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FAQ/Walkthrough (VGA Version) by sissor_man

Updated: 07/09/00

L     E       I   S     U   U R   R E        S     U   U   I     T
L     EEEEE   I   SSSSS U   U RRRRR EEEEE    SSSSS U   U   I     T
L     E       I       S U   U R  R  E            S U   U   I     T

L     A   A R   R R   R    Y Y
L     A   A R  R  R  R      Y
LLLLL A   A R   R R   R     Y

(In the land of the lounge lizards) [256 color VGA version]


A few words before i start with this faq, this faq is for leisure suit larry in the land of the
lounge lizards VGA version. there are many faq's out for both versions, so i decided to add to
the list. i hope you like my faq and find it helpful, i have a box of thank you's on the 
bottom, i also apologize if anything in this faq is wrong (spelling, grammer, etc.) I expect the
people that read this to know how to function in the game, such as move and smell and use items.
oh by the way this faq is protected by copyright law 1998, Joey Rowland(understand) i refer to 
larry as you, and sometimes as larry i think it adds more taste to this faq so you or larry its
always the PLAYER.


In the beggining when you first start up leisure suit larry in the land of the lounge lizards
vga version (ahhh) you are confronted with one question that everybody hates to be asked when
playing an adult content video game, your age. If you click you are under 15 than it tells you
that you are too young to be playing this game and to get an adult right away (well we all know
no one is wanting to get an adult, so they kick you off) if you click over 100 they say no your
not and instantly kick you out. so the best one in my opinion would be 16-18, of corse they mock
you and ask shouldn't you be doing your homework but who cares if they let you in? but if only it
was that easy, you are confronted with more than a few questions concerning your age. (o.k. o.k.,
if you want to answer them and try to get them right by all means do, but if you want a quick and
easy way out just press Ctl+Alt+X) of course you will be called a cheater but who cares, your 
on your way to play the game, but oh what is this, a copy protection question? well sorry folks
but you must have a legit copy of the game i can't help you out with this one, look in the book
for the answer or if you lost the book (yea, right) just guess. and finally when you are finished
it will be time for you to slip in your leisure suit...

Here you are leisure suit larry finally living your dream of becoming a sexy swinger, but low and
behold you must find a woman. all you have in your pocket is some lint, a pocket watch, which 
states that the time is 10:00, breath spray and wallet with credit cards (not used in the game)
some notes (sierra hint line, and buy more al lowe games) and 94 bucks in cash (what the heck
that is not enouph to buy chicks respect), so you need to go to the casino. How you ask, when 
everytime you try to cross the street a car runs you over without consideration and if you try
to take the ally a mean gang member beats the crap out of you, so how? well you see that
small yellow sign with writting on it (well its not that samll) click your hand cursor on it and
larry will yell for a taxi (but he shouldn't wait too long because there is a little dog there
waiting in the shadows to mark his territory) but be patient soon enouph a taxi will pull up to 
the curb, but dont keep the taxi waiting too long or he will drive off. use your hand cursor on
the taxi and larry will strut over there open the door and hop in.

As you enter the taxi, the driver starts the meter and snarls where to buddy? well, you have in
mind the casino, but just click your talk cursor on the taxi, and larry will ask where the hot
spots in town are. The driver glady gives you a long explanation to where everything is happening
in the land of the lounge lizards (i mean why not the meter is rolling) and it will give you a
list of all the happening spots, click casino, and the driver will take you there. (be careful not
to talk to him again, its twice as much when you change your mind on where you want to go. and 
after a couple of seconds and many dollars later the taxi comes to a stop. remember to pay him
(click on your suitcase, click your wallet, click o.k. and click the wallet on the taxi driver)
the taxi will thank you and hopes to see you again (dont offer a tip its not in his best interest
he beleives) finnaly you are glad to get out of that stinky taxi cab, now you are in front of the
casino. And that means only one thing time to gamble. so you enter the building. (isn't it funny
how the doors swing open when you try to reach out to them) and here you are inside the casino
your home away from home, you still think to yourself, if i want chicks i need green, so you head
over the the only available black jack machine. click your hand cursor on the black jack machine
to play. It charges 10 dollars, that is the minimum bet for this machine. (BUT BEFORE YOU CLICK
the money you have (besides you have to bet alot to get alot) and if you win, your money gets
doubled. (what i do is every time i win i click cash out and i save it that way if i lose i can
always restore my game) continue to do that untill you get about 700 dollars, you dont really
need that much but more is better than less. when you are finsihed winning big SAVE IT!!! 

