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Boss/Combat FAQ by JadeDragonMeli

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 10/14/04

				   Spider-Man 2
		        Web swinging & Fighting FAQ for PS2
				   Version 5.0

         |MMMMMMMMM`^````N           MMMMMMMMNNN`^^````````^`^`````^``|
         |MM  MM MM``^^^^NN         MMMMMMMMNNNN`^`^^``````^^```````^`|
         |MM M M MM`^````^`NNN     MMMMMMMMNNNNN^````^^```^``^````^^^^|
         |MM MM  MM^```^``````NNN  MMMMMMMMNNNNN^``````^`^````^`^^```^|
         |MM     MM``^^^^^`^```````MMMMMMMMNNNNNNN^````^``^```^^^`````|
         |MM MMMMMMN`````^^^^````^^MMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN^^W`^```^^^```^``^^|
         |MM     MMNNN``^````^^^^``MMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN``MM`````^^````^^``|
         |MM     MM^NN^NNNN``^^``^^MMMMMMMMNNNNN^NN``MxxM`^````^```^``|
         |MM M MMMMM^^^^NNNN^N`````MMMMMMMMNNNNNNN^^^WxoxWW```^`^``^^^|
         |MM     MMMMMMM^^N^NNN````^MMMMMMMNNNNNN^N``MxoooMM`^```^^`^`|
         |MM     MMMMMMMMMMM^^NN^````MMMMMMNNNNNNN^```MxoxxoooMMM```^`|
         |MMM MMMMMMMMMMMMNNN```^````MMMMMMNNNNNNN^^```WWoxxxoxMM```^`|
         |MM MMMMMMMMMMMNNN`^^^^^^^^^MMMMMMNNNNNNN`^`````WWxxWWW`^`^``|
         |MM     MMMMMNNN^^^```^````^MMMMMMMMNNNN```^```^^`MM`^``^^```|
         |MMMM MMMMNN`^^``^```^^^MMMMMMMMMMMNNNN^````^^````^^`^^^````^|
         |MMMM MMMM^^^NN``^``^M^MMM^^^MMMMMMNNNNN^``^``^````^^```^^```|
         |MMM M  MM^MNNN^^^MMMM^^MMM^MMMMMMMNNNNN^`^`````^^```^^`````^|
         |MM M MMMM^MM^^MM^MMMM^MMM^MMMMMMMMMMMNNN``^````^`^````^^^`^`|
         |MM     MM^^^^MMM^MM^^^MM^MMMMMMMMMMMMNNN```^``^```^^````^^^^|
         |MM M M MMMMMMMMM^^MMMMM^MMMMMMMMN^^MMMMMNN`^^^^``````^^`^```|
         |MM M M MMMMMMM^^MMMMMM^MMMMMMMMNN^`^^MMMMM^NN`^^```````^^^^^|
         |MM MMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN``^`^`^``^`^^^MMM           |
         |MM     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN``^``^^``^``^^^^N           |
         |MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN``^```^^^^``^``^`N          |
         |MM     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM^^NN``^```^``^^^^``^``N         |
         |MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM^^N`^```^```^``^^^^^^NN       |
         |MMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN^^^^^^^```^``^```^``NN      |
         |MM M MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN``^```^^^`^```^```^``NNN    |
         |MM     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN``^````^`^^^^`^```^````NNN  |
         |MM MM  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM^^MMNN```^````^````^```````^^^^^^^|
         |MM M M MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM^^NNN``^`````^````^^```^^```^^``|
         |MM  MM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM^^N``^`````^``````^^^^``````^^|

                ASCII Art created and donated by: Arathorn5000

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction...........................................................SM001
II. Version history.......................................................SM002
III. Controls.............................................................SM003
IV. Web swinging basics...................................................SM004
  A. Moving from building to building
  B. Wall Crawling
  C. Flag poles, street lights, and other things
  D. Jumping
V. Advanced Web swinging..................................................SM005
  A. Cutting that Corner
  B. Speed Swinging
  C. In Air Trickery
  D. Wall Sprinting
  E. Web Zipping
  F. Double Line Catapult
VI. Combo & Upgrade purchase list.........................................SM006
  A. Web Swinging Upgrades
  B. Fighting Upgrades
  C. Air Tricks
  D. Misc.
VII. Fighting Basics......................................................SM007
  A. Starting attacks and combos
  B. Dodging Attacks
  C. In Air Moves
  D. Basic Strategy
VIII. In depth fighting and boss strategies...............................SM008
  A. Air Combo Greatness
  B. Fighting Multiple Thugs
  C. Mysterio's Flying Robots
  D. The Annoyingly Large Robot Guys
  E. Boss Fights
IX. The "Noobs" FAQ.......................................................SM009
X. Future version plans...................................................SM010
XI. Closing & Copyright info..............................................SM011

================================/               \==============================
                                 I. Introduction                          SM001

Moo Goo Gai Pan? I agree! Wow, after so long I finally got something to update 
with. My work is now featured on yet another website (w00t for me!) and I have 
added in a "Virtual Pages" feature. See those little funny letters with a 
number next to them in the Table of Contents? Well young whipper snapper, all 
you have to do is press Control and F together (works with most browsers) and 
it will bring up a "search box" of sorts. From there, type in the Code of the 
section you want to visit and your Browser will search for spots where that 
code is found. Since it is only found in two places, the Table of Contents and 
the section you want to visit, it should make navigating the FAQ much easier. 
I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore, but whatever, it's in there 
now so live with it ^_^



==============================/                 \==============================
                              II. Version History                         SM002

1.0- The very basics of the game are covered. As well as a small tidbit or 
two into some of the more advanced fighting. The combos available for purchase 
are all listed as well. 

