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by A Backdated Future

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Guide and Walkthrough by A Backdated Future

Version: XS2.2 | Updated: 05/04/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2015 | Highest Rated Guide

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  • Contact Email: a.backdated.future@gmail.com
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/ABackdatedFuture
  • Platform(s): PC / Steam (XSEED)
  • Date Last Updated: May 04, 2015
  • Document Version: XS2.2


My goal to you, the reader...

...is to make sure that you are able to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all of the items, explore all of the areas, uncover anything that is hidden, and see all there is to see.

For this guide, I have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough. The walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and even walking you through the miscellaneous extras thrown your way in the game. It will also be an extensive FAQ, which includes lists of all of the items, equipment, etc., as well as a complete bestiary.

  • HUGE THANKS goes to SNKUPO for allowing me to use his guide as a base for my own. Thanks A TON for all of your hard work, sir!!!


There is no true "compass" to the game; instead, you travel on pre-rendered backgrounds with areas for walking. Sometimes, we'll substitute west for left, right for east, etc.

Things you should know before starting...

  • This game is difficult. You WILL have to grind. There's really no way around it; I will suggest times best for grinding to make it easier on you. If you love grinding, then AWESOME!
  • PLEASE read the Help sections within the game's menu -- Basic Controls and Equipment/Status Ailments. It'll give you some helpful information that may save you trouble later.
  • You can equip healing items to your Item slot. (Unless you're playing in CATASTROPHE MODE, then you can't.) Make sure to have them ready going into a boss fight, as you cannot change them once you start fighting.
  • Be careful about exploring too much. Several areas have smaller sections that once you reach, the enemies will kill you with one blow. Try to stick to the path given to you, and heed everyone's warnings.
  • LUNGE ATTACK / DASH JUMP. The Dash Jump is something that's going to be a massive pain when it comes to one dungeon in particular, but the quicker you learn how to do it, the better. To dash jump, you have to do use a lunge attack plus a jump simultaneously. So if the lunge attack is a light tap right, a VERY BRIEF PAUSE, then the attack button, then the dash jump will be a light tap right, a VERY BRIEF PAUSE, then the attack and jump button AT THE SAME TIME. Try this a few times before attempting to make the jumps; it takes a bit to get used to, but once you have the hang of it, it doesn't seem that bad.

Catastrophe Mode

In addition to the three normal difficulties, you can now enable Catastrophe Mode for each. This affects your game in the following ways:

  • You can no longer equip items to your Item slot; instead, you immediately use all healing items as enemies drop them.
  • You can no longer purchase and use healing items; the only items that exist in the game are the three Seeds that boost your stats, and the Capla Water.
  • All chests that normally contain healing items will now contain Capla Water. Don't get too excited, as it functions differently...
  • Capla Water no longer heals you; it just cures status ailments and fills your magic meter.

After starting a new game, watch a short scene, followed by the amazing intro that leads you to waking up in Rehdan Village.

Rehdan Village

Shop - Kevin's Wares
Chito Nut30G
Kamio Flower40G
Hard Leather100G

After a bit of dialogue, you'll eventually get out of bed and gain control. Get used to the controls, then exit using the door to your south. Go north into a new room to find Olha; go ahead and talk to her, and after a short discussion, you'll be able to ask her all sorts of questions. Ask each one in order, and more questions will become available.

Talk all you want to, and then exit the room to the south. You can now talk with the other villagers if you like, though there's not much benefit to doing so right now. The only exception would be to look at Kevin's wares; he's at the far southwest of the village, located on the other side of the bridge to the west of where you exit to the forest. But sadly, you cannot afford anything Kevin offers yet.

When you're ready, exit the village to the south.

Woods of Quatera

Swords [_] Livart Sword Items [_] Honey
Armor [_] Hard Leather (100G) [_] Herb
Accessories [_] Wooden Bracelet [_] Seed of Vitality

Save your game at the Spirit Monument close to where you entered, then talk to Largo to find out about the chief that is waiting to the northeast. (He'll also warn you about danger to the northwest, so definitely avoid that for now; we will take care of it later.) So let's go see the chief! Head east to the next area, then kill the first squirrel enemies you come across. Afterward, you'll also meet a flower enemy; they're best defeated by repeated down-thrusts.

From there, head a tiny bit east, then south at the fork to come across another flower down here. Just south of the flower, there is a hidden path going west; use it to get to a chest containing Honey. Return to where you found the hidden path, then go back north and northeast to the next area.

Here, you will meet some new flying enemies, as well as some strong, shelled enemies. Fight until you reach Level 3; the shelled enemies are weaker to down-thrusts, and once you use an up-thrust on the flying enemy, it'll fall down and easily take a beating from a normal attack. Once you've cleared them out, exit to the northeast to meet the chief, who will show you the downed bridge. Head back to the previous area, then make your way back south and southwest.

