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FAQ/Walkthrough by Dragon Angel X2 / Arch Dragon

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/17/04

      _______                __                                     
     / _____/        __     / /                                   
    / /             /_/    / /                                      
   / /_____ ______ __ ____/ /______ _____  __________ ______ ______     
  /_____  // __  // // __  // __  // ___// __  __  //___  // __  /         
       / // / / // // / / // ____// /   / / / / / /____/ // / / /     
 _____/ // /_/ // // /_/ // /___ / /   / / / / / // __  // / / /          
/______// ____//_//_____//_____//_/   /_/ /_/ /_//_____//_/ /_/  
       / /
      / /
    /          \
   /______     \
     _____)    /
   / _________/
  / |_________
 /           / 

Spiderman part done by miss lufia
I made the ‘2’. 
Game – Spider-man 2
My account name – Dragon Angel X2
Version – 4.0
Copyright 2009 - Dragon Angel X2/Arch Dragon


Hello, and welcome to the Spider-man 2 FAQ. My name is 
Dragon Angel X2. I noticed that the GameCube version of 
Spider-man 2 didn’t have any guides, so I decided to write one.

Version history:

October 26th 2009 - I haven't played this game in years and I doubt I ever will
again. I was about 15 years old when I wrote this and I am sure I made
many typos, so I am going to go through and fix them all for fun.
July 17, 2004 - 

- Added the Tips section. 
Find some things there to get some hints on how to kill people.

- Character section added. 
- ASCII added.
July 14, 2004 - This is version two. I added the battle section and made 
some changes to make it look better. I also added the General and 
Action controls.
July 11, 2004 –                                                            
Got the game July 7th. Started it, got to chapter 16 yesterday, July 10th. 
Today is July 11th and I finally finished the walkthrough.                 

Table of Contents

1. Controls
  a. General 
  b. Action 
2. Chapters
  a. Chapter 1 
  b. Chapter 2 
  c. Chapter 3 
  d. Chapter 4 
  e. Chapter 5 
  f. Chapter 6 
  g. Chapter 7 
  h. Chapter 8 
  i. Chapter 9 
  j. Chapter 10 
  k. Chapter 11 
  l. Chapter 12 
  m. Chapter 13 
  n. Chapter 14 
  o. Chapter 15 
  p. Chapter 16
3. Battles
4. Characters
5. Tips
6. Closing info
7. Special Thanks

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you have been warned. 

-------1. Controls------------------


A button = Jump – Hold ‘A’ to charge
B button = Attack – Can also do combos
Y button = Shoot web
X button = Dodge when head flashes - crawl
Z + Start = Map
Start = Missions, save, etc…
R button = Fly around town with your web
L button = Sprint
Up on control pad = Fast mode
Down on control pad = Lock on


* - Means in Spider Senses mode
** - When Head flash appears
*** - Dodge was successful
(Found this all in the instruction booklet)
B Button – Right Hook
B Button X’s 2 – Left Hook
B Button + A Button – Head Punch
B Button + Y Button – Web Trip
B Button X’s 3 – Knockdown Punch
B Button X’s 2 + A Button – Jump-off kick
B Button X’s 2 + Y Button – Web Hammer
B Button + A Button + B Button – Air Kick
B Button + Y Button + B Button – Double Fist Uppercut
Y Button – Web Trap
Y Button + Up on Control Stick – Yank Up
Y Button + Down on Control Stick – Yank towards you
Y Button + Left on Control Stick – Yank Left
Y Button + Right on Control Stick – Yank Right
Y Button + 360 degree Stick Rotation – Web Rodeo
Y Button + B Button – Yank Kick
Y Button + B Button X’s 2 – Thrust kick
Y Button + B Button + Y Button – Web Blast
*B Button – Roundhouse Kick 
*B Button X’s 2 – Drop Kick
*B Button X’s 3 – Mule Kick
L Button + B Button – Sprint Uppercut
**X Button + Up on Control Stick – Dodge Back
**X Button + Down on Control Stick – Dodge Back
***X Button + B Button – Counter Flip Kick
***X Button + Left on the Control Stick + 
   B Button – Counter Elbow
***X Button + Right on the Control Stick + 
   B Button – Counter Uppercut

-------2. Chapters------------------

Chapter 1

This is obviously the easiest chapter of them all. The 
mysterious voice (I think it’s Bruce Campbell) will 
teach you the basics. He’ll first teach you how to crawl. 
All you have to do is hit ‘x’. It’s that easy. He’ll now 
tell you how to jump, and about charging your jump.  