2.0- Added a full price list as well as the earliest chapter you can purchase 
the upgrade. Also, I added in a couple contributions I received, they are both 
in the upgrade listing. I also took the time to clean up the FAQ a bit in 
putting in different sections. July 9th, 2004

2.1- Added in contributor names ;) July 12th, 2004

3.0- Added the "Noob" FAQ, as well as some kick @$$ art by Arathorn5000! July 
21st, 2004

4.0- Two new sites are added to my Copyright section. A few new questions in 
the n00b FAQ have been added as well. The layout of my FAQ has also been 
updated ^_^! August 26th, 2004

5.0- At long last you can easily Navigate my FAQ!! Yay!! October 14th, 2004


================================/              \===============================
                                 III. Controls                            SM003

Square - Attack/Action
Circle - Evade attacks/Stick to a wall
Triangle - Webbing
X - Jump
R1 - Center camera behind Spidey
R2 - Web swing
L1 - Spider Reflex mode
L2 - Sprint/Web Zip (must be purchased)
Left Analog - Move Spidey
Right Analog - Camera Control
Up Directional - Also enters Spider Reflexes
Down Directional - Locks onto a specific target
Select - View map
Start - Menu (Options, save/load, etc.)

=============================/                      \==========================
                             IV. Web Swinging Basics                      SM004

Ahh where the real fun begins!! Even though Bruce Campbell does a fantastic 
job instructing you at the start, you may end up forgetting some things due to 
everything you have to grasp in order to play the game. Here is where I come 
in. I will first explain the difference between “Easy” web swinging and Normal 
web swinging.

In Easy Web swinging some of the dynamics to basic web swinging are altered. 
Mainly being that to break a web line you simply have to let go of R2. Where 
as in Normal mode you must manually break your line by jumping and then taping 
R2 again to continue swinging.

So, your first intention is to use Easy right? Yes, while getting around at 
the start will be much easier, you will be unable to perform some maneuvers. 
One in particular is being able to hold a web line in each hand. This move 
really doesn’t serve much of a purpose throughout the game, however, I like 
being able to do all of the moves. So from here I will explain the basics of 
web swinging as if you were using Normal mode.

--A. Moving from building to building:

As stated in the Introduction, the mechanics of Web swinging (with normal 
mode) have changed a bit. Take a leap of faith towards a building and then 
press R2. Keep in mind that instead of being able to hook your web onto 
anything, as in previous Spidey games. You must be in the position to fire a 
line and have it hook onto something in Spider-Man 2, be it a building, street 
light, flag pole, even Helicopters and trees work!

So you have gotten your first line out and hooked to a building, now what? 
Well, there are three ways of continuing your swing. The first is very simple, 
all you have to do is press and release the R2 button again while pressing the 
analog in the direction you want to go. Spidey will simply cut the line, make 
a new one, and continue swinging. This isn’t a very dynamic way of swinging 
though now is it?

The second way is the one you should learn to do as it is the fastest, as well 
as the more dynamic. This is done by riding your web line to the maximum swing 
height, then pushing X to jump and break the line, then pressing R2 and the 
left analog in which ever direction you want to shoot a line and continue 
swinging. This method keeps your momentum going when you jump off, so it 
allows for faster web swinging. With some practice you can easily get anywhere 
in the city with ease. (Note: For an even faster swinging time, jump to break 
your line at the bottom of your swing arc to keep more momentum moving 

The third method I rarely use, but it is there. The move I was speaking of 
earlier where you hold a webline in each hand and do a swinging motion. This 
is done by first swinging, Let us say you shoot your line to a building on the 
right, at any point after the web hooks you then press and HOLD R2 while 
pushing left on the analog stick (assuming the first building you hit was on 
the right). Later on in the game (pretty early) you can by an upgrade for this 
move which allows you to catapult yourself forward quite a distance. But 
method two for web swinging is still by far the fastest. While you have a line 
in each hand you can move the left analog back and forth to make yourself 
swing back and forth, gaining momentum. To continue swinging let go of R2 and 
Spidey will drop the first line he created. Or you can jump and cut both lines.

--B. Wall Crawling:

What would Spider-man do if he didn’t have this ability? Again, some things  
for wall crawling have changed since the last installment of Spider-Man. You 
will no longer automatically grab onto a wall after hitting it, instead you 
will have to manually begin the action by pressing towards the wall and 
Circle. Or, after jumping from your Web line and heading towards a building, 
this can be performed as well.

I don’t think I need to go into detail about how or why this move is 
important. And if I do, then you should not be playing this game. 

--C. Flag poles, street lights, and other things:

Yet another new edition to this game is the ability to grab onto and swing 
around any type of pole that may be protruding off of a building. All you have 
to do is align yourself with the pole so that it looks like you are jumping 
onto it. From here press and hold Circle to grab the pole and begin twirling 
around it. To get off all you have to do is let go of Circle. Timing is of the 
essence. If you release yourself while pointed down you will only fall to the 
ground. But, if you dismount while Spidey is positioned up or forward, you 
will catapult yourself in that direction. 

Again, this is another move that is not all that useful, but hey, it’s there 
for you to do (Although will be invaluable during the Liberty Island sequence 
with Mysterio). 

--D. Jumping:

Simple stuff here. Tapping X will do a little hop, while holding down X will 
charge your jump. You’ll notice the yellow bar on the left side of your screen 
begin to fill up as you charge your jump. Letting go of X at the maximum 
charge will let Spidey jump very, very, very, very, high.