When you get to the fork leading south to the hidden path you saw earlier, head to the next area by going south and east. Keep going east, taking down the enemies as you run along. When you get to the Fountain of Prayer, save and heal at the Spirit Monument , then go north to meet up with Olha. After the conversation, return to the village. You SHOULD have at least 100G, so talk to Kevin and buy the Hard Leather so you're better prepared. Equip it, then head out of the village once again.

Save your game before moving on, then head west to the next area. Take the path to the south when you get to the fork, and you'll arrive at the Moonset Shore where the game began. Talk to Isha to send her back, then head back north. Move north at the fork now, then turn east when you can to find three flowers. Take them out, then check for a hidden path to the east to find a chest with an Herb inside.

There IS more to explore to the northwest, but it's honestly not worth exploring just yet due to the fact that the enemies WILL kill you after just a hit or two. So for now, return to the village entrance and use the Spirit Monument once again. (Buy some Chito Nuts too, and equip them to your active Item slot. You'll also want to make sure that you're at least Level 4.) Now, remember the Fountain of Prayer to the far southeast? Make your way there now. When you arrive, save your game once again. To the north of the monument, a boss battle is waiting for you.

BOSS #01

Demi-Galba, The Wandering Calamity

  • HP: [200] N / [340] H / [480] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [04]
  • http://youtu.be/ryvfcvUCR2c

To damage him, run close to the middle of the boss and hit him using the up-thrust (jump and attack before you start falling down) whenever the boss is not attacking. Make sure you do not keep on hitting the boss for very long each time you attack; it can be a little hard to avoid the attacks if you are not out of there soon enough.

The boss has two attacks:

  • He will lift a hand and try to hit you with it. Since the hand rises very slowly, you should be able to get away without being hit, or you can be more aggressive and just jump over it right as it's about to hit.
  • His most devastating attack is a flaming breath; it can go left to right, or shoot straight down. Before breathing the flames, the boss will lean his head a little backwards. When he does, keep near the far south of the battlefield so that you won't get hit.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the Calamity Slain achievement upon defeating Demi-Galba. It should also be fairly easy to earn the Legendary Red-Haired Swordsman achievement (no damage).

Watch the scenes after the battle. Eventually, you'll regain control in the chief's house. Follow the chief into his room and talk to him; tell him that you want to try crossing to Canaan Island to proceed, and you will receive the Livart Sword. The chief will tell you that you will acquire various magic and skills by upgrading the sword. With it in hand, head to the room to the north where Olha was praying at the start of the game to receive a Seed of Vitality from her. Be sure to use it right away!

Now, head out of the village, save your game, and head east all the way to the Fountain of Prayer once again. On the way, Isha will give you a Wooden Bracelet; equip it and continue. When you get to the Fountain of Prayer, walk north past the two people there and head into the cave.

Mythos Path

Items [_] Honey

Level 7 is a pretty good level to be at right now, so if you are much weaker, remember to fight all the enemies you meet. Drop down into the hole you first see, leading to a chest and some bugs. (The bugs can easily be taken out by doing a down-thrust [jump, then attack while falling]). Take the Honey out of the chest here, then walk north out of the room, then north again in this area into a new room. Examine the door to the north; you'll use your sword to open up a new path. Now, equip a healing item like the Chito Nut or Honey to your Item slot, since a battle is coming up. When you're ready, go through the doorway and head east to meet your next challenge.

BOSS #02


  • HP: [141] N / [240] H / [324] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [08]
  • http://youtu.be/xB8R1FXsRlo

Fortunately, you cannot lose here. But hey, there's no harm in winning, right? During the battle, you'll be doing a lot of jumping. Every time you start to see him attack, jump in the air to avoid it, then follow it up with a three-hit combo. If you find that you're not able to time the jumps right for the spinning swipe, try running away and letting him chase you with his leaping swipe. With that, jump just before he attacks and land another three-hit combo.

Both of his attacks are just physical ones with his axe; a spinning swipe, and a leaping swipe. Both can be avoiding by jumping at the right time. If you're good with your timing, you shouldn't get hit maybe once or twice.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the Duels are Cool achievement upon defeating Geis.

Afterward, you'll be introduced to Geis. After he leaves, run east, then turn south to the next area. From here on out, just follow the path, as there is only one way to go. You will eventually come out on the other side.


Before continuing, be sure that you have at least 5 Emel. Emel are the blue stones that enemies drop; you can see how many you have below your gold count in-game.

Coastal Road

You'll meet Xaxon and Lloyd; after their conversation, head west and north to exit the area, where the music will change. Save at the Spirit Monument , then continue running along until you get to Port Rimorge.