Chapter 2

Kill the bad guys
Buy swing upgrade

Now he’ll tell you to jump off the building. He also tells 
you how to use your web to get to places. Use ‘r’ to fly 
around, and hit ‘a’ to release and hit ‘r’ again after. After 
a while of swinging around town he’ll tell you that someone 
is being robbed. It’s the arcade! Well after you fight the 
bad guys go back to the store manager. After then, follow the 
marker to buy the speed upgrade.

Chapter 3

Earn 2000 hero points
Do pizza parlor mission

Now he tells you to save your progress. You probably should. 
Just hit start, then ‘r’, save, and pick a file. Ohh no, 
you forgot about Dr. Conner’s class. Well now it’s time to follow 
the marker to his class. Before you can go to his class someone 
is being robbed. You will fight 4 bad guys and then about 5 more 
will come. You first 4 are real easy, just keep hitting ‘b’ 
and sprint uppercut. After that 5 more will come. Go into 
Spider Senses mode by hitting the up button on the control pad. 

After that you will need to fight the guys. It’s easy. 
Now after you beat them you will see one guy who has 
The briefcase, fight him and bring it back to the girl. Now you 
will need to go to Dr. Conner’s class, but he’ll be mad 
at you for being late. You then tell him you’ll be doing a 
report about Dr. Octavious. After that you will get 700 hero 
points. Now you can just swing around and you’ll find out that 
you’re late to meet Harry and M.J!

Swing about 1500 feet and you’ll meet them. You just barely 
made it in time. You, M.J, and Harry start talking about how 
you’re always late. They talk about Dr. Octavious and then 
you guys go to dinner. Now it’s about time to go do the pizza 
mission. It’s real easy, but be sure not to flip. Be back in time 
and you get 250 her points. 

Now you should do some more missions until you get 2000 hero 
points. When you do you’ll remember you need to go to meet 
M.J for your birthday dinner. Run to the marker, and M.J will 
get you a ticket to her play. She tells you she’s seeing a guy, 
and you’ll see someone getting robbed. You’ll say sorry and she’ll 
be sad.

Next follow the marker and you’ll have to fight like 10 guys. 
After you kill them all you’ll see some girl, turns out her name 
is Blackcat. Now follow her. After you follow her you’ll talk 
for a minute and she’ll flee.

Chapter 4

Complete Daily Bugle assignment
Buy swing upgrade 2
Get 3000 more her points

Now you will need to go to the Daily Bugle. J.J will be mean 
to you and he’ll fire you...again. Well talk to Robbie and 
he’ll have you take some pictures for him. Now go back to the 
bathroom and change. All 5 of the pictures aren’t very far from 
each other, so it should only take a few minutes. Take the 
pictures back to Jameson. He’ll yell at you and tell you that 
Robbie needed them. He’ll then kick you out.

Now after you leave the building you’ll see an explosion. 
It’s actually Rhino. He’ll say he’ll kill you but he’s real 
easy. Just dodge his attacks then hit him. After he loses 
you get 1500 her points. Then, when he’s all tied up,

hit him a couple of times. It’s fun!

After this all you will need to do is fight guys until 
you get the remainder of your hero points. Don’t forget to 
buy the swing upgrade.

Chapter 5

Go to Dr. Octavious’ house
Buy Grapple attack
Get 2000 more hero points

Now go to Dr. Octavious’ house. You’ll talk about his science 
and you decide to talk over dinner sometime. After this you 
will need to get 2000 hero points. It could take some time, 
so be patient. After this go to the store and buy the 
Grapple attack.

Chapter 6

Find the 5 photo op tokens
Go to Mary Jane’s Apartment
Buy level 3 swinging upgrade
Earn 2000 more hero points

When you get to chapter 6, the voice will tell you to find the 
5 photo op tokens. I do suggest getting these first. Just follow 
the markers and get them.
It’s that easy. Now after you get all 5 of the tokens, you’ll 
hear an alarm. It’s Blackcat! Follow her and you’ll get 1000 
hero points.

After this go to May Jane’s house. You’ll find out that you’re 
late and you need to go to the theatre. When you get there you 
get 600 hero points.

Now it’s about time to buy the swing upgrade. Find the store 
and buy it. Now all you will need to do is fighting some more 
guys. Should only take like 3 minutes.

