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by A Backdated Future

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future

Version: XS2.2 | Updated: 05/04/15

Walkthrough (Continued)

BOSS #07


  • HP: [1610] N / [2737] H / [3703] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[38]
  • http://youtu.be/pFkp8Zitn3o

Use jumping attacks, then retreat to the ledge on the right and repeat. Watch out for the slime-type enemies that appear; all it does is throw slime at you, and for minimal damage.

Once the boss is toast, head back north until you get to the ledge on your left. Drop down and continue north to the next area, then turn north at the next fork, following the long path until you arrive at the Cave Lake.

Cave Lake / Backtracking (1)

Event Items [_] Mirror Fragment (3) Event Items[_] Lucky Silver Coin
[_] Pirates' FirewaterItems [_] Blue Potion
[_] Gold Locket[_] Seed of Power
[_] Black Tabula[_] Capla Water


Your Brillante Sword MUST be level 8 or higher. If you've been reading the guide this far from the start of the Limewater Cave, you should have already done so. If not, you're going to need to go back and upgrade it. If you are at 8... Great!

Run into the water, and keep going north. On your right side, you will see a chest. To open it, jump up on the stone that is above the surface. Dash jump from here, and onto the pillar, and then jump up to the chest. It contains a Blue Potion. Go north, save your game at the Silver Monument, and prepare for a boss battle. When you're absolutely ready, head north and pick up the Mirror Fragment (3) to trigger a boss fight.

BOSS #08

Orjugan, The Roar from the Abyss

  • HP: [1200] N / [1500] H / [1650] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[38]
  • http://youtu.be/iWqL-eIc0tg

It is VERY important that you are strong enough, with your Brillante being at level 8 or higher. My Adol was also at level 39 when I engaged the boss.

The most important thing is to gather up MP by hitting the boss's arms using up-thrusts. Use the Brillante to do this, as it is ONLY the Brillante's magic you will want to use. Do not stay in the middle of the area when you do not have to, as the boss will easily hit you with a laser beam if you do. The boss wil also try to hit you with its arms, but you can avoid this by jumping. When the boss launches birds towards you, hit them back at the boss, if you can. If not, just run from one side of the screen to the other.

Once you have attacked the arms enough, and your MP meter is full, face the boss head on from the middle of the area, and unleash the magic attack of the Brillante. You should have to do this 3 to 5 times before he'll finally fall.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the It's Never Just a Statue achievement upon defeating Orjugan.

Now, go south again to save your game.


Take the time now -- if you haven't already -- to accumulate 12,030 Emel. This will allow you to upgrade your weapons to level 9 momentarily. It shouldn't take long against the flying, hard-shelled enemies to the north and west of the Midpoint Silver Monument.

When you're ready, return to the boss room, then use one of the boss's arms to exit the room to the north. Examine the wall in front of you, then try to leave. When you control Adol again, you will be on the ship.

Sunrise Inlet

Get out of the room you start in, and go into the next one to the east. Run down the stairs and through the eastern door to find some Pirates' Firewater in a chest. Go back up, unboard the ship, and talk to Captain Ladoc. He will take you to Port Rimorge again.

Port Rimorge

Head southwest down to the docks and talk to Terra for a Seed of Power. Now that you're back in Rimorge, go ahead and increase your weapons to level 9! Be sure to stockpile any and all healing items as well; you should be able to afford 9 of everything but the Blue Potion now. (Not that I actually recommend doing that; you'd probably be better off just saving your money.)

Other than checking out the inn and the old man's house to find Dogi, there's not much to do here. So let's make our way back to Rehdan Village.

Rehdan Village

Upon arriving, go up a level or two and talk to a man called Toksa by the house on the right. He has his eye on your Pirates' Firewater; agree to trade it to him, and you'll receive a Gold Locket. Now, head to the room where Olha has been praying for a scene. Afterward, give Olha the last Mirror Fragment to receive a Capla Water. After the mirror has been repaired, you will see a scene from the altar in the Zemeth Sanctum.

So, time to go check out what really happened in the Sanctum north of the Ruins of Lost Time. Do NOT teleport to the Depths of the Ruins though; we have another Tabula to get first. Go ahead and teleport to the ENTRANCE of the Ruins of Lost Time.