==============================/                      \=========================
                              V: Advanced Web Swinging                    SM005

OK, so you are Cruising around the city by now (hopefully) and you are 
beginning to wonder what other nifty things this game has right? Of course you 

--A. Cutting That Corner: 

So it’s not Gran Turismo, but if you want to be like Spidey you will have 
to learn where to place a web line as well as when to let one go. The further 
you press to the left or right on the analog as you fire your web line will 
determine how Spidey’s momentum shifts. For Instance:

You are on a time based mission and need to get somewhere as quick as 
possible. Sure, you could just swing normally and probably make it in time, 
but if you plan on doing the challenges in the game you will need every 
second. So, to get to your destination you decide to go in between some 
buildings and veer off of the road. Let us say that your alley is to the 
right. The best thing to do is press to the hard right on the analog then fire 
your web. Instead of having to jump to break the line, then move yourself 
towards the direction you need to go and continuing to swing from there. Once 
Spidey creates a line that you pushed hard right on, he will begin to swing 
very sharply to make the turn without loosing your momentum. Practicing this 
would be a good idea, again, especially if you plan on doing some challenges.

--B. Speed Swinging:

Simple enough here again, while you are swinging press the L2 button to get an 
extra boost of speed. This will cause you not only to swing faster, but will 
also increase the maximum height of your swing do to the extra boost. This is 
the type of swinging you should learn to use. This, when used with a charged 
up jump will really make you feel like you are playing a Spider-Man movie!

I found the easiest way to do all of this is right after you release R2 for 
your web line, immediately begin to hold X, and as you are coming up in your 
swing, press and hold L2. Spidey will literally soar through the air with this 
method. You could also just push and hold X & L2 at the same time to get this 
done. But it seems to me by waiting to push L2 until you are on your way up, 
you get a extra little something in your web swing. But by all means if it is 
easier for you to press and hold L2 & X together, right after you web is 
hooked, then by all means do it. Both methods work.

--C. In Air trickery:

While you are in the air with no web lines attached to you, you can pull off a 
couple tricks with style. All you have to do is press X while in the air to do 
one of these tricks. Asides from looking cool, this is an easy way to refill 
your hero meter, as doing tricks will reward you with an increase. Throw a 
line, break it, press X a couple times, then continue swinging. Easy enough?

You can unlock other tricks by purchasing them in the stores. All of them are 
done by pressing X, pressing X again after your initial press will perform 
another trick. Once you get up to the tricks that require five or six presses 
of X while in mid-air, you will more than likely need a tall building to jump 
from to perform them.

--D. Wall Sprinting:

Pressing the sprint button (L2) and then pressing circle to attach to a wall 
will cause Spidey to run up the side of the building! He can only take a few 
steps like this though as gravity will kick in. There are a lot of things to 
do in a Wall run though. You can release and press circle again to enter 
normal wall crawling mode, you can jump off of a building you are running up 
to set yourself up for a web swing. Or the last, you can use your Web-Zip (has 
to be purchased) upgrade to move quickly and make it up the side of a building 
in record time.

--E. Web-Zip:

The ability to buy this upgrade is available pretty early on. Maybe it was the 
fact I was having wayyy too much fun Web swinging, but I did not find out just 
how useful this move was until almost the end of the game. This move is done 
by holding down L2 and then pressing R2 to shoot a line.

While some are probably familiar with the Web-Zip in other Spider-Man games, 
this one (like most other things) works differently than previous Spider-Man 
games. You can no longer Web-Zip across an entire room from pillar to post. 

This move works while you are climbing the side of a building and while in mid 
air, assuming you have something you can web on to. This move is great for 
moments where you miss judge a jump and are plummeting towards the street. The 
reach for a Web-Zip is greater than that of a normal web line. While in mid 
air, performing this move will hook onto the closest thing in the direction 
you are holding the left analog. Spidey will shoot out some web and then pull 
himself in. This is also great for when you are chasing Black Cat. Web-Zipping 
will keep you from losing too much height if you begin to fall and have no 
where to hook a regular Web-Line. Keep in mind that even though this move does 
have better range, you still need something you can hook your web to.

If you do this while climbing and press circle right after the line is shot, 
Spidey will do his wall run for some extra steps. What I like to do is keep 
circle held while climbing, hold L2, then tap R2. As soon as gravity kicks in 
and Spidey is about to fall, I just let go of circle and press and hold circle 
again to enter normal crawling. Rinse. Repeat.

If you have to, practice using this move so you can get the distance and 
timing down. You will thank me later.

Now are we ready to try some fancy stuff? Start web swinging close to a 
building and do a Sprint. Keep L2 pressed. As you near the building jump off 
then immediately press circle, this will put Spidey in wall sprint mode, begin 
charging your jump. Run horizontally and as you near the edge of the building 
let go of X to jump off and then press X a couple times to get a couple tricks 
in.  After all of that press R2 again to Continue swinging. Pretty neat eh?

--F. Double Line Catapult:

This is another move that must be purchased. Position yourself good and get a 
web line in each hand. Swing back and forth while keeping X held to charge 
your jump. Once you have some nice height and momentum going release X to 
catapult yourself forward. This move is nifty and all, but will serve little 
purpose  throughout the game.

With all the options for web swinging I can guarantee a lot of you will be 
playing for hours just to see how you can link moves together to really make 
it look like something Spider-Man would do.


=======================/                                 \=====================
                       VI. Upgrade and Combo purchase list                SM006

Here I will name all the attacks and upgrades available for purchase in stores 
as well as a brief description of them. I will also give my rating on each 
upgrade as to how useful it is. Prices and the earliest chapter they are 
available in are also listed now.

