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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kragok

Updated: 06/23/04

                   JEWEL KNIGHTS CRUSADERS WALKTHROUGH v1.0                    
Written by Kragok
seikenshin @ msn . com


1. Version Information

2. Introduction

3. Characters

4. Walkthrough

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Comments & Acknowledgements

7. Links

8. Legal stuff


Version 1.00 - 19/06/2004 - Entire guide


"Ginji, our hero, unexpectedly comes across some girls fighting.
However, this is no simple brawl; it's a full-blown battle!
Invited to join their crusade, our hero is tempted by these luscious
babes and the chance to test his undisputed street-fighting skills.
He agrees on one condition: He gets to do anything he wants to the girls.
They concede while secretly expecting something sensual.
The perks for helping out are thrilling!"
-G-Collection's Description

Welcome to my "Jewel Knights Crusaders" guide. Although this is pa retty simple
game to muddle your way through, I decided I might as well put a guide out
for anyone who's feeling lazy or just wants to unlock CG as fast as possible.


For the sake of simplicity I will write characters names with their given 
name first and their family name second.

Ginji Takada - "Silver":
G-Collections say "The hero of this story. He loves street fighting more than
anything else. In fact, he has extraordinary power (and lust).
He's always looking for a strong opponent. An unexpected incident leads him to
join Meno and her Jewel Knights to fight together.
He loves sex, so this is a great opportunity for him to fulfill his fighting
and sexual desires."
You know, as far as protagonists of these games go, this guy has to be one of
the worst. He's a prick, but doesn't have an excuse for it and his actions are
totally irrational. At least near the middle of the game he sort of starts
shaping up. Not to mention he gets what's coming to him in the ending with all
4 girls...

Meno Yuki - "Onyx":
G-Collections say "A member of the Jewel Knights. Gentle and kind, Meno is a
typical, good natured person. She seems to have a crush on Ginji more than the
other two. Her codename is Onyx."
Has a rediculous crush on Ginji, considering what a prick he is. Definitely too
eager to please, and certainly far too forgiving.

Ruri Kasuga - "Lapis Lazuli":
G-Collections say "Another fighter of the Jewel Knights. Ruri is athletic,
bright and has a tender heart. She doesn't like fighting, but she gets along
well with Ginji, since she shares something in common with him.
Her codename is Lapis Lazuli (Lapis)."
Now, here's a more realistic response to the main character. Until you get
to her path of the story, she practically HATES Ginji, and for good reason.
Starts falling for him when he starts being less of a jerk.

Hisui Ohara - "Jade":
G-Collections say "A Jewel Knight. Hisui is timid and shy, but she's very
friendly, once she gets to know someone. Her codename is Jade."
She starts off scared of Ginji, and I don't blame her. Shame about half way
through the game she comes down with a severe case of "stupid" and starts
falling for him.

Asako Shura - "Arshura":
G-Collections say "A female officer of Ragnarokkr. Her character completely
changes from an honest, gentle girl to an aggressive, snobbish lady after she
transforms. Her codename is Arshura."
Quite obviously has a crush on Ginji, for better reasons than Meno though.
In case you didn't notice, her Ragnarok name is a contraction of her real name
(A<sako> Shura), not really imporant, but worth noting.


To make things easier, I've set up two paths to follow for each girl (except
the first since there are no saves to continue from for her).
The first path (marked 'a') will take you from the start of the game to the 
end of that girls story.
The second path (marked 'b') will tell you when to save and load when its 
convenient, this is to help you unlock all of the CG as soon as you can.

Finally, always save BEFORE you make a decision, otherwise you won't be
able to come back and reused that slot on the quick cg path.


1a/b. Choose Meno

2a/b. Save to Slot 1 - Take Ruri

3a/b. Save to Slot 2 - Choose Meno

4a/b. Take Jade and run away

5a/b. Choose Meno

6a/b. Head to Meno and help her

7a/b. Choose Meno

8a/b. Stake out the motel with Meno


**Full Story**

1a. Choose Ruri

2a. Take Ruri

3a. Choose Ruri

4a. Take care of Arshura

5a. Choose Ruri

6a. Help Ruri first

7a. Choose Ruri

8a. Stake out the store with Ruri

**Quick CG**

1b. Load Slot 2 - Choose Ruri

2b. Save to Slot 3 - Take care of Arshura

3b. Choose Ruri

4b. Help Ruri first

5b. Choose Ruri

6b. Stake out the store with Ruri


**Full Story**

1a. Choose Hisui

2a. Take Hisui

3a. Choose Hisui

4a. Take Jade and run away

5a. Choose Hisui

6a. Help Ruri first

7a. Choose Hisui

8a. Doesn't matter

**Quick CG**

1b. Load Slot 1 - Take Hisui

2b. Choose Hisui

3b. Take Jade and run away

4b. Choose Hisui

5b. Help Ruri first

6b. Choose hisui

7b. Doesn't matter


**Full Story**

1a. Choose Asako

2a. Doesn't matter

3a. Choose Asako

4a. Take care of Arshura

5a. Choose Asako

6a. Help Ruri first

7a. Choose Asako

8a. Doesn't matter

**Quick CG**

1b. Load Slot 1 - Doesn't Matter

2b. Choose Asako

3b. Take care of Arshura

4b. Choose Asako

5b. Help Ruri first

6b. Choose Asako

6b. Doesn't matter

All four:

**Full Story**

1a. Choose Meno

2a. Take Ruri

3a. Choose Ruri

4a. Take Jade and run away

5a. Choose Hisui

6a. Head to Meno and help her

7a. Choose Asako

8a. Doesn't matter

**Quick CG**

1b. Load Slot 3 - Take Jade and run away

2b. Choose Hisui

3b. Head to Meno and help her

4b. Choose Asako

5b. Doesn't matter


Q1. I'm having a problem with loading the game/losing my saves/some other
    technical problem, can you help me?
A1. No, I'm afraid I can't. I don't know enough about the workings of the game
    to help you with such problems, you're better of asking in the forums of
    the company that translated the game to English. The appropriate addresses
    can be found in the "Links" section.

Q2. Can you give me your gamesave?
A2. Normally once I've finished a game I don't keep it installed and delete
    the directory saves and all. If there's enough demand though, I will upload
    the saves of future games (and MAYBE past) I've played to Gamefaqs.
    I will only do this if there's enough demand though.

Q3. Where can I get this game?
A3. In most cases you can get them directly from the developer themself.
    J-list is another place you can get them from, as well as related products.
    Peach Princess also sells games from other developers as well as their own,
    so they're a good bet too.


That's it, by now you should have all of the girls' CG, provided you 
followed this guide 100%. If you have any problems please feel free to e-mail 
me, especially if it's a problem with the guide.

I'd like to say thanks to the following people. Without them, this guide
wouldn't have happened.

Zero Cool for making this game in the first place

G-Collections for releasing it in English

Gamefaqs for hosting this guide and thousands (millions?) of others I've used


Zero Cool - http://www.cd-bros.co.jp/zerocool/

G-Collections - http://www.g-collections.com/

G-Collections messageboard - http://bbs6.sekkaku.net/bbs/gcoll.html

Peach Princess - http://www.peachprincess.com/

J-List - Http://www.j-list.com/


Jewel Knights Crusaders is © Zero Cool, and distributed
in English by G-Collections.  All rights reserved.

This Guide is © 2004 Kragok

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