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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Relle

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 12/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    by Relle
    Winner of the July 2004 FOTM contest!
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Latest Updates
    3.  Basics
    4.  Party Building
      4a. Races
      4b. Classes
      4c. Skills
      4d. Useful Skills
      4e. Special Skills
      4f. Special Abilities
      4g. Character Traits
    5.  Walkthrough
      5a. Upper Avernum
         5a-1. Fort Emergence
         5a-2. Ghikra
         5a-3. Portal Fortress
         5a-4. New Cotra
         5a-5. New Formello
         5a-6. Treasure Hunt
      5b. Krizsan Province
         5b-1. Kriszan
         5b-2. Inn of Blades
         5b-3. Silvar, Colchis and Delan
         5b-4. Guhkbar's Pit
         5b-5. Delis and Pergies
         5b-6. Agate Tower
         5b-7. Slime Pit
      5c. Upper Avernum - The Return
         5c-1. Fort Emergence
         5c-2. Tower of the Magi
         5c-3. New Formello Investigation
         5c-4. Erika's Tower
      5d. Isle of Bigail
         5d-1. Farport
         5d-2. Port Townsend
         5d-3. Shayder
         5d-4. Bavner and Kuper
         5d-5. Spiral Crypt
         5d-6. Northpoint and Southpoint Lighthouse
         5d-7. Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders
         5d-8. Kneece
         5d-9. Filth Factory
      5e. Theft of the Orb of Thralni
         5e-1. Fort Emergence
         5e-2. Cult of the Sacred Item
      5f. Karnold Province
         5f-1. Southern Karnold Tour
         5f-2. Sharimik
         5f-3. Northern Karnold Tour
         5f-4. Tomb of Vahkohs
         5f-5. Softport
         5f-6. Troglodyte Altar
         5f-7. Troglodyte Castle
      5g. Midori Province
         5g-1. Lorelei
         5g-2. Giant's Forge
         5g-3. Cavern of Giants
         5g-4. Concealed Tunnel
      5h. The Grand Midori Tour
         5h-1. The Bunker
         5h-2. Southeastern Midori
         5h-3. Fading Tower
         5h-4. Malloc, Dorngas and Calloc
         5h-5. Marish and the Chasm of Screams
         5h-6. Lair of Sulfas
         5h-7. Lair of Khoth
         5h-8. Lair of Athron
         5h-9. Moon
      5i. Monoroe Province
         5i-1. Spineridge and Mernia
         5i-2. Gale
         5i-3. Tevrono
         5i-4. Remote Aerie
         5i-5. Golem Spires
         5i-6. The Golem Factory
      5j. The Guilty Ones
      5k. Northern Valorim Tour
         5k-1. Erox
         5k-2. Defiled Crypt
         5k-3. Draigoth Ruins
         5k-4. The Rest of Valorim
         5k-5. Guarded Tunnel
         5k-6. Blackcrag Fortress
      5l. Disaster at the Tower of the Magi
      5m. Footracer Province
         5m-1. The Ruins
         5m-2. Keep of Tinraya
         5m-3. Crumbling Factory
         5m-4. Great Walls
      5n. Endgame
         5n-1. Vahnatai Lands
         5n-2. Rentar-Ihrno's Keep
    6.  Items and Equipment
      6a. Items
      6b. Weapons
      6c. Armor
      6d. Jewelry
      6e. Potions and Curatives
      6f. Special/Quest Items
      6g. Rare Items
      6h. Xian Items
      6i. Rare Item Locations
         6i-1. Weapons
         6i-2. Armor
         6i-3. Jewelry
         6i-4. Mind Crystals
      6j. The Legendary Items
         6j-1. Recipe for Knowledge Brew
         6j-2. Black Halberd
         6j-3. Pachtar's Plate
         6j-4. Fury Crossbow
         6j-5. Ring of Endless Magery
    7.  Magic
      7a. Spell List
         7a-1. Mage Spells
         7a-2. Priest Spells
      7b. Level 3 Spells
         7b-1. Mage Spells
         7b-2. Priest Spells
    8.  Quests
      8a. Main Quests
      8b. Side Quests
         8b-1. Upper Avernum
         8b-2. Krizsan Province
         8b-3. Isle of Bigail
         8b-4. Karnold Province
         8b-5. Midori Province
         8b-6. Monoroe Province
         8b-7. Northern Valorim
    9.  Caches
      9a. Krizsan Province
      9b. Isle of Bigail
      9c. Karnold Province
      9d. Midori Province
      9e. Monoroe Province
      9f. Northern Valorim
      9g. Footracer Province
    10.  Recruitable NPCs
      10a. Hsska the Slith Priest
      10b. Falko the Archer
      10c. Carol the Mage
      10d. Miranda the Warrior
    11.  Character Editor
      11a. Item List
      11b. Special Item List
    12.  Revision History
    13.  Acknowledgements
    14.  Copyright Info
     1.  Introduction
    The Avernum trilogy is a remake of the Exile trilogy of games, which is in
    itself a major throwback to old-style gameplay.  The monsters are tough, the
    gold is scarce, and the world is big.  There are no cutscenes to watch, nor
    fancy FMV or impressive voicework.  Just a game.  A game, I might add, that is
    one of the better hidden gems on the PC and Mac.  Before modern RPGs with their
    complex polygons and pages of text to sort through (Morrowind, I'm looking at
    you...) Avernum came along.  This title has all the advantages of modern games,
    such as a huge world to explore, quests to undergo and many, many monsters to
    kill.  So, if I've managed to tickle your fancy, read on and prepare to save
    the world.
     2.  Latest Updates
    1.02 - I AM WINNER!!!  This guide has just won the July 2004 Gamefaqs FAQ of
    the Month contest!  Hoo-rah!
    1.10 - I wrote up the rare item locations, just to really make things complete.
     3.  Basics
     * Just in case anyone finds my directions confusing, 'north' means the top
       part of the automap, 'south' is the bottom part, and 'east' and 'west' are
       right and left respectively.  You should always keep the automap up when
       you're not managing inventory.
     * Confused about the controls?  Press the Tab key to see what each button does.
     * Your lead character can attack enemies outside of battle, so make sure your
       strongest person is up front.
     * Make sure you always have some food.  You can't rest in the wild without it.
     * When creating a mage or priest, give them five levels of mage spells or six
       levels of priest spells respectively.  This will allow them to start with
       as much magic as possible.
     * Hidden passages are everywhere.  Search carefully.
     * Remember you can move diagonally through trees or other obstacles.
     * Buy arrows in bulk.  It's a horrible feeling to run out in the middle of a
     * Give magic scrolls and wands to your fighters and thieves to have a big
       fireball-tossing party.
     * Save before training your party, just in case you change your mind after.
     * Explore everywhere.  This should be a no-brainer.  There is much more to
       the game than what I will explore in this guide, simply because showing you
       every last mundane event would take forever and a day.
     * Save often.  This should also be a no-brainer.
     * If you find the game is too hard or too easy, you can adjust the difficulty
       on-the-fly in the options menu.
     * Don't dawdle too much.  The more time passes, the worse shape Valorim will
       be in.  Some towns may even vanish entirely.  Eliminating the monster plagues
       will help keep the surface intact.
     * Horses can help you get places in a hurry.  They're available for sale in
       various locations across Valorim.
     * Crossbow bolts do more damage, but arrows are more plentiful.  Choose wisely.
     * Very useful tip: If you sell items to Levy in Fort Emergence, he will sell
       you that same item an unlimited amount of times.  Very useful for rare items
       like Mind Crystals, but bear in mind many rare items are also very expensive.
       Technically this is cheating, so consult your morals before doing this.
     *** Abbreviations ***
     HP:  Health/Hit Points
     SP:  Spell Points
     STR:  Strength
     DEX:  Dexterity
     INT:  Intelligence
     END:  Endurance
     MEL:  Melee Weapons
     POL:  Pole Weapons
     BOW:  Bows
     THR:  Thrown Missiles
     HRD:  Hardiness
     DEF:  Defense
     ASS:  Assassination
     MAG:  Mage spells
     PRI:  Priest spells
     ARC:  Arcane Lore
     POT:  Potion Making
     TUS:  Tool Use
     NLO:  Nature Lore
     AID:  First Aid
     LCK:  Luck
     BAR:  Barter
     HRB:  Find Herbs
     ANT:  Anatomy
     BLD:  Blademaster
     GYM:  Gymnastics
     PAT:  Pathfinder
     MGR:  Magery
     RES:  Resistance
     CUR:  Dread Curse
     VAH:  Vahnatai Lore
     PAR:  Parry
     MC:  Mind Crystal
     4.  Party Building
     4a. Races
     *** Human ***
    Humans have no special advantages, but also no XP penalty.  Something to
    consider is the surface world has long been paranoid around otherwise outlandish
    races such as the Nephilim and Slithzerikai.  Having a party of all humans will
    help you out in certain situations with the more 'specist' people of Valorim,
    but it will also bar you from some events in the game.  Some surface Nephilim,
    for example, will only help you if you have a Nephilim in your party.  While
    the lack of a XP penalty is tempting, I would recommend you take a human for a
    designated healing character or any other class that won't see a lot of direct
     *** Nephilim ***
    These folk are a race of cat-people (unfortunately, there are no anime-style
    catgirls...a shame).  They get a bonus when using ranged weapons, so if you're
    making up a long-distance fighter, you'll want yourself a Nephilim.  They also
    get a bonus to their dexterity and action points (AP) which allow them to move
    more during combat.  They do carry with them a 10% XP penalty, so bear that in
     *** Slithzerikai ***
    Wow, that's a mouthful.  The Slith are a race of lizard-people, and not only
    are they resistant to fire damage, they also get a bonus on their to-hit stat
    when using a pole weapon (halberds, spears, etc.)  That bonus starts at +15%
    to-hit at level 1, and increases by 5% every eight levels, except for the first
    bonus, which is gained after seven levels.  Here's the general chart:
    Level 1:  +15%
    Level 8:  +20%
    Level 16:  +25%
    Level 24:  +30%
    Level 32:  +35%
    Level 40:  +40%
    And so on.  However, the use of pole weapons prevents you from using some
    shields, so it's something of a trade-off.  Another thing to consider is the
    paranoia surrounding the Slith.  You'll be thrust into combat more often if
    a Slith is in your party, but more enemies means more XP, which a Slith
    character will need.
     4b. Classes
     *** Soldier ***
    Soldiers received excellent military training on the surface, the best the
    Empire had to offer.  They're very good with all sorts of weapons.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          4
    Dexterity:         4
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     4
    Pole Weapons:      3
    Bows:              1
    Thrown Missiles:   0
    Hardiness:         2
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       1
    Potion Making:     0
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          2
    Nature Lore:       2
    First Aid:         2
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  Elite Warrior
     *** Berserker ***
    Berserkers are wild swordsmen from the remote areas of the Empire.  Their
    wildness tends to get them dumped into Avernum.  They're extremely hardy and
    their sword skill is unmatched.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          4
    Dexterity:         4
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         6
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     5
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              1
    Thrown Missiles:   1
    Hardiness:         2
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       1
    Potion Making:     0
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          2
    Nature Lore:       2
    First Aid:         1
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Cleric ***
    A Cleric is a priest in one of the faiths disapproved by the Empire.  They
    have excellent healing and protective skills, although they often end up having
    to use them in Avernum.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          2
    Dexterity:         2
    Intelligence:      5
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     3
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   1
    Hardiness:         0
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     4
    Arcane Lore:       6
    Potion Making:     4
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          1
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         3
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Sorcerer ***
    Sorcerers are practitioners of the wizardly arts.  Their spells are powerful,
    both on offensive and defensive.  Alas, because of their dangerous research
    and eccentricities, they tend to be sent down into Avernum.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          2
    Dexterity:         2
    Intelligence:      6
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     1
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   0
    Hardiness:         0
    Defense:           0
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       5
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       7
    Potion Making:     2
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          1
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         1
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Rogue ***
    Rogues are nimble, good with swords, and able to handle locks and traps.  They
    also tend to walk off with things they don't own.  Unsurprisingly, the Empire
    loves to send them to Avernum.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          3
    Dexterity:         4
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         6
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     3
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              3
    Thrown Missiles:   0
    Hardiness:         2
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     2
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       1
    Potion Making:     0
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          6
    Nature Lore:       2
    First Aid:         0
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Archer ***
    Archers were either hunters or trained members of the Empire army, highly
    skilled with missile weapons.  In the Empire army, a dishonorable discharge
    tends to mean exile to Avernum.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          2
    Dexterity:         5
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         6
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     2
    Pole Weapons:      1
    Bows:              6
    Thrown Missiles:   1
    Hardiness:         2
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       1
    Potion Making:     0
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          4
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         0
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Rebel ***
    Some people dare to rebel against the Empire.  They have to be good at
    everything if they want to survive, though they don't have the freedom to excel
    at one thing.  A rebel tends to have some skill with weapons, traps, and lore.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          4
    Dexterity:         4
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     2
    Pole Weapons:      2
    Bows:              2
    Thrown Missiles:   2
    Hardiness:         2
    Defense:           2
    Assassination:     1
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       3
    Potion Making:     2
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          4
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         2
    Luck:              1
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Hedge Wizard ***
    Hedge wizards tend to live in remote villages of the Empire, where they help
    the locals with their magical skills.  This sort of character is good at magery,
    has a little bit of training in Priest spells, and has had a bit of practice
    making potions.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          2
    Dexterity:         2
    Intelligence:      5
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     1
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   1
    Hardiness:         1
    Defense:           0
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       3
    Priest Spells:     3
    Arcane Lore:       5
    Potion Making:     5
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          2
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         1
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Shaman ***
    Shamans are the priests of the back hills.  A shaman isn't quite as good at
    spells as a cleric, but makes up for it with weaponry and knowledge of herbs.
    Shamans are hardy folk, but their wildness tends to make them run afoul of the
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          3
    Dexterity:         3
    Intelligence:      4
    Endurance:         5
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     3
    Pole Weapons:      1
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   0
    Hardiness:         0
    Defense:           0
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     3
    Arcane Lore:       5
    Potion Making:     5
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          2
    Nature Lore:       1
    First Aid:         1
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  None
     *** Custom ***
    Skilled Avernum players can make their own custom characters.  Custom characters
    start with 65 skill points you can allocate to make your ideal adventurers.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          2
    Dexterity:         2
    Intelligence:      2
    Endurance:         3
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     0
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   0
    Hardiness:         0
    Defense:           0
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       1
    Potion Making:     0
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          1
    Nature Lore:       0
    First Aid:         0
    Luck:              0
    Unused Skill Points:  65
    Default Character Traits:  None
     4c. Skills
     *** Base Skills ***
    Strength - This enhances your maximum carrying capacity and provides damage
    bonuses to melee attacks depending on how much of this stat you have.  Fighters
    should have at least five to start, while magic-users can get away with 2-3.
    Dexterity - The more of this you have, the faster your turn will come up in
    combat.  Think of it as your 'speed' or 'agility' stat.  It can also give a
    to-hit bonus for your weapons.  Plus, a high dexterity means it'll be harder
    for enemies to land an attack on you.  Every class benefits from a little of
    this skill.
    Intelligence - Magic-users should focus on this skill.  More intelligence means
    more spell points, resistance to various negative magical effects, and can
    improve the effectiveness of your spells.  Magic-users should get as much of
    this as possible.  Fighters should start with 2-3 to save on skill points, and
    improve it gradually over the course of the game so they're not charmed as
    Endurance - This controls your health points as well as some useful skills like
    poison resistance.  Every class should get at least some endurance.  Make sure
    each party member has at least 4 to start out, and put as many skill points
    into this as you can.
     *** Weaponry Skills ***
    Melee/Pole/Bow/Thrown Weapons - These are all the same thing, but for different
    classes of weaponry.  Each level of a skill with a particular weapon improves
    your chance to-hit by 5%.  Therefore, six points of melee weapons would give
    you a +30% to-hit for swords, daggers, etc.
    Hardiness - A decent skill, each level of hardiness has a chance of reducing
    enemy weapon damage by 1.  While the damage reduction is useless later in the
    game, this skill will also reduce your encumberance, so make sure whoever is
    wearing heavy armor has a few extra points.
    Defense - This skill is a must.  Each level of it reduces the enemy's chance
    of hitting you with weapons by 5%.  Every class type benefits from this skill,
    so pick up a couple levels to start, then put points into it as you go.  Unlike
    Hardiness, it retains its effectiveness throughout the game.
    Assassination - This skill should only be given to fighters, and not at first.
    This potentially powerful skill lets you deal extra damage to enemies of a
    lower level, so you shouldn't even bother with it till you're at level 5 or
    so.  The more points you have, the better your chances of doing extra damage.
     *** Magical Skills ***
    Mage/Priest Spells - Obviously these should only be given to designated magic
    users.  You can create a warrior/mage hybrid, but it will seriously tax your
    skill points.  The greater your mage/priest spell level, the more and better
    spells you can cast.  The higher this skill at creation, the more spells you
    can cast at the beginning of the game.  Eventually you should get one (mage or
    priest) up to level 18+ so you can cast the best spells of the game.
    Arcane Lore (INT/2) - Cheap and useful.  You can get a few free levels with a
    high intelligence stat.  This skill is actually pooled amongst your party
    members when called into use, meaning if your party members have 2, 4, 5 and
    8 lore separately, the game will check against a total lore skill of 19.
    With that in mind, spread this skill around your whole party rather than have
    one member hog it all.
    Potion Making (INT/4) - Very useful when you get recipes for the better potions.
    Pick one party member at the start to learn this, because it does no good to
    have several people able to make potions.
     *** Useful Skills ***
    Tool Use (DEX/2) - For thieves only.  Obviously your other party members will
    get a few points due to the base value (Dex/2) but like potion making, it does
    no good to have multiple people carrying around lockpicks since the game will
    only let one person pick locks at a time, and obviously you want the character
    with the highest tool use to pick locks and disarm traps.  Choose your thief
    and pump up this skill for him/her over the course of the game.
    Nature Lore (INT/4) - A high nature lore will let you avoid encounters with
    monsters outdoors, which can be useful.  It will also influence certain other
    events in the game, so make sure one or more characters get a few points of
    this skill.
    First Aid (INT/4) - While first aid kits are at first cheap, eventually you'll
    have the ability to make potions and cast some uber healing spells.  You can
    heal a lot of HP with a high first aid skill and the more powerful kits, but
    if you're going to improve this skill, only do so with one party member.
    Luck - I cannot stress how useful this skill is.  While it may not seem like
    much at first, a high luck can prevent you from dying after a mortal blow
    numerous times.  It can also influence many events in the game, so make sure
    to get a few points in this for each character.  The only downside is the
    high cost.
     4d. Useful Skills
    The useful skills are actually more like your vital stats rather than the
    tool use, etc. skills in the last section.  These can only be increased by
    putting points into your regular skills.
    Health (END/2 * level) - Your HP.  The base value is roughly 1/2 your endurance
    times your level.
    Spell Energy (3*(INT + MAG + PRI)) - Your spell points, or MP for you RPG buffs.
    Poison Resistance (END + LCK + HRD/2) - How well you resist poisoning.  Each
    level improves your resistance by 5%.
    Magic Resistance (LCK + MAG/2) - Like poison resistance, this helps protect you
    from enemy magical spells.  Each level gives you an additional 5%.
    Willpower (INT + MAG/2 + PRI/2 + LCK) - This is a companion to magic resistance,
    giving you 5% per level to resist charming, terror and other mental effects.
    Resist Elements (DEX/4 + HRD/2 + LCK) - This gives you the ability to resist
    such things as fire and ice magic and other forms of these deadly elements.
    Each level increases your resistance by 5%.
    Item Lore (INT/2 + MAG/2 + ARC) - Very often in this game you'll run across
    items that are unidentified and therefore unusable.  To identify them you'll
    either have to pay for that privilege in the nearest town, or increase this
    skill to automatically identify items.
    Rune Reading (INT/2 + PRI/2 + ARC) - Like item lore, rune reading helps you
    identify magic in spellbooks around the game.  You'll need a lot of this skill
    if you want to unlock the secrets behind the more powerful magics in the game.
     4e. Special Skills
    Special skills are only available from particular teachers and mind crystals.
    They can't be learned normally, and some can only be improved by paying a
    teacher willing to grant you the skill.  More often than not, these special
    skills will require a boatload of gold to learn.  Included with the description
    is a list of where you can learn the particular skill.
    Anatomy - This will improve your first aid skill and let you do extra damage
    against humanoid creatures like...well, humans.
    Barter (Lorelei) - Almost essential.  The more of this skill you have, the
    better prices you'll get when selling items to merchants.  You can learn this
    from Carson in Lorelei, and improve it in regular training halls after buying
    at least one level.
    Blademaster (Northwest Valorim) - This is a combination of melee and pole
    weapons skill, with some additional bonuses thrown in.  Every level of this
    improves your chance to-hit with melee weapons, along with the damage you do.
    To get this skill, you must seek out a drake lord in the far northwest corner
    of Valorim.  It requires the Orb of Thralni, and you'll have to defeat two
    other drake lords to reach the third, who will give your party one point in
    this skill for 10,000 coins.  You can train normally in this skill, though it's
    quite costly.  Not nearly as much as the drake lord's lesson, though.
    Dread Curse - A negative skill.  This can only be bestowed on you by special
    circumstances, most of them bad.  The Dread Curse will make you a little bit
    worse at everything, from spells to fighting.  You can have it removed by Ahonar
    in Shayder.
    Find Herbs - While wandering around, this skill will occasionally find you some
    herbs for potion-making.
    Gymnastics - Gymnastics acts as a combination of Defense and Dexterity.  More
    of this skill makes you harder to hit and lets you act faster in combat.
    Magery (Erika's Tower) - This skill quite simply improves the effectiveness of
    every spell you have.  Erika will train you in this skill once your reputation
    is high enough.  It can't be improved in regular training halls.
    Parry - A nice skill, this will sometimes let you avoid a melee blow entirely.
    Pathfinder (Shayder) - This is an innate and automatic version of the Safe
    Travel spell.  It will help you cross swamps and other hazardous terrain with
    less or no negative effects.  Meena in Shayder will teach you, but you must
    find some graymold salve for Jed first.  You can train this skill at any regular
    training hall once you've bought at least one level from Meena.
    Resistance - An all-in-one magic repellant.  Unfortunately, it can't be trained
    normally.  Every level of this skill permanently increases all your resistances
    (fire, ice, magic, mental and acid) by 5%.  Ivanova in Golddale will give you
    two points of this skill once you complete her quest.
    Vahnatai Lore (Ghikra) - Companion to item and arcane lore, this skill lets you
    decipher various Vahnatai spellbooks and writing around the game.  It is taught
    by one of the Crystal Souls in Ghikra.
     4f. Special Abilities
    Special abilities are used through the Use Ability button.  The common ones
    allow you to change your name or character graphic/sprite, or let you delete
    a character.  Others are more rare, and some can only be used sparingly.
    Call Spirit - Summons a ghost-type monster to help you.  The higher your level,
    the stronger the monster.  Usable only once per day.
    Delete this Character - Self-explanatory.  Be very sure you want to do this,
    because IT IS PERMANENT!
    Divine Aid - The user becomes very powerful.  Various stats are temporarily
    increased.  Usable only once per day.
    Go Berserk - Causes the same effect as War Blessing level 2.  Blesses and makes
    the person who uses it harder to hit.  Usable only once per day.
    Make a Potion - Only characters with some Potion Making skill can use this.
    You'll be given a list of potions whose recipes you've learned.
    Natural Curing - Cures status afflictions like poison and disease on the user.
    Usable only once per day.
    Regenerate - Heals the user.  The higher your level, the more HP will be healed.
    Usable only once per day.
    Restore Energy - Recharges the user's spell energy.  The higher your level, the
    more SP will be restored.
    Ritual of Sanctification - This will purify evil altars, but at the cost of
    half your HP.  Usable only once per day.
    Summon Beast - Allows you to summon a monster to your aid.  The higher your
    level, the better the monster.  Usable only once per day.
    Use First Aid - You must have some First Aid skill, and at least one kit.  This
    will allow you to perform non-magical healing on someone.
     4g. Character Traits
    Here you'll find the game's traits, which can give your characters a certain
    advantage in exchange for a XP penalty, and in some cases, a bonus.  You can 
    have, at maximum, two traits, but you can also opt to have none in order to
    save on the XP penalties.
    Great Renown (-10% XP) - This gives you a bonus to your reputation, which can
    be useful in certain instances.  However, there are various methods in which to
    increase your reputation through quests and such, so you won't need this trait
    after very long.
    Nimble Fingers (-15% XP) - For thieves only.  If you have a specially-designated
    thief character, he/she should have this trait.
    Beastmaster (-15% XP) - This gives you a special ability to summon a monster
    once per day.  The higher your level, the better the monster.  I never saw a
    real use for this, though at higher levels the monsters are good for a meat
    Strong Will (-15% XP) - Helps you resist charming and the like.  Useful if
    you have a fighter-type character with low willpower.
    Good Education (-15% XP) - This helps you when reading spellbooks and such, so
    in other words, it gives you a bonus to your rune reading skill.  Considering
    the other traits available, you'd be better off just putting a few skill points
    into arcane lore.
    Toughness (-20% XP) - Very useful.  This will reduce damage from non-magical
    attacks and provide additional resistance against poison and disease.  The XP
    penalty is a bit high, however.  Give it to your magic-users, since they'll
    need the protection.  Fighting characters won't need it as much.
    Fast on Feat (-20% XP) - Also a useful trait, your default action points will
    be 5 instead of 4, which means you can have two melee or missile attacks
    without moving.  Only give this trait to one person because of the penalty,
    Natural Mage (-25% XP) - For mages and priests only, naturally.  This should
    be given to your mages immediately, since without it, they won't be able to
    wear heavy armor.  It also gives a bonus to all your spells, and this bonus
    will increase as you gain levels.  Not only that, but it will give you the
    special ability Restore Energy, which will allow you to regain some spell
    points once per day.
    Elite Warrior (-30% XP) - Like natural mage, this is for your fighters.  It
    gives them bonuses for their to-hit and damage and increases with your level,
    but you should skip it.  Avernum 3 has a cap for the amount of damage you can
    do, and all this will do is let you reach that cap sooner.  In other words,
    this trait won't help you late in the game, but the XP penalty will always be
    there.  You do gain the special ability, Battle Rage, but it's not that
    Divinely Touched (-40% XP) - This skill is a little bit of everything.  While
    the XP penalty is prohibitive, you gain small versions of the benefits from
    all the above-mentioned traits.  You'll also get the special abilities Call
    Spirit, Regenerate, and Divine Aid.  If you pick this skill, make sure you
    pass on the second trait.
    Cursed at Birth (+20% XP) - While the bonus to your XP is tempting, this
    trait could cause certain penalties to various actions and get you killed.
    Only take it if you happen to have a particularly high XP penalty and want
    to level up faster.
    Sickness Prone (+20% XP) - Basically, this is the anti-Toughness trait.  You'll
    be more susceptible to poison and disease, which isn't too bad considering all
    the proper potions and spells to cure such things.
    Sluggish (+30% XP) - This is something horrible.  You receive a penalty to your
    AP and your dexterity.  Not something you want in this game.
    Brittle Bones (+30% XP) - This isn't so bad for magic-users, since they should
    avoid physical combat altogether.  Combined with Natural Mage, you'll have a 5%
    bonus to your XP, but you'll have to stay far away from the front lines.
    Completely Inept (+40% XP) - Never take this.  It will render a character
    essentially useless.  Of all the disadvantageous traits, only brittle bones
    and sickness prone are acceptable as compensation for the positive traits.
     5.  Walkthrough
    A word on party creation before we begin.  There are many options for your
    party, and none are 'wrong.'  There is no party you cannot beat the game with,
    fortunately.  If you're feeling particularly daring, you can even leave behind
    one or two members, or even go through the game as a singleton for a real
    challenge.  For the purposes of this guide, however, I will assume you're
    taking the standard four-member party.  With that said, let's begin.
     5a. Upper Avernum
     5a-1. Fort Emergence
    Quests:  Go see Anaximander
             Go Up To the Surface
             Find Lost Papers
             Kill Bandit Leader
    You'll begin in Fort Emergence.  Note your equipment.  It sucks.  Your first
    quest is merely to meet with Anaximander (nice name, buddy!)  Explore around
    the fort first.  South of your guest quarters is a room where you can store
    characters to be retrieved later.  South of that is a room with a locked door.
    Bash it down and move your party inside, then close the door by examining it.
    Take the energy potion from the dresser and keep going.  West of that room is
    the training hall, which you can use once you gain a level to improve your
    Wandering around is Thereza, who will give you a quest we'll deal with later.
    Commander Johnson in the big dining room in the southwest will give you a
    quest to slay the bandits, which we'll also get to later.  Northeast of the
    dining room is a storeroom with marginally better equipment, but there's not
    enough there to outfit your entire party.  You'll have to go adventuring for
    better stuff.  Go see Anaximander, who is on the northwest end.  Also make sure
    to speak to the nearby Levy and get 25 coins for your allowance.  The north
    exit leads to the surface, but don't go there yet.  Instead head south, into
    Upper Avernum.  We've got some adventuring to do!
    First thing's first, let's clear out those bandits and goblins.  Wandering
    around will be a gang of bandits that could prove tough due to their numbers,
    but a good amount of magic and melee might will take them down.  They'll
    also likely provide a good deal of spare cash and equipment.
    The goblin cave is a little ways east off the main road, around the totems
    with skulls on them.  Homely.  You'll have to fight off a group of goblins to
    get to the cave proper, but they're not so tough.
    Once inside, explore everywhere.  Goblins litter the entire dungeon, and
    there's two floors to boot.  Make sure you've gone everywhere on the first
    floor before going down to the second via the stairs on the west end of the
    dungeon.  Definitely make sure to take out the goblin chief on the east end.
    He's protected by several goblins and two skeletons, so watch out.  In the
    northwest corner (only accessible by boat) you'll find spiders and a set of
    crafted chain mail, which is some good magical armor.
    The second level is pretty much a straight 'kill everything that moves' run.
    There's a worg in the upper right corner that's rather strong, so don't take
    it lightly.  In the northwest corner of the second level are stairs leading
    up into the bandit lair.  The northeastern part of the map has the bandit
    leader, who has a mage backing him up.  He's not too tough, even with his
    little magic-user, so just ventilate his body a little with your array of
    sharp objects.  Before you leave, go back to the wolf pit.  There is a secret
    passage in the northeast corner of the map that leads to a staircase up to the
    bandit lair's treasure.  Make sure you grab it before leaving.  The exit back
    to Upper Avernum is a gate in the northwestern part of the map.  Through the
    gate and to the south is the exit proper.  You'll be stopped by a group of
    bandits once on the world map, but they're small potatoes.  Fort Emergence is
    to the south, so head back.  There's a pool of water along the road on the way.
    Go up and examine it to get 100 XP.  Now go back to the fort.
    At this point you should be at levels 3-5, if you killed every enemy you saw.
    With the basic dungeons out of the way, let's move on to more interesting
    quests.  Follow the road north to Ghikra.
     5a-2. Ghikra
    Quests:  Return Koriba's Statue
             Info on Slimes for Rentar-Ihrno
    Your first and only Vahnatai town.  Northeast you'll find Koriba, whose statue
    was taken by bandits.  Sound familiar?  If you explored the wolf pens fully,
    you should have that statue already.  In exchange, you'll get a soul crystal,
    but you can't use it yet.  Also here is a weapons dealer.  If you can afford
    it, buy a waveblade, or even the fine waveblade.  It's very strong.
    Rentar-Ihrno is to the northwest, and she is someone you should speak with.
    She'll let you see the Crystal Souls, if you ask.  They're south, and you should
    definitely talk with Glantris-Bok.  He'll teach you the special ability Vahnatai
    Lore, and while it's expensive, it's very much worth it.  You can buy up to
    five levels of Lore for each member of your party.  You can't train this skill
    like your other stats, so you should definitely come back here on occasion to
    buy another level.  Aside from the statue and Lore, there's nothing here for
    you yet, so leave and move on.
     5a-3. Portal Fortress
    Quests:  Find Denise's Amulet
             Get Research Books
    Go back to Fort Emergence and train if you need it, then follow the road to the
    west to eventually reach this new fort/city.  South of the entrance but outside
    the city walls you'll find a large shield, but it's cursed.  In this fort you
    will find information on the game and its major inhabitants, along with
    something interesting: an energizing chamber in the northeast building which
    will infuse one equippable item with 10% cold resistance.  I wouldn't recommend
    using it now, though.  Your current equipment is crap compared to later weapons
    and armor.  The big building south of that has a lot of equipment, but you'll
    be attacked if you take anything.  Before you leave, talk to Walner to get a
    quest to find research books for him.
    In the northwest building you'll find Carol, who will teach you First Aid for
    150 gold per level, no skill points required.  You'll also find Denise, who
    has a quest for you.  Take it up, even though you can't go down to the Tower
    of the Magi yet.  Leave when you're ready.
     5a-4. New Cotra
    Quests:  Find Hmurrr's Cows
             Kill Ice Pudding
    This city is north of Portal Fortress.  Miles' Alchemy Shop has some nice
    potions for sale.  The ironworks next door is an especially nice shop that
    will not only sell you some good equipment, but will also buy your old crap.
    Gointz, who waits in the inn, can be convinced to sell his boat for 500 coins.
    If you don't have enough, come back later.  Assuming you do have the money,
    the boat is behind the foodstuffs shop.  Talk to Hmurrr inside to get a quick
    quest, then speak to the mayor, who also runs the inn and will hand you a quest.
    Nance has a treasure she'll part with, but you must first go to the surface.
    Remember to come back here once you've gone there and go to her house for a
    Mind Crystal.
     5a-5. New Formello
    Quests:  Help Out Sliths
    Make sure you leave in your boat (if you got it) and go back ashore somewhere
    you can find the boat again easily.  It'll stay put, don't worry.  Northwest
    of New Cotra is a Nephil bandit encampment, which is a tough battle.  You're
    vastly outnumbered and against a Nephil mage, so make sure you save beforehand.
    The reward is all the nice swag the Nephils drop, which may include a pair of
    drakeskin boots and lots of steel equipment.  Give steel small shields to your
    magic-users and either sell or keep the rest.
    Go north until you're in the next area.  West of the road is a secret passage
    leading to a massive insect infestation.  Don't challenge this unless you're
    confident in your abilities.  It will result in a lot of XP, but it might also
    kill you.  If you decide to be bold, kill off the grown chitrachs first, as
    they're more powerful than the larvae.
    In any case, New Formello is north of New Cotra, in the very northwest corner
    of Upper Avernum.  The mall in the northwest may not be complete, but there's
    a smith there who will sell you some equipment.  In the southwest there's an
    infestation of bugs that includes null bugs, who are quite strong.  The loot
    for this is on a body that has iron studded armor and a wooden small shield.
    Now that that's over, talk to Ahsoth in the northeast building.  He's a Slith.
    He wants heat.  Find Commander Ace (she's the one with the green-ish sprite)
    and talk to her.  Remember that bug infestation I told you about?  If you
    managed to destroy it, great.  If not, that's what you gotta do to help the
    Sliths.  It's especially tough because eventually you'll have to fight null
    bugs, who are very strong, even on the lower difficulty levels.  Being at
    levels 6+ is highly recommended.
    After many (many) battles, advance into the source of infestation to find...
    a body and an amber shield.  Return to New Formello and talk to Ace, then
    Ahsoth and Hsska in that order.  Hsska is one of the four recruitable NPCs
    you'll find in this game.  These characters are powerful warriors and mages
    who are almost definitely stronger than your created characters.  You have the
    option of deleting a character in your party and taking Hsska along, or using
    your personally crafted party.  Save before you do anything, though.
     5a-6. Treasure Hunt
    We're going to Erika's Tower, though not quite inside yet.  The Tower is east
    of New Formello, in the northeast part of Upper Avernum.  You haven't done crap
    as adventurers yet, so Erika won't see you.  Instead, go west of there.  There's
    a bunch of totems near the sign pointing to the tower.  In here you'll find an
    encampment of ogres.  They're even stronger than the chitraches, and they have
    incredible magic to back them up, not to mention a good number of Slith.  I
    would actually recommend you not take them on yet, as they'll more than likely
    wipe you out.  However, if you insist (or if you leveled up a bit) use haste on
    your priest and have him/her cast war blessing on your fighters, then haste
    them as well.  Make sure to rest and save after every battle, even if you don't
    need it.
    Whether or not you win, go back and grab your boat (if you bought it, otherwise
    skip ahead a section).  Take it up river, past several bridges until you find a
    swamped shore to the west.  Follow the tunnel (cast Safe Travel if you have it)
    until you reach some junk with an item buried there.  It is the Radiant Slith
    Spear, a very powerful polearm.  Take it and fight the rather strong Shambler
    that appears.  Trust me, it's powerful.  Use War Blessing on your fighters and
    cure whatever poison it causes.
    Assuming you haven't been wiped out, go back to your boat and take it all the
    way south, all the way down to Portal Fortress.  North of that fort is a small
    shore with a Blessed Buckler, a great shield for anyone who can use it.  There
    aren't a lot of shores, so it's not hard to find.  With that out of the way,
    you're done in Upper Avernum for now.  Leave your boat where you can find it,
    then Go back to Fort Emergence and take the northern exit to the surface.
     5b. Krizsan Province
     5b-1. Krizsan
    Quests:  Destroy the Slimes
             Find Dominique
             Find Fellows' Ring
    Congratulations, you made it to the surface!  Valorim continent!  Okay, that's
    not a massive accomplishment, but still.  Southeast of where you emerge will be
    Krizsan.  If you can't find it, just follow the nearest road till you find a
    sign and follow its directions.  Along the way you may encounter some nasty
    slime monsters.  Don't worry, you'll see a lot more of them soon.
    Kriszan is huge.  Look around.  There's lots to see.  The archer in the
    northwest tower, Falko, is another recruitable NPC.  You can't get him yet,
    though.  Benedict will sell you armor and give you a quest to find Dominique.
