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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sly287wi

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/13/05

*****       **********  **********  *******       **********   **********
*****       **********  **********  **    **      **********   **********
*****       **      **  **      **  **     **     **      **   ****
*****       **      **  **********  **      **    **      **   **********
*****       **      **  **********  **      **    **      **   **********
*****       **      **  ***   ***   **     **     **      **   ****
**********  **********  ***    ***  **    **      **********   ****
**********  **********  ***    ***  *******       **********   ****

                         **********   ***    ***   **********         
                         **********   ***    ***   **********          
                            ****      ***    ***   ***               
                            ****      **********   **********        
                            ****      **********   **********       
                            ****      ***    ***   ***             
                            ****      ***    ***   **********     
                            ****      ***    ***   **********    

	   **********   **********   ***    ***   **********   ********** 
	   **********   **********   ****   ***   **********   **********
	   **      **      ****      *****  ***   ***          ***
	   **********      ****      ****** ***   ***          **********
	   **********      ****      *** ******   ***  *****   **********
	   ***   ***       ****      ***  *****   ***  ***            ***
	   ***    ***   **********   ***   ****   **********   **********
	   ***    ***   **********   ***    ***   **********   **********

                          \                                    /
                           \    THE BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH!  / 

Boring stuff

Game :Lord of The Rings The Battle for Middle Earth 
Type of file: FAQ and Walkthrough
Author: sly287wi ( Tom Henderson and Adam Wooding )
Version: 0.1
Contact: thomasjameshenderson@yahoo.co.uk



1. Copyright information
2. Version information
3. Hero's 
   a)Good side Hero's
   b)Evil side Hero's
   c)My faverite Hero's
   a)Good Campaign
   b)Bad Campaign 

  ( if you want to skip to a certain part use Ctrl + F and type it in )

I am not personaly bothered if you use this walkthrough but if you copy it I 
would like you to give me credit or at least put my name on it( e.g This 
walkthrough was origionaly done by Tom Henderson and Adam wooding ), but 
other than that i am not bothered where you use or show it.



Version 0.1

>Started Walkthrough
>Did some of
>Did basic Good campaign up to Helms Deep

( posting next version v.v.soon 
  hopefully including the following
  > bad campaign up 2 Helms deep
  > more hero details


 a)Good side hero's.

First of all he is the best Hero in the game with no competition, and can wipe 
out hundereds of the enemy in 1 move! Gandalf starts with 1200 health and does 
a melee damage of 100 at level 1. When he levels he gains 60 to maximum health 
and 10 to melee damage. Gandalf has an array of spells and bonuses which easily 
change the tide of the battle.
 Lvl 1 Wizard Blast :- The original spell, this takes a second to prepare, then
sends enemies in a certain area flying back and maybe killing them. Very useful
 Lvl 2 Lightning Sword :- Again takes a couple of seconds to prepare, then 
sends bolts of lightning from his sword at the enemy. This will last for as
 long as there is an emeny in it's range or it runs out of time, about 5-10 
seconds. Powerful, good all round
 Lvl 4 Leadership Bonus (Passive) :- Adds 75% to armour and 300% to combat 
experince. Always helpful.
 Lvl 5 Mount :- Whistle, get on shadowfax. Faster movement 25% more armour
against melee and cavalry. 50% less armour against archers and pikes. Bloody 
useful if ur in troublt or need to help someone who is.
 Lvl 5 Istari Light :- Imits a line light from staff, line damages anything. 
Very good on nazgul, buildings and seige equipment.
 Lvl 10 Word of Power :- Best move of the game, run into the middle of the 
enemies, use it and everything around is blown back and dies. Extremly Powerful
 doing 500! damage.