Port Rimorge

Event Items [_] Map of Canaan
[_] Letter to Baslam
Items [_] Seed of Power
Misc [_] 30 Gold
Shop - Croix's Wares Shop - Rose's Wares
Chito Nut30GRound Shield410G
Honey100GKite Shield4,600G
Herb400GRing Mail670G
Wild Fowl Meat1,500GBreast Plate6,200G
Blue Potion8,500GMagic Talisman1,300G
Kamio Flower40GSilver Armlet20,000G
Orio Fruit200G
Limurian Shroom300G

Welcome to town! Feel free to run around and talk to everyone all you like. For your first order of business, you should upgrade your weapon! If you have at least 5 Emel (as previously mentioned), you should go down the stairs from the entrance of the town, then turn and head southwest into a building made of lumber. In here, have Leav upgrade your Livart Sword by one level so that it reaches level 2. Check the Swords section to find out more about strength, levels and cost regarding all weapons in the game.

Next, you should now check out Croix's shop close to the stairs you walked down earlier, as well as Rose's shop inside the castle-like building next to Croix's shop. If you can ever afford anything, buy some equipment. But for now, don't expect to afford anything in here; we'll be coming back here several times throughout the game to upgrade.

While still in the lower part of the village, go to the southeasternmost hut and head inside to talk with an old man dressed in red. It's Raba from Ys I! Go ahead and ask him all of the questions that you can. When you finally stop the conversation, he will give you the Map of Canaan. Now, return to the entrance of town, then move east without going down the stairs. Go past the inn and into the house with the greenish roof. Once inside, Baslam will be waiting for you in the red-curtained room. Talk to him twice to find out that he wants you to find Zemeth, and that he will give you something if you do.

Before moving on, we can do our first optional quest! Leave town from where you came from, then when you reach the Coastal Road again, walk all the way south to get to the northern side of the bridge that was destroyed. Talk to the man here, then head back into the Mythos Path, going ALL THE WAY BACK to the SOUTHERN side of the bridge -- the place where you met the chief of Rehdan when you left the village for the first time. Talk to the yellow-haired man here, and you will receive the Letter to Baslam. Head back to Port Rimorge and give it to Baslam that is waiting in the house east of the inn. Baslam will give you 30 Gold. Now head all the way back to the guy that gave you the letter to receive the awesome Seed of Power! Use it right away!

Now, make your way back to Rimorge. It's time to continue on with the story! Exit town using the eastern path, and be sure to save at the Spirit Monument. As a point of reference, Adol should be about Level 9 right now. If he's not, you may try your hand at grinding in the next area (though it will likely be difficult.)

Canaan Plains

Shields[_] Round Shield (410G)
Armor[_] Ring Mail (670G)
Items [_] Wild Fowl Meat

Wow, lots of animal enemies around here; some of them can kill you pretty quickly too. Take the time to kill all the ones you come across; Gold, Emel, and levels are very much appreciated this early on. Once you are at least Level 11 (preferably Level 12 and have at least 47 Emel, head back to town and upgrade your Livart Sword 2x (to level 4) for a much easier time. (Once you have 13 Emel, head back and upgrade first, then come back and continue fighting for the remaining 34 Emel.)


It can actually get pretty brutal in the next dungeon as you find yourself easily dying. There IS new equipment to be found there, but it's quite far in, so you'll want to take the time to come up with the 410G and 670G (1080G total) to buy the Round Shield and Ring Mail by the time you finish this area. (You'll eventually need them for completion's sake anyway.) If you don't, then it's STRONGLY suggested that you do at the very beginning of the next area.

When you're ready in the Canaan Plains, make your way north, then exit the screen using the western path. Now head all the way west, cross the water in the shallows, then turn south and head east when you can to get to a chest on the prior screen containing Wild Fowl Meat. Head west back to the previous area.

Make sure to check out the path to the north; it leads to the Limewater Cave that we're not quite ready for, but at least check in at the Spirit Monument here so that we have quick access to it later. Once you've done that, return to the large area where you started grinding (one screen east), then head north to the next area. Be careful here; another new enemy can inflict poison, and more of the hard-shelled ones are around to put you in an early grave. Head north a bit, and you'll come to a bridge; IGNORE the path to the west, as it leads to a boss we cannot beat just yet. (Similar to the northwest of the Redhan Village.) Instead, cross the bridge to the north and continue north to the next area. From here, just keep on the northern path until you reach the mountain.