    Fellows, in the tiny shop east of the docks, will ask you to find his ring.
    If you already have a gold ring this quest is easy, but if not, there's one in
    a secret room on the west end of the city.  You can only get in through a
    secret passage along the outside wall.
    Captain Agrod in city hall will give you an unofficial quest to get unicorn
    horns, which you can then sell to him for spare cash.  In the same building is
    your first job dispatcher.  Jobs have both an objective and a time limit in
    days.  You shouldn't take on a job till you get to know Valorim a little
    better, but if you feel confident and need the money, have at it.  Also in city
    hall is Mayor Arbuckle, who gives you the official mission to destroy the slime
    infestation.  So, let's have at it.  But first, we'll explore the province.
     5b-2. Inn of Blades
    Quests:  Get Metal Lumps
    You'll find this just along the road leading north from Krizsan.  Inside the
    actual inn you'll find Arion, who will teach you several mage spells up to
    level 2.  He's the guy in the yellow robe.  He'll also give you a quest for
    you to recover some metal lumps of his.  Record the directions he gives, then
    find the metal and return them to him for a reward.  You can check the spellbook
    in his room if you need to learn the spell again later for whatever reason.
     5b-3. Silvar, Colchis and Delan
    Silvar is slightly east and north of Krizsan.  It's hard to miss.  We're going
    here first because you need some upgraded magic.  There's a temple on the east
    end of town with a priest who will teach you up to level 2 for several priest
    spells.  If you can't afford everything, buy level 2 for healing, curing, war
    blessing, smite and unshackle mind.  Those are the most useful spells for right
    now.  There's an Empire dervish in the inn who will try and provoke you, but
    don't challenge him to a fight.  He'll wipe out your entire party.  Merry, the
    shopkeeper, will have magic and fine lockpicks for sale, the former of which
    are very helpful with locked doors.  Aside from this, there's nothing of great
    importance in this town.  Your next stop is Colchis.
    Colchis is slightly south and east of Silvar.  Just follow the road.  The
    entire town has been overrun with slimes, and we're going to practice killing
    them here before the real thing.  The mauve (purple) slimes are especially
    nasty, as they can use magic.  None of them are that strong, though, and
    shouldn't require more than a couple hits to kill.  In the southeast corner
    there's a secret room next to a destroyed stable with a friendly ghost.  No,
    it's not Casper, it's my aunt Claire!  Er...no.  It's a ghost.  Talk to it
    and it'll tell you about two gifts: one behind a pillar and one under an anvil.
    The pillar is just north of the secret room, but the necklace within triggers
    an ambush of slimes!  The anvil is in the destroyed weapon shop (just check
    all the buildings for it) and contains a Wyrmskin Helmet.  Once you get both,
    leave town.  We're heading west this time.
    Delan is west of Krizsan, so find your way back there and follow the road.
    This particular city is on the front lines of the slime invasion.  Along the
    outside west wall you'll be ambushed by four mauve slimes, so do the world a
    favor and take them out.  The wandering monk in here has an unofficial quest
    to find a wizard who travels between Delan and Krizsan.  There's also a fletcher
    here who sells ash bows and crossbows, which are a step up from the cavewood
    equipment.  In the inn (hehe) Feral will sell you horses for 500 gold.  Horses
    are useful in that you take less time getting from here to there.  You don't
    move any faster, but days don't pass as quickly while riding horses.  Game
    mechanics, you know.  Aside from that, there's nothing else here, so take your
    horses (if you bought them) and leave.
     5b-4. Guhkbar's Pit
    Quests:  Free Illyee
    We're going to take a little detour for treasure and XP.  North and slightly
    west of Delan is a cave set on the south side of a tall hill.  Inside, leave
    your horses (if you got them) and go through the tunnel to the west.  Examine
    the pool of water and choose to wait to get...a quest!  Ha!  Now you're bound
    by the Code of Adventurers to help a fairy in trouble!  Er...right.  Anyway,
    there's a secret passage to the west.  Go through until you reach a high ledge.
    While ordinarily you wouldn't take such risks, you're bound by the Code...uh,
    just jump off.  South is a batch of healing herbs and north is Illyee in the
    cage.  You can either kill Guhkbar or do this the sneaky way.  The latter is
    accomplished by going around to the east side of the little wall south of
    the prison and hugging the east wall until you reach Guhkbar's lair.  The key
    is in the south chest.  The top two are trapped, and only the right one has
    anything of worth.  Alternatively, you can fight Guhkbar and then just free
    Illyee at your leisure.  The reward is better, but if you can't beat Guhkbar,
    then remember that your life is worth more...almost.
     5b-5. Delis and Pergies
    Quests:  Return Paolo's Package
    The town I speak of is southwest of Delan, but first we're going to make a
    pit stop.  Go to Delan and follow the coast to the southwest.  Eventually
    you'll come across some Empire soldiers.  Now, I know they're technically
    your enemy and all, but help them out.  You wouldn't want to be cowards, now
    would you?  They're just slimes, after all.  You should be quite intimate with
    how to kill them by now.  Once the battle's won, head west from there to get
    to Delis.  This town's not only in bad shape, it's under attack by slimes.
    They're even in the streets, in broad daylight even!  Glydden is waiting in
    the inn and if you tell her you saved one of her patrols, your reputation will
    increase.  This isn't an official quest, just something you can do to help
    yourself later on.  Make a note of the locked room in the inn.  We'll come back
    here in a minute.
    Pergies is almost directly north of Delis.  It's also beset by slimes, and
    you'll find a few just lying around.  Paulo's at the inn, and will give you a
    quest that'll require you to return to Delis.  Do so, and go back to the locked
    room.  If your tool use is high enough (doubtful) you can get in the front way,
    but there's a secret passage that'll let you access the room from outside the
    inn.  However, there's a magic barrier blocking your path.  You either need a
    piercing crystal or the Dispel Barriers spell at level 2, both of which you are
    unlikely to have at this juncture.  Make a note of this room and how to get in,
    then leave until you're able to take the package.  Bear in mind taking these
    herbs will make the entire town angry at you and attempt to attack you, but
    there's nothing in Delis besides the brief reputation boost.  Move on...
     5b-6. Agate Tower
    Alright, time to deal a blow to the slime plague.  The tower is southeast from
    Delis.  Go back there and go south once you pass the swamps, then go east along
    the coast.  You should see a road and some soldiers.  You'll have to fight two
    groups before you can enter the tower.
    Once inside, don't go too far south or you'll be trapped.  Instead, go west and
    take out the archers with arrows or spells.  Go around and to the south to meet
    some slimes in a pit.  Kill them as well and go south to an apprentice mage and
    soldiers.  Groovy.  You should find a shield ring when the dust settles.  Go
    north via the right door for more enemies, then continue north in that room to
    find a trap door leading down.
    From here, wander around a bit.  Goblins litter this area, so perform some
    much-needed slaughter.  Along a corridor you'll find a door to the church.
    Praying at the alter causes some imps to appear, which are good for some XP
    and not much else.  Along the east door, there's a tunnel leading to a Guard
    Worm.  This little beast has a breath weapon that will paralyze you, so take
    it out with magic and fast!  Go back to the hall leading to the church and
    walk further east.  There's a building there with a few troops and some slimes
    around it.  In the northeast room there's a desk.  Check it out to learn the
    location of the slime pit.  Interesting.
    Now go south within the building.  There are locked rooms with nice equipment
    east, and south you'll find a boat!  Score!  Take it south and west until you
    find a slime spawning pool on a shore to the west.  Destroy it with physical
    attacks and use magic to take down the regular slimes around it.  The field
    surrounding it will put your party members to sleep, but you can wake them up
    with Unshackle Mind if you have it.  Once the pool is destroyed, go through the
    door to the west.  You'll be inside a building again.  Go west, then south.
    There's Bojar, running like a coward.  He'll spawn some slimes to stall you,
    so slay them swiftly.
    The secret passage is in the south wall, but Bojar is protected by two magic
    barriers.  You can pass through them, but they will damage you.  Bojar has
    some direct-damage spells, but most of the time he'll summon creatures as a
    shield.  Cut a swath of destruction through them and take the wizard down.
    He will drop a Robe of Magery, so make sure to pick it up and stick it on your
    mage.  East is Bojar's room and a source of information.
    Go back to the room with the giant spiders and go northeast from there while
    still in the building.  Past the cobwebs is a secret passage leading to a room
    and a book.  The book contains Forcecage level 3, but you need to know Forcecage
    at level 1 at the least before you can use this book.  It will stay there,
    though, so remember this place and come back once you learn the spell.
    Now then, go back east to where you found the slime pool.  North are some
    stairs going up to the main floor of the tower.  Climb.  See that lever?  Pull
    it to disable the pitfall traps on this level.  Go east, then north through the
    rooms, killing the enemies you come across.  When you get to the supposed trap
    doors, keep going and leave the tower.
     5b-7. Slime Pit
    If you haven't yet, return now to Fort Emergence to train.  Once you're ready,
    the slime pit is southeast of Colchis.  Just follow the (broken) road till you
    see an opening in the mountains to the south.  Go up there, battling slimes
    until you reach the source.
    Leave your horses at the entrance if you have them.  Go forward to be ambushed
    by slimes.  Wipe them out, then continue west.  You'll see a pedastal.  Examine
    it for lots of fun buttons to push!  Whee!  Each button corresponds to a gate
    protecting a slime pool.  Each button must be pressed and the slime pool
    destroyed to eliminate the plague.  Start with the topmost button.  The stairs
    leading to the lower level are in the northeast most corner of the map.  Wade
    through the slimes and climb down.
    South are some slimes, but west through the open gate is your goal.  Destroy
    the slime pool with physical attacks and the Bolt of Fire spell, then climb
    back upstairs and go back to the pedastal.  Click the next button down, and
    take the rightmost tunnel east, then south at the first opportunity.  Down
    here you'll be assaulted by mauve slimes from across a gap.  Use spells and
    missiles to take them down.  Follow the path south, then around to the north.
    At the end you'll find another slime pool waiting to be destroyed.  Blow it up
    and return to the pedastal.
    Press the middle button and go for the staircase.  It's almost directly south
    of the pedastal, through some tunnels.  Find your way through and climb down.
    The slime pool is north, through any one of the three passages.  However, once
    you reach it, the bodies behind you will rise as slime zombies!  These guys
    aren't too tough to kill, but they have strong attacks.  Destroy the pool as
    per normal, and use Repel Undead on the zombies.  If you survive, head back to
    the pedastal.
    The next two sets of stairs down are in similar locations, but behind separate
    paths.  Press the next button down and head to the very southwest corner of the
    map via tunnels on the far west side.  The stairs you want are west, past the
    swamp.  Downstairs, take the boat.  You'll have to sail through several islands
    with slimes waiting, a slime gauntlet, if you will.  What you want to do is
    land on a nearby island and take them out with spells.  If you're low on magic,
    just use Bolt of Fire or arrows to kill the mauve slime, since it's the only
    one with long-range attacks.  The slime pool is at the end of the long river,
    and falls the same as the rest.  Return to the pedastal.
    The last slime pool.  The final staircase down is to the southwest again, but
    accessed by the tunnels to the east of the swamp.  Just keep heading south and
    west to find it.  Down here, you'll go through another gauntlet composed
    entirely of mauve slimes.  After several long and crueling battles, you'll
    find a pillar that says...hey!  Okay, someone's going to die for that one!
    Okay, calm down, there's still a slime pool around here.  Hug the east wall
    and go south, and eventually the game will alert you to the presence of a
    secret door.  Go through and follow the tunnel to the final slime pool.  Once
    it's dead, head around the tunnel in the northeast corner and walk past the
    rune in the floor.  Check it out.  It's the Alien Slime.
    This creature has hundreds of HP, high attack power, and it will spawn slimes.
    It's still quite susceptible to being skewered with pointy weapons, so have 
    at it!  Have your warriors blessed and hasted, while your mages hang back and
    take down the smaller slimes as your fighters beat on their master.  After
    (several) rounds, the Alien Slime will fall, but you're not done yet.  Check
    along the north wall of this chamber for a secret passage leading to a rune.
    Examine it, and you're finished.  Congratulations, you've defeated the first
    plague on the surface!  Exit the cavern and make the trek all the way back to
    Krizsan.  Speak with the mayor to get your reward, then talk to Falko with only
    three characters in your party to recruit him if you want.  With your reward
    (and possibly a new party member) return to Fort Emergence.
     5c. Upper Avernum - The Return
     5c-1. Fort Emergence
    Quests:  Investigate New Formello Murders
    First off, talk to Anaximander.  You won't get a reward (the mayor took care of
    that, you greedy bastard) but there's more to do.  See Levy nearby for a reward
    in the form of an invulnerability elixer, then talk to Berra in the magician's
    offices in the southeast corner of the fort.  Present him with the evidence of
    the rune, then talk to Anaximander again.  He'll give you a quest and ask you
    to visit Erika.  Remember that we can now access the Tower of the Magi since we
    ended that plague.  Let's go there first.
     5c-2. Tower of the Magi
    Quests:  Read Vahnatai Notes
             Recover Lab Notes
    This place is big.  Really big.  Speak with Vidrain as you leave the portal
    room.  Mahdavi is wandering around slightly south and has a quest for you.
    Now go north and west, then stop in the courtyard and go north.  You should now
    be in the entry hall.  East from here are the shops, most notably the potions
    shop, which will not only sell you the recipes to some powerful potions, but
    will also sell you said powerful potions.  Next door is a 'sage' who will
    identify your items and give you some advice...for a price.  If you have the
    money, save your game and read what she has to say, then load your save to get
    the info for free!  Hah!
    Anyway, east of that is the church.  The priest here will teach you three new
    spells that you should get immediately.  Mass Healing and Move Mountains should
    be the first on your list.  You're done in this general area, so go back and
    walk north through the corridor between the entry hall and the shops.  Follow
    this path till you're going south.  About halfway down you'll see a door.  This
    is creature storage and has nothing but monsters.  Starting from the square one
    east from the door to creature storage, walk south eight steps.  Now take one
    step west through a secret door into a library.  X the mage is here, but he
    won't do anything for you yet, so just remember this location and leave.
    Continue south until the hallway takes you west.  Enter the first door you see
    for a merchant who will buy your stuff.  Nine steps west of that room and one
    step north is a secret room.  It contains a spell book that'll teach you very
    powerful magic, but odds are you won't be able to get at it yet, let alone
    learn it.  Continue west to see some stairs.  We'll be taking a side trip on
    our little tour now.  Go up those stairs and go west.  Through the double doors
    is the wizard's chambers.  The second door on the south wall is Solberg's.  Go
    in and talk to him.  He'll teach you Ice Lances at level 3.  Linda's office
    can't be accessed, so don't bother.  While you're here, go into Denise's room
    and examine the dresser to get her amulet.
    Go back to the main hallway and continue west.  The westmost room in this hall
    has a desk which contains the Xian Tome.  Now follow the hallway west, then
    north until you reach another room.  Here you can rest for free, so take
    advantage of it if you want.  Keep walking through this corridor till you
    reach the entry hall again, then leave the hall and go west.  Carrie is in one
    of the classrooms here, specifically the one with the big pentagram.  Her lab
    notes were stolen by a...monster?  Well, the only monsters here are in the
    creature storage.  Go there to recover the notes, then bring them back to
    Carrie for your reward.  The cloak she speaks of is in the storeroom to the
    east of the wizard's chambers.
    This is about all you can do here, so go back to the portal and warp back
    to Portal Fortress.  We're going to solve a murder now.
     5c-3. New Formello Investigation
    The murders didn't actually occur in New Formello, but in a cave north of the
    town.  Go there and traverse the darkness.  Very soon you'll run into some
    chitraches, but they should be no trouble by now.  Once you find the bodies,
    search for a secret passage directly north of the body.  Follow it to a chamber
    with stalagmites.  It's difficult to see, but there's no hidden passages this
    time, so just stumble your way through.
    Further inside, you'll be ambushed by chitraches again.  There will be null
    bugs with them, who are still annoying to fight due to their magic nullifying
    fields.  Continue on and make sure you're fully healed, because you're about
    to walk through some unavoidable fireball traps.  You'll be damaged for around
    20 points depending on your resistance to fire.  Heal up when needed, then keep
    going to the final chitrach ambush.
    After a lengthy battle (don't forget the null bug behind you) inspect the
    skeleton.  You'll find a key, which is what we came for.  Answers will come
    later.  We have one last stop to make: Erika's Tower.
     5c-4. Erika's Tower
    Erika's Tower is in the very northeast corner of Upper Avernum, but in case
    you forgot, consider this a refresher.  Erika is straight ahead.  Don't go
    exploring yet, her tower has a lot of traps and monsters, and you're likely
    not ready for them yet.  Get every book in the room.  I say this because one
    of them holds the Haste spell at level 3, but there's no way to tell just by
    looking at the item screen.  Just take them all and use them till you find the
    right book, then toss the rest.
    Speak with Erika and she'll talk at length about the events of the first two
    Avernum games.  After she's done talking, keep at her.  She will teach you the
    next level of mage spells, including your two new favorite spells, Far Sight
    and Lightning Spray.  Make sure to ask her about the Vahnatai research and the
    boon she has for you.  Follow her directions to find the amulet, then return to
    her and accept the boon.  You won't see the results from this for quite some
    time, but it's best to do it now.
    Before going elsewhere, head back through the west hall and go into the fifth
    door (one door past the one with the amulet).  In here is a maze of pillars.
    From the entrance go northwest, west, north, west, north, west twice, southwest
    twice, south, then west twice to find an item on a pillar.  Warning!  Taking
    said item (a Diamond Dagger) will cause a Ur-basilisk to appear!  This creature
    can not only turn you to stone from a distance, it's very hard to kill.  If
    you have Capture Soul at level 2 or 3, this is a prime opportunity to confine
    one of the game's more deadly monsters for your own purposes.  Otherwise, use
    your newfound magic to kill it before it stones you.
    Now then, go through the east door and into the third room along this hallway.
    Empty, right?  Along the south wall is a secret passage to a hidden room.  In
    here are some cursed gloves and a couple research tomes for Walner.  There's
    also some drakeskin gloves behind the magical barriers, but they're guarded
    by quickfire, which is very damaging.  If you have Dispel Barrier or a piercing
    crystal, save first and try to snatch them.  It's best to go into combat mode
    and haste your party before doing it.  Otherwise...
    The Vahnatai research notes are in Erika's room, which is only accessible from
    the back of the tower.  Leave and re-enter from the north side.  There are
    cave slimes around here, so step lightly.  There's a secret passage leading
    back outside in the westmost indentation of the tunnel.  Once outside, check
    along the south wall for a secret passage into the back room.  The Vahnatai
    research is in the cabinet, and the spellbook here teaches Safe Travel level 3.
    Now then, go and inform Mahdavi of what you've learned, then return to Fort
    Emergence and report to Anaximander.  Now return to the surface.  It's time
    to stop another plague.
     5d. Isle of Bigail
    Quests:  Bring Dryad Something Beautiful
    But first, let's explore!  From the entrance to the surface, east is a unicorn
    cave that I skipped because it's unimportant.  East of that is a narrow pass
    through the mountain range.  Go through here, then head west.  Around a section
    of mountains you'll find Ernest's hut.  Here there are teleportation portals
    that'll send you to the far reaches of Valorim, but I don't recommend using
    them yet.  For one thing, they're expensive, and three out of the five portals
    send you to places that will be beyond your ability as adventurers.  You can
    also talk to Ernest to find out about a book in his little library that will
    teach you Dispel Barrier level 3.  However, if you take it, the first time you
    use one of his portals, you'll be sent to a drake lair filled with lava and...
    well, drakes.  I'd actually recommend you take it, by the time you need one
    of Ernest's portals you'll be strong enough to take on the drakes.
    Now then, go northwest from Ernest's to find a grove with a dryad.  She wants
    something beautiful.  You have nothing, but we'll find it eventually.  Now
    we're off to the Isle of Bigail.  Go north to the coast and follow it along
    to the east.  Eventually you'll run into Farport.
     5d-1. Farport
    Quests:  Kill Roaches for Nell
    There's not much here.  There is a weaponsmith, but he doesn't sell anything
    great.  The mage here will identify items and give you a quest for when you
    get to Shayder.  Vok at the dock (heh) will sell you tickets to Port Townsend
    and Sharimik.  You want the former.  Buy a ticket and take the boat on the
     5d-2. Port Townsend
    There's not much here either.  That's okay, this town is unimportant in the
    grand scheme of things.  Before you leave, however, talk with Father Rice in
    the temple.  Ask him of the Anama's beliefs, then say Yes.  This will affect
    events later.  Leave town.
     5d-3. Shayder
    Quests:  Eliminate the Cockroach Infestation
             Graymold Salve for Jed
             Deliver Package to Lorelei
             Find Grunders's Ring
    We're going here first, then I'll take you on a tour of the island.  Shayder
    is one of the major cities of Valorim, and houses the headquarters of the
    Anama.  Just follow the road northwest from Port Townsend to find it.
    Walk around.  It's a nice place...or it would be if it weren't for the disease.
    Nell's house is in the southeast corner of town, just as she said.  Next door
    to the east is Sara, who will sell you the same magic Erika was providing.  A
    man named Boyle who's wandering around tossed a wand into the sewers.  Hmmm.
    The Bazaar has some decent armor, but the weapons are crap.  If you see a
    beggar wandering around, give him some coins to get a clue about Judith.  Make
    sure to visit the mayor and get your prerequisite quest for ending the roach
    plague on the island.  Just east of the north entrance to Shayder is the
    hospital, and inside you'll find Jed.  He'll give you a quest to find some
    Graymold Salve, which you won't have now, but will eventually.
    West from the hospital is the Anama temple.  The priest here will sell you
    spells (same as the ones in the Tower of the Magi) and remove a Dread Curse,
    if you have it.  There's a room on the ground floor of this place that has a
    book that will teach you Curing at level 3, so find and read it.  In another
    room you'll find Father Lockhart, who will also tell you of Anama beliefs,
    and whom you should also answer with Yes.  The reason for this is you can,
    in fact, join the Anama after speaking with more of their priests.  The point?
    The Anama can teach you very high-level priest spells.  The drawback?  You
    cannot use mage spells ever again, unless you go to the priest and tell him
    you want to leave.  As a final note, Grunders, the job dispatcher, will give
    you a quest to find his ring, but only if you're Anama members, or if you
    have fake Anama rings.
    Now then.  In the northeast corner of town there is a little locked room.  In
    this room is a trapdoor leading down to the sewers.  We're going there now.
    Wander around down here and get acquainted with the cockroaches if by some
    miracle you haven't seen them yet.  They're stronger than the slimes, with
    more HP and slightly better attacks.  Plus, the big ones can cause disease.
    Go south till you reach a dead-end, then go west across two bridges.  Here
    you should find some cracked walls.  Use Move Mountains to blast open a room
    with a body.  On this body is a spellbook with Bolt of Fire level 3.  Score!
    Now leave.
     5d-4. Bavner and Kuper
    Quests:  Retrieve Charm for Nephil
             Visit Point Contemplation
             Find Mundt
    We're going on a tour of the island at this point, and we might even find a
    few clues.  Stop by Townsend and return to Farport to get your reward from Nell
    if you cleared out her house.  Head east along the road, past Townsend and to
    Bavner, but don't go in yet.  Walk a little east till you spot a lone Nephil.
    Talk to him for a quest you'll be completing in Bavner.  Enter the town.
    There's not much here, but what is here is important.  The house at the south
    end is actually a training hall, which you could likely use by now.  The Anama
    priest here will give you a quest and teach you more about the Anama.  Judith
    will be here if you couldn't find her in Shayder.  Ask her about an ancient
    artifact.  1000 coins?!  Crazy bitch.  Pay her to learn where the Fury Crossbow
    is.  Rather than that fortune teller's worthless advice, you have to pay Judith
    to learn the location, otherwise the dungeon won't appear on the world map.
    If you don't have the money, just keep in mind that Judith will be either here
    or in Shayder depending on the day.
    Anyway.  The innkeeper with the necklace is in the northwest building.  Threaten
    him and he will fork it over if your reputation is high enough (and if you've
    been completing quests, it will be).  Return it to the Nephil for a blessed bow,
    then head to the next town.
    Go along the road to Kuper, but go slightly northwest of it first.  There's an
    opening in these mountains and a passage that'll lead to a mysterious stone
    circle.  Pray here to learn a certain spell at level 3 depending on how many
    you've visited.  If this is your first, it'll be Curing.  If you already know
    it at level 3, pray anyway, the circles teach you magic depending on how many
    you've visited.  Now go to Kuper.
    We're not staying, only visiting.  By that I mean we'll be returning later.
    Talk with Mother Melamed for more Anama beliefs and a quest, though it requires
    some real digging through the dialogue options...anyway, he's in Lorelei and
    that's a long ways away now.  Leave, for now.
     5d-5. Spiral Crypt
    North of Kuper, past the mountains and slightly west you'll find Vanvor, who
    will sell you lots of very nice scrolls, including the essential Dispel Barrier.
    North of him is the entrance to the Spiral Crypt.  Find your way through the
    forest and enter.
    Examine the paintings.  Very...cryptic.  Sorry.  Anyway, follow the crypt south
    to find the Riddle Ghast.  The answer is 'Fangs.'  This particular ghast is
    very strong, so don't challenge him yet.  Move west.  There's a cracked wall
    in this hallway you can break down.  The hidden room behind contains some iron
    plate mail guarded by a couple undead.  Now simply follow the crypt around till
    you reach the entrance again.  Return to the room with the Riddle Ghast, who is
    now missing.  Behind where he used to stand is a secret room with a lever.  Pull
    it and go back to the entrance.  Another room has opened up now, so pull the
    lever in there and go back to the room with the coffins.  A wall has opened
    here, allowing you further access to the crypt and...another lever.  Pull it.
    Take a Dexterity Charm from the southwestern coffin and go back to the entrance.
    You can now leave, but would you really leave this crypt haunted so it can snare
    more innocent passerby's?  Of course not, you're bound by the Code!
    Now then, go back to the easternmost room of the crypt.  Remember that secret
    room past the cracked wall?  Go back there and head straight north to pop
    through a secret door.  Be prepared.  The quickghasts here are tougher than
    Gorvifal himself due to their high attack power and their ability to paralyze
    you.  Repel Spirit is your friend.  The best thing to do here is to cast War
    Blessing outside of battle so the quickghasts can only move one space at a
    time.  Beat on them first, then take out Gorvifal and the rest of his entourage.
    The treasure is rather varied.  A Prismatic Torc is lying around, and a secret
    room along the north wall of the narrow passage contains a spellbook with
    Divine Retribution level 3.  There are also Humanskin Gloves in the chest.
    Once you're done cleaning up, leave.  Fenris Port is along the road leading to
    the next section.  You may have passed this place on your way to the crypt.
    It's not hard to find.  It's also a very tiny town.  The weaponsmith has arrows
    you can stock up on, and the mage here can identify items and sell you potion
    recipes.  Other than that there's nothing here.  On to the next area!
     5d-6. Northpoint and Southpoint Lighthouse
    Quests:  Find Curing Potion
             Find Elspeth's Crystal
    Go along the road to the north.  You may encounter some Anama priests who are
    after a healing potion.  I can't see why you wouldn't have at least one to
    sell.  Along the north shore of the island is the lighthouse.  Let's visit,
    shall we?
    There's not much here, but there is something.  Undead.  Lots of it.  Don't
    get trigger (sword?) happy, though, they're not hostile.  Along the left side
    of the outside of the lighthouse is a secret room with a Horrid Specter that
    will attack you after you speak with it.  Don't attack it while it's technically
    friendly, or you'll take a hit to your reputation (oh no, the big bad scary
    adventurers attacked a poor, helpless undead abomination!)  Anyway, the specter
    will drop a mind crystal, which you should save for later.  The rest of the
    lighthouse is fairly nondescript, though you can speak with Nekaros, who set up
    this whole operation.  That's pretty much it, so now go to the Southpoint
    This place is on the far southern area of the island.  It's also the last stop
    on our tour.  After this, we start on the plague.  However, you might run across
    a town on the way.  This is Hectar, and it's got nothing.  The only thing in
    this town is the final Anama priest, but he won't talk with you about his faith,
    since his is a little shaky.  Meena also passes through this town depending on
    the day, so if you have some extra money and haven't maxed out your Pathfinder
    (assuming you can buy it from her) get some extra levels.
    As for the lighthouse, just follow the road all the way south.  You might be
    ambushed by some ogres, but they're not so tough.  You'll pass Point
    Contemplation, but we'll visit a little later.  Elspeth is in the southern
    lighthouse and will give you a quest to find her crystal (the mind crystal we
    just got) and will sell the incredibly useful piercing crystals...although
    they're quite expensive.  Return her mind crystal for a free one, and go to
    Point Contemplation.
    This place is overrun by roaches, but you just need to explore a bit to fulfill
    the requirements of the quest.  There's a pilgrim's cloak in a secret room in
    the north part of the lighthouse.  Use Far Sight to spot the one room you can't
    enter via door, and that's where it is.  Once done mopping up, return to Bavner
    to complete the quest.  We're going spider hunting.
     5d-7. Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders
    Quests:  Help Some Spiders
    No, we're not going to a party.  On the same map screen as Bavner is the spider
    cave.  It's deep in the woods, built into a hillside, to the north and a little
    west of Bavner.  Use your automap to maneuver through the trees.
    In here...be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Walk around a bit.  There's a dark altar
    that'll spawn four imps and a demon if you get close to it, and various items
    strewn around everywhere, but mostly spiders.  To the northwest you'll find a
    spider blocking your path to their chief.  Talk to him, then advance to the
    chief.  Friendly roaches, you say?  Yuck.  Take up his quest, and leave.
    The stone circle he speaks of is just northwest of the spider cave, on the same
    minimap screen.  It's easy to find.  Go there and wipe out the roaches, then
    return and learn the location of the friendly roaches.  Just as the spider
    said, they're due north.
    The stairs leading to the roaches aren't hard to spot.  Climb down and explore.
    You want to find Filth Spreader, who is pretty much indistinguishable from the
    other roaches, so just talk to all of them till you find him.  Ask him about
    the Filth Factory to be able to enter the source of the plague here.  Now we
    just need one more thing.  Leave and return to Kuper.
     5d-8. Kneece
    This place is another ruined town.  It's crawling with lizards of varying
    species, including a fully-fledged drake to the south.  The building in the
    middle of town is your destination, however.  You'll need the piercing crystal
    you got from Elspeth to get inside.  Make your way to the center and speak
    with Purgatos.  Keep talking till you can ask about the Filth Factory.  Since
    you know where it is, he'll give you the Phoenix Egg, which we'll use later.
    Now that we have the method of this plague's destruction, we're going to use it.
    Go back to the docks to get back to Kuper.  Walk back to Shayder and prepare.
    If you want to join the Anama, now's the time.  Bear in mind you can join, take
    all the magic they have to offer, then leave and retain the information, but
    you will lose every mage spell you know.  Now then, leave Shayder and go north.
    Roaches may be able to survive a nuclear explosion, but they won't survive you.
     5d-9. Filth Factory
    Roach beach is north of Shayder, and isn't hard to spot.  You'll fight through
    two groups of roaches until you reach the Filth Factory.  Go inside.
    Walk in and go north first.  Follow the tunnels around the north end of the
    factory.  When you get to the large room in the northeast, take the southern
    door on the west wall to a portal.  Fair warning: you can only send one person
    through.  That person must be able to destroy some undead and roaches, and
    get through a locked door.  Choose your party member and go through.
    You'll find the control room (eventually).  Press the top-right button, then
    save.  What you need to do is get past a certain point before the factory
    starts itself up again.  Take as few steps as necessary to get back to the
    portal, then go south.  In this room, go south and west down the hall.  Follow
    the hallway to where the lasers would be, and get across this room to the door
    in the southeast.  If you can make it past before the lasers reactivate, good.
    If not, reload and try again.  Go down the trapdoor to the lower level.
    Follow the hall all the way south.  Go in the room to the west.  Here, pull the
    lever to seal off the pipes.  Go back and enter the northern room on the west
    wall, and pull the middle lever.  Return to the room with the slime to find an
    opening leading to a portal.  Hop in.
    Go along to the west.  There's a passage south that was opened by the recent
    explosion.  Follow it into the inner Filth Factory.  Go around west via the
    north tunnels and circle around into the inner-inner circle.  Follow the filth
    around counter-clockwise till you reach a broken laser thingy.  Pick up the
    scales here, then find the absolute center of the factory.  You'll know it by
    the mass of swamp tiles.  This is where you use the Phoenix Egg. Toss it in.
    Run.  Let me repeat myself:  RUN!  The egg will release quickfire that will
    spread very quickly.  Retrace your steps till you reach a gray brick floor that
    will seem very out of place in this trash.  Go in here and up the stairs to the
    main floor.  Kill the one remaining roach here and step out into the light.
    Congratulations, the roaches are dead.  Return to Shayder and get your reward
    from the mayor, then make your way back to Fort Emergence.  We've still got a
    lot to do.
     5e. Theft of the Orb of Thralni
     5e-1. Fort Emergence
    Quests:  Recover Orb of Thralni
    If you got the withered scales, show them to Berra, then speak with Anaximander.
    He'll inform you the Orb of Thralni has been stolen!  Speak with Levy to learn
    your next destination:  Portal Fortress and Seles.  At this point you can also
    visit Erika's Tower and, if your reputation is high enough (if you've been
    completing quests, it will be) you can learn Magery for the hefty price of 5600
    coins per level.  It's expensive, but even one level can make all your spells
    more effective.  Anyway, go to Portal Fortress.
     5e-2. Cult of the Sacred Items
    Speak with Seles in Portal Fortress.  She'll direct the teleporter to send you
    after the thieves.  As the Adventurer's Code states, we must pursue them.
    After going through the portal, you'll be surrounded.  Fight your way out.
    Exit to the south.  Look around.  Patrols of rogues wander around here, but if
    your reputation is high enough, they'll run away without a fight.  Not all of
    them will, though.  There's a secret tunnel in the west wall to get you past
    the barrier of trees.  Continue on until you reach the dock.
    Here, slaughter the various enemies.  Go in the building for information on who
    you're fighting.  Nutty buggers, ain't they?  Steal a boat and take it around
    the rocks north, to the tower on the small island.  You can either land and
    enter via the front door, or sail in and use their docks to do a little sneak
    attack.  Let's sneak in, shall we?
    Kill the two soldiers at the docks and head in.  Check around, there's some
    funny info to read.  North from the docks is the mundane item storage, where
    you'll find a horn.  It won't be useful till much, much later in the game, but
    take it anyway so you don't have to go hunting around for one when you need it.
    Your goal is west, but you can only get through the doors in the courtyard with
    a stone key found in the two rooms south.  Once you get a key, go through the
    doors and head south through the Purification Walk.  What you need to do is go
    to each of the pools along the way and touch the water.  After the third pool,
    the Hall of the Sacred Item is open and waiting for you.  Take the other items
    in the chest (leave the plate mail and the metal bars, they're both cursed)
    then take the orb.  Your quest is complete, but you're still trapped down here.
    Make your way to the northwest corner of the tower to find a portal.  Try to
    use it, and you'll be ambushed!  Wipe out these damn thieves and reactivate the
    portal with the control panel below.  You'll be warped back to the Bandit's
    Lair.  You're done here, but you now have a new and powerful tool that we'll
    be using soon.  Stop by the Tower of the Magi and talk to Solberg to learn
    Lightning Spray level 3, your reward for destroying the Filth Factory.  Return
    to Fort Emergence.  It's time to tackle the third plague.
     5f. Karnold Province
     5f-1. Southern Karnold Tour
    Quests:  Hunt Ogres Near Bolton
             Libras Courier Job
             Destroy Undead for Storm Port
             Remove Ogre From Dryad Grove
    There's one thing you should do immediately with your new flying device.  East
    of the exit to the surface is an island with a stone circle that can only be
    reached via flight.  Get over there and learn your new spell.
    At this point it's faster to warp to Sharimik than walk or ride.  If you stole
    Ernest's book, you'll be thrust into a drake cave the first time you use the
    teleporters.  I'd recommend it, actually, because the exit to the cave leads
    you into southeast Valorim, which is more or less our goal.  If you don't want
    to, either follow the road near Kriszan east till you reach Bolton, or skip
    ahead to the section on Sharimik.
    The drake cave is full of lava, so either the Pathfinder skill or Safe Travel
    spell is a must.  The drakes are strong, have breath weapons and like to cast
    Fireblast on your party.  You start on the west end.  The exit is east.  There's
    not much else to say except haste, bless, kill everything and don't die.
    Assuming you popped out of the drake cave, head southwest.  You'll find a Nephil
    settlement buried in the mountains that's being beset by goblins and bears.
    Help them out to gain access to their homes and buy some good potion-making
    items like graymold, which is used to make graymold salve.  Southwest from there
    you'll find a stone circle with a talking skull being guarded by ogres.  This
    is a Xian item, so pick it up.  Go south from here and take the ferry across the
    river to get to Bolton.
    This town only has one quest for you.  On the way to Bolton, you may have passed
    some ogres that needed slaying.  The weaponsmith will give you the quest to kill
    them.  Do so and go east across the river.  Libras has a courier quest, and
    north of the town you'll find a mountain passage.  At the top is a Perfect
    Flower, which will complete your quest for the dryad.  The problem?  It's
    guarded by a few dozen gremlins.  These guys love to confuse and charm you, but
    a good level 3 Lightning Spray will wipe them out quickly.  Almost directly
    east of the entrance to this mountain pass is the dryad's grove, which we'll
    get to in a minute.
    As for Storm Port, you'll be given a quest by the mayor to wipe out some undead
    in a tower to the north.  We'll get to that later, but you should go north from
    here anyway.  Take the rock bridge across the river and go east to a mountain
    range.  Here there's a raised section of the mountain you can reach with your
    Orb of Thralni.  In this short mountain pass is a secret tunnel through the
    east wall that'll lead to a third stone circle.  With this done, go back to the
    dryad's grove I pointed out a paragraph ago.