Aragon may look not the best in low lvls but lvl 10 he can win a war so train 
him wizely. Aragon starts with 1200 health and does a melee damage of 60 at 
level 1. When he levels he gains 60 to maximum health and 10 to melee damage.
Aragon has some useful skills which can help in tight corners.
 Lvl 1 Athelas :- Heal all nearby Heroes. Handy in the campaign.
 Lvl 2 Blade Master :- Adds 100% damage for a period of time. Helpful vs Trolls
 in first lvls and buildings in later.
 Lvl 4 Leadership Bonus (Passive) :- Adds 150% to damage and 200% to combat 
experince. Always helpful.
 Lvl 5 Elendil :- Scares all nearby enemies for a short time. Good for tight
 Lvl 10 Oathbreakers :- Summons the army of ther dead. Can turn the tides of 
the battle better than any skill on the game, but use it wizely.

First of all he can take any huge army down without them notecing online 
which can be handy. In campaign he especialy helps when you are getting seiged. 

Funny little hero who cannot realy win a battle on his own but when at a high
 lvl can take down buildings in seconds with  


>The Hobbits ( all the same bar Frodo who has 2 extra move )
Funny little support chars that can be useful online at only 100$.






 b)Evil side hero's

If you command a good army he can take down most other hero's easily.

>Witch king

Probubaly my most disliked character as he hardly does any damage and has no 
real use.

 c) My faverite Hero's



If you want me to put all the list of powers then E-mail me telling me so 
( e-mail is at top)  
All i am going to put here is what i think of the powers. The most usefull 
powers on the good side are - Summon army of the dead, summon rohan allies, 
summon eagls, summon ents and summon elven allies. If used all at once The 
black gate forces can turn to pulp. 


 w     w   a   ll     k    kttttttthh   hhrrrrrrrooooooouu   uuggggggghh   hh
 w     w  a a  ll     k  kk    t   hh   hhrr   rroo   oouu   uug      hh   hh
 w  w  w a   a ll     kkkk     t   hhhhhhhrrrrrrroo   oouu   uug  gggghhhhhhh
 w www waaaaaaall     k  kk    t   hh   hhrr  rr oo   oouuuuuuug    gghh   hh
 ww  wwwa     alllllllk    k   t   hh   hhrr   rrooooooouuuuuuuggggggghh   hh


 a) Good Campaign

The good campaign is the easyer of the 2. It has the best hero's which can 
change the  tides of the war. Also you get walls around your camp which the 
enemy doesn't and this means you are protected from the enemy and unless the 
enemy has seige equipment, you cannot be breached :-)

Powers of good: The way i chose worked for me but it doesnt matter that much.
This is the order i put to when i got the skill points - Elven gifts, Heal,
Gandalf the white, draft, Rohan riders, anduril,cloud break, Elven alies,
army of the dead, eagles.

Moria! + 1 power

Lets put it this way. If you can't complete this in easy setting way then u
mite aswell take it back to the shop.

Basicly set your hobits to use rock throw and select all your hero's and send
them up the corridor killing all in way. There are some level up sword and
shields you  can pick up, and i advise using Gandalf, aragon and legolas to
pickthese up. When  u get to the place where there is a left turning and a
troll in that room, use  gimlis axe throw and legolas's Hawk Strike to weakon
it and then just send all your hero's to kill it. In theroom at the end of
the corridor when the trolls come use basicaly the same tactick, DO NOT use
wizard blast because u can have some fun with it in the next room. When they
all come at you send all hero's bar gandalf to attack them. Then go behind
your other hero's with gandal and use wizard blast. It will send 5-80 orcs
flying LOL!!. For the BALROG just run around and when u can, use gandalfs
lightning swrord or wizard blast and you heal power if needed. Well
done you have just completed the 1st and easyest levlel on LOTR BFME!!!!!

You can now pick out of 3 different places. A good idea is to pick them for
what reward you get after them ( +1 power ect). I picked them in this order
but it doesnt realy change the game much but i picked them because of the
bonus for completing them.