Grana-Vallis Mountain

Swords [_] Brillante Sword Shields[_] Rehdan Shield
Armor [_] Banded Mail Event Items[_] Wing of Alma
Accessories [_] Sylphen Boots[_] Blue Tabula
[_] Accessory Slot[_] Mirror Fragment (1)
[_] Magic Talisman (1300G) Items [_] Herb
[_] Thief's Glove[_] Seed of Defense

Save and heal at the Spirit Monument in front of the entrance, then exit the screen by running north. There are some low-flying enemies here; kill them by using down-thrusts or normal attacks.


Take the time now to get to Level 16 and accumulate 88 Emel against these enemies before continuing on. If you didn't earn enough money to get both the Shield and Armor as suggested in the previous section, do that as well. Once you've accumulated enough Emel, head back to town and upgrade your sword to Level 5.

Watch out for some explosive stones coming from above. as they hit HARD. Jump up the rocks northeast to be at a fork; make your way west first, past the black holes in the wall. Continue climbing all the way to the northeast. Go north to the next area and open the chest containing an Herb. Once you have it, go back, drop down to the first level of black holes, then run east and exit the room by using the southeastern path.

Jump over the gap to the east, kill the stone throwing enemy, then continue running east. (The exploding stones gives GREAT EXP, so if you're brave enough, try and take them out before they blow. Otherwise, ALWAYS run away when you see one. Be careful!) Continue east over a bridge, over all the gaps without falling down, and to the next area at the upper far east. (The lower exit to the north is a dead-end, if you fell.)

In here, it is a little hectic. Make your way to the far northeast, avoiding or killing the exploding stones. When it gets tough, hide in the black holes as necessary. Once you get to the top, exit to the east and south, then head to the northeast part, jumping up there using all the platforms in your way. This is pretty hard with all the exploding stones, but you can do it. As you climb, look for a fork to the south that turns east; you can find a chest with an Accessory Slot. Too bad we don't have another accessory! Once you make it all the way to the top, head east into the next room, then climb all the way north again to exit to the west. Save and heal and the Spirit Monument here.


Now's a great time to get to at least Level 19 before continuing on. Just go to the previous room to the east, and work on getting rid of the monsters and exploding stones, which as I mentioned before, give quite generous EXP. It shouldn't take too long. You can also go to the next two areas after this and grind on both stones and the new ground-type enemies.

Exit the room with the monument to the south to be outside again. Head west over a bridge and into a new room. In here, you will be attacked by the usual stones, but also some ground-type enemies; they can only be damaged via down-thrust, so make sure to take them all on for lots of experience. Jump up on the ledge to your right, and get to the higher ground on the west side of the room to find a chest containing Banded Mail. Equip it, then exit the room using the northern path.

At the open area / fork here, head through another exit to the north to find lots of exploding stones guarding a chest. Move close to the stones, then run away to remove them. Repeat until you can open the chest and get a Wing of Alma! You can use this travel to ANY Spirit Monument that you've touched in the past -- even now, if you really wanted to! (Now is actually a good time to do so, if you need anything from town, since you just came from a monument.) In any case, return to the open area and exit to the west. A small scene will be triggered, showing a boy in need of saving. down-thrust all of the ground-type enemies to save him. After meeting Ur, exit south, then make your way east.

When you have the first chance, drop down to an area below you and check to the east to find a new chest containing Rehdan Shield. Be sure to equip it. Go back west and climb up on the platforms, making your way east across the straightforward path. As you climb to the north, just run past all the black holes and avoid stones until you can exit to the northwest side of the area. In this room, drop down to the right to find a chest containing Blue Tabula. Exit south, then walk southwest without dropping down the ledge to find a chest containing Sylphen Boots.

Make your way all the way back up to where you dropped down, then continue north. Continue the only way you can go until you make it outdoors again. Run east over a bridge, then save at the Spirit Monument in the room at the other side. Continue running until you get to the Altar of Brillante. If you are about level 20 or more, continue and pick up the item there, which is a Mirror Fragment (1). If you are lower than 20, gain experience by going back and taking down the ground-type enemies and exploding stones. A boss fight will start once you pick up the Mirror Fragment. As always, make sure you have some healing items in the Item slot before starting the battle.

BOSS #03

Zonplas, The Wings of Avarice

  • HP: [800] N / [1360] H / [1920] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [20]
  • http://youtu.be/mBwZeixbvM8

This boss is pretty predictable, but he will also take a lot of time to just beat down on. He only has two actual attacks, and both of them just require that you stay a safe distance away from him. Attack him just after he has attacked by smashing the ground, and use up-thrust attacks to hurt him. When he throws out eggs on the floor, quickly knock them away, or you'll have more pests to deal with.