Ruins of Lost Time

Save your game once you're in the ruins, then head to the room where you can find the four pillars that you once dash jumped to in order to fall down in the middle of them. (One screen east of the long, horizontal room with the statues in the background.) Go to the northeastern part of this room, and stop when you get to the chest here. Equip the Rainbow Fragment, and a platform will appear to your left. Jump on it, and continue jumping until you see a huge pillar floating above you. Equip the Ericcil, the yellow lightning sword, and then stand on the far right edge of the connected platforms you are standing on.

Start doing a combo with many slashes. You will eventually charge under the pillar, but get to the other side. You need to use the Ericcil to do this! Head into the next room by going north. Attempt to open the chest in here, and kill three enemies that appear. Once they're down, then open the chest for real to get the Black Tabula. All right, NOW teleport to the Depths of the Ruins and head north to the Zemeth Sanctum from earlier. Once you're there and have climbed up to the next level, watch the long series of scenes unfold. When you finally regain control, head back inside the ruins and use the Wing of Alma to return to Port Rimorge.

Port Rimorge / Rehdan Village

When you arrive there, talk to the man in blue outside of the inn (Carmine). Give him the Gold Locket, and you will receive a Lucky Silver Coin. Now, head back to Rehdan Village, talk to the chief here, then head back to Port Rimorge once more. Buy healing items if you need them, then talk to Baslam in his house east of the inn. After the scene here, you will be asked if you're ready. If you are 100% prepared for the next area, then talk to Terra and proceed.

The Romun Fleet / Backtracking (2)

Misc. [_] 10,000 Gold Event Items [_] Admiral's Key
[_] 10,000 Gold [_] Romun Key
[_] 10,000 Gold[_] Wyvern Medaille
Accessories[_] Daylight Stone[_] Pikkard x4
[_] Starlight MedalItems[_] Seed of Vitality (20,000G)

Get on the ship and enter the door up to the northeast. Run west past all the doors and head down the stairs. Go northeast past the locked chest and into a door with a prison inside. Take out the soldier here, then talk to the ones inside the prison to have the cell opened for you. Ur will give you the Admiral's Key before fleeing. Head up on deck again, then head southeast onto another ship. Enter the door northeast on this ship, just like you did on the last ship. Run west and down the stairs now, and be sure to save your game at the Silver Monument . Put some healing items in your Item slot, as a boss fight is nigh. Go northeast and open the metal door with the Admiral's Key, and you'll run into...

BOSS #09

Lanaluna, The Giant Toad From Deep Afroca

  • HP: [2000] N / [2500] H / [3000] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [38]
  • http://youtu.be/aZdjyz-8q2k

DO NOT JUMP, and stay near it at all times! Slash like crazy using your strongest swords. (Ericcil seems to work best for me.) When your MP meter is full, use Sword Magic. The key is to STAY CLOSE to the boss while attacking, and it should go down pretty fast. Switch to behind it when you start seeing it swell up, as it will either start rolling around, or it will spew poison. The boss will also sometimes attempt to go invisible, but it's still pretty easy to see; just attack it a few times to have it come back to visible.

If the boss starts rolling around, try to predict where it will bounce - just think of it as pinball, and thrash it when it lands and opens back up. The boss has two more attacks; an attack where it will throw its tongue at you, but you can avoid it by staying close to the boss and NOT jumping while it's swinging around. It will also swell up, then spew poison at you; do your best to stay away from it.

Now, after Geis has taken care of business, check out the body of the Admiral to find Romun Key. Time to use they key, but be very careful, as your two teammates have a bad habit of dying very easily. (Just remember that healing yourself will also heal them.) Head back up stairs, and up another set of stairs to where you met Terra earlier, if you ventured up there. Here, you will find a chest containing Starlight Medal. Now head back down to the room with two sets of stairs and start heading east. In the third room from the left, you'll find 10,000 Gold.

Now, head up on deck and go to the next ship, heading back down into the inside of this ship as well. Head all the way west to two sets of stairs; go up a floor to find another chest with 10,000 Gold, then go back and down the stairs beside it to find one last chest with 10,000 Gold. Now, quickly head back to Port Rimorge, where you'll then have to watch another long, revealing scene...