--A. Web Swinging Upgrades:

Swing Speed Level 1-8 - This increases the speed at which you can web swing. 
There are a total of eight levels you can purchase throughout the game. Some 
missions require you to buy this upgrade before you can move on, making it 
almost a must. Although having it, really doesn’t make a whole lot of a 
difference at first. It will become more important when you start doing time 
based missions and such. Rating: 4/5
  Level 1 - 50 - Ch.2
  Level 2 - 1,000 - Ch.3
  Level 3 - 1,250 - Ch.6
  Level 4 - 1,500 - Ch.7
  Level 5 - 2,000 - Ch.9
  Level 6 - 5,000 - Ch.13
  Level 7 - 20,000 - Ch.16
  Level 8 - 50,000 - Ch. 17

Slingshot Jump - Just get yourself a web line in each hand, charge your jump, 
move the left analog to get some momentum going then release X at the height 
of your swing. You won’t be using this much during the game. But it is a 
pretty neat trick. Rating: 2/5 
  600 - Ch.3

Web Zip- While you are in mid air, press and hold L2, then press R2 to shoot a 
web line straight out. After it hooks onto something Spidey will pull himself 
forward. This move becomes more and more useful. Just an example, you jump off 
of a building and realize afterwards you cannot make it to the next roof top. 
Perform this and you may actually stay high enough to reach it, but if not 
then you will hit the side of the building and it’s just a short climb up. 
This is really the most useful in missions when you have to chase Black Cat. 
Rating: 5/5
  1,000 - Ch.3

--B. Fighting Upgrades:

Note!: These are not listed in order that you can obtain them. I am going off 
the order they appear in the upgrade screen.

Grapple - Hold Triangle and Circle together. This move will cause you to shoot 
a line out, yank in an enemy and catch them in a grapple. From here you can 
press Square to beat on them, or circle to throw them. It’s not a bad move to 
use when you only have one or two people on you. Anymore than that though and 
I would stick to other things to deal out punishment. Rating: 3/5
  750 - Ch.4

Air Jump Off Kick - At any point during an air combo press X. Doing this will 
propel you higher into the air while your enemy falls to the ground. While 
this may not seem like much, it is actually a very important move which I go 
into detail on in section VIII In Depth Fighting. Rating 4/5
  1,000 - Ch.3

Cannon Ball kick - Press Square while web swinging. This kick looks similar to 
the one you can do in Spider-Man 1. And it can even hit multiple enemies in 
your path! Be that as it may, I rarely use this. It’s all good to use it as an 
opening attack, or if you need to back off out of a tight situation. There are 
better things you can use though. Rating 2/5
  500 - Ch.3

Rising Knee Kick - Square, Triangle, X. This a launch attack, meaning it 
knocks your enemy into the air for an air combo. Air attacks are great to use 
when you need to polish off a enemy while keeping yourself away from other 
enemies on the ground. Although I prefer to use the Square, Triangle, Square 
combo to launch them up. Either way it’s still useful. Rating: 3/5
  1,000 - Ch.5

Yank Behind - Square, Triangle, Circle. You will web yank an enemy and throw 
them straight behind you. The enemy you yank will hit any other enemies 
standing behind you. This may sound neat, but once you start getting to 
enemies that like to block a lot, your time will be better spent trying to 
pull off Multi hit attacks. The web rodeo move is a lot better to use than 
this as you do full 360 swings so you can hit guys all around you. Rating: 1/5
  500 - Ch.5

Earth Breaker Punch - Triangle, Square, X. Spidey will jump up a short 
distance then come smashing down to the ground. This move is great if you are 
surrounded as it can hit multiple enemies. That fact alone gives you reason to 
use this attack. Rating: 3/5
  1250 - Ch.5

Level 3 Air Combo - Purchasing this will allow you to hit an enemy 3 times in 
the air. Rating: 4/5
  1000 - Ch.5

Launch Kick - AFTER dodging an attack press Square, then X. Another launch 
move. There is another and much more useful dodge attack you can purchase. I 
never ever use this. Rating: 1/5
  750 - Ch.5

Dizzy Strike - Square, Square, Circle. After you connect with this, your enemy 
will be stunned for a short time. It’s much easier just to shoot a quick 
impact webbing though. Rating: 2/5
  1,000 - Ch.6

Multi-web Hammer - Square, Square, Triangle x6. Continuing a combo that you 
have at the start of the game,  this allows you to repeatedly slam an enemy 
into the ground for up to six times. I would refrain from using this a lot 
though as it will leave you wide open for attacks. But it does do some nice 
damage. Rating: 3/5
  1,500 - Ch.9
   (Sent in by: The_haN
    hey dude... thot u might add something inside ur faq... The Web Hang 
    move or wadeva u call it can be very useful... By pressing Square 
    Square, Triangle, X is the basic Web Hang... Pressing Square, 
    Sqaure, Triangle (x6) then X will land a six hit slam then hang... 
    very useful for me...) 