    Here, talk to Esselarea.  She'll give you a quest to rid her grove of an ogre,
    but you can only send one character inside to do it.  Send in your best fighter.
    This quest won't require magic.  Go north and talk to the gremlin.  Not very
    helpful, huh?  Unfortunately, I can only be as helpful, because this place is
    very maze-like.  It would be hard to guide you without giving exact directions,
    which are unnecessary.  Use your automap and make your way south.  When you
    find the next gremlin, you're in the right place.
    Talk to him and when he starts saying numbers, choose "1234. 3456.", then
    "7890." and finally, "5678."  Alternatively, you can skip the stupid gremlin
    and just go down the path with the gravel at the beginning.  Find your way
    north, then around to the northwest corner of the map.  You should come across
    a field of bushes, some with red flowers.  Don't step on the red flowers.  If
    you do, you'll start back at the beginning.  The ogre is just past here, so
    don't despair.  This guy is stronger than your typical ogre, but not so tough
    that you can't kill him unaided by your party.  Once you beat him, take your
    loot and make your way all the way back to the portal and rejoin your party.
    At this point, use the Jewel of Return to go back to Fort Emergence, then use
    Ernest's portal to get to Sharimik.
     5f-2. Sharimik
    Quests:  Get Ring for Ginny
             Hunt Down Zang
             Destroy Altar for Corie
    Sharimik's one of the larger cities in the game.  Spragins in the south part
    of town will identify items and sell you two new spells: Forcecage and your
    next direct-damage spell, Fireblast.  You can buy some steel arrows from the
    fletcher, magic lockpicks from the general store, and train in the hall between
    them.  Starcap the trainer will give you a quest to find Zang, who is far to the
    northwest.  Ginny, in the food store, has a quest to find her ring.  Talk to
    Sloan (an archer wandering around outside) to learn of its location.  Retrieve
    it and return it to Ginny for the reward.
    Ellyn in the temple will heal you and teach you two new priest spells.  Mayor
    Knight in City Hall gives you your next quest, but before you can actually
    receive it, you must get approval from Corie and Levin.  The latter is in City
    Hall and requires 1000 coins for...processing fees.  If your reputation is
    high enough, you can threaten him into doing it for free.
    Corie isn't as easy.  You must first learn the Ritual of Sanctification, then
    destroy a troglo altar.  Talk to her and get the mission, then go to the store-
    room in the northwest corner of town.  Once you enter the westernmost room,
    shock!  Troglodytes!  Kill them!  You get no reward for this, but there's a
    locked storeroom here containing the Xian shrub.  Come back when you learn
    Unlock Doors level 3.
     5f-3. Northern Karnold Tour
    Quests:  Kill King Vothkaro
             Meet Empress Prazac
             Steal Book for Ivanova
             Slay Slith Chief
             Clean Out Ursagi Cave
    Leave Sharimik and follow the road east.  All the way east is Angel's Rest.
    Shahpur will give you a quest to meet the Empress, which we'll do much later.
    North along the road is Aminro.  The mayor here will give you a quest to kill
    the Troglo king, Vothkaro.  We'll also get to that later.
    Go back to Sharimik and follow the road south across the bridge, then east.
    You'll pass Gidrik, whose only notable feature is a guy at the inn who will
    sell you some horses.  Keep on following the road south, then east and you'll
    hit Golddale.  Here, Ivanova will give you a quest to get Ernest's book, one
    you should have, or at least know how to get.  Don't hand it over yet, though.
    The mayor will give you a quest to kill the Slith chief in the nearby mines,
    which we'll do now.
    The mines are east of Golddale, in a huge valley filled with Ursagi.  You'll
    have to go around to the south, then head back north to reach it.  The mine
    is the westernmost one, or the mine that doesn't give out gold or silver ore.
    Explore around.  The Slith here aren't tough in terms of HP, but they can hit
    very hard, and their mages know such spells as Lightning Spray and Forcecage.
    The Slith chief is in the northwest corner of the map, and he's protected by
    quite a few fellow Sliths.  War Blessing will help a lot here, as will some
    tough armor and a few castings of Lightning Spray, not to mention Mass Healing.
    He'll drop a Crystal Charm upon defeat, which should immediately be given to
    your priest.
    Once you've felled the Slith chief, leave the mines return to Golddale.  Speak
    with the mayor for your reward, and to take on another quest.  Now head back to
    the valley.  On the other end of the valley from the mines is the Ursagi lair,
    and in this lair is a spellbook that will teach Call Beast level 3.  By this
    time you should be quite familiar with the Ursagi, though the spellbook is
    guarded by an Icy Drake that is no picnic.  Fortunately, being icy, this drake
    has no immunity to fire that normal drakes and dragons have.  Kill it, and kill
    as many Ursagi as possible to finish off the appropriate quest.  To escape the
    lair, go to the northwest corner of the map to find a back exit hidden by
    shrubbery.  Go back in the main entrance if you left horses there.
    Once you get the spell, leave and return to Golddale for your reward.  Now go
    back to Storm Port and head north until you spot a tower in the middle of a
    thick forest.  This is your next destination.
     5f-4. Tomb of Vahkohs
    This is where you'll solve the quest for Storm Port.  First go to the southwest
    corner of the tomb and pull both levers once, then go to the northwest corner
    and pull the west lever once, and the east lever twice.  Go through a secret
    passage just east of the two levers, then go around to the west and through a
    locked door to the room full of dead guys.  In one of these coffins is a
    Thinking Cap, a nice helmet for wizards.  Now go down the passage you haven't
    visited yet to end up in Vahkohs' chamber.  Talk to him and accept his little
    Now the undead who were previously just getting in your way will attack you.
    What you need to do is make your way back to the entrance, where Vahkohs will
    be waiting for you.  The specters and quickghasts are a real pain, but they
    fall quickly to steel and spell.  Vahkohs is a stronger-than-normal vampire,
    and will take quite a pounding before he dies, but he will die...sort of.  Once
    you take him down, you still have work to do.
    When Vahkohs is dead, make your way back to the chamber where you first met him.
    Along the west wall will be a secret door.  Here you'll find chests to the north
    with treasure, spellbooks to the south with the level 3 Terror spell (the south
    book is cursed, don't read it) and another secret passage leading west.  Get
    what you want and go through two such passages till you find stairs going down
    and quickfire behind a barrier.  Use Dispel Barrier or a piercing crystal to
    knock down the first one, but don't take out the second barrier!  It's a fire
    barrier, and you can walk through it with some damage, but if you dispel it,
    the quickfire contained within will spill out, and it'll be quite hard getting
    back through this passage.
    Now then, go through the quickfire and through one more secret passage to find
    yourself outside.  Here there will be two demons, and a crystal.  This crystal
    is your goal.  Smash it, then deal with the demons back there.  They're quite
    resistant to magic, but not physical attacks.  Once the crystal is destroyed
    and the demons are gone, you're done.  Return to Storm Port and get your reward.
    With all this out of the way, we're finally going to get back to the actual
    plot.  Well, first we have to go to Softport.
     5f-5. Softport
    Quests:  Find Zik
    Technically this is in the Midori province, but we're only stopping here to
    get the Ritual of Sanctification.  We'll return to this province (and Lorelei)
    later to finish off the plague.  To get to Softport, go to Sharimik, then
    follow the road to the north.  You'll run up against Softport eventually.
    Talk to Nydia in the temple to learn where to get the Ritual.  North of there
    is the mayor, who will give you the quest to find a killer named Zik.  As for
    the Ritual, you must go north, deep into the Midori province.  Well, not that
    deep.  Just go north across the bridge and around the mountain range here until
    you get to the north side, then go up the path leading south.  You'll end up at
    a little hermit home.  Go inside and talk to the anti-social screwball, then
    tell him you're going to use the Ritual against the troglos to learn it.  Make
    sure to pick up the Xian rock from the chest in his house before leaving.  Or
    not, it's not that important.  I just felt like pointing it out.
    Before returning to Sharimik, go east from Softport to find a house in the
    middle of the mountains.  This is the House on the Hill, a home away from home
    that also contains the Unlock Doors level 3 spell.  Dispel Barriers or a
    piercing crystal is required to get it, though.  Rest up and return to Sharimik.
    We're going altar-hunting.
     5f-6. Troglodyte Altar
    This hidden altar is far east of Sharimik.  Go past Angel's Rest till you spot
    a road in the mountains with troglos guarding them.  This is the spot.  If your
    reputation is high enough, they'll run away in terror.  Otherwise, fight past
    the lone group and enter the dungeon.
    Head in.  You won't be attacked at first, but this floor is filled with troglos
    and it won't take long for them to find you.  Right near the entrance along the
    north wall is a secret passage leading to a hidden storeroom with some good
    loot.  There's a pair of living statues along the east wall who are resistant
    to all forms of magic, but not physical attacks.
    Up the stairs is the altar.  It's right out in the open, guarded by a miniature
    army of goons.  Take them out, and DO NOT kneel in front of the altar.  It will
    give you a Dread Curse, a negative special skill that can only be removed by
    a powerful healer.  You have to use the Ritual.  Using it will cause various
    demonic enemies to appear.  Unless you know Repel Spirit at level 3 (which you
    likely won't) then your best bet is Lightning Spray and Smite, combined with
    hasting and blessings all around.  The Vile Imps are actually the worst of the
    bunch, since they're immune to many forms of magical attack, while the demons
    are just resistant.
    Once the altar is purified and the demons gone, there's still more to do.  Go
    south and into the building.  East is another altar, through a secret passage
    and guarded by two Living Statues.  DO NOT kneel in front of this altar!  It
    will kill your entire party straight-out.  Instead, purify it.  A Haakai will
    appear, the strongest demon-type monster in the game.  Fortunately, there's
    only one of them, so gang up and pound it into dust.  After the battle, search
    the west wall for a secret passage and another demon.  Kill it and search the
    chest for some loot, including the very nice Shadow Leather armor.
    Once you loot everything you want, go back to Sharimik and talk to Corie, then
    the mayor to get your next quest.  You need to go to the troglos' castle, which
    is northeast of Aminro.
     5f-7. Troglodyte Castle
    Quests:  Slay Elhioc
    Inside, go north.  You'll be stopped.  Say you have the papers and agree to be
    blindfolded.  You'll be taken to a cell and left there.  Wait until your cell
    door is opened, then get out and explore.  You'll be thrown back in before you
    reach the end of the hall.  Read the troglo history, then wait some more.  Again
    you'll be summoned by the king, but this time he really will speak with you.
    Tell him you read the scroll, but don't attack him.  Talk with him until he
    gives you a quest, then return to your cell.  Get the new message on the table
    and read it carefully.  When you're done, go through the secret door on the
    west wall and down the trap door.  Time to kill.
    Follow the instructions Vothkaro gave you and go north first.  You'll have to
    fight past many troglos, but eventually you'll reach the northeasternmost area
    of the map.  From here, go west till you reach a control panel and some runes.
    Examine it, then press the first button from the top once.  Press the next
    button down twice, then the next button three times, then the next button once,
    then the next one four times, and leave the last one alone.  Now leave the
    control panel and walk across the runes.
    Elhioc is in the north room.  He's guarded by about a half-dozen troglos, but
    they're easily dispatched.  Elhioc is another story, as he has a lot of HP and
    some good magic.  Use Radiant Shield if you have it to provide some protection
    for your party.  Elhioc falls the same as most monsters, so just beat him up
    good.  Once he's dead, check his room for some herbs and a secret passage
    along the north wall for a room containing a book to teach you Control Foes
    level 3.  If you haven't learned the spell at all, just remember this place,
    as you can return later.
    Now, retrace your steps to the same staircase you used to enter this level.
    Climb back up to solve one quest and be handed another.  Now you can either
    leave the castle, or go assassinate Vothkaro.  Killing him now will have no
    negative consequences, since you've already gotten the quest to take down the
    barrier separating the troglos and giants.  I'd recommend it at this point,
    as there's a lot of XP in killing him and clearing out the castle.  Plus
    there's the nice treasure horde in the northeast corner of the castle.  Once
    you're done killing things, leave via either the main entrance or the secret
    passage and return to Sharimik.
     5g. Midori Province
     5g-1. Lorelei
    Quests:  Recover Soldiers' Possessions
             Free Empire Soldiers
    To get here, follow the road north from Sharimik till you reach Softport, then
    take the road northeast till you find an Empire checkpoint.  If you have the
    package from Irvine in Shayder, you cannot go this way, or you will be attacked.
    The easiest way inside the city is to just warp back to Fort Emergence and use
    Ernest's teleporters to get there.
    This place has just as much good stuff as Sharimik and more.  To the southwest
    there's another Avernite wandering around the park.  Speak with her about the
    Bunker and Captain Johnson.  This will be useful later.  North of the park is
    a shop where you can buy three sets of horses for 600 coins each.  North of
    there is Kendra's shop and the place you have to deliver the package for Irvine.
    If you do, ask to join the Thieves' Guild and go through the secret passage.
    The man here can sell you some excellent things, including some fake (but
    convincing) Anama rings for 2500 coins.  Naturally, if you joined the Anama,
    these are unnecessary.
    Assuming you bought the rings, you can now enter various Anama establishments,
    including the temple here.  The priest is not only Mundt (speaking with him
    meets the requirements for an earlier quest) but he will sell a total of eight
    bottles of Knowledge Brew for a hefty sum.  Lyle, of Internal Affairs, will
    sell you Hawke's Manse for the incredible price of 8000 coins!  While this
    sounds outrageous, Hawke's Manse has quite a bit of good stuff for you.  If you
    don't have the money now, save up.
    The nearby weaponsmith will sell you some good stuff and teach you the Barter
    skill for 440 coins per level.  Once you buy one level, you can go next door
    and improve it in the training hall for only 10 coins, provided you have the
    proper skill points.  Nearby, in the very southeast corner of the city, is an
    empty house with the sun symbol of Avernum.  There's a secret passage along the
    south wall that'll lead you to an Avernite spy, who will fill you in on several
    pieces of information.
    Carlos, in the university, will sell you alchemic recipes.  The weaponsmith
    nearby (yes, a second one) has some good stuff.  Bruskrud, who greeted you at
    the gate, has a quest to recover some of her soldiers' possessions and free
    some soldiers (different ones), which we'll find later.
    Hawke's Manse is in the northwest corner of town, in case you bought it.  Some
    highlights of the Manse include the library, which contains books to teach you
    Slow, Capture Soul and Lightning Spray at level 3, all of which you probably
    know by now.  There's also a room to leave spare party members, and a room to
    rest for free.  Wander around the Manse for a while.  Marjorie, the caretaker,
    will give you messages (pop-up messages, not regular dialogue) about rats in
    the storeroom, the ghost of Hawke wandering the halls, etc.  It's best to wait
    a long while, then leave the Manse after each pop-up and return.  Once the
    fourth pop-up appears (the one talking about Hawke walking the halls again) go
    to the southeast statue room.  Speak with Hawke's ghost to learn the location
    of the Alien Blade, a very powerful two-handed sword.  Besides the perks, like
    a free storeroom and sleeping area, this is about all you can get out of this
    Manse.  Leave.
    This is about all you can do in Lorelei right now, so leave town.
     5g-2. Giant's Forge
    I'm going to keep this brief in order to finish off this plague in the interest
    of time.  Game time, that is.  East of Lorelei is an abandoned farm, where some
    Empire soldiers are being attacked by giants.  Help them out to get 200 XP and
    a boost to your reputation.  South of there is Dellston, but there's nothing of
    great importance in this small town.  Go south till you hit the mountains, then
    follow it east till you reach a wall.  The giant lair is in here.  You'll have
    to bust through a defensive team to get inside.  Once past the wall, go south
    till you spot a dungeon.  Head inside.
    When you first enter you'll be assaulted from across a pit by giants.  Take
    them down with missiles and spells, then go south.  Ignore the intercections
    and go south till you reach the edge of the map.  You should see a moldy
    boulder and stalagtite.  Assuming you have Move Mountains level 3 (which you
    should, from the third stone circle) cast it, and go through this passage into
    the giant's treasure room.  It's guarded by two Demons and two Black Shades, the
    latter of which are invisible and can't be targeted by missiles or spells.  To
    kill them, you must use melee attacks, which can be tough.  However, when they
    cast spells, they reveal their position, and they don't move around very much.
    One is on the raised platform near the pedastal, and the other is on the north
    shore, past the lava.  Safe Travel is recommended if you don't have Pathfinder.
    Your reward for all this is a pike by the name of Giantslayer, which will do
    extra damage to giants, naturally.  Equip it on whoever's got the most pole
    weapons skill.  On a side note, if you don't have Move Mountains 3, you can
    reach the treasure room by going through the lava around the west side of the
    map.  There's some additional loot in this cavern, but most of it is past long
    rivers of lava, and not really worth the effort.  Leave the way you came in.
     5g-3. Cavern of Giants
    What I didn't tell you was that there's a passage to the lower level of this
    dungeon in the Forge, but it's in this dungeon that we'll find the soldiers
    for Bruskrud's quest.  To get here, go outside the guarded wall on the world
    map, then follow the mountains east and south.  You'll find another guarded
    wall, which you should of course attack.  Once through, the dungeon is just to
    the west.
    Right at the start you'll be welcomed by a committee of giants.  I think you
    know the proper etiquette in this situation.  SLAY THEM ALL!!!
    Er, right.  Search around.  There's a box with an Empire soldier's personal
    effects in the middle of the map, where the giant's beds are located.  Go to
    the southeast corner to find a concealed escape tunnel for later use.  Now head
    to the southern part of the map to find a barrier protecting a prison.  Dispel
    it and unlock the doors to find...well, a prisoner.  Tell him about the escape
    route to free him.  There's another box of soldier's possessions at the west
    end of the map, and one more in the northwest corner, inside the Deathrock clan
    building.  You'll also find another prisoner there.  Go east from that building
    to find another prisoner slightly to the south, along with more personal
    belongings northeast of said prisoner.  In the northeast corner of the map, past
    some lava, is a trapdoor leading down.  On the lower level, step on the northern
    rune, then the western rune, then take the southern path to some great treasure.
    Among the items is the Polished Plate Mail, a very strong suit of armor that
    boosts combat statistics and protects you from petrification.  Now go back to
    the top level.  Return to the west (past the lava) and very soon you'll see a
    giant staircase heading down.  Take it to arrive in the shaman caves of the
    lower level.
    Your goal here is south and a bit east of where you enter.  The rest of the
    cave holds a good deal of treasure, but also danger.  Go along the west side of
    the map to find a small cave with some Nagas.  Kill them (cold magic works best)
    then press the rune in the northwest corner of their lair to open up a small
    room with the treasure.  The key you need is in one of the chests.  Now go east,
    back to where you started, and go south a bit, then east and north when south
    is no longer an option.  You should be outside a stone building.  The key you
    just picked up opens the door here.
    Inside, you'll see a control panel.  Examine it and push the buttons in this
    order:  Owa, Leguv, Taful (the button above Owa) and Mung (the button above
    Leguv).  The porticullus will open, and you'll have to fight a Demon and two
    Black Shades.  The Barrier Tunnel map is inside one of the chests.  The rest of
    the items you'll find is the Xian pouch and some cursed equipment.  With the
    map in hand, leave the caves entirely and return to Lorelei.  Speak with
    Bruskrud to get your reward for the soldier's effects you picked up (you need
    to speak to her four times, one for each item) and the soldiers you've freed.
    Train up if you've got the skill points, then rest, save, and leave.
     5g-4. Concealed Tunnel
    As you can see from the map, this tunnel is on the east side of the mountains,
    which will require some hiking.  Get around the mountains either by walking or
    through one of the few passages leading to the other side.  Walk along the east
    end of the mountains till you spot a dungeon.  Just like the other plagues, it
    wouldn't have appeared on the world map without all the running around we just
    did.  Go inside.  It's time to put this plague to rest.
    Just for reference, vertical mirrors are the 'thin' mirrors, while horizontal
    are the 'wide' mirrors.  You'll have to manage lasers and said mirrors and
    basically cause a mess to get the teleporter here working again.  First, go to
    the southeast corner of the map to find a mirror.  Push it along to the first
    intersection, then shove it north.  Place it directly west of the southmost
    laser source, against the wall.  Now go to the other mirror in this room and
    shove it north, into the path of the laser there.  Push it along against the
    laser till the beam bounces off the two mirrors and hits one of the laser
    sources, destroying it.  Now push the southmost mirror north until it breaks
    the other source.
    At one point while pushing the mirrors, you more than likely sent a beam
    southward to power up another laser and open the porticullis that contains six
    more mirrors.  If not, position the northmost mirror two spaces east from the
    northmost laser cannon.  Once the mirrors are unlocked, push them all out of
    that room and to someplace that's easily accessible.  Make sure to get the other
    two mirrors you used before as well.
    Now then, using a vertical mirror, shove it into the intersection of lasers
    that's located in the first room of this tunnel.  This will destroy one of the
    laser sources.  Push that same mirror north of the unmovable mirror so the laser
    goes back and hits the wall.  Now take another vertical mirror and push it
    through the open porticullis and block the beam in your way.  Now push that same
    mirror west against the beam until it's rendered harmless.
    Take a horizontal mirror and push it through the porticullis, then east when you
    reach the second intersection.  Here, shove it north against the laser source to
    be able to reach the chest.  Use that same mirror (come at it from the north and
    push it south to have it end up west.  Confusing, ain't it?) Take it north and
    use it to block the laser being fired from the east.  The four chests it's
    protecting contain some nice coinage and items.
    Now then, as for the teleporter, it's actually very simple and doesn't require
    the treasure-hunting we just did.  Take note of the small gap east of the
    teleporter.  On the east side of said gap, move a horizontal mirror and place
    it east of the power crystal that's waiting near the teleporter.  To find the
    right position, go into the above-mentioned gap to be able to see both the power
    crystal and the mirror, then move it as needed.  To get the beam to the crystal,
    move a vertical mirror against the laser source we first used to bust up a
    couple other sources (the one in the middle of the automap).  If positioned
    correctly, the laser will bounce off the two mirrors and hit the power crystal,
    thus enabling use of the teleporter.
    You'll be sent to another part of the map.  To get through this, just push the
    southmost mirror north once, then west till it diverts the first laser.  Now
    push it one square south and go back to get the other mirror.  Push that one
    directly north to divert the other laser, then just walk west and down the
    Here's where things get interesting.  To bring down the barriers that prevent
    the troglos and giants from wasting their energy fighting each other, you'll
    first have to defeat the ever-annoying Doomguard.  This powerful enemy is much
    akin to the Viscous Goo, which splits when you hit it.  Just like the goo, the
    Doomguard will split into two whenever you damage it.  It's also immune to all
    forms of attack magic, it has a very high attack power, and its HP is much
    greater than the aformentioned goo, which means it will split into many, many
    pieces before you get rid of them all.
    My advice?  Haste.  Bless.  Heal at every opportunity.  Don't waste your SP
    casting attack spells, they won't affect the Doomguard at all.  Only let your
    fighters attack the Doomguard.  It will split when anything damages it, and for
    every split, you want to take off a decent chunk of HP.  Trust me when I say
    this one monster is one of the most powerful in the game, even on easy
    difficulty.  Fortunately, it drops a Magery mind crystal upon death.
    Assuming you manage to kill it and survive, check out the crystal in the midst
    of all those lasers.  Before you examine it, haste your party.  Now smash the
    crystal.  You'll suddenly be surrounded on both sides by troglos and giants,
    and the ungrateful bastards won't even thank you for bringing down the barrier.
    Check where the crystal used to be to get some shards, then go into combat mode
    and just run back to the entrance of this passage.  Don't try fighting all the
    monsters, they won't follow you.  To get past the lasers in the upper level,
    just go into the small room and pull the lever to disable all the lasers.  Go
    back through the teleporter and leave the dungeon.
    Congratulations, you've ended three of the five plagues!  Next up, we tour the
    Midori province for fun and profit!
     5h. The Grand Midori Tour
     5h-1. The Bunker
    Before you do anything, return to Fort Emergence and get your reward from Levy,
    then show the crystal shards to Berra.  Report in with Anaximander, then go to
    the Tower of the Magi.  Remember where I told you to find X?  Well, he'll teach
    you Fireblast at level 3 now.  Train up any skill points you've learned, buy
    spells and/or some Magery from Erika.  Go to Ghikra and speak with Rentar-Irhno
    who will tell you nothing, but do it just the same.  Return to Fort Emergence
    and speak with Commander Johnson, who is usually hanging around the mess hall.
    Ask him about the Bunker, then go to New Cotra.
    Follow Johnson's instructions to enter the Bunker.  Speak with the people
    there, but especially with Ostoth.  He will have the Bunker create a single
    weapon to combat whoever is creating the plagues on the surface.  They'll only
    create one weapon and one weapon only, so you have to be sure who's responsible
    before making the request.  Don't tell him to do anything yet, though.  Yes, I
    know who's responsible (and so do you if you've played Exile 3) but I'd prefer
    not to give anything away.  The Bunker will always be ready to create a weapon
    for you, so just leave for now.  We'll come back later, after the golem plague.
    Before you continue on, finish up any stray quests, like giving the Perfect
    Flower to the dryad and so on, then go to Lorelei.  Either walk or use Ernest's
    teleporter, but if you do the latter, be sure to get some horses.  This may
    take a while.
     5h-2. Southeastern Midori
    Quests:  Liberate Dryad Grove
             Find Hidden Poubslo Giants
             Bring Fine Meal
    You should be starting from Lorelei.  Go east from there.  Slightly south you
    should see the ruined area where you helped some farmers.  Go east from here,
    and you'll spot a dryad on the world map.  Speak with her and agree to help
    her out.  The stone circle is visible from where the dryad stands.  Just get
    through the trees and attack the giants.  They're nothing special, and certainly
    nothing to worry about after that Doomguard.  South of the circle is Poubslo.
    This town has a quest for you to kill some giant spies.  Daltry in the southeast
    corner will hand you the quest.  The giants are in the northeast part of town,
    in a very small secret passage.  To get there, check along the outside of the
    town's walls, along the north side.
    There's also a quest to take some sacks of fine meal to an enclave south of
    Lorelei, but you only get 25 coins per sack, which is a paltry amount at this
    point.  Still, if you happen to find some, take them there.
    From the dryad's stone circle, go east till you hit the mountains.  Follow them
    north, then go south when they split.  You'll find the Isolated Inn.  Enter.
    Cozy, isn't it?  Like a mausoleum.  You can only rest in one room here.  Save
    before doing so.  As soon as you sleep, the undead will rise and come after
    you.  There's a few vampires, fetid zombies, skeletal warriors, all the tough
    stuff.  Lightning Spray and Repel Spirits helps here, along with the standard
    hasting and blessing.  What's the point of all this, you ask?  Well, in the
    southwest corner of the map, you'll find a large rock.  Here you'll find a
    Warrior's Ring that you wouldn't have spotted without resting here first.
    Leave the inn (don't forget your horses) and go around to the eastern side of
    the mountains.  From here, head south.  Eventually you'll spot a tower in the
    middle of the woods.  This is our next destination.
     5h-3. Fading Tower
    Enter the tower.  Here you'll find six pools of water.  The northwesternmost
    pool will restore your HP, while the southeasternmost will restore your SP.
    The northeasternmost pool will give each member of your party a point in the
    Gymnastics special skill, but only once!  Drink from it again and you'll be
    covered in acid.
    Go south.  You'll be in a swamp room with some shamblers.  They were strong
    before, but now they're just an annoyance.  To the west you'll find two
    Rakshasa.  These powerful monsters are completely immune to your magic, and
    they have plenty of spells of their own!  East are two Gazers, who are the
    easier of the two, so go that way first.  Kill them off with arrows and fire
    magic, then go north.  Dispel the barriers, then check for a secret passage
    along the east wall.  Go east through the trees to find a small room.  In here
    is a spellshard.  Return to the tower.
    Now go south from the Gazer room to find a long hallway.  Go all the way west
    in here.  Through the north door are the Rakshasi.  Yes, I know I said they
    were tough, but that's all the more reason you want one in your soul crystal!
    Besides, if you came at them from the east you would've had to cross the bridge
    to get to them, which could've been messy.  The best way to fight them is to
    get up close and beat the hell out of them as fast as you can.  Otherwise
    they'll start summoning up a storm of monsters to block your path.
    Once you finish off the Rakshasi, go back to the long hallway and to the south
    door at the east end.  In this room you'll encounter a menage of imps, but at
    this point they shouldn't be too much of a challenge.  Take them out, then
    check the west wall for a secret passage.  Here there will be some spine worms,
    who are still quite strong with their missile weapons.  Take them out, then
    dispel the barriers and continue on.  Some quickfire will be released from a
    secret room.  Yikes!  Follow the passageways and cast Move Mountains on the
    cracked walls for later.  Keep going until you spot a green rune on the floor.
    Stepping on it will make the quickfire vanish.  Continue through the hallway
    until you come across a small room with a wheel.  Turn it to make the gates to
    the south open, but don't leave.  Heal, restore your SP, and save.  Then enter
    the room to the east.
    Here you'll find the master of the tower: a Haakai.  The perfect candidate for
    your soul crystal, isn't he?  Use Haste straight out, because you can't just
    rush his throne and beat him to death.  He's got invisible barriers blocking
    your path, except for one spot on the far east side of the room.  Because he's
    a Haakai, most magic won't work on him, so you'll have to bypass his shield and
    strike from up close.  Alternatively, if you have an archer in the party, bless
    and haste him/her/it and just fire away while keeping the rest of your party
    Assuming the Haakai dies (and assuming you live) check the southeast wall for a
    secret passage.  There's another tiny treasure room here, this one with the rare
    Bloodthirst Spear and a couple potions.  Now then, go back to the room with the
    southern exit from the tower.  Go south in there till you get a message about
    how the tower will eventually disappear, but don't exit now!  Your horses are
    still waiting.  Go back to the northern entrance/exit and leave that way.  The
    tower will vanish from the world map, and we can move on to bigger and better
     5h-4. Malloc, Dorngas and Calloc
    Quests:  Hunt Goblins for Malloc
             Kill Vampire By Sea
             Kill Ogres in Swamp
             Eliminate Calloc Raiders
    I'd list these towns separately, but there's nothing except some quests to be
    had/finished in them.  So then!  First return to Lorelei.  Sell off any unneeded
    swag, train up if you want, then follow the road west to Softport.  From there,
    go north, then east at the first intersection to reach Malloc.  For the most
    part, this town is like the rest of the small fry villages in Valorim, but the
    Nephil here will give you a quest to kill off some goblins.  They're wandering
    around outside Malloc, and require some Nature Lore skill to catch and kill.
    There's 3-4 groups of goblins, though I forget how many exactly.  It's at least
    three, though.  Just check in with Mrrr each time you kill a group.  Eventually
    he'll fork over some XP and a suit of Field Plate Mail.  Another noteworthy
    attraction is the spell-teaching stone circle near Malloc, to the northwest.
    Dorngas is another quest location, though it's here that you'll solve a quest.
    Zik is in this town, and is waiting in one of the inn's room.  Dorngas can be
    found by following the road from Malloc north, then around to the west.  Ignore
    the intersection leading north and continue west until you reach the town.  Zik
    will attack you when you identify him, but he's not too tough considering he's
    outnumbered and outgunned.  Once he's dead, leave.
    Almost directly south of Dorngas is a cache with a resistance elixir.  To the
    east is a hut with a man named Vlosto who will train you in bow weapons skill
    if you're not already proficient.  Southwest of Dorngas will be an encampment
    of ogres in a swampy area.  Rather than attack them, talk to them and agree to
    help to receive a quest.  West of there (past the small mountain) is the town
    of Calloc.
    You can do two things here.  There's a quest to kill some raiders that live to
    the northeast of Calloc.  The mayor (who is also the innkeeper) will give you
    this quest.  Also at the inn is Miranda, another recruitable NPC.  She'll join
    if your reputation is high enough, somewhere in the 50+ range.  There are other
    requirements, but as of this writing, they are unknown.  If she won't join you
    now, wait till you have access to the Footracer province, then return.
    There's also a room full of Empire deserters in the northwest corner of town,
    in the middle of some trees.  Outside Calloc, go northeast to find the Nephil,
    but don't attack them.  Instead, listen to what they have to say, then go to
    the small valley southeast of Calloc and kill the Ursagi there.  Now, along the
    coast to the west of Calloc is the vampire you want, in between a mountain and
    the sea.  He'll give you a quest to kill the same ogres in the swamp I mentioned
    earlier.  Killing either the ogres or the vampire completes either quest.  The
    vampire will give you a point in Finding Herbs, while the ogres will teach you
    Anatomy.  It's your choice who you bump off.  Personally, I slayed the undead.
     5h-5. Marish and the Chasm of Screams
    Quests:  Clear Out Odd Dungeon
             Dispose of Marish Brigands
    Go southwest from Calloc.  On the south tip of the peninsula here is Marish,
    a small town.  If you want to be technical, Marish is part of the Isle of
    Bigail region, but the quest you get here is one we're about to solve in the
    above-titled Chasm of Screams.  Talk to Mayor Yale to receive the quest.
    The Chasm of Screams is north of Marish, through the woods.  Be careful going
    through the trees.  There's a monster group of Wights that may also contain
    Dark Wyrms.  I won't go into details, but let me just say that even one Dark
    Wyrm has the potential to wipe out your entire party.  I'm not kidding.  Just
    avoid it as best you can and enter the Chasm.
    Leave your horses at the entrance.  The path through the Chasm is very
    straightforward.  You really only have one path around the edge of a gaping
    pit.  However, there are undead like Ruby Skeletons and shades on the other
    side, and some are within attack range.  Use Repel Spirit and arrows to deal
    with them.
    In the southeast corner of the map are some ice lizards and bodies with some
    good treasure.  The southwest corner has some ice puddings, but no treasure.
    Go around to the northwest end, where ice drakes and lizards wait.  By this
    time they're no real danger.  The true threat lies beyond, in the form of three
    Nagas.  Two are on either side of the entrance to their lair, but the third is
    way up several flights of stairs, and hard to get at for melee combat.  Use
    arrows and magic instead, and let your melee fighters work on the two on the
    ground floor.
    Once the Nagas are down, save your game.  You'll want to go to the north end
    of the room, where a pair of Ur-basilisks wait in between some magic barriers.
    Use spells and arrows while you dispel the barriers, and hope no one gets
    turned to stone.  Past all the barriers is the invisible Black Shade, along
    with a Guardian.  Beat them down and take the treasure.  Don't bother with
    the plate mail, it's cursed.  The real draw is the Resistance Ring.  From here,
    go east through the narrow passage.  Once you pop out near the pit, head
    around south and west to another narrow passage.  There's a secret door along
    the south wall here, so do a little searching to find it.  You'll find yourself
    in the center of the automap, with three pedastals.  The north one will teach
    you Dispel Barrier at level 3, while the west summons some Vile Imps.  Don't
    examine that one, but the southmost pedastal.  It will summon two Efreets, but
    one drops a Divine Aid mind crystal.
    With the treasure in hand, leave the Chasm and report back to the mayor in
    Marish.  He'll give you another quest, but I recommend not taking it.  It will
    cause a -2 hit to your reputation, and is not particularly profitable.  If you
    end up taking it and don't mind the penalty, the rebels are along the west
    coast, northwest from Marish.  They're not particularly strong.  Kill them if
    you want.  Either way, we're done here.  Return to Calloc, just because it's
    closest to where we're going next.
     5h-6. Lair of Sulfas
    Quests:  Kill Creatures for Sulfas
    Let's go see us a dragon!  Khoth and Athron's lairs are right next to each
    other, but on opposite sides of the same mountain.  Since Athron's lair is on
    the west side of the mountain and therefore closest to Calloc, we'll visit her
    first.  Yes, her.
    But before we do that, we need to see Sulfas.  Her lair is only accessible by
    first visiting Athron or Khoth's lair and going down the stairs in either one.
    Go to Athron's lair and take the only path possible, since thick barriers block
    any other route.  Sulfas is in the center of the map, past a pool of lava.
    Dragons sure know how to live, huh?  Speak with Sulfas.  She'll give you an
    easy quest.
    Just as Sulfas directed you, go to the northeast corner of the cave.  The things
    you need to kill are past some barriers.  Those things are Alien Beasts, the
    last and final plague.  Yes, I know there's five plagues and we only finished
    three of them.  The golems are fourth, these things are fifth.  Personally, I
    would consider a plague of Dark Wyrms to be much, much worse.  Alien Beasts are
    purely physical fighters, and tough ones at that.  They can damage for an
    excess of 100 points in any given hit, even more if your armor is lacking.
    Plus they have a great deal of HP to whittle down before they fall.  Oh yes,
    there's five of them.  Bless whoever's going to go up against them in melee
    combat, and hit the beasts with direct-damage spells to burn away their high
    HP.  The spoils include Nimble Gloves and a Battle Frenzy mind crystal, both
    worthy prizes.
    Return and talk to Sulfas.  She'll tell you about a sword she can make to fight
    these things, but first she needs to know how, and requires the proper
    materials.  For the former, we'll need to see Khoth.  You appeared in Sulfas'
    lair at the southwest side of the map.  For Khoth, go to the southeast.
     5h-7. Lair of Khoth
    Go south till you reach the actual entrance.  Unlike Athron, Khoth will let you
    in.  Search around.  On one of the bookshelves is the spell Divine Retribution
    at level 1.  Khoth is in the northwest corner of the map.  Speak with him.  He
    will teach Forcecage along with the three Arcane spells, the three strongest
    mage spells in the game.  Unfortunately, they're quite expensive.  Ask him about
    the ritual, then search his bookshelves.  One of them says your knowledge of
    magic improves, but I couldn't figure out what it does.  There's no visible stat
    increase, so I guess it's just a red herring.  One bookshelf will teach Control
    Foes at level 1, while the southmost shelf contains the ritual you need.  Save
    before you go checking out the shelves, since some can cause adverse effects.