  • His main attack is slamming into the ground, hurting you if you are nearby. Make sure that you do not make it a habit to stay close to the boss.
  • The boss also has an attack where he will fly to one of the edges of the screen, and launch spores at you. Just go to the opposite side of the screen, and wait until it is safe to start attacking again.
  • The final "attack" the boss has is throwing eggs on the floor. Attack them to blow them down the ledge. If you don't do this quickly, the eggs will hatch, and flying enemies will appear and make things that much more difficult.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the "Nonplased" achievement upon defeating Zonplas.

When the battle is over, pick up the Brillante Sword that lies in front of you. You can now browse between your swords with the rotate buttons! Go ahead and teleport to Port Rimorge by using the Wing of Alma.

Port Rimorge / Rehdan Village

Back in Port Rimorge, you'll have some dialogue with Ur and Raba. When you regain control, head over to Leav's shop and make sure BOTH of your swords are upgraded to level 5. Now's also a good time to grab the Magic Talisman, since everything else is still too expensive. Other than that, be sure to grab some healing items, if needed.

Now, head northwest out of town. Save and talk to Xaxon about some new monsters, then make your way west. You'll encounter said enemies here; feel free to test out your new and more powerful sword on them. Once they're toast, return to Xaxon and give him the good news. After you've talked to him, make your way to Baslam's house and talk to Lloyd, who will give you a Thief's Glove in gratitude.

When you're ready, teleport back to Rehdan Village. Before going in, stop at the Moonset Shore to talk to Isha to learn a bit more about what happened with her while you were away. Now, enter the village and head all the way north Ord's house. Talk to him first about what happened, then go north to where Olha was praying at the start of the game. Talk to her twice to show her the Mirror Fragment, and she will give you a Seed of Defense. Be sure to use it straight away!

Now it's time to return to the Mythos Path and use the Brillante Sword (fire sword) to open the big red gate. You can't miss it! It's on the northern wall where you fought Geis. In any case, once you're through, head west to the next set of ruins.

Ruins of Lost Time

Swords [_] Ericcil Sword Accessories [_] Emel Mallet
Shields[_] Kite ShieldEvent Items [_] Mirror Fragment (2)
Armor[_] Breast Plate (6200G)[_] Red Tabula
Accessories[_] Heavy Belt[_] Grattheos Talisman
[_] Galba HandItems [_] Wild Fowl Meat
[_] Accessory Slot[_] Herb
[_] Bloody Nail[_] Capla Water
[_] Eldian Orb

Save at the Spirit Monument, then go west to the next area, then down some long stairs to another area. In this HUGE area, be careful; you can fall off the edges. Head north until you can drop down to the path below, then pick up the Wild Fowl Meat from the chest on your left. Now, just fall off the edge. Down here, you will meet a ton of enemies; kill as many as you want to, then head one room west. At the far upper-left in the lower part of this room, there is a chest with an Herb that you should grab. Jump up all the platforms, and at the top of them, head one room east. Now you will reach the room where you dropped down earlier. Go all the way east, but stop just before entering the door.

Fall down south where a spike is missing to find a chest with a Heavy Belt. Make your way back up to where you just fell down, then enter the room on your right. Here, there is a long path with spikes on the sides, as well as several laser-shooting baddies that like to make your life miserable. THIS is the place you'll want to grind for a while until you reach the following: Level 24 or 25, 6200G, and 460 Emel. While fighting, make sure you jump a lot while running, as the enemies' lasers will knock you fully down to the ground, and down-thrusts work best. Once you're at level 24-25, one down-thrust should take them out.

Once you've done all that, THEN you'll need to use the Wing of Alma and make your way back to Port Rimorge. You need to bring BOTH of your swords up to level 6 now, and grab the Breast Plate as well. Once you've done that, head on back to that long horizontal corridor and head east.

In the next room, jump over the first gap, kill the enemy using a down-thrust, and then dash jump over to the next gap located straight east. (To dash jump, you have to do use a lunge attack plus a jump simultaneously. So if the lunge attack is a light tap right, a VERY BRIEF PAUSE, then the attack button, then the dash jump will be a light tap right, a VERY BRIEF PAUSE, then the attack and jump button AT THE SAME TIME. Try this a few times before attempting to make the jumps; it takes a bit to get used to, but once you have the hang of it, it doesn't seem that bad.) The next thing you will have to do is a normal jump, and land on the gray pole. From the pole, it is possible to dash jump to the gap located even further east. This is VERY HARD, and REALLY damned annoying, since if you fall down, you will have to run all the way up again. When you have reached the platform east of the gray pole, dash jump to the platform to the north and you will find a chest containing Capla Water.

Here's a short demonstration, if you need help; hopefully it does. --- http://youtu.be/8xr5SUMHtTw

Drop down now, and run up again to the room you just dropped down from. Once you're back, take the first fork right, jump over a gap, and run east until you see four pillars on your right side. (They can be hard to spot, though.) Dash jump to the right into the middle of them; if you land on a pillar, then just drop down in the middle between the four of them. You will now drop down to a chest with a Galba Hand! Now... DON'T MOVE!