The Hero Punch - Charge your jump meter to full, then press Square. This is 
another attack that can hit multiple enemies and even knocks them back. Even 
so, having to charge jump while trying to dodge or fight can be tricky. 
Rating: 3/5
  1,250 - Ch.7

Interceptor Kick - Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square. This move is most 
useful on an enemy that is a distance from you. You will yank them towards 
you, kick them away, yank them back, and kick them again. It does decent 
damage. I like to use it a lot if I have enemies that have not noticed I am 
there yet. Rating: 3/5
  1,000 - Ch,8

Level 4 Air Combo - Adds a 4th hit to your air combo and does quite a bit of 
damage. Rating: 4/5
  2,000 - Ch.8

Jaw Launcher - Can only be done during Spider Reflexes. Square, Square, X. Yet 
another launch attack. I prefer to keep things on the ground when in Spider 
Reflexes. That’s just me though. Rating: 1/5
  1,000 - Ch.9  

Air Pile Driver - Must Have “Grapple” purchased! Get your goon in a grapple, 
then jump up and press Circle. I like to use this move if I have one or maybe 
two opponents left as it does some heavy damage. But again, trying to grapple 
with any more than that and you are wasting your time as you could be doing 
better things. Rating: 3/5
  1,250 - Ch.9

Web Hanger - Square, Square, Triangle, X. You must be somewhat near a traffic 
light. Quite a neat little move. This is another good one if you have one or 
two opponents. Tie one up while you take care of the other. Or tie your one 
goon up then do a air combo with them tied to the post. They can break free 
eventually so be aware of that if you tie one up and go to take care of 
another. Rating: 3/5
  2,500 - Ch.11

Double Heel Kick - Must first purchase Dizzy Strike. This is just a 
continuation of that combo. Square, Square, Circle, Square. Rating 2/5
  1,000 - Ch.10

Stair Step Kick Combo - Must first purchase Jaw Launcher and be in Spider 
Reflexes. Square, Square, X, Square rapidly. Keep pressing Square as it will 
allow you to hit the enemy over and over with kicks. A pretty good move to 
have as it can take an enemy out pretty quickly. Rating : 3/5
  1,250 - Ch.10

  (Sent in by: Xylymphydyte
    I was reading through you FAQ and thought I might be able to add a 
    couple things if you hadn't already found them. 
    With the Stair Stepper Kick Combo:  I've found it insanely useful 
    for filling my hero meter.  To do this, all you have to have is 
    enough spider reflexes to initiate the combo, then, as soon as 
    you're in the air with them, turn spider reflexes off.  The 
    resulting combo will almost always fill your hero meter completely. 
    Also, if you find yourself with a completely empty hero meter than 
    you just have to have for, say, the mech. suit guys, using your Hero 
    Punch against nothing results in a small amount of your hero gauge 
    filling.  So if you're in a pinch and you can hide, it may be worth 
    using.  I haven't had to yet, but it's useful knowledge if one ever 

Super Web - Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle. The last hit of this attack 
fires an impact webbing at your foe, making it tremendously useful for two 
reasons. One, they can’t move so you can take on other people. And Two, they 
can’t block when they are tied up, so combo away. Rating 3/5
  1,500 - Ch.11

Whirlwind Kick - After dodging press Square, Square. This is the most useful 
dodge attack. You can kick an enemy many times causing a lot of damage. Asides 
from that though it hits multiple foes. So, anyone standing around you gets 
chunks of their life taken away. Rating: 5/5
  3,000 - Ch.10

Rising Shoulder Charge - Fully charge a jump, then press Square while 
sprinting. This will knock enemies back and get you into the air if you need 
some breathing room. But, there are much easier options of doing so. Rating: 
  2,500 - Ch.13

Air Web Slam - You must purchase grapple first! First grapple an enemy, then 
jump into the air and press Triangle. Spidey will attach a web line to the 
foe, then spin around and slam them into the ground. A neat trick for sure. 
But, we go back yet again to grappling with three or more people around. There 
are just better things you can do. Rating: 3/5
  1,500 - Ch.10

Spider Missile - While Wall Sprinting, or Wall jumping, press Square to 
execute a fast homing missile drop-kick. I’ve only actually been able to pull 
this off once. And because it is so difficult to hit correctly, that makes it 
relatively useless. Rating: 1/5
  1,500 - Ch.13

Multi-Web Tie Level 1-3 - Upgrading this allows you to web up multiple enemies 
at once. It’s fairly useful but, keep in mind that it only works on enemies in 
front of you. Rating: 3/5
  Level 1 - 1,500 - Ch.4
  Level 2 - 2,000 - Ch.7
  Level 3 - 2,000 - Ch.9

Wall Sprint Duration Upgrade - Increases the time you can spend during wall 
sprinting. I really did not notice too much of a difference after getting 
this. But I guess it is there...(Note: After I started a new game I certainly 
noticed the difference. So I will upgrade this to a 3/5 rating. This is good 
to have, but is not imperative to get in order to finish the game.) Rating: 3/5
  1,000 - Ch.7

--C. Air Tricks:

Note: A double jump is simply pressing X once while in mid-air. And all of 
these moves must be bought in order. The only purpose these moves really serve 
is that it is an easy way to refill your Hero Meter.

The Inverted Widow - Press X during a double jump.
  250 - Ch.3

Daddy Long Legs - Press X, X during a double jump.
  250 - Ch.8

The Spinnaret - Press X, X, X, during a double jump.
  500 - Ch.10

The Rolling Reporter - Press X, X, X, X during a double jump.
  1,000 - Ch.12

Webtastic 360 - Press X, X, X, X, X during a double jump
  1.500 - Ch.15

The Poison Spike - Press X, X, X, X, X, X during a double jump
  2,000 - Ch.15

Note: A Falling Twirl is basically just taking a swan dive off of a building, 
do not press jump, just kind of run off.

Super Fly Spider Guy - Press X during a falling twirl.
  250 - Ch.3

The Web Freak Tango - Press X, X during a falling twirl.
  250 - Ch.8

Manhattan Web Roll - Press X, X, X during a falling twirl.
  500 - Ch.10

--D. Misc.:

Fighting Arena - Purchase this and Shocker’s warehouse by the sea becomes a 
fighting arena for you. It’s a pretty quick way to build up some hero points. 
It is round based and each round gets tougher.
  1,500 - Ch.16

Movie Theater - Buying this will allow you to watch the games movie sequences.
  1,500 - Ch.16


==============================/                 \==============================
                              VII. Basic Fighting                         SM007

Yes, even with Spider-Man roaming New York, petty thugs will never give you a 
moments rest. So, to change this, we will have to teach them all a nice lesson 
about what happens when you mess with Spidey.