    Once you have the ritual, return to Sulfas' lair.  Go around to the southwest
    corner to return to Athron's lair.  Along the way, you may notice a room closed
    off by barriers.  This is Sulfas' auxiliary treasure room, and contains several
    excellent and rare items.  The downside?  It's guarded by Gorgons.  These very
    annoying monsters love to cast Forcecage on your party, but otherwise they're
    not terribly strong.  Save before attempting to take any treasure, because
    opening the first chest will cause monsters to appear.  Among these are a pair
    of Ur-Basilisks and Gazers, and a Mung Demon.  The first two sets are still
    weak against a well-placed Fireblast spell, while the demon can just be stabbed
    to death.  Take the treasure, then go back to Athron's lair.
     5h-8. Lair of Athron
    This place is small, but is full of potential dangers.  Now that you've spoken
    to Sulfas about the blade, the thick barriers will open.  However, don't go
    through the front door!  There's a secret passage east of that which will lead
    directly to Athron.  It requires Dispel Barrier at level 2 or above, and Move
    Mountains at level 3.  If you don't have the means to get rid of the blockades,
    you'll have to go through the main entrance.
    You'll encounter Athron's brood through this route.  Whatever you do, don't
    attack them, at all!  Just keep your party healed and blessed/shielded, and
    make your way to the teleporter at the east end of this large room.  If you
    end up attacking even one, Athron will become hostile.
    Either way, once you reach Athron, speak to her (at length) and she will direct
    you to the center chest, where the special metal lies.  Go back the way you
    came, to Sulfas' lair.  Speak with Sulfas one more time to get the Beastslayer,
    a weapon you should hold onto till we get to Footracer province.  With this
    sword in your possession, you're done here.  Leave the caves and return to
    Malloc, since again, it's the closest town to our next destination.
     5h-9. Moon
    Quests:  Find Grimoire of Thren
             Hunt the Unicorns
    No, not the moon, a town called Moon.  From Malloc, just follow the road north.
    You'll hit the town soon enough after crossing a bridge.
    Talk to the innkeeper to learn about Zang.  He's in one of the buildings in the
    southeast corner of town.  While he's also the solution to a quest you got a
    while ago, he'll sell XP (yes, XP) for 5000 coins.  The higher your level, the
    less XP you'll get per lesson.  You'll have to fight and kill him to complete
    Starcap's quest, but be warned: he's of the Mad Monk variety, a brand of melee
    fighter that's quite strong.  Bless and haste your party to make short work of
    In the northeast end of town you'll find the library.  This place requires
    4000 coins to gain access, but also teaches several level 2 spells, along with
    Cloud of Blades (which you likely don't have).  The librarian will give you a
    quest to find a book in Blackcrag Fortress, which we'll acquire sometime later.
    On a final note, east of Moon is a town called Bremerton.  Technically this town
    is part of Monoroe province, but it's near Moon, so screw it.  There's nothing
    special about the town itself, but there's a collection of farmers near it that
    will hire you to slay some unicorns nearby.  Considering unicorns are monsters
    that were weak even back in Krizsan, you'd do best to help them and pick up
    some swag.
    Now then, go and do what needs doing.  Return to Sharimik to get your reward 
    from Starcap, sell off any excess swag, train up, finish any residual quests
    you may have, then return to either Lorelei or Moon.  It's time to tackle the
     5i. Monoroe Province
     5i-1. Spineridge and Mernia
    Quests:  Writing Supplies for Spineridge
    This is sort of the long way around, come to think of it.  You can get to our
    next destination via two routes:  the first involves taking the east road from
    Moon and following it along east, then south when it curves.  Once the road
    splits into an upside-down T, go east until you reach Spineridge.  The other
    route is to follow the road from Lorelei to the northeast, and then east when
    you get to the same upside-down T.  Either way, Spineridge is first on the list
    of tourist stops before we go to Gale and take on the golems properly.
    Two things of note in Spineridge, and they're both the same person.  Alzon in
    the northeast corner of town will give you a quest to find writing supplies,
    and is also an unlimited item reseller, like Levy.  Other than that (and the
    fletcher who will sell blessed arrows and bolts) there's nothing in the town
    worth noting.
    Outside, however, there is a stone circle.  North of the town there will be a
    secret passage leading into the mountains with (if you've been following the
    walkthrough so far) the final stone circle.  It will teach you Divine Host at
    level 3, not the greatest spell, but still worthwhile.  With that out of the
    way, follow the road east to Mernia.  Here, enter and go east to the waterfront.
    There will be an ambush by some golems, quite possibly the first you've seen
    thus far.  So then, here's a quick rundown on them:
    Golem of Blades are the green, pure warrior-types, and also the easiest golems
    to deal with.  Fire Golems are immune to fire and have a like breath weapon.
    The same goes for the Ice Golems, but with their respective element.  Jewel
    Golems fire a beam of energy, but are otherwise easy prey.  Demon Golems, which
    you won't find in this ambush, are the top dogs.  Like real demons, they're
    immune to many forms of magic, can use spells of their own, and are generally a
    nuisance to fight.
    Anyway, the best way to deal with the golems is your trusty Lightning Spray,
    since it will be able to damage most types of golems.  Regular stab-age is also
    quite effective.  Once the golems are dead, look around.  Sydow is a priest
    wandering around town and will teach you some high-level priest spells,
    including Divine Restoration, which you should buy if you can.  It will be very
    useful soon.  Besides that, there isn't anything of note in this town besides
    Corie, who gives you information on what's going on.  Leave Mernia and follow
    the north road till you hit Gale.
     5i-2. Gale
    Quests:  Find Heroic Brew Recipe
    Gale is one of the largest cities in Valorim, if not the largest.  It's also
    beset by one of the more deadly plagues you'll have to stop.  It's also closed
    to visitors.
    In order to gain entrance, go to the northeast corner on the outside walls.
    There, talk to Pasi to enter the trapdoor and end up within Gale itself.  Asp,
    the weaponsmith, will sell you some of his special weapons if you bring him
    enough Skribbane herb.  Otherwise, he just sells steel stuff.  To get the herb,
    just go see Langley at the inn until she tells you about Alba.  Talk to said
    Alba to buy some Skribbane.  You need ten herbs to buy Asp's special weapons.
    Dharas is the nearby armorsmith, and sells Crystal Shields.  Buy them for
    whoever can equip a shield and keep them equipped.  Call them added insurance
    in case you run up against a Basilisk.  The priest in the temple here will sell
    you the highest tier of priest spells, and heal your party if need be.
    If you haven't recruited her already, Carol is wandering around outside.  If
    your reputation is 50 or greater, she'll join you.  Mrrurr, in the sailor's
    inn, will sell you his boat to the Isle of Maddok if you give him 100 coins.
    Buy it if you can, it will be useful eventually.    Velnas is near the temple
    (next to the alchemist) and will sell you the higher-level mage spells.  The
    aforementioned alchemist gives a quest to find an alchemic recipe.  In the same
    shopping district is the fletcher, who will sell Arrows of Light and Bolts of
    Life.  Buy up whichever kind of ammo you need, it will be very useful later
    against the Demon Golems.
    Now then, let's get into Gale's library.  It's locked, so we'll need the key.
    You'll need to talk to Nantier (the alchemist) and ask him why he can't get
    into the library.  Then, search along the northwest wall outside the temple
    for a secret passage.  Follow it to an herb house.  Talk with the Herb Seller
    here, and buy the library key from her for a whopping 5000 coins!  You won't
    be able to get her to lower the price, unfortunately.
    The library is in the southwest corner of town, but not accessible through
    normal means.  You must enter the area between the walls of the town and check
    along the south end for a secret door.  Here, just use your key to enter the
    library.  You can learn Move Mountains at level 3 here, as well as discover the
    location of the Lair of Drakos.
    Once you've done everything there is to do, leave Gale the same way you came in.
    Let's go exploring.
     5i-3. Tevrono
    Quests:  Deliver Message to Baziron
             Eliminate the Golems
             Destroy Golem Scouts
    This is your next stop, and a rather important one.  If you spoke with the
    people at Gale's city hall, you'll notice no one really wants your help.
    Ungrateful sons of...!  Well, to get to Tevrono, leave Gale and just follow the
    road all the way north.  You'll have to cross a bridge and fight some golems to
    do it (you have the option of not fighting, but do it anyway, you need the
    experience dealing with golems).  There will also be a golem party along the
    road you must fight, unless you want to wander around in the forest.  One last
    golem party has Tevrono under siege, and as adventurers bound under the Code,
    you must intervene and save them.  Here you'll face off against your first
    Demon Golem.  The best way to deal with them is physical attacks, or fire-based
    magic.  Demon golems will also occasionally drop a Golem Diadrem, which you
    should grab and hold onto for now.  They will be useful later.
    One thing of note is that there's an Empire encampment in the woods southwest
    of Tevrono.  The soldiers here will give you a quest to deliver a message to
    Balziron, which you should take before entering Tevrono, just to save time.
    Once inside Tevrono, check along the outer walls.  There are still golems here,
    including one of the Demon variety.  Inside, Tenuta the weaponsmith will sell
    you some of the better weapons in the game, all steel.  In the northeast corner,
    you'll find General Baziron.  Talk to him for a main quest and a side quest,
    the latter of which you should complete soon just because it's easy and the
    reward is nice.
    Once you get your quests and have dealt with the golems, leave town.  We're
    going to find the mage Baziron mentioned.
     5i-4. Remote Aerie
    Quests:  Destroy Golems for Delakros
    This is southeast of Tevrono, through the woods.  You'll need the Orb of Thralni
    to reach it.  Once there, help yourself to the alchemic herbs growing outside.
    Also take some apples, you'll need them soon.  Inside, you'll find some dressers
    in the west end of the house, but don't open them!  Just looking in one will
    give you a point in Dread Curse, which is not something you want.
    Zalifar, the wizard of these parts, wants you to stop a drake south of Greendale
    from attacking him.  This isn't an official quest, just something he wants you
    to do before he'll help you.  Selfish bastard.  Anyway, to get to Greendale,
    return to the main road and follow it south till it splits off to the west.
    Follow it to Greendale, but don't go in.  The town is overrun by golems and
    there's not much treasure to be had.  Instead, hop over the river with the Orb
    of Thralni and check around the mountains here for a passage.  This is Delakros'
    You need to have at least ten food items to satisfy his hunger (temporarily)
    and be able to speak with him, otherwise he'll send you away.  You could kill
    him, but don't, since you're bound by the Adventurer's Code to help those in
    need...or something.  Anyway, just talk to the drake and get his assurance that
    he won't attack Zalifar if you promise to wipe out the golems.  Easy.
    Return to Zalifar's Aerie and speak with him to learn the location of the Golem
    Factory, along with some information on the Golem Spires, which we must destroy
    to fully eliminate this scourge from Valorim.
     5i-5. Golem Spires
    The first is northwest from Tevrono, as Zalifar said.  It's also buried in the
    woods, so you'll have to navigate through quite a few trees to reach it.  This
    spire is guarded by barriers on all sides, and Golem of Blades within.  You
    must destroy the Power Crystal in the center, which is no mean feat.  It's
    immune to all forms of magic except physical attacks and the spell Cloud of
    Blades.  It also fires a beam of magic that's quite damaging unless you have a
    high resistance.  Get your melee fighters in there and keep them blessed and
    hasted, then continuously pound on the crystal till it shatters.  Once it's
    down, leave the spire.
    The next one is northwest of the last spire, in the mountains.  You'll need the
    Orb of Thralni to reach it.  This spire is guarded by Ice Golems, and should be
    dealt with the same as the last spire.  When the Power Crystal is dead, leave.
    The final spire we can deal with right now is almost directly east of the last
    one, but in the woods.  It's a ways east of the actual Golem Factory, for
    reference.  I bet you're getting tired of all these forest areas, aren't you?
    Well, bear with it, you've got a job to do.  This particular spire is guarded
    by Fire Golems, but it is decimated the same as the rest.  Do so, then make
    your way west of this spire to reach the Golem Factory.
     5i-6. The Golem Factory
    You'll have to fight through a couple golem parties before reaching the actual
    Factory.  By this point you should be able to deal with them quite well.  Enter
    the Factory.  It's time to put a stop to the madness.
    You'll be greeted by a small army of golems of various types.  Don't think this
    is the last of them.  Like the other monster factories, there are golems in
    several locations, and they will even spawn in some places until you're able to
    destroy the crystals powering the golems.  Don't try it now, you'll just hurt
    yourself.  Not only that, but the factory will be intermittently filled with
    lasers you won't be able to disable quite yet.  Proceed cautiously, and haste
    your party, then go through the factory in combat mode to avoid having to walk
    through the lasers every other step.
    First off, you want to go to the southwest corner of the factory.  There you'll
    find a small staircase up onto the higher ledge, where you will blissfully be
    safe from the lasers.  From there, you want to move to the northeast quadrant
    of the factory, which was previously inaccessible.  In this quadrant, go to the
    southwest corner to find stairs leading down.  Take them to arrive on the lower
    On this floor, there's more golems and more spawning crystals.  In the
    southwest corner, beyond some rocks, is a Golem Diadrem you should nab.  Your
    goal on this floor is to get to the northwest corner of the room and tamper
    with the control panel there.  Bear in mind the crystals on the far west and
    east sides of the map are breakable, so feel free to do a little smashy-smashy.
    Either way, go to the northwest corner first.  You'll have to fight four Jewel
    Golems and one Demon Golem first.  Examine the control panel and press the
    button, then make your way to the northeast corner of the map, either via the
    regular path or through the lava in the middle (smash the crystal there on the
    way if you go that route).  Once again you'll have to fight some golem defenders
    to press the button on the control panel.  When they're dead, inspect the north
    cabinet to find the Blue Crystal Key, a special item we'll use later.  For now,
    return to the main floor of the Golem Factory.
    Now your goal is the northwest quadrant.  In the center of this quadrant are
    the stairs leading to the upper level.  Make your way over there and use your
    new key to unlock the door.  Climb the stairs.
    On the upper level, you need to make your way to the very southeastern corner
    of the map.  You'll need to work your way past many, many lasers, along with
    many, many golems.  There's no easy way there, just straight through all the
    hazards and monsters.  Don't pull any levers along the way, they'll just make a
    golem appear.
    When you reach the control panel, all you need to do is switch Grid Alpha and
    Grid Beta to Off, along with Shielding First and Shielding Second to Off.  Make
    sure they're all on Off, since Shielding Second goes from On to High to Off.
    You can now smash the spawning crystals you find, so have at it!  Also, there's
    a Magery mind crystal along the middle part of the western end of the map, and
    a Resistance mind crystal in the northeast corner.  Don't go looking for them
    yet, however.  The lasers are quite damaging and they'll be turned off soon
    Either way, your goal now is the lower level of the Golem Factory.  Return there
    and leave through the north exit.  You'll pop out right nearby the fourth and
    final Golem Spire.  It's protected by Jewel Golems, but it also has the final
    Power Crystal, so destroy it!  When that's done, go all the way back to the
    Upper Golem Factory.  From there, go south along the westernmost tunnel till
    you get past the first laser beam.  Nearby is a staircase leading up.  This is
    the entrance to the Golem Control Spire, and your final destination.  Head up.
    Here, go around to the south side of the map via the west path.  You'll find
    some Pants of Power behind a few magic barriers.  Further on will be an old
    golem creation room, but it's out of order for now.  However, if you step on
    the runes blocking the next room (you have to, so just do it) golems will spawn
    and attack you.  Take them out and continue on.  When you reach the south middle
    room, go north to the center of the map.  Here you'll find the source of the
    golem plague.
    Unfortunately, it's not a giant golem.  Okay, maybe that's a good thing, but
    wouldn't it be cool to fight a massive golem like in Final Fantasy 2/4?
    Anyway, in here you'll have to destroy the Mind Crystal, but you'll be beset
    by constantly-spawning golems.  Let one of your fighters handle the golems,
    since they won't be able to touch the Mind Crystal, and even if they do, the
    damage they'll deal will likely be in the teens.  Instead, use Lightning Spray
    and keep someone next to the Mind Crystal so it will use physical attacks more
    often than its powerful spells.  Keep plugging away with Lightning Spray and
    take out the golems as they come to stop this accursed plague once and for all!
    Assuming you win (I'm optimistic that way) congratulations!  You've stopped
    four of the five monster plagues of Valorim!  At this point you can return to
    the Upper Golem Factory and explore without the threat of lasers or golems.
    When you're done, leave the Factory entirely and get your rewards from General
    Baziron and Delakros.  After all that, return to Gale and leave your horses
    behind, then use the Jewel of Return to warp back to Avernum.  Trust me, we'll
    be using those horses again soon.
     5j. The Guilty Ones
    Go see Berra, then Anaximander and Levy for information and rewards.  Yes, the
    Vahnatai are the ones behind this, as you may have guessed from all the items
    of theirs in the Golem Factory.  Once you're done speaking with the proper
    authorities, go to Ghikra.
    Quiet in there, ain't it?  See those magic barriers near the east entrance?
    Dispel them and go down that passage.  The runes on the floor that would have
    stopped you before are now clear.  Proceed down the passage and take out the
    two Efreet that appear, then send one of your party through the portal at the
    end.  Just send your best fighter.  Once through, you'll learn the shocking
    truth all over again, then be beset by two final foes.  Kill them however you
    like, then speak with the shade.  It will give you a final message from the
    Vahnatai.  Hear it, then leave Ghikra and go to New Cotra.
    Here, enter the Bunker.  Remember when I brought you here last time?  Well, you
    now know who is behind the plagues, so speak with Ostoth and have him create a
    weapon to fight the Vahnatai.  Like he says, it will take a while, but there's
    a lot to do in the meantime.  Return to Fort Emergence.  Speak with Anaximander
    once more.  Train up, then head out.  It's time to explore the northern end of
     5k. Northern Valorim Tour
     5k-1. Erox
    This is a small town.  Not much here, except what we came for.  However, like
    the Isolated Inn, this town holds a secret.  Check the inn.  The guy there will
    give you food, wine and a room to rest in.  Politely decline.  The building to
    the east contains a spellbook that will teach Summon Aid level 3, but it also
    contains a surprise.  Don't go there either.  Well.  What to do, what to do?
    You can't avoid a fight in this town if you want the spell.  So, if you're low
    on HP or SP, rest in the room provided.  Otherwise, enter the east building to
    trigger an ambush of Rakshasi.  Sleeping will result in the same ambush, which
    is why I advise resting.  You want to be in tip-top shape against Rakshasi,
    especially considering your magic-users are all but useless in this fight.  The
    one thing they can do is hit the Rakshasa's summoned monsters with spells, and
    provide positive buffs for your fighters.
    Whether you triggered the ambush through the eastern building or the inn, get
    the spell when you're done killing the Rakshasi, then check along the southern
    end of town.  There's a suit of Mithril Chain Mail among some rocks there.
    With that in hand, leave.  The group of soldiers who greeted you so nicely
    before on the road will now attack you, along with a last gasp of Rakshasi.
    This is about all there is to the northwest end of Valorim, except a couple
    caches and a drake lord who will teach you a point of Blademaster for 10,000
    coins.  That drake is in the north end of this area, in a small mountain pass
    only accessible via the Orb of Thralni.  There's also the Remote Cavern, which
    is covered in another section, and the Defiled Crypt, which we'll go to next.
     5k-2. Defiled Crypt
    Quests:  Clear Undead Out of Crypt
    This is south and slightly east of the Remote Cavern, if you know where it is.
    Otherwise, just go north from Calloc and search the western side of the mountain
    range.  In here you'll find some Vahnatai, and even if you've made an enemy of
    their race, these two won't attack you (seeing as they're basically trapped
    here for now).  Speak with Bohen-Ihrno to gain a quest, then dispel the magic
    barriers and head into the crypt.
    In the northwest corner of the map you'll meet up with the first undead
    Vahnatai, which are just as susceptible to Repel Spirit as regular undead.
    There's a Blademaster Charm in one of the crystal boxes, and the crypt key in a
    cabinet, both of which you should take.
    Now then, the actual crypt is past an open porticullis and down some stairs.
    In this small maze, you'll trigger various bad effects, like a cloud of ice,
    blades, or spawn some monsters by stepping in various spots.  From the entrance,
    go down the third passage from the right, then go east at the first opportunity.
    Check the east wall for a secret passage.  Use Move Mountains and Dispel Barrier
    to reach a spellbook containing Radiant Shield at level 3.  When you leave, go
    all the way west (don't go through any passages leading north or south) and step
    on the rune you see along the west wall.  From there, find the third passage
    from the left.  Go south till you see a tunnel heading east, then follow it to
    the north, then go east when you can.  Go slightly south when you hit the east
    wall, then step on the rune that's just to the southeast.
    Okay.  From the rune, go back west till you're in the 'middle' of this area
    (check your automap).  From there, go south till you trigger an ice field.  Go
    south, then take the leftmost passage down to avoid a blade field.  Walk east
    till you spot a tunnel going south, then take it around to the east to find the
    exit.  Finally.
    Just inside the crypt you'll be attacked by more undead Vahnatai.  Take care of
    them and explore a bit.  There's a secret passage in the north part of the crypt
    that contains a rune you should step on.  That will unlock the room in the
    southeast corner of the map, which has the artifacts the Vahnatai were looking
    for.  Check the eastern Crystal Soul to gain a bit of the Vahnatai Lore skill,
    but don't examine the western one.  It only causes negative effects.
    With the crypt explored, return to Bohen-Ihrno to complete his quest.  He'll
    give you a point in Vahnatai Lore and leave.  You should as well.
     5k-3. Draigoth Ruins
    This place is along the road north from Moon.  It's easy to find, seeing as
    it's the only place besides Blackcrag Fortress that's north from Moon.  There's
    not much here.  The Alien Beasts have gotten to this town, and hard.  In the
    southeast corner, past a cracked wall, you'll find some guarding a pair of
    augmented gloves.  In the northeast corner there's an Elder Aranea and a Repel
    Spirit spellshard.  Finally, in the northwest corner there are some more Alien
    Beasts protecting a Dexterity Bracelet.  Take what you want, kill what you can,
    then leave this place.
     5k-4. The Rest of Valorim
    From the Draigoth ruins, explore.  The last 'town' is Blackcrag Fortress, which
    we'll get to later, but there's several special items, alchemic ingredients,
    and even magic to be found in this final area of Valorim.  Use Far Sight (if
    it's at level 3) to explore more fully and discover the secret passages in the
    mountains.  The middle northern part of Valorim holds several alchemic caches,
    including one of mandrake being guarded by some odd rogues.  The northeastern
    end (north of Monoroe province) has a merchant selling the Xian Vest, one more
    cache, and the reason I told you to get a horn.
    Remember way back when?  Way, way back when?  I hope you still have that horn.
    If you don't, go get one.  The cave on a tiny island in the northeastern corner
    of Valorim holds a tome.  The tome summons a guardian.  The guardian issues a
    challenge.  Accept the challenge and be thrust into two large battles, and I
    mean HUGE!  You'll very likely be outnumbered six or seven to one in the first
    fight.  Fortunately, they're all undead, which means Repel Spirit once again
    earns its keep.  Bless, haste, and Repel Spirit their asses until they fall.
    You'll have to re-enter the cave for the second challenge.  Here, you'll fight
    a Lich, some Mung Demons and some Golems.  No, not the plague golems, just
    normal golems, which are basically fire-immune tanks.  Get rid of the Mung
    Demons first off, since their beams will drain your magic-users' SP.  Then deal
    with the Lich and the Golems.  The latter aren't too tough as long as you bless
    and whack at them with your best fighters.  Arcane Blow does the most damage
    here, but Lightning Spray is an SP-efficient alternative.  The Lich is just an
    undead wizard, so hit it with weapons and Repel Spirit to take it out easily.
    Once you've fought the second battle, return to the cave.  This time you'll be
    able to study the tome and learn Divine Restoration, level 3.  Score!
     5k-5. Guarded Tunnel
    Blackcrag Fortress is closed to the general public (though you can enter and be
    rudely turned away, just for fun).  So, you'll have to get through via different
    means.  Just to the east of the fortress is a tunnel in the mountains.  It's
    also north of one of the Empire checkpoints (which you can't get past, don't
    even try).
    However, before you go in, take a moment.  There are two ways of doing this
    dungeon.  If you took Irvine's quest in Shayder and joined the Thieves' Guild
    in Lorelei, you can buy a free pass from Gregory through this tunnel.  On the
    other hand, if you didn't do this quest, you'll have to battle your way through
    the tunnel and fight for your right to enter Blackcrag Fortress.
    Either way, you'll have some challenges ahead.  Assuming you didn't buy a pass,
    just fight the rogues and find the lever in a secret room at the inn, then pull
    it.  From there, just go through the singular path around to the west (can't go
    north, sorry) and skip to the next paragraph.  If you did buy passage through
    the tunnel, you can safely speak to Velasquez and buy stuff, and easily pull the
    lever without a big rumble.  You can also check the storerooms to the east for
    some good equipment, but they're guarded by basilisks and taking the items will
    make people mad at you.
    When you reach the bridge, if you didn't pull the lever, there's a secret
    passage to the south, but you need Move Mountains level 3 to get through.  If
    you did pull the lever, just walk across the bridge.  Further on are some Spine
    Beasts, but they're small potatoes.  Continue on, until you run into...
    Shit.  A Doomguard.  Haste.  Bless.  Don't use attack magic, just keep yourself
    healthy and alive, and kill it as fast as possible.  Fortunately, you're much
    stronger than when you faced your first Doomguard, so you should be slightly
    better off.  However, the easy way through this is to just kill the main
    Doomguard.  Once it falls, the porticullis will open and you can continue
    through to Blackcrag.
     5k-6. Blackcrag Fortress
    Quests:  Find Golem Torc
    You'll pop out in a storeroom.  Check the crates and barrels, they hold some
    nice stuff.  Speak with the whimpering little man to learn the Empress wants to
    see you.  But first, explore...cautiously.  There's an alchemist that'll teach
    you recipes, and the nearby magical guy Petrie will instruct you in the highest
    tier of mage spells and give you a quest to find some Golem Diadrems, which are
    sometimes dropped by Demon Golems.  I hope you held onto them.  Nearby, Shane
    will identify items and sell you some really nice stuff.  Ask him about the
    Grimoire of Thren, then go speak to the alchemist to get the book.  South is
    the main dining hall.  Look along the southeast wall.  See where the stone
    suddenly turns white?  That's a secret passage, that is.
    Follow it south and be ambushed.  Kill them off (careful of the Dervishes,
    they're very strong) and check along the west wall for a secret door.  Go north
    and enter the library to the west to learn Cloud of Blades level 3 from one of
    the books.  South is a storeroom, and along the west wall you'll find a secret
    tunnel leading to Winn, who will sell you weapons and augment a non-magical
    item for 5000 coins.
    Eventually, though, talk to Vladimir just outside the throne room.  Request to
    see the Empress, then enter.  Speak with her, and agree to take on her quest.
    Your job now is to return to Fort Emergence with all haste.  Leave the fort the
    same way you came in, then go far enough south so the Jewel of Return will work.
    Deliver the message to Anaximander, then return to Empress Prazac with the
    reply.  You now have access to Footracer Province, the final area of the game.
    Skip past the next section if you want to go straight for Footracer.  Otherwise,
    read on.
     5l. Disaster at the Tower of the Magi
    At or around day 160, you'll receive a little pop-up message that something is
    wrong.  When this happens, return to Upper Avernum immediately!  While nothing
    major will happen for a few days, if you don't solve this crisis, the game will
    end.  Badly.
    So then, go to Fort Emergence and speak with Anaximander.  A problem at the
    Tower of the Magi, you say?  Heavens to Betsy!  Do not, and I repeat, do not
    proceed any further without having Repel Spirit at level 3.  You will face more
    demons than I care to mention, and if you don't have this spell, you'll have a
    very hard time of it.
    Assuming you have the spell (or you're suicidal) go to Portal Fortress.  Take
    the portal down to the Tower.  You'll pop out in a small room rather than the
    regular area.  Go south into the library and speak to Solberg at the south end.
    It's certainly hit the fan, hasn't it?
    Your first task is to find Linda.  She is waiting where X used to be, in the
    library in the southeast corner of the map.  Make your way over there, but be
    careful of the various demonic enemies that will attack you on the way.  On the
    way, inspect the rooms to find the ghost of Conruc and learn more about what
    happened and how to stop it.  When you reach the library, speak to Linda.  Don't
    kill her, however tempting it may be.  Speak to her to learn how to get to the
    portal without having to assault the main route, which is covered with Haakai.
    When done with Linda, you need to get to the church.  The only way of stopping
    the demons, the Blessed Athame, is there.  If you've forgotten where, it's in
    the northeast corner of the map.  There's a broken section of the wall along the
    main hallway that will lead straight to it.  Taking the Athame from the altar
    will result in a demon ambush, so be prepared.
    A few things of note.  In the very northeast corner of the map there's a secret
    door with a spirit who will teach you Divine Host at level 2.  In the northwest
    corner of the map, there are some Boots of Speed in a secret room that you
    should take before going any further, just because Boots of Speed are awesome.
    Now then, with the Blessed Athame you can either assault the main route to the
    portal and beat back the many Haakai and other demons, or you can take the
    easier way.  The main route is just the normal way of getting to the portal
    that used to lead to and from the Tower, and by this time I will assume you
    know the route.
    The alternate (and easier way) is to find the stairs leading up along the south
    end of the Tower, or the route that leads to Solberg's room, if that helps.  You
    may pass a room that gives you the option to rest.  Don't.  Trust me.  From
    Solberg's room, go north to find Linda's chambers.  Read Linda's journal, but
    be warned that it will summon a Haakai the first time you read it.  Check it
    again to learn how to access the secret passage to the portal room.  Basically,
    this is to help you if you chose to kill Linda straight away.
    Either way, take the door to the east and go north to examine the swords, but
    before you do, prepare.  You'll have to fight the demons guarding the portal,
    so ready yourself.  Heal and restore SP, perhaps even bless and haste to save
    time, then head in.  Take out the Mung Demons first, since they can sap your SP
    and weaken you from afar.
    Whether you entered through the secret passage or battled your way past the
    Haakai, this is your goal.  Despite the spirit's tempting offer, don't enter the
    portal to the realm of demons to be tortured and eventually killed.  Instead,
    destroy the portal with the Blessed Athame.  Things will happen, and suddenly!
    You'll be back in Portal Fortress.  The portal to the Tower will be gone.
    Return to Fort Emergence and speak with Anaximander, then Levy for a Crystal
    Shield.  Solberg is down in the greenhouse, and X is in the guest quarters,
    two rooms down from your room.  Well, congratulations.  You've saved the Tower
    and perhaps all of Avernum, though a heavy price has been paid...
     5m. Footracer Province
    Of course, if you're nowhere near day 160, you can still finish the game without
    the above quest.  Personally, I prefer to end the game as soon as possible,
    since hearing about all the death in the Tower is depressing.  Anyway, before
    you enter Footracer, take a moment.  Do you have all the level 3 spells you
    want/need?  Do you have any outstanding quests you could finish?  Are you fully
    trained, and have you ingested all your Knowledge Brews?  Do you have all the
    legendary items?  Are you prepared?
    Assuming the answer to that last question is yes, we'll be heading in via the
    gate west of the Draigoth ruins.  Make sure you're prepared.
     5m-1. The Ruins
    Because the entire province is destroyed, I'll just be highlighting some of the
    items you can find around here.  Just north of where you enter is Wyvern Pass.
    In here, there's a Mage's Bracelet in the building just west of where you enter
    if you come in from the south side.  There's also a bunch of items in the center
    of town, and of course, the entire place is flush with Alien Beasts.
    Dellskeep is southwest of Wyvern Pass.  In the southeast corner of town, you'll
    find an Intelligence Bracelet, and a bunch of items in the building at the north
    end of town.  Northwest of Dellskeep is a bridge guarded by Alien Beasts.  Kill
    them, then go southwest past the Keep of Tinraya for now.  Kill another Alien
    Beast group on the bridge south, then go east to hit the Ovidpur ruins.
    In this town, the west building holds a number of scrolls and an Arcane Blow
    spellshard, while the east building has a bunch of nice items guarded by several
    Alien Beasts.  Fight past them to pick up a suit of Blessed Plate Mail, among
    other things.  The final ruined town, Manara, is to the south, just west of the
    southern entrance to Footracer.  In here, the prizes are in the center of town,
    but they're guarded.  Not by Alien Beasts, oh no, but by Dark Wyrms.  Evil.
    Beat them down and take your loot, then explore the ruins for some herbs.
    Now then, go back and enter the Keep of Tinraya.  The solution to the final
    plague lies within.
     5m-2. Keep of Tinraya
    This whole place is infested with Alien Beasts, so expect combat at every corner
    and more.  A few things of note.  There's a room in the northeast corner of
    town you can rest in, but it will cause more Alien Beasts to be spawned.  You
    can find a Justice Lance at the western end of the city, in a room that requires
    Move Mountains to access.  A Robe of the Magi will be in a cabinet in the
    southeast corner.  In the northeast corner there will be a lever that controls
    a porticullis blocking a storeroom that contains quite a bit of good supplies.
    However, your primary target is in the southeast, in a building protected by a
    Guardian Beast.  That little guy spits acid and, like all the other Alien Beast
    creatures, has more power and HP than it knows what to do with.  It still dies
    the same as the rest, so cure the acid and beat them down, then take the trap
    door to the lower level.
    Here, you'll find...more Alien Beasts.  Kill them, then use Far Sight and check
    along the west wall for a secret passage.  Follow it to a boat.  Steal said boat
    and row it upstream.  You'll be assaulted by golems, of all things.  Row up to
    the island they're on and kill them, then land on the next bridge you come
    across.  Here, go west, then north when you can.  The doors here will require
    either high Tool Use or Unlock Doors at level 3.  However, you can only enter
    the building if you have the key from the Formello murder cave.  You still have
    it, don't you?  Good.
    Go inside.  You'll have to fight more beasts.  In the northwest corner of the
    map, you'll find a few crystals.  One of them will teach your party Vahnatai
    Lore.  Your goal is south.  There's only one way there, so find it and head
    down when you're ready.  There will, of course, be more Alien Beasts, along
    with a new type, Null Beasts.  Just like Null Bugs, these critters can sap your
    SP with a special beam weapon in addition to rending you limb from limb.  In
    any case, when you're done playing with the little monsters, go south.
    You'll end up in a cell.  Wait till a spirit speaks to you and a portal is
    revealed.  You can only send one person through, so choose wisely.  They will
    have to fight past some Alien Beasts and various Vahnatai.  Now then, just
    follow the path provided for you.  There's only one route you can take till
    you reach the control panel that will open all the doors on this level.  Set
    all the buttons to Kaik, and don't press the other two buttons!  They'll alert
    the Vahnatai and disable the control panel.  Once the doors are opened, go to
    the room with the crystal.  Press the RIGHT button to free your group.  The
    left one just unleashes more Alien Beasts.  Before you move on, check around the
    south end of this area (south of the doors leading to the large room in the
    southwest) for a twisted gold key, which you'll need.
    Now, go back to the large room in the southwest corner of the map.  Assuming
    you fingered the Vahnatai as the culprits at the Bunker, you'll have to battle
    a few Vahnatai guards.  Otherwise, you'll have to avoid killing the crystal
    souls.  I say 'avoid' because it would be bad if they were destroyed.  Not 'the
    game will end' bad, but just bad enough that you should hurry on past them.
    Anyway, the Vahnatai are tough customers, and slightly more powerful than the
    Alien Beasts overall.  Your goal is north, through the doorway that trapped you
    before.  Now, go north until you spot a ladder upward.  This will take you
    inside that building you couldn't get into earlier.
    This bit is annoying.  The path ahead is blocked by magic barriers.  There are
    four dens of Alien Beasts, also blocked by magic barriers.  Casting Dispel
    Barrier will pretty much unleash a massive ambush on your party.  Fortunately,
    many of the creatures are just Whelps, hardly a threat.  When they're all dead,
    go into the breeding rooms and destroy the mechanisms for a total of 800XP.
    When you're done, go down the nearby trapdoor and follow the linear path out
    into the world.
     5m-3. Crumbling Factory
    Go north past the lava and out into a new area of the Footracer province.  You
    will be greeted by an assortment of past plagues: roaches, golems and more
    Alien Beasts, in that order.  You'll have to fight them one after the other, so
    make sure you're well-rested before going past the gate.
    There's not much to see in this new area.  Something to note is if you visited
    four or more stone circles back in the main part of Valorim, you must go to the
    Great Circle up north.  The game won't let you proceed without going there
    first.  It's easy to find, seeing as it's the only other place in this area.
    The altar here must be destroyed.  Don't bother refusing, you'll do it anyway.
    Before you approach it, bear in mind you have two options.  The proceeding
    encounter will result in either getting into a huge fight with a bunch of
    demons, or giving up all your items.  Those items, ironically enough, can just
    be dropped on the ground, then you can destroy the altar and pick up your stuff
    without needing to surrender anything or fight the demons.  However, that's an
    affront to the Adventurer's Code!  Refuse to surrender your hard-won booty and
    blast those demons back to Hell!  Take out the Mung Demons first, then focus
    your efforts on those damned Haakai!  Win one for Anaximander...or something!
    Either way, the Crumbling Factory is, again, one of two only possible
    destinations in this area.  Enter it.  It's not very complicated, just annoying.
    Go along the north end and past some barriers to find a few Vahnatai that will
    drop a key you'll need to get past this place.  Go east to find the exit, but
    before you go, wander around the southeast corner of the map.  Here there will
    be a Resistance mind crystal and a Crystal Imbued Shield, both of which are
    well worth the time to uncover.  You'll have to use a nearby control panel to
    disengage the lasers, then fight past some Vahnatai undead, then use Move
    Mountains to get past cracked walls and boulders.  There's also an Energy Pulse
    mind crystal, but those things are worthless.
    Anyway, once you've gotten all you want out of this place, leave via the eastern
     5m-4. Great Walls
    This final area of Valorim is to the northeast.  You must fight past some Alien
    Beasts to get there, no matter what route you take.  Make sure to rest
    beforehand, as it will be an awesome battle.  Once you're done, go east to the
    Great Walls.