For a GREAT bonus you're not supposed to have yet, dash jump to the north, then IMMEDIATELY jump up again and into this room. Here, YOU WILL DIE IMMEDIATELY. But no worries! Since there's an optional boss here, you'll just reload and be in the same room. You're not supposed to fight this little guy until the end of the game, but he is guarding such an excellent treasure! Work on avoiding his attacks and be sure to pick up Eldian Orb inside at the top, then quickly work your way back out. Make sure to keep it equipped; it charges your MP gauge faster!

If you have a lot of problems with this too, I have a video for it as well! Feel free to mock how often I die trying to get this orb! --- http://youtu.be/id2w6dtit4M

Now, drop down, then go back up to the room you fell from with the four pillars. When you reach the far southeastern part of the room, jump one gap north, and then dash jump to another gap in the same direction. There is a chest here with an Accessory Slot. Head into the room north of the chest., then make your way north and east to the next area. You'll see yourself in a huge room, zoomed out; take a few steps right, and you'll see a large set of stairs blocking your view to the path to your right. There is actually a somewhat large gap behind those stairs; dash jump to it -- even though you cannot see what you're doing -- to land on the other side. Once there, open the chest to the right to find a Bloody Nail. (If you miss this dash jump, you don't have to go all the way back to where you found the Accessory Slot; just climb back up, then go up the stairs to the left; you can drop down to the left as soon as you reach the top of the stairs and try again.)

Now, equip the nail, drop down, and head up the huge stairs. Go north, and continue running past two lava-filled rooms. Exit the second lava-room by going north. Save at the Silver Monument, and when you're ready, go north and collect Mirror Fragment (2) on the floor to trigger your next boss fight.

BOSS #04

Ud-Meiyu, The Guardian of the Cradle

  • HP: [800] N / [1360] H / [1920] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level: [25]
  • http://youtu.be/s1RVEhAQhJw

The boss's main attack is jumping into the air, and slamming down on you. Just run away, then as he hits the ground, jump to dodge the energy wave. Right when that happens, that's your chance to attack him with several up-thrusts with your most powerful sword. The second attack is a spinning attack; don't even try attacking it during this -- just run away and wait for him to return to normal standing position.

Also, contrary to reality, the lava is not very dangerous, so you should run into it if you can avoid the boss by doing so, or if you can land some optimal attacks.

On the harder difficulties, you'll do best to take out the laser-blasting enemies that accompany him. The best time to do that is while he's spinning around -- just run away and take one out until he's standing back up, then rinse and repeat.

Steam Achievements

You'll earn the Forgetting Sera's Marshal achievement upon defeating Ud-Meiyu.

After the battle, run all the way north through several screens until you arrive at the Zemeth Sanctum.

Zemeth Sanctum

Continue all the way inside until you reach the statue for a scene. Afterward, go north one screen and pick up the Ericcil Sword from the right stand. Start making your way back to run into Geis once again, then follow him back north. Talk to him once again, then leave until you reach the Ruins of Lost Time. Return to the start of the Ruins using the Wing of Alma; save, then exit to the east. Now, open the gate to the north using your Ericcil Sword. In this room, there is a Rainbow Fragment and a Red Tabula. With that out of the way, it's time to head to Port Rimorge to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Port Rimorge

For your armor, you should have already purchased the Breast Plate, but if not, grab it. You should be able to afford the Kite Shield as well. You should've stocked a decent amount of Emel as well, so bring all three of your swords up to level 6, while possibly putting one at level 7. (My weapon of choice is the new Ericcil with it's awesome lightning stab!)

When you're done upgrading, go talk to Baslam in the house east of the inn. He will keep his word and give you the Grattheos Talisman. You can use it to breathe underwater at certain places! Now, head over to the inn. If you talk to the brown-haired man -- Auguste -- he can read the tabulas you've come across. The blue haired man across from him -- Agu -- will offer you an Emel Mallet for your Capla Water. While the Capla Water IS nice, you'll definitely want that mallet, so make the trade.

Now, go visit old man Raba in the wooden building to the southeast in town. You will learn that the bridge has been repaired; while you're there, talk to both Isha and Raba about all you can. Now, we're strong enough to finish off the Quatera Woods now, so let's do it! Teleport to the entrance of Rehdan Village.