Port Rimorge

When you regain control, go to the shack where you usually upgrade your weapons, and you will hear that for 100, 000 Emel, it would be possible to get a special armor. In any case, head outside and talk to the boy -- Emilio -- waiting in the center of Port Rimorge. He says that his Pikkards have gone missing, so it'll be up to you to find all four of them.

  • 1) Grana-Vallis Mountain: Teleport to the Peak and head southeast. You'll find the Pikkard wandering around in the next area.We can get 3 of the 4 now, so let's work on that. Keep in mind that you can only carry ONE Pikkard at a time, so you will have to return it to Emilio in Port Rimorge before you can pick up the next. Here we go!
  • 2) Ruins of Lost Time: Teleport to the Depths. The Pikkard is playing right around the Spirit Monument.
  • 3) Sunrise Inlet (Limewater Cave): Teleport to the Lake of the Limewater Cave and head all the way north to the Sunrise Inlet. The Pikkard is lounging about to the northeast.

After you have those three, it's time to head back to Rehdan Village again.

Rehdan Village

Buy Seed of Vitality from Kevin at the bridge Southwest in the village for 20,000 Gold (or you can buy more than one, if you like; other than healing items, it's the only thing worth buying left in the game). Enter the room where the chief was lying in his bed to meet up with him, Olha, and Ur. The chief gives you a Wyvern Medaille and tell you that you can use it to enter Windseeker Heights located northwest of the village. Leave Rehdan Village and make your way northwest.

Quatera Woods

Make your way north and northeast until you eventually arrive at the Windseeker Heights.

  • 4) Windseeker Heights (Quatera Woods): Here, you'll find the fourth and final Pikkard. Don't return it just yet; we'll teleport in a moment once we have a shortcut.

Now, touch the altar in front of you, since you have the Wyvern Medaille, you'll uncover some stairs. Use them to get down into the ruins.

Ruined City of Kishgal

We're ARE tackling the dungeon next, but we need to check out the Spirit Monument first so that we can teleport here easily after returning the Pikkard. This is the final dungeon of the game, and we still have a bit more to do afterward, but we need to go through it at least once for now before we're ready to take care of the rest of the optional stuff. In any case, now that you have all four Pikkards, return to the final one to Emilio, and you'll receive the Daylight Stone.

Now, with the Pikkards returned and the Daylight Stone in hand, it's time to take on the Ruined City of Kishgal.


Keep in mind that you're going to need to spend a LOT of time grinding, as the bosses inside Napishtim are HARD. (If you want to max out your weapons at level 11, you're going to need 300,000 Emel as well; each weapon costs 100,000 Emel to upgrade from 10 to 11.) Also, we will be attempting to tackle optional bosses at the end of one of our runs -- including that little dude that slaughtered us back in the Ruins of Lost Time, and he's still pretty tough, so we will need to be as prepared as possible.

Ruined City of Kishgal (1)

Misc. [_] 80,000 Emel Accessories[_] Winged God Emblem
[_] 10,000 Emel Items [_] Blue Potion
Shields [_] Emelas Shield [_] Seed of Vitality
Armor[_] Emelas Armor[_] Capla Water
Event Items[_] White Tabula[_] Blue Potion
Accessories[_] Accessory Slot [_] Blue Potion


This dungeon can be VERY difficult during your first run. Be sure to use the Wing of Alma at ANY time that you feel you're not going to make it. Like I mentioned before, you're going to be spending a lot of time grinding here anyway.

Save your game at the Silver Monument. Go south, and along the way, you will notice an enemy that spits a beam of fire; use down-thrusts against it. (Also, LOOK! The Emel dropped here isn't the same small kind as earlier! It's much bigger and yields more!) Continue running southeast past the razor-type enemies and into a door. In here is your next "boss"; an enemy that has been sucked onto the wall in front of you.

BOSS #10


  • HP: [2508] N / [4263] H / [5768] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[43]
  • http://youtu.be/k7DI5E5ZOKM

Kill it easily by using my favorite attack: the down-thrust. The enemy might try to hit the floor and make some stones fall from above, but if you stay close to the enemy and jump right as he hits the ground, you shouldn't get hit.

