Review by Gamerz1569

Reviewed: 12/08/08

Lets play Oblivion!!! In um..Fallout Clothing?

Fallout 3 while a somewhat a good game isn't that great or special at all. Its just "Oblivion in Fallout clothing" in my perspective.

Primary Factors (which will be included in the overall rating)

Graphics - 6/10
Why such a low score? FO3 runs on exactly the same engine as that of Oblivion making the "Fallout Feel" more like an "Oblivion Feel" the textures are pretty much the same as that of Oblivion I don't get awed or something like that and the animations aren't that great (horrible to be exact, specifically the NPC's face animations). Making true the statement: "Oblivion in Fallout clothing".

Gameplay - 5/10
Average rating because of many factors. One while I do appreciate V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assist Targeting System). The game relies too much on V.A.T.S. making the game hit and run. Sure you can target without vats but you'd just be wasting ammo as you tend to do more damage in vats not to mention its really troublesome watching the same old, same old slow motion attack, especially when I'm in a hurry. Two FO3 really feels like a FPS or third person shooter. If it wasn't for the Pip Boy I would think I was playing Gears of War or Half-Life. Three I really feel like targeting the groin to make them unconscious ...oops you can't do that anymore (it can be done in previous fallout games) you can't also target eyes to reduce the enemies' chance of hitting you. Fourth the Karma system wasn't fully institutionalized, Karma didn't have much use the only thing it affected was who would go after you, unlike in previous Fallout titles the level of your Karma (whether good or bad) affected who you could trade with, how people address you and Karma served as your reputation, "good" and "evil" aren't fully applied its more good than evil limiting the freedom of the player. Fifth NPC's more around on set patterns because of that the player might be able to accidentally disrupt that pattern and the NPC might end up dead or stuck and disables you from completing a quest (this has happened to me several times) . Lastly (the most frustrating part of all) FO3 has a truck load of bugs especially on the PC one major bug was the random crashes during Auto Saves and/ fast travelling (and Bethesda still hasn't released a patch).

Story - 5/10 [may contain minor spoilers]
First the MQ (Main Quest) is relatively short. Second the story itself.Your father vanishes from the vault? Not so very exciting. Not to mention lots of holes in the consistency between FO3 and the previous Fallout titles. A good example would be, How the Super Mutants and Enclave got to the East Coast? They were destroyed in the previous Fallout games, no new major group was added. FO3's story isn't even parallel or close to that of the previous Fallout games making the "3" right beside it inappropriate.

Secondary Factors (will not be included in overall rating but I felt like adding this anyway for luxury and Miscellaneous purposes)

Lifespan - 6/10
Although a person who loves this make might find it long. There isn't much reason to fully explore the caves and such they just look identical. There to few quests making the game really boring ones all of them are done. Plus you can't even play after the main quest is accomplished.

Replayablitiy - 2/10
After making a playthrough which completed and explored much of the game there isn't really a reason to make a 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th playthrough there isn't any major good/evil choices that might entice you to play a another playthrough. In fact making a playthrough is a chore (mainly because of the tutorial level which takes a bit of time to finish and cannot be skipped).

Gore Factor - 9/10
Corpse exploding, brain splattering, blood and violence. One factor which is true for all Fallout games. Amazing gore with the only problem being too gory like just shooting a few bullets rips every single limb? Not very realistic. Not to mention gets a bit over in certain aspects.

Overall - 5/10
An average game. Nothing really great about it. It was fun for the first few hours but after that boring. I easily got bored with it and a bit repetitive. Lots of flaws in the story, average gameplay and average graphics. The game is a disappointment to most Fallout series fans but a once in a lifetime game to new players (especially BethSoft lovers). Obviously from the way I rated (comparing it with previous Fallout titles) this game I am a long time Fallout fan who has waited 10 years for a sequel. So my perspective of the game is that of a Fallout Veteran.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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