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Walkthrough by CrystalShard

Updated: 01/14/18

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Complete Solution

(press Alt-X to skip those irritating questions)
In front of bar: Open door
Inside bar: Sit, whiskey, stand, walk up into the corridor
Side chamber: Get rose, give whiskey to man, open door
Toilet: Sit, stand, get ring, read wall (four times), walk back
Inside bar: Knock door, ken sent me
Storage: Use control, switch channel (fifteen times!), go upstairs
Hooker: Get candy, open window, climb out
Alley: Jump off the platform to the left, get hammer, climb out, west
In front of bar: Taxi, get in
Taxi: Casino, pay, get out
Casino: Buy apple, enter
Gambling hall: Play until you have $250, walk up
Elevator: Get card, to the right
Cabaret: Sit, stand
Casino: Taxi, shop
Phone: Use phone, 555-6969, just say something five times, use phone,
 209 683-6858, enter the shop
Shop: Get wine, get magazine, get lubber, make up some answers
Phone: Give wine to man, answer phone, read magazine, east
In front of disco: Show card, enter
Inside disco: Sit, look girl
Girl: Give candy, give rose, talk girl (five times), dance
Inside disco: Stand, dance, sit, look girl
Girl: Give ring, give money, stand
In front of disco: Taxi, church
In front of church: Talk man, open door
Inside church: Marry, return to the casino
Elevator: Push four, knock (door with a heart on it)
Honeymoon suite: Talk girl, turn on radio
Casino: Taxi, shop
Phone: Use phone, 555-8039, wine, honeymoon suite, taxi, casino
Gambling hall: Play until you have $25
Honeymoon suite: Pour wine, fuck, use knife, get rope
Gambling hall: Play until you have $40
Casino: Taxi, bar
Hooker: Undress, use lubber, fuck, take off lubber
Alley: Tie rope to waist, tie rope to balcony, get bottle, use hammer, get
 bottle, pull rope, untie rope, walk to the left, get out, west
In front of bar: Taxi, Casino
Elevator: Push eight, look girl, give bottle, push button, enter the elevator
Penthouse: Go to the right on top of the screen
Bedroom: Open door, get doll, blow doll, use doll (twice)
Hot bath: Undress, look girl, give apple
 * THE END *

The Sierra Editor (' = Alt)
 'D - Turn on or off
 'E - Info on object 0
 'I - Info on other object
 'P - Map of current room
 'M - Free heap
 'X - Skip questions
 'Z - Exit to dos
Keyboard Commands:
 Object number - List of objects in the game
 Get object    - Obtain an item
 Room          - Room number and XY coordinates
 Position      - Change XY coordinates
 TP (teleport) - Change room number, i.e.
   11 - In front of Lefty's bar
   17 - Hooker's bedroom
   23 - In front of the disco
   24 - Inside the disco
   33 - In front of the casino
   41 - Honeymoon suite
   44 - Eve's penthouse

Walkthrough by Radiant.

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