Why does using the second monitor while in big picture mode on the primary monitor not work?

  1. I'm new to having 2 monitors and every time I try to have a game open on one monitor and do literally anything on the second monitor, the entire screen just turns dark blue until I click back on the screen BG mode is on, where I get sent back to the home page for the game I was just playing. It lets me go right back to where I was, but I want to be able to do whatever I want on one monitor while the other monitor has my game playing on it. Is there any way to fix this? Flamingoodness - 1 month ago - report


  1. Dependes on the game.
    When you play a game normally is in the foreground. You have a problem. The input, mouse and keyboard. Because the game block your screen only on one monitor and others are in black. When you need go out of game to desktop, muose and keyboard can use in other aplications.

    Several games can run windoniced. In this mode the game has limited when window is active (is equals, but if you click out of window, you can use other applications, and then you die in the game :p ).

    Try it.
    pooka_v1 - 1 month ago - report 0   0
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