Woods of Quatera / Windseeker Heights

Accessories [_] Runed Earring Items[_] Limurian Shroom
[_] Wild Fowl Meat
Items [_] Capla Water[_] Seed of Power

First off, head to the Moonset Shore southwest of Rehdan Village. Go into the water and head west to find a chest with Capla Water. (If you did not get the Emel Mallet from the inn in Port Rimorge, you can do that now.) Now, return to the fork you just passed to get to the beach and head north. You should've been here before early on, but you didn't go to the northwest; do so now, jumping over the spears to the next area.

Follow along to the west, and as the path turns north, continue west to a semi-hidden area that leads to a Limurian Shroom in a chest at the end. Head back and continue north to a fork leading northeast; head that way to find to a chest containing a Runed Earring. Continue west and watch out for the red enemies, then head northwest and north to the next area. Take the next fork east to find Wild Fowl Meat, then take the western path and follow it a while to another open area / fork. Ignore the path to the northeast first; instead, head northwest to the next area, where you'll face a boss.

BOSS #05


  • HP: [1816] N / [3087] H / [4177] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[28]
  • http://youtu.be/TglY6QrT8SQ

At the start, this thing was next to impossible. Now, it's a bit more manageable. With your red Brillante Sword, try landing as charged sword blows from a short distance that you can; you should get around 3 hits per blow, then quickly jump out of the way before you're bitten. (Start the charge a fair distance away, and by the time he's close to you, they should land.)

If you have any special moves charged up on any / all of your swords, try to save them for when its helpers start to group together around the boss and cause you grief; you'll take out quite a few of them all at once, if you do. Speaking of its helpers, try to knock their eggs out quickly; if you don't, take THEM out quickly, as they can easily disrupt your attacking and knock you straight to the ground repeatedly, making it easy to be cornered and killed.

  • The only attack he has is a normal bite, and it's somewhat harsh, hitting for 50+ damage a bit. Try to land a few hits on it, then jump away as it bites as to avoid damage.
  • Like Zomplas, the final "attack" the boss has is throwing eggs on the floor. Attack them to blow them into the water. If you don't do this quickly, the eggs will hatch, and all of the forest fiends will start attacking you at once.

Once he's done for, head back one screen to the last fork, then exit northeast to arrive at he Windseeker Heights.

Windseeker Heights

You'll find Olha at an altar here; talk to her two times to get a Seed of Power. Make sure to use it!

That's it for this section; nice and short, huh? While you're here, I would take the time to get to at least level 30, but also have enough Emel to get all three of your swords to level 7. (600 Emel each.) It shouldn't take very long just running through these last few screens; just make sure you have the Emel Hammer and Thief's Glove equipped for your most efficient harvesting.

When you're ready, head all the way back to Port Rimorge. Get your sword upgrades, then exit the town east. If you stopped earlier and checked out the Spirit Monument at the Limewater Cave, then teleport there now. Otherwise, get to the Canaan Plains by going east and north, then head to the Limewater Cave by exiting the plains to the west, then to the north in the next area.

Limewater Cave / Canaan Plains

Shields [_] Galba Shield Items [_] Herb
Armor [_] Galba Armor [_] Herb
Accessories [_] Silver Armlet[_] Wild Fowl Meat
[_] Bell of Silence[_] Herb
[_] Accessory Slot[_] Wild Fowl Meat
Event Items[_] Rose's Influence[_] Seed of Defense
[_] Gold Tabula[_] Blue Potion
Items[_] Wild Fowl Meat[_] Blue Potion
[_] Capla Water

It will be very dark here, but guess what? The Rainbow Fragment will light the place up, so be sure to equip it to one of your Accessory slots! (I have it, the Bloody Nail, and the Emel Mallet equipped.) Save at the Spirit Monument to your right, then head north to the next area. Continue north through another area, then follow the fork going east in the next room. You'll be at a second fork; continue following the eastern path through all the rooms until you get to a room with a chest; it contains Wild Fowl Meat. Now go back to the FIRST fork (west until you can't get any further in that direction), and head north into a new room. Continue west once again through several rooms until you can't go west anymore, then turn north to a new area once again.

Jump up on the first pointy rock you see to your upper left, then jump up again onto the platform where a chest can be found; there is an Herb inside. Now you will have to go north to the next area, then east into the area after, then north once more into a new room. Open the chest in this room for an Herb, then head back to the previous area. (You should now be seeing red slime-type enemies.) Exit to the northeast, then head east through three rooms. You will get to a fork leading either east or south; you should run south, then west to find a chest containing Galba Armor. Head back to the last fork where you went south, then head east and north. You should find a new chest containing the Galba Shield.