Rohan! + 20 command

Personaly i find the rohan levels boring after a whyl because they are all the
same aprt from they get better units after a whyl so it is more chalenging
( epecialy on hard mode ). First build 4 farms as quick as you can and in the
meantime send Eomer (without other rohan units) all the way East ( capturing
the farm outpost on the way) to save peasents for a bonus objective. Because
of the weakness of these peasants send them about halfway down the map there
is a goblin pit to sacrifice them on. Then when they are dead bring Eomer down
to finish them off and kill the pit. When your 4 farms are built, build a
archery and 1 set of archers and after they are build destroy it and build a
well in its place. Send the archers south and a little bit east and put them
in the tower for another extra bonus objective. If the uruk spoted you and
are demolishing the tower send your horses down to help it and if they get
injured send back to well. By now you should have enough money to build a
Horse stable on the remaining build site. Send Eomer down a bit to fight
some forces but they may  overwhelm him so be careful. Build as many horses
as you can and send them all the way east and capture the outpost and build
a well at the bottom build site. if Eomer is at full health send all your
cavelry to where he is and send them  south and destroy the main camp.

Lothlorien! + 1 power + 50 command

This is just a defense mission, and an easy one if you play it right evan on
hard mode.Advance down the path and kill all the people who attack you and
when u get to a bridge on your right don't go down it but go east and kill
the Lumber mill( it helps towards a bonus objective ). Then cross the bridge
and send your hero's bar hobbits to just above the North-west bridge because
the first 3 waves come in there. Group the 2 elven warriors near that bridge
and put at the closest end or the bridge to your base. Do the same with the
elven warriors in the south for later. With your hobits pick up all the
money scattered about the place and build a Elvan barracks and build a few.
When you have picked up all the money with the hobbits kill the 2 lubermills
in the top right and center to gain a bonus objective. Whyl this is
happerning your hero's will be kicking some ass but if they get low on
health use aragons Athelas if in need. Use gandalfs Wizard Blast and gimli's
leap attack to clear big crouds. After 3 attackes they attack from the south
so sent the hero's down there and when it has finnished sent them up to the
top one again and the final attack will come with 5 trolls so be careful.

Back to rohan, but there is a choise again. Depending on what u picked last
time depends what u can pick this time. I'l do the one that i picked after
the one that i picked earlyer.

Eastern Rohan + 1 power

You have to be quick to save the peasants at the beggining of this. Send all
your cavelry + Eomer slightly east and south along the path. Build 2 farms and
a well. When you see some peasants and uruk chacing them, kill them all!!! and
send them back to the well, when healed send them all the way east to save the
rest of thepeasents! Now build more farms and scout for outposts and farms to
capture. builda stable when u can and get as many horses as u can and then
build the Hourse armor upgrade. Also build an armoury and get all the upgrades
and buy them for all your horses. This will take time so put them behind your
base and build Battle towers and use Eomer if they get to close. It will take
a whyl but when you are fully upgraded send all south with Eomer and kill the
main camp and if u dont get a victory then go all the way east and finnish off
the outpost there. Getiin funner?

Amon hen! + 20 command points + 1 power

This level is nearly as easy as the first apart from you have to "earn" your
hero's.First of all you will get Gandalf, Aragon and 2 hobbits. Set the hobbits
to rock throw. When you get controle send gandalf left and aragon right to stop
the incoming orcs, and let the hobbits do as they want to. After the 2nd wave
of them start sending all you units down. You will then see legolas and gimli
"in trouble", but allyou need to do is leave them because they will survive
easily. Go back to your other units and start sending them north until you see
2 trols. Use gandalfs lightning sword and if it doesnt kill both of them attack
with aragon and gandalf. When all the orcs you could see are dead send everyone
bar gandalf to the far right hand side of the screan ( inbetween where gandalf
and Legolas started ). Whith gandalf send him west of the other hero's next to
the steps .When the warg riders attack him just use wizard blast on them and
kill the rest. Then you should see boromir being attacked. Send all your units
to help him but send aragon down to kill Lurtz with blademaster.
After you have killed all of them group all your Hero's together ( bar hobits
if you want ) and send north to kick ass. You mite have to use heal just befor
 the 3 trolls come and use legolas's hawk strike, gimlis leap attack and
gandalfs moves.Then send hobbits to the boad.

