Additional EngineeringJessica Tams
Animation, Modeling, & TexturingJohn Gronquist
Animation, Modeling, & TexturingJoe Kresoja
Animation, Modeling, & TexturingCarlos Naranjo
Animation, Modeling, & TexturingDavid Phemister
ArtDave Dunniway
ArtJohn Gronquist
ArtScott Kikuta
ArtJoe Kresoja
ArtDarren Lamb
ArtCarlos Naranjo
ArtJason Robertson
Art DirectorMark Peasley
Art DirectorSteven Thompson
Art DirectorSteven Thompson
Assistant Producer & Network AdministratorMarsh Macy
Concept ArtistDave Dunniway
Concept ArtistJoe Kresoja
Concept ArtistDarren Lamb
Concept ArtistKevin Pun
DesignDaniel Achterman
Designer & Project LeaderChris Taylor
EngineerMike Biddlecombe
EngineerJames Loe
EngineerChad Queen
EngineerEric Tams
EngineeringMike Biddlecombe
EngineeringScott Bilas
EngineeringBartosz Kijanka
EngineeringJames Loe
EngineeringChad Queen
EngineeringRick Saenz
EngineeringAdam Swensen
Executive ProducerChris Taylor
In-Game Story SequencesEvan Pongress
Lead ArtKevin Pun
Lead DesignJacob McMahon
Lead Level DesignSarah Boulian
Level DesignChristopher Burns
Level DesignMorien Thomas
Level DesignDave Tomandl
Level DesignRuth Tomandl
Level DesignerChristopher Burns
Level DesignerErik Johnson
Level DesignerGreg Romaszka
Level DesignerDavid Tomandl
Level DesignerRuth Tomandl
Original Music CompositionSteve Smith
Original Music CompositionJeremy Soule
Original Music CompositionJulian Soule
Producer & DesignerJacob MacMahon
ProductionBert Bingham
ProductionJeremy Snook
ProductionSteve Wartofsky
Production AssistantMichelle Lloyd
Production AssistantCarlos Naranjo
Production CoordinatorBert Bingham
Scripting EngineeringJason Ernsdorff
Sound DesignFrank Bry
Special Effects & Content EngineeringEric Tams
Story & DialogBert Bingham
Story & DialogSarah Boulian
Story & DialogNeal Haliford
Story & DialogEvan Pongress
Teach LeadBartosz Kijanka
Terrain & World ModelingDave Dunniway
Terrain & World ModelingBrett Johnson
Terrain & World ModelingKevin Pun
Textures & FoliageDarren Lamb
World DesignerSarah Boulian
World DesignerJason Ernsdorff
World DesignerBrett Johnson


Data and credits for this game contributed by Guard Master, odino, a0me, and oliist.

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