Gone are the days of a separate punch and kick button. Most attacks you start 
out with and most combo’s start with your basic attack button which is square. 
You’re move list is not all that much to look at when starting out. Which 
isn’t all that bad, it is much better to take things slow when it comes to 

--A. Starter Attacks and Combos:

Here is a list of what you start out with when you first begin to play.

Square - Punch

Triangle (tap) - Shoots webbing at an enemy’s eyes/disarms them. It’s easier 
to disarm after you have webbed them up.

Triangle (Hold) - Webs up an enemy

Square, Square - 1,2 combo

Square, Square, Square - Knockdown punch

Square, X - Hop over head punch

Square, Triangle - Web trip

Square, Square, X - Jump-off kick

Square, Square, Triangle - Web Hammer (By holding triangle and rotating the 
left analog stick you can perform the Web rodeo)

Square, X, Square - Air kick (launches enemy)

Square, Triangle, Square - Double fist (launches enemy)

Triangle + Any direction on the left analog - Web Yank. You will yank the 
enemy in any direction that you are pressing. Rotate the stick 360 degrees to 
perform the Web Rodeo.

Triangle, Square - Yank kick

Triangle, Square, Square - Thrust kick

Triangle, Square, Triangle - Web Blast (knock away)

While holding L2 press Square - Rising uppercut (launches enemy)

While holding L2, press Triangle - Impact Webbing (harder for enemies to dodge)

Attacks to do while in Spider Reflexes:

Square - Roundhouse kick

Square, Square - Drop kick

Square, Square, Square - Mule kick

Square, Square, Triangle, Square - Rapid Punches

--B. Dodging attacks:

Circle to dodge, then press Square - Counter flip kick

Circle to dodge while holding left on the analog, then press square - Counter 

Circle to dodge while holding right on the analog, then press square - Counter 

Circle to dodge, then press Triangle - Counter Web slam

Circle to dodge while holding left on the analog, then press triangle - 
Counter web Hammer

Circle to dodge while holding right on the analog, then press Triangle - 
Counter impact web

--C. In Air moves:

After launching your enemy, you can jump up and have a field day with them. 
All you have to do is jump, then press Square. You can only hit them twice 
when you first start out, but upgrades for this will be available later.

--D. Basic Strategy:

So those are your basic moves to start out with. Now for some beginner 

First off, learn to dodge as early as possible. You aren’t given very much 
time at all between the time your spider sense goes off to the time you are 
hit. It’s also a good idea to remember that the closer you are to an enemy 
with a gun, the less time you have to dodge. It’s best to first disarm them 
before charging in.

It’s very easy to get surrounded. If you are getting attacked from all sides 
it makes dodging a heck of a lot harder. There’s no shame in jumping back to 
get yourself out of a tight jam.

For those pesky criminals who are able to dodge your normal web shooting, try 
holding down the sprint button while you shoot. You will shoot impact webbing 
at them. This seems to work in most cases for your common criminals. And since 
the impact webbing also ties them up upon impact, they are easy prey to either 
disarm them or give them a beating.


==============================/                     \==========================
                              VIII. In Depth Fighting                     SM008

I will repeatedly refer to some moves which must be unlocked, if you don’t 
have them, don’t worry. I’m merely just laying out some strategies for the 
different fighting scenarios.

If you didn’t listen to me earlier, then go practice dodging now.

--A. Air Combo Greatness: 

See I told ya I would go into detail on air combos now didn’t I? So why is 
that kick that I said was great to get in the upgrades section so great? OK, 
first get your Thug up into the air. Jump up, hit them twice with Square, then 
press X to perform your Jump off kick. Immediately after this press Triangle 
to throw out a web line and back on the left analog. Doing this will yank the 
goon up to your position where you can combo them again. The beauty of this 
is, you can pretty much do this over and over and over again. I kept one going 
for awhile and when I finally let the guy fall we landed on a roof top! 

I find it easier to keep the combo going if you only use two hits.

--B. Fighting Multiple Thugs:

Chances are a couple of them will have guns. And if one of them has an 
automatic you could be dead before you ever get to fighting. First thing is 
first, use Impact webbing to web up those guys with guns. Don’t bother 
disarming them because as you are fighting the other goons they will 
eventually break free and be able to pick their guns up. After you turn your 
attention towards the non gun holders, the best thing to do is wait for one to 
attack, dodge him/her then do the Whirlwind Kick counter. Fortunately for you 
the dummies will get up and try to hit you again. In two Whirlwind kicks you 
should have killed most of the melee thugs and the gun holders should be about 
to break free. Give them a fresh coating of your webbing and from here you can 
either disarm them, or go combo one until he/she is out cold. 

The combos I usually stick to are the Square, Triangle, Square combo, as it 
launches an enemy into the air, and of course, from there you can do an air 
combo. I also like the Earth Breaker combo because the last hit can hit 
multiple foes. But once you get the Whirlwind Kick counter, you’ll probably 
not be doing much in the way of combos. Only because the move does so much 
damage with so little effort.

Towards the end of the game the criminals well get pretty good at dodging your 
web and blocking your attacks. Just remember that Impact webbing is your best 

--C. Fighting Mysterio’s Flying Robots:

The easiest and best thing to do here is actually let them come in close to 
you. Then jump at them and do an air combo. Since they fly, they don’t fall to 
the ground on the last hit. So that means you can do two combos on them which 
is what it will take to kill one. That’s all there is to these guys...

