1. Paul Lee Additional Animations
  2. Robert Berger Additional Writing
  3. Kelly Byrd Additional Writing
  4. Matt Rhoades Additional Writing
  5. Jim Battaglia Animation
  6. David Hunt Animation
  7. Gabriel Valles Animation
  8. Blake Bush Animation Director
  9. Jeff Foucart Animation Lead
  10. Jon Jordon Animation Technical Director
  11. Scott White Art Director
  12. Jason Gary Art Lead
  13. Robert Berger Casting and Voiceover Direction
  14. Sergio Bustamante II Casting and Voiceover Direction
  15. Kelly Byrd Casting and Voiceover Direction
  16. Tom Hays Casting and Voiceover Direction
  17. Margaret Tang Casting and Voiceover Direction
  18. Craig Gilmore CG Animator
  19. Cemre Ozkurt CG Animator
  20. Makoto Koyama CG Animator Lead
  21. Sherry Wallace CG Producer
  22. Noel Gabriel Composer and Sound Designer
  23. Scott Laing Design Director
  24. Wiley Akins Environment Art
  25. David Genet Environment Art
  26. Brennan Hornburg Environment Art
  27. Peter King Environment Art
  28. Sean Murphy Environment Art
  29. Robney Gibbs Executive Producer
  30. Jerome Denjean Finishing & Lighting
  31. Willi Hammes Finishing & Lighting
  32. Dan Knight Finishing & Lighting
  33. Time Wallace Finishing & Lighting
  34. Dave Wilson Finishing & Lighting
  35. Marshall Andrews Game Design
  36. Matthew Mboya Crump Game Design
  37. Mike Wabschall Game Design
  38. David Nibbelin Layout Animator
  39. Jangwoo Choi Modeler
  40. Sebastien Chort Modeler
  41. Jerome Denjean Modeler
  42. Willi Hammes Modeler
  43. Barrett Meeker Modeler
  44. Laurent Pierlot Modeler
  45. Nathan Reidt Modeler
  46. Seung Youb Shin Modeler
  47. Tim Wallace Modeler
  48. Dave Wilson Modeler
  49. Gavin Carlton Motion Capture Actor
  50. Meredith Charles Motion Capture Actor
  51. Steve Gibbons Motion Capture Actor
  52. James Lee Hymes Motion Capture Actor
  53. Vanessa Vander Pluym Motion Capture Actor
  54. Ryan Girard Motion Capture Data Clean Up
  55. Mike Reagan Music
  56. Ellen Hobbs Producer
  57. Chad Goolbis Programming
  58. Scott Graessle Programming
  59. Marshall Kunze Programming
  60. Jeff Lafitte Programming
  61. Jim Loecke Programming
  62. Acy Stapp Programming
  63. Paul Hormis Rigging & Cloth Simulation
  64. Sean Mcnally Storyboards & Concept Art
  65. Chuck Wojtkiewicz Storyboards & Concept Art
  66. Daniel Perez Ferreira Visual Effects
  67. Kirby Miller Visual Effects
  68. Mindy Sterling Voice: Aunt May
  69. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Bank Teller
  70. Alfred Molina Voice: Doc Ock
  71. Alfred Molina Voice: Dr. Otto Octavius
  72. Mindy Sterling Voice: Female Pedestrian
  73. Mindy Sterling Voice: Female Scientist
  74. Kirsten Dunst Voice: Mary Jane Watson
  75. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Mysterio
  76. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: MysterioBot
  77. Bruce Campbell Voice: Narrator
  78. Charles Klausmeyer Voice: Pedestrian
  79. Tobey maguire Voice: Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  80. Jay Gordon Voice: Police Officer
  81. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Puma
  82. John Dimaggio Voice: Rhino
  83. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Scientist
  84. John Dimaggio Voice: Security Guard
  85. Charles Klausmeyer Voice: Security Guard
  86. John Dimaggio Voice: Thug
  87. Jay Gordon Voice: Thug
  88. Charles Klausmeyer Voice: Thug
  89. Joe Alaskey Voice: Thugs
  90. William Schneider Voice: Thugs
  91. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Train Conductor
  92. Rodney Gibbs Writer
  93. Robney Gibbs Writer
  94. Kelly Wand Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by BartSmith, BGoldTLE, Guard Master, and misschu.

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