You decide to leave the casino, and check out that bar you were in front of when you first
arrived in the land of the lounge lizards. so you hail a taxi (remember click the hand cursor on
that little yellow sign?) and as you are waiting you are approached by a nude man whos only
covering is a barrel. he asks you if you are interested in buying an apple, real cheap only 10
dollars (yea, right) so you think hey i have plenty of money, whats 10 dollars so you buy one.
(get your wallet ready and click it on the man, he will then give you a red apple) alright the
man says as he leaves. Your taxi pulls up to greet you so you enter, this time your destination
is to that bar called lefty's. as the taxi drops you off in front of leftys you decide to get a
drink (hopefully you paid the taxi) this bar is a dump larry thinks to himself as he checks out
the art that he so loves to admire. Larrys gaze instantly moves twords the woman whos leg muscle
could choke a bull. hello lovely leg larry tells her as she get angry with him and threatens you.
the bathroom larry thinks to himself, i better go as soon as i get a drink. so larry decides to
go to the empty stool to sit down and have a few drinks. as he gives the bartender his order, a 
man with blonde hair and a filthy white t-shirt starts telling jokes, but the weird thing about
it is, its only the last part of it. click your talk cursor on him to shut him up, and if he 
continues keep telling him to shut his mouth, he'll never learn but a few seconds of silence is
better than none. here's your drink sir the bartender said as he slammed down a shot of whiskey,
hey thanks you tell him as you sit 5 bucks on the table, you don't decide to drink the whiskey
instead you decide to hold on to it. you stand up and begin to walk over the the jute box, until
you smell your breath (ewwwwwwwww..) if your going to score women, your going to have to have 
more than just money, you have to have nice smelling breath. so you decide to use your breath 
spary. (ahhhhh) as good as new. you insert a dollar into the jute box and pick a song of your 
choosing (i don't really listen to the jute box so pick whatever) as you stand and listen to 
the music, you decide now would be a good time to head to that bathroom. on your way to the
restroom, there is a rose sitting on the table that catches your attention, and also a bum
that also catches your attention. you decide to take the rose, and talk to the bum. Hey man you 
got a drink, he tells you through drunken slurs. well of course you got that whiskey, that you
decided not to drink, so what better to use it on than on a drunk? so you give the drunk your
drink. (glug,glug,glug) the drunk bum thanks you by giving you a remote, you take it to show 
respect, i mean what could a bum give you? and you enter the bathroom to start your buisness.
finally your alone away from all the noise of chit chatter and away from all the filth or so you
thought. leftys bathroom is as clean as his bar, but you decide a toilet is a toilet. so you sit
down to do some buisness. (click your hand on the pot) and you pick up your favorite newspaper.
how boring you think as you decide the graffiti on the wall is more interesting than that dull
newspaper. there are various messages there such as ken sent me. hmmmmmmmm, that is interesting
larry thinks to himself as he decides to write it down. Im finsihed he says to himself as he puts
the paper away. nah i better not flush you say aloud as you seen the maintenece of this place.
ill just try to wash my hands, as you do you find out there are no towels, but something much 
more valuable. a ring, you decide to take it. (you consider bringing back this ring but than you
come to your sensus) you can't stand to smell this restroom anymore so you leave. did something
die in there the smart mouthish bum states, you decide to ignore it, as you enter the bar, a 
woman yells out hey dork you got toilet paper on your leg, you decide to ignore that also. theres
another door besides the exit and the one that leads to the restroom you notice, so you decide to
see where it leads.

