Review by Crimson_Hitman

Reviewed: 07/01/09

A game that touches on every possible human emotion

Now it has been a WHILE since I’ve played this game. I’ve always wanted to review it, but was scared that I was going to be TOO biased when writing the review. I somehow stumbled upon this game again recently, and realized that I still remember major part of the game. This made me realized that this game is truly a treasure, and hopefully this review is going to convince at least one person to play this masterpiece.

Since this is just a quick review, I’m not going to break it up into sections and talk about each path and each character. If you’ve played a visual novel before, you’ll know how everything works. If you haven’t, it is very easy to understand and I’m sure you won’t need any explanation.

The main character you play as is a teenage male, and you have 5 female lead characters to pursue plus 1 hidden character. Each of the female leads has a good and a bad ending, whichever one you end up with depends on what you do with the choices that are presented to you throughout the game.

I can’t explain in words how good the writing is. Every single one of the main characters is unique, each with their own personality and their own background with you, the player. Right away you will feel for each character, and the way the choices are presented to you fits very well with the story. The progression of the story is just so smooth that it doesn’t feel like it was written to split into several endings because the transitions that link the general story to the character specific stories are flawless.

OK you know what I’m done talking about the not-so-important stuff. I really want to just pour my heart out on what kind of impact the game had on me emotionally. I mean every word that I said in the title of this review. No matter what your background and experiences are, this game will touch you. Depending on your life experiences, different characters and different paths will influence you more strongly than others. This has been proven true to me through conversations with others who have also played the game, and I realized that my opinions on certain paths are sometimes totally different than someone else’s. I think this is where the game really shines. How often do you find a game that can so deeply impact every type of person? I’m really resisting myself to write out my favourite parts of the game to share, but this is a review so I have to keep it spoiler-free.

As for some technical stuff; the graphics are super clean, bright, and beautiful. The sound used is some piano tracks, and they totally add to the experience as the music fits with the situations perfectly. The voice acting is great if you’re into Japanese voices, even if you don’t understand a word it still helps greatly to make the characters more realistic.

I’m sorry if this review seemed to jump all over the place. I just have way too many things to say, and it is proving to be difficult without spoilers, so I kind of just resorted to writing whatever I can. The only reason I didn’t give this game a 10 is because I think all games have room to improve... although I can’t give you an area where this game could improve on, maybe animated scenes? That reminded me of the H parts of the game. They are good, just as all of the graphics in this game, but honestly I was too busy reading the text than actually looking at the sex. That doesn’t mean the graphics doesn’t shine. Some of the ending pictures are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, complete with sunsets and trees and smiling faces.

The bottom line: buy this game, use whatever means necessary to get your hands on a copy, and let yourself on the greatest fictional adventure of your lifetime.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Crescendo (US, 10/21/03)

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