Head into the door to get further north. In here, there's two blade-type enemies, and one enemy that can heal you (and your enemies). You'll be doing a lot of down-thrusting to get rid of them all.

Head down the stairs to the west and follow the straightforward path. Continue running down stairs until you come to an area where the wall is open; drop down here. Down here, destroy the bomb enemies before they blow themselves up, then head into the door you'll come to to the northeast. (These bomb enemies give a LOT of EXP, so enter/exit through this door several times until you reach Level 47 and have at least 42,700 Emel.) Now, in that room, start running and drop down. Continue dropping down, and you'll eventually see a chest to your right; make your way over there and grab the Blue Potion out of it. Now drop all the way down, then head out of the room by going south. Here you will find the White Tabula.

Steam Achievements

Upon grabbing the White Tabula, you should now have all 5 Tabulas and earn the Tabula Amassa achievement.

Go all the way back up to where you were fighting the bomb enemies. Now, go east and jump up to the ledge above you by standing on the broken wall that lies on the floor. Run east, up some stairs, and find the chest containing a Seed of Vitality to the northwest. Now run east down some other stairs, past two of the circling fire enemies, and west along the path some more into another doorway. In here, down-thrust to kill another Kishcarin (wall-stuck "boss"), then go north into a new opening in the wall. Activate the crystal in here, then go to the middle of the platform and answer Yes to go down the lift. Find Capla Water to the west once you have arrived at the bottom of the lift, and then save your game at the Silver Monument. Hold off on going anywhere for JUST a moment, but make sure you have at least 52,700 Emel.

Run south, then east up some stairs and continue running until you see a doorway to the north. Enter to find 80,000 Emel. Happy, yes? You will also find an Accessory Slot and an Emelas Shield.

Now, with all of this in hand, NOW you can teleport back to Port Rimorge. You can do two things here, given that you listened to me and was able to procure over 50,000 Emel on your own throughout the dungeon. First, you can upgrade your weapons to Level 11. Second, you can give 100,000 Emel to Leav, and she will make the Emelas Armor for you!

Steam Achievements

Upon forging the Emelas Armor, you should now have all shields and armor, and earn the For the Hoard achievement.

Next, head over to the Inn and talk to Auguste. Read over the Tabulas, then choose to give him all five of them. He'll give you the Winged God Emblem. While you're out and about, make sure to stock up on healing items, and even talk to Kevin in Rehdan Village to get another Seed of Vitality or two, if you have the cash for them.

With all of that in hand, you're ready to finish up the dungeon. Return to the Midpoint of the Ruined City of Kishgal to continue from where you left off.

Head south and east, then follow the path to the doorway where we found our riches. Head down the stairs and continue west to the next area. When you get to a fork, head north and into a room; drop down until you see a chest, which will contains Blue Potion. At the bottom, exit the room and activate the crystal by hitting it. You can see what happened after that, meaning that we need to activate a few more to form a bridge. Head all the way back up, once again.

Jump west over the platform that has appeared and walk into the door on the other side. In here, drop all the way down and activate the crystal at the bottom. Collect the Blue Potion on your way up again. Once you are at the top, and outside of the room again, drop straight down where there is no wall to find a chest with 10,000 Emel. Then run up again by going to the far south and up the stairs to the east. Now, drop down south of the room where you first dropped all the way down, and activate the crystal there. You should have 3 of the 4 activated; make your way back up once again and use the platforms that appeared to go south and activate the final crystal. With that done, you can now use all four to go north to the Wyvern Corridor and save your game at a new Silver Monument.


This is where you should go back by using the Wing of Alma, as you should really attend to some matters before finishing the game. And yeah, you might want to level up more as well. But in theory, you can continue north, yes.

