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Secret Token Guide by Darth Metalmute

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/29/04


By Darth Metalmute

Version 1.2   "Token 42 corrected" 

Note: All directions are in retrospect to the roads in the general 
direction of North Arrow on the in-game map.

I am going to try to count them by location but some might be just 
out of there territory.

Table of Contents

I. 	Financial District
III. 	Civic Center
IV. 	Soho
V. 	Lower East Side
VI. 	East Village
VII. 	Gramercy
IX. 	Tribeca
X. 	West Village
XI. 	Flat Iron
XII. 	Garment District
XIII.	Lower West Side
XIV.	Central Park
XV. 	Theater District
XVI. 	Midtown
XVII. 	Tudor City
XVIII. 	Roosevelt Island
XIX. 	Upper East Side
XX. 	El Barrio
XXI. 	Harlem
XXII. 	Morningside
XXIII. 	Upper West Side
XXIV. 	Ellis Island
XXV. 	Liberty Island
XXVI. 	Credits
XXVII.	Thanks

I. Financial District

1. We’ll start off in the Financial district. In the south-east most 
part of New York, there is a Boat dock building. Climb the building 
and head toward the water side. Enter the middle dock and head to the 
back. Beneath the railing in the middle of the room right above the 
water is Token number 1. You must wall craw to get it.

2. Go North 3 docks from where you just were. Take a left at the road 
and head towards the west side of the first building on your left. Four 
columns in between the building and the column is the token. Just look up.

3. From there head west. Keep going until you hit a green clearing of 
grass on your right. Head north towards the white building with all the 
blue glassy windows. Jump up to the column level and go the third column 
from the west on the south side. Behind column 3 is the token.

4. Head to the north side of the building and take the street from the 
middle of the building North. Once again head North to a big grass clearing 
on your right. Turn right before the grass and head East. The building at 
the end of this road has the token. Go to the east side of the building and
in a crevice on this side has the token on ground level.

5. Head East toward the road by the water. The Dock south of the dock with 
the building on it has the token. Go to the end of the pier and wall crawl 
over the side for it.


6. This could be the FC and it could be the Financial District. Head to the 
South-West most side of New York. On the in-game map it is the concrete 
clearing with two circles in the middle. Head to the first set of building 
North. In the center of these building is a clearing. Grab the token from 
the middle.

7. The building just to the North-west of the last one has your next token. 
Climb the south-west side of the building to the first ledge. The token is 
on this ledge.

8. Follow the water to the Trade Center. There is a smaller glass building 
with a half sphere made of glass. On the north side of the sphere tucked 
between the sphere and the building to the North-East is the token.

9. Go directly East of the last token and hug the wall. Right in front of 
you is the token.

10. Go North along the grass clearing till you come to the buildings across 
the street from one another that have a bridge connecting them. Directly under
the bridge on the west side has the token. Wall climb to get it.

11. Go across the road to the other building and hug the north wall. Follow it
to a indent in the building and look up. There’s the token. 

12. Follow the water North and pass two docks. At the second dock turn right.
At the end of this road you will see an alley between the building in front of
you and a wall. Scale the wall at the corner and tucked between the wall and 
the building within the wall is the token.

III. Civic Center

13. Head back the way you came to the water and head North. Turn at the first
street on the left and take it to the Civic Theater. On the east side of the
theater, between the peak and the roof is the token.

IV. Soho

14. Follow the road on the East side of the theater till it ends at the 
building. On the east side of the building climb the stairs of the ladder 
landings. The third landing from the top has the token.

V. Lower East Side

15. Check your in-game map. On the East side of the map there is a long grass
clearing along the water that goes North to South. South of this clearing is 
a big concrete dock. There is a building on the north side of this dock. Scale
the wall on the north-east corner and there should be a column/pipe going from 
the ground up to the building. Underneath this pipe is the token.

VI. East Village

16. Head North along that same grass clearing until it ends. Across the street 
is a building that says Power Inc. Climb the building and in between three 
walls on the top is the token.

VII. Gramercy

17. Head North-East to the building that is under construction. It should be 
East of the Dorms/apartments. Climb to the top of the construction and fall 
down the elevator shaft. At the top of the shaft is token 17......

18. ....... At the bottom of the shaft is token 18.

19. Head back to the water and go North. Right before the first dock turn 
left at the road. On the right side past the first building, turn right. 
On the small map in the corner you should notice a clearing space between 
the building on the left shaped like a side ways "T". The south-east side 
of this "T" has the token. Stay on ground level and look up in the corner.

20. Head back to the road along the water and head North. When you get to the
dock with the building on it head down the street West. There is a small alley
between the first set of buildings on your right and the next set to the East.
Go down this alley and look angled up to the left. There is a hard to see 
fence in the middle of the building set. Jump over it to get the token.

21. Head towards the tallest building in the center of the map. I believe 
this is the Empire State Building but I don’t know so I will not call it 
that.  Take the road on the east side of the building South and go East 
at the first intersection. Climb the building at the end of this road and 
head toward the center. There is a drop with some heating ducks on the roof.
In the ducts is the token. 

