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Join Putt-Putt in a Big Top Circus Adventure!Help Mr. BJ Sweeney and his five top circus acts get ready for the showVisit a wide variety of colorful locations and meet new friendsMeet amazing characters including: Honko the Clown, The Flying Porkowskis, Phillipe the Flea, Reginald Cornelius Andronocles III the Lion and Katie Cannonball.Learn to play and play to learn, a World of Fun and Learning Discover something new each time you playHot Ziggety! The circus has finally arrived in Apple Valley!Putt-Putt cant wait to see The Flying Porkowskis up in the air on the trapeze or the famous French entertainer, Phillipe the Flea and his Flea troupe. Shortly after Putt-Putt arrives, he finds that Mr. B.J. Sweeney needs help. He needs YOU and Putt-Putt to help the five main acts get ready for the show.Step Right Up! Discover the Circus with Putt-PuttKey Features: Challenging puzzles, Fun mini games Encourages creativity, helps teach spatial relations and sharpens problem-solving skills Feature-film quality animation and original music enhance the power of a child's imagination Read-along text sub-titles. You now have the option to turn on (or off) text that matches each line of the dialogue. Perfect for the hearing impaired, early reading and learning English. Encourages teamwork and critical thinking. Fosters listening and memory skills. Reinforces good social skills. Promotes pattern recognition. Interactive touch screen reveals hundreds of hidden surprises.

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