Chapter 7

Complete Daily Bugle assignment
Earn 3000 more hero points

When you walk in you ask Betty to go inside Jameson’s office. 
Like usual he is mad. He tells you to go to the Sport’s 
Arena because some guy named Beck has challenged Spider-man 
to a duel. Jameson needs some pictures, so go down there.

Quinton Beck is trying to prove to everyone that Spider-man is 
a fake. The first round is where you will need to get the 
criminals and put them inside the green colored holes. The 
ones that are red won’t count. They will change so go fast.

Now you will need to go do the platforms. The first one is easy. 
All you will need to do is run past the platforms and hit 

Now you will need to crawl. Wait for your chance. This 
should be pretty easy.

Now the floor will rotate if you don’t go fast enough. 
Be careful not to fall.

Now this one is a bit harder. Every other platform will 
rotate. Well go on one, wait for the next one to rotate, 
then go on the next one.

Now on this one the platforms are sliding back and fourth. 
It’s a bit hard, but just take your time. You can do it!

Now comes the hardest part! All I did was just jump off, 
and then I risked it. I ran do the other side and just barely 
made it. It is just easier then watching the platforms roll 
by and trying to find the right moment.

Now all you will need to do is start to get more hero points.

Chapter 8

Go to Dr. Octavious’ house
Buy level 4 swinging upgrade
Get 3000 more hero points

Now you will just need to find Dr. Octavious’ house. Follow 
the white marker until it turns blue. He will talk about stuff. 
Nothing real important. Now when you leave the place you 
realized you were going to meet M.J so you can see her play.
Better hurry, since you’re timed!

Now some bad guys decided to rob a place. There are like 5 
of them. Then there is a sniper. Swing over to him and throw 
him off using ‘y’. Then take out the other 5 or so. Then 
another sniper will shoot at you from a car. Kill him the 
kill the car. Then kill the guys from inside the car.

After this just follow the blue marker. You will end up 
seeing M.J with Jameson’s son. Then Blackcat will tell you 
she found more bad guys from that old warehouse. Follow her. 
She takes you to the guys and you team up on them.  do suggest
going into Spider Senses mode.

Fight some more guys if you have to, but be sure to buy the 
swing upgrade too.

Chapter 9

Complete Daily Bugle assignment

Follow the white marker to the Daily Bugle. Jameson tells 
you to go somewhere and you will then leave the place. 
After you leave you will see a Mysterio cinema. People are 
dying and you will need to save them. Also, you will
need to beat the bad guys. 

This can be quite easy. All you will need to do is save 2 
people, and then fight all the bad guys, then save the rest 
of the people.

Time to save the Statue! It can be quite easy getting there, 
but some people have the hardest time getting to her. Well 
this is what I do. Jump as high as you can and hit ‘r’. Then 
get as high as you can and hit ‘a’. Keep letting go at the 
top of each swing. It never fails.

Now you will need to hit those 8 things by the crown of the 
Statue. After that hit the brain a few times.

After this you will need to find Mysterious’ apartment. Go 
inside and find your way to his “Fun house of Doom”. Fight
the little guy and go inside.

Now you will need to fight 3 more guys, then after you will 
be able to heal a little. Just keep picking the guys up and 
throw them. Then sprint uppercut them!

Then you will go inside a place with a bunch of mirrors. Other 
guys that look like you will appear, IGNORE THEM!! All you 
need to do is smash all the mirrors.
Be sure to dodge to, and go into spider Senses mode.

After that go into the final mirror (The one you can’t break) 
and go out the exit, then through the window.

Chapter 10

Buy level 5 swing upgrade 
Earn 3000 more hero points

From here you will need to fight some bad guys. Earn a few 
hundred hero points until you realize that you forgot to go 
to Dr. Octavious’ demonstration.

Well when you get there he starts to show off. Until something 
goes wrong! Everything goes whacko and...his wife dies! You 
will need to save everyone else 

Now you will need to hit all the red switches. To make it 
easier go into fast mode and hit them. Charge jump, and hole 
‘a’, then the timing is right
jump to the next one. There are only 4.

Now you will feel sorry for Dr. Octavious. Go around and fight 
some more guys. Dr. Octavious has broken out of the hospital, 
and he killed all of his doctor’s. After you get the 3000 
hero points, you will need to go to Dr. Conner’s place.

Dr. Octavious thinks that Spider-man has killed his wife 
Rosie. Dr. Conner has been hurt by Dr. Octavious and while 
on your way to Dr. Conner you have to kill 
4 more robots. You help Dr. Conner and you end up at the 

Now head to the Daily Bugle where you will talk to Jameson. 
You see them talking about Dr. Octopus, and you walk in. 
You find out that Dr. Octopus is a murderer.
Leave the Daily Bugle.