You now get 3 more choises but i picked a certain 1 because of the highest

West Emnet! + 20 command + 10% resorses

This is quite hard to win with out Losing any batalians unless your on easy
setting.Medium and hard setting people prepare to lose units.Select all your
units and send them all the way north as fast as you can. Whyl they are moving
build 2 farms. When they are near the top send all the way east to find the
Evil camp. Just to the westof the camp there should be some pike men. DO NOT
ATTACK THEM YET.Dismount Eowin and send him to attack them. If they
concentrate on attacking him Attack them with ALLyour horses. If you are like
 me at least 1horse of each batalian will survive. YOU MUST USE HEAL NOW!!!
then finish off the camp. If Eowin died you can revive him now or begining
of next mission.

East Emnet! +20 command

Same tactic as befor ( only if most of your horses survived )
Go all the way east then all the way north and when you get to the camp there
will be pikemen to the left so use the same tactic as befor or just take them
by suprizeand trample them befor they see you. You will lose some units here,
but keep your head high and finish off the camp ( I finished with only 3
batalians ). Now do you agree that these missions are borring?

Eves of fangor! + 30 command + 10% resorses

You start off with 4 sets of cavelry ( 2 archer ) batalians. Go east and
destroy the 1st lumbermill you see to get an ent, and send him to the far
south western side of the screan to get another ent. Whyl he is moving take
your cavelry right to get an out post. Build a well and whyl that is
building go south east and destroy the lumbermill there. When that is done
go back to your outpost and defend it till your reinforcements arive, whyl
the ents wreak havock( build what u want in outpost).When the reinforcements
arive send them all north to where the camp is and destroy it to stop
production then send west to save hobbits and then find and destroy the
rest of the lumbermills ( most on the right hand side of the map)

Again another choise but again, pick the one with the best rewards for you. I
personaly want the powers at the moment so guess which one I picked.

Fangorn + 2 power

Hard mission for horses unless you know where ents are. Move all your cavelry
all the way south but send Eomer north. Buy farms and outposts when you see
them.When you find the ents to the north send them west and wreak havock to
anything you find. On the northmost outpost you have build an archery and 4
battalions of archers. When they are build send them to there death bt the
outpost to the west,which the ents should be damaging ( especialy the pikemen)
Send your archers tothe middle and you should get controle of 2 more ents
( 1 from the north 1 from west. Use these to destroy the base then send 2
cavelry units north to where Eomeris and the rest all the way west to destroy
outpost there. Eomer and northern Cavelry should go north and destroy outpost
there. Ents should go north west to destroy outpost there. Wern't the ents
useful ;)

Another choice but pick the 1 with most reward as you should know by now!

East fold! + 20 command + 10% resorses

This is a nice easy mission if you play it right. First mount gandalf and send
all your units North west killing all in path and if you run into any pikemen
then use gandalf ( on foot if possible ) or 1 of gandalfs moves. When you get
to the camp destroy it, and end a very boring but quick mission.

Helms deep! +2 power + 20 command

This is the first "big one!!". Is it hard? Hmmmmm........ no way. By now you
should have 280 command points so build a nice big archer group and you will
be fine. Start off by buying farms on all the the plots availible bar 1 where
you build an armory. Whyl this is happening send the 1 cavelry unit you have
to get the 2 money crates ( there not hard to find, and there within your
walls). When all buildings bought, build gondor archers and put them above
the gate, until you can buy elven archers then scatter them all along the
deeping wall ( you shouldof got the reinforcement elves ). If you get the
walning that peasents are being attacked, make Theodin and Eowyn mount and
send the horses with them to kill off the Wargs. Get fire arrows as the timer
is at about 2 min if you havent already finished building elves. and after all
 archers are upgraded start buying the upgrades from the armory and use them
on arches. Send Theodin and Eowyn to just outside the main gate with the rest
 of your hero's and dismount them, but send legolas to the middle of the
deeping wall training up the archers. As soon as the the Evil side starts
ariving use your power - rohan riders - STRAIGHT away and start attacking
them, and they will not attack back till they get to the middle ( remember
to keep upgrading archers ) Whatch your heros health and use aragons heal
and your power heal, until you need to send them through the secret door.
After they deal with wargs, leave them there unless injured. If ladders get
 too close use legolas's hawk strike. You'l be able to hold out using this
tactic till your Allies come then just take out the camps. See its not that
hard afterall
 END  **for now**

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