Optional Bosses / Ruined City of Kishgal (2)

Accessories [_] Emelas Crown
[_] Emelas Glove
[_] Emelas Guard
Event Items [_] Mirror of Zeme

Now that you've cleared the Ruined City of Kishgal at least once, you should be ready to take on the upgraded versions of the original three mini bosses. Here is my setup before continuing:

  • Adol - Level 48
  • All Swords - Level 10
  • Emelas Shield
  • Emelas Armor
  • Lucky Silver Coin (Boosts Critical Rate)
  • Starlight Medal (Boosts EXP)
  • Bloody Nail (Recovers HP upon killing enemies)
  • Galba Hand (+10 ATK / -10 DEF)
  • Winged God Emblem (Prevents all anomalies)

Now, let's get started.

Quatera Woods

First up is our man-eating plant friend in the northwest Quatera Woods. Let's go pay him a visit, shall we?

BOSS #11


  • HP: [2462] N / [3640] H / [4680] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[48]
  • http://youtu.be/egMYTrAHIN0

At the start, this thing was next to impossible. Now, it's a bit more manageable. With your red Brillante Sword, try landing as charged sword blows from a short distance that you can; you should get around 3 hits per blow, then quickly jump out of the way before you're bitten. (Start the charge a fair distance away, and by the time he's close to you, they should land.)

If you have any special moves charged up on any / all of your swords, try to save them for when its helpers start to group together around the boss and cause you grief; you'll take out quite a few of them all at once, if you do. Speaking of its helpers, try to knock their eggs out quickly; if you don't, take THEM out quickly, as they can easily disrupt your attacking and knock you straight to the ground repeatedly, making it easy to be cornered and killed.

  • The only attack he has is a normal bite, and it's somewhat harsh, hitting for 50+ damage a bit. Try to land a few hits on it, then jump away as it bites as to avoid damage.
  • Like Zomplas, the final "attack" the boss has is throwing eggs on the floor. Attack them to blow them into the water. If you don't do this quickly, the eggs will hatch, and all of the forest fiends will start attacking you at once.

After it's defeated, grab the Emelas Crown and equip it at once (in place of the Starlight Medal)! Next up: the Canaan Plains!

Canaan Plains

Head north to to the bridge, but before crossing it, head west and make your way to find our buzzing bee friend.

BOSS #12


  • HP: [952] N / [1400] H / [2008] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[48]
  • http://youtu.be/z3YWRUd_-yw

You'll want to use Livart in this battle. You can only damage it while it's flying at your level, so don't even bother to try attacking it when it's way up in the air. Try to land either down-thrusts, or just attack it with a combo when you can. (If you have magic saved up, let loose from all that you have.) Once it rises into the air, plenty of its little helpers will drop down and start suicide-bombing you; try to kill them off if you can, or just jump repeatedly to avoid them.

Here are the boss's attacks:

  • It will charge at you with its stinger; jump quickly out of the way before it hits.
  • It will send a flying stinger your way; wait for it to get close, then jump over it. It may loop back around and try to hit you again, so be careful. If you can, try to hug the stone wall to the north and lure the stinger to explode on it instead of you.

Once he's toast, you will be rewarded with an Emelas Glove. Equip it as well (in place of the Galba Hand). Lastly, let's return to the Limewater Cave.

Limewater Cave

This one's a bit trickier to get to. Teleport to the Midpoint of the Cave, and from the save room, go...

  • North
  • East
  • North
  • Northeast
  • North
  • West
  • South (don't drop down the ledge)

...where you will find our jolly jelly friend.

BOSS #13


  • HP: [1773] N / [3180] H / [4303] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[48]
  • http://youtu.be/e3UAzfn657g

Use jumping attacks, then retreat to the ledge on the right and repeat. Watch out for the slime-type enemies that appear; all it does is throw slime at you, and for minimal damage.

The reward for killing it is is Emelas Guard. Don't worry about equipping it; it's not that great.

Those were a bit TOO easy, eh? Well, Falcom has an answer for that. And to be honest, you have to be slightly nuts to want to even try defeating him.

FOR ALL OF YOU NORMAL GAMERS, I recommend skipping this block and going ahead to Ruined City of Kishgal (2) to proceed and end the game.


Majunun may be one of the smallest enemies, but he is THE biggest challenge in the game. (Yes, even more so than the final boss.)