You try to open the door but to your suprize it is locked. you knock on the door and wait for an
answer. after a while and man looks through the peep hole, and states, whats da password? you sit
there stunned for a minute (but dont be stunned too long or he'll leave you high and dry) you
begin to stutter uhhh?? ken.. sennnnt.. me? the man behind the door snarls, just a minute, and 
you hear a click. it worked the door is open!!! but what lies behind it? you decide to go through
and you see many things, for instant the moose is real, and there is a t.v. and a pimp gaurding
a stairway that looks to be leading to that room with the light on in front of leftys. You decide
hey im going to try out this remote on this t.v. i mean the bum probably stole it, or something.
so you turn the power on. poof the t.v. turns to life. it worked you say to yourself as you 
channel surf. Ohhh.. marsha.. oh.. you turn into a channel that perks your interest as much as 
the pimps, he pushes you out of the way, move it your in the way as everything you do seems to 
be ignored. You walk up the stairs now's my chance what is this guy gaurding any ways? 
(he's a pimp so you decide)

You see a black woman sitting on a raggedy looking bed, shes chewing gum, and has a sign above 
her bed that says no refunds for early withdrawls. you notice she has her cloths on a line above
a table that has a heart shaped box of candy on it. the window is open and the light is on. you
look at the woman, who certainly enjoys her gum, and take a second to decide, ewww i need
protection, so you decide, to leave to the conveinence store to purchase your nessasary needs.
the pimps program should be on for quite a while so you leave and hail a taxi.

as you leave the taxi, you discover there is a blue phone so you decide to have a little fun.
you dial 555-6969, and a woman with a smooth voice answers. (ill skip all these questions becasue
this is your turn to have fun) after hearing your prize you hang up and walk inside the store.
there are camera's everywhere so you decide to just get the nessasary things now, and get out of 
here quickly. you go over to the rack to get a specail magazine, you get some cheap booze, you 
see if they have any breath spray in case yours run out, and you go up to the counter and notice
the one item you really need. (you see on the counter a little box click the hand cursor on that)
you look around to see if anyone notices you and you ask the clerk a question. (he's gald to 
answer your question and more, this is your part so have fun) you pay for all of it and leave.
as you stand outside a bum, much like the one at leftys bar approaches you and asks you for some
money give him money if your heart is soft, but what he really wants is some booze. so give him
that cheap booze you bought. (you and the buisness lady are just going to have to drink water)
the glugs it down quicker than the last bum and thanks you, he gives you a pocket knife. hey
thanks you say as the phone starts to ring you walk over to answer it (this is your part so have 
fun) as you hang up you hail a taxi, becasue you have to visit that professional lady pronto.

It's time to fulfill your fantasy so get out of the taxi, head into leftys, pass the brainwashed
pimp, head upstairs, and in front of the bed. take off your cloths, use your breath spray, and
put on your jimmy hat, and jump right in. after a minute (hahaha) your finished, take off your
jimmy hat after you get dressed and ask her how was it. how was what she replied. you feel bad,
not about that comment but about how you want to please other parts of you than just your special
organ. you think to yourself that everytime you pass the pimp its a risk so you head out the 
window, but before you do, you decide to get some chocolate, who knows there might be a woman who
just loves sweets. when you are out of the window you notice there is a window next door with 
some pills in it, and a trash can below you. you walk over to the emergency ladder very carefully
not to fall and whooooooops, you fell in the trash. this is embarrising you say to yourself so 
you decide to make something of it by exploring the trash can. bingo!!! you found a hammer, you
never know when a good old hammer might come into place. so you get out of the trash can and find
yourself standing in front of leftys again.

