Review by snazzleberry

Reviewed: 12/13/06

Just a little too "user-friendly"

Spider-Man has always been one of the greatest superheroes of all time. The movies, comics, games, and even some of the cartoons have been entertaining and engaging. As for games, Spider-Man: The Movie (the first Spider-Man game) was the best in game-play, cheats, and extras. However, Spider-Man 2 just doesn't live up to the first game.


This is where Activision screwed up. Unlike the first game where certain keys are used for certain functions, in Spider-Man 2, every attack and web move is controlled with the mouse. The keyboard is only used for jumping and movement. For me, that is going a little too far. This game seems to be designed for special- ed kids or kindergarten through 3rd grade. That's not a very big audience. Anyway, back to control; one must wait for the little spider on the screen to say "zip", "swing", "attack", or "web" before you can perform them. Zipping is the only thing that this controller layout takes advantage of; clicking on where you would like to zip is a little easier than hitting a key. However, every other action is just butchered. If you want to swing, you have to look around for a little web thing and make it turn green before you can swing. Then there's the attack. Omg, uuuggghhhh... all you do is click when you are near to a thug and Spidey does whatever his little heart desires, which is one of three combos. Then, here comes the cool part, you get a total of ONE KICK ATTACK!, *faint*. You jump and click and Spidey kicks, reeaally awesome. Then comes webbing, whew, almost done. I bet you can guess, yup, you're right, you click when the little spider says, "web!" and the thug's face gets completely covered in white goo when Spidey shoots a web "ball" the size of a pea. However, there is one cool thing about the game-play. Once you kill enough guys, one gets a power-up thing that causes Spider-Man to glow blue and he can kill thugs in one hit. It's kind of cool, but not really.


The graphics themselves aren't all that bad, but the game is full of glitches where things pop up where they aren't supposed to be. Spider-Man himself gets surrounded by these little black dots. But the graphics, for the game of its age and platform, are decent enough.


The story for the game is completely different from the plot on the movie. Villain battles with Rhino and Mysterio for example (which are ridiculously easy by the way) make the plot a random squabble where you only fight Dr. Octopus three times. True, the first Spider-man did the same thing, but it was done in a more orderly fashion.


No major mistakes here, however, music is lacking quite a bit on most levels. The sound effects are nothing to die for, but you certainly can get used to them.


There are absolutely no extras to unlock in this game; none, zero. This really hurts the game in the re-playability area. In addition, there are very few cheat codes and the ones that the average gamer can use are almost at the bottom in the "fun-cheat-code-scale". Although, there are some interesting secrets. You get to find hidden thugs on rooftops and glowing spiders throughout the free-roam section. But as for extras and cheats, there are virtually none.

I rated this game a five; this is because the game-play was for six year-olds and the re-playability portion was on a downward trek below sea level. If Activision had incorporated more moves and fun into the game, I think Spider-Man 2 could have been a winner.

Rating: 5

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