Additional Character Art & AnimationLiz Beetem
Additional Character Art & AnimationChristiane Meister
Additional Character Art & AnimationHugh Riley
Additional Concept ArtCraig Mullins
Additional Level DesignRyan Redetzke
Additional Level DesignMike Ryan
Additional Level DesignJesse Tucker
Additional ProgrammerJoshua Andersen
Additional ProgrammerRyan Ashford
Additional ProgrammerBrett Douville
Additional ProgrammerDaniel Dunham
Additional ProgrammerPaul Graber
Additional ProgrammerJason Hammett
Additional ProgrammerChris Hynes
Additional ProgrammerChris Innanen
Additional ProgrammerRyan Lea
Additional ProgrammerJeff Lundin
Additional ProgrammerNathan Nordfelt
Additional ProgrammerCasey O'toole
Additional ProgrammerDariush Samari
Additional ProgrammerJeff Ward
Additional Quest Design & WritingNate Ellis
Additional Quest Design & WritingWilliam Killeen
Additional Quest Design & WritingJustin McSweeney
Additional Quest Design & WritingMark Nelson
Additional Voices:Duncan Hood
Additional World ArtTodd Broadwater
Additional World ArtMiles Burrell
Additional World ArtMatthew Carofano
Additional World ArtCory Dornbusch
Additional World ArtGreg Kline
Additional World ArtRyan Salvatore
Allistair Tenpenny (Voice)Charlie Warren
Associate ProducerAngela Browder
Associate ProducerNathan X McDyer
Audio DirectorMark Lampert
Character Art & AnimationBen Carnow
Character Art & AnimationJangjoon Cha
Character Art & AnimationHiu Lai Chong
Character Art & AnimationJonah Lobe
Character Art & AnimationGary Noonan
Character Art & AnimationDane Olds
Character Art & AnimationJuan Sanchez
Concept ArtAdam Adamowicz
Executive ProducerTodd Howard
Father (voice)Liam Neeson
Lead AnimatorJosh Jones
Lead ArtistIstvan Pely
Lead DesignerEmil Pagliarulo
Lead Level DesignerJoel Burgess
Lead ProducerGavin Carter
Lead ProgrammerSteve Meister
Level DesignDaryl Brigner
Level DesignJeff Browne
Level DesignPhil Nelson
Lucas Simms (Voice)Greg Williams
Mr. Burke (voice)Wes Johnson
Narrator (voice)Ron Perlman
President John Henry Eden (voice)Malcolm McDowell
ProducerJeff Gardiner
ProducerCraig Lafferty
ProducerTim Lamb
ProgrammerBrendan Anthony
ProgrammerShannon Bailey
ProgrammerJonathan Bilodeau
ProgrammerErik Deitrick
ProgrammerDavid DiAngelo
ProgrammerJoseph DiAngelo
ProgrammerJoel Dinolt
ProgrammerMichael Dulany
ProgrammerChris Esko
ProgrammerScott Franke
ProgrammerRicardo Gonzalez
ProgrammerAhn Hopgood
ProgrammerMat Krohn
ProgrammerMike Lipari
ProgrammerJoe Ramano
ProgrammerBrian Robb
ProgrammerJeff Sheiman
ProgrammerJean Simonet
ProgrammerDan Teitel
ProgrammerOrin Tresnjak
ProgrammerCraig Walton
ProgrammerJay Woodward
Quest Design & WritingErik J. Caponi
Quest Design & WritingBrian Chapin
Quest Design & WritingJon Paul Duvall
Quest Design & WritingKurt Kuhlmann
Quest Design & WritingAlan Nanes
Quest Design & WritingBruce Nesmith
Quest Design & WritingFred Zeleny
Sarah Lyons (voice)Heather Marie Marsden
Special Effects & GoreGrant Struthers
Special ThanksTimothy Cain
Voice Actor: AgathaDiana Sowle
Voice Actor: AmataOdette Yustman
Voice Actor: Chief GustavoPete Papageorge
Voice Actor: Doctor LiJennifer Massey
Voice Actor: Elder LyonsWilliam H. Basset
Voice Actor: GrouseJohnny Contino
Voice Actor: MoiraKaren Carbone
Voice Actor: NathanPaul Eiding
Voice Actor: StanleyJeff Baker
Voice Actor: Three DogErik Todd Dellums
Voice Actor: Timmy NeusbaumCullen Pagliarulo
World ArtHope Adams
World ArtAndy Barron
World ArtNoah Berry
World ArtCory Edwards
World ArtTony Greco
World ArtDaniel T. Lee
World ArtNate Purkeypile
World ArtRashad Redic
World ArtMegan Sawyer
World ArtRyan Sears
World ArtClara Struthers
World ArtRafael Vargas
World ArtRobert Wisnewski


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