    If you took on Erika's boon way, way back when, this part will be easy.  The
    amulet will blast the hell out of the walls, giving you a straight path to the
    other side.  Otherwise, you'll have to fight your way to the extreme north or
    south end of each wall and make your way down the east stairs to the next one.
    Basically, you'll have to battle through a whole assload of Vahnatai either way.
    It's a very straightforward kill-fest, so just hack your way through.
    A few things of note.  Along the north and south ends of each wall are treasure
    and a lot of Ur-basilisks.  At the second wall, the north end will have two
    crystals.  The east one teaches you Magery.  Don't examine the west one.  Just
    don't.  At the south part of the third wall will be a Wretched Demon, past a
    secret passage.  It's not that tough if you run up and smack it down quickly,
    and it guards a suit of Polished Plate Mail in another secret passage along the
    east wall, so it's worth the trouble of killing.
    Once you've made it past the third wall, exit to the east.  You've reached the
    final area of the game.
     5n. Endgame
     5n-1. Vahnatai Lands
    You're in enemy territory, and the Vahnatai are the toughest opponents you've
    faced so far.  Their magic is on par with the highest demons, and their warriors
    can hit as hard as the Alien Beasts.  Plus, they're highly resistant to your
    spells.  Tread carefully.
    Follow the road.  There's a Vahnatai crypt to the southeast of the Great Walls,
    but it's incredibly annoying without much reward.  You can't use any light
    sources in it and it is, of course, pitch black with enemies in all directions,
    so feel free to go in and explore if you want.  However, your destination right
    now is to the east.  Follow the read from the Great Walls till it starts to
    curve downward.  From there, go east and along the south side of some cave walls
    till you're ambushed by Vahnatai.  Kill them and head east, then north across a
    bridge.  You'll find a house here, the home of Bon-Ihrno.
    Look around here.  Don't rest.  Trust me.  Bon-Ihrno has prepared some supplies
    in the form of potions and alchemic ingredients.  When you're ready, speak with
    him.  If you've been exploring Valorim properly, this guy has been appearing to
    you in the form of a spirit in various places.  Speak with him to learn vital
    information for the end of the game.  When you're done, leave and feel free to
    explore before going to the final dungeon.  There's a pool that will restore
    some health and SP south of Bon-Ihrno's home, across the river.  Far to the
    southwest is a Vahnatai dock with an elixir in a pile of sacks.  When you're
    ready, go back to the road and just follow it all the way to...
     5n-2. Rentar-Ihrno's Keep
    This is it.  I mean it this time.  This is the final area of the game, and it's
    well worth the wait.  Beat your way through the entrance, but don't go too far
    east.  In the center of the map is Rentar-Ihrno, master mage of the Vahnatai,
    creator of the plagues, and the final opponent.  I bet you're just itching to
    get in there and show her what-for, huh?
    You can't defeat her like the other enemies in the game.  This will require
    finesse.  Explore the dungeon, but don't enter the center room.  Don't go down
    any stairs yet, either.  In the southwest corner of the dungeon there's a secret
    passage that will lead to a room with two runes on the floor.  Put pants (yes,
    regular pants) on the west rune, then step on the east rune.  You'll be sent to
    the Generic Dungeon.  If you don't have pants, for whatever reason, or you just
    want to get on with the Keep, skip the next paragraph.
    Just proceed through this dungeon, beating on the rather simple enemies.  Your
    first opponent will be some Cave Rats, then Skeletons, then some cute little
    kitty-cats.  There's a body nearby you should search, and north of that are
    some not-so-cute...bats.  Just past those is...an interchangable, uninteresting
    town!  Talk to everyone, and explore.  Speak to Jeff, he is a fount of wisdom
    and grumbling.  Pull the lever in the secret door to access the portal and
    return to the keep when you're done exploring.
    Right near the Generic Dungeon entrance (to the east, in fact) is a stairway
    leading down.  Descend.  Here you'll find an Undead Researcher (looks like a
    lich), along with several Vahnavoi.  Both fall quickly enough to Repel Spirit.
    On this level are two control panels with a button to press.  You must press
    the button at each control panel once and only once.  When this is done, return
    to the upper level.
    Now then, your next destination should be the southeast corner of the map.  In
    one of the rooms will be six crystals lined up in a row.  Check them to learn
    about the Keep.  It doesn't matter the order in which you examine them, the last
    one will always tell you what you want to know.  To get to the lower level, find
    a seemingly inconspicuous and tiny room, then check the east wall for a secret
    passage.  Here, kill the monsters (don't dispel the barriers) and check to the
    east for a stairway leading down.  You'll meet up with your old friends, the
    Rakshasi.  Ugh.  There are three control panels here, and just like before you
    want to press each of them once.  That's two beams down, and two to go.  Return
    to the upper level.
    Make your way to the northeast corner of the map.  On the way you'll pass
    Rentar-Ihrno's chambers, which you should enter because it's here you'll find
    the sword Demonslayer.  Don't know how she got it, but it's Avernum property,
    so reclaim it.  Find the large room filled with lava that's north of the center
    of the map.  You should spot a control panel in the southeast corner there.
    What you want to do is go to the room south of that control panel and examine
    the panel in that room to raise a porticullis that's just east of the north end
    of the map.  Do so, then climb down the trap door it was guarding.
    If you see an Alien Slime, you're in the right place.  There's quite a few of
    them, plus there's some Dark Wyrms nearby.  The Alien Slime was a tough cookie
    at the beginning of the game, but at this point you should be hitting them for
    nearly 200 damage a pop.  The Dark Wyrms require the same strategy as before:
    get in close and hope they don't abuse their breath weapon.  There are two
    control panels here.  Press the buttons, then go back up.
    The final trap door going down is very easy to find.  It's in the extreme north
    east corner of the map.  No porticullis-raising required.  The guardians of the
    last three control panels are some Naga and Efreets.  At this point you should
    be well-equipped to deal with them.  Press the control panel behind the curtain
    first, otherwise you might cause a laser to be directed in there, which will
    block your path.
    With the lasers properly sabotaged, return to the top level, and make your way
    to the center of the map.  It's time to end this.
    Like I said, you can't defeat Rentar-Ihrno normally, so don't even try.  If you
    took on Erika's amulet, she will appear now and battle Rentar-Ihrno, distracting
    her from you.  If not, you'll have to do this the hard way.  You can't kill
    Rentar-Ihrno through magic and melee combat, or I should say, you really don't
    want to.  Her protective spells absorb pretty much everything you could possibly
    hit her with, so don't bother.  Instead, fight your way to the control panel on
    the dais.  It'll be tough, since the battle will turn into a veritable orgy of
    summoned monsters very quickly.  Try to keep your party together, and take out
    as many Vahnatai mages along the way to cut down on the uninvited guests.  If
    Erika isn't there to help you, you'll be teleported away from the control panel
    a few times before you can actually reach it.  On the other hand, if Erika is
    there, you'll have no trouble getting there.
    When you reach the control panel, something will happen if Erika is there.
    AND YOU WILL BE SAD!  Instead, first press 'Load the Slime Components,' then
    'Refocus Beams,' and finally, 'Begin Process.'  That's it, you've won!  Somewhat
    anticlimactic, but who cares?  Peace has been won, for everyone!  Enjoy the
    ending, and congratulations!  
     6.  Items and Equipment
     6a. Items
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Amber                  0.5 lbs.     80 coins         N/A
     Apples                 0.6 lbs.     3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Aranea Fangs           0.2 lbs.     5 coins          N/A
     Bag of Sugar           0.3 lbs.     100 coins        N/A
     Basket                 3 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Bar of Iron            15 lbs.      50 coins         N/A
     Bar of Lead            15 lbs.      80 coins         N/A
     Bar of Silver          12 lbs.      250 coins        N/A
     Bar of Tin             10 lbs.      30 coins         N/A
     Bar of Uranium         2 lbs.       Cursed           Causes Disease
     Beautiful Fur          5 lbs.       250 coins        N/A
     Bolt of Cloth          17 lbs.      20 coins         N/A
     Bones                  7 lbs.       0 coins          N/A
     Book                   3 lbs.       6 coins          Use to read
     Bottle of Ale          1.5 lbs.     4 coins          Use to become inebriated
     Bottle of Wine         1.5 lbs.     7 coins          Use to become inebriated
     Bowl                   2 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Bread                  1 lbs.       4 coins          Food, required to rest
     Bucket                 4 lbs.       5 coins          N/A
     Bucket of Water        20 lbs.      5 coins          Use to drink
     Cake                   0.6 lbs.     3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Candle                 0.5 lbs.     2 coins          Illuminates dark areas
     Carved Stone Spiral    0.8 lbs.     25 coins         N/A
     Cheap Wine             10 lbs.      10 coins         Use to become inebriated
     Clay Pot               5 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Cloak Clasp            1 lbs.       40 coins         N/A
     Crystal                1 lbs.       5 coins          N/A
     Deli Sandwich          1.5 lbs.     8 coins          Food, required to rest
     Dice                   0.2 lbs.     1 coin           Use to play
     Dried Meat             0.8 lbs.     8 coins          Food, required to rest
     Deli Sandwich          1.5 lbs.     8 coins          Food, required to rest
     Earrings               0.2 lbs.     30 coins         N/A
     Emerald                0.5 lbs.     200 coins        N/A
     Empire Records         1 lbs.       5 coins          Quest item
     Energetic Herbs        0.3 lbs.     20 coins         Used for potions
     Fine Clothes           7 lbs.       40 coins         N/A
     Fine Crystal           1 lbs.       100 coins        N/A
     Fine Lockpick          0.5 lbs.     15 coins         +4 levels of Tool Use
     Fine Meal              5 lbs.       25 coins         N/A
     Fish                   1 lbs.       3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Flagon                 2 lbs.       10 coins         N/A
     Gold Bracelet          0.8 lbs.     300 coins        N/A
     Gold Necklace          0.8 lbs.     300 coins        N/A
     Gold Ore               20 lbs.      80 coins         N/A
     Gold Ring              0.2 lbs.     200 coins        N/A
     Golden Goblet          4 lbs.       200 coins        N/A
     Graymold               0.3 lbs.     40 coins         Used for potions
     Greens                 0.6 lbs.     3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Gremlin Wine           2 lbs.       120 coins        Inebriates, blesses user
                                                          Increases magic resistance
     Healing Herbs          0.3 lbs.     10 coins         Used for potions
     Historical Scroll      0.5 lbs.     30 coins         N/A
     Horn                   5 lbs.       10 coins         N/A
     Hourglass              2 lbs.       10 coins         N/A
     Incense                1 lbs.       25 coins         N/A
     Iron Bar               15 lbs.      50 coins         N/A
     Jeweled Ring           0.2 lbs.     400 coins        N/A
     Jug                    3 lbs.       3 coins          N/A
     Jug of Cheap Wine      10 lbs.      30 coins         Use to become inebriated
     Lamp                   2.5 lbs.     10 coins         Illuminates dark areas
     Lizard Haunch          2 lbs.       0 coins          Food, required to rest
     Lockpicks              0.5 lbs.     5 coins          +0 levels of Tool Use
     Lovely Stone Spiral    1.2 lbs.     100 coins        N/A
     Magic Lockpick         0.5 lbs.     50 coins         +8 levels of Tool Use
     Mandrake               0.3 lbs.     80 coins         Used for potions
     Map of Bigail          1 lbs.       50 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Footracer       1 lbs.       20 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Karnold         1 lbs.       50 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Krizsan         1 lbs.       10 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Midori          1 lbs.       50 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Monoroe         1 lbs.       50 coins         Use to Read
     Map of Upper Avernum   1 lbs.       10 coins         Use to Read
     Meat on Spit           0.6 lbs.     3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Mortar and Pestle      6 lbs.       5 coins          N/A
     Mug                    3 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Mushrooms              1 lbs.       3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Mushroom Merlot '91    2   lbs.     100 coins        Use to become inebriated
     Needle                 1 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Nice Fur               5 lbs.       60 coins         N/A
     Ore                    25 lbs.      30 coins         N/A
     Papyrus Sheet          0.5 lbs.     10 coins         N/A
     Pears                  0.6 lbs.     3 coins          Food, required to rest
     Pen and Ink            1 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Perfect Flower         0.6 lbs.     20 coins         Give to Dryad
     Piercing Crystal       0.5 lbs.     500 coins        Casts Dispel Barrier
     Pillow                 6 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Pincers                4 lbs.       3 coins          N/A
     Pitcher                4 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Plank                  10 lbs.      2 coins          N/A
     Plate                  2 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Poor Fur               5 lbs.       15 coins         N/A
     Pot                    20 lbs.      3 coins          N/A
     Potted Plant           8 lbs.       5 coins          N/A
     Recall Crystal         0.5 lbs.     250 coins        Return to Fort Emergence
     Research Tome          6 lbs.       50 coins         Sell to Walner
     Rod of Arcana          6 lbs.       900 coins        Casts Arcane Summon
     Rod of Beast Call      14 lbs.      420 coins        Casts Call Beast
     Rod of Illusions       10 lbs.      600 coins        Casts Create Illusions
     Rod of Major Call      10 lbs.      750 coins        Casts Summon Aid
     Rope                   3 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Ruby                   0.5 lbs.     300 coins        N/A
     Sack of Fine Meal      50 lbs.      25 coins         N/A
     Sack of Meal           50 lbs.      20 coins         N/A
     Savory Herbs           3 lbs.       60 coins         Used for potions
     Saw                    3 lbs.       4 coins          N/A
     Scalpel                0.3 lbs.     15 coins         N/A
     Scroll - Arcane Blow   1 lbs.       200 coins        Casts Arcane Blow
     Scroll - Bitter Loss   1 lbs.       Cursed           Makes user very ill
                                                          +10 skill points
                                                          Changes XP
     Scroll - Bolt of Fire  1 lbs.       60 coins         Casts Bolt of Fire
     Scroll - Control Foes  1 lbs.       150 coins        Casts Control Foes
     Scroll - Divine Host   1 lbs.       60 coins         Casts Divine Host
     Scroll - Dispel Barr.  1 lbs.       140 coins        Casts Dispel Barrier
     Scroll - Far Sight     1 lbs.       60 coins         Casts Far Sight
     Scroll - Fireblast     1 lbs.       200 coins        Casts Fireblast
     Scroll - Forcecage     1 lbs.       400 coins        Casts Forcecage
     Scroll - Ice Lances    1 lbs.       80 coins         Casts Ice Lances
     Scroll - Lightning     1 lbs.       160 coins        Casts Lightning Spray
     Scroll - Repel Spirit  1 lbs.       150 coins        Casts Repel Spirit
     Scroll - Spray Acid    1 lbs.       150 coins        Casts Spray Acid
     Scroll - Summon Aid    1 lbs.       140 coins        Casts Summon Aid
     Scroll - Summon Shade  1 lbs.       100 coins        Casts Summon Shade
     Scroll - Withering     1 lbs.       Cursed           Change one random stat
     Searing Crystal        0.5 lbs.     Cursed           Change one random stat
     Silver Bracelet        0.8 lbs.     150 coins        N/A
     Silver Drinking Cup    4 lbs.       50 coins         N/A
     Silver Necklace        0.2 lbs.     150 coins        N/A
     Silver Ore             20 lbs.      40 coins         N/A
     Silver Ring            0.2          90 coins         N/A
     Skribbane Herb         0.3 lbs.     25 coins         Unusual effect...
     Skull                  4 lbs.       0 coins          N/A
     Spearhead              2 lbs.       10 coins         N/A
     Spiritual Herbs        0.3 lbs.     20 coins         Used for Potions
     Spoon                  0.5 lbs.     1 coin           N/A
     Steak                  0.8 lbs.     8 coins          Food, required to rest
     Stoneshatter Crystal   1 lbs.       70 coins         Casts Move Mountains
     Stone Blocks           5 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Teacup                 1 lbs.       6 coins          N/A
     Teapot                 3 lbs.       2 coins          N/A
     Toadstools             0.3 lbs.     20 coins         Used for potions
     Thread                 1 lbs.       3 coins          N/A
     Tongs                  4 lbs.       3 coins          N/A
     Torch                  1 lbs.       5 coins          Illuminates dark areas
     Trash                  Varies       0 coins          N/A
     Trowel                 2 lbs.       1 coin           N/A
     Unshackling Crystal    0.5 lbs.     300 coins        Cures mental effects
     Unicorn Horn           1.5 lbs.     1 coin           Sell to Agrod
     Wand of Absorbtion     5 lbs.       Cursed           Changes XP when used
     Wand of Acid           4 lbs.       440 coins        Casts Spray Acid
     Wand of Bolts          7 lbs.       350 coins        Casts Bolt of Fire
     Wand of Fire           5 lbs.       600 coins        Casts Fireblast
     Wand of Forcecage      5 lbs.       550 coins        Casts Forcecage Spray
     Wand of Ice            6 lbs.       420 coins        Casts Ice Lances
     Wand of Lightning      5 lbs.       450 coins        Casts Lightning Spray
     Wand of Slowing        5 lbs.       250 coins        Casts Slow
     Weird Meat             1 lbs.       0 coins          Food, required to rest
     Whip                   3 lbs.       5 coins          N/A
     6b. Weapons
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Acid Arrows            1 lbs.       200 coins        +20% attack bonus
                                                          +8 acid damage
     Acid Bolts             1 lbs.       200 coins        +20% attack bonus
                                                          +8 acid damage
     Arrows of Life         1 lbs.       20 coins         +20% attack bonus
                                                          +40 damage to demons
     Ash Bow                10 lbs.      65 coins         2-8 damage
     Ash Crossbow           15 lbs.      150 coins        2-10 damage
     Blessed Arrows         1 lbs.       20 coins         +20% attack bonus
     Blessed Bolts          1 lbs.       40 coins         +20% attack bonus
     Blessed Bow            10 lbs.      500 coins        4-20 damage
     Blessed Crossbow       15 lbs.      1500 coins       4-24 damage
     Blessed Dagger         4 lbs.       120 coins        5-20 damage
     Blessed Greatsword     20 lbs.      4000 coins       5-40 damage
     Blessed Halberd        20 lbs.      4000 coins       4-32 damage
     Blessed Javelin        4.5 lbs.     60 coins         5-30 damage
     Blessed Longsword      12 lbs.      900 coins        5-30 damage
     Blessed Pike           15 lbs.      900 coins        5-35 damage
     Blessed Short Sword    8 lbs.       500 coins        5-25 damage
     Blessed Spear          10 lbs.      350 coins        5-30 damage
     Bolts of Life          1 lbs.       40 coins         +20% attack bonus
                                                          +40 damage to undead
     Bronze Greatsword      20 lbs.      160 coins        1-7 damage
     Bronze Halberd         20 lbs.      150 coins        1-7 damage
     Bronze Longsword       12 lbs.      40 coins         1-5 damage
     Cavewood Bow           10 lbs.      30 coins         1-4 damage
     Cavewood Crossbow      15 lbs.      70 coins         1-5 damage
     Ceremonial Dagger      1 lbs.       100 coins        4-20 damage
     Cursed Arrows          1 lbs.       Cursed           -15% attack bonus
     Cursed Bolts           1 lbs.       Cursed           -15% attack bonus
     Cursed Bow             10 lbs.      Cursed           1-3 damage
     Cursed Crossbow        15 lbs.      Cursed           1-3 damage
     Cursed Dagger          4 lbs.       Cursed           1-3 damage
     Cursed Greatsword      20 lbs.      Cursed           1-6 damage
     Curesd Halberd         20 lbs.      Cursed           1-7 damage
     Cursed Javelin         4.5 lbs.     Cursed           1-5 damage
     Cursed Longsword       12 lbs.      Cursed           1-5 damage
     Cursed Pike            15 lbs.      Cursed           1-6 damage
     Cursed Razordisk       1 lbs.       Cursed           1-4 damage, -10% attack
     Cursed Short Sword     8 lbs.       Cursed           1-4 damage
     Cursed Spear           10 lbs.      Cursed           1-5 damage
     Cursed Waveblade       12 lbs.      Cursed           1-6 damage
     Fine Razordisk         1 lbs.       40 coins         5-30 damage
     Fine Slith Spear       15 lbs.      350 coins        4-24 damage
     Fine Waveblade         12 lbs.      400 coins        3-21 damage
     Hammer                 9 lbs.       8 coins          1-3 damage
     Icy Longsword          12 lbs.      1100 coins       4-24 + 8 acid damage
     Iron Arrows            1 lbs.       2 coins          +5% attack bonus
     Iron Bolts             1 lbs.       4 coins          +5% attack bonus
     Iron Dagger            4 lbs.       10 coins         2-6 damage
     Iron Greatsword        20 lbs.      320 coins        2-14 damage
     Iron Halberd           20 lbs.      300 coins        2-14 damage
     Iron Javelin           4.5 lbs.     6 coins          2-10 damage
     Iron Pike              15 lbs.      80 coins         2-12 damage
     Iron Short Sword       8 lbs.       40 coins         2-8 damage
     Iron Longsword         12 lbs.      80 coins         2-10 damage
     Iron Spear             10 lbs.      30 coins         2-10 damage
     Kitchen Knife          1 lbs.       4 coins          1-2 damage
     Razordisk              1 lbs.       12 coins         3-18 damage
     Rock                   3 lbs.       0 coins          1-3 damage
     Rough Diamond          0.5 lbs.     400 coins        1-8 damage
     Shielding Spike        4 lbs.       2000 coins       5-25 damage
                                                          +10% protection from
                                                          all damage
     Slith Spear            15 lbs.      70 coins         2-12 damage
     Staff                  7 lbs.       4 coins          1-5 damage
     Steel Arrows           1 lbs.       5 coins          +10% attack bonus
     Steel Bolts            1 lbs.       10 coins         +10% attack bonus
     Steel Dagger           4 lbs.       30 coins         3-9 damage
     Steel Greatsword       20 lbs.      1000 coins       3-21 damage
     Steel Halberd          20 lbs.      1000 coins       3-21 damage
     Steel Javelin          4.5 lbs.     15 coins         3-15 damage
     Steel Longsword        12 lbs.      240 coins        3-15 damage
     Steel Pike             15 lbs.      240 coins        3-18 damage
     Steel Short Sword      8 lbs.       120 coins        3-12 damage
     Steel Spear            10 lbs.      90 coins         3-15 damage
     Stick                  1 lbs.       1 coin           1-3 damage
     Stone Arrows           1 lbs.       1 coin           +0% bonus/penalty
     Stone Bolts            1 lbs.       2 coins          +0% bonus/penalty
     Stone Dagger           4 lbs.       5 coins          1-3 damage
     Stone Javelin          4 lbs.       3 coins          1-5 damage
     Stone Longsword        8 lbs.       20 coins         1-4 damage
     Stone Pike             15 lbs.      40 coins         1-6 damage
     Stone Short Sword      8 lbs.       20 coins         1-4 damage
     Stone Spear            10 lbs.      15 coins         1-5 damage
     Thirsting Blade        12 lbs.      4000 coins       5-35 damage
                                                          +1 Life Drain
                                                          +1 Combat Statistics
     Waveblade              12 lbs.      100 coins        1-6 damage
     Yew Bow                10 lbs.      150 coins        3-12 damage
     Yew Crossbow           15 lbs.      350 coins        3-15 damage
     6c. Armor
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Amber Shield           10 lbs.      250 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 2 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          +1 to Luck
     Blessed Buckler        5 lbs.       150 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 2 damage
     Blessed Cloak          5 lbs.       150 coins        Prevents 1-1 + 2 damage
     Blessed Large Shield   18 lbs.      300 coins        Prevents 1-16 + 4 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Blessed Plate Mail     30 lbs.      10000 coins      Prevents 1-48 + 5 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
     Blessed Robe           7 lbs.       300 coins        Prevents 1-4 + 2 damage
     Blessed Sandles        2 lbs.       80 coins         Prevents 1-1 + 2 damage
     Blessed Small Shield   10 lbs.      300 coins        Prevents 1-10 + 3 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Blessed Steel Helmet   7 lbs.       400 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 2 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Blessed Studded Armor  30 lbs.      800 coins        Prevents 1-10 + 4 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Boots                  4 lbs.       15 coins         Prevents 1-2 damage
     Boots of Speed         4 lbs.       1500 coins       Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
                                                          +1 Action Points
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Bronze Helmet          7 lbs.       25 coins         Prevents 1-4 - 1 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Bronze Plate Mail      70 lbs.      600 coins        Prevents 1-40 - 2 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
     Cloak                  5 lbs.       7 coins          Prevents 1-1 damage
     Crafted Chain Mail     45 lbs.      900 coins        Prevents 1-18 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Crystal Shield         10 lbs.      700 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 3 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
     Cursed Boots           4 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-2 - 2 damage
     Cursed Bronze Helmet   7 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-4 - 2 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Cursed Buckler         5 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-4 - 2 damage
     Cursed Chain Mail      45 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-20 - 4 damage
                                                          -20% attack penalty
     Cursed Cloak           5 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-2 - 2 damage
     Cursed Gloves          2 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-1 - 2 damage
     Cursed Large Shield    18 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-8 - 4 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Cursed Leather Armor   15 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-4 - 3 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Cursed Leather Helmet  4 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-2 - 2 damage
     Cursed Plate Mail      70 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-30 - 6 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
     Cursed Robe            7 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-1 - 2 damage
     Cursed Small Shield    10 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-6 - 2 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Cursed Studded Armor   30 lbs.      Cursed           Prevents 1-8 - 3 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Dragonskin Cloak       5 lbs.       500 coins        Prevents 1-6 damage
                                                          +20% fire resistance
     Drakeskin Armor        15 lbs.      400 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 3 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Drakeskin Boots        4 lbs.       150 coins        Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
     Drakeskin Gloves       2 lbs.       80 coins         Prevents 1-1 + 2 damage
                                                          +10% fire resistance
     Drakeskin Sandles      2 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-1 - 2 damage
     Dress                  6 lbs.       7 coins          Prevents 1-1 damage
     Field Plate Mail       140 lbs.     2500 coins       Prevents 1-50 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
                                                          -1 to MEL, POL
                                                          +2 to Resistance
     Fine Leather Armor     15 lbs.      100 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 2 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Fine Leather Helmet    4 lbs.       35 coins         Prevents 1-2 + 1 damage
     Gloves                 2 lbs.       8 coins          Prevents 1-1 damage
     Golem Diadem           2 lbs.       1500 coins       Prevents 1-1 damage
                                                          +20% resistance to
                                                          fire and ice
     Green Tunic            2 lbs.       5 coins          Prevents 1-2 damage
     Humanskin Gloves       2 lbs.       1000 coins       Prevents 1-2 + 4 damage
                                                          +1 to ASS, +2 to humanoid
     Iron Buckler           5 lbs.       20 coins         Prevents 1-4 damage
     Iron Chain Mail        45 lbs.      600 coins        Prevents 1-20 damage
                                                          -20% attack penalty
     Iron Helmet            7 lbs.       50 coins         Prevents 1-4 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Iron Large Shield      18 lbs.      180 coins        Prevents 1-12 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Iron Plate Mail        70 lbs.      1500 coins       Prevents 1-40  damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
     Iron Small Shield      10 lbs.      40 coins         Prevents 1-8 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Iron Studded Armor     30 lbs.      150 coins        Prevents 1-10 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Leather Armor          15 lbs.      50 coins         Prevents 1-6 + 1 damage
     Leather Helmet         4 lbs.       15 coins         Prevents 1-2 damage
     Mithril Chain Mail     45 lbs.      5000 coins       Prevents 1-24 + 4 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Nimble Gloves          2 lbs.       400 coins        Prevents 1-1 + 1 damage
                                                          +4 to Tool Use
     Pants                  4 lbs.       4 coins          Prevents 1-1 damage
     Pants of Power         4 lbs.       400 coins        +10% resistance
     Pants of Sorrow        4 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-4 damage
     Poor Chain Mail        45 lbs.      220 coins        Prevents 1-20 - 2 damage
                                                          -20% attack penalty
     Poor Leather Armor     15 lbs.      20 coins         Prevents 1-6 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Poor Leather Helmet    4 lbs.       8 coins          Prevents 1-2 - 1 damage
     Poor Studded Armor     30 lbs.      60 coins         Prevents 1-10 - 1 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Red Tunic              2 lbs.       5 coins          Prevents 1-2 damage
     Robe                   7 lbs.       10 coins         Prevents 1-3 damage
     Robe of the Magi       7 lbs.       2500 coins       Prevents 1-10 damage
                                                          +3 to INT, MAG
                                                          +10% mental resistance
     Sandals                2 lbs.       8 coins          Prevents 1-1 damage
     Shirt                  2 lbs.       5 coins          Prevents 1-2 damage
     Steel Buckler          5 lbs.       50 coins         Prevents 1-4 + 1 damage
     Steel Chain Mail       45 lbs.      2000 coins       Prevents 1-20 + 2 damage
                                                          -20% attack penalty
     Steel Helmet           7 lbs.       150 coins        Prevents 1-4 + 1 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Steel Large Shield     18 lbs.      250 coins        Prevents 1-12 + 2 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Steel Small Shield     10 lbs.      100 coins        Prevents 1-8 + 1 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Steel Studded Armor    30 lbs.      350 coins        Prevents 1-10 + 2 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
     Torc                   2 lbs.       100 coins        Prevents 1-2 damage
     Tremor Boots           20 lbs.      500 coins        Prevents 1-5 damage
                                                          +15% Encumberance
                                                          +1 to STR, +2 to HRD
     Troglo Cap             4 lbs.       500 coins        Prevents 1-2 damage
                                                          +3 to STR, -3 to INT
                                                          -20% mental resistance
     Vahnatai Cloak         4 lbs.       15 coins         Prevents 1-4 damage
     White Tunic            2 lbs.       5 coins          Prevents 1-2 damage
     Wildnerness Boots      4 lbs.       200 coins        Prevents 1-2 + 1 damage
                                                          +2 to Nature Lore
     Wooden Buckler         5 lbs.       10 coins         Prevents 1-4 - 1 damage
     Wooden Large Shield    18 lbs.      50 coins         Prevents 1-12 - 2 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
     Wooden Small Shield    10 lbs.      20 coins         Prevents 1-8 - 1 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
     Wyrmskin Boots         4 lbs.       1200 coins       Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
                                                          +1 to Assassination
                                                          +10% illness resistance
     Wyrmskin Helmet        4 lbs.       100 coins        Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
                                                          +10% illness resistance
     6d.  Jewelry
     Archer's Ring          0.2 lbs.     700 coins        +30% missile to-hit
                                                          +6 missile damage
     Armor Ring             0.2 lbs.     700 coins        +10% protection from
                                                          all damage
     Assassin's Band        0.2 lbs.     1500 coins       +2 to Anatomy, Blademaster
     Basic Charm            0.5 lbs.     1500 coins       +40% acid resistance
     Charm                  0.5 lbs.     400 coins        N/A
     Chill Charm            0.5 lbs.     1500 coins       +20% fire resistance
     Clumsy Ring            0.2 lbs.     Cursed           -20% to-hit
     Crystal Charm          0.5 lbs.     2000 coins       Immunity to petrification
     Dexterity Bracelet     0.5 lbs.     2000 coins       +2 to Dexterity
     Dexterity Charm        0.5 lbs.     500 coins        +1 to Dexterity
     Fire Orb Charm         0.5 lbs.     600 coins        +10% fire resistance
     Firewalker Band        0.2 lbs.     1300 coins       +40% resistance to magic
                                                          and elements
     Fletcher's Ring        0.2 lbs.     300 coins        +15% missile to-hit
                                                          +3 missile damage
     Freedom Charm          0.5 lbs.     2500 coins       +50% mental resistance
     Harm Charm             0.5 lbs.     Cursed           -50% all damage
     Health Charm           0.5 lbs.     2000 coins       +20% illness resistance
                                                          +10% protection to all
                                                          types of damage
     Intelligence Bracelet  0.5 lbs.     2000 coins       +2 to Intelligence
     Knowledge Charm        0.5 lbs.     1800 coins       +5 to Rune Reading, POT
     Lucky Bracelet         0.5 lbs.     1500 coins       +2 to Luck
     Lucky Charm            1 lbs.       250 coins        +1 to Luck
     Mage's Bracelet        0.5 lbs.     3000 coins       +2 to Mage Spells
                                                          +1 to Magery
     Magnetic Ring          0.2 lbs.     Cursed           +50% chance to be hit
     Monkey Bracelet        0.5 lbs.     Cursed           -3 to STR, INT
     Mung Bracelet          0.5 lbs.     500 coins        +120% illness resistance
                                                          -20% resistance to
                                                          fire and ice
     Nimble Band            0.2 lbs.     1400 coins       +1 action points
     Priest's Bracelet      0.5 lbs.     3000 coins       +2 to Mage Spells
                                                          +1 to Magery
     Quicksilver Ring       0.2 lbs.     Cursed           +4 to Luck, +1 to DEX
     Ring of Explosure      0.2 lbs.     Cursed           -30% resistance to magic
                                                          and elements
     Ring of Grief          0.2 lbs.     Cursed           -4 to STR, DEX and INT
     Ring of Health         0.2 lbs.     600 coins        +30% illness resistance
                                                          +10% acid resistance
     Ring of Idiocy         0.2 lbs.     Cursed           -3 to INT, magic stats
                                                          -30% mental resistance
     Ring of Pure Focus     0.2 lbs.     Cursed           +1 to STR, DEX, END
     Ring of Resistance     0.2 lbs.     600 coins        +10% resistance
     Ring of Skill          0.2 lbs.     400 coins        +10% melee to-hit
     Ring of Vulnerability  0.2 lbs.     Cursed           -2 to Dexterity
     Shield Ring            0.2 lbs.     300 coins        +10% melee protection
     Shielding Charm        0.5 lbs.     1500 coins       +10% melee protection
                                                          +10% less chance to be hit
     Sticky Charm           0.5 lbs.     Cursed           -4 to Dexterity
     Strength Bracelet      0.5 lbs.     2000 coins       +2 to Strength
     War Charm              0.5 lbs.     2500 coins       +2 to BLD, GYM
     Warmth Charm           0.5 lbs.     1500 coins       +20% cold resistance
     Warrior's Bracelet     0.5 lbs.     3000 coins       +2 to pole, melee weapons
                                                          +2 to melee damage
     Warrior's Ring         0.2 lbs.     1000 coins       +20% melee chance to-hit
                                                          +2 melee damage
     6e. Potions and Curatives
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Balm of Life           0.5 lbs.     100 coins        Necessary for Return Life
     Bless Elixir           0.5 lbs.     160 coins        +50% healing
                                                          +20% spell points
                                                          Cures poison and disease
     Curing Elixir          0.5 lbs.     70 coins         +60% levels of curing
     Curing Potion          0.5 lbs.     30 coins         +25% levels of curing
     Draining Brew          0.5 lbs.     Cursed           -5 skill points
     Energy Elixir          0.5 lbs.     140 coins        +50% spell points
     Energy Potion          0.5 lbs.     60 coins         +20% spell points
     Fine First Aid Kit     2.5 lbs.     15 coins         +8 levels of First Aid
     First Aid Kit          2.5 lbs.     5 coins          +4 levels of First Aid
     Graymold Salve         0.5 lbs.     100 coins        +200% levels of curing
     Haste Elixir           0.5 lbs.     120 coins        Hastens user
     Haste Potion           0.5 lbs.     50 coins         Hastens user
     Healing Elixir         0.5 lbs.     90 coins         +75% points of healing
     Healing Potion         0.5 lbs.     40 coins         +25% points of healing
     Heroic Brew            0.5 lbs.     500 coins        Gives divine protection
     Invulnerability Elixir 0.5 lbs.     350 coins        Grants invulnerability
     Invulnerability Potion 0.5 lbs.     150 coins        Grants invulnerability
     Knowledge Brew         0.5 lbs.     1000 coins       +3 skill points
     Poison Elixir          0.5 lbs.     30 coins         Makes user very ill
     Poison Potion          0.5 lbs.     20 coins         Makes user very ill
     Protection Brew        0.5 lbs.     500 coins        +100% curing, increases
                                                          resistance and grants
     Resistance Elixir      0.5 lbs.     450 coins        Increases resistances
                                                          Cures Terror, Enfeeble
     Resistance Potion      0.5 lbs.     100 coins        Increases resistances
     Restoration Brew       0.5 lbs.     450 coins        +100% healing and curing
                                                          Cures Dumbfounding and
     Rogue's Elixir         0.5 lbs.     90 coins         Gives Nimble Fingers
     Searing Balm           0.5 lbs.     Cursed           Makes user very ill
                                                          -5 skill points
     Strength Elixir        0.5 lbs.     120 coins         Blesses, hastes, and
                                                          grants temporary
     Strength Potion        0.5 lbs.     50 coins         Blesses, hastes, and
                                                          grants temporary
     6f.  Special/Quest Items
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Anama Rings            N/A          N/A              Proof of Anama membership
     Anaximander Note       1 lbs.       1 coin           Use to Read
     Bandit Map             1 lbs.       1 coin           Use to Read
     Barrier Tunnel Map     1 lbs.       1 coin           Use to Read
     Black Halberd Map      1 lbs.       10 coins         Use to Read
     Blessed Athame         N/A          N/A              Use to destroy the portal
     Blue Crystal Key       N/A          N/A              Access the fourth Spire
     Board Game             5 lbs.       15 coins         Use to Play
     Crystal Shards         N/A          N/A              Show to Berra
     Crystal Statue         N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Damp Paper             1 lbs.       5 coins          Use to Read
     Drawing of Rune        N/A          N/A              Show to Berra
     Egg of the Phoenix     N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Electrum Key           N/A          N/A              Use to enter Gale library
     Embroidered Favor      N/A          N/A              Return to Bruskrud
     Erika's Amulet         N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Giant's Key            N/A          N/A              Use to free Illyee
     Good Luck Charm        N/A          N/A              Return to Bruskrud
     Guardian Key           N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Hot Crystal Shards     N/A          N/A              Show to Berra
     Key to Hawke's Manse   N/A          N/A              The key to Hawke's Manse
     Lab Notes              3 lbs.       5 coins          Return to Carrie
     Large Iron Key         N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Locket with Painting   N/A          N/A              Return to Bruskrud
     Love Letter            N/A          N/A              Return to Bruskrud
     Metal Lumps            N/A          N/A              Quest Item
     Reward Slip            N/A          N/A              Take this to Blackcrag
     Soul Crystal           N/A          N/A              Capture monsters
     Spell Tome             5 lbs.       1250 coins       Use to learn a spell
     Stone Key              N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Suspicious Package     N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Thought Crystal        N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Troglo History         1 lbs.       1 coin           Use to Read
     Twisted Gold Key       N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Twisted Steel Key      N/A          N/A              Quest item
     Vahnatai Crypt Key     N/A          N/A              Use in the Defiled Crypt
     Vothkaro Message       1 lbs.       1 coin           Use to Read
     Withered Scales        N/A          N/A              Show to Berra
     6f. Rare Items
     Name                   Weight       Base Value       Use
     Alien Blade            25 lbs.      6000 coins       4-28 + 20 poison damage
     Archer's Cloak         5 lbs.       500 coins        Prevents 1-4 damage
                                                          +1 to DEX, +3 to missile
                                                          damage, +15 missile to-hit
     Assassin's Dagger      4 lbs.       400 coins        +4 to ASS, +2 to ANT
     Beastslayer            25 lbs.      4000 coins       4-28 damage
                                                          +30 damage to Alien Beasts
                                                          +2 to Parry
     Black Halberd          20 lbs.      10000 coins      6-48 damage
                                                          +1 to STR, DEX, +2 to PAR
                                                          +30% magic resistance
     Bloodthirst Spear      25 lbs.      Cursed           5-30 damage
                                                          +7 damage to alien beasts
     Chieftain Charm        0.5 lbs.     500 coins        +1 to STR, DEX and MEL
                                                          -1 to INT
     Crystal Imbued Shield  10 lbs.      4000 coins       Prevents 1-8 + 3 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          +2 Parry, +1 Resistance
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
     Dagger of Hate         4 lbs.       Cursed           7-35 damage
                                                          +2 ASS, -1 INT
                                                          +20% resistance
     Demonslayer            20 lbs.      6000 coins       4-28 damage
                                                          +40 damage to demons
     Diamond Dagger         4 lbs.       1000 coins       6-30 damage
     Dryad's Blessed Charm  0.5 lbs.     3000 coins       +50% mental resistance
                                                          +30% magic resistance
                                                          +2 to magic statistics
     Flaming Sword          12 lbs.      1100 coins       4-24 + 8 fire damage
     Fungal Armor           15 lbs.      500 coins        Prevents 1-4 + 3 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
                                                          +20% mental resistance
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
     Fungoid Spine          4 lbs.       Cursed           5-20 + 2 acid damage
                                                          +20% acid resistance
     Fury Crossbow          25 lbs.      15000 coins      7-42 damage
                                                          +10% missile to-hit
                                                          +1 Action Points
                                                          +20% resistance
     Gauntlets of Might     2 lbs.       2000 coins       Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
                                                          +4 to STR, melee damage
     Ghoulbane              10 lbs.      700 coins        5-30 damage
                                                          +25 damage to undead
     Giantslayer            15 lbs.      1400 coins       5-35 damage
                                                          +30 damage to giants
     Giant's Shield         32 lbs.      200 coins        Prevents 1-16 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
     Icy Chain Mail         45 lbs.      7000 coins       Prevents 1-26 + 4 damage
                                                          -20% attack penalty
                                                          +30% fire resistance
     Iridium Pants          10 lbs.      200 coins        Prevents 1-6 damage
                                                          -15% attack penalty
                                                          +10% acid resistance
     Jade Halberd           20 lbs.      4000 coins       +6 to HRD, +2 to DEF
     Jewel of Return        0.5 lbs.     N/A              Return to Fort Emergence
     Justice Lance          20 lbs.      900 coins        5-35 damage
                                                          +1 to INT, +2 to PRI
                                                          +3 damage to undead
     Mauling Leather        30 lbs.      1400 coins       Prevents 1-10 + 4 damage
                                                          +3 to melee damage
     MC - Battle Frenzy     1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Battle Frenzy
     MC - Beastcall         1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Beastcall
     MC - Curing            1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Curing
     MC - Divine Aid        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Divine Aid
     MC - Energy Pulse      1 lbs.       1000 coins       Dumbfounds user
     MC - Gymnastics        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Gymnastics
     MC - Magery            1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Magery
     MC - Pathfinder        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Pathfinder
     MC - Regenerate        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Regenerate
     MC - Resistance        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Resistance
     MC - Restore Energy    1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Restore Energy
     MC - Spiritcall        1 lbs.       1000 coins       Grants Spiritcall
     Mithril Blade          20 lbs.      5000 coins       4-28 damage
                                                          +1 Action Points
                                                          +2 to Strength, Parry
                                                          +10 damage to undead
     Mithril Woven Robe     7 lbs.       4000 coins       Prevents 1-14 damage
                                                          +20% less chance to be hit
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
                                                          +10% magic resistance
     Naturewalker's Torc    2 lbs.       5000 coins       Prevents 1-3 damage
                                                          +1 to HRB
                                                          +4 to PAT and NLO
                                                          +20% resistance
     Nimble Boots           4 lbs.       1000 coins       Prevents 1-2 + 2 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          +3 to Dexterity
     Obsidian Spear         10 lbs.      1000 coins       6-42 damage
                                                          +40% magic resistance
     Orb of Thralni         0.5 lbs.     5000 coins       Use to fly
     Pachtar's Plate Mail   70 lbs.      20000 coins      Prevents 1-60 + 7 damage
                                                          +1 Action Points
                                                          +20% resistance
     Piercing the Lost Por. 5 lbs.       1000 coins       Teaches Dispel Barrier
     Pilgrim's Cloak        4 lbs.       2000 coins       Prevents 1-1 damage
                                                          +2 to Pathfinder
                                                          +20% mental resistance
     Pirate's Blade         4 lbs.       1000 coins       5-25 damage
                                                          +2 to ASS, Life Drain
     Polished Plate Mail    70 lbs.      7000 coins       Prevents 1-50 + 3 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
                                                          +20% mental resistance
                                                          +2 to combat statistics
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
     Prismatic Mail         70 lbs.      4000 coins       Prevents 1-16 damage
                                                          -25% attack penalty
                                                          +20% resistance to fire,
                                                          cold and magic
     Prismatic Torc         2 lbs.       600 coins        +10% resistance to fire,
                                                          ice, illness and acid
     Pyrrhic Gauntlets      1 lbs.       Cursed           Prevents 1-6 + 2 damage
     Radiant Robe           7 lbs.       500 coins        +30% melee protection
                                                          +20% magic resistance
                                                          +20% acid resistance
     Radiant Slith Spear    60 lbs.      5000 coins       6-36 damage
                                                          +1 to Pole Weapons
                                                          +10% fire resistance
     Red Scale Armor        15 lbs.      4000 coins       Prevents 1-15 + 5 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
                                                          +30% fire resistance
                                                          +1 to melee damage
     Rentar Charm           0.2 lbs.     250 coins        +1 to melee damage
     Ring of Bone           0.2 lbs.     Cursed           +2 to MGR, ARC, POT
                                                          +20% mental resistance
     Ring of Endless Magery 0.2 lbs.     5000 coins       +80% spell points
                                                          +2 to Magery
                                                          +10% damage protection
     Robe of Magery         7 lbs.       700 coins        Prevents 1-3 + 2 damage
                                                          +1 to Intelligence
                                                          +10% less chance to be hit
     Rogue's Leather        15 lbs.      700 coins        Prevents 1-10 + 3 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          +4 to Tool Use
     Ruby Helmet            7 lbs.       2000 coins       Prevents 1-5 + 3 damage
                                                          -5% attack penalty
                                                          +20% fire resistance
                                                          Prot. from Petrification
     Serendipity Knife      2.5 lbs.     2000 coins       4-20 damage, +6 to LCK
     Shadow Leather         15 lbs.      500 coins        Prevents 1-10 + 3 damage
                                                          +1 Dexterity and Defense
     Shard of Release       1 lbs.       4000 coins       Cures Mind Control on
                                                          your entire party
     Spellshard             1 lbs.       2000 coins       Usable once per day
     Spider Silk Shirt      2 lbs.       1000 coins       Prevents 1-4 + 4 damage
                                                          +1 to Defense
                                                          +10% fire resistance
                                                          +5% less chance to be hit
     Spidersilk Tunic       2 lbs.       300 coins        Prevents 1-2 damage
                                                          +1 to Defense
                                                          +10% fire resistance
     Thinking Cap           1 lbs.       400 coins        Prevents 1-1 damage
                                                          +1 to Intelligence
     Ursagi Skin Armor      15 lbs.      400 coins        Prevents 1-6 + 3 damage
                                                          -10% attack penalty
                                                          +1 to HRD, NLO, -1 to INT
     Wyrmslayer             12 lbs.      2500 coins       5-30 damage
                                                          +25% damage to reptiles
                                                          +20% fire resistance
     6h. Xian Items
    These are items created by X and sent to the surface (most of them, at least)
    with the first Avernite spy team.  Unfortunately, most of that team died.  The
    items live on, however.  Not all of them are useful.  Most of them only serve
    to take up space.  However, they're very unusual and unique items, so I thought
    they deserved their own space.