IX. Tribeca

22. Sorry for backtracking. Head to the crane North of Doc Ock’s Dock on 
the west side of New York. In between the two buildings just to the North-East
is this token. The buildings look like warehouses.

X. West Village

23. Follow the road by the water North. At the intersection by the second dock
on your left, climb the building to the North-East. In the middle of this 
building set is a small crevice. Fall down and collect the token.

24. Head back to the intersection and take the road East. You should come to 
an intersection with a triangle corner sidewalk. The building set on this 
sidewalk has the token. In the middle of this building set is a lower building
that has the token.

25. Head back to the sidewalk triangle corner and head across the street East.
In between this building set is a set of balconies. The middle balcony on the
top set has the token. 

XI. Flat Iron

26. Head North on the street to the East of this building. Look for a 
building on your left that says Fine Dining. At this buildings intersection
head East. At the end of this road is two buildings connected by a bridge on
the under side of this bridge is the token.
27. Climb the Daily Bugle building. Jump to the building set South of the 
Daily Bugle then to the building set West. There is a small crevice on the 
East side of this set that has the token in it.

28. Head to the arena. It is the small round building on your in-game map.
On the roof in the center is the token.

29. Take the road on the East of the arena North. You’ll come to a building
on your right with grass around it. At the north end of the grass there is a
intersection. Turn West. On the west side of the second building on your left,
is some grass. In between the grass and the building on the sidewalk is the 

30. Head back to the intersection you just came from and head East across 
the grass. There is a building with a sign that says Rare Museum of Videogames
on it. Climb this building and behind the billboard in a corner is the token.

31.Follow the road on the west side of the building North till you get to the
Activision skyscraper. Across the street West is the building with the token.
In between this building and the building West is a triangle crevice. On
ground level in the crevice is the token. 

XII. Garment District

32. At the intersection at the Activision building head West. You will see
a hospital symbol on the small map. Go to the hospital. When you get to 
the front look up to see the hospital sign. Behind it is the token.

33. From the hospital head West towards the water. Take the road by the 
water North to a crate storage site. In between the two stacks of crates 
is the token.

34. Back to the road by the water and head North. After the water tanks 
head East along a sidewalk. This sidewalk leads to a road. At the second
intersection climb the building to the South-East. On the top in between 
some heat ducts is the token.

XIII. Lower West Side

35. Head to the Spidy Shop North of you. The Shop says Comics. Head South
on the road on the East side of the shop until you can take a road East.
In the middle of the building set on the south-east side of this intersection
is the token.

36. Go to the next building set East. In the middle of this set is the token.

37.Go to the building set North. At the top of the second Northern most 
building of this set is the token. Look close because it is easy to miss.

38. Go the the next building set North. There is a tall building with heat
ducts on the north side of this set. There is a crevice south of this 
building. In this crevice is the token.

39. Head West towards the water. Before you get there, there is a 
Building set North that looks like a flight of stairs on the small 
map with a hole in it. In the hole is the token.

40. Head towards Central Park. Two building sets North of the south-west
corner of Central Park is the token. It is the sideways "U" shaped building
set. In the middle of the "U" is the token.

XIV. Central Park

41. Under the East bridge on the Southernmost East-West street through the

42. West of the bike path between 41 and 43 in some trees. Easier to find
at night. walk until you come to a lamp post, turn left (NorthWest) and
you will see a little hill immidiately in front of you, there is one tree
at the foot of the hill, another tree a little to the left and a third tree
farther back and on top of the hill, it is that 3rd tree which has the
token, the token is next to the top of the tree slightly west of center.

"Thanks to HOFFCORP for pointing out I had East instead of West. I used 
his description for this token."

43. Under the East bridge on the middle East-West street through the park. 

XV. Theater District

44. Building South of the middle of Central Park. In a crevice on the south
side of the northern wall, ground level.

45. Small square building South of the last token. On the south side, 5
ladder landings up.

46. Building set South of last token. In the middle of the set is where
the token is.

XVI. Midtown

47. Take the road South of the last building set to the East. You will
come across a church. On the north-west side of the church tucked in a
corner is the token. This is a hard one to spot. It is midway up the 
wall on the east side of the north-west tower. 

XVII. Tudor City

48. Take the road North of the church to the water. Head South toward 
the United Nations. The token is on the north side of the building, on 
ground level, under a ledge.

49. Check your in-game map and look North-West of your position for a 
building that is stacked, big square at bottom, gradually stacked with 
smaller boxes. Looks like steps one block south of the bridge. Head to it.
In the middle of the building set directly West is the token.

50. Head to the spidey shop North of your position. The building set across
the street is where the token is. Go to the south side of this set and look
for a small indent in the set. Wall climb the back wall of this indent to 
get the token. This token might also be consider in Midtown area.

51. Head toward the bridge. And the first pier on the bridge, the one on the
mainland, climb to the top. On the south side on the landing behind the tower
is the token. 

XVIII. Roosevelt Island

52. Head across the bridge. On the second pier, the first on Roosevelt Island
are two tokens. The first is on the first level up the pier. It is in the
middle. Climb the pier and grab the token.