First, you're going to need a LOT of Emel. 300,000+, to be exact. (100,000 for each sword to level 11 / Max.) The best (and easiest) place to grind for Emel is in the the area of Kishgal where you run into the bomb enemies that only take one hit to defeat (about 5 screens back from the Midpoint). They drop Emel very frequently, and you don't have to worry too much about dying against them. Depending on your luck, you'll only need to fight them for 30 to 60 minutes before you have all the Emel you need. Just make sure to have the Emel Mallet and the Starlight Medal equipped to help speed it along. Once you have all 300,000 Emel, then upgrade your weapons to Level 11.

Also, you should be around level 57-60 before continuing to the final set of bosses. If you are still under level 57, keep on grinding! This is an UNHOLY amount of grinding, but the game was developed this way - don't blame me, blame Nihon Falcom. Majunun really doesn't take much damage, so the stronger you are, the better.

Now, listen. The most important thing now is that you equip all accessories that raise STRENGTH. Even though you lose DEFENSE by doing this, don't mind that, as STRENGTH is what you will benefit you the most. As much as possible. My Adol at level 57 had a total of 320 strength with all the equipment on. Here is my setup before going forward:

  • Adol - Level 57
  • All Swords - Level 11
  • Emelas Shield
  • Emelas Armor
  • Lucky Silver Coin (Boosts Critical Rate)
  • Eldian Orb (Boosts Magic Gauge Recovery)
  • Emelas Glove (+5 ATK / +5 DEF)
  • Emelas Crown (Max HP +50%)
  • Galba Hand (+10 ATK / -10 DEF)

When you're ready, head to Ruins of Lost Time again, and then drop down in the middle of the four pillars. If you don't remember the pillars, you can find them in the room where all the jumping from platform to platform takes place -- the room after the really long horizontal corridor. Well, drop down the pillars, then put LOTS of healing items in your Item slot. (Blue Potions are wonderful.) When you're ready, dash jump north (or equip the Rainbow Fragment to see a platform you can land on instead of dash jumping). You will end up in a room with a boss; if you have followed this guide from the start, you should remember being in here earlier, dying to grab the Eldian Orb. Here goes!!



  • HP: [7610] N / [8371] H / [9132] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [57]
  • http://youtu.be/bsItNn8P0D0

Some say that Majunun is the hardest enemy in the entire game. His strategy is fairly easy, though you need a properly (read: OVER) leveled Adol, and a top leveled sword. If Adol is able to damage the boss each time he slashes at it with his sword, you should be good to go. If not, you need more strength / to level up. Level 57 is a GENEROUS guess at where you should be. The closer to 60 you can get, the better.

The boss has three attacks. One where it will launch red beams at you. When this happens, run and jump as well as you can. If you are lucky, you won't get hit too many times. Another attack is that the boss will generate earthquakes. When this happens, be quick and run as far away as you can. The last, as most common attack are some white beams that move slowly. Just dodge them by running between them.

Your strategy when thinking offense will be your sword magic. Forget getting too close to him; Ericcil will be doing the most damage with its sword magic, followed by Brillante and Livart. Being at Level 11 (and having the Eldian Orb equipped), your MP meter should fill up quickly, so avoid all attacks the best you can, then unleash repeated Lightning strikes from Ericcil as soon as they're available. (And if you can sneak in to unleash a Maelstrom attack with Livart, then do that as well. Brillante's Explosion is a little too difficult to aim to rely on for damage.)

Keep an eye on your health, and be sure to use Blue Potions / Capla Waters as needed to survive. Once the boss is dead, it drops three Capla Waters for your troubles.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the Because It's There achievement upon defeating Majunun.

Ruined City of Kishgal (2)

All that's left to do is finish the game. I STRONGLY recommend being at Level 50 and having Level 11 weapons. If you already beat Majunun, then great! You're already there! Otherwise, you'll want to return to the Midpoint, then head back about five screens or so and grind against the exploding bomb enemies to reach 300,000 Emel and Level 50. Depending on your luck, it should only take 30 - 60 minutes. Again, STRONGLY recommended.

When you're ready, return to the last Silver Monument in Kishgal (Wyvern Corridor). Save here -- feel free to choose another slot if you feel like having a second opportunity, as you won't be going back -- then head north. Tell Olha that you are ready, and you will receive the Mirror of Zeme, which is the last Event Item.