    Xian Ale - This is found among the loot held by the ogre who's taken over the
    dryad's grove.  It will make your entire party inebriated (drunk) and once in
    a while, bless everyone as well, negating the negative effects.
    Xian Chain Mail - This is behind a cracked wall in the southeastern corner of
    the Upper Golem Factory.  You'll need Move Mountains to reach it.  It's strong,
    but it comes with several unmentioned negative stat effects.  Either store it
    somewhere or sell it, but don't try wearing it.
    Xian Coins - The reward for completing the quest Find Mundt.  They'll give you
    a few coins every now and then.
    Xian Pouch - In the Sacred Booty room in the Cavern of Giants, where you find
    the Barrier Tunnel map.  It will leak hazardous effects, mostly disease, slow,
    and paralysis.
    Xian Rock - Found in the Hermit's Hut in Midori province.  This is the same
    hermit who teaches the Ritual of Sanctification.  If used as a missile weapon,
    this rock automatically returns to the wielder.  It will also occasionally
    spawn regular rocks in your inventory.
    Xian Shrub - Found in the Sharimik storerooms.  It requires Unlock Doors at
    level 3 or a very high tool use.  It will basically cause plants to replicate
    in your inventory.
    Xian Slacks - This is in one of the giant villages in the Midori province,
    west of Dellston.  The slacks give a great bonus to luck, but a penalty to
    your base stats.
    Xian Skull - Found in an ogre circle in southeast Valorim.  Makes random
    messages pop up from time to time.
    Xian Tome - Found in the southwestern most room in the Tower of the Magi, in a
    desk.  This merely cycles through all the regular books of the game.  A fun
    diversion, especially the Tearing of the Bodice.  Yum.
    Xian Vest - In the very northeastern corner of Valorim is a man who will sell
    you this for 5000 coins.  You can kill him instead, but just pay him if you
    can.  The vest has high resistance, but some serious stat penalties.  Not worth
    the money, or the merchant's life.
     6i. Rare Item Locations
     6i-1. Weapons
    Assassin's Dagger - Found in the Giant's Cavern, in the Cave of Sacred Booty.
    Beastslayer - Made by Sulfas.  Must have the ritual from Khoth and the special
    metal from Athron.
    Black Halberd - Found on the lower level of the Remote Cavern.
    Blessed Bow - A reward for the quest, 'Retrieve Charm for Nephil.'  Can also be
    found on the lower level of the Remove Cavern in northwest Valorim.
    Blessed Crossbow - Found on a body in the Golem Factory, and in the Wyvern Pass
    Ruins in the Footracer province.
    Blessed Greatsword - Can be bought from Asp in Gale if you give him ten
    skribbane herbs.
    Blessed Longsword - Can be found either in the Anama treasure room in Shayder,
    or bought from Randall in Lorelei.
    Blessed Pike - Can be bought from Grunders in Shayder, or from Asp in Gale once
    you give him ten skribbane herbs.
    Blessed Short Sword - In the wolf pit, below the goblin and bandit lairs.  You
    need Move Mountains or a stoneshatter crystal to get to it.
    Blessed Spear - In Sulfas' Auxiliary Treasure Room.
    Bloodthirst Spear - Found in the Fading Tower in the Midori province.
    Dagger of Hate - This is cursed.  It's found in the Giant's Temple within the
    Giant's Cavern (who'da thunk it?).
    Demonslayer - In the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno, deep in the Vahnatai lands.
    Diamond Dagger - Erika's Tower, in the pillar room.  Guarded by an Ur-basilisk.
    Flaming Sword - Can be bought from Asp in Gale if you give him ten skribbane
    Fungoid Spine - Dropped by the Experimental Fungus in Erika's Tower.
    Fury Crossbow - Found in the lower level of the Pit of the Wyrm.  You have to
    have bought the location from Judith on Bigail Isle before you can enter.  The
    Pit is in Monoroe province, southwest of Greendale.
    Ghoulbane - In the troglo castle's treasure room, in the northeast corner of
    the map.
    Giantslayer - In the Giant's Forge, past some lava.
    Jade Halberd - Found in a cave north of Khoth's Lair in northwest Valorim.
    You must fight some Dark Wyrms for it.
    Justice Lance - Found in the Keep of Tinraya in the Footracer province.
    Mithril Blade - Give some Metal Lumps (special item) to Carmine in Lennus and
    give him 1000 coins.  Some time later (20-30 days) the sword will be complete.
    Obsidian Spear - In the home of the GIFTS, there's an altar.  Performing the
    Ritual of Sanctification will cause a Haakai to appear.  Kill it, and it will
    drop the spear.
    Radiant Slith Spear - Found in northern Upper Avernum, on the west bank of the
    north end of the river.  Requires a boat to reach.
    Serendipity Knife - Found in the northeast corner of Upper Avernum, by Erika's
    Tower.  You'll have to fight through some groups of ogres, wolves and Sliths.
    Shielding Spike - Can be bought from Asp in Gale if you give him ten skribbane
    Thirsting Blade - Under the Keep of Tinraya in the Footracer Province.
     6i-2. Armor
    Amber Shield - In the Chitrach Lair of Upper Avernum, south of New Formello.
    Archer's Cloak - In a pile of sacks in the Tower of the Magi.  You must complete
    Carrie's quest before you can find it.
    Blessed Buckler - On a beach north of Portal Fortress.  Requires a boat.
    Blessed Robe - In the lower level of the Giant's Cavern.
    Blessed Small Shield - In the Cavern of Giants, along the southwest shore.
    Requires a boat.
    Blessed Studded Armor - In the troglodyte treasury in the troglo castle.
    Boots of Speed - Not that rare, but some of the best boots you'll find.  They
    are dropped by the Master in the Monastery of Madness, in the Golem Control
    Spire, and are a reward from Petrie in Blackcrag Fortress for each Golem
    Diadem (dropped sometimes by Demon Golems) you bring him.
    Crafted Chain Mail - In the northwest corner of the goblin lair in Upper
    Avernum.  You'll need a boat to get it.
    Crystal Imbued Shield - Waiting on a body in the Crumbling Factory in Footracer
    Drakeskin Armor - Brantford, in the Tower of the Magi, sells this.
    Drakeskin Gloves - In the southeast part of Erika's Tower, behind a barrier with
    quickfire.  To get them out, use Dispel Barrier or a piercing crystal, pick them
    up, then run back to the secret passage.
    Field Plate Mail - Finish the quest, Hunt Goblins for Malloc.  Mrrr will give
    you this armor as a reward.
    Fungal Armor - Found in the Slime Pit.
    Gauntlets of Might - In a stone circle on one of the Lost Isles in southern
    Karnold.  You'll have to fight some basilisks to get them.
    Giant's Shield - This is cursed.  It's in the Troglodyte Altar.
    Icy Chain Mail - North of Bolton there's a Drake Lord behind a secret passage
    in a small mountain range.  He'll offer you a job to get rid of some drakes
    for him.  Accept and win the battle to receive this armor.
    Iridium Pants - In the Cult of the Sacred Item, the same room as the Orb of
    Mauling Leather - In the concealed tunnel, northwest corner of the map, blocked
    by laser beams.
    Mithril Chain Mail - Found in three places, so maybe it's not so rare, but it's
    strong and worth mentioning.  It's in the Anama treasury in the Anama temple of
    Shayder, in Erox of northwest Valorim, and finally in the Manara ruins in
    Footracer province.
    Mithril Woven Robe - In northeast Valorim there's a raised mountain pass that
    requires the Orb of Thralni to reach.
    Naturewalker's Torc - Around Valorim there are caches of items that look like
    patches of light soil.  This torc is in the last cache you open.  The order you
    open the caches doesn't matter, it will always be in the last one.
    Nimble Boots - A reward from Levy for wiping out the golem plague.
    Pachtar's Plate - On a body within the Inner Lair of Drakos, on the Isle of
    Pants of Power - Found with the Spidersilk Tunic in the Wolf Pit, and also
    in the Golem Control Spire of the Golem Factory.
    Pants of Sorrow - In the Cave of Sacred Booty, where you find the Barrier
    Tunnel map.
    Pilgrim's Cloak - In Point Contemplation, within a secret room.
    Polished Plate Mail - In the northeast part of the lower level of the Giant's
    Caverns.  You can also find this after wiping out the Church of Divine Lucre.
    Prismatic Mail - On a body in the lower level of the Golem Factory.
    Prismatic Torc - In the center of the Spiral Crypt, on the Isle of Bigail.
    Pyrrhic Gauntlets - In the Golem Control Spire of the Golem Factory.
    Radiant Robe - Found in the Slime Pit, behind a magically locked door.  This
    requires either Unlock Doors level 3 or an extremely high Tool Use.
    Red Scale Armor - In the Pit of the Wyrm, and in the lower level of the Lair
    of Drakos.
    Robe of Magery - Bojar in the Agate Tower drops this upon his death.
    Rogue's Leather - In the Tower of Zkal, first floor, southeast corner of
    the map.
    Ruby Helmet - In the Vila Ruins on the Isle of Maddok in the Monoroe province.
    You have to have learned about them from the Empire deserter in northwestern
    Valorim before you can pick it up.
    Shadow Leather - In the secret room of the Troglodyte Altar.  Guarded by a
    Spidersilk Tunic - In the Wolf Pit of Upper Avernum.  You need Move Mountains
    level 3 to get it.
    Thinking Cap - In the north crypt room in the Tomb of Vahkos, inside a coffin.
    Ursagi Skin Armor - When you fight Ursagi, they may drop this when killed.
    Wyrmskin Boots - On the southern tip of the Isle of Maddok you'll find some
    Nagas.  Kill them for these boots.
     6i-3. Jewelry
    Archer's Ring - In the Filth Factory on the Isle of Bigail.  Require Move
    Mountains to reach.
    Armor Ring - Dropped by Vahkohs upon his death, and also as a reward for
    completing the quest, 'Kill King Vothkaro.'
    Assassin's Band - In the Drake Cave of Karnold province, and dropped by the
    Roiling Mass in the Monastery of Madness.
    Assassination Charm - In the lower level of the Pit of the Wyrm.
    Barter Charm - In the Lair of Drakos of the Isle of Bigail.
    Basic Charm - Found under an anvil in the Colchis ruins after speaking to the
    ghost who tells you about it.
    Blademaster Charm - In the Defiled Crypt of northwest Valorim, in the northwest
    part of the map.
    Chieftain Charm - You can get this in the Wolfrider's Warren in Krizsan
    province.  You also get this from the innkeeper in Bavner for the quest,
    Retrieve Charm for Nephil, but you have to surrender it to complete the quest.
    Chill Charm - You get this from Levy after solving the troglo/giant plague.
    It's also dropped by a Haakai in the Remote Cavern's lower level.
    Clumsy Ring - Cursed.  On a body in the Lair of Ursagi.
    Crystal Charm - In Ahonar's bedroom in the Anama temple of Shayder.  It's also
    dropped by the Slith chief in the Golddale mines.
    Dexterity Charm - In the Spiral Crypt, inside a coffin, and in the Monastery
    of Madness.
    Dryad's Blessed Charm - After giving the Perfect Flower to the sad Dryad, follow
    her directions to get this charm.  It's in a rock in the southwest part of
    Midori province.  You can't get this item without learning about it first.
    Firewalker Band - The reward for ending the roach plague, gotten from Mayor
    Berthany in Shayder.
    Freedom Charm - On an island with a ruin in the northwest part of Karnold
    province.  You'll need the Orb of Thralni to reach it.
    Gymnastics Charm - On a body in the Lair of Ursagi.
    Hardiness Charm - In a dresser in Golddale.
    Harm Charm - Found in the Cave of Sacred Booty, in the lower level of the
    Cavern of Giants.
    Intelligence Bracelet - The mage with the Empire deserters in Calloc will
    drop this upon death.
    Intelligence Charm - You'll find this in the ruins of Dellskeep.
    Mage's Bracelet - A reward for the quest, Return Paolo's Package.  Also found
    in the Vahnatai Crypt.
    Magery Charm - Found in the Chasm of Screams, on a body in the southeast part
    of the map.
    Monkey Bracelet - In the lower level of the Cavern of Giants.
    Nature Lore Charm - In the goblin lair of Upper Avernum.  Requires a boat.
    Nimble Band - In Erika's Tower of Upper Avernum.
    Potion Making Charm - In the Execa ruins on the Isle of Maddok.
    Priest's Bracelet - In the Torria ruins on the Isle of Maddok, and in the Lair
    of Drakos on the Isle of Bigail.
    Quicksilver Ring - Cursed.  Dropped by Rakshasi in Erox.
    Rentar Charm - After completing the slime plague, talk to Rentar-Ihrno.
    Resistance Charm - On a body in the Drake Lair of the Remote Cavern.  You'll
    find it on your way out.
    Resistance Ring - In the troglodyte altar, and in the northwest corner of the
    Giant's Forge.
    Ring of Endless Magery - You must defeat the lich within the Tower of Zkal
    for this powerful ring.
    Ring of Grief - Outside, in west Upper Avernum.  You'll have to beat a shade
    for it.
    Ring of Idiocy - Cursed, and in Erika's Tower.
    Ring of Pure Focus - Cursed.  Dropped by a monk in the Monastery of Madness.
    Ring of Skill - The reward from Levy for completing the roach plague.  Also
    dropped by Vothkaro in the troglo castle.
    Shielding Charm - Dropped by the invading ogre in the Dryad's Grove.
    Sticky Charm - Cursed.  Also in the Chasm of Screams, near the center of the
    map.  You must examine the pedastal there, and the summoned Vile Imps will drop
    this charm.
    Strength Bracelet - In western Upper Avernum, within a Nephil village you'll
    have to raid.
    Strength Charm - In the Cult of the Sacred Items.
    Warrior's Bracelet - In the Auxiliary Treasure Room in the Sulfas' lair.
    Warrior's Ring - Outside the Isolated Inn of Midori province after resting.
     6i-4. Mind Crystals
    Battle Frenzy - In Sulfas' Lair.
    Call Beast - In New Cotra as a reward for telling Nance all about the surface.
    You'll find it in her home.
    Curing - Voltok in Squiggus sells this crystal.
    Divine Aid - You must examine a pedastal in the Chasm of Screams.  Doing so
    will summon an Efreet, which will drop this upon its death.
    Gymnastics - Sometimes dropped by Vahnavoi in the Defiled Crypt, and by the
    Crystal Soul in the Golem Control Spire.
    Magery - On a body in the Cave of Sacred Booty in the lower level of the Cavern
    of Giants, and in the Upper Golem Factory.  Sometimes dropped by Doomguards.
    Pathfinder - Dropped by the Crystal Soul in the Golem Control Spire.
    Regenerate - In the Concealed Tunnel, blocked by some lasers.
    Resistance - In the Upper Golem Factory, and the Crumbling Factory in the
    Footracer province.
    Restore Energy - Found in the Golem Factory, but requires Move Mountains at
    level 3 to reach.  Also found in the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno.
    Spirit Call - In the Northpoint Lighthouse, in a secret room and guarded by a
    Horrid Specter.  This is a quest item, however.  Sell it to Levy in Fort
    Emergence so you can buy two (or more) of them, then give one to Elspeth to
    complete her quest.
     6j. The Legendary Items
    The legendary items can be acquired at any time, providing you have the skill
    and the means of reaching them.  It's best to wait till after you've completed
    the third plague, only because at that point you will likely have the power and
    equipment necessary to survive the very powerful monsters that guard each item.
    Also note that the items can be found in any order you choose, but I'm listing
    them in the order I think is easiest to hardest.  If you want a particular item,
    just skip to that section.
     6j-1. Recipe for Knowledge Brew
    While getting the recipe itself isn't a daunting task, finding the dungeon is a
    bit of a hassle.  You must first go to Lorelei and speak with Winterhouse, the
    innkeeper of the Caring Cubbyhole and ask him about rumors he's heard.  He'll
    direct you to Randall, who will pass you off to Lyle, who will tell you about
    Foxfire.  Foxfire is a wandering minstrel who will move between Bengaro and
    Malloc depending on the day.  In Bengaro she'll be outside, and in Malloc she
    will be waiting at the inn.  You'll have to pay her 500 coins for the key to
    the Monastery of Madness, not to mention its location.  With both in hand, go
    to Storm Port in Karnold province.
    Take the boat there to Gebra, then leave town and go to the nearby dock.  On
    the new island, go south to another dock, then walk southeast.  On the south-
    easternmost point of the island is the Monastery of Madness.  Head in.
    The path splits soon after you enter, but it doesn't matter which way you go,
    you'll be ambushed by Mad Monks either way.  The best way to deal with them is
    Lightning Spray along with a healthy dose of melee combat.  Don't take these
    nuts too lightly, though.  They can attack up to twice per round and deal an
    upwards of 100 damage.
    Assuming you survive the onslaught, look around.  The first room along the west
    entry hall contains a bookshelf that will give your party a point of Gymnastics,
    and the southwest room has a secret passage leading to a spot outside the tower
    with a rune you should step on.  There's Mad Monks in odd spots around the
    first floor, along with some hilarious signs and rooms.  Check out everything,
    and when you reach the anvil room, step on the rune there.  In the northwest-
    most room, check along the north wall for another secret passage and the final
    rune.  Once you step on it, go to the pool in the courtyard to find some blessed
    plate mail, a fantastic suit of armor no matter how you slice it.  When you're
    done enjoying the first floor, traverse either staircase up to the second.
    The top level has less signs but more monks, along with Unshackle Minds at
    level 3 a Shard of Release, the recipe we're after, and a good deal of treasure.
    When you enter the top floor, circle around clockwise till you reach the
    southeast corner.  You'll find a cracked wall, and behind it are a few Vengeful
    Shades and a tome that will teach you Unshackle Minds.  Continue along, beating
    up Mad Monks and the two boss monks, one of which is flanked by a pair of
    Gorgons.  That boss is incredibly tough, so blessings and haste all around is
    Past all the kung-fu movie rejects is the library where you'll finally learn
    the recipe for Knowledge Brew.  Assuming you have the Potion Making skill for
    it, cook up as much as you can.  Save before each attempt in case you fail so
    you don't waste too many ingredients.  Even if you have the required POT skill,
    it's best to bump it up to 20 or more, so you have a higher rate of success.
    Hey, what do you care?  You're cooking up free skill points!  Woo-hoo!
    One thing before you leave: north of the library is a dueling room.  Only one
    person can enter, and they'll have to face three Mad Monks by their lonesome.
    Bless and haste whoever's going in.  Once you win, you can return and bring
    the rest of your party in.  Knock down the cracked wall for the disclaimers,
    and make sure to take the Boots of Speed that one of the monks will drop.  They
    may not have the greatest defense, but they give +1 to your action points when
    equipped, making them my favorite general-use boots.
    Once you've cleared out the Monastery, check out.  On the way back to Storm
    Port, you'll be ambushed by one last gasp of Mad Monks.  You can avoid this by
    using the Jewel of Return, but why bother?  Fiesty Slap of Pain!
     6j-2. Black Halberd
    This is the best halberd and arguably the best weapon in the game.  The Mithril
    Blade's bonus to AP makes it a contender as well.  Anyway, what you need to do
    is find Masok in Angel's Rest, which is east of Sharimik, just along the road.
    Masok will be waiting at the inn, and will sell you the map to the cave for a
    whopping 2000 coins.  Just like the recipe for Knowledge Brew, there is no way
    to reach this dungeon without it, because without paying Masok, it won't appear
    on the world map.
    Once you have the map in hand, go to Calloc.  From there, go far, far north,
    sticking to the west side of the mountain range till you spot a passage leading
    into a smaller mountain on your left.  This is the Remote Cavern, the holding
    place of the Black Halberd.
    In here, check along the north wall.  See the patch of white mushrooms?  Stand
    there, then walk south.  Keep on walking, straight through the stalagmites and
    to the next section.  Here, follow the path till you find a bunch of crates.
    What you need to do is get a crate back to the beginning and place it on the
    rune.  Without giving a step-by-step guide (that comes later) save often, and
    especially while you're shoving it across the pits.  At that part, try shoving
    the crate into the walls to get it to go where you want.  Don't be discouraged
    if you lose a crate or two, and perservere until you've got one on the rune.
    Once it's on there, check inside.  Take the passage stone and use it to unlock
    the door to the south.
    Check the Black Halberd map.  Notice how this section is flipped on its side.
    Well, here's how you get through it.  From the light-colored square at the
    beginning, go two squares south, two east, two south, one east, two south
    through the pillar, four steps west and two north into the pillar to be
    teleported to the next area.
    Here, there are seven runes and seven lights.  You need to have six lit.  To do
    this easily, step on the second rune from the right.  Or, if you need a quick
    L L L L L L L
    7 6 5 4 3 X 1
    ...where the L's are the lights and the numbers are the runes, step on the one
    marked as X.  Now, go to the southeast, through the secret door in between the
    stalagmites.  In this narrow passage, go north and check along the west wall
    for a secret passage.  Use Far Sight if needed.  When you find it, step on the
    stalagmite to be able to continue north.  Check the west wall farther north for
    the next section.  Here, there are three trapdoors leading down.  Two are fakes.
    You want the one in the middle.  See the Black Halberd map for details.
    The first level of this dungeon was composed of puzzles.  The second level is
    nothing but combat with the masters of this place, the Rakshasi.  If you've
    never dealt with them before now (I doubt it, but still) they're immune to all
    magic and love to summon monsters to trip you up.  Bless, haste and shield your
    party for best results.  The only spell worth using against them is Cloud of
    Blades, if you have it.  Since it's technically a physical attack, it will harm
    In any case, check around the rooms.  There will be Gazers and some Spawned
    Fungus, as well as a few Basilisks.  To the west you'll find a teleporter which
    you shouldn't use quite yet, and to the east, the long battle to the Black
    Halberd.  You'll have to fight through many Rakshasi, a Haakai, lizards and
    more fungus, but it's worth it.  Check the bookshelves for Repel Spirit level 3,
    focus on using melee against the Rakshasi, and just blast your way north and
    west.  When you reach the bedrooms, there will be four more Rakshasi waiting
    for you, and one more in the northwest room.  In that room, there is a secret
    passage along the west wall leading to the Black Halberd.  Before you can take
    it, however, you must fight through an ambush of Mutant Lizards and Spawned
    Fungus.  They're nothing after all the Rakshasa, though.
    The final room contains three chests, the middle of which has the weapon we
    came for.  Take it and the rest of your hard-won plunder, then go back to the
    portal I told you about.  Take it to arrive in a small cave with a few Drakes.
    Beat them up (careful of the lava) and drop down the high ledge to the east.
    Follow the path you end up on to exit the cave.
     6j-3. Pachtar's Plate
    The location of the Lair of Drakos can be found in the Gale library.  You'll
    have to buy the key from the Herb Seller for a whopping 5000 coins, and she'll
    only sell it after you've asked Nantier about the key.  Once you have the key,
    go through the back entrance to the library (accessible via a secret room from
    the south wall) and check the shelves for the location.  Now, go to the Isle
    of Bigail and enter Kuper, then take the boat to Kneece.  Leave Kneece and
    explore the island.  The Lair of Drakos is on the northeast tip, past a couple
    fights with some easily-defeated Fire Lizards.  Enter!
    You can't get into this place normally.  There are runes at every entrance
    that will force you back.  Enter via the west end and go south along the outer
    wall, then use Far Sight to spot a secret passage leading into the building.
    You'll have to circle around clockwise, and just like outside, you can't pass
    any of the runes on the floor.  There will be one point where there are three
    runes surrounded by lava and pillars.  At that point, hug the east wall and
    walk through the pillar blocking your way.
    Further on, four Efreets will appear to attack you, but they're small potatoes.
    Even further you'll have to beat down a couple of Ice Drakes with spells and
    missile weapons.  Past those (and a cloud of blades) are some Flame Hydras and
    a whole bunch of magical barriers you'll have to dispel.  Pull the lever to get
    past the pillars and be assaulted by a horde of Gorgons!  Joy, Forcecage-ing!
    Fireblast their asses and try not to let their Forcecage-whoring get to you.
    When these jokers are done for, notice the cracked spot along the north wall.
    Use Move Mountains to find a room full of cracked boulders and stalagmites.
    Blast them away, then check along the north wall for a secret passage.  Here,
    go to the east wall and check for another secret door.  DON'T ENTER THE PORTAL!
    Instead, go south and take the trapdoor down to the lower level.
    Here, go south till you see a path going west.  Follow it to a lava-filled
    chamber and battle an Efreet Pasha.  It will drop a Warmth Charm upon death.
    In a secret room just past him is a Reaminated Lizard, who drops some Red Scale
    Armor and guards a spellbook that'll teach you Arcane Shield at level 3.  Joy!
    Now then, go back to the intersection and head south.  If you have equipment
    that protects from petrification, equip it now, because you're heading into
    Basilisk country.  Use spells and missiles to kill them quickly so you won't
    have to run around and catch them.  Make sure to restore anyone that's been
    turned to stone, then continue.
    Make your way through the stalagmite maze here, and when the Skeletal Warriors
    appear, take them out with weaponry and Repel Spirit.  When it's safe, go north.
    You'll encounter the master of this place, Drakos.  Unfortunately, you'll also
    be teleported into a pit of lava.  If you have a high Pathfinder skill, this
    will only be an inconvenience.  Anyway, Drakos is off to the right, while a
    lesser Drake Consort will be to the left.  The latter isn't much stronger than
    a regular drake, despite its appearance.  Drakos isn't that difficult either
    compared to other monsters in the game, but she still has a wide range of magic
    at her disposal.  Consider her a wizard-type with more HP than normal.  A good
    beating will work just the same as with most monsters, so have at her.
    When the battle is over, search around the room for a bunch of gems and a Return
    Life spellshard.  In the northwest corner of the map is your prize: Pachtar's
    Plate, the strongest armor in the game.  Take it from Pachtar's body and leave.
    Use the portal I warned you about earlier to expedite your escape.
     6j-4. Fury Crossbow
    Before going after this item, you must buy the location of the Pit of the Wyrm
    from Judith, who wanders between Shayder and Bavner on the Isle of Bigail.
    Once that's done, the Pit of the Wyrm is in Monoroe province, northwest of Gale
    and southwest of Greendale, on the west side of the mountain range.  As the
    name may suggest, it's home to many, many Dark Wyrms, which are quite likely
    the most powerful regular monster in the game.  Make sure you come in to this
    Once inside, there's a Light spellshard in the building in the northwest corner
    of the map.  To the east, you'll have to fight through a throng of mutant
    giants.  They're stronger and tougher than regular giants, but have all the
    same weaknesses (everything!)  Further on are Abyssal Slimes, which are just
    the same as Doomguards in that they split when damaged.  Fortunately, they have
    much less HP and will die off faster than a Doomguard.  They still hit very
    hard, so don't underestimate them.
    Anyway, your goal should be to reach the south side of the map.  There's a
    secret passage there (use Far Sight if needed) which you should take.  You'll
    have to fall down a long drop that will take off over 100 HP, so make sure to
    heal up both before and after.  Follow the passage to a strange temple.  Further
    in you'll be ambushed by several Abyssal Slimes.  While one isn't too much of a
    problem, this many can be a handful.  Haste, bless everyone, and cast your
    strongest spells while slamming them with your best weapons.  You'll also have
    to deal with a Spectral Overpriest in the next room, but it's not as tough as
    all those damned slimes.
    Your reward for all this is the spell Mass Curing level 3, which you'll find on
    a bookshelf, and some Red Scale Armor.  After you're done collecting, enter the
    teleporter in the previous room.  You'll appear on another high ledge (yech)
    with even more Abyssal Slimes below (yarg!)  Fortunately, with these closed
    quarters, the slimes won't be able to divide as much.  What you want to do is
    find the stairs heading down, which are in the southeastern corner of the little
    maze you're now in.  There will be several slimes blocking your path, but since
    they can't split as often, they won't be much trouble.
    On the lower level, you'll run into more Abyssal Slimes, but these have the
    benefit of open space.  Deal with them as before, and continue along the path.
    Past more slimes, you'll run into your first Dark Wyrms of the dungeon.  These
    guys are bastards.  Their dark breath will snap off over 100 HP at a shot, and
    they can use it twice in a round.  Oh yes, did I mention they're immune to
    Arcane Blow?  Haste, bless, and cast Radiant Shield to protect yourself from
    their breath, then send your fighters to get close to them in order to keep
    them from using their breath weapon too often.  They're extremely powerful, but
    with perserverence you will succeed.
    Now then, assuming you survive, continue on.  Just past the stairs, some Spine
    Beasts will ambush you from behind, but they're nothing compared to Dark Wyrms.
    There are more of said Wyrms further on, then another bout with some slimes.
    Past those slimes will be your toughest battle yet.
    Picture this: a horde of Dark Wyrms and Unholy Wyrms (the Dark's nastier cousin)
    and they're all gunning for you.  So then.  Haste.  Bless.  Shield.  Use Capture
    Soul to take a Dark and/or Unholy Wyrm, then Simulacrum to unleash it on your
    enemies.  Divine Restoration is nice, because it will give you bonus HP that
    will very likely keep you alive a round or two longer.  Fight hard, you're
    almost to the end.