Now, with the shield and the armor, you will need to grind for a while (without the armor if needed, since it does Poison you) and take the time to get to the following: Level 34, 20000G, and 4620 Emel. There are tons of slimes in the area south of where you got the Galba Shield that will do nicely. Once you've gotten there, use the Wing of Alma to return to Port Rimorge. Upgrade your swords to Level 8, then make sure to buy the Silver Armlet from Rose. Having this equipped will negate the Poison effect completely, even with the Galba Armor equipped! Also by doing so, you should have also bought everything in the shop, earning Rose's Influence. Show this to Croix outside, and you'll now get 50% more gold with your sales to him! (15G to 22G, 4500G to 6750G, etc.)

Now, it's time to take on a couple of side bosses! Return to the Canaan Plains, then head north to the next area. Continue north, and when you get to the bridge, head west. You will eventually come to a huge, angry-looking insect after having followed this path!

BOSS #06


  • HP: [723] N / [1064] H / [1526] NM
  • Adol's Recommended Level:[34]
  • http://youtu.be/xTBRKJKmgb8

You'll want to use Livart in this battle. You can only damage it while it's flying at your level, so don't even bother to try attacking it when it's way up in the air. Try to land either down-thrusts, or just attack it with a combo when you can. (If you have magic saved up, let loose from all that you have.) Once it rises into the air, plenty of its little helpers will drop down and start suicide-bombing you; try to kill them off if you can, or just jump repeatedly to avoid them.

Here are the boss's attacks:

  • It will charge at you with its stinger; jump quickly out of the way before it hits.
  • It will send a flying stinger your way; wait for it to get close, then jump over it. It may loop back around and try to hit you again, so be careful. If you can, try to hug the stone wall to the north and lure the stinger to explode on it instead of you.

When you have killed the bug, you will be rewarded with a Bell of Silence in a chest to the north. Now, return to the Limewater Cave and save your game at the entrance.

You will have to progress through lots of rooms to get back where you need to be. So here we go! From the first save room, go:

  • North
  • North
  • North
  • North
  • East
  • North
  • East
  • North

You will end up in a room with lots of platforms. At first, you can only jump up west in this room, for reference. So head west, then turn north and east; in the eastern part of the room, there is a chest with Wild Fowl Meat. Exit this room by going northwest, and then west through the room after. You will now get to a place where you can fall down into the water. Do that, then head north to find a Silver Monument where you can save. From this save-room, you can get back to where you fell down by going:

  • South
  • South
  • East
  • East
  • North
  • Northwest
  • West

Now you will arrive at the place you dropped down into the water. Instead of dropping down, dash jump over to the other side. You can also do a normal jump and land on the pillar in the middle of the gap, if you trust your judgment and can jump that way easier. Exit the screen by going west. In here, equip the Bell of Silence, then head northwest. In the next area, drop down to the ground and head north to the next area.

Kill all the flying enemies (which, without the Bell of Slience, are indestructible; still be careful though, as they hit HARD.), then jump on the platforms and head north once again. (You might have to Dash Jump to get up on the platform connected to the northern door.) In here, open a chest for a Gold Tabula. Go back south to all the flying enemies. (You can stock up on Herbs, Emel, and EXP by killing lots of them! So make sure to get to level 38 before continuing on.)

Once you're done slaughtering those shelled bats, use the Wing of Alma to return to the Silver Monument at the Midpoint. Now, equip the Rainbow Fragment (if you haven't already) so that you can see the black enemies that will soon appear, then head north out of the save room. Now, head east through two areas; in the third area, head south to a new room, where you'll find an Herb in the southwestern corner. From this room, head north three times. In the fourth room, go to the eastern part, and jump up the two colored platforms to find a room with a chest containing an Accessory Slot. Once you have it, use the Wing of Alma to return to the Midpoint once again.

Save your game, then head north out of the save room once again. Let's head west; in this next room, you can kill more of the shelled bats if you like. Otherwise, just exit north from there, and you'll come to a room with a waterfall on the western side. Behind it is a chest containing Wild Fowl Meat, so grab it, then head northeast out of the room. In the next room, jump up on the closest platform, then dash jump east to get to a chest containing Seed of Defense. Return to the save point once again. (The reason we are going back all the time, is to heal, and of course, if you die, you will be glad that you've saved. There's a boss coming up soon as well.)

Now, from the save room, go...

  • North
  • East
  • North
  • Northeast
  • West

...where you will find a chest containing Blue Potion. Go one room back, then check out the room to the north to find another Blue Potion to the far north. Now, exit this room west and run west through the long, foggy, grassy room. In the next area, you will come to a ledge; do not jump down it, but run south instead to the next room. Go into the door leading east when you come to it. In here, you'll have to dash jump onto a platform, then open the chest above you for some Capla Water. Return to the previous room once you have it. If you happen to not have mastered the dash jump yet, and you fall down, here are the directions to get back to the previous room:

  • Northeast
  • North
  • West
  • West
  • South

Once you're in the room before the Capla Water, head further south for another mini-boss fight!