The Ark of Napishtim

Items [_] Seed of Power
[_] Capla Water

Walk straight, then collect the Seed of Power in the chest to your right. Use it straight away, then save at the Silver Monument on the left side. Head north, and you'll face the last of the Galbalans.

BOSS #14

Galba-Roa, The Original Galbalan

  • HP: [2000 + 1000] N / [4000 + 2000] H / [6000 + 3000] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [50]
  • http://youtu.be/r9KMMtgAp5g

He'll usually start out with shooting fireballs at you, and won't stop until you come close to him, so get out of their way and start your assault against him immediately. Livart or Brillante would probably be your best bets, so keep attacking him until you're able to knock him over, which is when round 2 begins!

After he has fallen, focus on laying into him with as many sword and magic attacks as you can. Be sure to jump over both his arms as he swings them at you, as well as over the shockwave when he pounds his tail to the ground.

Now step onto the lift, and use it. Collect the Capla Water on your right, save at the Silver Monument on your left, then continue for the penultimate boss fight.

BOSS #15

Ernst, The Successor of Almarion

  • HP: [2738] N / [3504] H / [4504] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [50]
  • http://youtu.be/S5Bi5vaM2k4

Use your most powerful sword in this battle -- most likely Brillante. The faeries should be ignored, so concentrate on Ernst himself. (The only real thing you need to worry about from the faeries is that the blue one will send healing orbs at Ernst, and you'll need to intercept them to heal yourself. Not only do you get 10 HP out of it, but it prevents him from recovering 100!)

Ernst will charge and attack quickly, but can also send bolts of energy your way. Almost all of his attacks can be avoided by jumping and running, but you're not going to be able to sit idly by and wait for your opportunity to attack. You're going to need to contstantly barrage him with attacks, and once your Brillante is charged with a full MP gauge (or any other swords, for that matter), aim carefully and unleash the magic attacks. It's going to be VERY hard to go through this battle without using an item, so keep an eye on your HP while trying to keep Ernst on his toes.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the The Successor Fails achievement upon defeating Ernst.

Save back at the last monument if you need to, then proceed up the stairs to take on the Ark itself.

BOSS #16

The Ark of Napishtim

  • HP: [3000 + 5000] N / [4500 + 6250] H / [6000 + 7500] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [50]
  • http://youtu.be/_lQ7c9nP5QQ

The first round is easy enough; avoid the three colors of beams while using the corresponding sword color to attack the elemental orbs. It's best to stay in the spaced area you begin in, rotating with the floor so that you only have to worry about avoiding the second and third levels of beams. After a few rounds of them spinning, you should be able to take them out with little trouble.

After you've defeated the elemental orbs, the second phase will begin. The boss's attacks are blasting beams at you and making the floor below the main circular platform turn electric. You should attack the eye on the boss by using Magic attacks of Brillante and Ericcil. (Save Ericcil for when you need to take out the pests floating above that keep sending crystals to attack you.)

If you run out of MP and restoring items, walk down to the floor and close to the boss, once it is safe, and then slash away. Just make sure you do not touch the floor while it has been electrified. Also, when the eye goes out of reach by heading upwards or downwards, just dodge the beams and wait for it to return.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the The Ark Lost achievement upon defeating The Ark of Napishtim

Congratulations, you have completed Ys: The Ark of Napishtim!


This section will provide all of the lists in the game. Links are provided below for quick access.

Steam Achievements

Listed below are all 16 of Steam's achievements, in the order listed by Valve.

Calamity SlainDefeat the Wandering Calamity
Duels are CoolWin the duel with Geis.
"Nonplased"Defeat Zonplas.
Forgetting Sera's MarshalDefeat Ud-Meiyu.
It's Never Just a StatueDefeat Orjugan.
The Successor FailsDefeat Ernst.
The Ark LostDestroy the Ark's Central Shaft.
Because It's ThereDefeat Majunun.
Tabula AmassaAcquire every Tabulas.
Legendary Red-Haired SwordsmanWin a boss fight without taking a single hit.
Legendary Red-Haired StepchildWin a boss fight with 1 HP remaining.
Wake Me UpComplete the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Bag of No TricksComplete the game in Catastrophe Mode.
Boss Rush'n AttackComplete Boss Rush mode on any difficulty.
For the HoardAcquire all equipment.
The Wind of ZemethObtain every other achievement.