    Again assuming you're still alive, head to the center of the map.  The slimes
    here are of the mung variety, not too dangerous.  Search the bodies for some
    decent swag, then inspect the southeast walls for a secret passage.  Again, use
    Far Sight if needed.  Follow the tunnel all the way to a crypt.  The door at
    the end is what you came for.  The room there contains a lever, which you
    should pull.  Return to the center of the map (with all the bodies).  South of
    there is a building to the west.  The lever you pulled opened a wall on the
    west end of it.
    Inside, go through the first chamber by stepping on the sort of three-leaf
    clover pattern tiles.  Don't step on the starburst tiles, or the fire in the
    middle of the room will damage you.  In the following room is the treasure you
    seek: the Fury Crossbow.  Take it.  Also pull the lever here to escape the 
    crypt.  Unfortunately, the tiles have changed in the previous room, so you'll
    have to suffer some damage on your way out.  Not only that, but Spine Beasts
    and even more Dark Wyrms have surrounded this place!  There's only two Wyrms,
    so you should be able to handle them.
    Once all the monsters are dead, head back to the center of the map.  On the way
    you'll spot a staircase heading up.  It's a shortcut back to the upper level,
    so climb away and leave this place.  Congratulations, you now have the most
    powerful crossbow in the game.
     6j-5. Ring of Endless Magery
    Just like every other legendary item, you must first learn the location from
    someone before it will appear on the world map.  In this case, you must find a
    wizard who travels between Krizsan and Delan.  In Krizsan he'll be in a small
    building along the east side of the city, and in Delan you'll find him in one
    of the inn's rooms.  Buy the location of the ring for 2500 coins.  The Tower of
    Zkal is on the Isle of Maddok.  To get there, go to Gale.  If you haven't
    already, speak with Mrurr in the area of the docks and buy his boat to reach the
    island.  The Tower of Zkal is on the southern end of the island, on the west
    side.  Stop by Torria if you haven't previously and pick up Smite level 3 from
    the ruined building in the northeast corner of the map.
    As for the tower itself, before you go in, make sure you have a ton of Energy
    Elixirs.  I'm not kidding, load yourself down with elixirs, because this tower
    will constantly sap your SP.  It's also full of undead, so it's best if each
    spellcaster in your party knows how to cast Repel Spirit at level 3.  It's best
    if you go and buy a bunch of crystals that serve as replacements for various
    mage spells, like stoneshatter and piercing crystals.  Scrolls are also useful.
    The first thing to keep in mind is that the first floor of the tower is a damned
    maze designed to drain your SP and weaken you for the undead guardians.  Use
    Far Sight and Move Mountains on occasion, because there will be cracked walls
    protecting shortcuts.  So, first head to the northeast corner of the map.
    There's a tiny secret room with a lever that will open the porticullis to the
    east.  Past that, search the southeast wall for a secret passage.  Follow it
    till you get to a small garden.  Along the north wall is another secret passage.
    From there, head to the northwest corner of the map, but watch the undead
    spawning platforms.  West of the northern spawner, along the south wall, will be
    another secret passage.  This one leads to a portal.  Hop in.
    Don't take the south portal, it leads back where you started.  Don't take the
    other portal either, because it only sends you back to the beginning.  Instead,
    clear out the undead and dispel that little barrier blocking a tiny corridor,
    along which there is a secret door leading to another room with more undead and
    another teleporter.  If you want the spell Summon Aid at level 3, use the
    following instructions.  Otherwise, skip to the next paragraph.  Step through
    the teleporter here.  You'll be dumped in a room with a bunch of Skeletal
    Warriors, but that's okay, they're not that tough.  When they're dead, examine
    the northeast statue.  Move it, then leave the room.  You'll be faced with a
    number of intersections.  Pass the first two, then go north and west, then check
    along a two-square wall to the south for yet another secret passage.  Go through
    the portal here, then make your way back north to the room with the statue,
    except you'll end up near a pedastal that will teach you Summon Aid at level 3. 
    It won't do it at first, though.  You'll be drained the first two times you make
    the attempt, but at the third try you'll have the spell.  Now you will,
    unfortunately, have to make your way all the way back to the teleporter that
    takes you to the statue room to proceed.
    Whether or not you went for the spell, there's a secret door along the north
    wall near the teleporter to the statue room.  In here you'll find the real
    teleporter.  From where you end up, check the north wall for a secret passage.
    Fight past some undead to reach a trapdoor to the lower level.  Finally!
    Now then, you'll want to make your way past the undead to the south end of this
    area.  From here, use Far Sight and check along the tiny tunnels for a secret
    passage leading to a teleporter.  Go through.  In the room you end up, watch
    the patch of mushrooms on the ground.  Enter the northeast portal.  Go through
    the same portal again.  Now take a journey into the southeast portal, then the
    northeast portal once more.  Ah, now we're getting somewhere.
    There are lasers barring your path, and these won't let you walk through with
    just minor burns like the ones in the golem factory.  The best way to pass is
    to go into combat mode and haste your party.  There's a 'safe' room along the
    east wall, no secret doors required.  In here, save.  Now break down the cracked
    wall here by whatever means.  There are basilisks here, and they basically get
    a free shot at stoning you, which is why you saved.  If you don't survive,
    reload.  Anyway, kill the two lizards and note the mirrors.  Position the
    horizontal mirror in front of one of the lasers, then use the vertical one to
    break the others.  Stepping on the runes triggers the lasers.  Remember to save
    before you try anything, just in case the mirror ends up out of reach.  The
    lasers will go down after several turns, but it's still damaging.
    Now then, go north.  To the east will be some Hraithes, which you should kill.
    North from them is another laser puzzle.  Unfortunately, you need to blow them
    up as well.  Go back and retrieve the mirrors from the previous laser room and
    use them to cause more reflective destruction.  Remember that you can move the
    mirrors diagonally and shove them against solid objects to make them move in
    odd ways, often to your advantage.  Note the power sources near the lasers.
    You can move through them diagonally to reach the lever in the back of the room,
    so don't go nuts with the laser killing, just blow up enough to reach that
    lever.  It will open the closed porticullis and allow you to battle the tower's
    Zkal is little more than a souped-up Lich with more HP and spells.  The only
    snag in this little operation is he's got barriers set up protecting the stairs
    leading to him, so you won't have an easy time of reaching him for melee combat.
    Still, you can use Repel Spirit and do quite a bit of damage from afar.  Don't
    bother with other magic, he's incredibly resistant, and it'll just waste your
    precious SP.  Haste and dispel the barriers as soon as possible, all the while
    taking care of Zkal's little underlings, and keep pounding him with Repel
    Spirit.  It's entirely possible you'll kill him off with that one spell and
    never even get a chance to delve into melee with him.  All in all, a very
    underwhelming boss for such an annoying and difficult dungeon.
    Now then, time for treasure!  The spellbook where Zkal was will teach Spray Acid
    at level 3.  The lever opens his treasure room, which you passed on the way in.
    You'll find a good lot of swag, along with the true prize: the Ring of Endless
    Magery.  This powerful ring will boost Magery and protect from damage, and will
    even restore a good portion of SP once per day!  With the ring in hand, make
    your way back to the upper level and use the portal I told you about earlier to
    be warped out of the tower and back to civilization.
     7.  Magic
    Magic is somewhat essential in Avernum.  You can only go so far before you have
    to rely on the arcane energies available to you.  Whether it's to bust up an
    ambush or light up your path, magic can be a great help to you.  The spells
    are listed by name and the required level of mage spells you'll need to cast it.
    The level 2 version of spells are available from various teachers around the
    game.  Just ask the local wizard in each town to see if he can instruct you.
    The level 3 versions, however, are all hidden away in dungeons, locked behind
    doors, or otherwise not in plain sight.  You'll have to hunt high and low for
    those...or read my lists.
     7a. Spell List
     7a-1. Mage Spells
    Bolt of Fire (1) - You start with this spell.  It casts a fireball at a single
    Light (1) - You start with this spell.  It will illuminate dark areas.
    Call Beast (2) - You start with this spell if you have at least two levels of
    mage spell skill.  It summons a single monster to your aid.
    Spray Acid (2) - You start with this spell if you have at least two levels of
    mage spell skill.  This will drench an enemy in acid, causing damage over time.
    It's useful against enemy wizards and other monsters who are resistant or
    immune to direct-damage spells.
    Haste (3) - You start with this spell if you have at least three levels of
    mage spell skill.  This will speed up a single character, letting them act
    faster and move farther in battle.  At level 3, this will haste your entire
    Slow (3) - You start with this spell if you have at least three levels of
    mage spell skill.  The anti-haste.  Slow down your enemies.  More often than
    not, though, it'll be cast on you.
    Ice Lances (5) - You start with this spell if you have at least five levels of
    mage spell skill.  A much better combat spell than Bolt of Fire, you can target
    multiple enemies with this.
    Unlock Doors (5) - You start with this spell if you have at least five levels of
    mage spell skill.  If you run up against a lock you can't pick, cast this spell
    to open stubborn or otherwise magically locked doors.
    Create Illusions (6) - If you've seen Naruto, think of this spell as a bunshin
    jutsu.  Otherwise, this creates a horde of monsters that are nothing more than
    illusions.  They can hurt the enemy, but disappear after taking a single hit.
    Far Sight (6) - A very useful spell, it will reveal unexplored portions of your
    map.  With this, you can more easily check around for hidden passages.
    Lightning Spray (8) - A further improvement on direct damage spells, this is
    the best magic you'll get in terms of SP cost versus damage dealt.
    Capture Soul (9) - An intriguing magic.  Once you have a soul crystal, you can
    use this spell to capture up to four monsters within it and then use Simulacrum
    at a later time to make a copy of that monster to fight for you.
    Simulacrum (9) - The companion spell to Capture Soul.  This will duplicate a
    monster trapped in your soul crystal.
    Dispel Barrier (9) - Probably the most useful spell in the game.  There are
    many magical barriers that will damage or flat-out block your path.  This spell
    gets rid of them.
    Summon Aid (9) - Another summoning spell.  This version will bring forth several
    monsters at once.
    Forcecage (11) - Flat-out stops an enemy from doing anything for a few turns.
    However, while an enemy can't attack you, you can't hurt it.
    Fireblast (13) - Another direct-damage spell, the SP cost is high, but the
    power of this spell is incredible, even at low levels.
    Arcane Summon (16) - Now we get into the most powerful trio of magic.  This
    summoning spell brings out a single ultra-powerful creature.  However, by the
    time you get this spell you'll likely have a similar monster in your soul
    Arcane Shield (17) - While this bestows a lot of positive buffs to a single
    character, it only protects one person.  There are better priest spells for
    this purpose.
    Arcane Blow (18) - The most powerful direct-damage spell, it's also the most
    expensive, both in terms of gold required to learn it and spell points needed
    to cast it.  It's only useful when you learn it at level 3, because at that
    point it's able to cause an upwards of 200 damage.  Until then, Fireblast or
    Lightning Spray is the better choice.
     7a-2. Priest Spells
    Healing (1) - You start with this spell if you have at least one level of
    priest spell skill.  Your basic healing magic, it will restore some HP to
    one person.
    Curing (1) - You start with this spell if you have at least one level of
    priest spell skill.  This will remove such negative status effects as poison
    at the first level, then acid and disease at higher levels.
    War Blessing (1) - You start with this spell if you have at least one level of
    priest spell skill.  This will increase the chance to-hit for a person, and
    provide some physical protection.
    Terror (1) - You start with this spell if you have at least one level of
    priest spell skill.  This spell will make an enemy run away from you.
    Considering it will only work on weak enemies, you won't use this unless the
    rest of your party is dead and your priest is surrounded.
    Repel Spirit (3) - You start with this spell if you have at least three levels
    of priest spell skill.  This will do a lot of damage to undead.  Very useful
    early on.
    Smite (4) - You start with this spell if you have at least four levels of
    priest spell skill.  While it says it fires ice bolts, it will damage enemies
    who are otherwise immune to ice.  At higher levels, you'll be able to target
    multiple enemies.
    Summon Shade (5) - You start with this spell if you have at least five levels
    of priest spell skill.  It will summon a ghost monster to fight for you.
    Safe Travel (5) - You start with this spell if you have at least five levels
    of priest spell skill.  Swamps poisoning you?  Lava boiling you alive?  Cast
    this spell and you'll be able to walk across hazardous terrain safely.
    Unshackle Mind (6) - You start with this spell if you have at least six levels
    of priest spell skill.  On occasion your party will be assaulted by various
    negative mental buffs like confusion or fear.  This spell will cure them.
    Move Mountains (6) - While you won't actually move mountains, this spell will
    destroy weakened walls and rocks blocking your path.  It's often the only way
    to enter a secret room.
    Mass Healing (6) - Just like the name suggests, this will let you heal your
    entire party at once.  Once you get it, you'll wonder how you ever survived
    without it.
    Mass Curing (6) - Yep, you guessed it, this will cure your entire party.  It
    helps a lot when traversing swamps.
    Radiant Shield (8) - A defensive spell, it will buff your entire party with
    magic resistance.  At higher levels it will grant more buffs.
    Divine Fire (10) - The best direct-damage priest spell in terms of damage
    versus SP cost.
    Control Foes (10) - Occasionally enemies will confuse or charm you.  This spell
    lets you charm them.  Fun.
    Cloud of Blades (11) - An indirect damage spell, this will create a field of
    blades around an enemy.  Be careful, though, because those blades can hurt you
    as well.
    Return Life (12) - Party member got slaughtered?  No problem!  You'll need the
    Balm of Life item to cast this spell.  At higher levels it can even return a
    dusted party member.
    Divine Retribution (16) - This spell will do incredible damage to multiple
    enemies, but it can't hurt undead.  Like Arcane Blow, it's only useful when it
    reaches level 3, otherwise it's a waste of SP.
    Divine Restoration (17) - The most powerful healing magic.  While it only
    targets one person, it can cure every negative status effect and heal them past
    their normal maximum HP.
    Divine Host (18) - The requisite summoning spell.  This will call forth a good
    number of powerful ghost-type monsters to be meat shields for you.
     7b. Level 3 Spells
    The level 3 spells are quite well-hidden, some more than others.  A level 3
    spell will be much more effective overall than levels 1 or 2.  Keep in mind
    you must know a given spell at levels 1 or 2 before you can learn it at level 3.
    In other words, you can't go from not knowing a spell at all to knowing it at
    its highest level.
     7b-1. Mage Spells
    Bolt of Fire - In the Shayder sewers, behind a closed-off room.  Requires
    the Move Mountains spell to access.
    Light - Inspect the bookshelves in the library to find a strange scroll.  Talk
    to Walner and ask him about it to learn how to decode it.
    Call Beast - In the Lair of the Ursagi, dropped by an Icy Drake.
    Spray Acid - In the lower level of the Tower of Zkal.
    Haste - In a regular book right next to Erika in her tower.  Just take every
    book in the room and check for the right one.
    Slow - Complete Arion's quest in the Inn of Blades.  The spellbook is in a
    dresser in his room if you need to learn it again.  You can also learn it from
    a book in Hawke's Manse.
    Ice Lances - Finish off the slime plague, then talk to Solberg to learn this.
    Unlock Doors - In the House on the Hill, in the mountains east of Softport.
    It's behind barriers and requires some method of dispelling them, either by
    spell or crystal.
    Create Illusions - In the house across from the inn in Erox.  When you check
    the spellbook, some Raksashi will appear and attack you.
    Far Sight - In Sharimik's library.  You must first complete Starcap's quest by
    finding Zang.  Afterwards he'll tell you about the location of the spell.
    Lightning Spray - Get this from Solberg for wiping out the roach plague.  Can
    also be learned from a book in Hawke's Manse.
    Capture Soul - Found in Ghikra.  You must use the boat from New Cotra to sail
    into Ghikra through the west entrance via the lake.  You require the Dispel
    Barrier spell or a piercing crystal.  You can also learn it from a book in 
    Hawke's Manse.
    Simulacrum - It's in Ghikra, in the exact same place as Capture Soul.
    Dispel Barrier - Acquired from a book in Ernest's house.  Talk to him first to
    learn about the book's whereabouts, then take it.  Warning!  Stealing this book
    will cause Ernest to send you into a drake's cave the next time you use one of
    his teleporters.  This is a one-time event, however.
    Summon Aid - You must check a pillar three times in the in the middle of the
    first floor in the Tower of Zkal.  The first two times will drain your SP,
    while the third will reveal the spell.
    Forcecage - In the Agate Tower's lower level, in a secret room in the southwest
    Fireblast - Learned from X for solving the troglo/giant plague.
    Arcane Summon - Khoth will teach you this spell, but only once you've gained
    access to the Footracer province.
    Arcane Shield - At the northern end of the Lair of Drakos.  It's guarded by a
    Reanimated Lizard.
    Arcane Blow - X will teach you this for finishing off the golem plague.
     7b-2. Priest Spells
    Healing - You must first finish the quest, Destroy Undead for Stormport.  After
    killing Vahkohs, talk to the mayor in Storm Port, then Dana.  She'll reveal the
    location of the book.
    Curing - On the first floor of the Anama temple in Shayder.  Also available
    from the first stone circle you visit.
    War Blessing - Learned from the second stone circle visited.
    Terror - In the Tomb of Vahkos, there's a tomb in the treasure room that teaches
    this spell.
    Repel Spirit - On the east end of the Remote Cavern, this spell is waiting on a
    bookshelf there.
    Smite - In the Torria ruins.  You'll find it in the northeast building, behind
    some barriers.  You'll need Dispel Barrier or a piercing crystal.
    Summon Shade - Near the center of the map in the Chasm of Screams, this spell
    waits on a pedastal.
    Safe Travel - In the back room of Erika's Tower.  Only accessible through the
    rear entrance of the tower.  Also in the room where you find the Vahnatai
    Unshackle Mind - This one is in a book on the upper level of the Monastery of
    Move Mountains - You'll find this on a bookshelf in the Gale library, or from
    the third stone circle you visit.
    Mass Healing - In the northeast corner of the lower level of the Giant's
    Mass Curing - In the southeast corner of the Pit of the Wyrm's upper level.
    Radiant Shield - The Defiled Crypt, in northwest Valorim.  You'll need to
    knock down some cracked walls with Move Mountains or a stoneshatter crystal.
    Divine Fire - In Squiggus, there's a large room that's only accessible via a
    secret door along the north side.  Inside there's a chest.  Searching it will
    cause some gremlins and other monsters to spawn, but once they're all dead,
    search the box again for the spell.  You can also learn it from the Anama
    library in Shayder, or from the fourth stone circle you visit.
    Control Foes - In the lower level below the troglo castle, in the northwest
    corner of the map.
    Cloud of Blades - This one is in Blackcrag Fortress itself, at the northernmost
    point of Valorim.
    Return Life - Learned in the Lorelei Library, but you must first finish off
    the troblo/giant plague.
    Divine Retribution - In a secret room in the center of the Spiral Crypt.
    Divine Restoration - You can either learn this from the Anama library in Shayder
    or, if you have a horn, take it far to the northeast of Valorim.  There's a
    small piece of land jutting out.  Take the horn there to fight two huge battles.
    After you've won, you'll learn this spell.
    Divine Host - You can learn this from the fifth and last stone circle you visit.
    You'll also learn it from the Moon library if you complete Cerulian's quest.
     8.  Quests
     8a. Main Quests
     1 - Go see Anaximander
     Where to Get:  Fort Emergence
     How to Complete:  Simple.  Talk to Anaximander in Fort Emergence.
     Reward:  Nothing.
     2 - Go Up To the Surface
     Where to Get:  Anaximander in Fort Emergence
     How to Complete:  Go to the surface and take the quest to destroy the slimes,
                       then report back to Anaximander about it.
     Reward:  Nothing
     3 - Destroy the Slimes
     Where to Get:  Mayor Arbuckle in Krizsan
     How to Complete:  Follow the walkthrough to find the slime pit and destroy it.
                       Return to Arbuckle for your reward.
     Reward:  500 XP and 1500 coins.  +4 to your reputation.
     4 - Investigate New Formello Murders
     Where to Get:  Anaximander in Fort Emergence
     How to Complete:  The murder cave is north of New Formello.  Go through to the
                       end to find a key.  Report back to Anaximander.
     Reward:  Nothing.
     5 - Eliminate the Cockroach Infestation
     Where to Get:  Mayor Bernathy in Shayder
     How to Complete:  Follow the walkthrough to find the Filth Factory and destroy
                       it.  Return to Bernathy for the reward.
     Reward:  300 XP.  +4 to your reputation.  Fireband Ring.
     6 - Destroy Troglo/Giant Barrier
     Where to Get:  Solve the quest 'Slay Elhioc'
     How to Complete:  Get the map that leads to the Concealed Tunnel from the
                       giants.  Power the teleporter, then either kill the Doomguard
                       or just smash the crystal to bring down the barrier.
     Reward:  Nothing
     7 - Eliminate the Golems
     Where to Get:  General Baziron in Tevrono
     How to Complete:  Destroy the four Golem Control Spires, then assault the
                       Golem Factory and smash the crystal controlling it all.
     Reward:  300 XP and 300 coins.  +4 to your reputation and you can now ask
              Baziron about training.  He will tell you about Tenuta, who will teach
              you the Parry skill for 5600 coins per point per person.
     8 - Deliver Prazac's Message
     Where to Get:  Empress Prazac in Blackcrag Fortress
     How to Complete:  Take the message to Anaximander in Fort Emergence.
     Reward:  The quest 'Deliver Message to Prazac'
     9 - Deliver Message to Prazac
     Where to Get:  Anaximander upon completion of the quest 'Deliver Prazac's
     How to Complete:  Take the message to Empress Prazac in Blackcrag Fortress.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation.  You now have permission to enter
              Footracer province.
     8b. Side Quests
     8b-1. Upper Avernum
     1 - Find Lost Papers
     Where to Get:  Thereza in Fort Emergence
     How to Complete:  Northwest of the fort there's an area covered in stalagmites.
                       There's a secret passage leading to the body with the papers.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +2 to your reputation.
     2 - Kill Bandit Leader
     Where to Get:  Commander Johnson in Fort Emergence
     How to Complete:  Kill the bandit leader in the bandit lair to the north.
     Reward:  150 XP and 100 gold.  +1 to your reputation.
     3 - Return Koriba's Statue
     Where to Get:  Koriba in Ghikra
     How to Complete:  The statue is in the bandit's lair.  There's a hidden
                       staircase in the wolf pens that leads up to it.
     Reward:  Soul Crystal
     4 - Info on Slimes for Rentar-Ihrno
     Where to Get:  Rentar-Ihrno in Ghikra
     How to Complete:  Find the rune in the Slime Pit.
     Reward:  250 XP and Rentar's Charm.
     5 - Find Denise's Amulet
     Where to Get:  Denise in Portal Fortress
     How to Complete:  Her amulet is behind the dresser in her room, in the Tower
                       of the Magi.
     Reward:  200 XP and a Forcecage scroll.
     6 - Get Research Books
     Where to Get:  Walner in Portal Fortress
     How to Complete:  Just find research books anywhere and bring them back to him.
     Reward:  20 XP and 40 coins per book.
     6 - Find Hmurrr's Cows
     Where to Get:  New Cotra
     How to Complete:  The cows are wandering around the forest north of Portal
                       Fortress, across the river.
     Reward:  200 XP and some food.
     7 - Kill Ice Pudding
     Where to Get:  Crisper in New Cotra
     How to Complete:  The ice pudding is in a small tunnel north of Portal
                       Fortress.  Just search along the west walls to find it.
     Reward:  200 XP and 300 coins.  +1 to your reputation.
     8 - Help Out Sliths
     Where to Get:  Ahsoth in New Formello
     How to Complete:  First talk to Commander Ace.  He's wandering around, so it
                       might be hard to find him.  He will tell you to destroy the
                       chitrachs south of the city.  Do so (I warn you, it's tough)
                       and return to Ace.
     Reward:  300 XP.  +3 to your reputation.  Talk to Hsska with three or fewer
              party members to have him join you.
     9 - Read Vahnatai Notes
     Where to Get: Mahdavi in the Tower of the Magi
     How to Complete:  Ask Erika about the notes once you can enter her tower.  The
                       notes are in a back room only accessible through the rear
     Reward:  200 XP.  +2 to Vahnatai Lore.
     10 - Recover Lab Notes
     Where to Get:  Carrie in the Tower of the Magi
     How to Complete:  The wight with the notes is in the creature lab.  Kill it.
     Reward:  200 XP and the location of some magical armor.
     11 - Recover Orb of Thralni
     Where to Get:  Anaximander in Fort Emergence, after the roach plague is ended.
     How to Complete:  Talk with Seles to go to where the thieves teleported.  Go
                       to their tower and recover the orb.
     Reward:  500 XP and the Orb of Thralni
     8b-2. Krizsan Province
     1 - Find Dominique
     Where to Get:  Benedict in Krizsan
     How to Complete:  Dominique is in New Formello.  Talk to her, then return to
                       Benedict to get your reward.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +1 to your reputation.  One healing and haste potion, and
              some knowledge brew.
     2 - Find Fellows' Ring
     Where to Get:  Fellows in Krizsan
     How to Complete:  Give him any gold ring.
     Reward:  100 XP and a lucky charm.
     3 - Get Metal Lumps
     Where to Get:  Arion in the Inn of Blades
     How to Complete:  The trees in the diamond shape are north and slightly east
                       of the Inn.  The metal lumps are on a hill due north.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +1 to your reputation.  Slow spell level 3.
     4 - Free Illyee
     Where to Get:  Guhkbar's Pit
     How to Complete:  Either slay Guhkbar or free Illyee with the key.
     Reward:  250 XP either way.  200 coins if you kill Guhkbar yourself.
     5 - Return Paolo's Package
     Where to Get:  Paulo in Pergies
     How to Complete:  Enter the locked room in the Delis inn by way of the secret
                       passage.  You'll need Dispel Barriers or a piercing crystal.
                       Warning: if you take the package, you'll make the entire
                       town angry at you!
     Reward:  200 XP and a Mage's Bracelet.
     6 - Bring Dryad Something Beautiful
     Where to Get:  Northwest of Ernest's Hut is the dryad's grove
     How to Complete:  There's a Perfect Flower in a mountain pass in Karnold
                       Province, north of Libras.
     Reward:  250 XP and the location of the Dryad's Blessed Charm.
     7 - Kill Roaches for Nell
     Where to Get:  Nell in Farport
     How to Complete:  Her house is in the southeast corner of town.  Just kill all
                       the roaches, then return to her for the reward.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +1 to Arcane Lore.
     8 - Deliver Note to Northern Hut
     Where to Get:  The Hermit's Hut on the south side of the mountain range,
                    northeast of the Inn of Blades.
     How to Complete:  Take it to the Hermit Hut on the north side of the mountains.
     Reward:  40 coins.
     9 - Deliver Note to Southern Hut
     Where to Get:  The north Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 8.
     How to Complete:  Take the note back to the southern hut.
     Reward:  50 coins
     10 - Deliver Note to Northern Hut (part 2)
     Where to Get:  The south Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 9
     How to Complete:  Take it to the Hermit Hut on the north side of the mountains.
     Reward:  60 coins.
     11 - Deliver Note to Southern Hut (part 2)
     Where to Get:  The north Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 10.
     How to Complete:  Take the note back to the southern hut.
     Reward:  70 coins
     12 - Deliver Note to Northern Hut (part 3)
     Where to Get:  The south Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 11
     How to Complete:  Take it to the Hermit Hut on the north side of the mountains.
     Reward:  80 coins.
     13 - Deliver Note to Southern Hut (part 3)
     Where to Get:  The north Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 12.
     How to Complete:  Take the note back to the southern hut.
     Reward:  90 coins
     14 - Deliver Note to Northern Hut (part 4)
     Where to Get:  The south Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 13
     How to Complete:  Take it to the Hermit Hut on the north side of the mountains.
     Reward:  100 coins.
     15 - Deliver Note to Southern Hut (part 4)
     Where to Get:  The north Hermit Hut upon completion of quest 14.
     How to Complete:  Take the note back to the southern hut.
     Reward:  100 XP and 110 coins.
     8b-3. Isle of Bigail
     1 - Graymold Salve for Jed
     Where to Get:  Jed in Shayder
     How to Complete:  Any graymold salve will do.  If you have potion-making at
                       level 5 and the proper recipe and ingredients, you can make
                       your own.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation.  You can now find Meena in the Anama
                       temple and have her train you in Pathfinder.
     2 - Deliver Package to Lorelei
     Where to Get:  Irvine in Shayder
     How to Complete:  First buy booze from the innkeeper to get an 'in' with
                       Irvine.  The package is south in a tiny room.  To deliver
                       it to Lorelei without incident, use a secret crossing west
                       of Lorelei to take you past the checkpoint.  An easier
                       method is to use Ernest's teleporter.
     Reward:  250 XP and 1000 coins.  You can also now join the Thieves' Guild.
     3 - Find Grunders's Ring
     Where to Get:  Grunders in Shayder.  Must have Anama rings, real or otherwise.
     How to Complete:  The ring is along the north ledge in the sewers, and requires
                       a boat and a point or two in Luck to find.
     Reward:  200 XP and 500 coins.  +1 to your reputation.
     4 - Retrieve Charm for Nephil
     Where to Get:  Nephil east of Bavner
     How to Complete:  The innkeeper is in the northwest building in Bavner.
     Reward:  200 XP and a blessed bow.
     5 - Visit Point Contemplation
     Where to Get:  Mother Loomis in Bavner
     How to Complete:  Point Contemplation is south of Shayder.  Look around inside.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation.
     6 - Find Mundt
     Where to Get:  Mother Melamed in Kuper
     How to Complete:  Mundt is in Lorelei.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +1 to your reputation and the Xian coin.
     7 - Find Curing Potion
     Where to Get:  Anama priests wandering the road on the north end of Bigail
     How to Complete:  Just sell them any healing potion
     Reward:  200 XP and 50 coins.  +1 to your reputation.
     8 - Find Elspeth's Crystal
     Where to Get:  Elspeth in the Southpoint Lighthouse
     How to Complete:  The crystal is guarded by a horrid specter in the northpoint
                       lighthouse, in a secret room along the west outside wall.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation and several useful crystals.
     9 - Help Some Spiders
     Where to Get:  The chief spider in the GIFTS cave
     How to Complete:  Go to the stone circle due northwest of the spider cave.
     Reward:  The location of the friendly roaches.
     10 - Clear Out Odd Dungeon
     Where to Get:  Mayor Yale in Marish
     How to Complete:  Wipe out the undead in the Chasm of Screams, north of Marish.
     Reward:  +1 to your reputation and a blessed steel helmet.
     11 - Dispose of Marish Brigands
     Where to Get:  Mayor Yale in Marish, upon completion of quest 10.
     How to Complete:  There's a band of rebels along the west coast, hiding behind
                       the mountains northwest of Marish.  You'll have to kill them.
     Reward:  -2 to your reputation and a Flaming Sword
     8b-4. Karnold Province
     1 - Hunt Ogres Near Bolton
     Where to Get:  Voster in Bolton
     How to Complete:  The ogres are wandering around outside Bolton.  Kill them.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation and an iron greatsword
     2 - Libras Courier Job
     Where to Get:  Mervin in Libras
     How to Complete:  Just buy some Fine Clothes from Mervin or other merchants
                       and sell them in Squiggus to the north.  Then buy Savory
                       Herbs and take them back to Mervin.  Simple.
     Reward:  100 coins for each bundle of goods.
     3 - Destroy Undead for Stormport
     Where to Get:  Runkle in Stormport
     How to Complete:  Far north of Stormport, across the river, is a tower full
                       of undead.  Destroy them all.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation.  Talk to Dana afterwards to learn
              the location of a spellbook that teaches Healing level 3.
     4 - Remove Ogre from Dryad Grove
     Where to Get:  The dryad's grove north of Libras
     How to Complete:  Send one character into the grove and solve the puzzles to
                       reach the ogre.  Kill it.
     Reward:  The loot the ogre has around him.
     5 - Kill King Vothkaro
     Where to Get:  Mayor Najib in Aminro
     How to Complete:  After completing quest 10, you can safely kill Vothkaro.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation and an Armor Ring.
     5 - Get Ring for Ginny
     Where to Get:  Ginny in Sharimik
     How to Complete:  Talk to Sloan to learn the location of the ring, then get it.
     Reward:  200 XP.  +1 to your reputation and some food.
     6 - Hunt Down Zang
     Where to get:  Starcap, the trainer in Sharimik
     How to Complete:  Zang is in Moon.  You'll have to kill him.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation, and Starcap will direct you to a book
              in city hall that teaches Far Sight level 3.
     7 - Destroy Altar for Corie
     Where to Get:  Corie in Sharimik
     How to Complete:  First get the Ritual of Santification from the hermit, then
                       purify the altar in the troglo hideout east of Sharimik.
     Reward:  Corie's permission for quest 8.
     8 - Sharimik Scroll Quest
     Where to Get:  Mayor Knight in Sharimik after completing quest 7.
     How to Complete:  Take the scroll to Vothkaro.  Finish quest 11, then take the
                       message back to Knight.
     Reward:  400 XP.  +2 to your reputation and 500 coins.  The door in the library
              that was locked is now open.  The book inside teaches Dispel Barrier.
     9 - Steal Book for Ivanova
     Where to Get:  Ivanova in Golddale
     How to Complete:  Steal the book Piercing the Lost Portals from Ernest's hut.
     Reward:  300 XP.  -1 to your reputation and +2 to Resistance for your party.
     10 - Slay Lizard Chief
     Where to Get:  Delenn in Golddale
     How to Complete:  Traverse the Golddale mines till you find the Slith chief.
     Reward:  300 XP and 1000 coins.  +2 to your reputation.
     11 - Clean Out Ursagi Cave
     Where to Get:  Delenn in Golddale, after completing quest 10
     How to Complete:  The Lair of Ursagi is in the northeast corner of the valley.
                       Go in and kill everything that moves.
     Reward:  300 XP.  +2 to your reputation and a Blessed Longsword.
     12 - Slay Elhioc
     Where to Get:  Vothkaro in the troglo castle
     How to Complete:  Go into the lower levels below the castle to find and kill
                       Elhioc.  He's waiting in the northwest corner of the map.
     Reward:  300 XP and the quest 'Destroy Troglo/Giant Barrier.'
     13 - Metal for Carmine
     Where to Get:  Carmine in Lennus
     How to Complete:  What you need is mithril, which will show up as metal lumps
                       on your special items screen.  The easiest way to get some
                       is to take the quest for Arion and use that metal.
     Reward:  Pay him 1000 coins and he will make the Mithril Sword, one of the
              best weapons in the game.  It will take 20-30 days to finish, so just
              do some adventuring and come back later.
     14 - Meet Empress Prazac
     Where to Get:  Shahpur in Angel's Rest
     How to Complete:  Simply speak with Empress Prazac in Blackcrag Fortress.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation.
     8b-5. Midori Province
     1 - Find Zik
     Where to Get:  Mayor Scowcroft in Softport
     How to Complete:  Zik is in Dorngas, at the inn.  Kill him.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +2 to your reputation, 100 coins and a Reward Slip.
     2 - Recover Soldiers' Possessions
     Where to Get:  Commander Bruskrud in Lorelei
     How to Complete:  The soldiers in question died in the Cavern of Giants.  Their
                       personal effects are all on the first level, in chests.
                       There's four of them in total.
     Reward:  200 XP for the Love Letter, 100 XP for the Good Luck Charm,
              Embroidered Favor and Locket With Painting, plus 300 coins for each
              item, for a total of 1200 coins.
     3 - Free Empire Soldiers
     Where to Get:  Commander Bruskrud in Lorelei
     How to Complete:  The three soldiers are in prisons scattered along the top
                       level in the Cavern of Giants.  You must first secure the
                       escape route in the southeastern corner of the map, then
                       speak to each one to free them.
     Reward:  200 XP and 500 coins.
     4 - Find Son's Silver Ring
     Where to Get:  Mia in Malloc
     How to Complete:  The ring is on an island northeast of Malloc.  You'll need
                       the Orb of Thralni to reach it.
     Reward:  Nothing but good feelings.
     5 - Hunt Goblins for Malloc
     Where to Get:  Mrrr in Malloc
     How to Complete:  The goblins are wandering around outside Malloc.  You'll need
                       a fairly good Nature Lore to catch up to them.  There's 3-4
                       groups in total.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation and a suit of Field Plate Mail.
     6 - Liberate Dryad Grove
     Where to Get:  A dryad outside, east of Lorelei
     How to Complete:  Go to the stone circle she mentions and kill the giants.
     Reward:  200 XP and an Invulnerability Elixir.
     7 - Find Hidden Poubslo Giants
     Where to Get:  Daltrey in Poubslo
     How to Complete:  The giants are in a secret passage you can enter via the
                       north side outside the town's walls.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation and +1 to Anatomy.
     8 - Bring Fine Meal
     Where to Get:  An enclave south of Lorelei
     How to Complete:  Bring them sacks of fine meal.  Simple.  An easy way to do
                       this is to sell one to Levy, then buy it back as many times
                       as needed.
     Reward:  25 coins per sack
     9 - Kill Vampire By Sea
     Where to Get:  Some ogres east of Calloc and southwest of Dorngas
     How to Complete:  You have to kill the vampire southwest of Calloc, by the sea.
     Reward:  100 XP.  +1 to Anatomy for each member of your party.
     10 - Kill Ogres in Swamp
     Where to Get:  The vampire southwest of Calloc
     How to Complete:  Kill the ogres who gave you quest 6.
     Reward:  100 XP.  +1 to Find Herbs for each member of your party.
     11 - Eliminate Calloc Raiders
     Where to Get:  The mayor in Calloc
     How to Complete:  The Nephil are northeast of Calloc.  Don't attack them!
                       Instead, speak with them.  Now go to the small valley that's
                       east of Calloc.  Kill off the monsters there.
     Reward:  100 XP and 500 coins.  +1 to your reputation.