Chapter 11

Meet Aunt May at the bank
Earn 4000 more hero points

Follow the white marker to the bank where you will talk about 
taking a loan. After about one second of being inside the 
bank you see Dr. Octopus. You leave and change into Spider-man.

Kill all everyone but Dr. Oc. first. Then make your hero 
meter full by dodging attacks. Killing Doc. Oc’s guards 
should be easy, just keep punching them until
they die. Now you will just need to go into fast mode and 
rapidly hit ‘b’ until you see the loading screen. Now Doc. 
Oc will take Aunt May. Follow him.

Fight the 3 guys with the rockets. First tie them up in web 
by hitting up + y. Tie 2 up, and then kill the other one. 
Then tie another one up, and then kill the other. Then there 
will be 1 guy left to kill. 

After that you will need to follow the helicopter, but only for 
a minute. But before that you will need to jump up the building 
before it leaves. Don’t get to close to the chopper, because it 
can kill you.

After this he will drop May in the tracks. You save her and make 
1800 hero points. 

You will need to make the rest of the 4000 hero points, this 
could take a while to do, depending on how much you actually had.

Chapter 12

Go to your apartment
Earn 4000 more hero points

Well when you get to your apartment you’ll need to follow 
Jameson’s instructions. This is basically just to follow the 
blue marker. After that you’ll meet up with Blackcat. 
You’ll be sad because you saw M.J with someone else.

You’ll need to follow Blackcat to see Shocker. When you’re 
facing Shocker, be sure to beat his goons. You’ll make 50 
points per guy. He runs around a lot so be sure to hit him 
as much as you can. Do several sprint uppercuts, and go into 
fast mode when you can, so you can do more damage. After you beat 
him, he’ll hurt Blackcat. But she’ll be alright.

Now you will just need to finish getting the hero points.

Chapter 13

Complete Daily Bugle assignment
Earn 4000 more her points

Find your way to the Daily Bugle, and go inside. Betty will 
invite you in, and Jameson tells you that he needs a photo 
of someone. Before you get there
some guy will tell you that aliens have attacked the mart. 
Kill Mysterio in one hit, and go back to the Daily Bugle. 
Jameson will see the pics of Mysterio and Spider-man, 
thinking that they work together. Now leave the Daily Bugle.

After you get the reward, go back to the rooftop of the 
Daily Bugle and you’ll see Blackcat. She’ll tell you to stay 
calm and she’ll say some inspirational words. She found Shocker 
again! Let’s get revenge!

After following her you’ll run into some bad guys. The first 
batch is easy. Just throw them over the edge. Now follow her 
some more, and you’ll run into some more guys. Just throw 
them over the edge to. Now when you get there she’ll run off 
to find some other way to get inside. Now go deeper inside.

He has these annoying force fields. Cat will stop them, but 
you will need to go to the opposite side and help her. Just 
keep dodging those attacks and go into
fast mode so you can do more damage to him.

Chapter 14

Earn 3000 more hero points

Right after you beat shocker you will need to go to the 
other side of town to go see Mary Jane’s play. Just follow 
the blue marker and you should be there in a few minutes.

When you get to the green marker, you will see Mary Jane is
under attack! Save her, and she’ll tell you she’s getting married.

You feel depressed that Mary Jane is getting married. 
Now follow the marker to see Blackcat. She gives you some 
advice, and you tell her that you don’t want to give up 
being Spider-man.

You decide to go to the warehouse, but you guys are going 
to race there. It doesn’t matter if you win or not. Just 
have fun. They meet these guys who are dressed up like robots. 
This is one of the longest battles. It can take like 10 mins 
if you use the easy method. 

Just stay on the roof and have Cat do everything. In fact you 
can just go grab something to eat. Wait until there is about 1 
guy left, then you can give her a hand.

You can’t decide whether to be Spider-man or Peter Parker. You 
go and visit Blackcat again and you tell her you need to stop 
seeing her. He’s going to try and be both, and you and Cat decide 
to be friends. 

Follow the blue marker to M.J’s house. You’ll meet her and tell 
her that you want to be with her. But she says she can’t because 
she is getting married.

You see Doc Oc. going to pay a little visit to Harry. He says he 
needs more Tritium. Harry says if he brings him Spider-man to 
him then he’ll give him all the Tritium he needs. He says to 
visit Peter Parker to find him, but not to hurt him.