You finsihed what you came here to do, you won quite a chunk of change at the casino, but your 
still not happy. I know what will cheer me up you say to yourself, a nice night out in the disco
club, but how do i get into there you say to yourself, when you went to the store, you noticed a
big bouncer standing there. I need to think..hmmmmmm, i know ill try the casino again all sorts 
of rich and important people lose their stuff there. and so you hail a taxi, and head twords the
casino, as you enter the casino you decide to explore more of it. (besides you got nothing else
to do)

There it is a disco card carelessly laid in an ashtray, you decide to take it and put it in your
pocket, besides its yours now. you think, hey this is luck, or im a really good fourtune teller.
you look at the card and then at a big sign that say the cabbana. you decide to go in there and 
relax, i mean you need your energy for the big night, don't you? you enter the cabbana and see
red headed woman dancing. no you say to yourself there are somethings i just won't watch. and you
leave, you decide to come back and give them another chance but they are not there a comedian is. 
so you decide to get a seat up front (besides theres no one here) but as you look down a sign 
says reserved. you check every table all except for one in the back behind a pillar is researved.
you sit down, to rest your feet and you hear a fart sound. oh man you say caught in one of the 
comedians jokes. you sit and watch the entertainer for a couple of seconds, than you hear his
jokes. Thats it you say off to the casino this place is about as exciting as watching cheese mold

As you get out of the cab you confront the big bouncer, you show no fear as you show him your 
disco card. he looks at it and steps aside, right after you sir he says. thank you, you say as 
you enter the casino. man this place is alvie you say aloud, as your gaze instantly turns to the
woman sitting all alone next to an empty chair. you decide to sit by her and make eye contact.
she is pretty, you think to yourself as you decide to just be quiet and shower her with gifts.
this just might be my lucky day you say as you hand her a rose. thank you i love flowers she says
as she takes it. you look through your pockets and take out the candy and give it to her. oh she
says thank you i love candy. you think one more gift and shes bound to get with me, you take out
the ring and give it to her. her smile is uncontrolable as she takes the ring and thanks you. Um
fawna you find out her name, would you like to dance with me. She smiles well of course this is
enouph to make any woman dance. (this is your part have fun) after a while of the dancing you two
both decide to sit back down. as you are talking she wants to make out with a swinger such as 
yourself. but there is one problem she is very relegious and needs to be married first. she says
she can go to the marriage chapel to get hitched but it'll cost 200 big ones. fine you say as you
hand her the money since i won so much at the casino, its worth it. oh i love money she says as
she gets up and leaves you where you sit. you stand up and decide your time is overwith here and 
you begin to head to the wedding chapel.

as you get out of the taxi you are in front of the wedding chapel(be weary of those in dusters)
you enter and fawn and the preacher are already waiting to link you in the bond of holy matromony
the vows are recited and you need to couph up another 100 bucks, easy enouph you say, as you hand
over your money. after a while the wedding is over, it is nothing like you expected it to be. but
who cares fawn is in the honey moon room she ordered for the both of you just waiting for one man
in leisure. so you walk over to the casino which is right next door to the wedding chapel.

finaly you are married, and you are in the casino, on your way to one of the most beutifal woman
on the planet. you have no idea what your room number is or what floor it is on for that matter
(since im nice ill tell you its on the 4th floor a door with a heart on it is your room) as you 
make your way up you knock on the door, fawna yells come on in!! you instantly open the door 
hoping to get down to buisness. the room is well lit with a nice window behind the king sized
heart shaped bed, the counter across the room is covered with many interesting things, and that
statue seems to make the room come alive. a radio is sitting on a drawer turned off. This ocasion
is nice you say to yourself as you turn on the radio, just as your getting comfortable a radio
commercial comes on the air advertising champaine. (it will give you the number write it down)
you decide hey, thats just what i need to make this night more better. but you counterdict your-
self, the phone in the lobby is broke, the only one is next to the store and so you decide if it
has to be done than so be it.

