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  • In the Japanese release of the game, Bethesda made content changes and remove some content from the game. Due to the post-nuclear war setting, these changes were made to allow the game to be more friendly towards Japanese players.

    In the side-quest "The Power of the Atom", the player has the option to either defuse, ignore or detonate an atomic bomb with is housed in the town of Megaton. In the Japanese version, the character Mr. Burke has been taken out of this side-quest, making it impossible to detonate the bomb.

    Also, the nuclear catapult weapon "Fat Man" was renamed to "Nuka Launcher". This was because the original name "Fat Man" is a reference to the bomb that was used on Nagasaki in 1945.

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  • While the previous Fallout games and spin-offs were played from a top down isomeric perspective. Fallout 3 is the first Fallout game in the series to be played from a first person perspective.

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  • In "The Pitt" DLC the player can collect 100 steel ingots and return them to a man named Everett. After turning in all 100 Everett says "Yup, guess you got every last one out there. You're one hell of a steeler, kid." The name 'steeler' is a common nickname for steel workers, but is also a reference to the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  • When Bethesda Studios took over the production of Fallout 3, they based it in Washington, DC. Their studios used to be based in a suburb of Washington, DC called Bethesda, Maryland. This is why the landscape in Fallout 3 is so detailed: the developers know the area. Gamers who live in the DC metro area noticed and praised Bethesda for it. Of course, the player can also explore a (fictionalized) version of the Bethesda Studios offices in the game.

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Famous Quote

  • Penelope: Just ease away, zombie. No funny business.
    Argyle: Funny business? Miss Chase, you hurt my feelings. I mean, there ain't nothing funny about...THE EAGLE CLAW!!
    Penelope: Aaaaahhhhh!!
    Dashwood: Good god, Argyle! ripped out her heart!
    Argyle: Ahh, I always knew this broad was heartless. Get it, boss, heh heh. "Heartless"?
    Dashwood: Your kung fu skills may be unparalleled, old chum, but your comic delivery leaves something to be desired.

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