53. The second token is on the top North tower at the very top of the pier.
Climb the tower to grab the token.

54. A third token lies underneath the pier. Stand directly beneath the pier
on ground level and look up. Climb to receive token. 

55. Head to the northmost point of Roosevelt Island. You will see three smoke
stacks. Between the Northmost smoke stack and the middle smoke stack is the 

XIX. Upper East Side

56. Head back across the bridge to the mainland. Take the road near the 
water North. You will come to a grass clearing on the east side of the
road. Follow the clearing until it turns West. The road on the south side
of this clearing will take you to the token. Come to where the train tracks
start covering the road. Now walk while looking up. On the bottom of the 
track around the middle of the section is the token. Climb up to get it.

57. Get on the tracks and take them East. When they turn North follow them.
You will come to a station. Take the station on the east side down. On 
ground level, under the stairs is the token.

58. From underneath the tracks head North. After you jump over the fence
and cross the street you will see a building on the west side with a 
blueish/purple canopy over a double door. There will be a train track pier
on the corner and one to the North between this section underneath the tracks
is the token. 
Look up and climb. It is on the northern side of this section.

59. Head towards Central Park. When you get to the park head South till you 
see a white building that sort of looks like a toilet. You can’t miss it. 
It is the only building in the game that looks like it. Its right before 
you get to the building in the park. Between the "bowl" and the tower part
is the token. It is on the east side of the tower tucked away.  

XX. El Barrio

60. Head North along the road to the East of Central Park. Take the road 
on the north side of the park East. The road will end at a building with 
some train tracks over it. Get on those tracks and head East. Before the 
tracks head South you will see three skyscrapers to the North. Jump of the 
tracks and head East on the road below along these buildings. There should 
be a spot to the North where you can go between these buildings. Stand 
between the buildings and look up. You will see a building bridge connection
the buildings with a token underneath it. Climb to get the token.

61. Head North to the water. On the map you will see a huge grass field 
surrounded by train tracks. On the north-east corner of the field, climb 
to the top of the tracks. Now look East. On the top of the tracks to the 
east is the token.

62. Take the tracks East until they turn South. Jump onto the building 
set to the East. In the middle of the building set is a clearing with the 

XXI. Harlem

63. Head North and follow the water West. You will come to a grass 
triangle clearing. The building set to the North-West of the clearing 
has the token. It is on the road side between these two places up on a 
ledge. The ledge is between two higher buildings.

64. The building set West of this one on the same block has the next 
token. It is in the middle of the southern part of this set on the ground 
level in a corner. You must jump to get it. 

65. Head to the grass clearing of this location. On the north-east side of
this clearing near the water is the token.

66. Look east of where you found 65. You will see a stack of crate. Search 
the north side of the crates for the token.

67. Head North-East along the water to the other side of the park. Just 
north of the sidewalk is the token by the water.

68. From this location, head East toward the buildings. You will see another
stack of crates. Search the east side of the crates for the token.

XXII. Morningside

69. Head South on the road East of these crates. You will come to the 
college campus. On the small building on the east is the token. It is on
a ledge.

XXIII. Upper West Side

70. This token can also be considered Morningside. Head back to Central 
Park. On the second building set South of the north-west of Central Park 
is the token. The building set looks like four tall buildings with a lower 
building in the middle shaped like a plus sign. In the middle of this set is
the token. 

71. Head to Doc Ocks lab, the building where you first meet him. The 
building set North of here has the token. Its in the corner on ground 
level near the square building directly north of Doc Ocks lab.

72. Head back to Doc Ocks lab. Two building sets west of the lab has the 
token. It is on a ledge on the West side of the building.

XXIV. Ellis Island

73. Last three, Easy to find, hard to get to. Head to Ellis Island anyway 
you want. On the north part of the island is a building with a glass canopy
climb the building by the canopy and look right. There is the token. Its 
behind the tower.

74. On the south side of the island by the water near Liberty Island are
building pointing toward Liberty Island. Between the two east most buildings
behind a tree is the token.

XXV. Liberty Island

75. You made it. Last one. Head to Liberty Island. It is on ground level 
next to the Statue of Liberty on the south-east side. Just hug the 
building till you find it.

XXVI. Credits

Thanks to HOFFCORP for pointing out that number 42 was west not east 
and for giving a better descirption for it.

XXVII. Thanks

Thanks to Activision for making this game that kept me up many of late 
nights looking for that one impossible to find secret token that was on 
a building that I searched more times that I can count. I would also like
to thank them for making 150 skyscraper tokens, because 148 was just not 
enough. And I would like to thank them again for making the hideouts red 
and the stores green so us color blind people have to search every single 
building. Besides that, what a great game!

Thanks to Justin for having me get this game, putting me through what I 
had just listed.

Thanks to the NFL and the Super Bowl for teaching me to count in Roman 

Look for my Skyscraper token guide as soon as I find them all again.

If you wish to contact me on any of these tokens, please flag or urgent 
the email. I recieve so much spam that i just delete the whole box.

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