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Reviewed: 09/17/09

This is what I expected

Fallout 3 - Quick Game Review:

In the year 2277, the world is destroyed be nuclear bombs.Many people that feared the nuclear holocaust, took cover in underground bases known as will born in vault 101, you loose your mother and after you receive your Pip-Boy 3000 Computer System, your father exits the vault and you must start your journy find find him and...There are many surprises in the story and many mysteries. Personally, I don't like the story very much, It starts very good but as it progresses, it'll become less and less interesting.
RATING: 8.5/10

Fallout 3 gameplay is different from previous games, in Fallout 3 game view is changed from Third Person-Isomatic to First-Person. VATS system is good, in this mode, when you press its Button, the times will stop and you can aim this guy in the arm and that guy in the leg! Fallout 3 Game genre is Action/RPG. Game action is good but RPG part of game is so Great!You can level up to 20, there are perks,skill and attributes but unfortunately there isn't any "Trait"."Traits"are like "Birthsigns" in ElderScrolls games which has One positive effect and one negative.There are different types of Weapons and Armors and different Junks! which can be used for creating Custom weapons with Schemetics. In one word, Fallout 3 Gameplay is so Great but level cap is little...umm...not good!!!
RATING: 9/10

Fallout 3 Technical graphic is good but its Art graphic is Perfect! Texture and Objects look real and number of polygons in objects are good.This game has incredible View Distance, you can see pretty much all the way in Game! because all the world is destroyed and there is no High Building or Tree!!! In one word, Fallout 3 graphic is Good and it doesn't require a very powerful system.

Sounds And Music:
Game sound is like its graphic, good. Weapons sounds are Like real sounds, except "Energy Weapons" that are a little Unreal. NPC's sounds are different but in some cases, they are exactly same! Musics are also good, and they match the game space, and the game Main Theme is Fantastic! just like other game musics. In one word, Fallout 3 Sound and Music are Not Bad.

Points of Interests:
Game POI are many things like Special Encounters and Even Fallout name!The start of the story is Great, mid-game story is Good and the end of it is Not Bad. Gameplay has many interesting things, Fallout 3 Graphic is beutiful and it's Musics are fantastic!I think it's really deserves Game of The Year title...

OVERALL RATING:9.6/10 Very Good

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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