--D. Fighting the annoyingly large Robot Guys:

If there is something in this game that gives me a headache it is these 
things. The first time you fight them with Black Cat the best thing to do is 
actually get behind one of the containers and start taking out the little 
guys. With a little luck the big robot things will actually start to kill each 
other because they like to fire rockets at you non stop. If you get in 
trouble, get up to a roof top quickly.

Spider Reflexes is a must here if you are fighting two or more of these things 
at one time. Just try your best to stay behind them and keep on the combos.

If you find yourself unable to beat this level at all, even after taking out 
the little guys, just let Black Cat run around. She will actually attack them 
and eventually kill them (and you’re supposed to be a hero?).

From this point on these guys will appear in missions around the city (yay for 
you). Stay clear of their rockets obviously. If you get in front of them and 
can dodge well enough, just keep dodging. Chances are they will hit one 
another and eventually kill each other. When there is only one left try again 
to stay behind him and take him down with combos.

--E. Boss Fights:

-Fighting Rhino:

There’s nothing too difficult here. He is invulnerable to webbing and most of 
your attacks at first. He has one attack where he attempts to hit you three 
times with this large pipe he is holding. All you have to do is dodge the 
three hits and then proceed with a combo.

-Mysterio’s Conquest of Liberty Island:

At first this may seem like a tough fight but there really isn’t much to this. 
First use the floating platforms to make your way to the top of the Statue of 
Liberty. Once you are there you will see a large rotating device with eight 
poles sticking out of it. At the end of these poles are eight orbs you must 
smash in order to be able to stand in the center of the rotating platform 
safely. The hardest part is smashing the orbs. 

Start web swinging around the rotating platform until you can get yourself 
into the position to grab onto the pole. Once you grab onto a pole keep circle 
pressed until Spidey stops swinging himself around it. Once he has, you can 
safely let go of circle. Now crawl out along the pole to the end where the orb 
is, do a small jump, and then start pressing Square like you are going for an 
Air combo. Even if you over or under shoot your jump, the game is set up to 
kind of “Draw you in” to the nearest enemy when you are doing an air combo. It 
only takes two or three hits to destroy an orb. Immediately after you destroy 
an orb web swing to the next nearest pole and repeat the process. On the last 
orb, web swing to the center piece (sprinting while swinging helps!). 

In the very center of this piece you will see the “Mother Brain”. Just jump up 
to it and combo it. With any luck you will kill it now, if not, the orbs will 
soon reappear and the rotating blades will start up again. So if you see the 
orbs come back get off the center!! Just repeat the process to stop the blades 
again and finish off the brain.

-Fighting Doc Ock at the Bank:

This is only difficult because of the stupid guys standing around firing 
grenades at you. Your first priority is to take these guys out as quick as 
possible while trying to stay away from the good Doctor. Use impact webbing 
and your strongest combos to take these guys out. Don’t stand still too long 
as Doc Ock will eventually get to you and plus the other goons shooting 
grenades continuously.

Once they are finally gone you can concentrate on the Doc. Dodge his attacks 
then immediately hit triangle to web his tentacle to the floor. Once his 
Tentacles are tied down you can run in for a combo. After you finish your 
combo jump away to a safe distance because his tentacles will soon be free. 
Just repeat this process until he is at half health. Once he gets to half he 
runs off.

-Fighting Shocker:

Once the fight starts you just have to work your way to him. He will be 
jumping all around while shooting at you. Once you get next to him, land a 
combo then quickly back away. Shocker will charge up and unleash a huge shock 
wave that covers about half the stage. Just keep at him and wear him down.

-Fighting Mysterio in the Store:

I just can’t figure out a pattern for this guy =/ I think I beat him with 
luck. *Joke off* Ok, seriously all you have to do is hit him once. That's it! 
Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, go directly to Jail.

-Fighting Shocker in the OsCorp Lab:

Ok, the neat little lock on target thing that you never use? Yeah, that! 
You’re going to want to use it here. Start out by continuing to web swing 
around the room while Cat figures out how to shut the machine off. Once she 
does, swing up to your platform and turn off Shocker’s shield. Turn on lock 
target and jump down to Shocker. Use the same method as before, combo, then 
back off. Eventually he will go back and try to use the shield again. Swing 
around until Cat calls for you.

The third time he goes for the shield Cat says she is going to take them down 
permanently (thank god). So after she does, Finnish Shocker off.

-Fighting Doc Ock on The Train:

Use the same method as the bank scene. His attacks are a little faster now, 
that is all.

-Fighting Doc Ock at his Lab:

When you start this level out the Doctor is invulnerable to all of your 
attacks. And his attacks are more powerful and faster than ever. And to top it 
all off you have to deal with another stupid fusion machine that likes to 
shoot plasma bolts at you.

Well, first thing is first, lets take out Doc Ock’s shield AND that friggin 
machine. You will notice power cables coming out from the machine, follow 
these as quickly as possible to the control panels and shut each one off. 
There are two that are kind of hidden, one is underneath the main floor on a 
wall. You can get there easily by the incredibly large hole in the floor. The 
other is up high on the side of a wall. 

After you disengage all of them a short cut scene will take place. When the 
game resumes it’s time to put down the Doctor. Before you do anything though, 
swing to the opposite side of the room to the largest open space.

You know the drill by now, web up his tentacles then go in for a combo. What I 
found works best is that you can do an air combo for the maximum 4 hits, then 
as soon as you hit the ground land another couple hits, then back off.