As soon as you make the phone call you best have enouph money to pay for it (which you will) 
dial the number, as you have written it, and someone will answer, larry will tell the person to
deleiver it to the honeymoon suite. and the phonecall is complete (get your but back to the hotel
room) As you get back to your room fawna mistakes you for some cute delivery boy. oh well a case
of mistaken identity you think to yourself. you enter the room and pour some chanpaine. you and 
fawna drink and after awhile you two get down to buisness. (this is your part have fun) after
fawna takes your money and leaves you high and dry, and tied up you think to yourself how will i
ever get out of this.

Now things have gone pretty quick, the sudden so called mugging, and the false wedding, and worse
yet you being tied up. you begin to think on how you can get yourself out of this one, and then 
it comes to you. the bum, the KNIFE!!! you cut yourself free using only your foot as your hand.
(very impressive) you put the knife back into your pocket and take the ribbon. (who knows when
some ribbon will come in handy all the items so far has) you put your cloths back on and check 
your wallet, hah you lauph fawna didn't take my hidden 10 dollars. after a few seconds you take
a deep breath to take in all that has happened. what do i do you say to yourself. i know im a 
good gambler ill just make all my money back. (remember the trick in the beggining)

As larry sits on a stool in front of the counter in leftys bar, drinking a round with everyone in
the bar a thought occurs to him. Hey there is still much more to that casino than i thought there
would be. i could go back there and check out some more women! larry stood up, o.k. but i have an
idea! larry instantly ran past the pimp up the stairs, out the bedroom of the prostitute and 
looked into the window with the pills. You yell out loud, i knew i seen those pills before, those
make the highest of the stuck up of woman fall for any man. larry thought. now to fulfill my plan
ill use this touph ribbon tie it around me and the rail and fly over to the window. then i will 
open the window and take the pills. so larry did it, and it worked except for one thing, the 
window is locked. maaaaaaan!!!!!! you yell out as you take out your hammer and bust the window 
open. it worked and you got the pills, (anger is the best medicine). finaly its time to hunt 
babes. so you take off the ribon and head to the unexplored part of the casino.

As larry makes his way to the top of the hotel in the casino, he cant help but notice the most 
sexiest woman that he had ever seen. He talked to her for a moment, and found out that she 
lived up to her name. she was forever faithful to her boyfreind. Hah not for long you think as
you give her some of your pills. is that what i think it is she says as she takes a whole bottle.
You smile as you are ready to fulfill another one of your fantasy's. but low and behold she held
true to her name. she runs off and leaves her post ungaurded. man, you say to yourself as you
slam down on the podeium where faith was standing. (click) you hear a sound and an elevator
opened from behind you. where does this lead you say to yourself as you enter through it. to your
suprize it was a big room, and that would mean one thing a woman!!!

You discover that the room is on top of the casino, real beautifal, you look inside and see a
bedroom, you decide to explore in there, the only thing you decide that is of interest in this 
room is the closet. you decide to open it to discover a rubber doll. you blow air into it, in
hopes that this wont be your only action. (this is your part fill it with air by putting your 
mouth icon on it and put your zipper somewhere) as you have your fun the balloon woman pops and
flies away from your sight you decide to follow at a rather quick pace.

The ballon flies over the casino building and off to nothingness but that doesnt really matter
since all your concentration is set on the woman in the sauna. you talk to the pretty girl for
a matter of seconds before she invites you into the pool. (well dont just stand there like a
dummy jump in and have fun) as you are in the sauna with eve your foot magically moves to the 
button to turn the bubbles off. (wow!!!) you talk to eve for a minute to learn how you can tame
her wild heart. (if you dont know this one, ill tell you eve+apple get it adam and eve, she ate
the forbidin fruit which is thought to be an apple)

This is your part of the ending have fun, and one more thing that is ken williams that advertises
the games of the other larrys, i hope you had real fun playing this. 

I would like to thank gamefaqs who can be reached at {http://www.gamefaqs.com} and also i would
like to thank sega sages who can be reached at {http://www.gamesages.com} for posting this faq
online. I would also like to give credit to anyone if i left out their names, and lastly i would
like to thank my family who supported me on this one as much as they did my last faq for ultima
6. (thank you)

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