Review by Deserteagle47

Reviewed: 11/03/08

One of the best game I have played.

The following review is for Fallout 3 PC version.

I am always a loyal fan Bethesda games. This one is simply the grown jewel of all the games this company has built. I am sure alot of you experinced Bethesda The Elder Scroll series, this game inhereted alot elements from The Elder Scrolls and so much more.

1. Storyline: I just finished the story line once so this may not be a complete point of view of this game. The storyline is rather short, but very deep and well constructed. The game does end after the player complete the story line, and for what I know there at least 3 different endings. Through the story line there are series of quests and things players must do, but how to do it is entirely up to the player. There are always more than 1 way to complete quests, different options to choose from the dialog and outcome will be different, though will not affect the main story line too much. Unlike most of the RPGs, the charactor the player created through the game play will actually have a significan impact through the main quest. How to play through the story and how hard it is will be entirely based on player's choices. 8/10

2. Graphic: Absolutely the best I have seen. Based the size of the game, the graphic is amazing even to the smallest details. Everything in the game has their own very well detailed texture, and they do look real. Each NCP, enemy has their own well built faces and bodies, all the emotions, movements and actions are very very enjoyable. The water and the wind with dust gives the player a feeling they are real. One of the few games has this king of near photo realistic level. 10/10

3. Sound: I don't have the best gaming sound system, but all the sounds and voices in the game has so far very impressive. There are tons and tons of dialog built in the game and players won't be able to see them all, because alot of them are unique due to the players state of being. The weapons, explosion, shouts feels very real with headphone on, and at certain places the silence is very frightening. 10/10

4. Game play: Very very enjoyable. The Bethesda put VATS system in the game play, makes the First person shooter gaming to an never seen level. Players can enter VATS during combat, and camera will be up close and in slow motion. I am sure 99% of the FPS gamers never experinced this kind of gorey and yet satisifying head shots. The leveling system is easy to grasp, and element of RPG is very heavy, much heavier than Oblivion or Morrowind. Everything a player do will gain exp, often along with karma points. As player level through the game, he/she can earn alot of different abilities, makes the game experince unique for every player. There isnt enough points to be earned for every single specially abilities, so whatever the players picked will decide his/her unique advantage and disadvantage. Karma points is in fact a major factor in the game. For example, evil player and good player will find different dialog from the same NPC, and optioins will be different. There are things only evil player can do, or things only good players can do. 10/10

5. General: I have personally complete the story line (The only thing I focused on) without exploring about 80% of the explorable area. This game is huge, larger than oblivion and morrowind for sure, and there are just so many things to do, so many places to explore. So far the places I have explored are very impressive. Exploring unknown with all kind of weapons ranging from combat knife and baseball bat, to Mini guns and Missile launchers, has always been my dream. Finally Fallout 3 has brought my dream to the realm of reality.

Overall, I give this game 10/10 score. I wish you can all enjoy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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