Chapter 15

Go to your apartment

Follow the white marker to your apartment, and you’ll find a 
message from Mary Jane. Now after you hear it follow the 
blue marker to the coffee shop. There you will meet Doc. Oc. 
and he’ll take Mary Jane, and you will need to follow the blue 
marker to him. 

Now the fight on the train begins. First lock onto him by 
pressing down on the control pad. Next, go up to him and 
keep dodging his attacks with ‘x’. Now fill up your hero meter. Go into 
Spider Senses mode and don’t stop hitting him. Now back up 
a bit and keep getting you’re hero meter up to full again. 
Now go into Spider Sense mode and hit him over and over again.
Keep doing this until he is dead. 

Now he’ll take you to Harry’s house. Harry finds out 
that Spider-man is Peter Parker. Peter tells Harry 
that Doc. Oc. has Mary Jane and that he needs to find her. 
Harry tells him that he has a lab by the ocean. Now get 
there in 1 minute. After this is the final battle.

First you will need to disable the 9 switches. As fast 
as you can jump to the bottom of the place. Go around and 
look for the 3 switches. Next, go up one level and there 
will be 4 more. Next, jump on the wall and start looking 
around. It should have some wires that you should follow to 
find it. When you find the 8th one there will still be one 
more to find. Jump to the bottom again, and near the water, 
look for the little patch of wood that will have the other one.

After this Doc. Oc’s shield will be disabled. Now you should 
jump in the water and kill yourself so you can have full health.
 Don’t worry, you’ll end up starting in front of Doc. Oc. 
Now you will need to jump down and go inside one of those 
places where one of those switches were.

Toggle onto Doc. Oc. and hit him a couple of times. Now you will 
need to gain up your hero meter, by dodging his claws. Now go 
into Spider Senses mode. Now hit him until your hero meter runs 
out. Now you will want to gain your hero meter some more. Keep 
dodging his claws and go back into Spider Sense mode. After 
about 5-10 minutes he should be dead. 


Now Doc. Oc. will get electrocuted and some sense will be 
knocked into him. He realizes that he is a bad person, and that 
he needs to be stopped. Now you save 
Mary Jane and he kills himself by saving the city.

You tell Mary Jane to go to her fiance and that they should get 
married. Now you will be in your apartment and you’ll see Mary Jane. 
She has left her fiance and decided to be with you. 
You guys kiss and Peter leaves to save someone.

Chapter 16

Get 50,000 hero points

Now this is the chapter that I’m on. I’ve only gotten about 
15,000. All you need to do is save people until you get 50,000 
her points.

Have fun!!

-------3. Battles-------------------

This is the battle section. though out the entire game you 
will need to fight many people on the streets. Now there are 
2 types of fights:

One type is where you go up and talk to people and they’ll 
tell you the danger.

The other one is where you will see someone in danger and 
you can just go up and save them.

There are different types of battles to. Well, here they are.

  Car Thieves – Well these are the kind of people that killed 
Spider-man’s uncle Ben. There can be between 1 and 4 people. 
You will need to jump on top of the car and bash it using ‘b’ 
until they all come out of the car. When your head flashes be 
sure to hit ‘x’ or else you’ll fall off. Well after that you w
ill need to fight them. Like I said it could be 1 person, or 
4. It helps to tie them up using ‘up + y’.

  Armored Car Thieves – These people will try and steal some 
money from an armored car. It’s  full of cash!! After you 
defeat them all there will be a few more guys that will escape! 
You will need to follow them in their car and bash their car up. 
Now you will need to kill them.

  Sneak attack – I call it a sneak attack because these people 
will try and kill you. Well first when you talk to the guy that 
has the ‘problem’ he will trick you and then they will appear. 
Now there are usually about 6 people. What I do is that I jump
up as soon as I can, then I start trapping them in my web.
  It can take some time, but be sure to dodge their attacks 
using ‘x’. Some of them might have hammers which hurts really bad, 
so be sure to dodge them too. 

  Hanger – There will be times when you need to climb the walls 
and you will need to save someone. They are going to fall and 
they will need your help. Quickly run to the building they are 
hanging on and start climbing up. I don’t suggest jumping around 
trying to save them. This could lead to disaster!

  Sinking Ship – Sometimes when you are by the water and there 
is help needed, someone might be in a sinking ship. Now it all 
depends how you will be able to do this. Sometimes the ship 
will be real close. This is easy because you will be able to 
jump there and back real fast. But sometimes you will need to jump 
on something in order to get to them. This will be hard, and you 
will need to take your time. If you fall in the water with someone 
in your hands they will die, and you will fail that mission.