-Mysterio’s Fun House:

Ok, so it’s not a boss fight, but some people have trouble with it. In the 
room with a bunch of mirrors and a hologram image in the center the easiest 
way to beat it is to do this...  Don’t worry about the deformed Spider guys 
that come out, start breaking mirrors. What you are looking for is after you 
break one of the mirrors, a colored laser appears and is going towards the 
hologram image in the center. Now, from this mirror that has the laser, break 
every 3rd mirror. Every 3rd mirror hides another laser, once you have broken 
all the mirrors with lasers your clones will disappear and another laser will 
shoot down from the hologram revealing the exit.

============/                                                       \==========
            IX. The "Noob" FAQ (please for the love of god use this!)     SM009

-Question: How do I hang people from light poles?

say that 
loud enough? After you purchase it, the command is Square, Square, Triangle, 
X. And you MUST be at least in the general vicinity of a light pole or street 
light. This move can also be linked with the Multi-Web Hammer move. Square, 
Square, Triangle (X6), X.

-Question: How Do I unlock the symbiote suit? I heard it was in the game.

Answer: You can't, sorry. People have gone through with Hex Editors and found 
nothing about any other kind of skin, or suit, for Spidey.

-Question: What is this "Great, Super Secret, Ultra-Cool unlockable that Trey 
********** Arch said was in the game?"

Answer: Wall Sprint Duration 2 Upgrade? Again, nobody has found anything, even 
with a Hex Editor. To get the Wall Sprint Duration 2 Upgrade, collect all 150 
sky scraper tokens. This will unlock the upgrade in the Spidey store.

-Question: I can't beat "Insert name of enemy here" how do I beat them?

Answer: Check my advanced fighting section. If it's a boss, check the boss 
strategy section. If it's an arena fight, Fuma's FAQ on the arena should serve 
you well. And you can find it right on GameFaqs.com!

-Question: I heard The Lizard was in the game, is this true?

Answer: That is still up for debate. The Hex Editor shows there is a skin 
named Lizard or something to that affect. And there is even a sewer entrance 
which looks like it could be entered. Many people, including myself, think 
that The Lizard was originally planned as a part of the game, but it was taken 
out  due to the fact he may be making an appearance in Spider-Man 3 the movie. 
This  could very well be the "Great, Super Secret, Ultra-Cool unlockable that 
Trey Arch said was in the game.". But, if it is, it is extremely well hidden. 
I will go on record as saying No, he is not in the game.

-Question: I heard Venom/Electro/Sandman/"Insert villain name here" was in the 
********** game, are they?

Answer: No, no, no, and no.

-Question: Is there a way to go past Roosevelt Island on the bridge?

Answer: No. The "Area Unavailable" is the way Trey Arch is trying to tell you 
that you can go no further. You have all of Manhattan Island, and Roosevelt 
Island to swing around in, so go do it.

-Question: I heard you can actually get 100.96% is this true?

Answer: Sure is! The maximum is not 100% but is actually 100.96%. The reason 
for this? No exact reason has been given for this. It could merely be a glitch 
that was not caught OR, my theory is that Trey Arch added in something when 
the game was nearly completed. Something like Mega Challenges, and did not 
have time or simply forgot to work out the percentage value.

-Question: I just exited Mysterio's fun house. My only objective is to 
********** complete the Daily Bugle assignment, which I have. But the story is 
not progressing, what am I doing wrong/missing?

Answer: Unfortunately, it seems some copies of Spider-Man 2 have a glitch that 
prevents you from going any further at this point. People on the GameFaqs 
message board have tried to restart the whole chapter, only to have it happen 
again. The best thing I can tell you is to delete your game data and restart. 
If the glitch has happened yet again, after you make your way back through the 
game, then take it back to where you got it from (don't forget your receipt) 
and get yourself a new copy. It seems that not all of the copies have this 
glitch, me and many others have not this happen. And I have played through 
that part three times.

-Question: Is it possible to play as Doctor Octopus in this game, like how you 
********** could play as Green Goblin in Spider-Man 1?

Answer: As of yet, no. It may be interesting to note though that a interview 
that was posted on the GameFaqs message board, a developer for the game was 
quoted as saying, "It was a real challenge to get him to swing from building 
to building". I can only assume he means creating the "physics" used to make 
him look and act appropriately. The interesting thing is though is that he 
never once swings from building to building during fights or in the cut 

-Question: I have unlocked the Fighting Arena, but can't find it. Where do I 
********** go?

Answer: The Arena is located in the warehouse that you fought Shocker in the 
first time. To find it, simply look on your map, you might miss it at first 
though. The challenges are marked on the map as a circle with a star in it. 
The Fighting Arena is marked as a square with a star in it. It's along the 
shore line, so look for the square.

================================/               \==============================
                                 X. Future Plans                          SM010

None as of this moment. I think most everything about web swinging and 
fighting has now been covered. But, I am reluctant to put FINAL, on this 
version because, ya never know.

Also I would like to add that I do try to respond to every E-mail I get. 
However, sometimes I got so many that I did not respond to everyone. Sorry for 
that. And to those who sent in contributions, I try to reserve that right for 
things that may not be known to the general gaming community. Or rather, 
things that I have not seen posted on the GameFaqs.com boards.


==================/                                             \==============
                  XI. Copyright, Closing, and all that good stuff         SM011

Many thanks to Arathorn5000 for his Spider-Man 2 ASCII art!
I'd like to thank The_haN & Xylymphydyte for their contributions.
I'd like to thank GameFaqs.com for creating and maintaining an awesome website.
I would also like to thank Trey Arch for developing the best Super Hero game 
to date.
And of course, the people who have taken the time to E-mail me and tell me my 
FAQ was useful and good. Thanks ^^

This FAQ is Copyright 2004 by Josh Ford.
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