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Reviewed: 02/23/09

The world may have ended, but the adventure just started

If you ever wanted to see a setting that can be described as “retro futurist” and “post apocalyptic” at the same time, then this game will certainly settle that need. The game takes place in Washington DC after a nuclear war and the character of your creation will begin in a highly advanced bomb shelter called a vault. Starting from her birth, you get to watch the character grow up in this closed environment. However, at one point of her life, she will be forced to make a decision that will throw her into the terrible wasteland of Washington DC.

Fallout 3 is what could be called a freeform first person shooter RPG. You wander around the wasteland through the eyes of this vault dweller while also developing up her skills and character. As you level up your character, you can use skill points to boost your proficiency for certain weapon types (from heavy weapons to melee weapons) or to boost your proficiency with non combat skills (from persuasion to science). As you travel the wasteland with your character you can accumulate or lose karma points which give an indication of how good or evil your character is. These are obtained from choosing how to complete certain quests and how you interact with others.

Exploring the ruins of DC is a very interesting experience. You will find people such as mutants and bandits hiding out in landmark locations of DC and some of the quests will let you alter the region in very significant ways. As you wander around, danger is at every turn. Threats range from super mutants to bandit raiders who have no problem with shooting you on sight. Fighting back with weapons of your own creation such as junk launchers and bottlecap mines are the most entertaining way of doing so. Note that slugging a giant super mutant with pool cue is also quite the experience.

While in combat, these is also something called the VATS system which when activated will let you aim for certain parts of your enemy with your weapon to blast away with a cinematic camera angle. This not only looks cool, but it also increases your damage dramatically.

The graphics in Fallout 3 are amazing. It uses the newest Gamebryo engine which creates a very impressive looking game. Character models are fully detailed, explosions are well presented, and environments are in depth. The music in the game is also a classic. They created an original score that is reminiscent of the 50s, with lyrics that you would probably only hear in a post apocalyptic world. The voice acting is also top notch with actors such as Liam Neeson and Ron Perlman.

Overall, this game will give you many hours of scouting out a mutant filled radiated wasteland. While blowing away these muties, you can choose your character to either make it more or less miserable for the normal inhabitants of the wasteland. Either way, you have the future of this sadistic wasteland in your hands.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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