can't speak with three dog?

  1. hey guys,

    A few weeks ago i completed fallout 3. Then I downloaded the dlc "brothers of steel" (actually, i can't remember the name of it very well :)

    but i accidentally deleted my saves and i started from beginning of the game. but the game is too long and i must spend many hours in front of the computer to finish it again. because of that, i downloaded a %100 save file and loaded the save. i can play now regularly but i want to play dlc.

    The main request tells me i should go talk with three dog. but as i go to the gnr and stay in front of three dog, i press "e" we start a dialogue but there is nothing in the dialogue box, and three dog says nothing.

    please help, i'm stuck there.

    User Info: cokea

    cokea - 7 months ago

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