Review by NeoSaki

Reviewed: 11/03/08

Fallout 3

First off, I'm a fan of the Fallout series. I've loved the concepts, the story arcs, and the often dark humor. Never got into B.O.S. and Tactics strayed a bit from what I really loved, but when I heard Berthesda had picked up Fallout 3 I naturally was excited.

I think Berthesda did a fair job of keeping the Fallout universe in tact, although I do complain that their immediate need to explain what happened in detail kind of bothered me, but I can understand why being that this will be the first time many people even know of this series' existence they needed to be brought up to speed. My other complaint is the inability to opt out of the tutorial/character building section.

Unlike the previous reviewer who obviously doesn't know how to set his computers up properly or possibly lacks the basic intelligence required to operate a mouse and keyboard, both myself and my little brother, who is freaking 11 years old and built his own computer including hardware and software installation without my help, were able to run this without any problems. In fact, the only time Fallout 3 crashed on me was when AIM decided it needed my immediate attention and booted me from the game causing the game to crash.

Graphically I feel this game is a big step up from Oblivion and many other games on this scale, it is a sandbox style world. Even though both of us are running on a couple year old hardware, myself running a Intel Q6xxx with nVidia 8600 and my brother running a dual-core Intel with an ATi 3850, we both have had no real complaints with frame rate. On the graphic side, I did ditch a few nicer features like AA in support of a farther viewing distance for models as I got tired of being shot from the invisible man down the road.

Play wise, your decisions early on in character creation can easily hurt you in the long run if you try to be too broad with how you want to play. Trying to be as average as possible with your skills can easily make this the hardest game you have ever played as you will find only 1/10 shots will hit the target but you cannot sneak around or pick locks efficiently. Build a character that will suit yourself specifically, but remember that you should do a little specialization.

Over all Fallout 3 deserves a 9/10 for being a really good game but not being perfect. The bumbling idiot before me must have recently went through a lobotomy or possibly is a direct descendant of a buffoon. Possibly his fingers were smashed as well, with a hammer. Although this is just a lot of speculation. I mean maybe he was just born with a mental handicap and I'm gonna be going to hell.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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