  The Cops – Well this is where these guys are out shooting Cops. 
It can be pretty scary for them, but when Spider-man comes, he’ll 
be sure to save the day. I’m pretty sure you’re timed when you 
go out to fight them, meaning if you don’t get there in 30 secs 
they’ll die. Well after you save the cops, sometimes some of them
will escape. When they escape just follow them and ruin their car. 
Then kill them.

  Balloon – Well sometimes when you’re swinging around you’ll see 
a little girl or boy has let go of their balloon. All you need to 
do is bring it down for them.

  The purse – Here is where someone will try and rob a girl. No 
one around her will help her to it’s up to you! When you see her, 
kill the guy and give the purse back to her.

  Getting jumped – Sometimes you’ll see a guy getting jumped by 
someone or a bunch of guys. When you see them just kill them for 
the guy.

  Stop the thieves – If you see someone trying to break in to
somewhere just stop them. Usually it’s on a building, meaning you 
can throw them off and kill them instantly.

  Alien attack – Sometimes some of Mysterio’s bad guys will try 
and abduct some people. Now you will need to kill them. They’re 
really easier. Easier then most guys.

  Robot attack – This will probably be the hardest fights you 
will encounter. Those robots will show up sometimes so be careful. 
Now these guys have a very good defense. Well what I do is this:

I get my hero meter all the way full. Next I go into Spider Senses 
mode. Now I fight one until he is dead. Next I fight the other one 
until I’m almost dead. If he dies then you win. But if he’s still 
not dead you should go and look for some kid’s balloon so you can 
get full health. Now go back and finish him off. Sometimes there 
are 3 guys though, so be careful. Don’t go too far or you’ll loose. 

-------4. Characters----------------

Here is where you can find some main characters.

Spider-man/Peter Parker - 

This is the main character, the guy you play as. Spider-Man. If I
could be a super hero I would want to be like him because of
his cool techniques. He was raised in Queens by his aunt and uncle.
One day he got bitten by a mutated spider and got his powers. 

Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavious - 

I have no idea how to spell this guys name. Well anyways he’s the
main bad guy in this game. He has four new limbs and he is very 
strong. He is not very hard to beat. After a failed science experiment,
his new "arms" made him powerful so that he could steal and commit
other various crimes to get the experiment to work.

Mary Jane - 

The love of your life. She is an actress in Broadway. She doesn't
exactly know you're Spider-Man yet because he doesn't want
her to get hurt by enemies.

Blackcat - 

Well this girl is someone who is your friend. She really is! She 
is a thief, but she is also a good person. She is very strong, so
luckily you don’t have to fight her. You will, however, have to
race her.

Harry - 

Harry is Pete's best friend who he's known for years. His father
was the Green Goblin, who was the main bad guy in Spider-Man 1, so
you had to kill him. He doesn't know your secret so shh.

Rhino - 

Rhino is so annoying. He’s quite easy to beat him. He’s very stupid
too. Well his clumsiness is his only flaw.

Shocker - 

Shocker is an electric boss. He shoots electricity at you. He is very
annoying to. He keeps running, because he knows Spider-man is a lot
better then him. He also has a SHIELD to protect him, because he’s

Mysterio - 

This guy is actually that Quinton guy. Err...the guy who thinks he’s 
better then you. Well, he’s not. He’s seems hard, but is very easy.

Aunt May - 

In this game she sounds like she’s 12, but she really is like 70 or 
something. She helped raise you since you were very little. I am not
100% sure on what happened to Peter's parents, but I believe they
worked with SHIELD.

-------5. Tips---------------

In the Doc. Ock battles, train or final, if you shoot a web at him 
RIGHT AFTER he shoots one of his tentacles out then it’ll get stuck 
to the ground. Meaning you can hit him without him hitting you for a
while. -- Name withheld

Getting to Statue of Liberty can be easy. All you need to do is go 
to the “FC” section. Look on your map to find it. Now find a helicopter.
Next you will need to jump near it and shoot your web at it. Now just 
hang there until you get to “Ellis Island”. Now you will need to go 
to the other helicopter. Now shoot to it and hang there until you make 
it to “Liberty Island”. Now climb to the top and jump!! It’s fun.

-------6. Closing info--------------

In conclusion I would like to say that this FAQ is copyrighted 
2009 Dragon Angel X2. Don’t use my FAQ without giving me credit.

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