Adieu~~

Click the lower left-hand corner of the screen (no footprints) and go back to
Heracles' shop (no footprints). Use the master key to get in. (Note: Depending
on where Ariane lands, before you can use the key you may have to click on
some footprints that have ironically appeared at the edge of the curb just
outside the door, then click on a second set of footprints that will appear
to the left of the first set.) 

Once inside, return to the back room. Look closely at the shelf against the
wall, and take the lens from the magnifying glass with your pliers. This is
something needed for the periscope.

Exit the shop, go right, then click on the middle of the next screen, at the
bottom (there's a tiny hot-spot in this area, but you can successfully proceed
without clicking it). Hang a left, go through the city's main entrance, and
talk to Ocine. Invite him to the meeting. He gives you permission to take the
mirror -- which is also something the periscope needs -- out of his camera.

Enter the photo lab. Click on the camera to acquire the mirror.

Exit the lab. Read a new email. Head left, and leave the city via the rail
car. Instead of taking you to the savannah, however, it will transport you
back to Peter's lab (a/k/a jail).

Go to the left then click on the periscope. This will open it. You can now see
its interior. Place the firefly in the bracket on the right, illuminating the
inside. Click on the T-shaped piece of metal to remove it. Put the lens in the
brackets and the mirror into the lower circular holder. Remove the firefly.

Talk to Peter again. He'll tell you that the periscope coordinates are on the
worktable. Have a look at them, then click on the periscope again. Watch the
final cutscene.
                               Now wasn't that fun?
                               Hope you enjoyed it! 

With thanks to Tally Ho, MaGtRo, and R. Ellison
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