     12 - Kill Creatures for Sulfas
     Where to Get:  Sulfas, in her lair
     How to Complete:  Go where Sulfas tells you and kill the Alien Beasts.
     Reward:  Quest 13.
     13 - Get Things From Dragons
     Where to Get:  Sulfas upon completion of quest 12
     How to Complete:  See Khoth and check his shelves for the ritual, then see
                       Athron for the Metal Lumps.  Speak with Sulfas again to
                       finish the quest.
     Reward:  The Beastslayer.
     14 - Find Grimoire of Thren
     Where to Get:  Cerulian in Moon
     How to Complete:  The book she wants is in Blackcrag Fortress.  Speak to Shane,
                       then Howar the alchemist, and he'll give you the book.
     Reward:  250 XP.  If you demand payment first, you'll receive a Knowledge
              Charm.  Either way, you can now examine the pedastal in the library
              and learn Divine Host level 3.  It requires some Vahnatai Lore.
     8b-6. Monoroe Province
     1 - Hunt the Unicorns
     Where to Get:  Some farmers near Bremerton
     How to Complete:  There's six packs of unicorns.  You must be on horseback to
                       catch them.  Use the Look command to spot them in the forest.
     Reward:  200 XP, a Spidersilk Shirt and some cake.
     2 - Writing Supplies for Spineridge
     Where to Get:  Alzon in Spineridge
     How to Complete:  Just bring her pens and paper.
     Reward:  5 XP and 20 coins per item.
     3 - Find Heroic Brew Recipe
     Where to Get:  Nantier in Gale
     How to Complete:  Speak to Nantier to learn about the key to the Gale library.
                       Go to the herb seller and buy it off her for 5000 coins.
                       The recipe is in the library.
     Reward:  250 XP and a collection of potions.
     4 - Deliver Message to Baziron
     Where to Get:  An Empire encampment southwest of Tevrono
     How to Complete;  Just take the message to General Baziron in Tevrono.
     Reward:  250 XP and 300 coins.  +1 to your reputation.
     5 - Destroy Golem Scouts
     Where to Get:  General Baziron in Tevrono
     How to Complete:  The golems are within view of the bridge, on the other side
                       of the river.  Use the Orb of Thralni to reach them easily.
     Reward:  250 XP.  +1 to your reputation.
     6 - Destroy Golems for Delakros
     Where to Get:  Delakros, in his lair south of Greendale
     How to Complete:  Eliminate the golem plague.
     Reward:  You can now take Delakros' treasure.
     8b-7. Northern Valorim
     1 - Clear Undead Out of Crypt
     Where to Get:  Bohen-Ihrno in the Defiled Crypt, north of Calloc
     How to Complete:  Discover the Crystal Souls, then report back for your reward.
     Reward:  +1 to Vahnatai Lore skill.
     2 - Find Golem Torc
     Where to Get:  Petrie in Blackcrag Fortress
     How to Complete:  She wants a Golem Diadrem.  They're sometimes dropped by
                       Demon Golems.
     Reward:  250 XP and a pair of Boots of Speed.
     9.  Caches
    All caches are patches of light brown soil scattered across Valorim.  Some are
    easy to spot thanks to the green, green grass everywhere, but not always as
    simple to uncover.  Some are hidden in some rather remote spots, and others
    require the Orb of Thralni to reach.  It is highly recommended to refrain from
    using this guide if you haven't yet acquired the Orb of Thralni, as in many
    places it will be assumed you have it.  All caches contain some coins, but
    while many contain alchemic ingredients, some will hide more valuable prizes.
     9a. Krizsan Province
     Caches in Area:  11
     Total Caches:  11
     1 - From where you exit Fort Emergence, go around the mountains and head
         northeast.  This cache is by the river.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     2 - Almost directly east of Krizsan.  It's hard to miss.
     Item(s) Found:  Wand of Bolts
     3 - North from the bridge near #2, in between some trees.
     Item(s) Found:  Silver Ring
     4 - From the Slime Pit, walk north for a long ways until you pass between
         two mountains.  Here, go north and you'll spot the cache soon.
     Item(s) Found:  Shield Ring
     5 - North of #4, on a raised section of land in the mountains.  Requires the
         Orb of Thralni.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     6 - From Delan, go north and a little east.  This cache is just west of the
         ford used to cross the river.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     7 - Northwest from #6, past the river and in the mountains.  Requires the Orb
         of Thralni.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     8 - Northwest from Pergies, on the west side of the mountain range.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     9 - In the same mountain range, but in a passage farther north.
     Item(s) Found:  Magic Lockpicks
     10 - North of the Fort Emergence exit point, past the mountains and on a tiny
          island sticking out of the continent.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     11 - Slightly south and moderately east of #10, amidst some mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     9b. Isle of Bigail
     Caches in Area:  6
     Total Caches:  17
     1 - Almost directly south of Shayder, in the forest.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     2 - Southeast of #1, and directly east from the Southpoint Lighthouse.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     3 - Northeast of Bavner, or west of Kuper, whichever is easiest.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     4 - Along the road between Kuper and Fenris, on an island to the east.
         Requires the Orb of Thralni.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     5 - Southwest from Northpoint Lighthouse, in the midst of some trees.
     Item(s) Found:  Emerald
     6 - Northeast from Marish.  Just follow the coastline to find it.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     9c. Karnold Province
     Caches in Area:  12
     Total Caches:  29
     1 - From the ferry northeast of Bolton, go slightly north and west.  The cache
         will be in plain sight.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     2 - North and slightly west of #1, beyond some mountains.  You can get there
         from the west side of the river.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     3 - Take the ferry from Libras, then take the south ferry to another island.
         The cache is on the west side.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     4 - North of Libras, in a tiny mountain pass, on the way to the Perfect Flower.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     5 - In the Valley of Ursagi, at the north end in a mountain pass.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     6 - Take the ferry in Storm Port, then the one in Gorst to end up in Gebra.
         On that island is the cache, at the south end.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     7 - Far north of Storm Port, on an island to the east.  You'll need the Orb
         of Thralni to reach the islands.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     8 - Northeast of Squiggus and Lennus, along the coast.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     9 - West of Squiggus and Lennus you'll find a river.  Follow it south till you
         hit a mountain.  Get to the other end of the river via the ford and the
         cache will be slightly north of where it ends in the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     10 - Almost directly east of Gidrik, by the river.
     Item(s) Found:  Scroll of Divine Host
     11 - North of #10, on the other side of the lake.  Follow the river along the
          northern shore to spot it.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     12 - North and a little east of Sharimik, in some trees.
     Item(s) Found:  Blessed Bolts
     9d. Midori Province
     Caches in Area:  17
     Total Caches:  46
     1 - Directly south of Lorelei in plain sight.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     2 - East and slightly north of Lorelei, deep in the forest.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     3 - East of Softport, in the mountains near the Anama compound.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     4 - Just north of Softport, across the bridge.
     Item(s) Found:  Wand of Ice
     5 - South of the Giant's Forge, in a mountain pass.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     6 - Southeast from the Isolated Inn, on the east side of the mountain range.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     7 - South from #6, past the bridge and against the east side of the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     8 - West of Appleton, along the lake shore.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     9 - Just northeast of Toras' house, which is north of Malloc, near the road.
     Item(s) Found:  Shield Ring
     10 - Almost directly south of Dorngas, on a tiny rise.
     Item(s) Found:  Resistance Elixir
     11 - South of #9, along the coast in the midst of some trees.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     12 - Right northeast of Calloc, amidst a bunch of trees.
     13 - South from Calloc, along the shore.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     14- West of Calloc, on a tiny island.  Requires the Orb of Thralni.
     Item(s) Found:  Summon Aid scroll
     15 - West of Moon, on the north shore where the river splits.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     16 - East of Moon, in the woods.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     17 - Moon again, this time east and slightly north, along the south shore of
          the river.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     9e. Monoroe Province
     Caches in Area:  8
     Total Caches:  54
     1 - On the Isle of Maddok, along the northwest coast.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     2 - In the middle of the Isle of Maddok.
     Item(s) Found:  Wyrmskin Helmet
     3 - Again, the Isle of Maddok, along the southeast shore.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     4 - Follow the shore from Gale to the north.  You'll stumble upon this cache.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     5 - Far north of #4, on an island.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     6 - West of #5, though the forests and on the other side of some mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Arrows of Light
     7 - South of #6, past a river, is one more river and a sliver of land with
         some monsters on it.  Here is where you find the cache.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     8 - Follow the road from Gale north till you cross the bridge.  From there,
         walk along the north side of the river till you reach the mountains.  The
         cache is along the north passage into the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Spiritual Herbs
     9f. Northern Valorim
     Caches in Area:  12
     Total Caches:  66
     1 - From the Draigoth ruins, go southwest till you hit the river.  The cache
         is along the north shore.
     Item(s) Found:  Healing Herbs
     2 - This is west of #1, but on the other side of the river, near the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     3 - From the walls of Blackcrag Fortress, go east.  The cache is nearby.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     4 - Northeast from Draigoth ruins, along the northwest edge of the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     5 - West from Draigoth ruins, across the river and along a narrow passage
         leading into the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Sticky Charm
     6 - From #4, head northeast through the valley, ultimately going east till you
         reach the easternmost corner of this valley.  The cache is around here.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     7 - This is in the very northeastern corner of Valorim.  Go north from Monoroe
         province and stick to the eastern shore.  You'll come across it eventually.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     8 - Along the walls bordering Footracer province (the outside edge).
     Item(s) Found:  Bliss Elixir
     9 - Northwest from Wainscotting, along the shore.
     Item(s) Found:  Energetic Herbs
     10 - North from Wainscotting, west of some swampland on an island.  Requires
          the Orb of Thralni.
     Item(s) Found:  Invulnerability Elixir
     11 - From #10, follow the mainland shore north to find this cache in a patch
          of trees.
     Item(s) Found:  Graymold
     12 - In the northwestern tip of Valorim, near the wall protecting Footracer
          province.  Just go north from Erox till you find the wall.
     Item(s) Found:  Wand of Fire
     9g. Footracer Province
     Caches in Area:  3
     Total Caches:  69
     1 - Northeast of the Keep of Tinraya.
     Item(s) Found:  Toadstools
     2 - Northeast of #1, past the bridge and along the mountains.
     Item(s) Found:  Bolts of Life
     3 - Follow the road south from the Keep of Tinraya.  This cache is among some
         swampland near where the road ends.
     Item(s) Found:  Mandrake
     10.  Recruitable NPCs
    There are four recruitable NPCs in this game.  Each one will be a huge boon in
    terms of power and abilities, but they can also make the game too easy due to
    their sheer strength.  They will almost always start out at a higher level than
    your party, and will always have amazing skills.  To recruit any NPC, you must
    have an empty slot in your party, meaning you must delete or otherwise remove
    one of your initially created party members.  This can be done by either finding
    a special room where you can store your party members (one is in Fort Emergence)
    or delete them by clicking on Use Ability, then Delete this Character.
    All recruitable NPCs have a variable character trait.  If they're recruited into
    the first character slot, they'll have the Elite Warrior trait, and if they're
    brought into the fourth character slot, they'll have the Natural Mage trait.
     10a. Hsska the Slith Priest
    Hsska can be found in New Formello.  He is a priest by nature, though he starts
    with very little in the way of magic depending on when you get him.  His level
    varies depending on your party's, but his minimum level is 9 and the strongest
    he'll be is level 37.  His stats don't change, though.  To recruit him, take on
    Ahsoth's quest.  Upon completion, talk to Hsska to get him to join.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          8
    Dexterity:         5
    Intelligence:      13
    Endurance:         11
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     5
    Pole Weapons:      8
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   1
    Hardiness:         4
    Defense:           3
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     12
    Arcane Lore:       14
    Potion Making:     9
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          2
    Nature Lore:       3
    First Aid:         10
    Luck:              7
     Special Skills    Default Stat
    Find Herbs         1
    Parry              3
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  Depends (see above)
     10b. Falko the Archer
    Falko is an archer, and can be located standing guard on the northwest tower
    in Krizsan.  He won't join you until after you put an end to the slime plague.
    He is primarily an archer, and makes an excellent thief due to his amazing
    dexterity.  He has no character traits, though.  His level will be 13 at a
    minimum, and 37 at max depending on your party's levels.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          6
    Dexterity:         19
    Intelligence:      5
    Endurance:         14
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     9
    Pole Weapons:      3
    Bows:              18
    Thrown Missiles:   11
    Hardiness:         3
    Defense:           3
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       2
    Potion Making:     1
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          11
    Nature Lore:       6
    First Aid:         4
    Luck:              3
     Special Skills    Default Stat
    Barter             2
    Anatomy            3
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  Depends (see above)
     10c. Carol the Mage
    Carol lives in Gale, and may require a little work to get.  Not content with
    merely solving one quest, your reputation as a whole must be at least 50 before
    she'll deign to join you on your adventures.  The sooner you can get her, the
    better, because while she won't know all the level 3 magic you've undoubtedly
    uncovered thus far, she starts with level 2 in Dispel Barrier!  If you stole
    the book that teaches level 3 from Ernest, you're in business!  Getting her to
    join is easy.  Just pick the second dialogue option three times.  She'll have
    a minimum level of 22, and a max of 37, like the rest.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          5
    Dexterity:         10
    Intelligence:      18
    Endurance:         11
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     3
    Pole Weapons:      0
    Bows:              0
    Thrown Missiles:   8
    Hardiness:         0
    Defense:           0
    Assassination:     0
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       21
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       22
    Potion Making:     17
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          5
    Nature Lore:       16
    First Aid:         11
    Luck:              0
     Special Skills    Default Stat
    Gymnastics         2
    Pathfinder         3
    Magery             4
    Resistance         4
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  Depends (see above)
     10d. Miranda the Warrior
    Miranda waits in Calloc, and is the strongest of the four recruitable NPCs in
    terms of pure power.  As you can see from her stats, she is a powerhouse, and
    has the Elite Warrior trait to help her hit the game's damage cap with every
    attack she makes.  Just like Carol, Miranda will join if your reputation is
    high enough (I'm not sure of the exact number, but assume it's at least as high
    as Carol's) or if you have gained access to the Footracer province.  It's 
    entirely possible you'll recruit her before Carol, but I wrote them in as I
    got them.  Miranda will have a minimum level of 30 and a maximum of 37 depending
    on the average level of your party.
     Base Skills       Default Stat
    Strength:          17
    Dexterity:         15
    Intelligence:      7
    Endurance:         13
     Weaponry Skills   Default Stat
    Melee Weapons:     14
    Pole Weapons:      8
    Bows:              3
    Thrown Missiles:   12
    Hardiness:         4
    Defense:           7
    Assassination:     10
     Magical Skills    Default Stat
    Mage Spells:       0
    Priest Spells:     0
    Arcane Lore:       3
    Potion Making:     8
     Useful Skills     Default Stat
    Tool Use:          18
    Nature Lore:       10
    First Aid:         6
    Luck:              0
     Special Skills    Default Stat
    Gymnastics         2
    Pathfinder         3
    Magery             4
    Resistance         4
    Unused Skill Points:  8
    Default Character Traits:  Depends (see above)
     11.  Character Editor
    This section is primarily to list the items you can give yourself with the
    editor.  The other functions are self-explanatory, but there's literally
    hundreds of regular items and lots of special items.  While the "Add..."
    functions will give you some nice stuff, it doesn't let you choose every item
    in the game.  "Give an Item" in the Advanced Features list does, however.  So,
    without further ado, here's the bigass lists.
     11a. Item List
     1 - Copper Coins
     2 - Silver Coins
     3 - Gold Coins
     4 - Bread
     5 - Mushrooms
     6 - Greens
     7 - Steak
     8 - Dried Meat
     9 - Weird Meat
     10 - Lizard Haunch
     11 - Fish
     12 - Deli Sandwich
     13 - White Tunic
     14 - Red Tunic
     15 - Green Tunic
     16 - Cloak
     17 - Cloak
     18 - Pants
     19 - Pants
     20 - Shirt
     21 - Shirt
     22 - Robe
     23 - Dress
     24 - Cursed Leather Armor
     25 - Poor Leather Armor
     26 - Leather Armor
     27 - Fine Leather Armor
     28 - Drakeskin Armor
     29 - Cursed Studded Armor
     30 - Poor Studded Armor
     31 - Iron Studded Armor
     32 - Steel Studded Armor
     33 - Blessed Studded Armor
     34 - Cursed Chain Mail
     35 - Poor Chain Mail
     36 - Iron Chain Mail
     37 - Steel Chain Mail
     38 - Mithril Chain Mail
     39 - Cursed Plate Mail
     40 - Bronze Plate Mail
     41 - Iron Plate Mail
     42 - Steel Plate Mail
     43 - Blessed Plate Mail
     44 - Cursed Dagger
     45 - Stone Dagger
     46 - Iron Dagger
     47 - Steel Dagger
     48 - Blessed Dagger
     49 - Cursed Short Sword
     50 - Stone Short Sword
     51 - Iron Short Sword
     52 - Steel Short Sword
     53 - Blessed Short Sword
     54 - Cursed Longsword
     55 - Bronze Longsword
     56 - Iron Longsword
     57 - Steel Longsword
     58 - Blessed Longsword
     59 - Cursed Greatsword
     60 - Bronze Greatsword
     61 - Iron Greatsword
     62 - Steel Greatsword
     63 - Blessed Greatsword
     64 - Cursed Spear
     65 - Stone Spear
     66 - Iron Spear
     67 - Steel Spear
     68 - Blessed Spear
     69 - Cursed Pike
     70 - Stone Pike
     71 - Iron Pike
     72 - Steel Pike
     73 - Blessed Pike
     74 - Cursed Halberd
     75 - Bronze Halberd
     76 - Iron Halberd
     77 - Steel Halberd
     78 - Blessed Halberd
     79 - Stick
     80 - Ceremonial Dagger
     81 - Kitchen Knife
     82 - Staff
     83 - Hammer
     84 - Cursed Javelin
     85 - Stone Javelin
     86 - Iron Javelin
     87 - Steel Javelin
     88 - Blessed Javelin
     89 - Cursed Bow
     90 - Cavewood Bow
     91 - Ash Bow
     92 - Yew Bow
     93 - Blessed Bow
     94 - Cursed Crossbow
     95 - Cavewood Crossbow
     96 - Ash Crossbow
     97 - Yew Crossbow
     98 - Blessed Crossbow
     99 - Cursed Arrows
     100 - Stone Arrows
     101 - Iron Arrows
     102 - Steel Arrows
     103 - Blessed Arrows
     104 - Cursed Bolts
     105 - Stone Bolts
     106 - Iron Bolts
     107 - Steel Bolts
     108 - Blessed Bolts
     109 - Rock
     110 - Drakeskin Sandals
     111 - Sandals
     112 - Blessed Sandals
     113 - Cursed Boots
     114 - Boots
     115 - Drakeskin Boots
     116 - Cursed Cloak
     117 - Blessed Cloak
     118 - Cursed Robe
     119 - Blessed Robe
     120 - Cursed Buckler
     121 - Wooden Buckler
     122 - Iron Buckler
     123 - Steel Buckler
     124 - Blessed Buckler
     125 - Cursed Small Shield
     126 - Wooden Small Shield
     127 - Iron Small Shield
     128 - Steel Small Shield
     129 - Blessed Small Shield
     130 - Cursed Large Shield
     131 - Wooden Large Shield
     132 - Iron Large Shield
     133 - Steel Large Shield
     134 - Blessed Large Shield
     135 - Cursed Leather Helmet
     136 - Poor Leather Helmet
     137 - Leather Helmet
     138 - Fine Leather Helmet
     139 - Wyrmskin Helmet
     140 - Cursed Bronze Helmet
     141 - Bronze Helmet
     142 - Iron Helmet
     143 - Steel Helmet
     144 - Blessed Steel Helmet
     145 - Cursed Gloves
     146 - Gloves
     147 - Drakeskin Gloves
     148 - Sack of Meal
     149 - Bowl
     150 - Bowl
     151 - Pitcher
     152 - Pot
     153 - Pot
     154 - Bolt of Cloth
     155 - Bolt of Cloth
     156 - Bolt of Cloth
     157 - Cloak Clasp
     158 - Pincers
     159 - Tongs
     160 - Spearhead
     161 - Bucket
     162 - Bucket of Water
     163 - Flagon
     164 - Horn
     165 - Jug
     166 - Jug of Cheap Wine
     167 - Golden Goblet
     168 - Plate
     169 - Plate
     170 - Candle
     171 - Torch
     172 - Lamp
     173 - Spoon
     174 - Lockpicks
     175 - Fine Lockpicks
     176 - Magic Lockpicks
     177 - First Aid Kit
     178 - Fine First Aid Kit
     179 - Poor Fur
     180 - Nice Fur
     181 - Beautiful Skin
     182 - Pillow
     183 - Silver Drinking Cup
     184 - Mortar and Pestle
     185 - Papyrus Sheet
     186 - Dice
     187 - Scalpel
     188 - Needle
     189 - Thread
     190 - Trowel
     191 - Skull
     192 - Bones
     193 - Whip
     194 - Pen and Ink
     195 - Earrings
     196 - Trash
     197 - Trash
     198 - Trash
     199 - Bar of Tin
     200 - Bar of Lead
     201 - Bar of Iron
     202 - Bar of Silver
     203 - Amber
     204 - Emerald
     205 - Ruby
     206 - Silver Ring
     207 - Gold Ring
     208 - Jeweled Ring
     209 - Silver Bracelet
     210 - Gold Bracelet
     211 - Silver Necklace
     212 - Gold Necklace
     213 - Torc
     214 - Healing Herbs
     215 - Spiritual Herbs
     216 - Energetic Herbs
     217 - Graymold
     218 - Toadstools
     219 - Mandrake
     220 - Healing Potion
     221 - Curing Potion
     222 - Strength Potion
     223 - Energy Potion
     224 - Poison Potion
     225 - Haste Potion
     226 - Invulnerability Potion
     227 - Resistance Potion
     228 - Healing Elixir
     229 - Curing Elixir
     230 - Strength Elixir
     231 - Energy Elixir
     232 - Poison Elixir
     233 - Haste Elixir
     234 - Invulnerability Elixir
     235 - Resistance Elixir
     236 - Knowledge Brew
     237 - Restoration Brew
     238 - Protection Brew
     239 - Heroic Brew
     240 - Graymold Salve
     241 - Balm of Life
     242 - Searing Balm
     243 - Draining Brew
     244 - Scroll - Bolt of Fire
     245 - Scroll - Call Beast
     246 - Scroll - Arcane Blow
     247 - Scroll - Slow
     248 - Scroll - Ice Lances
     249 - Scroll - Create Illusions
     250 - Scroll - Far Sight
     251 - Scroll - Lightning Spray
     252 - Scroll - Dispel Barrier
     253 - Scroll - Summon Aid
     254 - Scroll - Fireblast
     255 - Scroll - Repel Spirit
     256 - Scroll - Summon Shade
     257 - Scroll - Control Foes
     258 - Scroll - Spray Acid
     259 - Scroll - Force Cage
     260 - Scroll - Spray Acid
     261 - Scroll - Divine Host
     262 - Scroll - Bitter Loss
     263 - Scroll - Withering
     264 - Ring of Vulnerability
     265 - Ring of Idiocy
     266 - Clumsy Ring
     267 - Ring of Exposure
     268 - Ring of Grief
     269 - Magnetic Ring
     270 - Shield Ring
     271 - Ring of Health
     272 - Ring of Skill
     273 - Resistance Ring
     274 - Assassin's Band
     275 - Fletcher's Ring
     276 - Armor Ring
     277 - Nimble Band
     278 - Warrior's Ring
     279 - Firewalker Band
     280 - Quicksilver Ring
     281 - Archer's Ring
     282 - Wand of Bolts
     283 - Wand of Ice
     284 - Wand of Slowing
     285 - Wand of Lightning
     286 - Wand of Fire
     287 - Wand of Acid
     288 - Wand of Forcecage
     289 - Wand of Absorption
     290 - Rod of Arcana
     291 - Rod of Beast Call
     292 - Rod of Major Call
     293 - Rod of Illusions
     294 - Strength Bracelet
     295 - Dexterity Bracelet
     296 - Intelligence Bracelet
     297 - Mage's Bracelet
     298 - Priest's Bracelet
     299 - Warrior's Bracelet
     300 - Lucky Bracelet
     301 - Monkey Bracelet
     302 - Chill Charm
     303 - Warmth Charm
     304 - Health Charm
     305 - Shielding Charm
     306 - Basic Charm
     307 - War Charm
     308 - Freedom Charm
     309 - Crystal Charm
     310 - Knowledge Charm
     311 - Sticky Charm
     312 - Harm Charm
     313 - Mind Crystal - Beastcall
     314 - Mind Crystal - Spiritcall
     315 - Mind Crystal - Regenerate
     316 - Mind Crystal - Curing
     317 - Mind Crystal - Battle Frenzy
     318 - Mind Crystal - Divine Aid
     319 - Mind Crystal - Restore Energy
     320 - Thirsting Blade
     321 - Crystal Imbued Shield
     322 - Mind Crystal - Gymnastics
     323 - Mind Crystal - Pathfinder
     324 - Mind Crystal - Magery
     325 - Mind Crystal - Resistance
     326 - Mind Crystal - Energy Pulse
     327 - Empire Records
     328 - Mushroom Merlot
     329 - Shard of Release
     330 - Mithril Woven Robe
     331 - Archer's Cloak
     332 - Dragonskin Cloak
     333 - Pants of Power
     334 - Pants of Sorrow
     335 - Robe of the Magi
     336 - Radiant Robe
     337 - Rogue's Leather
     338 - Mauling Leather
     339 - Shadow Leather
     340 - Icy Chain Mail
     341 - Polished Plate Mail
     342 - Assassin's Dagger
     343 - Diamond Dagger
     344 - Flaming Sword
     345 - Icy Longsword
     346 - Demonslayer
     347 - Ghoulbane
     348 - Giantslayer
     349 - Jade Halberd
     350 - Obsidian Spear
     351 - Alien Blade
     352 - Acid Arrows
     353 - Bolts of Life
     354 - Arrows of Light
     355 - Acid Bolts
     356 - Boots of Speed
     357 - Nimble Boots
     358 - Bloodthirst Spear
     359 - Crystal Shield
     360 - Serendipity Knife
     361 - Nimble Gloves
     362 - Gauntlets of Might
     363 - Piercing Crystal
     364 - Unshackling Crystal
     365 - Recall Crystal
     366 - Searing Crystal
     367 - Shielding Spike
     368 - Spidersilk Shirt
     369 - Stoneshatter Crystal
     370 - Slith Spear
     371 - Fine Slith Spear
     372 - Bag of Sugar
     373 - Aranea Fangs
     374 - Ore
     375 - Historical Scroll
     376 - Fine Meal
     377 - Cheap Wine
     378 - Orb of Thralni
     379 - Cursed Waveblade
     380 - Waveblade
     381 - Fine Waveblade
     382 - Cursed Razordisk
     383 - Razordisk
     384 - Fine Razordisk
     385 - Vahnatai Cloak
     386 - Crystal
     387 - Fine Crystal
     388 - Gold Ore
     389 - Rough Diamond
     390 - Silver Ore
     391 - Dagger of Hate
     392 - Fury Crossbow
     393 - Ring of Pure Focus
     394 - Fungoid Spine
     395 - Rope
     396 - Bar of Uranium
     397 - Pyrrhic Gauntlets
     398 - Justice Lance
     399 - Thinking Cap
     400 - Anaximander Note
     401 - Bandit Map
     402 - Map of Krizsan Province
     403 - Map of Upper Avernum
     404 - Map of Bigaile
     405 - Map of Karnold
     406 - Map of Midori
     407 - Map of Monoroe
     408 - Black Halberd Map
     409 - Spell Tome
     410 - Book
     411 - Book
     412 - Research Tome
     413 - Curing Potion
     414 - Xian Skull
     415 - Xian Coins
     416 - Xian Vest
     417 - Xian Slacks
     418 - Xian Rock
     419 - Xian Ale
     420 - Xian Shrub
     421 - Xian Tome
     422 - Xian Chainmail
     423 - Xian Pouch
     424 - Spellshard
     425 - Charm
     426 - Ring of Endless Magery
     427 - Bliss Elixir
     428 - Rogue's Elixir
     429 - Amber Shield
     430 - Wyrmslayer gsword
     431 - Rentar Charm
     432 - Spidersilk Tunic
     433 - Radiant Slith Spear
     434 - Lucky Charm
     435 - Wilderness Boots
     436 - Fire Orb Charm
     437 - Piercing the Lost Portals
     438 - Robe of Magery
     439 - Chieftain Charm
     440 - Fungal Armor
     441 - Lab Notes
     442 - Pirate's Blade
     443 - Map of Footracer
     444 - Red Scale Armor
     445 - Pears
     446 - Apples
     447 - Cake
     448 - Meat on Spit
     449 - Crafted Chain Mail
     450 - Basket
     451 - Clay Pot
     452 - Teapot
     453 - Mug
     454 - Teacup
     455 - Boardgame
     456 - Potted Plant
     457 - Hourglass
     458 - Carved Stone Spiral
     459 - Lovely Stone Spiral
     460 - Saw
     461 - Plank
     462 - Stone Blocks
     463 - Bottle of Ale
     464 - Bottle of Wine
     465 - Unicorn Horn
     466 - Perfect Flower
     467 - Humanskin Gloves
     468 - Incense
     469 - Skribbane Herb
     470 - Pilgrim's Cloak
     471 - Gremlin Wine
     472 - Mung Bracelet
     473 - Prismatic Torc
     474 - Savory Herbs
     475 - Fine Clothes
     476 - Iridium Pants
     477 - Troglo Cap
     478 - Mithril Blade
     479 - Giant's Shield
     480 - Ursagi Skin Armor
     481 - Sack of Fine Meal
     482 - Tremor Boots
     483 - Damp Paper
     484 - Beastslayer
     485 - Barrier Tunnel Map
     486 - Troglo History
     487 - Vothkaro Message
     488 - Dryad's Blessed Charm
     489 - Field Plate Mail
     490 - Jewel of Return
     491 - Ring of Bone
     492 - Golem Diadem
     493 - Wyrmskin Boots
     494 - Naturewalker's Torc
     495 - Prismatic Mail
     496 - Ruby Helmet
     497 - Passage Stone
     498 - Black Halberd
     499 - Pachtar's Plate Mail
     11b. Special Item List
     1 - N/A
     2 - N/A
     3 - N/A
     4 - N/A
     5 - N/A
     6 - N/A
     7 - N/A
     8 - N/A
     9 - N/A
     10 - N/A
     11 - Twisted Steel Key
     12 - Giant's Key
     13 - Stone Key
     14 - Lost Papers
     15 - Reward Slip
     16 - Key to Hawke's Manse
     17 - Silver Key
     18 - Large Iron Key
     19 - Vahnatai Crypt Key
     20 - Electrum Key
     21 - Twisted Gold Key
     22 - Stolen Package
     23 - Dirty Anama Ring
     24 - Scroll From Prazac
     25 - Scroll From Anaximander
     26 - Soul Crystal
     27 - Drawing of Rune
     28 - Withered Scales
     29 - Crystal Shards
     30 - Hot Crystal Shards
     31 - Silver Runed Amulet
     32 - Crystal Statue
     33 - Cooling Amulets
     34 - Thought Crystal
     35 - Book on Teleportation
     36 - Blessed Athame
     37 - Erika's Amulet
     38 - Metal Lumps
     39 - Egg of the Phoenix
     40 - Anama Rings
     41 - Suspicious Package
     42 - Scroll of Passage
     43 - Sharimik Ring
     44 - Troglodyte Message
     45 - Silver Ring
     46 - Love Letter
     47 - Good Luck Charm
     48 - Embroidered Favor
     49 - Locket With Painting
     50 - General Baziron Message
     51 - N/A
     52 - Blue Crystal Key
     53 - Guardian Key
     54 - Key
     55 - Grimoire of Thren
     12.  Revision History
    0.01 - Just started.  I'm really crap with the version numbers.  I always try
    to get to 1.00 when the actual walkthough is done, but I have a feeling I
    won't manage it this time.
    0.02 - Began the walkthrough.  Added lots and lots of items and other things.
    Put in a Basics section and a section for the character editor.  Also noticed
    an error in the layout and fixed it.
    0.03 - Continued the walkthrough.  Wrote up the Magic section.  Moved the
    abbreviations to the Basics section.  Added the first special skill.  I'm still
    trying to decide where to put the mercenary list.  I counted and I have 94
    items written up.  Only 400+ to go...
    0.04 - Added so much stuff.  Found the first recruitable NPC (I'm calling them
    that now) so I put that section in.
    0.05 - I redid the ASCII art myself.  I can't help but think osrevad would do
    a better job.  Anyway, as for the walkthrough, I finally got up to the surface
    world.  More of everything added, of course, and I switched the magic and item
    0.06 - Added some quests I missed.  Got the first rare item.  More updates have
    been done, but primarily lots of quests.  The next update will contain a
    walkthrough to finish off the slime plague.
    0.20 - Finished the slime plague!
    0.21 - Got through Upper Avernum part deux and up to the Isle of Bigail.  Lots
    of random additions in all categories.  Finished up a bunch of quests, wrote
    out items, magic, everything.  Only 85% of the game to go...
    0.22 - Made it halfway around Bigail, stopped at the Northpoint Lighthouse.
    Additions in nearly every section, especially items.  I figure by the time I
    finish with the roaches I'll be at version 0.3...maybe.
    0.23 - No updates to the walkthrough.  Instead, I completed the item list.
    Goddamn 500+ items...at least it's done.
    0.30 - Finished the roach plague and started in on the Orb of Thralni quest.
    The troglo and hill giant 'plague' is gonna be fun, since that's when you get
    into the really big cities and tough dungeons.
    0.31 - I wrote up through some smaller towns in Karnold, along with the
    respective quests.
    0.32 - I changed the section headers on the Karnold province so I could cover
    most of the smaller towns without giving them each their own headers when most
    only have one quest apiece.
    0.35 - Okay, I got through all the troglo stuff.  Also, more magic and Xian
    items added to the mix.  This FAQ is, as of this version, 200kb large, which
    is a huge accomplishment in itself.
    0.40 - No work done on the walkthrough itself, but I completed the magic
    section!  Yes, all level 3 spells have been added!  Go me!
    0.50 - The troglo/giant plague is done!  Next up is the much-lauded tour of
    Midori.  Oh yes, and I have new ASCII art, which I'll be using for all my
    Avernum FAQs.
    0.51 - Added the Special Abilities section.  Also added something to the Basics.
    Something I may get e-mails about, but still...
    0.55 - Started in on Midori.  Also added the final recruitable NPC, making that
    section complete.
    0.57 - Continued the walkthrough up to and including the Chasm of Screams, and
    next up we'll be visiting the dragon lairs.  I also added a whole new section,
    one that will guide you to each and every cache in the game.  Other additions
    include some quests and their rewards, along with a revamp of the item section.
    In keeping with my item FAQ, I put all the rings and bracelets and whatnot in
    a jewelry section and left special/quest items in their own section.  It
    required a lot of copy/pasting, but it was worth the effort.
    0.60 - Hurray, I finished the Midori tour!  I also gave directions to the next
    town, Spineridge, but didn't write any details on the town itself.  Sorry, I'll
    get to it next time.
    0.61 - Wrote up Spineridge and Mernia, but I stopped before Gale.  I decided to
    go for a couple of the legendary items, so the Black Halberd and recipe for
    Knowledge Brew are now written up.
    0.62 - Okay, I have the halberd and I'm back on the path to the golems.  Gale's
    all written up, so next up is some random Monoroe sightseeing.
    0.65 - The walkthrough is written up to the actual Golem Factory.
    0.75 - Whoo-hoo!  The golem plague is done for!  Next up: northern Valorim.
    Also added a Revisions section and moved all but the latest updates down there.
    Removed the section on Fenris Port from the walkthrough, since it's a town of
    literally no importance.  The details for Fenris are now at the end of the
    Spiral Crypt section.
    0.78 - Northern Valorim is complete.  Fury Crossbow walkthrough coming up next.
    0.80 - Fury Crossbow walkthrough complete.  Pachtar's Plate is next, followed
    by Blackcrag Fortress.
    0.83 - Finished the walkthrough for Pachtar's Plate.  Moved the legendary item
    walkthroughs to the Items section.  Also got the last Xian item.  Joy.
    0.85 - Blah.  Minor fixes.
    0.90 - Ring of Endless Magery gotten.  Blackcrag covered.  Next stop: Footracer.
    0.92 - Completed the Disaster at the Tower of the Magi, and I'm up to the Keep
    of Tinraya.  Woot!
    0.95 - Completed the Footracer province.  I've reached the endgame.  Also
    fixed up the table of contents and the walkthrough so the smaller towns don't
    have their own section headers.  They'll have to learn to share, it seems.
    1.00 - IT.  IS.  DONE!!!  The walkthrough is now complete!  All that's left is
    minor revisions that will undoubtedly occur in the days and months to come.
    I'd just like to say this has been a work of great enjoyment, despite the
    horribly long lists and the great length of the game itself.  Avernum 3 remains
    one of my favorite PC games, and I hope at some point to extend my writing to
    the first two games of the trilogy.  Until that day, keep on adventuring, and
    don't let the Rakshasi get you down!
    1.01 - Like I said, minor revisions.
     13.  Acknowledgements
    Thanks to you, the reader and gamer, for taking the time to read my faq.
    Thanks to Polymerase Chain Reactionary for notifying me about a couple spelling
    Thanks so much to Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software (http://www.spidweb.com)
    for preserving old-school gameplay in this and other fantastic titles.
    And finally, thanks to CJayC and Gamefaqs for hosting this guide.
     14.  Copyright Info
    This file is Copyright (c)2002-2005 to its respective author, namely myself.
    All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any web site
    other than those listed below, or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to use this FAQ:
    If you find this FAQ on www.cheatcc.com, it has been stolen by the webmaster
    there and is being used in violation of intellectual copyright laws and more
    importantly, against my wishes.  Simply, www.cheatcc.com and its respective
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