The three elemental swords found in the game can be upgraded in the wooden shack southwest in Port Rimorge -- if you can pay the required Emel. As you upgrade the weapons, they will do more damage, and their Sword Skill and Sword Magic will improve. Sword Skill is the ability to connect many attacks into a combo, and Sword Magic is an elemental attack that you can use by pressing the assigned button.


Standard iron sword. Well-worn.

  • Equipped to Adol by default.
This sword is only temporary until you acquire the first elemental sword.

Livart Sword

Single-edged sword of blue emelas. Contains wind spirit's power.
LevelSTREmel CostNotes
2275Sharpened the sword. Enabled the use of Maelstrom sword magic. (Lv. 1)
33413Sharpened the sword.
44134Sharpened the sword. Gained Wind element.
54988Sharpened the sword.
656230Sharpened the sword. Increased Maelstrom's power by 1 level. (Lv. 2)
763600Sharpened the sword.
8701,540Sharpened the sword. Enabled regeneration of the magic gauge.
9784,010Sharpened the sword.
108510,900Sharpened the sword. Increased Maelstrom's power to maximum. (Lv. 3)
1190100,000Sharpened the sword. Increased regeneration speed to maximum.

Brillante Sword

Double-edged sword of red emelas. Contains fire spirit's power.
LevelSTREmel CostNotes
2305Sharpened the sword. Enabled use of Explosion sword magic. (Lv. 1)
33713Sharpened the sword.
44434Sharpened the sword. Gained Flame element.
55288Sharpened the sword.
659230Sharpened the sword. Increased Explosion's power by 1 level. (Lv. 2)
766600Sharpened the sword.
8731,540Sharpened the sword. Enabled regeneration of the magic gauge.
9814,010Sharpened the sword.
108810,900Sharpened the sword. Increased Explosion's power to maximum. (Lv. 3)
1193100,000Sharpened the sword. Increased regeneration speed to maximum.

Ericcil Sword

Pointed sword of gold emelas. Contains thunder spirit's power.
LevelSTREmel CostNotes
2255Sharpened the sword. Enabled the use of Lightning sword magic. (Lv. 1)
33213Sharpened the sword.
43934Sharpened the sword. Gained Thunder element.
54788Sharpened the sword.
654230Sharpened the sword. Increased Lightning's power by 1 level. (Lv. 2)
761600Sharpened the sword.
8681,540Sharpened the sword. Enabled regeneration of the magic gauge.
9764,010Sharpened the sword.
108310,900Sharpened the sword. Increased Lightning's power to maximum. (Lv. 3)
1188100,000Sharpened the sword. Increased regeneration speed to maximum.



DEF + 6

Easy to use wooden shield. Reinforced with a metal disc.

  • Equipped to Adol by default.

Round Shield

DEF + 12

Circular shield made of steel. Strong, but slightly heavy.

  • Purchase in Port Rimorge for 410G.

Rehdan Shield

DEF + 18

Shield blessed by a spirit. Said to bring luck to the bearer.

  • Found in a chest on Grana-Vallis Mountain.

Kite Shield

DEF + 25

Diamond-shaped. Made of a special alloy. Lighter than it appears.

  • Purchase in Port Rimorge for 4600G.

Galba Shield

DEF + 30 / STR + 5

Made from Demi-Galba's bones. Strong in attack and defense.

  • Found in a chest in the Limewater Cave.

Emelas Shield

DEF + 40

Made from highly pure emelas. Hastens magic gauge recovery.

  • Found in a chest in the Ruined City of Kishgal.


Hard Leather

DEF + 8

Made from tanned beast hide by a Rehdan artisan.

  • Purchase in Rehdan Village for 100G.

Ring Mail

DEF + 16

Made from a series of small rings. Light and ideal for combat.

  • Purchase in Port Rimorge for 670G.